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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 23, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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conference of mayors, that's happening all over san francisco. but seeing is believing. this was the scene near 13th street six months ago. this is the scene today. >> the homeless team they come out every so often to check on us and get our names but nothing ever comes of it. >> reporter: yet according to a just released report by the conference of mayors, the number of homeless on the streets of san francisco is down 7% from last year. and the number of homeless families is down a third. >> it's always nice to hear when things are happening in a positive direction in the city of san francisco. >> reporter: but as the supervisor notes, take one look around and -- >> i don't think any resident of san francisco if you think about the homeless situation will think -- thinks that the situation is getting better. >> reporter: the situation has gotten better for perry foster. >> i had a [ indiscernible ] that was beat up and then a gentleman i asked him to help
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me and he said why put up a broke pit? i'll get you one. he did. >> reporter: currently the city spends about $250 million a year on housing and programs for the homeless like this new navigation center. still, the number on the streets continues to whoever at about 6600. >> these individuals are being pushed into the neighborhoods. >> reporter: another challenge, almost half of the homeless have serious mental health problems. >> their health is disintegrating much quicker. they stand out much more as being homeless. >> we have to do a ton more if the city if we are going to be serious. >> i put it up here. i have to move like every two sundays. you know, not too far but just, you know, have to relocate from one side of the street to the other. >> reporter: now with the weather coming in and el nino and the prospect of longer and colder rains hitting the bay area, officials in san francisco and elsewhere are
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scrambling once again to come up with even emergency shelters to try to get the people off the streets and at least safe for the winter. in san francisco, phil matier, kpix 5. it could be the most controversial present under the christmas tree. holiday gun sales are soaring in some cities. new at 6:00 kpix 5's maria medina looks at what's happening here in the bay area. >> grasp the pistol, come straight up. now sights on target fingers on the trigger. >> reporter: brian wang is just one of several south by firearms instructors who says business is up this morning. >> that tends to happen after every high-profile shooting. >> reporter: he says ever since the san bernardino shooting that killed 14 people, his phone has been ringing. >> for a lot of people it's not about guns. it's about a feeling of safety versus a feeling of, um, you know, vulnerability. >> reporter: most gun store owners in the south bay also told kpix 5 they are seeing a spike in gun sales since the
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attack. the sales this month not just because it's a hot holiday item. the california department of justice reports thousands more in gun sales in the days after the shooting. >> speed is very important. >> reporter: wayne says many of the people who call him are people who have never owned a gun in their lives. some are afraid of finding themselves in an active shooter situation. >> our focus is on when you are allowed to use deadly force or lethal force. >> reporter: as a firearms instructor wang says he hopes people who do buy guns protect themselves and learn how to use them properly. >> once you are armed and once you own firearms you have a responsibility to all those people around you. >> reporter: in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. >> the department of justice says roughly one to 2% of gun sales in california get denied for various reasons including criminal histories. star nba athlete is making national headlines but it's not for what he is doing on the court. >> i heard about a shooting involving a 3-year-old girl over the summer.
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my daughter riley is that age. >> warriors guard steph curry and other basketball superstars in the nba are teaming up in a series of public service announcements to begin airing christmas day. the ads featuring nba players specifically focus on gun violence. but never mention gun control. the ads also feature families who have had gun violence. >> i have lost friends. i've lost people close to my family. i think this is a great thing that the nba is doing. >> the ads are funded by "every town for gun safety," a group that advocates for gun control. it was founded by former new york mayor michael bloomberg in an effort to provide a counterweight to the powerful nra. a flight from oakland to chicago was anything but routine for more than 100 passengers. it should have been a four-hour flight. but an equipment malfunction changed all that. passengers saw sparks fly when the pilot tried to retract the
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landing gear after take-off around 6 a.m. he declared an emergency and started burning fuel over san joaquin county. the boeing 737 circled for four hours burning off fuel. finally with the lighter plane, it landedded in oakland safely. >> we were all clapping and crying. when the pilots kept coming out of the cockpit that was alarming. oh, i thought i was going to die. so people were really scared. >> some passengers say that they had had enough flying for one day and returned to their bay area homes. others boarded different planes and continued to their destinations. "black lives matter" protests disrupts christmas plans here and at other locations across the country. people trying to get to sfo came upon this. protestors linking arms and blocking traffic on the connector ramp from 101 into the airport. they held banners saying
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justice for mario woods. he is the man san francisco police shot and killed three weeks ago. it took the chp about 10 minutes to remove those protestors. nine were arrested. the same protest stopped traffic on l.a.'s 405 freeway and blocked air travelers in minneapolis before moving to the mall of america where they stopped shopping in its tracks. a story out of san francisco. two firefighters got shot by a sole -- shocked by a solar panel this afternoon while putting out a fire on the roof of a home on hollister in the bayview. the fire department says that's when they were shocked by the panels. there's no word on the firefighters' injuries. the fire was put out in 30 minutes. the pilot killed in that plane crash near castro valley had a state appointment from the governor. john sacco's piper p.a. 32 went down in bad weather yesterday slamming into a steep
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wooded hillside near the sunol ridge south of pleasanton. he radioed that he was having engine trouble, recovery teams had to use special atvs just to get to the crash site. the ntsb arrived today to lead the investigation. >> today my goal is to document the wreckage as it came to rest. i'll be taking some photos, getting latitude and longitude measurements and things like that. we're going to wait to do a more thorough examination of the wreckage once it's actually recovered. >> he was a consultant and safetyier from rockland and a member of the cal/osha board. a beautiful break from the rain today around the bay area. blue skies in san francisco earlier and just a few clouds overhead in san jose. but enjoy it while you can because we are in for a wet christmas eve. >> one more round of rainfall before we hit christmas. not on the radar now it. you would know nothing of it if we just use a tight shot. let's look to the north.
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crossing the oregon-california border rain and mountain snowfall as low as 3,000 feet right now in the siskiyous of far northern california. the impact tomorrow we are not expecting any flooding. mountain snow fall into the sierra over the next 24 to 36 hours. i have highlighted that as potential impact because if you are on the roads getting from point a to point b won't be slower even though it's not your typical monday through friday commute tomorrow being christmas eve. things will be slow because of the rain. let's talk about the snow because most of the moisture is heading into the mountains. where we like it. at pass level, anywhere from 12 to 24 inches of new snowfall and even a winter storm warning for mendocino county north of ukiah the snow level dropping low enough even mount tam may have some snow on top of it come christmas morning. we'll talk more about specific rainfall totals and go hour by hour through your day tomorrow coming up. see you then, thanks. first thanks and now christmas. the bay area crab season remains on hold officially tonight. but if you want dungeness, you
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are going to have to pay the price. kpix 5's mike sugerman found out that local fishermen are really feeling the crunch tonight. mike's in pacifica. mike? >> reporter: yeah, they are, kenny. you know, crab is a san francisco tradition for christmas. but not this year. the season continues to be postponed, which is why the crab traps are not at the bottom of the ocean floor. instead, they are piling up on suburban lawns like the one here in pacifica also piling up, bills. playing with your dog and watching a movie sounds like a good way to spend the afternoon christmas week but it's not what ian wood is used to doing. >> i would be going crabbing. >> reporter: that's something no one is doing this season. and when the last two months of the year make up most of your income, it's a hard, hard hit. >> $170,000. about 140 new crab pots. $300 a pot and then all the
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line and buoys sitting here at $400 a month. >> reporter: that's bad. and it only gets worse. >> then my car gets stolen. >> reporter: his nissan quest had all his clothes and identification in it. hasn't the guy suffered enough? forget that he can't make his house payments, either. >> my house is going to go bye- bye, i'm sure. i'm not even worried about it right at the moment. i got divorced so i don't care if she has a place to live anymore. >> reporter: there are hundreds of stories like his out there these days. postponement of the season due to bad algae has its claws in every aspect of the fishery. crab is a $60 million industry in california. it's where most of the money is to be made. >> we have 25% of our normal orders. that's all we have. >> reporter: angel was born into the business. has been around fisherman's wharf all her life. she says she has never seen
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anything like this. >> oh, normally there would be so much foot traffic out there. there would be a buzz. there would be a high energy excitement. you know, once crab season comes it's almost like a festival every day. >> reporter: the crab she sells are now from washington where the domoic acid isn't affecting sea life. even though it's been judged safe, people just aren't buying. she isn't selling. fishermen aren't making nor spending money and a lot of people are suffering. >> the crab is still available it's out of water. $15 a pound. that's double what you would normally pay. tests came back yesterday. the poison algae is only getting worse. in pacifica, mike sugerman, kpix 5. coming up, the change in airport security that might come as a surprise on screening. >> old meets new on taxis.
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how one company is replacing its old-fashioned meters. >> plus, salmon trapped in northern california canals. what's keeping them there? and the effort to get them back where they belong.
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here's a live look at minetn jose airport. it's been bustling all day, but so far today's one of the busiest travel days of of the year. here's a live look at mineta san jose airport. it's been bustling all day. no delays so far. there are troubles in the east and midwest because of the perfect. 38million people are expected to fly between now and the 1st. they will be subject to a new tsa policy. agents can now order people to go through a full-body scan even if they opt out. tsa said they changed the 30le is toy make it easier to find hidden liquids and weapons that aren't made of metal.
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let's take a live look right now outside at what the drivers in the bay area are dealing with. freeway will be jammed for the next several days. we are looking at 580 right now. it is definitely slow going. aaa predicts more than 100 million people will travel 50 miles or more during the holidays. daily fantasy sports websites are coming under scrutiny here in california. marin county assemblyman mark levine sent a letter to attorney general kamala harris calling on her to shut down sites like fanduel and draftkings. new york state has gone to court to try to close down daily fantasy sports websites. the state says that they are a form of illegal gambling. san francisco's oldest can company joining the 21st century. flywheel formerly desoto is replacing those old-fashioned meters where cloud-based technology. it allows passengers to hail a can and even split fares with a
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smartphone. it is the company's way of competing with uber and lyft. rescue under way right now to save several large salmon that have become trapped in drainage canals on the way to find spawning grounds. it's going on at yolo county about 10 miles northeast of the town of woodland. kpix 5 reporter don ford has the latest on the efforts to save them. >> reporter: hundreds of salmon took a wrong turn and instead of a clear running stream ended up here in a muddy irrigation ditch. the department of fish and wildlife is doing its best to rescue as many as they can. >> it's literally life or death. if we didn't do this, these giant 35, 36" fish would be gone and dead. >> reporter: the wrong turn started 30 miles away in the delta, 30 miles of drainage ditches shallow irrigation canals running through farming fields. state biologists dug a trap to hold them in a special pen, the
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endangered fall salmon. each day dozens are rescued, studied and tag. >> 92. >> reporter: then place need a special holding tank trailer to be released back into the sacramento river. biologists say the drought makes this rescue operation critical for the survival of these endangered salmon because back in the delta the water flows are so low the fish are having a hard time figuring out which is the right way to go. >> these canals seem like creeks to the fish but there's no spawning habitats, there's no gravel. the fish can't spawn in mud. >> then they end up all the way up here in woodland, which is -- >> wow. >> -- you know, 30 miles from where they should be. >> reporter: so far, more than 450 fall run chinook salmon have been saved. the operation will continue daily until the start of winter storms. in the yolo bypass, don ford, kpix 5. >> which are really just around the corner now those winter storms. they are here. >> something coming maybe tonight, tomorrow night.
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>> tonight and tomorrow morning some rainfall and all eyes are on the beginning of the year when hopefully really el nino hits its stride and we get a lot of rain. we're almost there. gosh, we have been talking about it for a year. we are right on the cusp of finally hitting january when the pattern typically materializes. it's a beautiful evening outside now and nearly full moon over the bay bridge and san francisco bay. you can see it reflecting off the water. highs today chilly. of note, san francisco only 54 degrees today. one year ago today, san francisco hit a record high of 68. today, 14 degrees cooler. a few spots at 60. fremont is one of them. concord, high today 59. napa sunshine 59. morgan hill 58 degrees. sunshine no more. look to the north. that will get here as soon as overnight tonight. you wake up tomorrow morning it will be showery. we have rain moving through and the rain may last all the way until the start of the raiders' final home game of the year. we hope not beyond. it will be right here on the kpix 5 so tune in 5:00 tomorrow. raiders/chargers, it will be a little wet at the beginning of the game. here's why. quick moving system is diving
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out of the gulf of alaska where everything has been originating over the past several weeks. you can see is right there. here it comes. it's moved about 200 miles in the past three hours. it's racing here quick in and quick out. tomorrow night it's done but the next storm is on approach. since it's moving so quickly and won't hang out for so long rainfall totals are not that crazy. we have seen up to 2" this week earlier. at most we'll add a quarter inch in san jose, perhaps even less for san francisco. the stoweddiest rainfall will be in mendocino county where -- the stead yost rainfall will be in mendocino county where it will be snow above 2,000 feet. otherwise tomorrow morning will be wet tapering off to showers. we'll have 50s through this time next week. livermore tomorrow 53. chilly shopping in redwood city, 54. san rafael 54. napa tomorrow 52 degrees. we are dry on christmas day. 52 will be the high inland. mid-50s near the bay. we'll stay brisk through the weekend. another round of quick moving showers sunday night. aside from that, a temporary break from the rainfall even if
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we did not receive one more drop of rain in san francisco for the rest of the month, we would be wetter than normal. >> good news. >> good start. >> yeah. >> we need more but it's a good start. >> thank you. still ahead, grinches stealing the music. the prized possessions taken from a band trying to spread christmas cheer. >> plus, even the feds got involved in a custody battle over this bay area duck. we were there for the frenzy as juanita returned home. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a thief broke into his car. sanford went to a big band musician wants his music and instruments back after a thief broke into his car. jeff sanford went to the beach chalet in san francisco last night after giving a concert at the va. while he was grabbing dinner, the burglars struck. jeff says the crook took not only his music, but a saxophone from 1945 and his clarinet. >> i lost a little bit of vocal
6:23 pm
arrangements from my big band class, um, things that are handwritten, um, and all the music, all the christmas music. it's just, um, i really feel violated. >> jeff thinks only one person is responsible for the break-in because he or she left behind another saxophone that he had in the car. and we are hearing more and more about car break-ins all around the bay area and it turns out one business in the east bay did something about it. da lin is in pleasant hill with some blunt signs that have been quite effective. da. >> reporter: yeah, veronica. the restaurant owner says he has seen a lot fewer car break- ins in his parking lot ever since he posted the signs right here. look at what the it says. dirt bag alert. he says he is not trying to be offensive, simply just wants to get the message across. nothing will make you lose your appetite faster than finding
6:24 pm
your car window broken in front of a restaurant. the barbecue had a rash of car break-ins years ago and put up the dirt bag alert signs to warn customers and thieves. >> that signs went up eight years ago and since then there's only been a handful of incidents on this property. >> reporter: no complaints about the sign so far. only compliments. >> probably an accurate description of the kind of people that may break into somebody's car just especially during the holidays. >> it grabs you and then you read the rest of it and then you become conscious of your stuff in your car. >> reporter: apparently, even dirt bags like the sign. a few of these have gone missing. >> it's a good way to call somebody a dirt bag without, you know, using profanity i think. >> reporter: since it's a private lot the city left the signs alone. some customers believe more people need to see the message. >> in a sign could be in a lot of other places, too,. >> reporter: yeah. these signs don't stop the dirt bags. they have surveillance cameras to try to catch a thief in the
6:25 pm
act. live in pleasant hill, da lin, kpix 5. a holiday homecoming like you have never seen. >> juanita! >> yeah. all that for juanita the duck who is back at the san anselmo assisted living facility where she was once a welcomed resident. she wandered away in september and got caught up in a custody battle with fish and wildlife. today they cut through the red tape and brought her back home. >> anita brings them happiness and they will be really happy today and through the holidays. >> wonderful. just a good present and just a beautiful day today. perfect. >> yeah. it wasn't easy though. it took the intervention of a local congressman to bring her back. juanita now has a new enclosure
6:26 pm
and a job as an educational animal. she looks happy to be back. coming up in our next half- hour, bikers tearing through busy bay area streets. only on "5" we track down the guy who says he is the leader of the group and he is also a law enforcement officer. >> plus, why investigators now say a shooting outside an east bay club was a hate crime. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a new report says the numbe people living on the streeth our top stories tonight, san francisco is receiving praise for its handling of the homeless. a new report says the number of people living on the streets has dropped by 7% from last year. the number of homeless families is down a third. one city supervisor is skeptical about the numbers. some nervous hours in the air after a southwest airlines flightcar rig 139 people took off this morning from oakland bound for chicago. passengers say they saw sparks flying when the pilot tried to retract the landing gear. he declared an emergency and circled the skies to burn off
6:30 pm
excess fuel after 4 1/2 hours touching down safely in oakland. the sharpest shooter in the nba speaking out against gun violence. warriors guard stephen curry and other basketball superstars are teaming up in a series of public service announcements that begin airing on christmas day. the ads focus on gun violence but never mention gun control. they also feature families who have endured the pain of gun violence. only on "5" tonight dirt bike riders have been tearing through the streets of san francisco for months now putting people's lives in danger. the chase is sometimes too dangerous but thanks to our betty yu they now have the information they need that, information that might surprise you. >> reporter: you hear them before you see them a roar of engines in th night. it's a group of motorcycle riders, bay area super moto or basm.
6:31 pm
videos they post on the internet show them riding in a pack down busy streets running stop signs, doing wheelies, driving their motorbikes on sidewalks and up and downstairs. mostly in san francisco. he used to ride with them but doesn't want identified for fear of retaliation. >> it's almost a sport. it is a sport to them how dangerous can you pull, how good are you at riding and not wrecking and things around you. >> reporter: but what really bothers him he says the leader of the group is a law. officer. >> he made comments like he is not too worried about the place because he is one. >> reporter: he gave us a name [ indiscernible ] zack douglas. on his fab page we found a photo of him posing by asquad car on facebook and we spotted a familiar looking motorcycle. ♪[ music ] could that be him on the golden
6:32 pm
gate bridge or speeding down the embarcadero among riders even tapping his head to give a signal that police are ahead? the marin county sheriff's department confirms zack is a deputy here. as a result of the information we gave them, they are now conducting an internal investigation. they say they can't talk about it though to protect the privacy rights of the officer involved but san francisco police had plenty to say. >> it puts everyone in danger. >> reporter: officer carlos manfredi says the group has been sfpd's radar for months. >> they are going up on sidewalks, breaking the law. it's fun until someone gets hurt. >> reporter: he was shocked to learn that the leader is a fellow law enforcement officer, apparently. >> we took an oath to serve and protect and that oath doesn't stop when our shift ends.
6:33 pm
>> hey, zack? i'm betty from channel 5. what does he have to say? we caught up with him as he came back from a day long basm ride. we have seen you guys ride around san francisco doing some crazy stunts and things like that. i mean -- >> that's not -- >> reporter: is there any try out to that? >> no. that's not what i do. i mean i ride with the group but i'm not doing anything like that. >> reporter: you guys also do friday night rides, right? >> no. i don't. but -- >> reporter: we have heard that basm you being the leader of it -- >> i'm not the leader of it definitely not the leader of it. >> reporter: you're not? >> no. >> reporter: here he is hours before giving instructions to new members. >> everyone's new, welcome. um, if you didn't ride before it's a lot of fun when you're the one that's leading the ride, me and him, [ censored ] >> reporter: we know you're with law enforcement, is that correct? >> that's not true. >> reporter: is seems like a conflict of interest if you're
6:34 pm
a law enforcement official. >> i'm not doing any stunts. i'm sorry, i'm not talking to you. >> reporter: we have video of it. so we wanted to talk to you because as a law enforcement officer by day, it seems like a conflict of interest to be doing this kind of stuff when you're outside the job. >> please do not talk to me. please. >> reporter: we never got much further. after that, zack jumped on his bike and took off! in sonoma county, betty yu, kpix 5. >> after we contacted the marin county sheriff's department, bay area super moto moved their online pages to private. the remains of six servicemen are back home tonight, killed in afghanistan. they arrived this afternoon at dover air force base in delaware. they were killed on monday when a taliban suicide bomber struck their patrol. among those who died, major adrianna vorderbruggen. the air force major had fought
6:35 pm
against the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy. the change allows for her family to be eligible now for military benefits. police believe a shooting outside a san leandro club on monday morning was a hate crime. carlos servants and salvador lopez aguilera were arrested yesterday in oklahoma accused of injuring four people in the shooting outside club caliente. all victims will recover. cervantes and aguilera are in jail in dublin. an unexpected meet and greet on the hiking trail. the big name this couple just happened to catch on camera. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:37 pm
home with quite a story to . check out who he ran into..n one of the trails: "we just made it to the topf koko stairs. so we just gotp the stairs and oh my god..'s the pres some people vacationing in hawaii will go home with quite the story. take your camera and check out who he ran into on one of the trails there. >> we just made it to the top of the stairs.
6:38 pm
we just got up the stairs. and -- >> all right! >> nice to see you. >> good to see you. merry christmas to y'all. >> we love you. >> merry christmas. >> how long did it take you? >> 15 minutes! >> yeah, that's a lie. >> the president of the united states! whoo! >> he noticed several agents hiking up the stairs and he realized he was hiking with the president. very nice. we told you earlier about a fire at a bay area home at left
6:39 pm
two firefighters shocked because of solar panels. tonight the homeowner says it could have been worse. i'll have details on that plus more on bay area nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. our snowpack in california is so important, it's kind of like a bank account where we make deposits during the winter so we can withdraw it during the summertime. you know what? the past couple of years that bank account was about as bleak as mine did in college there was nothing there. but now look at all the snow that's going to fall over the next 24 hours. another foot in the sierra. it could be some snow around here. details on who could get a little white christmas coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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don't miss a day of brilinta. but this time of year, he's known as the bike cop, or "santa louie." sharon chin shows uy he's this week s jefferson d winner. this full time police officer is no stranger to burglars. this time of year he is known as the bike cop, sharon chin shows us why he is this week's jefferson award winner. >> a bike for you for your
6:43 pm
birthday and christmas. reporter: that's why kids call? louis brandt santa louie. >> just the excitement and expression on their faces means so much to see them so excited. >> exciting for you? >> yeah. >> reporter: the 18-year veteran of the san leandro police department heads up bikes for tykes. he has organized the annual bicycle giveaway for the last 6 years with the san leandro police officers association and davis street family resource center. >> thanks for coming out. i appreciate it. >> reporter: about 800 low- income families from the san leandro area receive a turkey dinner food box and toys from the center. >> are you happy? >> reporter: but thanks to louie, nearly 500 children aged 3 to 12 get chosen by lottery to receive a brand-new bicycle. julia alvarez says she and her husband can only afford the necessities so louie is helping fulfill their daughter's christmas wish. >> please get me a bike. >> are you going to put it under the tree?
6:44 pm
>> yes, i am, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> thank you. >> i knew at christmastime what better gift can these kids get than a bike? >> let's give louie a round of applause. [ applause ] >> reporter: the davis industry center says the san leandro native raises money for bikes for tykes all year long. >> here you go. merry christmas. >> reporter: this year, he generated $24,000 from his annual fundraising dinner, grants and business and private donations. >> he takes his vacation time, after work and weekends. >> reporter: he buys the store from walmart and the store assembles them. he has given away just under 3,000 bicycles in the last six years. >> i have to tell you that louie is a hero and he is an angel. >> famous. >> reporter: so for providing free bicycles and big smiles to low income children for
6:45 pm
christmas, this week's jefferson award winner goes to officer louie brandt. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> to be eligible for a bike, people must show a utility bill and w2 form to document they are low-income families from the san leandro area. >> what a great guy doing great work out there. to nominate your own local hero for a jefferson award, go to merry christmas to louie doing a great job there in san leandro. it is chilly outside. it's brisk outdoors right now already in the 40s in livermore and also santa rosa. only 52 in san francisco. but that's one of the warm spots. san bruno checking in at 51. clear skies in san jose. 51 degrees. on approach, our next weathermaker is raining in eureka snowing west of redding
6:46 pm
and yreka. showed you some snowfall totals. this is the widespread view. a winter storm warning is up for tomorrow morning through friday morning. it actually includes mendocino county north of ukiah. snow level will drop to 2,000 feet. there could be 6" there. highway 50, 4, 80, tough travel out tomorrow especially late in the day up to 2 feet of snow when we head up towards the summit. vallejo tonight had 3. fremont 41. oakland 46. vallejo tonight 43. wouldn't be surprised if friday night into saturday morning we have a freeze warning. colder air is moving in with rain. it's raining in western washington, oregon, far northern california already. it's going to dive south and east and pass over the bay area around this time tomorrow. so let's look forward now with futurecast. it's a computer forecast model showing you where the clouds and rain will be over the next 24 to 72 hours. my focus is tomorrow. tomorrow morning 3:00 not too
6:47 pm
far from now, scattered showers. the heaviest steadiest rainfall which will not be as heavy as the past couple of days will be about 9, 10, 11:00 tomorrow morning before lunchtime the heaviest rain will occur and likely taper off to showers in the afternoon. rainfall totals a quarter inch but some showers lasting into the raiders game tomorrow or christmas eve evening plans and even some cloud cover lingering into christmas morning. so we'll be wet at times tomorrow. but the the majority of the rainfall is before lunchtime so it's quick in quick out. rain by sunrise tomorrow about a quarter inch on average more for the north bay and less for the south bay and the snow level dropping to 2,000 feet. please, please, please, send me a picture if you wake up christmas morning and you see some snow at the top of mount ham, mount ham, mount diablo, we want to see it and may feature them on christmas evening. tomorrow fremont 54 with rain. san rafael 54. napa 52. so chilly but get used to it because none of the next seven days will feature even a high of 60 degrees. it's going to be chilly. we are dry on christmas and on
6:48 pm
saturday with sunshine. a quick moving weathermaker coming in on sunday will give us a chance of evening showers. then dry for the first half of next week but the consistent thing through it all, we are going to be chilly for a while. not hitting 60 degrees. love this time of our newscast time for the "food for bay area families" drive. tonight larry sly from the food bank of contra costa and solano and also rob black executive director of the pg&e corporation foundation. rob, i'll start with you. it's a great check, $22,000. but beyond the money that pg&e gives, you guys give your time, as well. tell us about that. >> absolutely. one of the big things we try to do when we financially partner with an organization is try to put blood, sweat and tears in that as well so we have this year over 80,000 hours that we donated back into the community and a lot of that assisted low food banks so it's an honor to be here today to be part of this. thank you. >> thank you for the check and this is going to go to good use, right, larry? >> yes. what we are getting from pg&e is volunteer time and the
6:49 pm
dollars to help make a difference for people in need in our community. >> and we are hear so much about the economy improving here in the bay area, unemployment rate is lower but even though people have jobs, many folks do, this is an expensive place to live and the need is growing. >> very much, we are seeing as many people come to us now as in 2008 because people have jobs but not enough to get by on. >> thank you to pg&e for this $22,000 donation. if you want to donate, whole foods is a great place to stop by. make a donation there or do it online at thanks to pg&e and to larry and we'll be right back with sports. ,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
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will be an finals rematch wh the cavaliers...but...w hoa, whoa, whoa...are we getting ahead of ourselves? " " the warriors, the fans gets a finals rematch with the cavaliers on christmas day. but whoa! are we getting ahead of ourselves? >> what i do basically andre [ indiscernible ] on friday. >> andre might start on friday. we have a game wednesday. >> yeah. but everyone is talking about the one on friday. >> we're not. i have no idea what is going to
6:53 pm
happen on friday. >> yeah. they will tee it up tonight with the jazz 7:30 at oracle arena. jazz nearly beat the warriors at utah last month. after that game a reporter claimed that the ws were laughing at them and disrespecting them in the locker room. >> the warriors responded. >> a lot of it was not personal. it was one guy being a [ censored ] head. just disappointing that a reporter would do that. you know, it does call for signing up those credentials and not having guys there that aren't accredited media. the nfl and the raiders! the rookie defensive end mario edwards, jr., was placed on season ending injured reserve because of a neck injury. edwards had started the last 10 games for the raiders and he does look ahead to being a major part of the oakland defense in 2016. fantasy players. sit down giants wide receiver odell beckham, jr. the nfl
6:54 pm
upheld a one-game suspension for three personal foul penalties last sunday against carolina and targeted cornerback josh norman with a helmet-to-helmet hit. norman was fined 24,000. beckham apologized but said he was provoked. his head coach echoed that today. >> to depict this as o'dell beckham being wrong and the only one wrong is not right. it's not fair. it's not just. this is not the way it was. if you are naive enough to think that way then you better do some soul searching yourself. >> hm. it's not the rose bowl. but the cal football team is going to post-season. the bears a longest tenured employee has never made it to pasadena. and he turned 80 just a couple of weeks ago. dennis o'donnell has more. >> great day to be a bear. great day to be a bear. great day to be a bear. >> reporter: few football
6:55 pm
players at cal past or present know how bud turner is but everyone knows the dog. >> my wife and are a layover at kent airport last summer some guy walked by and said how's it going, dog? i had no idea who he was. great day to be a bear. >> yes, sir, it is. >> reporter: 45 years of service to the program will have that effect. he was just a puppy when he was introduced to the football. >> living in lafayette and a neighbor was -- like that. he says you want to go to a football game? i said a what? he said a football game. he said i'll explain it to you. >> reporter: today bear territory is really dog territory even in the classroom. >> i took three summer courses, three history courses and i have a b average. [ laughter ] >> reporter: but the dog ha straight "a"s when is it comes to school spirit. he wore many hats around memorial stadium including usher, equipment coordinator and now security guard, retirement from his full-time job has made coming to campus even easier. >> i used to get fridayings off
6:56 pm
to travel with the team because everybody around the company were all cal graduates and never missed a day's pay. the in irs two years i worked for an -- the first two years i worked for an outfit they went on a first two-week my first two weeks i got paid for going on a trip with cal. >> gets ready for this one this week. >> reporter: how long do you plan on doing this? >> ideally we'll be playing sc here up by 30 points go down to the sideline, take my actions up and fire out of the cannon. [ laughter ] >> love that. >> the dog. >> bud dog turner and cal will play air force december 29 in the armed forces bowl and the bears are favored by a touchdown. >> look at that. >> just saying. >> what did he do? boom. >> thanks, vern. thank you for watching. the latest news and weather are always on our website, so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry.
6:57 pm
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: doing good. how's everybody? i appreciate y'all. thank you very much, now. thank y'all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day, with a total of $20,000, from long island, new york, it's the champs. it's the van cott family! [cheering and applause] and from birmingham, alabama, home of hot 107.7, it's the henry family! [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new state-of-the-art ford edge right
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