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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  December 24, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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thursday, december take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's a good morning if you're trying to head into the city traffic-wise. >> it didn't look good. >> a little glitch there technology. yeah, everybody is half asleep. it's christmas eve! december 24, thank you for joining us. i'm anne makovec. >> i'm brian hackney. michelle griego and frank mallicoat are both sleeping peacefully somewhere. >> you know is not? santa! we have been watching him. >> the norad tracker went down.
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we'll have more on that in just a minute. but he has been moving. we have over 5 million presents delivered so far. >> that's great. >> early. >> pretty impressive. let's take a look at your forecast here locally. can you tell it's christmas eve? i'm kind of slammed by the seat of my pants this morning trying to track the rain, track santa. we have a lot going on here in the weather department. hi-def doppler showing the cold front over the north bay passing through today. right now, we are seeing showers again just north of vallejo american canyon pass through novato folks. expect this to pass through the bay area this morning so everyone will see this line of showers and then rain transitioning to showers later on today. in the meantime it is cold out there. right now temperatures in the 30s and 40s. highs today in the 40s and 50s. wet start
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unsettled through christmas morning. cold temperatures moving in and that does mean low snow levels possibility of some thunderstorms today. we'll time it out coming up. but first we'll check in with the roads. >> we have a couple of problems out there. the first one is in el cerrito eastbound 80 near potrero. an accident blocking the right- hand lane so slow traffic a little delay east 80 in el cerrito. also into los gatos area northbound 17 at idyllwild. swingout blocking the slow lane. the weather affecting the drive across the bridges this morning. the chp has issued high wind advisories for both the bay bridge and the benicia bridge this morning. 680 still looks okay leaving benicia bound for martinez. i-80 is moving well at the bay bridge toll plaza. more coming up. san francisco chinatown figure raymond "shrimp boy" chow has finished his testimony
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in his federal murder and racketeering trial. during his final day on the witness stand yesterday, he denied killing anybody. chow contends he left behind his life of crime in 2003 after completing a federal prison sentence. the judge says the case may go to the jury as soon as mid- january. pg&e is off the hook for more than a dozen criminal charges linked to the deadly san bruno blast. a federal judge dismissed 15 of the 27 violations tied to the 2010 incident. he says the county dismissed essentially duplicated some of the others. pg&e will still go on trial for the most serious charges in march. 8 people were killed 38 homes destroyed in the blast. some holiday travelers had a scary experience on a flight from oakland to chicago yesterday. the southwest fright took off at 6 a.m. but passengers saw sparks fly as the landing gear went out
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right after take-off. it circled for four hours to burn off fuel and then came in for an emergency landing in oakland. >> oh, i thought i was going to die. people were really scared. when the pilots kept coming out of the cockpit, i think that's what was really alarming. >> the plane landed safely. some of the passengers decided against trying to catch another flight. others continued on to their destinations. southwest is inspecting the broken aircraft. the raiders will play their final home game of the season tonight and it could be the team's last ever game in oakland. for more, let's go to kpix 5's keit do joining us live from the coliseum. kiet. >> reporter: yes, good morning. you know, there are so many variables at play but, yes, there is the possibility that this could be the final home game for the raiders ever. now, the raiders along with the san diego chargers and the st. louis rams were all positioning themselves for a possible move to los angeles. what's more, the raiders are
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working with the chargers, whom they are playing tonight, to share a stadium with carson a suburb of l.a. at $1.7 billion. libby schaaf is optimistic. she is telling fans to, quote, keep the faith. the city is drafting up a plan to present to the nfl on december 30 describing how the city will build a new stadium to keep the raiders without directly spending any public money on the stadium. whether or not the city can actually come up with a plan is unknown but the mayor says, i do believe it can be done, we have the will. if that wasn't enough to bring out the fans, this is charles woodson's last game. the 17-year veteran safety has played with the raiders and only the raiders for his entire career. all of this taken together is amounting to what some players is a must-win for the raiders. >> remember, this is charles woodson's final home game for the raiders as he has announced his retirement so there will be some emotion attached to this game as well as it being
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potentially the raiders' last home game. >> reporter: any team that wants to move will need final approval from three-quarters of the league's 32 teams. the owners meeting is january 12 and 13. live at coliseum, kiet do, kpix 5. >> you can catch that raiders- chargers game here on kpix 5 tonight at 5:00 immediately followed by the "5th quarter." well, long time san francisco diner will be serving up its last meal today. the lucky penny on geary street closing its doors to make room for condos. the current owners has operated the 24-hour diner since 1992. the restaurant really does date back to 1970 when it had a slightly different name. you can still order up a patty melt with a side of fries and presumably anything else on the menu until 2:00 this afternoon. one of the bay area's biggest annual toy drives is getting under way right now. volunteers at lefty o'doul's in san francisco are going to collect toys for thousands of children. jackie ward joins us live from the restaurant in union square.
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jackie, the crowd started showing up yet? >> reporter: not so much the crowds but plenty of elves are here working to put these bags of toys into the big barrels. this is the 15th annual toy drive here after the lefty o'doul's. christmas eve you think, you ran out of time but it's not too late! we are here with the event organizer doing this for a long time of. why is this so important to you? >> well, we've got 5,000 more kids this year that have to have a toy for christmas or two hopefully. hi, brian. hi, anne! thank you very much. please, everyone, come on down to union square. we'll have elves out in front. you can just drive by. even in the rain and hand your toys off to our elves and we'll be delivering them all day today and tomorrow and we will make sure that every one of san francisco's forgotten children has a christmas. >> reporter: it's early but we are going to have some entertainment for people dropping off toys?
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>> somebody shining from above on us because, um, luttuc an artist flew into town for this reason. yesterday the president put her "silent night" on the first family playlist. we don't know whether she will be singing. >> she is a nine time grammy nominee. >> [ indiscernible >> so what kind of toys are you looking for? mainly for tween girls. gift cards. now better than i what tween girls need. >> it's been a long time since i have been a tween, lee, but that's very nice of you. [ laughter ] >> quite a bit, actually. so this will actually be going on starting now until 11 p.m. plenty of time to come down here to union square. in union square, i'm jackie ward, kpix 5. >> we see santa making an appearance at that event. looking forward to that,
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thanks, jackie. time is 5:08. if you are disappointed about not having crab this christmas, just imagine being a fisherman. how the crab ban is hurting their pockets on this week's holiday. >> and travelers flooding airports across the country. we'll have information on delays and trouble spots straight ahead. >> rain in the bay area right now. behind it cold, unstable air could mean some snow and thunderstorms and showers. i have it all coming up. >> and we have a windy drive at the bay bridge where the chp has issued a high wind advisory, also accident for el cerrito and through the santa cruz mountains. i'll have details with "kcbs traffic." support i have a dream foundation. help a child achieve the dream of a higher education. cbs cares.
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welcome back. 5:12. here's levi's stadium. slick parking lots there. we saw showers there half-hour ago. we are not done yes. the front passing through heading your way south bay. airports nationwide are working feverishly to get travelers to their christmas destinations. as don champion reports, airlines playing catch-up after bad weather forced cancellations and delays. >> reporter: instead of being nestled in their beds, stores of travelers are waking up -- scores of travelers are waking up at the airports across the
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country hoping to get to their loved ones on christmas eve. >> we are going to jamaica. >> reporter: many passengers tried to get home yesterday but instead were delayed or canceled because of rain and fog in the northeast. while bob and diane took it in stride -- >> i'm a retired pilot. so we understand weather and plane delays. >> reporter: -- shea lefkowitz and her husband whose flight to ohio was rebooked three times say they have had enough. >> we are going to try to get our money back and go next weekend. >> reporter: over the next few days, many airlines are shifting the timing of flights adding red eyes and using bigger planes to get people to their destinations. 38million people are expected to fly over christmas and new year's. don champion, cbs news, laguardia airport. >> for right now, the three major airports here in the bay area are reporting only minor
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delays of 15 minutes or less. the roads look clear, as well. >> it has been extremely quiet. good morning, anne and brian. hi there, everybody. we are going to talk about this drive into work for those few who are working this morning. eastbound 80 in the el cerrito area there's an accident clearing. and a little bit of slow traffic as a result. you can see our yellow sensors are picking up some of those delays for east 80 near potrero. the right lane is shut down because of this accident. and highway 17 another crash in the final clearing stages. this one involving a spinout in the northbound direction of 17 approaching idyllwild. at this point it's the slow lane that's shut down with a brief delay getting through there. no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. the roads are wet because of rain on and off overnight. high wind advisory in place from the chp for the bay bridge. but again bridge commutes are light. southbound traffic extremely
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quiet at the empty golden gate bridge. southbound traffic fine leaving southern marin getting into the city. do keep in mind if you take the "ace" train there will be no "ace" train 5 and 7. they are operating on a holiday schedule today. everybody else is on normal weekday schedules with no delays for the bart system. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." now to julie. >> well, we are tracking rain, snow, possible thunderstorms. it's going to be an active christmas eve. let's go ahead and take a look at hi-def doppler right now. you can see where the front is. actually, over the north bay right now, passing through, as we zoom in, vallejo seeing moderate to heavy rain in some spots. hercules, richmond, you're getting wet right now. easy for me to say. heading towards berkeley. east bay you can anticipate this band of showers passing your way. behind the front we continue to see showers throughout the day. kind of unsettled weather throughout the day. cold air in place. that could lead to the possibility of some thunderstorms or small hail today. windy conditions by this
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afternoon, as well. and then tonight, with cold air in place, we could see a little dusting on some of our bay area peaks a little dusting of snow. timing it out with futurecast, as you can see this morning, here again is that front that slowly moves south throughout the morning so everyone should see that line of rain. then showers in its wake and again with some cold air scattered showers throughout the day today. by this evening, the colder the air the better the chance we could see a white christmas on our local peaks and tomorrow we stay unsettled through friday, through christmas morning. so lingers showers possible for tomorrow morning. and then the air gets even colder freeze watch in effect for christmas night. in the meantime, here's what to expect today. rain to start the day. showers remain throughout the day. really through friday morning. and then a freeze watch as i just said in effect for friday night. not tonight. winter storm warning however in effect right now if you are heading up to the high country grab the chains. expect snow, expect travel delays. could see one to two feet of
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snow at the pass level but snow levels dropping to around 2500 feet by this evening. so something to keep in mind if you are heading up to tahoe. speaking of tahoe, the ski report alpine meadows current conditions we have 12 to 24 inches of snow more snow on the way today so these numbers will increase throughout the day. packed powder at heavenly. they have 26 lifts open there. so really great ski conditions today. high temperatures not so high. topping out in the 50s even 40s for the high temperatures for some of our extreme north bay location. here's the extended forecast. topping out in the 50s today. showers and snow, some possible thunderstorms today lingering into friday. saturday we get a break and another chance of showers by sunday night. and then we stay dry through midweek next week. back to you guys. the bay area crab season is on hold through the holidays. >> that's what i was going to say. kpix 5's mike sugerman went to
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pacifica and talked to some fishermen who are getting squeezed. >> reporter: playing with your dog and watching a movie, sounds like a good way to spend the afternoon christmas week -- but it's not what ian wood is used to doing. >> i would be heading out to go crab. >> reporter: that, though, is something no one is doing this season. and when the last two months of the year make up most of your income, it's a hard, hard hit. >> 170,000. actually i bought 140 new crab pots. 300 bucks a pot. and then all the line and buoys. sitting here at $400 a month. >> reporter: that's bad. and it only gets worse. >> then my car gets stolen. >> reporter: his nissan quest had all of his clothes in it and his id. hasn't the guy suffered enough?! forget that he can't make his house payments, either. >> my house is going to go bye- bye i'm sure. i'm not even worried about it right at the moment. i got divorced, so i don't care if she has a place to live anymore. [ laughter ] >> reporter: his is probably one of the worst but there are
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hundreds of stories like his out there these days. the postponement of the season due to bad algae has its claws in every aspect of the fishery. crab is a $60 million industry in california. that's when most of the money is to be made. >> we have 25% of our normal orders. that's all we got. >> reporter: angel was born into the business has been around fisherman's wharf all her life at alioto distributors. and she says she has never seen anything like this. >> oh, normally there would be so much foot traffic out there. there would be a buzz. there would be a high energy, excitement, uhm, you know, once crab season comes, it's almost like a festival every day. >> reporter: crab she sells are now from washington where the domoic acid isn't affecting sea life but even though it's been judged safe, people aren't buying. she isn't selling. fishermen aren't making nor
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spending money. and a lot of people are suffering. mike sugerman, kpix 5. 19 minutes now after 5:00 on this christmas eve. police in san leandro say a quadruple shooting at a nightclub appears to be a hate crime. what the two suspects allegedly said before the shooting. >> good morning, everybody! you want a warriors win? i can give you a warriors win! you want one on christmas day? can't give it to you yet! but i can give you action from last night! don't move. ,, ,,,,,,
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to help save lives. " i heard about a shooting involving a 3 year girl ovee summer my daughter is that age."." he is the reigning mvp in the nba. now steph curry is trying to help save lives. >> i heard about a shooting involving a 3-year-old girl over the summer. my daughter riley is that age. >> there was a point when i felt that i was -- >> the warriors and others nba players teaming up in public service announcements that start airing tomorrow. the ads talk about gun violence but don't mention gu control. they also feature families who had shootings. >> i lost friends close to my family and i think it's a great thing that the nba is doing. >> it's funded by "every town for gun safety," a gun control group. it was founded by former new york mayor michael bloomberg to try to counter the influence of the nra. hey, good morning, everybody! can you feel it? can you feel it?! ah! the big day is almost coming.
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yeah, i know the presents and all that stuff are involved but i'm talking about lebron james coming to the warriors friday! but last night, had a nice run with the utah jazz. let me show you that one. sweaters all around. love the christmas sweaters. here came the jazz. and there came the turnovers. draymond green to klay thompson, finish it, man. warriors just on the defensive lockdown last night. held utah to 41% shooting and the warriors like to run. steph curry on the loose, 1 16 points, 9 assists, look at the no look number. warriors 103-85. 31 straight wins at home. nfl and the raiders
5:25 am
tonight. they would finish the season 8- 8 a turnaround from last year but the story today would be will charges woodson. it could be his final game for the team in oakland. it will be the final home game for retiring woodson who announces retirement from the league on monday after 18 seasons. a teammate told me, boy, today is must see. >> home christmas eve the oakland raiders against the san diego chargers in the oakland coliseum. and quite possibly they say maybe the last game in the oakland coliseum. you can't get up for that, then you not a football fan and we need to check your pulse. >> can't say it any better than that one. and the raiders are favored to win the game against the chargers. i'll be there! will you? see you later. >> well, vernon, yeah! play of the day from college football. the go daddy bowl in mobile,
5:26 am
alabama. matt johnson fumbles the snap. tragedy, right? fumbles the snap. but! he composes himself enough to then throw a 45-yard touchdown pass to roger lewis. in the end, though, the falcons fell to georgia southern, 58- 27. it is 5:26. and we are hearing from some of the family members of the first openly gay woman killed in combat. they are from the bay area. how they hope the nation remembers her legacy. >> and the 15th annual toy drive in union square at lefty o'doul's is starting. they need more toys to fill all those barrels. we'll tell you about it after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. it's thursday, december 24th 20-5 i'm anne makovec. tonight could be the final home game for the raiders because they are plotting a move to l.a. >> and rain transitioning to showers with the possibility of thunderstorms even a white christmas. i have details for your hovel forecast coming up. >> it's a wet drive heading across the golden gate bridge. i'll tell you where the traffic hot spots may be with "kcbs traffic." >> it is christmas eve day december 24. thanks for joining us. i'm anne makovec. >> i'm brian hackney. michelle and frank are off this morning. >> a detective now believes that a shooting that killed four people outside of a nightclub was a hate crime. it happened early monday outside club caliente in san leandro. police say the two suspects now under arrest were with the victims earlier in the bar. words were exchanged that indicate hate based on the victim and witness statements as well as surveillance video. >> they were the intended
5:31 am
targets and they were the intended targets because of their sexual orientation. salvador lopez aguilera actually ordered carlos suivantes to cervantes to shoot the four people. >> one suspect was about to leave california. the case goes to the d.a. today. a vigil is planned to remember the grandson of an oakland city councilwoman. lynette maclaine any's 17-year- old grandson was gunned down near 9th street and mandela parkway in west oakland on sunday. there is a $20,000 reward to help find the killer. believe it or not, tonight could be the last chance to see the raiders play in oakland their last home game the season. it's not clear where the team will play next year. kpix 5's keit do joins us live from the coliseum with the latest on the future of the raiders. hey, kiet. >> reporter: this whole situation could end any number
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of ways but, yup, there is the distinct possibility that this is could be the final home game for the raiders here in oakland. now, the raiders are working with to possibly move to the stadium in los angeles and if that stadium is built would be worth $1.7 billion. oakland mayor libby schaaf is telling fans to keep the faith and that the city is drafting up a rough plan to present to the nfl on december 30 describing how the city will build a new stadium to keep the raiders without directly spending any public money on that stadium. whether or not the city can come up with a plan is unknown but the mayor says, "i do believe it can be done. we have the will." here is commissioner roger goodell the last time he talked about it at and owners meeting in december. >> i have not put a timeline on
5:33 am
it. i did not express that today. ownership expressed their desire to get this done in a reasonable period of time. the question for me has always been, we need to get sufficient information to make a smart decision. >> reporter: now, if all that weren't enough to bring the fans out, this is charles woodson's last home game. the 18-year veteran safety has played with the raiders for many years. he is also the oldest active safety in the league and he has announced his retirement this week. now, all of this taken together are having what some players call a must-win game for the raiders. live at coliseum, kiet do, kpix 5. the raiders are working tonight. they are playing in a game that's broadcast right here on kpix 5. that game starts at 5:00 tonight. immediately following, the "5th quarter." >> now who else is working very hard at work and has been for hours besides us, of course?
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santa! flying around the skies. >> that is right. now, santa 778 million gifts delivered so far. is that correct? did i say that right? >> that's a live look at santa flying through the -- we just missed it. this is where he has been. what is this? >> he is heading to sydney, australia in two minutes and 25 seconds. he just passed through brisbane, australia. so kids get ready for a couple of presents if you're batching us online now. kids here in the u.s. of a few hours before santa heads your way. hopefully the elf on your shelf gave him good news about you. let's go ahead and talk about the forecast for santa, shall we? we are seeing rain now. you can see the cold front passing through the bay area. showers right now right over san francisco and toward 24. you see daly city, san francisco, oakland all getting rain. as this band of rains passes through today and there it is from a live look at the golden gate bridge, we'll see showers in its wake possible thunderstorms as well starting out this morning. we are cold, 30s and 40s for many spots this morning. later today only going to warm
5:35 am
up into the 50s. your weather headlines, a wet start to the day unsettled over the next 24 hours. cold temperatures moving in. we'll talk more about all that coming up. and it's a rainy drive on bay area roads this morning. if you plan to make the buy bridge commute westbound traffic is extremely quiet. it is wide open at the toll plaza. it is windy out there so the chp is warning of those winds especially across bay bridge and the benicia bridges this morning. if you have to catch a bart train, they are offering normal weekday service today. no delays on the bart system. the ferries and caltrain are in good shape. but the "ace" train, they are operating on a holiday schedule today so no train number 5 and no train number 7 today. a crash in the final clearing stages east 80 near potrero in the right lane. a huge crowd expected in san francisco union square to spread holiday cheer. this is a wonderful event.
5:36 am
the goal, to make sure no child goes without a gift. kpix 5's jackie ward life at lefty o'doul's where the donations are already flowing in. you have some music there behind you. >> reporter: these trash bags are filled with toys. we are trying to collect 15,000 toys. it's been a tradition for the last nine years the musical director, why do you love doing this? >> we have people coming in dropping off toys. it really gets you in the mood. >> as the music director, you have the kids from all sorts of neighborhoods coming in bright -- dark and early, i should say, singing christmas carols. that's special. >> without a doubt. some of our favorite christmas
5:37 am
karros and then we mix in a little gospel and oh, it's a fun, fun day, some of our favorite christmas carols. it's a party. come on down lefty o'doul's right here in the heart of union square. >> reporter: no kidding. so toys are going to start being delivered later on this morning, a couple of hours. >> all day long. i was here yesterday, they were dropping off toys. but i got here at 4:00 this morning, people dropping off toys. these barrels we want to fill these barrels with toys. our goal is to collect 15,000 toys, collected 12,000 last year. bring them down. looking for toys for tween girls but not just tween girls. toys, gift cards, come on down right here at lefty o'doul's. >> and it's not too late. that's the overall message here. they are open now they are going to be open until 11:00 tonight. anne and brian, you don't even have to leave your car. the elves are here they left the north pole early and they will come to your car. >> the most amazing thing about this is that from what i understand they are going to
5:38 am
deliver these toys today as well so i mean, this is a full- on operation over there with sorting and delivery. so it's all really wonderful. >> reporter: from start to finish. i think the first toy delivery will go out in about three hours or so. they don't want any kids to go without a toy this christmas. can't beat that. live in union square, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> have fun. >> thank you. in other news this morning new details on the plane that went down in the wooded area in the east bay by castro valley a fewer shot this cell phone video minutes after the single- engine piper slammed into a steep hillside on tuesday. it shows a large area of debris an evidence that the plane broke up on impact. the pilot john sacco was the only one on board. his body was found in the wreckage. he was a safety engineer and consultant also on the state osha board.
5:39 am
the ntsb will investigate, they arrived yesterday morning. special recovery teams from the sheriff's office and fire department stepped in to help them get to the wreckage. >> today my goal is to document the wreckage as it came to rest. i'll be taking some photo, getting latitude and longitude measurements and things like that. we are going to wait to do a more thorough examination of the wreck once it's recovered. >> they will evaluate the weather, pilot's training and held and plane's mechanics. it could take weeks to finish the preliminary report. two-thirds of us will return at least one -- well, that's two- thirds of the u.s., too, will return at least one of the our holiday gifts. >> i guess looking a gift horse in the mouth? cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger has some tips for when do you need to head to the store, the post office to make those exchanges. happy christmas eve, jim. >> reporter: happy to you, as well. >> first what do we need to know about return policies? >> reporter: you know, they vary dramatically.
5:40 am
so here's some interesting news. we have research from gold banking rates. they rank return policies from 31 major retailers. the best ones offer a generous return window. they accept returns without receipts. they also provide satisfaction guarantees. tops on the list, nordstrom, l.l. bean and online they like amazon and ebay. >> the difficult part is with amazon and ebay you have to go through the hassle of taking it back to the post office, i suppose. the worst gift you're looking at, you've been rank -- you've been ranking this. >> reporter: you're likely to keep a gift forever according to the survey. the teen retailer, 21 forever only allows 21 days for river, forever21. you refund it in store credit not in original form of payment. i don't know, barnes & noble wants to go head to head with amazon.
5:41 am
maybe they have to think about their return policy. they have the shortest return window on the survey just 14 days to get your stuff in to barnes & noble. kmart allows 30 days. but they do not accept returns made without a receipt. customers who make a return with a gift receipt get a exchange for a store credit only. i guess only good news if you are stuck with one of these gifts, maybe just add it to your 2016 regifting items. just be careful don't regift back to the person. be careful about that. >> that's otherwise a good call. jill schlesinger, thank you. it is 5:41. protestors took to the streets in our area and in southern california disrupting traffic. talk about the reason behind the demonstration. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, welcome back. time now 5:43. and happy christmas eve to you all. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge.
5:44 am
you can see the roadways are slick there. no showers right at this moment. but you can anticipate rain throughout the morning. we'll time it out coming up. on one of the busiest travel days of the year, some people heading to sfo encountered an unexpected delay just after noon yesterday. protestors walked on highway 101 and blocked traffic on the connector ramp to the airport. they are protesting the killing of mario woods three weeks ago. nine people were arrested. similar scene on 405 in the l.a. area as protestors halted traffic. it's part of a national protest coordinated by the "black lives matter" movement. 60 minutes before the hour of 6:00. >> my grandma's traditional christmas cookie recipe. looks like a 5-year-old made them. but i worked hard. >> what is that cartoon
5:45 am
character that has -- >> mr. bill? >> yes! >> there are about to disturb us. >> mr. bill. >> very nice. >> so the latest on santa. >> speaking of christmas. >> let's go ahead and take a look. we are tracking him on norad. he is heading for alice springs, australia. he is expected to be there in 1 minute. so far, 8,000,030 -- no, excuse me. 8,036,000 gifts delivered so far. pretty -- 836 million. [ laughter ] >> a lot. >> whatever. if it was bigger i might be able to read it. >> santa is well on the way and
5:46 am
the rain is apparently not going to stop him. our roads if you are traveling around not so bad either. >> roads are great right now. i'll show you pictures of the bay bridge toll plaza where it's empty leaving oakland heading into the city. we have a couple of things to talk about mass transit wise. bart is experiencing a delay right now about 10 minutes in length leaving downtown oakland because of an earlier equipment problem. the ferries and caltrain are doing okay. if you plan to catch the "ace" train they are only running their early runs this morning. train 5 and 7 are canceled. they are offering holiday schedule today. this morning, bart is on a normal weekday schedule. and the bay bridge toll plaza on a regular morning we would have the metering lights on with backups this morning. it's wet at the golden gate but southbound traffic still fine getting into san francisco. i should mention chp issued a high wind advisory for both the bay bridge and the benicia bridge. i will have more "kcbs traffic" in a few minutes. >> taking a look at your
5:47 am
forecast now, actually going to be a wet one for santa today. the front just passed through san francisco. take a closer look at the rain. this is a moderate shower passing through oakland, san leandro, d.c. hayward. we'll move south throughout the morning and scattered showers in its wake. cold front moving through, throughout the day today. possibility of some thunderstorms later on due to the unstable air there. and then snow level dropping to around 2500 feet later on today. so it could be a dusting by tonight on some local peaks. remaining unsettled throughout the day today. taking a look at futurecast you can see that here's that front right now as it heads south, south bay going to see some of the heavier rain over this hour or so. then scattered showers and thunderstorms throughout the day today. lingering into christmas morning. here's friday 7 a.m. we could still see some showers remaining by tomorrow morning this time tomorrow morning. but here's what to expect over
5:48 am
the next 24 hours. rain to start the day. showers continue through friday morning and then freeze watch goes into effect friday night so not tonight but friday night and likely saturday, as well. very cold overnight. in the meantime your travel forecast heading out of town possible arrival delays because of the weather until the bay area again thunderstorms possible later on today. elsewhere we have thunderstorms possible at 2 of our major hubs atlanta and houston. showers in new york, chicago mostly cloudy, and there could be delays because of this as well even if we don't see the weather-related delays here in the bay area. sunrise tase 7:23. sunset 4:56. and by sunset we are going to start to see the temperatures drop. that's when i think we'll still have some lingering showers, we could see a dusting of snow on some of the peaks. temperatures today not going to get very warm staying in the low to mid-50s. temperature range staying there a couple of days.
5:49 am
saturday drying out. fish experts are trying to save hundreds of large salmon who are trapped in drainage canals while trying to find spawning ground in yolo county 10 miles northeast of woodland. >> instead of a clearing running stream they ended up in a muddy irrigation ditch. >> these canals seem like creak to the fish but there's no spawning habitats. there's no gravel. the fish can't spawn in mud. >> stated biologists built a trap to hold the salmon in a pen. they are rescued, studied tagged and brought back to the sacramento river. the bay area crab season still on hold through the holidays because of toxic algae. it's causing a squeeze for hundreds of fishermen. they typically make most of their income in the last two
5:50 am
months of the year. instead, the crab pots are sitting idle. seafood merchants still offering crab that comes from washington state where domoic acid is not affecting crab but most people aren't buying. 5:50. steph curry is using his star power to help save lives. the new campaign set to launch tomorrow. >> and hawaii for christmas sounds like a sweet deal for anyone but for one man it was much more when the commander-in- chief crashed his morning hike. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:53. that's snow falling. welcome to your white christmas eve. a look from our nyack cam. one to two feet of snow at pass level with winter snow warning. snow down around 2500 feet by later on today so grab your chains heading up there. rain down here. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> it's a wet drive across the golden gate bridge. chp reporting no major accidents on bay area proceeds. there are chain restrictions in place for the sierra. i'll have details with "kcbs traffic." illinois is now the fifth
5:54 am
u.s. state to ban daily fantasy sports websites. illinois' attorney general declared sites like fanduel and draftkings constitute gambling under state law. here in. kra, marin county assemblyman is urge, the state attorney general to make a similar move. steph curry is a hot basketball player and he is using his star power to try to help save lives. >> i heard about a shooting involving a 3-year-old girl over the summer. my daughter riley is that age. >> the warriors guard and other nba players now appearing in public service announcements. they will start airing tomorrow. the adds talk about gun violence but don't mention gun control. they feature families who endured the tragic effects of shootings. >> i have lost friends, i've lost people super close to my family. and you know, i think it's a great thing that the nba is doing. >> it's founded by a gun control group.
5:55 am
it was founded by forecast new york mayor michael bloomberg to try to counter the influence of the nra. john paul george ringo the beatles are finally entering the streaming era. starting today, the legendary band's songs are available on apple music, google play, spotify and other services. until now beatles music has only been available on traditional cds and on vinyl. a climber got the surprise of a lifetime in hawaii. they pull out their phones once an entourage starts clearing the trail. >> okay. we just made it to the top of the stairs. we just got up the stairs. >> got a good workout today? >> yes, sir.
5:56 am
>> how you doing? >> good to see you. >> oh, yeah. >> merry christmas. >> we love you, you're so awesome! >> thank you. [ laughter ] >> merry christmas. >> bye. >> how long did it take you? >> oh, about 15 minutes? >> oh, yeah! you lie! [ laughter ] >> the president of the united states! whoo! >> have i died and gone to heaven? >> aloha. >> that must have been fun. after the hike the obamas spent the rest of the day with r & r. don't tell anyone how early it is this morning here at lefty o'doul's. it's a party for the 50th annual toy drive. we even have former mayor willie brown singing christmas carols. >> and the oakland raiders are plotting a move to l.a. by next season. that means tonight could be their final home game ever.
5:57 am
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makovec. and i'm brian hackney.... michelle f. good morning, happy christmas eve. it's 6:00 on december 24. i'm anne makovec. >> i'm brian hackney. michelle and frank are off this morning. happening today we are seeing a wet chilly start to this christmas eve. more rain moving through the bay area. that's a live look in oakland. there are freeze warnings posted, there are winter storm warnings posted in ukiah. the temperatures are going to be chilly. we could have a dusting -- ♪[ music ]♪ >> wait a minute. julie watts is here! >> really brian? you can just take it away! sometimes i feel silly when i look at brian and i'm giving the forecast. but now this already. >> nobody else does, though. [ laughter ] >> we are going to share it with you. heavy rainfall right now in san leandro. this is just one cell within this band ai


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