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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  December 21, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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it's nearly 6:00. breaking news out of san leandro on this monday. four people are recovering at a hospital right now following a shooting outside a nightclub. they were hit around 2:00 in the parking lot of club caliente near 146th avenue. no arrests have been made. all four victims are expected to survive. a family of five from gilroy is killed when a small plane crashes in the central valley. kpix 5's kiet do is live at the airport where the plane took off. >> reporter: when jason price took off from the airport here in east san jose, he filed what's known as instrument flight rules. that's paperwork indicating he would be use mostly instruments because of bad weather. they were headed to a suburb of las vegas but never made it. according to family friends, the couple and their three kids were on board when the plane went down in an orchard in bakersfield. according to the mercury news,
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when price first made his may day call, radar records show the plane was going 250 niles an hour -- miles an hour. the plane rapidly descended and that's when price lost control. crews spent much of the weekend searching for debris and found the site. >> an extensive ground search was conducted by the kern county sheriff's office, the bakersfield police department, the california highway patrol as well as the kern county fire department. no air was used due to the weather. at about 7:24 p.m., they located the debris of a plane in this area. >> reporter: the national weather service says it was rainy an cloudy in and cloudy. they warned of icing. kiet do, back to you.
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>> thank you. keep the umbrella handy. we could see a repeat of sunday when shoppers got soakers in san francisco's union square. >> no one is smiling. i'm walking around. look how magnificent this is. people are shopping and people are just straight faced. i'm like look up. this is miraculous, rain is falling from the sky. it's pretty cool. >> it's festive. lights are on. it's cool. feels like christmas. >> how do you explain the few miserable faces of people running through the rain? >> either they got their hotel bill or shopped at macy's. >> the same storm front has been dumping snow in the sierra. resorts are expected to pick up a foot of fresh powder just in time for the holidays.
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that's good. >> how about some weather. >> i have -- we have plenty for you. fog out there. some in places dense fog. some light showers around the bay area. almost bay wide. the rain will change to heavier rain. this is the approach to the richmond/san rafael bridge standing proudly and boldly since it was open in 1956. concord, 53. oakland, 52. san francisco, 51. mild start really to your monday morning. look at this plume of moisture headed to name. you think big time rain. well, rain, but not big time. we'll pick up an inch by the time all is said and done by the morning. plenty of showers around the bay area. cold front on the way that's now just edging into sonoma county. it will enhance the moisture that we're getting falling over bay area this morning. so to sum it up, showers this morning and it will turn into rain later in the day. first north bay and then south bay. showers licker through tuesday morning and then we get a break on wednesday but christmas eve
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looks not only wet but cold with a more robust system. it will feel like winter by thursday which is appropriate because tonight is the weather solstice. the rain brings a lot of problems on the roads right now. we have troubles in marin. this ongoing alert continues. northbound 101 near sir francis drake boulevard. all lanes are blocked. chp says avoid the area if you can. there's delays around the area. southbound not doing too bad. at least this portion of 101. north of there in petaluma, north 101 in washington. we have south 101 busy for the morning drive. once you get to the golden gate bridge, you are clear into san francisco. new accident reported, southbound highway 1 at highway 35. that's as you head out of daly city. the bay bridge is stacked up. reports of an accident off the toll plaza. back to you. >> thank you. a richmond man is in
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custody after police found explosives at his home on mcbryde avenue. as joe vazquez reports, investigators believe he planned to attack local muslims. >> i think it's crazy. kind of scary, too. >> reporter: for most of the day, cops were swarming all over the 5100 block of mcbryde. >> helicopter, s.w.a.t. team. >> reporter: police surrounded this house and then arrested the even -- the owner, 55-year- old william celli. police say he threatened to harm the muslim community. police found a device inside his house. neighbors saw the police brick out what appeared to be appear bring out a milk crate. >> i don't know what else was in the device. but there was something in there. i heard a pop. >> reporter: that pop was the bomb squad detonating the device. nobody was hurt. richmond police can't elaborate on the threat right now other than to say celli's actions and
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statements due the attention of law enforcement and they were very concerning to officers. so they say they are treating his threats as legitimate. he's in the contra costa county jail charged with terroristic threats and richmond police say right now they don't think he's associated with any organization but they are working with state and federal law enforcement to make sure his actions were part of a larger threat. in richmond, i'm joe vaz vazquez. a teen is dead after a shooting on mandella parkway at the b.a.r.t. station. and raymond "shrimp boy" chow is expected to take the stand today in his own trial. jackie ward live in the city with the very latest on this closely-watched case. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're hearing that from chow's attorneys that he may take the stand today. for two years we've but
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watching this murder and corruption trial unfold and waiting to see if he will testify. chow's attorneys say their client is done with waiting and wants his story told. he's the leader of a chinatown association in san francisco ordering the murder of his predecessor is one of the charges he's accused of. he's accused of taking money from an fbi agent. >> the undercover agent tries to get my client to take money by professing the love for my client. saying we're meant to be. we're so glad together. i love you. >> reporter: chow is also facing charges for racketeering, laund dering money and conspiring in the murder of a rival. now, this trial, of course, has been going on for a long time.
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but it may go up to a month more f. 6:07. elong musk is hoping for -- elon musk is hoping for clear skies as the company makes another attempt at history. a woman drives straight into a crowd on the busy las vegas strip request a 3-year- old in her back seat. why police say this no accident. we're starting off with wet street, windy conditions. it will get worse as we head into the afternoon. details coming up. we have an accident at the bay bridge adding to an already busy drive. ,,,,
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♪ that. was. epic! [ bark ] we're starting off with some fog around the bay area which is why we're gazing towards coit tower. you can see the fog out there. plenty of showers which will
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turn into rain later in the day. the complete forecast coming up in just a few minutes. rescuers in china searching for close to 100 people missing. a landslide. video images show an office building crashing to the ground on sunday. a mound of construction waste and mud swept through an australia park. buried 33 buildings. came from a manmade mountain of dirt and construction debris. investigators are trying to figure out why a woman plowed her car into dozens of pedestrians along the las vegas strip. our reporter is live in the newsroom with more. >> las vegas police believe the driver did this on purpose and swerved her car two or three times into a crowd of people. all the while with a toddler in her back seat. a people pew -- popular section of the las vegas strip was blocked off overnight as
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police figure out what led a driver to mow down pedestrians near the paris casino. >> we've determined this was an intention act. that means our homicide section will be handling the investigation. >> reporter: witnesses were in shock after the woman took off with ad to remember in their back seat. >> it looked like like she wasn't trying to stop the vehicle. she had both hand on the wheel looking straightforward. >> reporter: this individual was one of several who tried to stop the car as this drove on the sidewalk possibly three times. >> we were running and we were yelling move, get out of the way, stop. and then there's three guys trying to punch out the window. >> we have a drug recognition officer that will check to see if the driver of that vehicle was under the influence of drugs or alcohol and we would also either take blood or breath to see if they were intoxicated. >> reporter: several are still in the hospital. the driver and toddler were not
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injured. authorities have ruled out terrorism and they plan to look at a nearby surveillance video. they will see if drugs or alcohol were a factor. a long-awaited homeless shelter is expected to hope in walnut creek. the church will be operated by the trin nipty nitty center -- trinny center. today space-x will try to make history with the launch of one of its commercial rockets. this is foot acof a falcon rocket earlier this year. space-x hopes to recover the boosters so it can be used again. that would be the first time that's happened in the history of space travel. it's a holiday week. you figure no one is driving
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into work work. >> wrong. >> we just got in bord word of a major accident. four cars involved in the accident. all lanes are shut down right now. chp has issued a traffic alert that's the noncommute direction. that will ease congestion. most cars are traveling southbound which means you will see not only the regular slow and go conditions but also spectator slowing. it's northbound 101 at railroad. all lanes shut down as they clear the accident. northbound 101 near sir francis drik boulevard. all lanes blocked for flooding. use caution. southbound 101 as you head from 580 down to the going bridge, traffic is looking okay there. 14-minute drive. slick surfaces. this accident has been out there for 20 minutes. some delays around the scene. you have trouble out of daly
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city into pacifica. it looks like the bay bridge ising staked up. metering lights are on. approaches are very slow. carquinez bridge to the maze, 39 minutes. highway 24 seeing a bit of a backup as you work your way towards 580. northbound 880 near market, that accident is in the clearing stages. it looks like speed dipping to 8 miles an hour. westbound 580, altamont pass to 680, it looks like slow east of their as you work your way out of tracy. no accidents the least to the altamont pass. extra cars on the road. if there's good news, they did cancel the wind advisory for the san mateo bridge. here's brian with more on the weather. we're starting off with slick streets. as you can see on the approach to the toll plaza, it is wet out there this morning.
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wet but mild. in concord, 53 degrees. san francisco, 51. san jose, 52. santa rosa, 48. today is jane fonda's birthday. how old do you think? >> 78. >> how did you know? >> i just know my jane fonda. >> wow. >> we have rain moving into mendocino right now. it will all spread south over the bay area today and trigger -- converse showers to rain. it's winter solstice. 8:48 p.m. tonight will be the longest night of the year as we head into winter. high-def doppler is showing that we have scattered light rain showers. we have fog. an inpulse comes through and squeezes more clouds. the radar misses a lot of this low-lying stuff. the aerial coverage of the rain is much more broad. showers and fog this morning.
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more rain this afternoon. it will enhance later today and then tuesday looks rainy not at rainy as today. thursday, another system, a smaller one coming in. smaller but colder one. that could provide a dusting of snow not only in the sierra where they will pick up snow but also a dusting of snow along the diablo range, mount hamilton maybe for christmas morning. we'll see. 12 to 18 inches of new snow in the mountains. 50-mile-an-hour wind gusts. look at these amounts. mt. shasta, the old volcano. more than -- almost 30 inches of snow and 22 inches at half dome. temperatures will be near 60 degrees. plenty of wet around the bay area. in the extended forecast, showers linger into tuesday. wednesday we get a break. another system coming in on thursday. christmas day looks mostly to partly sunny. merry christmas to everybody well in advance.
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on christmas day, mainly sunny and chilly. and now the man who has a ph.d. in jane fonda will tell us what's next. another scare on an air france jet is raising new concerns about airline safety. coming up -- a low, low turn outfor the 49ers and another dismal performance. could the raiders keep raider playoff hopes arrive for one more week?
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the raiders were in a desperate situation. they basically had to win the rest of their football games and hope to get help from other teams. the raiders did not hold up
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their end of the bargain. derry carr verses green bay. demaryius randall returned this one for a touchdown. cooper, 6 catches, 120 card yards. >> two touchdowns. aaron rodgers got the last laugh. james joan. packers win it 30-20, eliminating the ray ers from playoff contention. 49er faithful smaller by the week. it was bad. san francisco committed three first half turnovers. cincinnati goes on to win it 24- 14. the 49ers fall to 4-10. brett burns and the sharkts visiting the plaque hawks who have the best 1-2 punch. chicago wins it 4-3.
6:24 am
raiders, it will be a short week. they play on christmas eve right here on the big 5. our coverage begins at 4:30. so get all of that christmas shopping done early. i'm dennis o'donnell have a great day. play of the day on a monday. we have little football. check out the one-handed catch by michael floyd. reaches out and stretches it in. hits the pylon. down at the 1 but what a catch. that clinches the title your play of the day. 6:24. californians have managed to drastically cut back on water use and now some of the mandatory restrictions are expected to change. and a plane crash over the weekend kills a family of five from gilroy. and a huge boost f
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coming up we're on the set of the new show set billions. that's coming up on cbs this morning. raymond "shrimp boy" chow's lawyers said he's expected to take the stand in a trial that's been going on for two years. a huge boost for cash- strapped calfire after one of the worst fire seasons in state history. we have plenty of rain in the bay area. it will get worse or depending upon how you look at it as the day goes on. we're monitoring this traffic alert out of petaluma. northbound 101. an update -- coming up. good morning. it's monday, december 21st. i'm betty yu. michelle griego is off.
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>> i'm frank mallicoat. it is nearly 6:30. well, the faa is trying to peace together what caused a small plane to crash killing a bay area comum and their three children. kiet do is at senate's raymond -- kiet do is at reid- hillview's airport. >> reporter: when the family took planned to take off, they filed the appropriate paperwork saying they would be using instrument because of the bad weather. the family was on their way to see friends before the holiday. they took off from reid- hillview airport with plans to land at henderson airport. halfway through the flight, something went among. the pilot made a may day call.
6:30 am
>> no air was used due to the weather. at about 7:24 p.m., they located the debris of a plane in this area. >> reporter: friends say they are devastated about the loss of the price family, especially before the holidays. >> and the ntsb has taken over this investigation now and it could take months before we find out the cause of this crash. >> we're live in east san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> you will want to keep that umbrella. some area also see a repeat of yesterday afternoon when shoppers got soaked in san francisco's union square. later this morning, contra costa county officials will give us an update on preparations for upcoming storms. a news conference is scheduled for today at the west county detention facility on giant highway in richmond where county residents can pick up
6:31 am
sandbags. if you live way atop mt. diablo you might need a shovel. >> it will be a beautiful sight. >> i have to find my umbrella first. [laughter] >> you might need it for the rain, too. we'll have plenty of. we have light showers around the bay area. as we look -- i figure this camera is around 87 and 880 looking at the airport and then levi stadium in the distance. numbers at 60. plenty of light rain. some fog as well. there's doing out there with fairly light wind. wind pick up later in the day as another plume of moisture heads into the bay area off the pacific northwest. that's going to enhance the showers we have today. we start out light and get heavier as the day goes on. expect some fairly decent rainfall around midmorning in the north bay. that will pred to the rest of the bay area. this is not picking up the low level moisture. there is plenty of it out
6:32 am
there. the radar overshoots this. we show it to you because we have that fancy thing. showers and fog this morning. more rain this afternoon. it will be raining tuesday and thursday. get a break on wednesday and forecast highs will be near 60 degrees today. in the extended forecast, we have rain, lingering showers. a break on wednesday and then a colder system comes in on thursday. that's what frank and betty were talking about. we'll see, maybe friday morning, it will be a white christmas. we get a break. that's the weather. here's the traffic. let's jump over to petaluma, northbound 101. all lanes shut downant petaluma boulevard north. this is for a major injury stent. all lanes shut down. use stony point at an alternate. that parallels the freeway. southbound we have delays as
6:33 am
well. northbound 101 near sir francis drake boulevard. flooding still in effect. about 6 inches of water across all lanes. avoid that area. taking a look at conditions, once up get to the going bridge. san francisco quiet into san francisco. not the case for the east bay, you have a lot of stop-and-go conditions. westbound 80. that commute coming away from highway 4 coming 0 of the carquinez bridge all the way into berkeley. busy ride. we've had a handful of accidents adding to a busy ride. once you get to the bay bridge, you are stacked you. metering lights are on. we had an earlier accident at the toll plaza, that's cleared. that stalled vehicle. taking a look at the nimitz freewayen in, you will find a few break lights. southbound southbound most delays begin around hayward. stop and go as you work your way towards fremont.
6:34 am
in our live shot, you have a line of cars headed towards foster city 18 minutes for your drive time. san jose no accidents right now. northbound at 101 starting to fill in a little bit before 280. if you want, you can use 208 as an alternate. instead of 101 that's clear all the way into the peninsula. back to you. >> okay. thank you. your thyme, -- your time, 6:34. earlier, the governor ordered a 25% reduction of water use across the board. strong el nino weather system should help but experts say one good near is not enough. and the state is getting a boost from fema to help cover the cost of the valley fire. california will receive $39 million to pay for firefighting costs. police in rohnert park are
6:35 am
looking for an intruder who broke into a couple's bedroom while they were asleep. it happened after 4:00 a.m. yesterday at an apartment complex on beverly drive. the woman told police she woke up when she felt the intruder move the bed sheets. she screamed. he took off. berkeley police investigating a suspicious death of a man found at a frat near the cal campus. 23-year-old wascoverred at the frat house on chaning way in berkeley saturday morning. no word if the man was a student at cal. this is the third death at a cal frat house since last year. raymond "shrimp boy" chow is expected to testify in his own defense today.
6:36 am
jackie ward is live in san francisco with the very latest on this highly publicized legal case. jackie? >> reporter: this may be one of the biggest days of this two- year trial. we've seen so far, if raymond "shrimp boy" chow does, in fact, take the stand. for two years we've watched this murder trial unfold waiting to see if he chow will self. chow aattorneys say he's done with this and wants the story to be told. he faces charges for
6:37 am
racketeering, laundering money and conspiring for the murder of a rival. his attorneys claim he's a reformed man after serving a previous sentence for racketeering and selling drugs. this trial is expected to go on for at least a month more. in san francisco, jackie ward. oakland police looking into a shooting that bounded two women and a male teen happened yesterday avenue near grand avenue and west 880. police say the injuries are not life-threatening. a device that forced an air france passenger plane to make an emergency landing in kenya turned out to be a fake bomb. a former fbi official has a theory. >> what type of person does this? someone who is testing and poking at the bounds of airline
6:38 am
security and airport security. >> the incident has raised concerns about security at airports that don't directly serve the u.s. the fear is that someone may sneak a device past security and take it on a connecting flight to the united states. a horrific scene on the las vegas trip as the driver mos down dozens of beds, police say this wasn't a mistake. mun dread of kids in the east bay are in -- hundreds of kids in the east bay are in need of help for the holidays. how you can pitch in.
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welcome back on this monday morning. let's do it by the numbers. it will be a fairly mild day in the bay area. temperatures, believe it or not, not the big story but they are a little bit warmer than unusual with numbers in the upper 50s and low 60s. plenty of light rain. the light rain will turn to actual rain later in the day today. expect it to remain wet right through tuesday. complete forecast coming up in just a few minutes. but first, let's get the
6:42 am
latest. the new "star wars" film shattered the box office records over the weekend, taking in nearly $250 billion. >> wow. here is financial reporter jason brooks. >> it was the blockbuster everybody was expecting, certainly is showing up that way. the force awakens, taking in $238 million in the u.s. in the opening weekend. $30million more than the prior opening weekend which came earlier this year from jurassic world. it has a little ways to go before getting the u.s. record for ava tar. that was around 761 million. had a box office record of $238 billion. force awakens will give that a run. certainly good news for disney which made the movie and a number of other companies involved, including theater chains like i-max, regal
6:43 am
cinemark and also toymakers like hasbro and video game makers all benefiting from the force awakens at this point. a lot of devices on sale for the holidays as retailers enter the final week. it looks like fit bit will be one of the winners. a securities analyst says the san francisco activity band maker is seeing exceptionally strong steals. theat good because they had an underwhelming black friday. also able to sell its products without having to move into heavy discounts. stock market hoping to rebound after heavy selling on thursday and friday. so far so good, let's look at the big board. the dow up by 100 points. nasdaq higher by 32. the s&p is gaining 12 points. back to you guys. >> jason brooks. thank you. one person is dead after a woman swerved her car into dozens of pedestrians along the famed las vegas strip.
6:44 am
>> our reporter is in the newsroom with the very latest on what led to the tragedy. >> investigators have ruled out terrorism as a motive. they say no shots were fired but still one person died and dozens more are badly injured. police blocked off part of the popular strip as part of the investigation. they say a woman in her 20s drove straight into a crowd of people outside of the paris casino. this happened last night. dozens of people were thrown in all different directions. police say she did this on purpose driving on the busy sidewalk two, three times. one witness said he and others tried to stop the witness. >> i was running down the middle of the street. we were yelling like, move, get out of the way, stop and there's three guys that were trying to punch out the window. >> the driver took off before she was arrested. police say the woman also had a 3-year-old in the back seat of her car during the incident. the woman and the toddler were
6:45 am
not injured. officials plan to file charges. at this point, we don't know if alcohol or drugs were a factor. back to you. for people who have drones on their holiday wish list, you may want to hold off using your new device. starting today, the faa will require drone owners to register their devices online. they will need to submit their names and addresses or you could face heavy fines. drones purchased before day will have to be registered within the next 60 days. time now is 6:45. let's get a check of traffic an accident in petaluma causing some delays. gianna? >> it sure is. we've been following this traffic alert. it's northbound 101 multivehicle accident with major injuries. they've opened one lane. the right lane is open which should ease congestion. all lanes were shut down. southbound in the commute direction, we have delays there. use stony point as an alternate that parallels the freeway there. once you get past that, things are clear all the way into san francisco towards the golden gate bridge. good news as well.
6:46 am
northbound 101 near sir francis drake. the flooding has been cleared. chp canceled that traffic alert. if you are headed toward sfo, we do have lanes blocked for an accident. if you are trying to cut across from 280 to 101, you might want to use an alternate instead. 101 is not doing too bad. drive times are 22 minutes from 92 to the 80 split. north 280 haven't had any problems. if you are commuting out of half moon bay, 280, only a five- minute ride. eastshore freeway has been one of our major problems. we've had a handful of accidents. carquinez bridge is where we'll we stop and go conditions. 44 minutes for your drive time. metering lights are on. lights are cycling slow to ease congestion. you are busy across the span into san francisco. 880 both directions, nimitz freeway near the coliseum. moving at okay speeds.
6:47 am
southbound, you have delays into hayward. we're looking at 20 minutes to cut across the san mateo bridge if you are working your way out of hayward. looks like san jose has been doing okay. no delays along guadalupe parkway. 280 itself might be your best bet. 22 minutes right now, no accidents along 580. that's the good news as you work your way out of tracy. it looks like speeds anywhere from 26, 46 miles an hour. westbound 22 minutes. altamont pass. why not skip the roads? transit is on time. we're dealing with all of the wet weather. here's brian with more on that. light rain, baywide. that rain will turn into heavier rain later this afternoon. there's fog around and parts of the bay area that doesn't have
6:48 am
anything so far at this hour. nice and wet this morning. concord, 53 degrees. in san francisco, it's 52 right now. all because of big plume of moisture working its way into northern california. not a lot of kick to this. there's -- we'll get plenty of rain but not as much as we might have had if there was something more in the atmosphere. still, about a quarter of an inch to an inch in some of the higher elevations. the high-def doppler using a lot of rain you can see the linneyier disturbance there will be more later this moving. future cast look at this stuff enhance as it gets into the north bay about midday. it just rains over -- especially mount hamilton but the south bay will pick up more rain today than we had yesterday. as you can see, this is two states tomorrow morning about 24 hours from now, there's still lingering showers. showers and fog a big factor as well. there will be more rain this
6:49 am
afternoon and rainy tuesday in the early going and thursday one final colder system. wednesday looks like we get a break. but speaking of cold in the sierra today, snow above 4500 feet. this is a warmer system, though. the snow levels are gonna rise to 6,000 feet by this afternoon. it's fairly wet snow. 12 to 18 inches of new snow. wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour means travel delays. give yourself extra time if you are heading to the sierra. 57 at napa. 58 in livermore. winter solstice tonight. tonight will be the longest night of the year. five-day forecast, we're looking for rain today. lingering through tuesday morning. wednesday a break. we'll get partly cloudy skies, thursday a colder system comes through. lowering snow levels to 3,000 feet. maybe a dusting of snow on christmas eve in the bay area peaks. we soo. friday looks like it will be partly cloudy and the same for
6:50 am
saturday and sunday. once we get through with thursday's system. we'll be nice and dry for christmas. mainly sunny. temperatures will be in the low 50s. plenty of rain coming in but there is a shortage of something critical. south carolina congressman lindsey graham says he's pulling out of the race for the gop presidential nomination. that's just into the newsroom. as for that shortage back here at home, a christmas crisis for hundreds of kids in the east bay. >> mark kelly shows us donations have dropped off drastically this year for a big san leandro toy drive. >> every christmas season for two dozen years, thousands of kids have come to this warehouse for a box of food -- >> pastas, food snacks. >> and a bag of christmas snacks for many. this will be the openly toys some open. >> folks start to line up at
6:51 am
6:00 a.m. to see the eyes of the children when they do get a bag puts life in perspective. >> but rose johnson, ceo of the davis street resource center worries at this year's toy drive there could be hundreds of disappointed faces. >> this is the worst. toys are not coming in like they normally have. >> reporter: granted, some donations have come in. >> this is an ideal bag. >> reporter: but many more have not. these tables typicallily overflowing with toys. this christmas 1800 short. >> our goal is that there are three new toys, a stuffed animal and a book. we need your help. >> reporter: if you would like to donate, you can drop off a toy, monday, tuesday, wednesday right here at the davis street family resource center. mark kelly, kpix 5. the toy drive continues from wednesday from 8:00 a.m. to to 8:00 p.m. well, some kids in berkeley
6:52 am
are learning a big lesson about giving over the holiday season. the community got together yesterday to turn the tables on santa claus. local kids brought toys to st. nick so they can be delivered to less fortunate children in the bay area. >> we hope they learn that there's more to the holidays about just asking for toys and different things but also to think about others. >> berkeley fire department will distribute those toys through some needy kids. 6:52. a bay area man is facing terrorism charges after a s.w.a.t. team raids his home. who police believe he planned to attack. and a plane crash over the weekend has killed a family of five from gilroy. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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morning after police say she five things to know on the 55. a driver is in custody this morning after police say she intentionally ran over dozens of pedestrians on the las vegas strip. the woman in her 20s killed at least one person. injured more than 30 others near the paris casino last night. authorities say they've ruled out terrorism as the motive. almost a hundred people remain missing this morning after a landslide in china. on sunday, a mountain of excavated soil and construction swept through an industrial park and buried 33 buildings. the debris came from a manmade mountain of dirt, cement trucks and other construction waste. and the man accused of purchasing two asauflt rifles used in the san bernardino attacks has a bail and detention hearing scheduled for this morning. he was a neighborhood friend of sayef farook. a richmond man is in custody after police say he was building homemade explosives to attack bay area muslims.
6:57 am
officers raided the home of 55- year-old william celli on mcbryde avenue yesterday. the bomb squad detonated at least one explosive device found inside. and today raymond "shrimp boy" chow is expected to testify in his own defense. prosecutors say chow is the head of a crime ring involved in money laundering, drug trafficking even murder. the defense claims he was set up by the fbi. >> reporter: we're live at reid-hillview airport where a family of five from gilroy took off for the weekend. they were headed to a suburb of las vegas they didn't make it. jails price and his wife and three children were on board the plane. the debris field stretched for more than a quarter mile. when price made his first may day call, records show the plane was going 250 miles an hour, which is very fast for that single engine plane. the plane rapidly descended from an altitude of 15,000 feet
6:58 am
and that's when he apparently lost control. crews spent much of the weekend searching for the debris. they found the crash site three hours after his final call. >> no air was used due to the weather. at about 7:24 p.m., they located debris of a plane in this area. the national weather service says it was a rainy and cloudy situation in the area of the crash and earlier in that day, authorities warned of icing above 5,000 feet the we're live in east san jose, kiet do, snas. let's head out to the roadway, eastbound 380, they just cleared this accident over to the right shoulder. still slow and go in both directions. north 101 at petaluma boulevard, the right lane is now open. the rest of the lanes remain shut down for a major injury accident. southbound 101 you will see delays as well. use stony point pass an alternate. and the bay bridge metering lights are on. at reports of a stalled vehicle
6:59 am
near treasure island. all approaches to the bay bridge very slow especially the eastshore freeway. pretty much the same goes for the san mateo bridge. sluggish between 880 and 101. look what's on the way for us. a big plume of moisture headed towards nfl. it will be rainy. the light showers this morning turn into rain by midday in the north bay. spread south over the rest of the bay area this afternoon. the headlines, showers and fog. more rain this afternoon. and then rainy tuesday and thursday. here's what we're looking like for high temperatures near 60 degrees. wet today, it will be wet tomorrow again with partly cloudy skies on wednesday. thursday, we get a colder system moving in. christmas day looks nice. partly cloudy skies and as we head into the weekend, we'll have a mostly sunny weekend for a switch. >> time to do the christmas shoching online. >> we have three more days.
7:00 am
yes. >> thanks for watching. your local update is coming up at 7:26. >> betty, you made it. well done. >> thanks for having me. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, december 21, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." chaos on the las vegas strip when a car plows through a crowded sidewalk killing one and injuring dozens. a new cbs battleground tracker poll shows chris christie surging in a key state. major garrett is on his campaign bus. and democratic candidate bernie sanders will be with us live. and why miss universe had her tiara taken away on live tv. but we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> some oldsmobile came rushing


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