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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  December 23, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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town for gun safety. the group advocates gun control. the group was founded by former new york mayor michael bloomberg in an effort to provide a counterweight to the nra. >> people have different opinions. but, you know, that's how this world works. but that's the opinion of the players that are, you know, on the psa and speaking. >> a lot of guys in the nba come from the inner city. see a lot of guys have been -- so a lot of guys have been struck by t for the nba to take that stand, you know, and try to help make a difference, i think that's huge. and a part of the growth of the league. >> gun should never be an option. >> reporter: nba officials say they know this could be controversial but especially because these superstars have such credibility with young people, they believe they needed to take a stand. in oakland, i'm joe vazquez, kpix 5. drivers trying to get to sfo today saw this. "black lives matter" protestors linking arms and blocking traffic on the connector ramp
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from 101 into the airport. they held banners saying, justice for mario woods. he was killed three weeks ago. it took the chp 10 minutes to remove them and arrested nine. it is part of a national coordinated protest. protestors marched on the 405 freeway not far from l.a.x. blocking traffic for about 15 minutes. they spray-painted something on the pavement before police moved in. eight people were arrested. in minneapolis protestors blocked access to an airport terminal. from there they moved by light rail to the mall of america. dozens of stores closed their doors. kiosks were covered. santa left the building. police removed them. activists sent out a release saying the national action was to put a halt to christmas as usual in memory of people who died to what they call law
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enforcement violence. passengers took off from oakland international airport for what should have been a four-hour flight to chicago. instead, a mechanical problem forced them to spend hours circling the skies of the central valley. jackie ward was there when the plane made an emergency landing back at oakland. >> reporter: this is the plane, a southwest boeing 737 on final approach to runway 30. 139 passengers on board. it is a picture-perfect landing. the landing marking the end of a saga that started right after flight 2547 took off from oakland at 6:13 a.m. heading for chicago's midway airport. passengers saw sparks when the pilot tried to retract the landing gear he declared an emergency. he started burning fuel over san joaquin county. >> when the pilot kept coming out of the cockpit, that was really alarm. i thought i was going to die. so people were really scared. >> reporter: the tracker showing how the plane circled
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for 4 1/2 hours over manteca and lathrop. the plane turned back toward oakland and finally landed. >> we were clapping and crying. >> reporter: some passengers on that flight said they had enough of traveling for the day. they are going back home in the bay area. others tried to get on flights that were finally going to go to chicago. from oakland international airport, jackie ward, kpix 5. be happy you're not on the freeways right now. there's a live look along interstate 580 in the east bay and i don't need to say any more than that. it's a mess! >> oh, man. >> with the evening commute and the holiday getaway. aaa says a million americans will travel somewhere for christmas. the question now, that's the christmas weather? >> christmas looking good. get there is tomorrow, not so much. we are looking at some rain moving in less than 12 hours
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from now. skies clear today. chilly highs in the mid-50s. there's our next weathermaker in far northern california. look at the snow. snow level is down to 3,000 feet in the siskiyous. that cold air is coming this way. look at the rain this month already half foot in angwin and dublin coming up on that much even in san francisco. 5.5" of rain. but it's not just rain we want when we're trying to get out of a drought. it's mountain snowfall. look at the amount of snow coming down tomorrow and christmas. >> wonderful news but we'll talk about how much rain we can expect here coming up in about 10 minutes. today is one of the busiest travel days of the year. millions of people are expected to take off by plane, train and car. here's what mineta looks like right now. things are smooth.
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across the country 38 million people will fly between now and new year's eve. >> when people get there the tsa has a new policy on full- body scans. some passengers will be required to go through screening no matter what. in the past pushes the tsa allowed people -- in the past, the tsa allowed people to opt out and get patted down instead. the agency says the change will help them find hidden liquids and weapons that are not made of metal. cbs news has learned the policy change happened last week. we are learning more about the pilot who died in a small plane crash in alameda county. john sacco's piper p.a. 32 went down in a steep wooded hillside near the sunol ridge south of pleasanton yesterday. we spotted the coroner and ntsb investigators at the crash site this morning. they recovered the body and the wreckage. it's rugged and the terrain is steep. we are grateful for the sport
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of the sheriff and fire department who were helping us out there. >> sacco was a consultant and safety engineer. the governor appointed him to the cal/osha board this year. a san francisco motorcycle cop expected to be okay after he was struck by a minivan during a training ride this morning. it happened just after 10 a.m. near the hall of justice in the city's south of market neighborhood. chopper 5 was overhead shortly after. investigators say the driver of a chrysler town & country aptos have run a red light. san jose police looking into what caused a crash that killed an elderly man. this happened yesterday on south bascom avenue near palomar and police say the pedestrian was struck by a utility truck. while crossing t street. alcohol or drugs were not a factor in the accident. why a bay area city is
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telling drone owners to be on the lookout coming up. >> and a duck strangled in government red tape. tonight, it is all finally unraveled and that duck gets to go home. ,,,,,,
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duck.. that went home todayt in time for the holidays. a story about the christmas goose, you know that, but tonight a story about a duck that went home today just in time for the holidays. emily turner is in san anselmo where the duck got through rots of government red tape to go home again. emily. >> reporter: that's right. this duck is juanita. it's not a household name like daffy but for this house at bello gardens assisted living it's an important part of life here. her saga to get back home has made her famous all over the bay area and beyond. >> okay! there's a plump healthy wonderful lovely girl! >> reporter: today juanita's 15
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minutes of fame came in the form of a physical in front of flat and local media -- national and local media. she may be the most famous duck in the country. >> juanita! thank you so much for taking great care of her! >> reporter: juanita wandered away from her home at bello gardens assisted living facility in september and got caught up in a federal red tape of fish and wildlife laws. unable to be returned home she spent months at wild care while the seniors mourned their loss. >> she brings them happiness and they are going to be happy today and all through the holidays. it took special permitting from fish and wildlife. this brand-new enclosure at bello gardens and help from a congressman. >> there's juanita! >> i named her. >> we're so happy. >> reporter: her time in the spotlight isn't up.
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now she will be an educational wild animal part of the deal to get her home bello gardens hired a duck expert to educate kids about wild animals. juanita will be the star of that show as well as the center of attention from her regular fan club at home. >> it's a beautiful day today. just perfect. >> reporter: juanita certainly seems to like her new cage, her new setup in san anselmo and the folks at this home say they are really glad to have her back. nice to have her home for christmas. emily turner, kpix 5. >> emily, this is amazing because, you know, it took a congressman, it took -- we had national press there. i think everybody kind of knows the connection between, you know, people and animals. it was important enough for people to get involved. >> reporter: they were really excited to have her back.
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when she was at wildcare, these seniors made a point pretty regularly to go to wildcare to say hi to juanita, to let her know they were thinking about her. there was a really deep emotional connection between the folks here and juanita the duck. >> and she has a great home. all works out. emily turner in san anselmo. thank you, emily. talk about a day that you will never forget. coming up, who this guy saw come up behind him during a hike. >> and how hillary clinton is hitting back at republican donald trump for using a vulgar word. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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when talking about hil tonight donald trump is heading into the christmas holiday weekend defending his use of a word when talking about hillary clinton. meantime his closest rival ted cruz is lark out at a national -- lashing out at a national newspaper. mark albert reports from the white house. >> reporter: the "washington post" retracted this animated cartoon depicted ted cruz's children as monkeys based on his political ad which spotlighted his two daughters. >> don't be attacking five- year-old girls. that has no place in politics. >> reporter: the cruz campaign quickly turned the incident into a fundraising event asking
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supporters for instant emergency contributions totaling $1 million in 24 hours. cruz is enjoying a surge but a new cnn poll still shows him at a distant second to donald trump. >> this is turning more and more into a two-man race between donald trump and me. >> reporter: meanwhile donald trump defends his use of a word to describe hillary clinton's loss to the democratic nomination to barack obama in 2008. >> she was favored to win and she gets "schlonged." she lost. i mean, she lost. >> reporter: trump went on twitter saying it's a word used in politics to say beaten badly. >> his bigotry, his bluster, his bullying have become his campaign. >> reporter: clinton's remarks to the des moines register echoed recent comments she made on tuesday. >> it's important to stand up to bullies wherever they are and why we shouldn't let anybody bully his way into the presidency. >> reporter: clinton's communication director tweeted that trump's comments are degrading to all women.
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mark albert for cbs news, the white house. a new orleans man vacationing in hawaii is bringing a souvenir. while wandering through the hawaiian wilderness, he ran into the commander-in-chief. [ laughter ] >> okay. we made it to the top of the cocoa stairs. >> wonderful on one side you guys. >> what side? >> we just got up the stairs. >> the president, whoo, all right. >> got a good workout today? >> yes, sir. >> how are you doing? >> good to see you. >> merry christmas. >> we love you. you're so awesome! >> merry christmas. >> how long did it take you? >> about 15 minutes. [ laughter ] >> the president of the united states! >> whoo! >> did i die and go to heaven?
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>> aloha. >> oh, my gosh. >> how are you doing? >> good to see you. >> notice several secret service agents hiking up oahu cocoa stairs. >> it's the president, wahoo! [ laughter ] >> that's awesome. >> you should have seen the chip shot. >> the secret service guys are smiling. >> can't let potus get in front of you. look at the view from mount vaca. just enough cloud cover moving in to give a beautiful christmas eve-eve sunset out there. chilly and breezy san francisco 53, santa rosa 50. san bruno 51 degrees. next storm is on its way. it's already in far northern california. notice about as much white as green and yellow on your tv screen. this one is a cold one and will
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promote a lot of mountain snowfall. how about this? even mendocino county, the higher elevations there, under a winter storm warning could see two to six inches of snowfall north of ukiah. at pass level tomorrow in the sierra up to two feet of new snow. the snowpack is above average for the first time in years. we'll add to that tomorrow t30s returning, fairfield livermore returning. san francisco 47. we are going to see some freezing weather away from the water. by christmas night into the weekend where's the next storm coming, coming from the north so it's chilly. counter: 00 wise swirl heading toward northern california passing over the bay area around kickoff time tomorrow for the raiders game which you can see here on kpix 5. they will be playing football right now. let's look at futurecast. overnight the showers move in. i know it's clear now but by 2 or 3 a.m. the rain begins. the steadiest rainfall although it won't be as heavy as the past several storms will be 9 to 11 a.m. that's the penalty we pay for
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doing last-minute christmas shopping raining tomorrow morning. scattered showers in the afternoon impacting the first half of the raiders-chargers game in oakland but then we clear out and go partly sunny and rain- or snow-free coming up friday morning. i said snow because the snow level drops to 2,000 feet tomorrow night even the top of mount tam may see a little bit of snow tomorrow night and maybe a white christmas for our higher elevations on christmas morning. how much rainfall? the answer is about one quarter of one inch. it begins tomorrow morning tapers to showers by the afternoon. christmas eve highs not that warm. vallejo 53. san jose 54. fairfield 54. only 53 degrees in san francisco. so we are dry christmas day. we are dry saturday. mid-50s. couple of showers move in late sunday. we are talking like .10". nothing big there t the first half of next week will be dry. all those numbers there none of them are 60 or warmer. the next week will be spent in the 50s or cooler so it's going
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to feel like winter. thursday night football is back on kpix 5 tomorrow night. the raiders play the chargers in oakland at 5:00 to be followed by the "5th quarter" after the game and then stick around for prime time programming followed by kpix 5 news at 11. they are not for everyone. but pets will be among the holiday gifts that some people give this year. here's consumerwatch reporter julie watts with a warning for anyone buying a pet as a christmas present. >> reporter: meet shelby a purebred english bulldog puppy. >> my daughter was carrying a picture of the dog around for a week. >> reporter: he found the perfect puppy on the website sierra bulldogs and fell in love with shelby via video but after paying $655 including shipping from philadelphia, he began getting emails demanding more and more money before the dog could be delivered. >> there's no dog. they are just taking our money. >> reporter: kathy thought she
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found the perfect puppy online but she said 10-week old copper was dead within six days of bringing him home. >> very upsetting to see my children have to go through this. >> reporter: according to the vet, copper died of parvo virus. but nixon says the craigslist seller refused to cover the nearly $900 vet bill. >> she said that's not her problem. >> reporter: before bringing any pet home, the fpca says -- spca says you should meet the pet and seller in person to investigate the facility and the animal. >> anyone who just buys a dog online without visiting with it is foolish. >> reporter: and you do have rights if you buy from a legitimate breeder and the dog becomes sick within 15 days. you can return the dog for a refund and get your vet bills covered up to the dog's purchase price, or keep the dog and get reimbursed up to 150%. but a breeder is someone who sells at least 20 puppies or three litters in a year and neither shelby nor copper's sellers admitted to meeting the
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state's definition, both have since disappeared. >> we are out the money and no dog. >> i would never, ever do this again. >> reporter: if you do buy a puppy online make sure the breeder is registered with an organization like the american kennel club and good breeders should interview you. to find out why you want a dog and you can care for one. but your best bet this time of year may actually be adoption. consider adopting a dog and saving a life. on the consumerwatch, i'm julie watts. so keeping track of all your passwords can be tough. >> how google says it plans to get rid of them completely next on kpix 5 news at 5:00. >> but first, stocks were up today for a third day in a row. every once again taking their lead from oil prices. here's a look at the closing numbers from wall street. season. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's estimated more than on million people in the ates will give or re drones will be a popular gift this holiday season. it is estimated more than 1 million people in the u.s. will give or receive one in the next few days. earlier this month the faa cited hundreds of close calls between airplanes and drones announced most recreational drones must be registered. today the city of hayward issued its own warning saying there had been an increasing number of drone sightings by pilots including two in the past year in the vicinity of hayward executiv airport. register by february 19 or face steep fines and penalties. passwords could be a thing of the past if google has its way. the mountain view-based tech giant says it's testing a new way for userses to log in by using just their smartphones. for there are to work, your phone would have to be authorized. when logging on from your computer or tablet you need to
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confirm it's you on your phone. if you still wanted to use your password there would be a way for you to opt out. google already has a two factor authentication system where a user is sent a text message that they use to sign in to google services. a tech website in china says apple is set to release the iphone 7c by, quote, april or later. this is just one of many apple predictions for 2016. analysts can't agree on what the new phone should be called. it's a toss-up between the iphone 6c or 7c. apple is tight-lipped about what it has in store for next year. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." norah o'donnell is in for scott pelley tonight. norah. >> reporter: good evening, ken and veronica. great to be with you in the bay area. the holiday getaway officially begins today. what you need to know about the
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new airport security guidelines. and we'll check in with the traffic on the roads. plus, politics. ted cruz fights back at a cartoon targeting his daughters while hillary clinton and donald trump continue to aim at each other. and a festival of lights across the country. for that and much more, the western addition of the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,, ,,,,,,
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fewer homeless people in san francisco? a new report says so. coming up at 6:00, tonight even city leaders are a bit skeptical. >> plus, salmon trapped in northern california canals. what's keeping them there? and the effort to get them back where they belong. all right. so we are expecting some rain in the forecast. >> yes. as soon as overnight tonight, tomorrow morning, last-minute shoppers i know you're going to run out at 9 a.m. i'm going to get it all done tomorrow. no. well, you will, but it will be wet. the wettest hour of the entire day tomorrow will be right around 10 a.m. there it is. rain scattered throughout the bay area. it's not going to be as heavy as earlier this week or widespread but it is going to be chilly and it will slow you down for all the last-minute shoppers on the road tomorrow. >> yeah? how are you doing? got everything done? >> done. >> really? good for you. >> you're not. >> leaving the rest to santa. he is coming. >> he is. >> exactly. >> thank you. thanks so much for watching. "cbs evening news" is next with
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norah o'donnell. >> see you at 6:00. remember, the latest will the. remember latest news and weather are always on our website, >> o'donnell: breaking news-- an outbreak o in the south and midwest; 100 million people are in the path of severe storms. also tonight, new screening rules at airports as the holiday getaway begins. the clock ticking as delivery companies struggle with record demand. kids in campaign ads. >> i'll use my own server, and no one will be the wiser! >> o'donnell: but did a cartoon parody cross the line? >> all of us learned in kindergarten, don't hit little girls. >> o'donnell: and bigger, brighter, louder-- it's christmas to the extreme. ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> o'donnell: good evening. scott is off. i'm norah o'donnel


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