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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  December 18, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. there is a big traffic mess brewing for commuters heading into san francisco on the bay bridge. there's a paint spill at fremont street and you can see from this live shot right here that traffic is really backing up on the upper deck. good morning, it is friday, december 18. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. one of the few advantages to coming into work early, folks. it's 5:00. let's get right over to liza for the latest on this big paint spill. >> i want to go straight away to the chp. we have officer tj scheibly on the phone informing us now of the situation that we have been watching on the bay bridge. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. so what can you tell us about this problem on the bay bridge? >> okay, so, um, earlier this morning just before 4:00, there was a paint spill on the bay
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bridge approximately 30 gallons or so. and it affected all the lanes of traffic. it's just west of the fremont off-ramp. so right now we are diverting traffic off the fremont street. they are planning on having the number 5 lane and the harrison street off-ramp open shortly. we are still looking at around 6:00 or later to get all the traffic lanes open. >> okay. so just to clarify, the paint spill itself happened closer to the fremont street side of westbound 80. right now the harrison street exit is closed but you do expect to have, um, that westbound 80 harrison street exit open in a few minutes? >> that's correct. harrison street and the number five lane for traffic past fremont and harrison street. >> what are you advising commuters who normally take bay bridge to get into the city? >> well, i mean, they are just going to have to be patient unless they want to take a detour through the north bay or, you know, from the lower
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side of the peninsula. >> thank you so much for your time, officer. as we move on, i want to talk to you about the impact it's having on the outlying commutes. more traffic on 880 through oakland as folks avoid the mess at the bay bridge. they are now taking 880 in that southbound direction heading towards the san mateo bridge much more traffic volume for southbound 880 as it rolls through oakland just beyond this picture leaving the macarthur maze. certainly you're going to see more traffic on the san mateo bridge this morning as a result. and possibly even more riders on the bart system. right now bart reporting no delays. that's "kcbs traffic." we'll continue to follow this for you with more traffic in a few minutes. brian. all right. liza, well -- >> i think it's me. thank you very much, liza. it's likely no surprise for daily commuters a paint spill and now this. a new report shows bay area traffic congestion just keeps getting worse. kpix 5's kiet do is live in
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milpitas with more on one of the worst commutes including a new stretch of highway in the top 10. reporter: we are live at the second worst commute in the bay area and that is 880 southbound in the morning from san leandro into milpitas. if you have been on this stretch, you know, it is horrible. but it actually gets worse. the absolute worst commute in the bay area is i-80 eastbound from hercules to the bay bridge. traffic experts have calculated that it is delaying drivers on that corridor nearly 9,000 hours every day. they got that number in part by counting the number of cars that start to slow down below 35 miles an hour. so here's the rest of that list. third worst commute in the bay area is in the evening, 101 southbound from fair oaks in sunnyvale down to oakland road in san jose. and fourth worst is going back eastbound over the bay bridge in the evening. using gps, cell phone tagging and road sensors they have
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calculated congestion increased 3% in 2014 which is the latest data. in fact, congestion has increased 40% since 2010, when the great recession was at its lowest point and it's bound to get worse because the region is adding 2100 jobs a month. to tame traffic contra costa and santa clara counties are planning to put sales tax hikes on the ballot next year to fund more construction projects and improving bart and caltrain, adding more camera sensors and metering lights and toll lanes will help, too. finally, we want to give an honorable mention to one commute that jumped from 18th worst to 10th worst and that is from san jose 101 northbound story road into montague expressway. congratulations, you did it. live in milpitas, kiet do, kpix 5. the highway patrol is investigating the latest shooting on 80 in the east bay. the fourth since early november. it happened yesterday afternoon on westbound 80 at the san
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pablo dam road exit. detectives say that someone in a sedan pulled up alongside a ford escape and started shooting. a victim made it to a denny's restaurant and a waitress said he had an arm wound and was losing blood. >> just trying to be there for him because if it happened to any one of us you want someone to like kind of be there for you in those moments, you know? >> paramedics took the 30-year- old richmond man to a nearby hospital. investigators say there was a second person in the suv with the victim but that person ran away. they are not sure if this is connected to three other shootings along the same stretch of i-80 last month. from fires to landslides, concerns are growing that the burn areas in middletown and lake county could be vulnerable as winter rains hit northern california. for example, people on cobb mountain an area burned by the "valley fire" are watching the ground warily. they are especially concerned about the potential for erosion or landslides. >> the last rain all this road just came down here and it ran
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through here and a car was parked in the gravel here and all of a sudden it was in four inches of mud. >> relative scale, i think there are some pretty risky areas but there's no guarantee they are going to fail. it depends on the weather and how quickly plants regrow and things like that. >> when a wildfire burns it seals the top layer of soil and water runs off. there's not much soil and foliage to hold it in place. and at the same time, federal and state agencies are helping homeowners recover from the fire season. california's governor's office fema and the small business administration are all pulling together some $30 million for survivors of both the "butte fire" and the "valley fire." >> speaking of butte. >> yes. >> speaking of. [ laughter ] >> here i am. [ laughter ] so we have some light rain on the way from northern california. >> you're going to be here all day. >> yeah, sorry. [ laughter ] >> we have a little light rain on the way from northern california. it will spread into the north bay later today and then the evening commute gets wet, as well. this begins kind of opens the
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storm door because on-again, off-again rain now through wednesday. as we overlook san jose, 43. 58 degrees in oakland. here's what's happening. rain concentrated around cape mendocino this hour showers into the north bay by midday t forecast highs are going to be near 60 degrees today and it will get wet and in the extended forecast we are going to be looking for rain spreading over the bay area about midday lasting through the evening commute. a little bit of rain in the early going on saturday. more rain coming in on sunday and monday. and then as we get into tuesday and wednesday, we'll get a break. here's michelle with the latest. a fremont man is accused of trying to join a terrorist group in syria. 22-year-old adam shaffi was arrested in june a few days later. yesterday he was arraigned on a charge of providing material
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support or resources to a designated terrorist organization. he allegedly intended to go from istanbul to syria to join the [ non-english language ] front a branch of al qaeda operating in syria. >> he had possibly some training in paramilitary operations. >> a former fbi agent says it appears the feds started watching shaffi after trips to egypt and turkey in 2014. he allegedly made comments to friends about killing american soldiers or their supporters. prosecutors plan to file first-degree murder charges against a salinas couple for the death of two children. investigators say tami joy huntsman hunts and gonzalo curiel killed the children ages 6 and 3. the children's bodies were later discovered in a storage locker in redding on sunday. the arrest came after police discovered a 9-year-old girl who was also in huntsman's care found malnourished inside a parked vehicle. facebook is taking over more property in its hometown
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of menlo park. three buildings on jefferson drive. it has 210,000 square feet of space and that gives facebook about 200 acres of existing or proposed office space that it owns or subleases. set to be a record weekend on the slopes up in tahoe. it's the weekend before christmas and a heavy blanket of fresh powder is expected to coat the sierra. skiers have already taking advantage of an incredible season thus far. resorts like sugar bowl have two feet of powder at the summit and with el nino moisture about to roll in, in the wintertime, the season will only get better we hope. opponents of a warriors arena in mission bay in san francisco have filed a lawsuit to try to block it. ucsf which has a medical center nearby has signed off on the project. but a lawsuit says the ucsf chancellor overstepped his
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authority by signing a memorandum of support without the board of regents. the project has a key vote of support this month from the city's board of supervisors. it's the last big shopping weekend before christmas and many will be rushing to buy those last-minute gifts. so expect heavy traffic around the malls as we have reported. kohl's is staying open 24 hours for 170 hours leading up to christmas eve. according to a recent national survey only 10% of people say they have all their shopping done. >> are you done? >> not even close. time now 5:10. if you are heading out of town for the holidays, you have one more option to get to your final destinations. which bay area airport is not allowing uber to pick you up. >> tens of thousands of dollars left at a restaurant. would you turn it in? >> we'll tell you where all the rain is headed, toward the bay area. the forecast is coming up in a few minutes. >> and we have a huge mess at
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the bay bridge where a paint spill has shut down four out of five lanes for westbound 80 on your approach to fremont street. i'll tell you how bad traffic is and when the chp expects to re-open all lanes with "kcbs traffic" still ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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forecast in just a few minu good morning. if you haven't heard yet, avoid the bay bridge. there's a paint spill which is spread across all lanes of traffic, in fact westbound 80 traffic has been a mess. we have it backed up through the tunnel to the new towers. now, the good news is that the chp has just reopened the right lane at fremont street. westbound 80. but harrison street off-ramp, in addition to the four left- hand lanes remain shut down. you're going to want to continue to use your alternates including bart, the san mateo bridge, or perhaps even the richmond/san rafael bridge over to the golden gate. it's going to be a long alternate for you. the bay bridge toll plaza westbound again is at a crawl into san francisco. take bart if you can. bart is running with all trains on schedule. we have anne makovec on her way and she will have more for us in a few minutes. new this morning, an oakland international airport security official is charged
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with helping smuggle drugs. investigators say the 28-year- old person used her post to traffic marijuana for more than two years. clark was arrested on wednesday. she is the latest arrest in a batch of criminal indictments tied to drug running at the airport. service by uberx begins at mineta san jose international airport later today. there will be designated pickups at terminals a and b. riders will be charged a surcharge of $2.80 for pickups but no surcharge for dropoffs. the service starts at noon today and it means uberx will now operate at all bay area airports. today qantas is launching a nonstop service between san francisco and sydney, australia. the flight 73 is up in the air now and lands at sfo around 8:20 this morning. the international terminal will be lit up in qantas red. the airline and airport execs plan to hold a news conference shortly after touchdown and the plane will then make a nonstop friday back to australia tonight. let's get back to liza with
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more on this traffic mess. hey, liza. >> good morning. we have been watching this problem at the start of the show involving this paint spill at the bay bridge. it happened westbound 80 just beyond fremont street. fremont street being a very busy exit getting off the bridge into san francisco. now, that ramp is open and all traffic was diverted off at fremont street. we understand that the right lane of west 80 has just been reopened. but the four left-hand lanes including the harrison street exit from west 80 remains shut down so be prepared for delays at this hour through the tunnel to the new towers. it's not quite backed up yet to the bay bridge toll plaza. but certainly, as this closure of those lanes continues, you can expect more folks out on the alternate routes including 880, southbound you can expect more traffic heading towards the san mateo bridge this morning. at least in this picture right here it doesn't look too bad passing hegenberger. certainly again as the morning progresses use the san mateo bridge and you will see more
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folks out there this morning certainly not going to be a "friday light" commute for any of the drives in and around the bay bridge area. now, the bart system is reporting no big delays on the system. they have been doing a good job of getting folks across the bay this morning. and again, the chp expects to re-open all lanes of westbound 80 by 6:30 this morning. we have anne makovec on her way. she will have an update for us, as well. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." now to brian. we are starting out with mostly dry conditions this early friday morning in the bay area. that will change as the day goes on. there's some light rain on the way. as we get another vantage point of that traffic mess heading into the bay area, you can see that's the westbound lanes as they back up behind the -- where they are taking all the traffic off at fremont. so it's slow going over the bay bridge. numbers right now 47 degrees in san bruno. 58 oakland. san francisco 49. san jose 43. santa rosa 49. that's where all the rain is
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concentrated right now up in mendocino county. and down by us, not too bad. but winter storm warnings posted in the mountains from this afternoon through tomorrow afternoon, heaviest snow in the evening hours tonight through tomorrow morning so expect travel delays as they get snow above 5500 feet. there's that band of showers moving into the bay area. by 4 p.m., you can see it spread from santa rosa down to san jose. and it's going to be a wet commute -- a wet commute tonight at 6:00. showers behind the cold front, begins midday today. future rainfall will accumulate as much as 5" up in mendocino but down here, in the next five days, maybe about an inch. forecast highs today 59 in the city, 60 mountain view, 61 degrees in san jose. 59 fairfield. expect the streets to get slick, my friends, and once they get that way, they will stay that way for a while. numbers today will be seasonal
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but things get wet beginning today. showers tomorrow morning. saturday not bad. and then sunday and monday looks wet, a bit of a break midweek and more coming in. >> tahoe is getting nailed. you're chaining up on the way tonight. >> i'm playing jacob marley. [ laughter ] >> okay. >> that time of year. 5:19. one family's lucky there are still a few honest people in the world in a big way. erica and bertha gonzalez a mother and daughter accidentally left $32,000 at an applebee's restaurant in fresno. the cash apparently from a family's business and they stopped to eat before going to the bank on wednesday. >> i think she took it out when, um, she took out her wallet to pay. and she didn't put it back in her bag. >> well, a server at applebee's found all the cash and did the right thing. she turned it in. the family says thank you and they plan to go back and not only thank the server but maybe give her one of those bills,
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too. maybe two. [ laughter ] it is 5:19. the bay area's breaking records but for a good reason. we are going to tell you just how bad traffic really is getting in our area. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, can the sharks continue to fight more faith on the road? was this the final game nfl style until st. louis? kickoff coming up. >> and this morning's bay area job market report, if you can speak multiple languages, it could really pay off. here's jill schlesinger. reporter: do family get- togethers sometimes feel like you need an interpreter? you're not alone. the government report that demand for interpreters and translators will be up 46% by 2022. translators and interpreters are not interchangeable. interpreters typically focus on the spoken word. translators deal with the written word. this means many translators are able to work from home. the globalization of business is driving growth in the field
5:21 am
but there are other factors at play, too. for instance, interpreters are often employed in courtrooms, hospitals and schools. as the u.s. becomes increasingly more diverse, those professionals who specialize in law and healthcare should have their choice of jobs. wages vary based on expertise and employer. but the average pay for both interpreters and translators in the bay area is $47,600,000. or more. one big plus to the field, it capital be fully automated. computers have made the work more efficient, but they have yet to do a better job than humans. i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everybody. the chp has issued a "sig alert" for our hot spot the bay bridge this morning. a paint spill has shut down four out of five lanes at the bay bridge. the harrison street exit remains shut down, as well. this is westbound 80 just beyond fremont street. in fact, it's taking folks one hour to make the commute between the tunnel and san francisco. one-hour delays. it is just at a crawl this morning. a lot of that traffic just sitting there. westbound 80 almost in fact backed up to the incline section. your alternate look good. san mateo bridge is fine. and bart is on schedule. i'll have more "kcbs traffic"
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still ahead. good morning, everybody. there's something about san jose being away from the tank that appeals to them. pete deboer and the sharks looking for another win away from san jose. sharks trail toronto had-2 in the third period but then eight minutes left matinee at the time tow dives for the puck and scores -- matt nieto scores and they are tied. the sharks 5-4 comeback win. they are now 12-5-1 on the road this season. how about that. rams hosting the bucs or some people call it mustard versus ketchup. 3rd quarter austin 21-yard score. second of the day. st. louis hangs on to win their home finale. could be the final game there if they move to l.a. 31-23 the final. both teams are now 6-8. last night pba world championship one of the tour's major tournaments, gary faulkner, jr., became just the second african-american to win
5:26 am
a pba event in the tour's 57- year history. faulkner's first career win 216- 178 in the final in reno. and that is the taj mahal of ten pins. the national bowling stadium where they have 78 lanes. a big deal. congratulations to him. 49ers and the bengals this sunday right here on the big five. we'll see you kickoff at 1:25 this sunday. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend. you, too. play of the day, we have a little hoop for you. we have oklahoma city there playing lebron in cleveland and the thunder's kevin durant with an impressive dunk. let's watch together. i haven't seen it either. is that a dunk or lay-in? take another look. up, that's not a dunk. that's kind of a little soft touch whoopscy do. impressive. he had 25. but in the end of the cavs won 104-100.
5:27 am
your play of the day. toxic algae may do more damage than canceling crab season. what other options could be disappearing from menus in the bay area. coming up. >> and a bay area man stopped in his tracks as he prepared to board a flight to syria allegedly to join isis. how police caught up with him coming up next. >> reporter: as liza said a paint spill making a real mess of the morning commute. coming up, we'll tell you how best to get into the city if you are trying to head west today. we'll be right back. ,,,,
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i'm kid kit. we are live in milpitas with the top 10 list of commutes in the bay area. >> reporter: and one of those commute this morning is definitely the bay bridge. traffic is stacked up solid. traffic is being funneled down to one lane one-hour delays because of a paint spill. >> and we'll have rain later in the bay area, light rain coming through. we'll have the timing, the amount and all of that stuff and a wet weekend ahead. good morning, it's friday, december 18. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:31. and we are following this breaking news. we are going to go back to liza about this paint spill that's snarling traffic. >> this paint spill happened around 3:50 this morning. westbound 80 just beyond fremont street. as you come off the bay bridge heading into downtown san francisco, as we go back to my maps right now, westbound 80 has been stacked up solid. normally there's five lanes. traffic flowing into the city. this morning, just one. we do have four left lanes shut
5:32 am
down. the harrison street exit is closed as crews continue to work on this very messy situation involving 10 to 15 cans of paint spilling across the road. we have cars pulled over with paint all over them. it's just a long mess now with over 1 hour delays being reported for the drive out of oakland heading into san francisco. continue to use your alternates which includes the san mateo bridge and bart. this morning, bart is on time. you can see right now traffic is just at a crawl westbound into the city. we'll continue to watch this, we have anne makovec live at the scene, as well. guys, we'll continue to watch this again. it's going to be out there until 6:30 at least. >> what a mess. all right. kpix 5's anne makovec is on fremont street and that's where cars are being diverted off the upper deck of the bay bridge. anne. >> reporter: yeah. the traffic actually from this perspective isn't that bad because there's only one lane of traffic from the westbound bay bridge that's actually able
5:33 am
to get to this point. this is the fremont street exit, fremont and folsom street. and so here are the cars streaming into the city really the only way you can right now. of course, it is only 5:30. so we are going to see a lot more people trying to get to this point and from what we understand, it takes more than an hour from oakland. take an alternate if you can. a paint spill happened on the bridge westbound. even cars covered in paint as well as the roadway. we have crews working on cleaning that up. but in the meantime, it is a traffic mess. clean-up is expected by 6:30 this morning. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. a propos, a new report confirms the grim news for bay area commuters. traffic congestion is at its worst since recordkeeping began. kpix 5's keit do joins us live
5:34 am
from milpitas with more including a stretch of highway new to the worst top ten list although the bay bridge right now is probably numero uno, kiet. >> reporter: absolutely. we were trying to decide on a live location to this report and came to the sad realization that there are a lot of locations to choose from. so we ended up on the second worst commute and that's 880 southbound between san leandro and milpitas. that's the second worst. and if you have been on it you know it is horrendous but the top spot goes to, that's it, 880 -- i'm sorry, i-80 westbound from hercules into the bay bridge. traffic experts have calculated that it is delaying drivers there 9,000 hours every day. they got that number in part by counting the number of cars that start to slow down between below 35 miles an hour. so here's the rest of the list. third worst is in the evening 101 southbound from fair oaks in sunnyvale to oakland road in san jose. the fourth worst is going back
5:35 am
eastbound over the bay bridge in the evening. now, using gps, cell phone tagging and road sensors they have calculated congestion has increased 3% in 2014 the latest data and, in fact, congestion has increased 40% since 2010 when the great recession was at its lowest point. it's bound to get worse because we are ating 2100 jobs a -- we are adding 2100 jobs a month. so contra costa and santa clara counties are planning to put sales tax hikes on the ballot next year to fund more construction projects. also, improving bart, caltrain and adding more cameras, sensors an metering lights and toll -- and metering lights lights and toll lanes will help out, as well. we want to mention one commute that went from 18th to the 10th worst going from east san jose 101 northbound from story road all the way to montague expressway. kiet do, kpix 5. the highway patrol is investigating the latest shooting on interstate 80 in the east bay, the fourth since
5:36 am
early november. it happened yesterday afternoon on westbound 80 at the san pablo dam road exit. detectives say someone in a sedan pulled up alongside a ford escape and started shooting. a 30-year-old man suffered an arm wound. investigators aren't sure if this is connected to three other shootings along the say stretch of i-80 last month. a fremont man is accused of trying to join a terrorist group in syria. 22 adam shaffi was stopped at sfo in june and arrested a few days later. yesterday, he was arraigned on a charge of providing material support of resources to a designated terrorist organization. he allegedly intended to go from istanbul to syria to join an al qaeda front, a branch of the al qaeda operating in syria. >> the surveillance revealed he had possibly some training in paramilitary operations. >> former fbi agent says it appears the feds started watching shaffi closely after he went to egypt and turkey into 2014 and made comments to
5:37 am
friends about killing americans. it is 5:56 right now. let's check in with brian hackney right now and our forecast shows a lot of rain. how many days? >> on-again, off-again? i never really counted them. let's see, there's today, there's tomorrow, there's sunday, there's monday. then we get a break on tuesday and wednesday. so what's that? >> five? >> four? >> it's not so easy, is it? >> no. >> apparently not. >> but we'll get wet today. we have light rain coming into the bay area about midday first into the north bay and then looking at the rain to spread south. it will mess up the evening commute by tonight. in the meantime, we are looking at that slow commute across the bay bridge. see the top level of the cars coming in? those are all the cars that are heading ever so slowly westbound into the city this morning. 49 in the city. 43 san jose. 49 santa rosa. where's the rain? all up there now but it's going to be heading south over the bay area later in the day. so here's what we expect. rain later in the north bay first. rain spreads south later today. showers on saturday, too.
5:38 am
we'll have the extended forecast, all that good stuff, but first here's the news. some parents may keep their kindergarten students out of class today because school officials canceled the annual field trip to meet santa claus. it's all because one parent who is jewish complained about their tradition at the sartorette school in san jose. other parents are upset because they were not consulted before the decision was made. >> this approach by our district of asking for forgiveness after a decision affecting so many of our children is unacceptable and parents have a right to be angry. >> the came breen school district says it is reviewing its policies to represent all students's beliefs and cultures. facebook offering employs ee thousands to relocate -- employees thousands to relocate. hena daniels joins us from new york. >> reporter: good morning. the consumer product safety
5:39 am
commission has reissued a recall for more than 2 million beanbag chairs blamed for the deaths of two children. safety regulators say the zippers can be opened by children who can then crawl inside get trapped and suffocate. a repair kit is available from the company. facebook is offering its employees at least $10,000 to move closer to the office. to of request, workers must buy -- to qualify, workers must buy or rent a home within 10 miles of headquarters. the campus is on a desolate strip of road about 30 miles south of san francisco. gatorade is getting a makeover. pepsico plans to introduce an organic version of the neon colored sports drink next year. gatorade has no comment on what ingredients it will replace but says the change comes after, quote, consumer interest. and if you are planning a netflix marathon this holiday season, here's something to keep you warm. netflix hosted a step-by-step do it yourself project on their website for netflix stops.
5:40 am
it detects when you start sleeping an sends a signal to your tv automatically pausing the show. >> all right. hena daniels, thank you. good morning, everybody. we are getting our first pictures now from chopper 5 of a paint spill and a huge logjam as a result for west 80 at the bay bridge. avoid the bay bridge if you can. there's just one lane of traffic open getting off the bridge into san francisco. earlier this morning, paint spill is reported across lanes and since then crews have been on scene trying to clear this up. they don't expect to have westbound 80 at fremont street. they don't expect to have all lanes reopened until at least 6:30 this morning. in the meantime, traffic has been bumper-to-bumper if we can get those pictures of the traffic heading across the bridge. it's just been a sea of brake lights with over one-hour delays. 75 minutes between the bay
5:41 am
bridge toll plaza and san francisco. more coming up. take it slow.5:41. new details are being released about a water polo player hard hit in the face. some criminal charges. we'll show you images from the moment it happened. coming up next. >> now in theaters, the latest "star wars" movie is out to the masses today. most of the fans saw the movie already at midnight and we'll tell you how they are reacting. no spoilers, though. ,,,,,, there's something out there.
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in just a few minutes. many questions remain, a nal charges... a paint spill shut down four out of five lanes westbound 80 as you come off of the bay bridge towards fremont street in san francisco. causing over one-hour delays for the drive at oakland into the city. i'll have alternate routes for you coming up. many questions remain about reported criminal charges
5:44 am
against a high school water polo player from lafayette. there are claims the 15-year- old player from acalanes high hit an opponent during a game against san jose's bellarmine college prep. it was described as an aggressive hard hit. kcbs radio obtained video of the september incident. this is a screen shot. reporter holly quan watched the video and described it. reporter: you can see the acalanes player in a black cap and he looks like he passes the ball, got smacked in the head first maybe but he gets rid of the ball and then you can see him sort of like looking like he is grabbing his attacker and pushing him under the water and then he brings his knee up and snaps back a little bit like, you know, like he is kneed him in the face and then bellarmine player emerges from the water holding his nose like he is really injured. so you can kind of see what happened there. there's a lot going on in that video there and i would only presume that what the d.a. has in their office is a much longer version also one that has audio. >> the contra costa county
5:45 am
district attorney's office says it can't confirm any charges. the acalanes district superintendent says he also can't elaborate on the case or the student. mourners said good-bye to mario woods yesterday the man shot and killed by san francisco police. hundreds gathered at the church in the bayview. on december 2 officers confronted woods as he held a kitchen knife. the shooting prompted outrage and sparked a conversation among city leaders about police tools and tactics. some are placing the incident in the national context. >> the present circumstances of our country and police violence especially to community of color sets a context and backdrop for what's happened here. >> police say woods had stabbed someone earlier that day. still had the knife in his hand and refused to drop it. but there is doubt about the police version of the events and whether or not woods actually posed a threat. we'll check back in with liza on this traffic alert.
5:46 am
>> reporter: we have been watching this paint spill at the bay bridge. westbound 80 as you come off the bridge towards fremont street where we have had multiple lanes shut down. chopper 5 is over it right now giving our views of the traffic which has been a mess. over one-hour delays for thousands of commuters who make this drive into the city. again, only one lane is open as you come off of the bridge -- attempt to get off the bridge into downtown san francisco. the harrison street exit from westbound 80 remains shut down. it looks like caltrains is making some progress. we are hearing that a caltrans sweeper is now on scene performing some of that clean- up. hopefully they will be able to re-open those lanes a little earlier than anticipated but for right now chp still saying it will be at least 6:30 this morning until they get more of those lanes open for you. continue to use your alternates. westbound 80 alternates include. heading over to the nimitz southbound 880 you will see more folks making the southbound 880 commute. so far because it's friday
5:47 am
generally fridays are lighter commute days. we are looking at pretty decent traffic for all your alternate routes including 880 in that southbound direction heading over to the san mateo bridge. westbound traffic at the san mateo bridge has been very light. that's a good alternate as with the bart system. bart is still on time. i'll have another look at "kcbs traffic" including that huge mess at the bay bridge coming up. >> yikes. all right, liza. we have our own drama in the weather department but it doesn't take much to get us excited. we have a cold front on the way down from the pacific northwest. that's going to spread rain over the bay area later today first north bay then south bay. there's san jose. and the numbers right now, a little chilly to start out this friday morning. 46 at san bruno. oakland 58. livermore 35. and in san jose, it is 43 right now. mendocino just getting poured on in the next five days getting 5 inches of rain. winter storm warnings posted in the mountains about 5500 feet.
5:48 am
heavy snow possible. it will snow mostly between 4:00 tonight and in early saturday morning so give yourself some extra time if you are headed to the mountains. the cold front marches down into the bay area around mid- morning today in the north bay first, look at 5:00 tonight right across the central bay area just in time federal government evening commute -- just in time for the evening commute. then a few lingering showers in the early going on saturday. much of saturday will look nice but in the early going there will be a few showers. forecast highs today 58 degrees for san rafael. 59 in the city. 60 and wet later today? oakland. 61 san jose, 60 livermore. in the extended forecast rain spreading south today. a few lingering showers on saturday. then more rain coming in on sunday and on monday. tuesday and wednesday we get a chance to drain and dry and then thursday the suggestion is that more rain will be coming into the bay area. you know, the "star wars" movie is coming out, i don't know if
5:49 am
you have heard and i have a question about that. i'm really wondering if kylo ren was awesome. [ pause ] >> kylo ren was awesome. the new villain, it's the best movie i have seen this whole year. i mean, i can't wait -- i'm gonna go see it two or three more times. by the end of the weekend i'll be done seeing it four times at least. >> you have your answer, brian. the moment has arrived for "star wars" fans. the new film, "the force awakens," is now playing in theaters. the first showing was at 7:00 last night. as the "star wars" universe expands there are some new things to be nervous about like a new villain and a new director taking the reins from the bay area's george lucas. >> jj abrams is great. he did great stuff with "star trek." if there's anyone, it would probably be him. >> of course, the new film is the 7th chapter of light sabres and storm troopers and one thing is for certain, the box office take is going to be
5:50 am
huge. yeah. i think so. and take a look at this t the force is strong with this little one. that's how facebook ceo mark zuckerberg captioned this photo of his new daughter. cute decked out in "star wars" gear. a different newborn of sorts. nasa released this image of a newborn star, from the hubble space telescope. looks like a lightsaber in space. it's shooting out of twin jets of superheated gas and it's not far, far away, either, it's right here in our galaxy. >> the movie has only been out for hours but "star wars" has taken over the city. tonight, in downtown san francisco fans of the force will go for a world record for the largest lightsaber battle. that starts at 8:00 at biermann park. time now 5:50 on a friday. after being booked for security fraud america's most hated ceo out on bail now. more on what lies ahead for him and his fortune. ,,
5:51 am
why let someone else have all ththfun? the sosotimemehaphphard,d, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing this all fun.time fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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5:53 am
looks like it's going to get both later today. rain spreads south just in time for the evening commute reaches the south bay looks unsettled right through monday. we'll have the complete forecast details coming up.
5:54 am
the bay bridge is still a mess. we have a paint spill and multiple lanes shut down. this is westbound 80 near fremont street. as you come off the bay bridge, chopper 5 has been over it four out of five lanes shut down and it is expected to be closed until at least 6:30 this morning. our last check showed drive times between oakland and san francisco at an hour and 37 minutes. again, it is just one lane that's creeping past there westbound 80 at fremont street. more "kcbs traffic" coming up. >> better take bart. thank you, liza. 5:54. he is known as the most hated man in america and this morning, he is out on $5 million bail. martin shkreli rows to inin a -- rose to infamy this year when he jacked up the price of a drug by 5,000%. but he wasn't arrested for price gouging. prosecutors say the ceo tricked investors into funding his personal debt. >> essentially ran his companies like a ponzi scheme. where he used each subsequent
5:55 am
company to pay off defrauded investors from the prior company. >> last month shkreli bought a majority stake in a bay area drugmaker. the south san francisco company is in clinical trials for two drugs to help treat leukemia. hello ♪ it's me ♪ >> it's more like hello heartbreak. if you blinked you probably didn't snag adele tickets. frustrated fans took to twitter after shows sold out in mere minutes. the tickets to the singer's north american tour went on sale to the public yesterday and they were quickly gobbled up on ticketmaster and then put on secondary sites like stubhub for up to $10,000 apiece. >> wow. time running out to find that perfect gift. it's the last big shopping weekend before christmas. just a week away. so you can expect heavy traffic around the malls of course and as we reported kohl's is staying open 170 straight howard leading up to christmas
5:56 am
eve. according to a recent national survey only 10% of people say they have their christmas shopping done. i-80 westbound is shut down right now almost completely at the bay bridge. we'll show you the rather deceiving view from where i'm standing coming up next. >> reporter: i'm kiet do. we are live in milpitas with the bay area's top ten list of the worst commutes. ,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
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spill at fremont street...traffic backed up the upper deck... good morning. a traffic mess heading into san francisco on the bay bridge. you can see the backup from chopper 5. this is due to a paint spill at fremont street. and the traffic is just backed up along the upper deck.
6:00 am
good morning, it is friday, december 18. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. pack your patience if you are heading over to the city from the east bay. let's check in with liza for the latest. >> 1 1/2 hour drive times leaving oakland heading into san francisco. the bottom line, avoid the bay bridge. we have a midge mess out there involving a paint spill and now what caltrans is telling us they first thought it was paint it's actually a drywall compound that was spilled across lanes. bottom line they are still on scene cleaning it up. four out of five lanes are shut down. because we have a lot of that traffic being funneled over to fremont street, muni is now tweeting out that they are experiencing some delays as some of the buses are now being forced to detour and reroute around the area with all that traffic now heading towards fremont street. if you normally take muni expect possible delays now near this stretch of t


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