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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 21, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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good morning. it's december 23rd. i'm betty yu. michelle griego is off. so great to be here in the morning. >> good to have you. hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 4:30 on your monday. get you out of the gate. traffic and weather. we have a little bit of rain. we do. rain and fog. you name it, we'll get it. maybe even snow. there's the potential for a white christmas in the bay area. is that possible? well, not really but there's a chance. more rain coming in this afternoon. this light stuff will change into rain this afternoon and tuesday and thursday look wet. we'll have details in a few minutes. and with that rain comes busy roadways. northbound 880 at market street, a vehicle that hit the center divide is blocking the left lane. westbound 5 0 80 near 24 an
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accident. a richmond man is in custody after police found explosives at his home on mcbryde avenue. as joe vazquez reports, investigators believe he planned to attack bay area muslims. >> i think it's crazy. kind of scary, too. >> reporter: for most of the day, cops were swarming all over the 5100 block of mcbryde. >> helicopters, s.w.a.t. team. >> reporter: police surrounded this house, then arrested the owner, 55-year-old william celli. police say he planned to harm the muslim community. police found a device in his house. neighbors say they saw police bring out what appeared to be a milk crate, maybe a homemade explosive. maybe one. >> i don't know what else was in the device but there was something in there. i heard a pop. >> reporter: that pop was the bomb squad detonating the device. police can't elaborate on the threat other to say celli's
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actions drew the attention of law enforcement and they were very concerning to law enforcement. so they are treating his threats as legitimate. celli is in jail charged with trit thefts and police don't think he's associated with any oh, but any organizations but they are working to see if his threats were part of a larger threat. back to you. police are looking for an intruder who broke into a couple's bedroom while they were asleep. it happened just after 4:00 a.m. yesterday at an apartment complex on beverly drive. the woman told police she woke up when she heard the intruder move the bed. she screamed. the man took off. police say surveillance video captured the man trying to get into several other apartments in the complex before entering the victim's home. he drove off in a white two- door scion. call police if you know who the man might be.
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a teen is dead after a shooting near an oakland b.a.r.t. station. it happened around 1:30 yesterday afternoon on mandella parkway, not far from the west oakland station. so far, no word on any arrests. that happened a half after after a shooting near the bay bridge. two women and a male were injured near west grand and 880. police say the victims should recover. investigators are still trying to figure out why a small plane went down on a trip from san jose to nevada. as maria medina reports, a gilroy couple and their children all died in the accident. >> this is the first picture of the family, a close friend says was on board the plane that crashed near bakersfield around 4:00. the family friend said the couple and their three children were on their way to see friends before the holiday. they took off from reid- hillview airport in san jose with plans to hand and henderson airport -- to land at
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henderson airport. but something went wrong. the pilot made a may day call before crashing into an orchard. weather reports say it was rain. maria medina, kpix 5. keep the umbrella handy. we could see a repeat of yesterday afternoon when shoppers got soaked in san francisco's nugent square. >> no one is smiling. i'm walking around. look at how magnificent this is. people are just straight faced. this is miraculous. rain is falling from the sky. >> the rain may have had to do with a met. a viewer sent us a picture from san francisco's lake street neighborhood where a pickup slammed into a couple of parked cars. the air bag deployed. we doesn't know if the driver was injured.
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the same storm front has been dumping a lot of snow in the sierra. resorts are expected to pick up about a foot of fresh powder just in time for the holidays. chains are required. >> maybe a white christmas. it will be getting really cold on christmas eve. there's enough moisture in the atmosphere so it's possible. mt. diablo and mount hamillton could have some light. yesterday, we had light rain. south bay didn't get much. that will change. we'll get more rain this afternoon. on the doppler, we have -- the doppler doesn't pick up a lot of this low level stuff. a lot of low rain, the central, a little bit in the east bay. it's not being picked up yet. it's coming down. there's also fog and some of it very dense. have care heading to where you
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are heading. starting off with 50 in concord. 51 in the city. santa rosa, 48. futurecast, fairly robust little system moving through by the midmorning hours in the north bay. it spread south at 4:00 this afternoon where you can see some pretty good showers over the diablo range and also persistent over the south bay. the south bay will get a little bit more rain out of this. showers and fog this morning. more rain this afternoon, it will be rainy tuesday and thursday, get a little bit of a break on wednesday and the forecast highs today are going to be near 60 degrees in the extended forecast. we'll have rain today, rain tomorrow. break on wednesday, more rain on christmas eve before the sun comes out on christmas day. and it will stay there right through the weekend. that's weather for traffic. here's gianna. already busy. we have a couple of accidents. northbound 880 at market street. left lane blocked for a vehicle that hit the center divide.
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expect some delays as you approach the scene. also, westbound 580 connector to westbound 24, getting word of an accident here as well. chp saying they may have to shut down the ramp to clear everything out. that may slow you down especially if you are headed to the bay bridge, which right now is fairly quiet. we have slick surfaces out there t use there. use caution. 880 both direct directions, southbound as you work your way toward the san mateo bridge, so far so good. that commute between 880 and 101. hayward to foster city, not seeing any delays through there and taking a first look at the altamont pass, westbound 580, you will see a few cars as you work your way out of tracy but as you work your way through the pass through 680, not seeing any delays. westbound 580 toward the dublin interchange, pretty clear. mass transit is on time. police say a woman
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intentionally ran her car into a crowd of pedestrians on the las vegas strip, killing one person, injuring more than 30 others. investigators say she swerved on the sidewalk at least twice yesterday evening near the paris and planet hollywood hotel. >> there's a man on the ground. a lady was helping him. a person landed in the bushes, on the grass. but what we were told is some lady ran, jumped the car in her car and went right through the people. >> that driver was arrested. a 3-year-old child was in the car with her. but was not injured. police say it was not an active terrorism. people from all over the world were in las vegas for the miss badge university pageant. last night, steve harvey awarded the crowd to miss colombia. problem, the real winner was
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from the philippines. >> whoops. it's 4:39 on this monday, a bomb square forcing an air france plane to make an emergency landing. how a fake bomb was discovered and why it's raising larger concerns -- when we come back. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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searching for close to a hud ide. rescuers in china are searching for close to 100 people missing in a landslide. video images show an office building going to the ground. on sunday, a mound of construction waste and mud swept true an industrial park and buried 33 buildings. it came from a manmade mountain of dirt, cement trucks and other construction debris. recent storms had saturated the soil. investigators say a bomb scare that force forced an emergency landing in kenya was all a hoax. that incident is still raising some concerns about airline safety. >> reporter: the fake device
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looked real enough to prompt the crew of this air france boeing 777 to make an emergency landing in kenya and evacuate the 459 passengers and 14 crew using emergency exit slides. passenger ann daniel. >> they say it was a technical problem. now they say they found a bomb. very difficult. >> reporter: this passenger. >> the plane went down slowly, slowly, slowly. we realized something was wrong. >> reporter: air france's ceo said a passenger spotted the fake bomb and reported it to the crew of flight 463, adding the device was made of cardboard, paper and had a timer. it was hidden in a bathroom cabinet. kenyan police reportedly questioned a number of passengers, including the person who reported the device. the airline said at least three other air france flights have received bomb threats since the attacks in paris. this man is the former
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assistant director of the fbi. >> what type of person does this? someone who is testing, someone poking at the bounds of airport security. >> reporter: security experts say there's concern about the level and quality of security at airports that do not directly serve the united states because they are not subject to tsa regulations. the worry is someone getting a device past security and eventually connecting to a flight bound for the u.s. new "star wars" film shattering box office records. >> nothing will stand in our way. ♪ >> "star wars: the force awakens" earned $238 million during its opening weekend. that makes it the biggest north american debut of all times. the previous opening record was set by "jurassic world" which brought in $208 million last summer. i was talking to betty.
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you know, brian has never seen one of those films. >> i know. >> one big car chase with explosions. >> all right. that's it. you saved me a lot of time. >> what have you seen? >> a lot of other things on reality tv. [laughter] >> okay. glad we got that straightened out. we have a showery start to the morning with fog. some of it is dense. light rain mostly this morning but that will change later in the day. light lane over the central bay area at the moment and that will develop into rain as we look toward levi stadium across the runway at san jose airport. that's looking north and west. concord, 50 degrees right now. san francisco, 51. san jose, 52 degrees and santa rosa, 48 degrees. future cast shows we have widely scattered light showers, then midday we have heavier rain spreading over to the rest
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of the bay. it will make a soggy, evening commute. we'll get more rain in the day. south bay didn't pick up much yesterday. it will pick up more today. on the futurecast as we add up the totals between now and wednesday at 5:00 a.m., not bad. i don't know if i believe that pleasanton number. more than 2 possible. 3.5 at ukiah, 75/100ths at pacifica. in the next 36 hours, doesn't look bad. winter storm warnings are posted for above 4500 feet. wet snow in the afternoon and evening. it will be coming down. 12 to 18 inches of the new snow and there's the potential for 50-mile-an-hour wind gusts. also pick up a good deal of snow in the mountains over the next 36 hours with almost 2 feet of snow at half dome. i doubt if you will be skiing up there. donner summit in south lake tahoe, 14 inches. more rain this week. showers today will develop into rain. more rain coming in tomorrow
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and christmas eve also looks wet and cold. temperatures really come down on christmas eve and on christmas. high temperatures today, manage upper 50s, low 60s. extended forecast, rain today, more rain tomorrow. wednesday we get a break. we'll get sun dumb ing can out on wednesday. thursday, christmas eve, rain comes in. friday, saturday, sunday, we finally begin to dry it out. by the way, tonight, winter solstice at 8:48 p.m. tonight the youngest night of the year and then christmas on friday looks mostly sunny and chilly. that's the forecast. here's the traffic. hey, gianna. let's jump to the roads. we have a couple we have a -- we have a couple things brewing. the exit lane off east 80 to 7th may be flooded. they are clearing an accident northbound 880 at market.
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that is completely out of lanes and elsewhere westbound 580, that's actually over to the eastbound 24 connector where you will find this accident, a vehicle facing the wrong way. a truck. chp still on scene. we're seeing some delays as you head through there. taking a look at the bay bridge, right now traffic is light. not seeing a lot of cars on the roadway. that's wet weather out there. you will see busy conditions as you work your way toward the toll plaza. slower speeds than usual. no delays on that eastshore freeway commute. marin county looks good so far. south 101, 580 to the golden gate plaza. taking a look at conditions along 880, nimitz freeway, near the coliseum. 16 minutes, northbound 880, 238 to the maze. southbound not doing too bad if you are headed to hayward. if you plan to cut to the san mateo bridge, traffic is light. 13 minutes from 880 to 101 on that westbound side. looks like traffic is moving
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nicely there. the altamont pass, we have yellow on the sensor. slow and go conditions. coming away from tracy, 14 minutes westbound 580. altamont pass to 680. that's completely bearable. once you hit 680 not seeing any troubles as of yet. it's wet out there. be careful. back to you. breaking news out of san leandro. four people are recovering at a hospital right now following a shooting outside a nightclub. they were hit around 2:00 in the parking lot of club caliente near 146th avenue. no arrests have been made. all four victims are expected to survive. video games are helping physical therapy patients recover. here's more. >> that was nice. nice. >> reporter: mary garra has diabetic neuropathy which affects her balance. >> i would teeter quite a bit
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and go back and forth. >> try leaning toward there. >> reporter: and then dr. carroll tolder had she -- told her, she would be playing video games. >> what are you talking about? >> when you are engaged, you forget. >> reporter: he's helped about 50 patients build their skills in balance, mobility and endurance. >> it's a lot of fun. it's a lot of fun [laughter] >> reporter: dr. carroll uses the connect xbox system. the sensor detects the patient's every move whether they are standing, sitting or lying down. >> these games are specifically designed for the patients' individual needs. >> whoa! >> yay! >> reporter: dr. carroll partners with the university of san francisco's computer science department to design the game. >> our therapists bring in the app to make it fun.
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>> reporter: students have created five games in three years as part of their senior project under professor galas. the newest game will get patients to lift their legs and twist their bodies to pick up bananas. some students return after graduation to fine the program. >> this was incredibly rewarding to get a chance to make a project that could contribute to people like that. >> reporter: people like mary who enjoyed several sessions of virtual rehab. today, she walks without a cane. >> i've come a long way from where i started. >> reporter: and she agrees with dr. carol. in the end, everyone is a winner. >> you did great. >> reporter: sharon chin cbs news. >> eventually, dr. carroll would would like to use technology that allows patients to control the game through
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their own facial movements. with less than a week before christmas, many bay area children may not get any patients this year. why one charity is in desperate need of help. >> we want to know what's cool about your school, e-mail your nominations. we might come out and feature it on the big show. stay with us. it's a monday morning. ,,,,
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well, hello. welcome back on this monday morning. it will be warmer than average today, believe it or not. the city 59. oakland, 61. san jose, 60. down in the south bay, showers turn into rain later today. readings will be near 60. same for the east bay. light rain and some dofg out -- dense fog out there. temperatures top out near 60.
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rain hits about midmorning. same for ukiah and for cloverdale. expected to be wet. as for traffic -- it's wet on the roads as well as you can see on the golden gate bridge. traffic alert in effect for northbound 101 just south of sir francis drake boulevard. all lanes are flooded. they are saying 6 feet of water there. keep that in mind. >> thank you. a christmas crisis for hundreds of kids in the east bay. mark kelly shows us donations have dropped off drastically for a big san leandro toy drive. >> reporter: every christmas season for two dozen years, thousands of kids have come to this warehouse for a box of food. >> pastas, food snacks. >> reporter: and a bag of christmas gifts for many. these will be the only toys they open. >> folks are not lining up at 6:00 a.m. they start line -- are lining
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up at 6:00 a.m. and to see their eyes when they get a bag, widens your perspective. >> reporter: the davis family resource center, they worry there could be hundreds of disappointed faces. >> this is the worst. toys are not coming in like they normally have and so it's -- we're struggling. >> reporter: granted, some toy donations have come in. >> this is an ideal bag. >> reporter: but many more have not. these tables typically overflowing with toys. this christmas, 1800 short. >> our goal is there are three new toys, a stuffed animal and book. we need your help. >> reporter: if you would like to donate, drop off a toy, monday, tuesday, wednesday right here at the davis street center. >> the toy drive runs from 8:00 a.m. through 8:00 p.m. through wednesday. they are accepting new toys for every age group. some kids in berkeley are
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learning a lesson about giving. the community got together to learn the tables on santa claus. kids brought toys to st. nick to be delivered to less fortunate children in the area. >> we hope they learn there's more to the holidays about just asking for toys and different things but to think about others. >> the berkeley fire department will distribute those toys to kids in need. some antioch police officers stepped in to save christmas for a family. a burglar broke into a woman's home and stole $2,000 she was saving to take her kids to disneyland. officers told her to come to the station to look at a photo lineup but instead they had a surprise. >> we spread the story with all of the other officers in the department and together we were able to raise over $2,000 to send you and your family to
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disneyland. merry christmas. [ applause ] >> amanda and her kids were overjoyed. the burglar who broke into their home, still on the loose. still now is 4:57. a deadly crash in the middle of the las vegas strip. why police are saying it might not have been an accident. >> reporter: we're live from the federal courthouse in san francisco where raymond "shrimp boy" chow is expected to take the stand in his own defense. ,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,
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you are taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic moving along smoothly, not many cars out there. but the roads are wet. take it easy. it's monday, december 21st. i'm betty yu. mig is off -- michelle griego
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is off. i'm frank mallicoat. a lot of people enjoying the holiday already. >> some are working, including brian hackney. >> we have slick streets and light rain. that rain will turn to more rain tonight and tomorrow morning. we have fog out there as well. all of that stuff around cape mendocino will sink today. a little cold front will move through. slick streets, showers everywhere this morning. heavier rain by midday in the north bay and the rest of the bay area. levi stadium in the background. the scene for the 49ers. 5 the in san francisco. 49 for santa rosa. showers in the bay. look at the north bay, showers coming south and then the south bay gets hit just in time for the evening commute and south bay will get more rain today than you had yesterday which was not much. some showers and headline, more rain this afternoon. it looks rainy tuesday and thursday as well. winter storm warning posted in the mountains. if you are headed


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