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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  December 24, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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makovec. and i'm brian hackney.... michelle f. good morning, happy christmas eve. it's 6:00 on december 24. i'm anne makovec. >> i'm brian hackney. michelle and frank are off this morning. happening today we are seeing a wet chilly start to this christmas eve. more rain moving through the bay area. that's a live look in oakland. there are freeze warnings posted, there are winter storm warnings posted in ukiah. the temperatures are going to be chilly. we could have a dusting -- ♪[ music ]♪ >> wait a minute. julie watts is here! >> really brian? you can just take it away! sometimes i feel silly when i look at brian and i'm giving the forecast. but now this already. >> nobody else does, though. [ laughter ] >> we are going to share it with you. heavy rainfall right now in san leandro. this is just one cell within this band of rain that's
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falling right now. this is the cold front passing through moving from north to south through the bay area. behind it continues scattered showers as brian mentioned. that cold, unstable air could spark some thunderstorms later on today and, yes, by tonight we do see a dusting of snow on some of our local peaks. right now, temperatures are chilly. not freezing but chilly nonetheless. we are topping out currently in the 40s in most places, san francisco 51 thanks to the moderating effect of the bay. weather headlines for the day, a wet start to the day. we say unsettled over the next 24 hours. showers likely continue into christmas morning. cold temperatures moving in a freeze watch in effect for tomorrow night friday night and into the weekend. we'll talk more about that coming up. first the roads. >> wet on bay area roads. we are going to begin with the nimitz 880 still rolling well. you can tell from these live pictures. we have rain coming down there.
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880 flowing well in both directions heading to and through oakland, first reports though of an accident 580 at grand. 101 at the golden gate. traffic okay. the chp reporting a smooth commute so far this morning. 10-minute delay on bart downtown oakland. as most people spend the day with loved ones some people in mississippi are just thankful to be alive. reporter andrew spencer shows us the severe damage caused by a powerful and deadly storm. >> it was a devastating experience. >> reporter: some people made it to safety just in time. >> we heard the wind and dashed out to the storm shelters. we had 45 seconds. we walked out of the storm shelter, everything was gone. >> reporter: several people died as a large tornado formed
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in northern mississippi and left a trail of damage for miles and miles moving well into tennessee. >> by the time it was over, my house was gone. trees everywhere. >> reporter: overnight first responders checked for people trapped under debris desperate for help. >> that's our number one priority if we have someone that's stranded or someone that's trapped. we are trying to clear each tree, each county road, each highway going door to door to make sure that we can eliminate all the possibilities there's still someone that needs help. >> reporter: the storm system left damage across much of the midwest and the south flooding roads, downing trees and damaging homes in parts of kentucky, illinois and indiana and alabama, as well. i'm andrew spencer reporting. the rain is forecast to clear out giving way to record warmth in th south and east coast. one of the bay area's biggest annual toy drives is now under way. volunteers are at lefty o'doul's in san francisco
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collecting toys for thousands of children, the toys will be delivered today, as well. it's quite an operation. kpix 5's jackie ward joining us live from the restaurant in union square. already plenty of activity out there. jackie. >> reporter: merry christmas eve. they are trying to collect 15,000 toys here at lefty o'doul's. it's quite a feat but i think they are up for it. we have the owner with us this morning. nick, this is a 15-year tradition and the christmas spirit is alive and well in here. >> san francisco, get the christmas spirit, come on! ♪[ music ] >> we have 5,000 kids out there, don't let them wake up without a toy. >> 15,000 toys. that's 5,000 more than last year. >> yeah. so we are going to do it. my christmas spirit meter is going up. >> i saw you singing christmas carols with former mayor willie brown. >> they asked me to sing.
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the christmas spirit is building. if you can just drop by on geary street, we have elves out there to take your toys or go to our website we're looking forward to handing out toys today. in fact, in just a few hours, we are going to be having a first round of kids come in pick up some. we are going to be loading up the tracks, santa's sleigh going out to fillmore and we are going to be dropping off some toys running back collecting some morning. it's going on all day and night. we are going to have a blast. >> that's so funnel. you're here until 11:00. >> until 1 a.m. >> reporter: 1 a.m.? >> yeah. i'm bringing my kids down, wife down. we're all staying here. >> how much coffee will you have today? >> i started off at 4:00 so i'm -- my barometer is going up. >> reporter: cookies, donuts, coffee. i think that's great. thank you so much, nick. >> thank you. >> reporter: you heard him. it's never too late to donate today for christmas. make sure all sorts of kids get a toy for christmas. so it's a really fun morning
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down here. >> it really is. from what i remember about that event there's often snow outside because the spirit is just emanating. have you seen snow outside on the sidewalk, jackie? >> yes. nick was actually bragging about how it's snowing in san francisco! thanks to him h. >> maybe greg can shoot some of the snow and we can get the vibe back here. >> reporter: we'll do our best. >> jackie ward live in downtown san francisco. a long-time san francisco diner meantime is going to be serving up its last meals today. the lucky penny on geary street closing its doors to make room for condos. the current owner has operated the 4 hour diner since 1992. but the restaurant dates back to 1970 when it had a different name. you can still order up the old famous patty melt with a side of fries until 2 p.m. >> apparently mike sugerman is there, too. the raiders will play their final home game of the season tonight and there's a possibility it could be the
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team's final game ever in oakland. although kiet do, who is out there live right now, i asked both dennis o'donnell and vern glenn, do you really think this is going to be their last home game? and neither dennis nor vern thought it would be. kiet, what do you think? >> reporter: well, now, ha, i don't think you're going to find anybody who is going to go out on a limb and say this is a sure thing because there are so many variables at play here. but yes, there is a possibility that this could be the final home game for the raiders here in coliseum ever. now, the raiders along with the san diego chargers and the st. louis rams they are all positioning themselves for a move to los angeles. the raiders are working with the chargers who they are playing tonight to share a stadium in carson a suburb of l.a. and if that stadium is built it will be worth $1.7 billion. now, oakland mayor libby schaaf is nothing if not optimistic. she is telling people to keep the faith and that the city is drafting up a rough plan to present to the nfl on december 30th describing how the city
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will build a new stadium to keep the raiders here without directly spending any public money on the stadium. whether or not the city can actually come up with a plan is unknown. but the mayor says i do believe it can be done. we have the will. charles woodson is retiring. he played with the raiders for many years. all of this taken together, his last home game, it's a must-win game for the raiders. >> remember, this is charles woodson's final home game forayeders as he announced his retirement. so it will be emotional. >> reporter: any team that wants to move needs approving from three-quarters of the league's 32 teams. the owner meeting is scheduled for january 12 and 13. live in oakland, kiet do, kpix 5. >> you can catch that raiders/chargers game here on kpix 5. the game starts after the 5:00 tonight immediately
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followed by the "5th quarter." pg&e off the hook for more than a dozen criminal charges linked to the deadly san bruno blast. a federal judge dismissed 15 of the 28 violations tied to the blast in 2010. he says the counts he dismissed duplicated others. pg&e will go on trial for the most serious charges in the case in march. eight people were killed. 38 homes were destroyed in the blast. detectives now believe that a shooting that injured four people outside of a nightclub was a hate crime. it happened early monday outside club caliente in san leandro. police say the two suspects now under arrest were with the victims earlier in the bar. there were hateful words exchanged based on victim and witness statements as well as surveillance video. >> they were the intended targets. and they were the intended targets because of their sexual orientation. salvador lopez aguilera actually ordered carlos cervantes to get the gun, pull
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the trigger and shoot the four people. >> officers made the arrest on tuesday and they say that one of those suspects, this guy, carlos cervantes was about to leave california. the case goes to the d.a. today. 6:10. frightening moments aboard a plane just after take-off from oakland. wait until you hear what the passengers had to say who saw sparks fly. >> and why solar panels are blamed for injuring two local firefighters responding to a burning home. >> and morning rain making way for the possibility of some thunderstorms later today. even the possibility of a white christmas. details coming up. >> and we're looking at a slippery drive on bay area roads. now an overturn accident in san mateo p we'll have details on this and information on barred with "kcbs traffic." ,, ,,
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welcome back. if you look closely at this shot, that looks like frosty the snowman. right above the 6:14 on the screen, you see the two little feet? i think he is taking a nap. this is snow up in the high country with the storm warning in effect. we are going to talk more about this, rain, possible thunderstorms, even a dusting of snow in the bay area, all that coming up. two san francisco firefighters are doing okay this morning after some scary moments. they were shocked by a rooftop solar panel. it happened while they were fighting a fire yesterday on hollister avenue. one firefighter was taken to the hospital after his arm went numb. the other stayed on the scene and kept working. it's not clear yet why the solar panel gave them that shock. hearing from the family of the first openly gay active duty service member to be killed in action. her in-laws live in marin county. major adrianna vorderbruggen fought for her country and for her family. she lobbied for the repeal of
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the ban on gays serving openly in the military. that policy did change five years ago. now her family are eligible for military death benefits. the major's older brother says his sister was a trailblazer. >> i want to say she is a hero and, um, i hope she is a hero to all of us not just to me. >> inspired us all, i think, by just being herself and being proud to be who she was. >> vorderbruggen was one of the six u.s. troops killed monday by a suicide bomber. their remains were brought back to the u.s. yesterday. some holiday travelers had a scary experience at a flight from oakland that was supposed to go to chicago but did not. southwest flight took off yesterday at 6 a.m. the passengers saw sparks flying as the landing gear went out right after take-off. the plane circled for hours over manteca trying to burn off fuel and then that plane went
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back to oakland and made a safe emergency landing. >> i thought i was going to die. so people were really scared. when the pilots kept coming out of the cockpit that was alarming. >> the plane landed after four hours. some of the passengers decided against trying to catch another flight. others boarded different planes to get to their destinations. southwest is now inspecting the malfunctioning aircraft. now, ladies and gentlemen, at 6:16, it's time to find out where santa is. >> oh!! well, santa is heading towards japan! he just passed through hiroshima heading towards nagasaki. 993million almost a billion gifts delivered so far. >> hm. >> pretty impressive, santa! got to say. and this is just the beginning. of course he will be moving around the world today and we'll be tracking him throughout the day, as well. >> so domo arrogoto, is that
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how you say hello santa? >> somebody else knows. >> send us a message over facebook. >> there's your santa update. how are the roads? we are going to look at pictures. this is what christmas should look like. isn't that beautiful? >> aww. >> we just checked in with the chp. they say all roads are open leading to the sierra, although there are chain restrictions in place for all major roads leading up to the sierra so certainly pack them with you if you plan to make a drive up to tahoe anytime today. in the meantime, if you plan on making the 101 commute, there is an accident now and the chp has issued a "sig alert." they expect to have multiple lanes shut down because of this overturn crash. south 101 just before poplar, this overturn accident blocking three out of five lanes around they expect to have it out there for quite some time. so be prepared for some delays heading through there. you can see our sensors along 101 are picking up some of those backups now again for southbound traffic heading through san mateo.
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meantime, the 580 commute in oakland eastbound 580 approaching grand, there's an accident there blocking one lane of traffic. so we have the problems in san mateo, also westbound traffic flowing well leaving oakland heading into san francisco and, in fact, most roadways moving at the speed limit this morning. granted, it is wet out there and slippery, be prepared for a wet drive along the nimitz. 880 still rolling well in both directions through oakland. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." now to julie. thank you, miss liza. we have a lot going on weather- wise. we started off with hi-def doppler tracking the cold front passing through this morning. you can see this line right here. but, of course, plenty of rain left in its wake. let's zoom in to the tri-valley and show you what we're seeing. moderate rainfall heavy at times passing through danville, san ramon, dublin-pleasanton. every one in the bay should see a little rain today. but it will be spotty in nature once the front passes through. also going to see increasing
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winds 15, 25 miles per hour later on today with some higher gusts after this cold front passes through, and cold air in place. so unsettled, unstable air could mean the possibility of some thunderstorms or some small hail later today. definitely an active christmas eve weather-wise. we'll time it out with futurecast. here's where we are right now. we are seeing that front pass through so we are seeing some pretty moderate to heavy rain passing through the bay. scattered showers throughout the day. so you can see periods of heavy rainfall not likely a total rainout but definitely could be caught in a downpour. we could see some ponding on the roads if you are traveling today. and then later on, as we pass overnight into tomorrow, notice this is 7 a.m. christmas morning, we have some showers out there. so may still see some showers. could be cold later on tonight. we see showers and snow on some of our higher elevations here in the bay area mount diablo,
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some peaks. showers, a winter storm watch in effect christmas night. tomorrow night. still going to be cold though tonight. thunderstorms in atlanta, chicago, houston and new york. there could be travel delays in the air. and, of course, on the road a winter storm warning in effect for the high country so sunrise today 7:23. sunset 7:56. temperatures topping out in the low to mid-50s staying cool. and unsettled for the next couple of days. rain should die down by christmas day. dry monday through midweek. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everybody.
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can you feel it? can you feel it? ah! the big day is almost coming. i into it's presents and all that stuff but i'm talking about lebron james coming to the warriors on friday. but last night had a nice run with the jazz. let me show you that one. sweaters all around. love the christmas sweaters. here came the jazz. and there came the turnovers. draymond green to klay thompson, finish it man! warriors just on the defensive lockdown last night. held utah to 41% shooting and the warriors like to run. steph curry on the loose. 16 points, 9 assists. they had a 9-point lead in the half. look at the no look number. curry to bogut, warriors won 103-85. 31 straight wins at home. 27 overall. picked up the highest winning percentage on christmas day
6:25 am
when they wake up. nfl and the raiders tonight. oh, they will finish the season 8-8. that will be a five win turnaround from last year but the story today will be about charles woodson. what an emotional game today against san diego. could be the final game for the team in oakland. it will be the final home game for charges woodson who announced his retirement on monday after 18 seasons. a teammate said, boy, today is must see. >> on christmas eve the oakland raiders against the san diego chargers in the oakland coliseum and quite possibly they say maybe the last game in the oakland coliseum. you can't get up for that then you not a football fan and we need to check your pulse. >> can't say it any better than that one. and the raiders are favored to win the game against the chargers. i'll be there. will you? see you later. play of the day this morning, from college football. the go daddy bowl in mobile, alabama.
6:26 am
bowling green quarterback fumbling the snap. but he then recovered happened threw a 45 yards touchdown pass to roger lewis. there it is. but they lost to georgia southern. warriors getting ready for their christmas showdown with cleveland but the game isn't the only reason steph curry is getting national headlines right now. >> and airports across the country taking extra steps to make sure travelers get homele this christmas eve. we'll be right back. ,, ,, ,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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kennedy center honoree carole king. more coming up on "cbs this morning." ♪[ music ]
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at least 7 people are dead across three states as devastating storms hit during one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> and with the raiders plotting a move to l.a. by next season, that means tonight could be the last home game here at coliseum ever. >> we are tracking rain and snow on hi-def doppler this morning. looking at a possibility of some thunderstorms and even a white christmas here in the bay area. we have details coming up. >> and there's a major accident now blocking lanes of 101 in the southbound direction in san mateo. i'll tell you who you that traffic is with "kcbs traffic." good morning. thank you for joining us. happy christmas eve day december 24. i'm anne makovec. >> i'm brian hackney. michelle and frank are off this morning. we are seeing a wet start to the bay area. rain is coming in as ably forecast by julie yesterday. >> it looks like a white
6:31 am
christmas in the sierra. look at this gorgeous look at nyack along interstate 80 taken a few minutes ago. if you are heading up there, chain controls are in place. we are going to see a wet christmas eve around the bay area. julie has been tracking that. >> tracking rain and snow. look at hi-def doppler. according to doppler, the rain- snow line just east of grass valley. we have been talking about low snow and we certainly are beginning to see it although it looks like the snow levels will drop this evening. and, in fact, we could see a chance of snow in the bay area. for right now, hi-def doppler is showing primarily rain. a cold front is passing through slowly this morning making its way towards the south bay. you can see the band of showers right here. showers continuing though behind the cold front throughout the day today. possibility of some thunderstorms thanks to that unstable air. 46 in livermore. 43 in san jose. overall we are off to a cold
6:32 am
start. we are going to get colder as we move on throughout the weekend. in fact, a freeze watch in effect for tomorrow night. in the meantime, we have a lot to anticipate today. a wet start to the day staying unsettled over the next 24 hours. cold temperatures moving in, i'll have details on all of this coming up. the chp has issued a "sig alert" for 101 in the peninsula. that's where there's an overturn accident now. southbound 101 near poplar. three lanes are shut down. so with those three out of 5 southbound lanes closed, we are looking at a delay heading through there. this is again in the counter- commute direction where we have very light traffic anyway on this morning of christmas eve. just be prepared for a brief delay getting through there. south 101. and eastbound 580 at grand and oakland an accident blocking one lane. but the bay bridge toll plaza has been fine. westbound traffic still looking okay. now do keep in mind our roads are wet out there. so we are seeing a few spinouts southbound traffic right here on the nimitz still flows well
6:33 am
as it rolls through the oakland area. and no big delays to report to you heading across the wet golden gate bridge. i'll have more "kcbs traffic" including an update on bart in just a few minutes. guys. airports nationwide are working feverishly to get travelers to their christmas destinations. as don champion reports, airlines are playing catch-up after bed weather forces hundreds of cancellations and delays. >> reporter: instead of being nestled in their beds, scores of travelers are waking up after the airports across the country this morning, hoping to make it to their loved ones on christmas eve. >> we are going to jamaica. supposedly. >> reporter: today's holiday rush includes many passengers who tried to make it home yesterday but instead had flights delayed or canceled because of heavy rain and fog in the northeast. while bob and diane took it in stride -- >> i'm a retired pilot. so we understand weather and
6:34 am
delays. >> reporter: -- shea lefkowitz and her husband, their flight rebooked three times, have had enough. >> we are going to get our money back and go next weekend. >> reporter: over the next few days many airlines are shifting the timing of flights adding red eyes and using bigger planes to get people to their destinations. >> big thing is just to get myself some extra time. >> reporter: 38 million people are expected to fly during the christmas and new year's holidays. don champion, cbs news, laguardia airport. >> right now, the three major areas here in the bay area -- airports in the bay area are reporting only minor delays of 15 minutes or less. some of those delays were caused by powerful storms in the midwest. at least 6 people were killed when this tornado ripped through mississippi. a 7-year-old boy is among those killed. search-and-rescue teams still going door to door to make sure people who live in the area are accounted for. kayaker drowned after capsizing off the sonoma county coastline yesterday. officials identified the man as 63-year-old joseph woods. a friend who had paddled out
6:35 am
with woods said they capsized in rough waters near goat rock beach. woods' friend made it safely to shore, though. on one of the busiest travel days of the year some people headed to sfo found an unexpected delay yesterday. just after noon protestors walked on to highway 101 and blocked traffic on the connector ramp to the airport. they held banners saying, justice for mario woods. you may have seen this cell phone video. woods is the man san francisco police shot and killed three weeks ago. and another rally is planned for today at city hall. similar on 405 in l.a. protestors briefly halted traffic as they spray-painted messages on the pavement. turns out part of a national coordinated protest. this morning, the u.s. is getting ready to deport hundreds of illegal immigrants who have entered the country in the past two years. the "washington post" says that raids starting in january would be the first large-scale effort
6:36 am
to deport people who left central america. the operation would only target people who have already been ordered out of the country by an immigration judge. prosecutors have now charged a richmond man with making death threats against muslims. 55-year-old william sele pleaded not guilty yesterday to making criminal threats with a hate crime enhancement. he is accused of yelling obscenities and threatening to kill muslims outside an islamic center. he also allegedly posted a photo on facebook that he described as a pipe bomb but later found to be fake. tonight could be your last chance to see the raiders play in oakland. it is the final home game of the season for the silver and black and nobody knows where the team will play next year. kpix 5's kiet do joining us live from the coliseum with the latest on the raiders future. >> reporter: good morning. this whole situation could end any number of ways. but yes, there is the possibility that this could be the final home game for the raiders ever. now, the raiders along with the
6:37 am
san diego chargers and st. louis rams are all positioning themselves to try and move to los angeles. what's more, the raiders are working with the chargers, who they are playing tonight, to share a stadium in carson, a suburb of l.a. if that stadium is built, it will be $1.7 billion. oakland mayor libby schaaf is optimistic. she is telling fans to, quoted, keep the faith and that the city is drafting a rough plan to present to the nfl on december 30th describing how the city will build a new stadium to keep the raiders without directly spending any public money on the stadium. whether or not the city can actually come up with a plan is unknown. but the mayor says i do believe it can be done. we have the will. unquote. here's commissioner roger goodell the last time he talked about a possible raiders move back in december at and owners meeting. >> i have not put a timeline on it. i did not express that today. the question is we need to get
6:38 am
sufficient information to make a smart decision. >> now, if all that weren't enough to bring the fans out this charles woodson's last home game. the 18-year veteran safety played with the raiders for many years and is also the oldest active safety in the league. all of this taken together has some players calling this a must-win game for the raiders tonight. we are live in oakland, kiet do, kpix 5. >> the raiders/chargers game is here on kpix 5 at 5:00 tonight immediately followed by the "5th quarter." who knows, you could be watching history. >> in the making. he is the darling the nba and now steph curry is using his star power to try to save lives. >> i heard about a shooting involving a 3-year-old girl over the summer. my daughter riley is that age. >> the warriors guard and other nba players are teaming up in public service announcements that start airing tomorrow. the ads talk about gun violence but never gu control.
6:39 am
they mention families who endured the tragic next of shootings. >> i have lost friends and people super close to my family and i think it's a great thing that the nba is doing. >> the ads are funded by a gun control group. it was founded by former new york mayor michael bloomberg to try to counter the influence of the national rifle association. the beatles are entering the streaming era. >> starting today the legendary band's songs are available on apple music, google play, spotify and other services. they were previously on cds, records and itunes. time now 21 minutes before 7:00. the ntsb is looking into a plane crash in steep terrain in castro valley. how special recovery teams are helping to figure out what went wrong. >> and the christmas cheer is infectious here at lefty o'doul's in union square for
6:40 am
their 15th annual to drive, more coming up. ,, ,, ♪ this just in. the final countdown to christmas is here. wait what? gary, is this teleprompter right? sweet molasses! i need to start shopping immediately. save on thousands of last minute deals at target.
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it's for you. boop! barbie! a new tie! shop by 6pm. pick up today. topping out in the low 50s today areawide. 50s in clearlake. we have showers and possibility of snow even in the bay area. thunderstorms a lot to talk about that's all coming up. also coming up now at 17 minutes before 7:00, a look at what's on "cbs this morning." >> check in with anthony mason. joining us live from the airport. anthony it's warm over there. doesn't even feel like christmas eve? >> reporter: it was 65 degrees when i came out of the coffee
6:44 am
shop at 5:40 this morning, anne and brian. it's beginning to not look a lot like christmas. anyway, coming up, we are in mississippi with the damage left behind after a string of deadly tornadoes. plus, we'll talk with a "new york times" political correspondent about the new threat donald trump is directing at hillary clinton! and now you don't have to buy beatles music to show your love for the group. how adding the band to streaming sites could be a tipping point for the industry. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you all at 7:00. >> thank you. >> huge crowd in san francisco's union square to spread holiday cheer. >> the party has already begun. the goal to make sure no child goes without a gift. kpix 5's jackie ward is live at leftie o'doul's where donations are flowing in. >> reporter: i haven't been in the back.
6:45 am
i have been admiring the toys up here. i'm with lefty o'doul's cousin. merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you too. >> this is unbelievable! >> the charity, from bay area people, just wonderful. it's just wonderful. we want to pay a lot of happy place. we'll see them today. and tomorrow. >> reporter: it's a lofty goal 15,000 toys. >> we are going to take care of it. toys. you can help out. you can donate online. give us toys. have a beverage. we'll be here. they just want to dryive by. we have volunteers on the street. >> reporter: that's really nice with rain -- >> it's a little damp so no need to get out of your car. >> reporter: the elves are waterproof. very nice. the christmas carols started at like 5:00 this morning. >> we started christmas carols and we have entertainment all
6:46 am
day. >> we have the mayor, president of the board of supervisors, everybody is singing. >> and a grammy nominated artist. >> awesome. thank you so much. >> merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas. thank you. >> reporter: so this is actually going until 1:00 this morning. >> do you have snow falling outside the restaurant? >> reporter: here's the deal. i know that greg our morning photographer behind the lens right now, he went and found that snow for you, anne! >> so pretty! >> i love it. thanks, jackie. >> thanks for bringing us the pictures. we'll see you later in the meantime, we have
6:47 am
been watching santa fly around the world. >> you know, santa has delivered over a billion presents already this morning. can you believe that? he is a special guy. right now heading for shanghai klein. santa will do fine in the weather. this commute breezy. how about our commute on the roads? >> we have traffic delays on 101. so if you plan on making this commute, chp issued a "sig alert." >> a car overturned south 101 beyond poplar. three out of 5 southbound lanes are shut down.
6:48 am
they are running late on bart to all downtown destinations because equipment problems. no delays for ferry, caltrain. ace trains on a holiday schedule, no train numbers 5 and 7. >> westbound fine heading into san francisco. a light commute. it is wet out there. so we are seeing some spinouts but westbound traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza is moving well. 21-minute drive time between the carquinez bridge and the maze in oakland. no problems to report to you in terms of southbound commuting. 101 over at the golden gate, it is wet but traffic is fine. we have not had any delays for all of marin county getting into san francisco.
6:49 am
14-minute drive time between 580 and the city. roads are open up to the sierra but chain restrictions on all roads to tahoe. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." now to julie. we are definitely talking about a lot of snow from the high country. rain down here in the bay area. hi-def doppler tracking the front that has made its way through the bay area throughout the day. here's a front right here. we can tell because of the change of wind direction just ahead of it, but you can't tell by looking at the rain because they are just as much rain. in fact, even heavier rain in some cases from the unstable air, the showers behind it. rain through palo alto, los altos, sunnyvale, continuing to head into the south bay.
6:50 am
cold and blustery, unsettled. because of the unsettled air mars we could see a possibility of some thundershowers and small hail today. and then by tonight, as temperatures continue to drop, some of the lingers showers could even prompt a little white christmas for us. storm night and tomorrow morning we may see snow in the bay area, places like mount diablo and local peaks. showers continue into christmas morning so lingering showers for tomorrow. and they will dry out throughout the day tomorrow. we'll also start to see the winds die down tomorrow, as well. so rain to start the day showers continuing through tomorrow morning. and then a freeze watch goes into effect tomorrow night. in the meantime winter storm
6:51 am
warning into effect right now. this of course is for the sierra. we are looking at one to two feet of snow at the pass level. expect travel delays chains are required today so grab those up to the high country. >> certainly row snow levels. the tahoe report in heavenly conditions looking good 12 to 24 inches. more snow falling right now will fall throughout the day into the first part of tomorrow. same story with squaw valley, powder lifts 22 open will be a great day to hit the slopes squaw valley or anywhere up in the high country. high temperatures today, not exactly high. 52 fairfield. breezy thundershowers and dusting of snow today by tonight on the peaks. unsettled tomorrow. saturday we dry out. another chance of showers sunday evening. and then we are dry highs
6:52 am
staying in the 50s monday through midweek. back to you guys. new details on the plane that went down in a wooded area in the east bay. a viewer shot this cell phone video just minutes after the single-engine piper slammed into a steep hillside near castro valley on tuesday. shows a large area of debris and evidence that the plane broke up on impact. the pilot's body was found in the wreckage. john sacco was the only person on board. he was a safety engineer and consultant. earlier this year governor brown appointed him to the state osha board. the ntsb arrived at the crash site yesterday. special recovery teams from the sheriff's office and fire departments stepped in to help the investigators get to the wreckage. >> today my goal is to document the wreckage as it came to rest. i'll be taking some photos, getting latitude and longitude measurements, things like that. we are going to wait to do a more authorize roy examination of the wreckage once it's
6:53 am
recovered. >> ntsb investigators will evaluating weather, training, the pilot's health and the plane's mechanics. it could be weeks to release the preliminary report. airlines are forced to take some extreme measures to get travelers home this christmas eve. we'll have more on the last- minute rush in the last minute of the show when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
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scrambling to get travelerse this christmas eve. rain five things to know at the :55. airports across the country scrambling to get travelers home this christmas eve. rain and fog caused a lot of problems in the northeast yesterday. and today airlines are shipping the timing of flights they are adding red eyes and using bigger planes to get people home. >> the death toll is likely to climb from an outbreak of tornadoes and severe storms in the south and the midwest.
6:57 am
in mississippi, several people died including a child. forecasters expect the severe weather threat to go east giving way to record heat along the east coast. protestors are planning more demonstrations today in light of recent police shootings here in the bay area. protestors walked on highway 101 and blocked traffic on the connector ramp to sfo. in minneapolis, dozens of protestors were arrested for disrupting travel at the main airport yesterday. more king tides are expected today. the national weather service is warning people to expect flooding in the usual low-lying places. these could be some of the highest tides of the year. they will be higher next month actually thanks to a christmas full moon. >> the raiders could be playing the last game ever in oakland. the matchup against the chargers is the final home game before the nfl decides which team or teams will move to l.a. you can see that game right here at 5:00 on kpix 5. i'm jackie ward live at lefty o'doul's in union square in san francisco. the 15 inn annual toy drive is
6:58 am
under way. the christmas carols, the fire chief is here, the police chief, the president of of the board of supervisors, all for the kids. now, they are trying to get 15,000 toys. that's 5,000 more than last year for what they are calling the forgotten children and kids who may not otherwise have a gift but look, sitting around the piano these kids all have gifts. they finished singing. they got to go to the back of lefty o'doul's pick out any toy they wanted. they walked out with arms full of toils. that's what the season of giving is all about. they walked out with arms full of toys. the crew here at lefty o'doul's was here at 4 a.m., and will be here in 1 a.m. christmas morning. all the elves will be out helping get gifts out of people's cars and then they will be delivering them to even more kids who need a gift this christmas season. live from union square, jackie ward, kpix 5. chp has been busy on 101 clearing up an overturn accident. southbound 101 near poplar.
6:59 am
three out of 5 southbound lanes are shut down. we have traffic slow for about a half mile approaching the scene there. bart is running into delays. 10-minutes late leaving downtown oakland because of earlier problems. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, your gift this morning, very light traffic getting into the city. julie? >> widespread showers tracking on doppler this morning. some of these showers moderate to heavy rainfall we'll continue to see this throughout the day today possibility of some thundershowers later on this afternoon, as well. temperatures though pretty cool. we remain unsettled throughout the day and into christmas morning and then we start to dry out for the second half of your christmas. dry saturday, sunday another chance of showers. big news though, snow, cold air, wind, thunderstorms, you name it, we got it today. >> nothing is going to stop santa from making it. >> of course not. in fact, we're over 1 billion gifts delivered so far. right now, he is heading towards hong kong one minute away. >> safe travels, santa. hope everybody enjoys their
7:00 am
christmas eve. thanks for joining us. and we have a live look at lefty o'doul's where you can still drop off donations today. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it's thursday, december 24th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." tornadoes rip homes from the ground as deadly storms sweep across the country. and wild weather causes thousands of airport delays with more headaches today for holiday travelers. plus a christmas gift from the beatles. why you now can add songs from the fab four to your streaming play list. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> tornado! >> i lived here all my life and never seen nothing like this in december. >> deadly storms sweep across the south.


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