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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  December 18, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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up along the upper deck. good morning, it is friday, december 18. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. pack your patience if you are heading over to the city from the east bay. let's check in with liza for the latest. >> 1 1/2 hour drive times leaving oakland heading into san francisco. the bottom line, avoid the bay bridge. we have a midge mess out there involving a paint spill and now what caltrans is telling us they first thought it was paint it's actually a drywall compound that was spilled across lanes. bottom line they are still on scene cleaning it up. four out of five lanes are shut down. because we have a lot of that traffic being funneled over to fremont street, muni is now tweeting out that they are experiencing some delays as some of the buses are now being forced to detour and reroute around the area with all that traffic now heading towards fremont street. if you normally take muni expect possible delays now near this stretch of fremont street. westbound 80 to solid kleer
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across the bridge heading towards the toll plaza. the alternates are still looking okay. it is a friday morning. we are looking at lighter traffic out there westbound traffic at the san mateo bridge still flowing well that's a good alternative. a longer one would be the richmond bridge over to the golden gate but there are no brake lights so far for 580 across the richmond bridge. southbound 101 heading through marin county is flowing well. bart which would be the best alternate is operating with no delays on the system. we'll keep an eye on bart and let you know when chp makes more progress in re-opening the lanes on the bridge. frank. let's check with anne makovec now. she joins us live from the fremont street off-ramp with more on this breaking news. >> reporter: this is where all the traffic from the westbound bay bridge is being diverted.
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it's slow behind me here at the folsom fremont street exit. own one lane is going across the bridge. the -- only one lane is going across the bridge. the backup is still on the bridge. let's look from chopper 5 this morning. you can see a huge backup and then that spill -- massive amount of materials apparently some sort of drywall material. originally the chp thought it was paint. but crews are still working to clean this up. it's taking them an hour and a half to get across the bay bridge right now. a real mess with four out of five lanes on the upper deck close the right now. for a time, the harrison street off-ramp was open. that has since been closed. again, so your only option is to get off here at the fremont folsom street split. let's take a look at a picture we tweeted from the chp showing officers diverting traffic off the bridge. this is part of the spill in that massive backup.
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to give you a little perspective, another image from the chp from yerba buena island. everything is at a standstill on the upper deck. the best bet is to take public transit. don't try to get not city from the bay bridge. earlier -- don't try to get into the city from the bay bridge. we took the golden gate bridge to get here. that's going to be backed up through the morning commute. this closure is expected to be in place until about 6:30 this morning. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. the commute is a mess this morning and a new report confirms that bay area traffic congestion is getting worse as the region adds more jobs. kiet do is in milpitas with more on the worst commutes with a new stretch of highway in the top so. >> reporter: live here at the second worst commute in the bay area. that is 880 in the morning in between san leandro and milpitas. if you have been on this
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stretch just horrible. but it gets worse. the absolute worst commute in the bay area is i-80 westbound from hercules into the bay bridge. traffic experts have calculated that it is delaying drivers there 9,000 hours every day. they got that number in part by counting the number of cars that start to slow down between below 35 miles an hour. so here's the rest of the list. third worst is in the evening 101 southbound from fair oaks in sunnyvale to oakland road in san jose. the fourth worst is going back eastbound over the bay bridge in the evening. now, using gps, cell phone tagging and road sensors they have calculated congestion has increased 3% in 2014 the latest data and, in fact, congestion has increased 40% since 2010 when the great recession was at its lowest point. it's bound to get worse because we are ating 2100 jobs a --we -- because the region is adding 2100 jobs a month. so contra costa and santa clara counties are planning to put sales tax hikes on the ballot next year to fund more construction projects.
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also, improving bart, caltrain and adding more cameras, sensors an metering lights and toll --and metering lights lights and toll lanes will help out, as well. we want to mention one commute that went from 18th to the 10th worst going from east san jose 101 northbound from story road all the way to montague expressway. congratulations to east san jose. you guys did it. so proud of you. live in milpitas, kiet do, kpix 5. the highway patrol is investigating the latest shooting on interstate 80 in the east bay. the fourth since early november. it happened yesterday afternoon on westbound 80 at the san pablo dam road exit. detectives say someone in a sedan pulled up alongside a ford escape and started shooting. a victim made it to a denny's restaurant. a waitress said he had an arm wound and was losing a lot of blood. >> trying to be there for him because if it happened to us, you want someone to be there for you in those moments.
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>> paramedics came in and took the 30-year-old richmond man to a nearby hospital. investigator say there was a second person in the suv with the victim. but that person ran away. they are not sure if this is connected to three other shootings along the same stretch of the i-80 last month. 6:06. a fremont man is accused of trying to join a terrorist group in syria. 22-year-old adam shaffi was stopped in june arrested a couple of days later. yesterday he was arraigned for providing material support or resources to a designated terrorist organization. he allegedly intended to go from istanbul to syria to join a branch of al qaeda operating in syria. >> the surveillance revealed that he had, um, training in paramilitary operations. >> former fbi agent says it appears the feds started watching him closely after a trip he took to egypt and
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turkey in 2014 allegedly making comments about killing americans. security is increased in san francisco unified school district after a threat of violence was emailed to staff members. the emails were received wednesday night or early yesterday morning. the district says it notified san francisco police and the fbi and issued a statement to the students' parents. >> someone claiming to have been a student in the district that was bullied and how they have turned to religion and because of that they are going to come and shoot up the schools in "the" district, that's the --not any particular school defined. >> schools were open because the threat was not credible. as a precaution, all schools were inspected but nothing was found. it's not clear if this is connected to this week's threats against los angeles unified and other u.s. school districts. i do like rain and many of us do. you're going to love brian hackney because he is full of rain today. >> let's not go better than being full of beans, i would say. >> there you go. >> we hope we're not because
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the rain should be heading south over the bay area later today. fairly light rain to start out with in the north bay and then it pushes into the south bay. we all get wet by the evening commute tonight. numbers this morning a little chilly. let's revisit the topic of the day. it's temperatures in the 40s and numbers in the low 50s, as well. as we start things out, look at the approach to the bay bridge. livermore 37 at the moment. hi-def doppler showing the rain now concentrated up around cape mendocino. it will all move south later in the day today about midday in the bay area. futurecast shows wham we get hit right around midday today and then by 5:00 tonight, just in time for the evening commute, we are going to get wet. here's michelle with the latest on what's going on this morning. service by uberx begins at
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mineta international airport today. there will be designated pickups at terminals a and b. a surcharge of $2.80 for pickups but none for drop-off. the service is at noon today and it means uberx will now operate at all three bay area airports. today qantas is launching nonstop service between san francisco and sydney, australia. qantas flight 73 lands at sfo around 8:20 this morning. and the international terminal will be lit up in qantas red. the airline and airport executives plan to hold a news conference shortly after touchdown and the plane will make a nonstop flight back to australia tonight. the man who bought two assault rifles used in that san bernardino terror attack facing some serious charges. fbi arrested enrique marquez yesterday. he is charged with unlawful purchase of a weapon. investigators say he had no knowledge of the attack but they say he bought the weapons years ago because, quote, his appearance was caucasian while
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the gunman and friend said farook look middle eastern. marquez is accused of plotting other attacks with farook that were not carried out. today president obama will travel to san bernardino to meet with the family members of some of the victims and before leaving washington and he will hold an end of the year news conference. he will likely get questions about what the u.s. is doing to keep americans safe. yesterday, mr. obama met with his national security team and said there is currently no specific credible threat of an attack on u.s. soil. time now is 6:10. it's the time of year for giving but at one local church thieves are souring the holiday spirit. the scramble to replace items meant for families in need. >> one company will pay for your wedding but there's a catch. [ laughter ] >> catch being you have to get married. we have a cold front moving through the bay area. it's going to get wet and the storm door opens. and it stays that way. we'll have the details coming up. [ laughter ] >> and we do have a drywall
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spill causing long delays over 1 1/2 hour delays for the commute out of oakland into san francisco. we'll have an update on this mess at the bay bridge with "kcbs traffic." ,, [ dog barks ] [ bark ] there it is! [ gasps ] oh no! look, the sky's awake! ♪ that. was. epic! [ bark ]
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good morning. big delays continue for west 80. avoid the bay bridge. that's where we have had a drywall spill. westbound 80 just beyond fremont street at this point it's just one lane of traffic shut down. four lanes are shut down west 80 near fremont street including the harrison street exit located on the left side of the bridge. be prepared for very long delays. it's taking folks over an hour and a half out of oakland into san francisco. the toll plaza is a mess, as well. an update from the chp, it
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won't be cleared up until 7:30 or 8 a.m. so continue to use alternates. i'll give you information on some of the alternates with "kcbs traffic." thieves in half moon bay took christmas gifts meant for those in need. last thursday someone broke into a storage locker behind a church and took $2,000 in donations part of a program run by the st. vincent de paul society in which families place paper ornaments on a tree in the church with the requests. now the organization is determined is that the families will not go without. >> we're going to try to recover so on christmas morning they have a present. we don't know it was, why. we just know the presents are gone. >> word is circulating of the theft and people are already stepping forward to help out at our lady of the pillar catholic church. after tragedy at uc-san francisco the medical center has suspended its living donor program for kidney transplants. a patient died back in november. the transplant was successful for the recipient but the donor
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died after the operation. it's still unclear why. in a statement, uc-san francisco health said the safety and well-being of our patients is our top priority and every effort is being made to understand what happened. we are deeply saddened by this tragedy. it is 6:16. let check in with liza. the bay bridge is a mess. >> it's a huge mess. it's a parking lot across the bridge heading into the city. that's where we're going to begin. the chp, cam transhave been working to clean up this spill. it's some type of drywall compound that was spilled across lanes of traffic. you can see it looks like they are pouring down some absorbent material right now. only one lane is getting by westbound 80 off the bridge near fremont street. so with those multiple lanes shut down we have had traffic backed up solid across the bridge to the toll plaza. they expect to have this out there until at least 7:30 or
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8:00 this morning. drive times between oakland and san francisco are 1 hour and 40 minutes. so just a huge mess. avoid the bay bridge. go to the san mateo bridge instead of waiting in the backups at the bay bridge toll plaza. bridge crews started cycling the metering lights slowly to keep the backups off the bridge and now we are seeing backups on the san mateo bridge as folks avoid the bay bridge and they are sitting in backups all the way across the span towards foster city. another alternate would be to take it the richmond bridge over to the golden gate. now it is longer for you in terms of mileage but at least you're moving. our sensors say 580 is flowing well. bart also a big alternate sitting in some of those backups and they have had a great morning still no delays for the bart system. we'll hope for a very nice commute for the bart system. no delays for the ferries,
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caltrain or the altamont commuter express. we should mention that muni is expecting possible delays because of the mess at fremont street near the fremont street exit detouring some bus lines. busy in the weather department. the numbers to start out friday morning, san bruno has 47 degrees. san jose 42 degrees. all the rain up north for now but a cold front developing will push south over the bay area first in the north bay this morning and the rest of the bay area later tonight. snow in the mountains. winter storm warnings posted heaviest between 4 p.m. and 10 a.m. snow above 5500 feet. about the evening commute you can see showers in the bay area. 5:00 it will start to move out.
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lingering showers through tomorrow morning means a little chance of rain on saturday but also a bit of a break. next five days a lot of rain up north, more than 5." but around the bay area between now and tuesday, about an inch of rain. so it will be on-again, off- again but not a deluge. temperatures today near 60 degrees. 59 for san francisco. 60 in oakland. 60 at livermore. 61 in san jose. in the extended forecast, we are going to be looking for things to turn wet today as the cold front presses south. the numbers will be near 60 degrees all the way through the rest of the week. saturday a few lingering showers. sunday we get wet again. we get wet on monday. tuesday and wednesday a break. the indications are a juicier system comes in by thursday. we'll track that. in the meantime expect to get wet. mr. mallicoat? >> thank you, brian. you don't need me to tell you this but weddings aren't cheap. >> but one startup is offering to pay for them. and, of course, there is a
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catch. swan love will give you and your fiancee $10,000 toward your dream wedding. if you get divorced at any time you have to pay it all back plus interest. swan love's ceo says even though the divorce rate is declining, he expects the company to profit. if you think your marriage will stand the test of time, go online and sign up. >> i'd take that. >> invest the money. see how it goes. the first screenings are now over and "star wars" fans are leaving theaters with a lot of smiles we have more on reaction to the new film coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everybody. there's something about san jose being away from the tank that appeals to them. pete deboer and the sharks looking for another win away
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from san jose. sharks trail toronto had-2 in the third period but then eight minutes left matinee at the scores --matt nieto scores and they are tied. the sharks 5-4 comeback win. they are now 12-5-1 on the road this season. how about that. rams hosting the bucs or some people call it mustard versus ketchup. 3rd quarter austin 21-yard score. second of the day. st. louis hangs on to win their home finale. could be the final game there if they move to l.a. 31-23 the final. both teams are now 6-8. last night pba world championship one of the tour's major tournaments, gary faulkner, jr., became just the second african-american to win a pba event in the tour's 57- year history. faulkner's first career win 216- 178 in the final in reno. and that is the taj mahal of ten pins. the national bowling stadium
6:25 am
where they have 78 lanes. a big deal. congratulations to him. 49ers and the bengals this sunday right here on the big five. we'll see you kickoff at 1:25 this sunday. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend. you, too. play of the day, we have a little hoop for you. we have oklahoma city there playing lebron in cleveland and the thunder's kevin durant with -- crashes and lands on top of a female fan. lebron james lands on her the wife of pro golfer jason day just gave birth a month go. she was removed on a stretcher treated at a hospital but some very good news. she was released and should be just fine. but -- oh. >> poor thing.
6:26 am
>> a big scare at that ballgame. 6:25. local residents who already dealt with one disaster bracing for another. how middletown and lake county residents are preparing for more winter rain. >> drywall spilling on fremont street traffic backed up on the upper deck of the bay bridge. more information coming up in the next half-hour. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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zi sceme. he became the most hated ceo in america and the poster boy for skyrocketing drug prices. now he is under arrest for a ponzi scheme. >> a spill has most of the bay
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bridge westbound closed right now. i'm anne makovec live in san francisco. with some of your options and images of the messy morning commute. >> and we're looking at one hour and 40-minute delays getting into san francisco. we'll have information on alternates and when the chp expects to clear up lanes. >> and in the middle of all of it, we have rain on the way for the bay area later in the day today and more ahead for the weekend. we'll have all the details but first let's say good morning to frank and michelle. good morning, brian. it is friday, december 18. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. good morning. time now is 6:30. and let's kick it over to liza for the messy commute. >> we are getting new information on this problem we have been reporting to you. it happened at 3:50 this morning. first reported as a paint spill and then chp, caltrans, got on scene. they tell us some type of a try wall compound that was spilled across multiple lanes of west 80. at this point it is just the right lane that is open right now for westbound 80 approaching fremont street in
6:31 am
san francisco. we have had long delays since then backed up across the bay bridge. you are looking at the logjam now at the macarthur maze in oakland. a lot of folks didn't get worth in time. now they are stuck in the traffic. i'm sorry. that's the bay bridge toll plaza. they are sitting in those delays again one hour and 40- minute delays leaving oakland getting into the city. now, i want to talk about some of your alternates. you can certainly take 880 over to the san mateo bridge. the san mateo bridge is the in good shape. there is more traffic there for westbound 92. and looks like that traffic is extremely slow just on the span itself. 880 is still rolling well through oakland and hayward heading for the san mateo bridge. but it is certainly having a big impact. also on local transit. muni is now saying that the bus lines that normally run in the fremont street area are rerouting because of the bay bridge traffic that's now being dumped on fremont street. this is what the detour looks like for folks who need to get
6:32 am
off the bay bridge. they are getting off at fremont right now. you have to take howard down about 4 blocks and then get on westbound 80 from 4th and harrison but now south of market area certainly in gridlock. there's lots of construction and lanes shut down in the area, as well. just a huge mess. take bart if you can. they expect this mess to be out there until at least 8 a.m. we also have problems on the sunol grade with a "sig alert." i'll have details on that with my next traffic report. >> a good day to stay home. let's get out to anne makovec, who is on fremont street where thousands of commuters are now being diverted off the upper deck. anne. >> reporter: it is heavily drizzling outside so that's not going to help matters at all when it comes to traffic. this is one of two options when you get to the point which will take an hour and 40 minutes from oakland. this is the folsom/fremont street exit of the bay bridge. this is where most of the
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traffic is being diverted from the bay bridge. harrison street, that ramp is also open right now that off- ramp. so that is another option. but check out the images from chopper 5. this is the huge mess that has been left on westbound 80. it has blocked a lot of lanes with drywall material apparently spilling at about 4 a.m. some of it got on some cars. it's a mess that crews are working to clean up. and they are going to be at it for at least another hour. take a look at some of the pictures of the chp this morning. they tweeted these out trying to divert traffic off of the bridge. you can see the bridge going from 5 lanes all the way down to 1 lane. so officers certainly have their work cut out for them as they try to get the traffic to the right-hand side. these are all the people who didn't get the message, maybe didn't watch local news in the morning. so luckily that's not you. check out the scene though of
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the bums from yerba buena island this morning. traffic just at a standstill there on the upper deck. so this is going to go on until about 7:30 or 8 a.m. so a real nightmare commute. do not come into the city via the bay bridge. golden gate bridge an alternate. but that's starting to get backed up, as well. right now live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. and even without a mess like that, bay area traffic is bad and it's getting worse. now there's a new report to confirm it. kpix 5's kiet do joins us live from milpitas with more including a stretch of highway new to the worst ten list. kiet. >> reporter: yes. good morning, we were trying to pick a live location for this report this morning and and came to the sad realization that there are a lot of locations to choose from. so we ended up on the second worst commute and that's 880 southbound between san leandro and milpitas. that's the second worst. and if you have been on it you know it is horrendous but the top spot goes to, that's it, 880 --i'm sorry, i-80 westbound from hercules into the bay bridge.
6:35 am
traffic experts have calculated that it is delaying drivers there 9,000 hours every day. they got that number in part by counting the number of cars that start to slow down between below 35 miles an hour. so here's the rest of the list. third worst is in the evening 101 southbound from fair oaks in sunnyvale to oakland road in san jose. the fourth worst is going back eastbound over the bay bridge in the evening. now, using gps, cell phone tagging and road sensors they have calculated congestion has increased 3% in 2014 the latest data and, in fact, congestion has increased 40% since 2010 when the great recession was at its lowest point. it's bound to get worse because we are ating 2100 jobs a --we are adding 2100 jobs a month. so contra costa and santa clara counties are planning to put sales tax hikes on the ballot next year to fund more construction projects.
6:36 am
also, improving bart, caltrain and adding more cameras, sensors an metering lights and toll --and metering lights lights and toll lanes will help out, as well. we want to mention one commute that went from 18th to the 10th worst going from east san jose 101 northbound from story road all the way to montague expressway. kiet do, kpix 5. highway patrol investigating the latest shooting on interstate 80 in the east bay. the fourth since early november. it happened yesterday afternoon on westbound 80 at the san pablo dam road exit. someone in a sedan shot into a ford escape. a 30-year-old man had an arm wound. investigators aren't sure if it's connected to three other shootings on the aim stretch of 80 -- the same stretch of 80 last month. opponents of the warriors arena are suing to block it. ucsf which has a medical center nearby has signed off on the
6:37 am
project but a lawsuit says the ucsf chancellor overstepped his authority by signing a memorandum of support. it says i unlawfully tied of hands of the -- he up lawfully tied of the hands of. university of california without approval of the board of regents. the project got a key vote of support this month from the city's board of supervisors. mourners said good-bye to mario woods yesterday, the man killed by san francisco police. hundreds gathered at the cornerstone church in the bayview. on december 2, officers confronted woods as he held a kitchen knife. the shooting sparked conversation among city leaders about police tools and tactics. some are placing the incident in a national context. . >> the police violence against communities of the colors sets a backdrop for what's happened here. >> police say woods had stabbed somebody earlier that day still had the knife in his hand and refused to drop it. but there is doubt about the police version of events and whether or not woods actually
6:38 am
posed a threat. from fires to landslides, concerns are growing that the burnt areas in middletown and lake counties could be vulnerable as winter rains hit northern california. for example, people on cobb mountain an area burned by the "valley fire" are watching the ground. they are especially concerned about the potential for erosion or landslides. >> the last rain all this road just came down here and it ran through here and a car was parked in the gravel here and all of a sudden it was in four inches of mud. >> relative scale i think there are some pretty risky areas but that's no guarantee that they are going to fail and it does depend a lot on the weather and how quickly plants regrow and things like that. >> when a wildfire burns, it seals the top layer of soil and water runs right off. and there's not much soil or foliage to hold the ground in place. at the same time, federal and state agencies are helping homeowners recover from the furious fire season. the california governor's
6:39 am
office, fema and the small business administration are pulling together $30 million for survivors of the "butte fire" and "valley fire." brace yourself because a little more rain is coming i guess, like five or six of it in the next seven days? >> looks like they seem to be getting wet in the next few days. >> okay. >> michelle is welcoming that because she won't have to water her lawn. mother nature will do it for her in the next five to seven days. and it's going to get wet later in the day today. temperatures this morning are pretty much on the chilly side as we overlook san jose. it's 42 degrees there. 48 for santa rosa. in livermore, 38 degrees right now. here comes another one. a cold front on the way from the pacific northwest is going to lead to showers later in the day in the bay area with rain first in the north bay then spreading south over the rest of the bay. it will make a mess of the evening commute. the roads will be slick in time for everybody to head home today. the forecast highs are going to
6:40 am
be about the same as lately, near 60 degrees and once it gets wet it's going to stay that way. rain saturday, sunday and monday. we'll have another look at the forecast in a few minutes. first let's get the latest. he is known as the most hated ceo in america and this morning he is out on $5 million bail. martin shkrelijacked up the price of a life-saving drug about 5,000% but wasn't arrested for price gouging. prosecutors say the ceo tricked investors into funding his personal debt. >> he ran his company like a ponzi scheme where he used each subsequent company to pay off defrauded investors from the prior company. >> last month he got a majority stake in a bay area drunk maker. the south san francisco -- drugmaker, the south san francisco company in clinical trials for leukemia. facebook is subleasing three buildings on jefferson
6:41 am
drive in menlo park from intuit. it has 210,000 square feet of space. that gives facebook about 200 acres of existing or proposed office space that it either owns or subleases. it is 6:41. a san jose school cancels a field trip to see that man. santa. now some parents are blaming one mother for ruining christmas. >> and does it live up to the hype? millions of "star wars" fans fill theaters overnight to see "the force awakens." we talked to them about their experience. >> and a live look at the market on this last day of trading. a good friday and it's -- not so good. we are down 140 points out of the gate. jason brooks will crunch the numbers and more when we come back. ,, ,,
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multiple lanes replain shut down at the bay bridge -- remain shut down at the bay bridge as you come off the span
6:45 am
towards fremont street where a drywall spill is being cleaned up now. as we go to my traffic map and show you some of those delays, westbound 80 has been bumper-to- bumper all the way across the bridge. i'll have more with "kcbs traffic." all right. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." >> let's do that with gayle king. she joins us live in new york with a little preview. >> reporter: hello, frank and michelle. we are here live and in color on this friday! one week out from christmas. are you ready? >> we are ready. >> i'm so ready. [ laughter ] >> reporter: my last day before vacation. so i'm really excited. good to see you both. ahead chilling plots targeting a community college and drivers at rush hour look at the charges just filed against a former neighbor of the san bernardino attackers. plus, the reaction from the muslim-american community to donald trump. republican strategist frank linda tripp's is here with his newest -- lunts is here with his newest focus group. a discussion with tim cook and
6:46 am
a holiday treat a special reading of t'was the night before christmas by charlie rose. i know. ah, let the church say amen. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you guys at 7:00. michelle, did you say you're on vacation too? >> yes, i am. my last day before vacation. so -- >> she is retiring. she has two weeks off. >> two weeks! [ laughter ] >> all right. well, we'll both come back tanned. >> hopefully. >> have a great holiday and good show that start at 7:00. amazon is in talks to lease cargo jets in order to develop its own air delivery ises. >> here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks about their own air delivery service. >> reporter: amazon wants more control over the entire ecosystem of online shopping. and one of those is with big cargo jets. the "seattle times" reports that the company is looking to lease up to 20 boeing 767s and another report says that amazon may simply buy those plane outright. online shopping has been
6:47 am
increasing by a large amount every, single year and we are seeing bigger delays with packages and that's affecting amazon. amazon thinks it could get better control over that if it flies its own planes. now, leasing those planes won't be cheap. leasing a new boeing 767 costs at least $600,000 per month. blue mobile san francisco- based social game developer is leaning on the celebrity angle with its new games and just released its catty perry pop game. it didn't really pop with investors though. the stock was down 5% yesterday and down again this morning. glue is really banking on that they will have more of a social component. katy perry will engage the player on the game. they launched it at a time with a wrap-up of her world tour. and they have done a lot of other games with celebrities including kim kardashian and nicki menage. stocks are lower.
6:48 am
let's check it. dow down 130. nasdaq down 18. s&p down 12 points. running out of time for a santa claus rally. frank and michelle, back to you. >> got a short week next week. okay, have a great weekend. some parents may keep their kindergarten student out of class today because school officials canceled the annual field trip to meet santa claus. it's all because one parent who is jewish complained about the tradition at sartorette school in san jose. other parents are upset because they were not consulted before the decision was mated. >> this approach by our district of asking for forgiveness after a decision affecting so many of our kids is unacceptable, and parents have a right to be angry. >> the cambrian school district says it's reviewing its policies to represent all student's beliefs and cultures. a story today is the commute and it's all about drywall compound. that is up on the bay bridge. >> we're learning a lot about this construction material this morning. we are getting word from the
6:49 am
chp that all lanes are open. the clean-up has just been completed again fresh information from the chp all five lanes of westbound 80 now open for commuters coming off of the bay bridge towards san francisco. as we go to live pictures from chopper 5, it's been giving us these views of the terrible traffic situation for westbound 80 which will be -- even though all lanes are open it's going to be backed up for a few hours still for the drive out of oakland. in fact, our sensors are picking up two-hour and 20- minute drive times for west 80 between university avenue in berkeley and fremont street in san francisco. so just gives you an idea of how bad the traffic scene is for this westbound commute. a fender-bender now at the bay bridge toll plaza, as well. the san mateo bridge as a result as folks avoid the bay bridge is now very crowded. westbound traffic is now jammed up from end to end and we are now looking at delays for southbound 880 between oakland and hayward. so certainly the mess at the
6:50 am
bay bridge is affecting other commutes this morning. we have a "sig alert" in place for the sunol grade, as well. southbound 680 approaching south mission we have the left lane shut down and traffic is backed up for a couple of miles approaching the scene. so that's going to be a hot spot for you, as well. now, bart has been doing a great job of getting people around the traffic delays. they are on schedule this morning. but because of the earlier mess that we had at the bay bridge and fremont street there are delays on muni as a lot of those drivers are being forced to reroute around a lot of that traffic now that's being dumped on the fremont street area. i'll have more traffic for you in a few minutes but again, all lanes now open fremont street in the city. brian. . you can see high clouds that presage some light rain moving into the bay area later today. already beginning to drizzle and cold front powers south this afternoon and will pick up some pretty good rainfall in the north bay and in the
6:51 am
central bay, as well. right now, 47 in san bruno to start out your friday. 49 in the city and 42 degrees in san jose. most of the heavier rain is still north of the bay area. but again, we have already got drizzle. there's already fog reported in santa rosa. skies will lower rain will come down later in the day. futurecast bears it out. by 4:00 this afternoon the central band of the cold front will be right over the bay area messing up the evening commute a bit. off it goes, lingering showers on saturday at 1:00. mostly dry then. and mostly the sun comes out. again, high clouds increase so that by sunday at 4:00, that's when this is, the next band of showers comes in. on-again, off-again rain. futurecast shows that between now and tomorrow night, we are going to be looking at about .8" in san francisco. that's no bad. a third in san jose. so not a bad rainmaker not unlike what we have had lately. over the next five days, though, mendocino gets up 5 inches of rain and we'll get a
6:52 am
total between now and next week of an inch. forecast highs for the day near 60 degrees in much of the bay area. 59 in the city. 61 for san jose. increasing clouds for everybody will lead to rain later today. and a few lingering showers on saturday. but saturday will be mostly sunny. more rain sunday, more on monday, tuesday and wednesday chance to drain and dry. and then thursday, more rain comes into the bay area. and now, mr. mallicoat, has the latest on the big thing in cinema. yeah. it's that "star wars" film. it's popular. today fans will flock to theaters all around the country to see "star wars: the force awakens." some fans in hollywood have been at the el capitan theater since yesterday morning to watch all 7 tar wars films consecutively -- all 7-star wars films consecutive. the new film is where the last one left off. >> was it worth it? >> totally worth it. this is one of those epic experiences i will remember for the rest of my life. hands down.
6:53 am
♪[ music ] >> today's officially the opening day for the new film. but there have been screenings all around the clock at many places around the country. 6:53. in just a few hours, president obama will sit down with families of victims of the san bernardino massacre. a private meeting is planned this morning. >> westbound 80 is now open. but the damage has been done in terms of the morning commute. coming up, we'll take a look at the spill that caused this messy traffic trouble. ,, ,,
6:54 am
announcer: through sunday at sleep train, get up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic, or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale ends sunday at sleep train.
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6:56 am
the white house today before starting his annual hawaii vacation. on his way there,e will stop over in san bernardino five things to know at the :55. president obama is going to take questions at the white house before starting his annual hawaii vacation.
6:57 am
on the way there he will stop in san bernardino. he plans to meet privately with families of the 14 victims of the recent mass shooting. and a friend of san bernardino killer farook is being held. enrique marquez is accused of buying the rifles used in the attack and plotting with farook three years ago they never carried out. 22-year-old adam shaffi was stopped this summer at sfo trying to board a flight to turkey. he was arraign on charged of terrorism this week. the latest shooting on i-80 in the east bay. the fourth since early november. detectives say someone in a sedan pulled up alongside a ford escape at the san pablo dam road exit and started shooting. the victim taken to the hospital. suspect still on the loose. it's the weekend before christmas and the heavy blanketed of fresh powder is expected to coat the sierra. resorts like sugar bowl have two feet of fluff at the summit.
6:58 am
and with el nino moisture rolling in, the season is only expecting to improve. do not try to take the bay bridge into san francisco right now. i'm anne makovec in the spot where all the traffic was being funneled off the bay bridge coming into the city for almost three hours this morning, four out of five westbound lanes were closed starting at 4 a.m. and traffic backed up quickly because of a drywall spill. a truck lost its load on the upper deck. it was a real mess. it got on some vehicles. it took three hours to clean it up. the chp is leading all traffic into one lane the far right westbound lane where cars could get off at fremont street. that's where i am. it was their only option for some time. a lot of confusion for drivers and the backup, well that happened very quickly. it has been taking drivers about two hours and 20 minutes to get into the city from berkeley. so again, avoid that area. live in san francisco, kpix 5. in fact bridge crews are
6:59 am
now clearing up a new accident. this one is at the bay bridge toll plaza where chopper 5 is over the backup which continues as anne said, 1 1/2 to two-hour delays reported for the drive out of the east bay heading towards san francisco. avoid the bay bridge. it is also causing an impact -- kind of a ripple effect on the outlying commute. a lot of folks taking the san mateo bridge as an alternate and we are looking at major backups now for westbound 92. it is bumper-to-bumper from end to end as folks avoid the bay bridge mess. a lot of people will be late to work this morning on this friday before the christmas week. bart is on time. they have done a great job of getting people in and out of the city. that's "kcbs traffic." rain in the bay area later in the day about midday in the north bay and just in time for the evening commute tonight. so expect things to get wet. >> thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. it's friday. enjoy your weekend.
7:00 am
and we'll see you at noontime. take care. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, december 18th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." plots to attack a community college and rush hour drivers. chilling new details after the arrest of the man who bought the san bernardino rifles. cbs news confirms that terrorists used encrypted apps to plan the paris attacks. apple chief tim cook tells us why he stands up for privacy. and a christmas classic like you've never heard it before. we begin with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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