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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  December 21, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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mig is off -- michelle griego is off. i'm frank mallicoat. a lot of people enjoying the holiday already. >> some are working, including brian hackney. >> we have slick streets and light rain. that rain will turn to more rain tonight and tomorrow morning. we have fog out there as well. all of that stuff around cape mendocino will sink today. a little cold front will move through. slick streets, showers everywhere this morning. heavier rain by midday in the north bay and the rest of the bay area. levi stadium in the background. the scene for the 49ers. 5 the in san francisco. 49 for santa rosa. showers in the bay. look at the north bay, showers coming south and then the south bay gets hit just in time for the evening commute and south bay will get more rain today than you had yesterday which was not much. some showers and headline, more rain this afternoon. it looks rainy tuesday and thursday as well. winter storm warning posted in the mountains. if you are headed for the
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hills, snow above 4500 feet. wet snow to begin it. we could get a dusting in the bay area by christmas. high temperatures today, near 60 degrees in the extended forecast. today is wet, tomorrow is wet. wednesday a break, thursday we get more rain coming in on christmas eve and the temperatures calm down thursday night. that's why friday morning, you just never know we could wake up to a dusting of snow. weekend looks dry when we get to christmas, we'll go with a mostly sunny christmas day. that sunshine will linger into the weekend. that's weather. here's gianna. let's turn over to marin county. we have a traffic alert as you work your way northbound 101. lanes are flooded. all lanes are blocked for chp trying to ease congestion there. you might use the richmond/san rafael bridge as an alternative. once we get to the golden gate bridge, that traffic is quiet into san francisco.
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taking a look at the bay bridge right now, not bad, we have slick surfaces out there. but fairly quiet as you work your way out of oakland into san francisco. be careful across the span as you head towards there. 20 minutes off the eastshore freeway commute. the rest of the bridges, very quiet. 12 minutes between 880 and 101. a quick look at 880 nimitz freeway that earlier accident near market is now clear. you are free slowing in both directions. we'll have a look at the altamont pass coming up. later this morning, contra costa county officials will give us an update on preparations for upcoming storms. a news conference is scheduled for today at the west county detention facility. that's on the giant highway in richmond. that's where county residents can pick up sandbags. with california likely headed for a fifth year drought, state water officials are expected to propose changes to the statewide conservation mandate. earlier this year, governor brown ordered a 25% reduction water use across the board. a strong el nino weather system
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this season should help but experts say one year isn't good enough. a family of five from gilroy is killed when a small plane crashes in the central valley. kiet do is at the raymond -- is at the reid-hillview airport. >> reporter: when the pilot took off, he filed paperwork that indicated he would be using mostly his instruments because of bad weather. according to a family friend, the comum and and -- the couple and their three kids were on board. when jason price made his first may day radio call, radar records show the plane was going more than 250 miles an hour which was very fast for the single engine plane. the plane descended from the
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altitude of 15,000 feet. that's when price lost control. crews spent much of the weekend searching for debris. they found the crash site about three hours after price's second and final may day call. >> an extensive ground search was conducted by the kern county sheriff's office, bakersfield police department, the california highway patrol as well as the kern county fire department. into air was used due to the weather. at about 7:24 p.m., they located debris of a plane in this area. >> reporter: now, the national weather service says it was rainy and cloudy in the area of the crash. earlier in the day, authorities washed of icing above 5,000 feet. we're live in san jose, kiet do, back to you. raymond "shrimp boy" chow is expected to take the stand today in his own racketeering trial here in san francisco. jackie ward is live with the very latest on this closely- watched case.
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good morning, jackie. >> reporter: good morning, frank. this is expected to be one of the biggest days of the trial thus far if raymond "shrimp boy" chow takes the stand. for two years now, we've watched this murder and corruption trial unfold waiting to see if chow will testify. chow's attorneys say their client is done with waiting and wants the story told. chow is the leader or dragonhead of a chinatown association in san francisco ordering the murder of his predecessor in 200 of is just one of the charges he's facing. he's also accused of taking money from an undercover fbi agent to commit a crime. >> the undercover agent tries to get my client to take the money by professing his love to my client saying we were meant to be. i love you. it's almost pseudo erotic, the approach he takes. >> reporter: chow faces charges for racketeering,
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laundering money and conspiring for murder. while this trial has been going on for a long time now, it's expected to drag on even further until at least late next month. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. a teen is dead after a shooting near an oakland b.a.r.t. station. it happened around 1:30 yesterday afternoon on mandella parkway. not far from the west oakland station. so far, no word of any arrests. that happened just a half- hour after another shooting in oakland. this one near the bay bridge. two women and a male were injured near west grand avenue and interstate 880, police say the victims should fully recover. police in rohnert park are looking for an intruder who broke into a sleeping couple's bedroom. it happened at 4:00 a.m. at an apartment complex on
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beverly drive. she woke up when she heard the intruder move the bed sheet. police say surveillance cameras captured him trying to get into several ear apartments in the -- other apartments in the complex before entering the victim's home. a school district in new hampshire has canceled classes today after a school administrator received an e- mail threatening violence. feds are working to determine the credibility of that threat directed at two high schools in nashua, new hampshire. parents were alerted through the phone alert system. >> i'm scared. sending my son to school and having this text is scary. >> classes will resume tomorrow. last week, l.a. and new york city received threats. investigators are trying to determine why a woman swerved
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her car into dozens of beds along the a -- of pedestrians along the las vegas strip. >> las vegas police say the woman did this on purpose severe ving -- swerve her car two or three times and did this with a toddler in the back seat of her car. one person is dead. at least three dozen others badly injured. this happened sunday night at one of the busiest intersections on the las vegas strip near the paris and planet casinos. witnesses say the driver had -- in her 20s had both hands on the wheel looking straightforward when she drove into the crowd. several people were thrown in all different directions. >> there's a man on the ground next to the curb. a lady was helping. another person went over, had landed in the bushes, in the grass on the sidewalk. but what we were told some lady jumped the curb and went right through the people. >> police say there was a 3-
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year-old in the back seat but was not injured. investigators have ruled out terrorism as a motive. they say no shots were fired. this morning the driver is still in custody. investigators are trying to figure out if drugs or alcohol were a factor. live in the newsroom, back to you. one year after two nypd officers were targeted and killed on duty, the city honors the men with a special ceremony. and a heartbreaking end to the miss universe pageant after the host crowns the wrong beauty queen. in the weather department, it will be wet. fog out there. things won't change much for tuesday. the forecast is coming up. and that wet weather causing problems on the roads. we have a traffic alert in larkspur. details coming up. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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as we look through the golden gate bridge, dense fog out there, widely scattered showers and those showers develop into rain. midmorning spreads south over the bay area. details coming up. first i wonder how all of this is affecting not the traffic, actually the news. ladies and gentlemen, here's frank. >> thank you. an emotional day for the families of two nypd officers killed in the line of duty. yesterday, the city dedicated
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plaques to officers ramos and liu. the gunman posted on social media about targeting officers. >> they were attacked because of the uniform they wore, because of the badge they wore and it was, therefore, not only an attack on these two good and brave men but an attack on all of us. an attack on everything we value and everything we hold dear. >> officer ramos and liu were posthumously promoted as detective. for the many people who asked for drones, you may want to hold off using your device. starting faud, the faa requires drone owners to register their devices online. drones purchased before today will have to be registered within 60 days. faa officials hope the new rules will make drone on owners
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operate the devices more responsibly. the roads are already crowded. >> they were. we'll start off with a traffic alert as you work your way out of marin county. rains are flooded northbound, 101 in larkspur near sir francis drake. chp says avoid the area. use an alternate route. all lanes are flooded. they've issued a traffic alert northbound one in larkspur. southbound we're not seeing any troubles. you will clear toward the golden gate bridge right now. about a 15-minute ride from 580 into san francisco. westbound 80, this is just coming into the traffic center. would's got a lot of activity and a line of yellow on the maps which indicates he speeds dipping under 45 miles an hour. maybe less than that. of course, we have the slick surfaces starting to see a few more cars on the roads as they head towards the bay bridge. metering lights are still off. but we're dealing with the slick surfaces. use caution as you work your
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way toward the bridge. also getting word of a new accident, westbound 580 connecting to 24. that's our second accident there of the morning. be careful. here's a live look at conditions as you work your way westbound 580 toward the dublin interchange. drive time is looking okay. 16 minutes westbound 580. we have a couple of cars on the roads but not seeing any trouble through that portion. it's just east of there where we see most of our delays. you come out of tracy near mountainhouse and 205. eases up at the top of the pass, looking good. no delays as you make your way highway 4 to antioch. traffic pretty quiet there and a live look at the bridge. fairly quiet here. 13 minutes between hayward and foster city. we're dealing with the wet weather and how long will it stick around. what a switch from four years, fairly good raining and we could use a pretty good squeegee for most of the cameras. this one out by the approach to
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the toll plaza at the richmond bridge, folks heading from richmond toward marin. it's wet out there. the numbers are mostly near 50 degrees. 50 at concord. oakland, 51. in livermore, 54. in san francisco, 51. not to -- fairly mild start but there's dense fog out there. here comes another one. a cold front on the way, the bay area will convert all of the these it be widely scattered showers that you see now into fairly decent rain by midmorning. look at the top of your screen. just before noon today. spreading over the rest of the bay area by this afternoon, evening commute looks wet as well. we are a he's roll this on to show you that showers exist especially in the higher elevations right through tomorrow morning. the future craft, again this, is -- terrific. pretend you didn't see that. more rain, showers this morning and then rain later in the day. more rain will be coming in tomorrow. and then christmas eve also looks wet and cold, cold enough the numbers come down, it will
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be a struggle on christmas eve and christmas day to reach 50. that's the higher elevations. we could get a dusting of snow in the diablo range. it will be a white christmas out there with snow above 4500 feet. wet snow this morning and this afternoon and this evening, 12 to 18 inches of new snow, gusts up to 50 miles an hour. if you will head to the mountains you will need extra time. future cast for the snow, they will pick up a lot. at mt. shasta, more than 2 feet of snow up there at the old volcano. half dome, 22. bear valley, 22 as well. forecast highs for the day, we'll be looking at numbers in the upper 50s and low 60s. 57 for napa. 58 degrees at livermore. extended forecast calls for things to get wet today and tomorrow. and then wednesday, we've got partly cloudy skies. thursday, christmas eve rain comes in again. temperatures in the low 50s in the warmer spots and then saturday and sunday we get clearing it up on christmas so that this rain which has not
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amounted to a heck of a lot. christmas looks sunny. mostly sunny and on the chilly side. and winter stole dis-- solstice. >> that's right. >> days are starting to get longer. >> yes. >> thank you. 5:18. a long-awaited winter homeless shelter is expected to open today in walnut creek. the shelter will be operated by the trinity center for about three months. it was originally planned for the national guard army but the shelter would have to close for three weeks for the military activity so the location was changed. a new miss universe has been planned but not before the wrong woman was initially named the winner. don champion has the play by play. >> reporter: the drama played out on live television sunday night. >> colombia! >> reporter: what first appeared to be a repeat win for colombia in the miss universe
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contest of the. >> i have to apologize. >> reporter: quickly became one draw-dropping gasp for host steve harvey. >> the first runner-up is colombia. miss universe, 2015 is philippines! >> reporter: it took about a minute for harvey to correct himself after apparently reading his note card with the winner on it wrong. >> this is exactly what's on the card. i will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake. it was on the card. >> reporter: even the celebrity judges were shocked. fellow contestants quickly surrounded miss colombia to comfert her. pack page -- back stage, miss colombia and miss philippines showed grace. >> it's a very nontraditional crowning. >> yes.
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>> it's very 2015. [laughter] >> reporter: through it all, miss philippines looked stunned. the broadcast ended with the crown being exchanged. don champion, cbs news. a plane crash kills everyone on board after taking off from san jose. what experts say may have brought down the private jet. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, a low, low turnout for the 49ers and another dismal performance and could the raiders keep playoff hopes alive for one more week. and we want to know what is cool aboutia-- about your school. there is the web address. send us an e-mail. we might come out and feature your school. ♪ music
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play o' the day from the at taking a look at your conditions, westbound 80 at gilman. we have an accident there. two left lanes are now blocked. chp scene. you are back to cutting boulevard. expect delays. also flooding in marin. more on that -- coming up. good morning, everybody. the raiders were in a desperate situation. they basically had to win the rest of their football games and hoped to get help from other teams. raiders did not hold up their end of the bargain.
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derrick carr. two first quarter interventions. a touchdown. packers had 14-0 lead. but carr would get the raiders back on track. he hit cooper to give oakland the 27-point lead. he went ever 1,000 cards for the season. aaron rodgers got the last laugh. the packers win it 30-20 eliminating the raiders from playoff contention. san francisco committed three first-half turnovers. cincinnati won it 24-14. the 49ers fall to 4-10. brett burns and the sharks visiting the defending champion blackhawks who had the best one two-punch. chicago wins 4-3. now the sharks have lost eight of their past ten games. raiders play on christmas
5:25 am
eve right here on the big 5. our coverage begins at 4:30. so get all of that christmas shopping done early. i'm dennis o'donnell have a great day. >> thank you. play of the day we'll play football here. got arizona and philly. check out one-handed catch by michael floyd. how sweet is that, down to the 1-yard line. that led to a touchdown. right into his gut. arizona clinches the west division. 5:25. a bomb squad called to the home of a bay area man now accused of making terror threats. who investigators say he was targeting. offer the weekend, a plane crash kills a family of five from gilroy. ,,,,
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548!
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whoo! i mean, whoo. it could be a really big morning here at the federal courthouse in san francisco as raymond "shrimp boy" chow is expected to take the stand. and it will be a really big day in the weather department. we have rain and showers linger through tuesday and changes later in the week. forecast is coming up. and a that rain brings problems to the roads. we have a traffic alert in marin county and new problems at the bay bridge. i'll have details. good morning. it's monday, december 21st. i'm betty yu. michelle griego is off. >> i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5:30. a richmond man is behind bars suspected of making explosives at his home on mcbryde avenue. police arrested 55-year-old
5:30 am
william celli at his home on yesterday. they say he threatened to "harm the muslim community." >> yeah, i don't know what else was in that device. but there was something in there. i heard a pop. >> that pop was the sound of the bomb squad detonating device. nobody was injured. richmond police say they can't elaborate on threats made by celli but they don't believe he's associated with any organizations. the faa is now trying to piece together what caused a small plane to crash killing a bay area couple and their three children. kiet do is at san jose's reid- hillview airport where the plane took off and headed east. >> reporter: when they took off for the weekend, they filed paperwork saying they knew they were heading into bad weather. when they were making those distress calls, you could hear audible alarms going off in the brack ground. this is the first picture of the family on board the single engine plane that crashed near
5:31 am
bakersfield on saturday. the family friends say the couple and their three children were on their way to see friends before the holiday. they had plans to land at hen derston executive airport. halfway through the flight, the pilot made a may day call before crashing into an orchard. they say it was raining. >> an extensive ground search was conducted by the police department, the california highway patrol as well as the kern county fire department. no air was used due to the weather. at about 7:24 p.m., they located debris of a plane in this area. >> reporter: friends say they are devastated about the loss of the price family, especially before the holidays. and the ntsb has taken over this investigation and it could take months before we find out the cause of the crash. we're live in east san jose,
5:32 am
kiet do. police are looking for a an intruder who broke into a couple's bedroom as they slept at an apartment complex on beverly drive. the woman said she woke up when she felt the intruder move the bed sheets. she screamed. he took off. police says surveillance cameras recorded him trying to get into several other apartments in the complex before entering the victims' home. he drove off in a white two- door scion. call police if you know where he is. and oakland is dead after a shooting at a b.a.r.t. station on mandella parkway yesterday. so far, no word of any arrests. that happened a half-hour after a triple shooting in oakland near the bay bridge. two women and a male teen were injured near west grand avenue and interstate 880. police say the victims should recover. and berkeley police are investigating the suspicious death of a man found
5:33 am
unconscious at a fraternity near the cal campus. 23-year-old was discovered at the frat house on chaning way saturday morning. no word if the man was a student at uc berkeley. this is the third death at a frat house since last year. in a big day in the trial of raymond "shrimp boy" chow. he's expected to testify. jackie ward joins us live from san francisco with more. >> reporter: this has been a long trial so far. this day is one that we've been waiting for for a long time now. if raymond "shrimp boy" chow does take the stand. for two years we've been watching this crime of murder and corruptions unfold, waiting to see if he will testify. chow's attorney said he is done with waiting and wants his story told. he's accused of ordering the murder of his predecessor in
5:34 am
2006, also accused of taking money from an undercover fbi agent to submit crimes and chow's defense attorneys say, yes, their client did take the money but only as a sort of donation. >> this undercover agent is a predator. that's why he was brought in because he was willing to do what the other agent wasn't willing to do and that was to lie to make his case. >> reporter: chow is also facing charges of racketeering, laundering money and conspiring of the murder of a rival. as long as this trial has been going on, it's expected to go even longer today, in fact, it may last as long as a month. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. space-x has delayed the latest launch of one of its commercial rockets. this is footage of a previous launch from earlier this year. falcon 9 was supposed to lift off from florida yesterday but it was delayed 24 hours because
5:35 am
space x wanted better weather for when the booster lands. launch time is set for this evening at 5:33. >> don't come looking around here for that weather. >> how is it looking for christmas shopping? >> good if you are inside but getting there is a problem. gianna will have more on that. we have showers and we have fog as well. the numbers now, mostly in the upper 40s and 50. 50 at concord. livermore 54 in san francisco. 51 degrees and here comes another one. cold front on the way from the pacific most is going to enhance the showers in the next few hours, first in the north bay. how about if we move in closer. a lot of the radar overruns the low level moisture so this doesn't really indicate how much rain we have. plenty of light rain over much of the bay area in this
5:36 am
morning. it will be a generally wet day. this lingers all the way through tomorrow morning. we'll ease up on the rain. for this morning, showers and fog, more rain this afternoon and then rainy tuesday and thursday as well. we get a break on wednesday. so a chance to drain and dry. high temperatures tad will be upper 50s low 60s and in the extended forecast, wet today, wet tomorrow, wednesday a break, christmas eve gets cool. we have a cold system coming in christmas day. christmas day, partly cloudy skies and the weekend looks nice and sunny as well. it will be cold enough christmas morning, maybe a dusting of snow on bay area peaks. wouldn't that be something we'll see. that's weather. how about traffic? traffic is not looking so good. we have a traffic alert in effect for marin county. all lanes are blocked for
5:37 am
flooding. that's near sir francis drake boulevard. chp says avoid the area. use alternates if you can. it's a noun commute direction. that helps. southbound 101 no delays. jumping over to the eastshore freeway, a couple of accidents westbound 8 a at san pablo. the damage is done. you are seeing a big backup and rain on our camera there but there are a lot of cars on the road way. our drive time, 27 minutes now if you are headed from the carquinez bridge over to the bay bridge where you find the metering lights on. very busy this morning. north 880 as market. this is the second accident of the morning in this area. it's involving one vehicle that spun out. we're seeing delays along the nimitz. southbound, looks like 880 doing okay through this portion near the col low sue coliseum. it looks like 13 minutes for your drive time between 880 and
5:38 am
101. altamont pass, busy pass well. we have 19 minutes from the pass to 680. if you are taking 580 toward the dublin interchange, a lot of delays out of tracy. 24 miles an hour in some spots. stop-and-go westbound 24 as you work your way through pittsburg. back to you. >> thank you. people traveling this holiday season will see even cheaper prices at the pump. industry analysts say the price of regular gas dropped 4 cents in the past two weeks to 2.06. that's the lowest price of gas since april of 2009. according to, the average price in san francisco is 2.77. in oakland, it's 2.64 and 2.66 in san jose. the faa is now requiring everyone who owns a drone to register it. >> hanna daniels joins us from new york. hanna? >> reporter: good morning,
5:39 am
betty and frank. if a drone is on your christmas wish list, the owners must submit their names, home addresses and e-mail address to a national database or face heavy fines. if you already own a drone, you have until february 19th to register. if are getting one, you have to register it before the first flight. more than 30 million packages are expected to be delivered today. nearly 600 million packages are expected to be delivered between thanksgiving and christmas. if you want the package delivered by friday, the deadline is wednesday. frank and betty. >> and did we hear the golden arches may be offering a delicious new food? >> reporter: we love talking about food on this shift. we're hungry all of the time. there is a new mac at mcdonald's. they are testing mac and cheese as an option in happy meals.
5:40 am
it's a limited test in cleveland. the mac and cheese would replace the fries. it's also available outside of happy meals for us adults for 1.75. >> why cleveland, of all places, for mac and cheese? >> reporter: that's a great question. >> all right. hanny daniels, thank you. 5:40. the mistake heard around the universe. the host of miss universe speaks out about his huge blunder that resulted in the wrong woman being crowned. and investigators the in las vegas are trying to figure out why a young woman drove her car outside of a popular casino. here is a live look at the 880 in oakland. a lot of cars out there right now. take it slow on the roads.
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as we have a look at the transamerica pyramid, we've got fog, we've got showers and rain later and the forecast in a few minutes, stay tuned. one person is dead after a woman intentionally forced her car into dozens of pedestrians along the las vegas strip. >> investigators have ruled out terrorism as a motive. one person died and dozens more are badly injured. las vegas police blocked off part of the popular strip as part of the investigation. they say a woman in her 20s drove straight. a crowd of people outside of the paris casino. this happened last night. dozens of people were thrown in all directions and police say she did this on purpose driving onto the busy sidewalk two or
5:44 am
three times. one witness said he and others tried to stop the woman. >> i was running down the middle of street. two other guys running near me and we were like move, get out of the way, stop. there's tree guys trying to punch out the window. >> the driver took off to a hotel before she was arrested. police say the woman had a 3- year-old in the back seat of her car. the woman and toddler were not injured. officials plan to file charges against the driver. we don't know if alcohol or drugs were a factor at this point. back to you. well, the miss universe pageant ended with a major gaffe. >> the host announced the wrong winner. steve harvey declared miss colombia had won the crown but a minute later he apologized and said the winner was miss philippines. he said he misread the information on his cue card. >> this is exactly what is on the card.
5:45 am
i will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake. it was on the card. >> well, there you go. fellow contestants quickly surrounded miss colombia to comfort her through the whole mishap. beautiful woman. she looked a bit stunned. the broadcast ended with the crown being exchanged. awkward. >> no kidding. >> that's your tiara. >> you don't want to be steve harvey this morning. >> no. >> now when you google him every time, boom. that's what will come up. >> at least he took responsibility. i feel bad delivering bad news this morning. there is a lot going on on the roads. it's very busy out there. metering lights are on. you know, typically the lights come on at 5:30, we had a handful of accidents, we've had one in the maze on that
5:46 am
westbound side of 580 as you work your way there. also reports of a broken-down vehicle. that will cause some problems as well. we have delays continuing there. handful of accidents also reported there this morning. one at gilman and san pablo. it's been cleared out of lanes. a lot of vehicles spinning out. be careful as you head out the door. north 880 at market. this is one of the latest accidents blocking lanes. that's causing delays as you work your way along the nimitz freeway. south 880 connecting to 980, we have reports of an accident blocking one lane. on the maps we're seeing yellow on the sensors. that indicates speeds under 45 miles per hour. maybe even lower than that. keep that in mind. once you get past that mess, it's doing all right as you work your way into hayward. traffic doing okay on the northbound side. that's about a 17-minute ride. we're seeth drive times across the san mateo bridge inch up slightly. a couple of minutes more. it will take you to get between
5:47 am
hayward and foster city on that westbound side, a wind advisory is in effect. keep that in mind. taking a look at the golden gate bridge, this portion of marin county looking pretty good at least the south portion of 101. on the flip side, we still have the traffic alert, north 101 near sir francis drake boulevard. lanes are blocked. it's a noncommute direction. use alternate 50. the chp says avoid the area. 6 inches deep is what they are saying for water there in the portion of 101 and north 101 all the way south of there as you head through san jose, we have a few brake lights around julian and mckee but at least that portion of the drive is bearable. we're starting off with wet conditions around the bay area. a picture is worth a thousand words. the approach to the toll plaza on the richmond/san rafael bridge, wet and foggy out there. 50 degrees in concord ride now. livermore, 54. and don't forget tonight, 8:48
5:48 am
p.m., have a little celebration of the longest night of the year tonight winter solstice. it will feel that way. all of that moisture on the way to northern california, not translating into the heaviest rain this morning but later today, it all develops from the light showers that we have right now. you can see widely scattered around the bay. you can see some of these impulses coming through off -- a little bit north of point reyes as those come through, it will squeeze out the moisture overlying the bay area. so the showers will actually turn to rain and the south bay gets its share as well. more rain, showers, then rain. more rain coming tomorrow. more in the way of lingering showers. christmas eve gets another cold front coming through. that will genuinely be told. temperatures will come down christmas eve. then christmas will clear it out. we'll get sunshine. winter storm warnings are posted for the mountains. snow above 4500 feet. wet snow, though, above 40 -- it's kind of a warm first
5:49 am
punch. the system coming in on thursday will drive the snow levels lower but for the time being today, we get 12 to 18 inches of new snow. 50-mile-an-hour wind gusts. if you want to add all of this up between today and thursday morning, we'll be up to 2 -- i'm sorry. 2 feet of snow at donner summit. more than that at mt. shasta. about 22 inches in yosemite. high temperatures today will be near 60 degrees for much of the bay area. it will be wet today. the rain increases as the day goes on. tuesday we'll have lingering showers. wednesday, partly cloudy skies. we'll get a look at the sun on wednesday. a bit of a break. christmas eve it turns wet and cold. christmas day looks nice with partly cloudy skies and numbers will be in the low 50s. for the weekend we'll continue the sunshine and the temperatures will be in the mid- 50s as well. but in the meantime expect things to be wet. >> might have a white
5:50 am
christmas. a device that forced an air france plane to make an emergency landing in kenya turned out to be a fake bomb. the item was rigged with cardboard, sheets of paper and a household timer. says the fourth bomb hoax involved in weeks. >> what type of person does this? someone who is testing, someone who is poking at the bounds of airline and airport security. >> that incident has raised concerns about security at airports that don't directly serve the united states. the fear is someone will sneak a device past security and take it on a connecting flight here to the states. 5:50. a charity that's been helping needy bay area families for decades needs your help this year. we'll let you know how you can pitch it. and as predicted, the force is strong with the latest star wars movie. details on a record-breaking
5:51 am
opening weekend -- coming up. ,, ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the wint. hurry, offers end january 4th!
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off to a wet start.
5:54 am
numbers not terribly cool. we'll be near 60. but the showers and fog this morning, chance of rain this afternoon. we'll have the details coming up. want to skip the roads and use b.a.r.t., they have 45 trains currently in service. everything on time. you are wasting a lot of time at the bay bridge. i will explain -- coming up. a school district in new hampshire has canceled classes after a school administrator received an e-mail threatening violence. the feds are working to determine the credibility of the threat directed at two high schools in nashua. parents were alerted through the district phone alert system. classes are expected to resume tomorrow. contra costa county officials will talk about preparations for the upcoming storms. residents can get sandbags at the west county detention facility, summit giant highway in richmond. today a county supervisor will wheeled a news conference along with the public works department. with california likely headed for a fifth year of drought, state water officials are expected to make changes to
5:55 am
the conservation many date this week. governor brown ordered a 25% reduction of water use across the board. a strong el nino weather system should help. but experts say one year isn't enough. an annual toy drive in the east bay is running seriously short on donations. every christmas for more than two decades, thousands of kids have come to a warehouse in san leandro for a box of food and gifts. but the davis street family resource center said there could be a lot of disappointed faces this year. they still need 1800 new toys. >> this the worst. toys are not coming in like they normally have. >> new toys are needed for
5:56 am
every age group. >> the new "star wars" film is shattering records. >> "star wars: the force awakens" earned $238 million during the opening weekend. that makes it the biggest north american debut of all time. the previous opening record was set by jew wrasse tick world which brought in $208 million last summer. it's a trial that's been going on for two years now. but today is a landmark day in the case of raymond "shrimp boy" chow. and over the weekend, a plane crash kills a family of five from gilroy. ,,,,
5:57 am
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off. and i'm frank good morning. it's monday, december 21st. i'm betty yu. mig is off.
6:00 am
>> i'm frank mallicoat. it's nearly 6:00. breaking news out of san leandro on this monday. four people are recovering at a hospital right now following a shooting outside a nightclub. they were hit around 2:00 in the parking lot of club caliente near 146th avenue. no arrests have been made. all four victims are expected to survive. a family of five from gilroy is killed when a small plane crashes in the central valley. kpix 5's kiet do is live at the airport where the plane took off. >> reporter: when jason price took off from the airport here in east san jose, he filed what's known as instrument flight rules. that's paperwork indicating he would be use mostly instruments because of bad weather. they were headed to a suburb of las vegas but never made it. according to family friends, the couple and their three kids were on board when the plane went down in an orchard in


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