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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  December 24, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. now at noon, time is running out for you procrastinators. lots of people dodging raindrops today to get those last few gifts. thanks for joining, i'm anne
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makovec. >> i'm brian hackney. jackie ward is out among the crush of shoppers. jackie, how's it going out there? >> reporter: you know, it's been hey really -- it's been a really weird weather day, rain, snow, wind, sun, and even snow outside lefty o'doul's. shoppers are getting it done. shoppers at union square had umbrellas and rain jackets this morning. most of the stores opened at 10 a.m. and were ready for the last- minute shoppers to come in. with on-and-off rain today we asked shoppers if the forecast had any effect on their plans. >> not at all. not at all. nice weather, got me an umbrella and go from there. >> well, it's a little pressure. it's like writing the paper in the last minute. >> the thing i really, really, really really, really, really want is a surfboard. >> we have come from australia and we are so excited because we just don't have access to all these amazing stores. >> i want to go ice skating in the rain.
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it's so much fun. >> reporter: we spoke to people who finished their christmas shopping but just wanted that take in the festive scene here, go and look at the christmas tree or enjoy a day off from work, so if you still need to get more gifts, you have a few hours left, macy's here is open until 6 p.m. closing a little earlier than usual. same for the rest of the stores here. of course, it's christmas eve. in union square, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> the sierra ski resorts getting a present under the tree and on the trees and on the benches, as well. [ laughter ] >> more snow falling in the tahoe basin. it's been coming down all morning. our sister station kovr in sacramento warns though that conditions are treacherous. >> not the best conditions to be traveling in. we're headed up to 80. you can see we're a little above 3,000 feet and cars are already putting on chains. they are required right now. if you can avoid driving, i highly suggest it. they hope tomorrow things will
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be clearer. again, the snow is falling steadily right now. the wind is picking up. you can probably see it hitting me in the face. so like i said, if you can avoid it, tomorrow should be a much clearer day. >> wow. all the way down to 3,000 feet. no surprise after all the snow this month. of the latest measurement shows the snowpack at 111% of average for this time of the year. >> people all over the country are scrambling to get to their christmas destinations today. marlie hall tells us, weather grounded a lot of flights yesterday. >> reporter: the christmas eve travel rush is under way and the delays are stacking up. storms in the south and east on wednesday led to cancellations and late planes. jennifer lawson's family was on a flight from new york to dallas last night but fog and rain stopped it from taking off. >> after 3.5, 4 hours, i think, on the plane, okay, you're going to have to get off and catch a flight at 7 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> more bad weather has already forced airlines to delay around 1,000 flights and canceled more
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than 100 today. that's on top of yesterday's disruptions. >> it was the weather, the weather, the weather. >> reporter: some stranded travelers read books, while others parsed the time on their lap -- passed the time on their laptops and some slept. for the first time more than 100 million americans are traveling for christmas and new year's. and airline passengers could see heightened security. >> tsa is not saying that explicitly but given what's happened in paris and san bernardino, there might be a little more scrutiny at the screen points this year. >> reporter: there is some good news for the 91 million people driving to their holiday destinations. the average price for gas is just over $2. marlie hall, cbs news, new york. >> some of those delays were caused by powerful storms in the midwest. at least 6 people were killed when they tornado ripped through mississippi. a 7-year-old boy is among those who died. search-and-rescue teams are going door to door to try to find people who may not be
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accounted for. as we look outside at coit tower, good heavens, there's a little bit of sun and clouds and snow and rain. you asked for it, it's a can't miss forecast actually. check out this time lapse earlier. that's the traffic on the golden gate bridge. look at the hint of a rainbow on the right. typically if you have a rainbow to the east it means things are clearing because the sun is behind it. it means the moisture is heading east. but is that actually going to happen? are we going to get clearing or is there more trouble ahead? julie watts? [ laughter ] >> i was just waiting for toss. we currently have some clearing although there is more trouble ahead. the answer to the question is all of the above, brian hackney. take a look at hi-def doppler. here's what you're looking at now. we have scattered showers throughout the bay area. some of them actually moderate to heavy rainfall. this one over the south bay, loss al forecasts sunnyvale, you're getting rain -- los altos, sunnyvale, you're getting rain. 15 minutes ago we saw showers over san jose. that cell has moved south.
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we are seeing moderate rainfall in los gatos at this hour. in fact, if we take a live look at san jose right now, you can see still raindrops on the lens. we have picked up about .18" in san jose. pretty good for san jose. and we are going to get more throughout the day today. three-tenths for dublin hayward. about a quarter redwood city and mill valley. this is just the beginning. we anticipate scattered showers throughout the day possibility of some thunderstorms and, yes, brian hackney, you mentioned it, just a chance of a dusting of snow right here in the bay area. i'll tell you where we might see it coming up in just a few minutes. hang in there. a bay area tradition going strong as we speak. lefty o'doul's restaurant is holding its 15th annual last chance toy drive in san francisco. this all started before the sun came up. carollers and city leaders kicking things off. already, santa has been picking up and carrying off thousands of toys to deliver to children around the city. >> favorite part is giving
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await toys. that's the best part. see the look on the kids' faces and stuff and remember how when you were a kid and the bicycle, baseball mitt or basketball and just made your year. >> this is going on all day most of the night. you can still drop off donations. there will be a barrel outside. go on in the restaurant. this is at 333 geary street. the goal is to collect and deliver 15,000 gifts for delivery to local kids. other news this midday pg&e is off the hook for more than a dozen criminal charges linked to the san bruno disaster. a federal judge dismissed 15 of the 28 violations tied to the 2010 explosion. he says the counts that he dismissed essentially duplicated some of the other counts. pg&e will still go on trial for the most serious charges in march. eight people were killed, 38 homes destroyed in september 2010. two san francisco firefighters are recovering after being shocked by a rooftop solar panel.
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that happened while they were fighting a fire yesterday on hollister avenue in the bayview. one firefighter was taken to a hospital with numbness in his arms. the other stayed on scene and kept fighting the fire. it is not yet known why that solar panel gave them a jolt. san francisco chinatown figure raymond "shrimp boy" chow has finished his testimony in his federal murder and racketeering trial. during his final day on the stand yesterday, he denied killing anyone. chow contends he left behind his life of crime in 2003 when he got out of federal prison. the judge says the case may go to the jurors in mid-january. we are now hearing from the family of the first openly gay active duty service member to be killed in action. major adrianna vorderbruggen was commander of the group attacked by a suicide bomber. she is the highest ranking gay soldier killed in action. she lobbied for repeal of the ban on gays openly serving in
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the military. her family will now be eligible for military death benefits. the major's older brother says his sister was a real trailblazer. >> we want to say she is a hero and, um, i hope she is a hero to all of us not just to me. she inspired us all, i think, by just being herself and being proud to be who she was. >> major vorderbruggen was one of six soldiers killed by the bomber. their remains arrived back in the u.s. yesterday. and coming up next, the golden state warriors getting ready for their christmas matchup with cleveland. but the game is not the only reason that steph curry is making headlines. ,, announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic,
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says -- it could be the te's
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final ga the raiders will play their final healthcare reform game of the season tonight and -- home game of the season tonight and kiet do says it could be the team's final game ever in oakland. >> reporter: this whole situation could end with the distinct possibility that this could be the final home game for the raiders ever. now, the raiders along with the sad chargers and the st. louis rams are all positioning themselves for a possible move to los angeles. what's more, the raiders are working with the chargers, whom they are playing with tonight, to share a stadium in carson, a suburb of l.a. and if the stadium is built it will be worth $1.7 billion. now, oakland mayor libby schaaf is nothing if not optimistic. she is telling fans to, quote, keep the faith and that the city is drafting a rough plan to the present to the nfl on december 30 describing how the city will build a new stadium to keep the raiders without directly spending any public money on that stadium. whether or not the city can actually come up with a plan is unknown. but the mayor says, i, quote, do believe it can be done.
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we have the will. unquote. here's commissioner roger goodell the last time he talked about a possible raiders move back in and owners meeting in early december. >> i have not put a timeline on it. i did not express that today. ownership expressed their desire to get this done in a reasonable period of time. the question for me is we need to get sufficient information to make smart decisions. >> now, if all that weren't enough to bring the fans out, this is charles woodson's last home game. the 18-year veteran safety played with the raiders for many years. he is also the oldest active safety in the league. all of this taken together has some of the raiders players saying this is a must-win game for the team. by the way, if oakland wants to move, it has to be approved by three-quarters of the league's 32 teams. and all the owners will meet on january 12 and 13. in oakland, kiet do, kpix 5. you can catch that raiders/chargers game here on kpix 5. the game starts at 5 p.m., immediately followed by
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the "5th quarter." he is the reigning mvp and darling of the nba. now steph curry is using his star power to try to help save lives. >> i heard about a shooting involving a 3-year-old girl over the summer. my daughter riley is that age. >> the warriors guard and other nba players teaming up in public service announcements that start airing tomorrow. the ads talk about gun violence but never mentions gun control. they also feature families who have endured the tragic effects of shootings. >> i have lost friends, i've lost people super close to my family. and, you know, i think it's a great thing that the nba is doing. >> the spots are funded by "every town for gun safety, "a gun control group. it was funded by former new york mayor michael bloomberg, trying to counter the influence of the national rifle association. santa has been at it for several hours. i notice you have christmas eve day, we have a long time until he visits our area. but boy, he got half the world done. >> he got up before we did this
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morning. lord knows we got up pretty early. so far right now santa is in egypt. >> so far almost 3 billion gifts delivered. that's impressive. let's talk about the weather. starting off with hi-def doppler, you can see light to moderate rainfall right now near milpitas, cupertino seeing moderate showers head, your way. san jose light rainfall there. as we pull out you will notice these showers spotty in nature but definitely heavy at times. you can see a heavy downpour here one just north of santa rosa. anticipate this throughout the day. breaks in the rain like this, beautiful blue skies with some nice clouds there over the golden gate. but that doesn't mean we won't see thundershowers. we'll see rain from time to time. right now temperatures are cool. 40s and 50s outside right now. the cold front passed through earlier this morning. behind it unstable air and that
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means that we'll stay unsettled through the day today. likely going to see scattered showers and again heavy at times, possibility of some thunder -- easy for me to say, right, thunderstorms as well as we move on throughout the day today. futurecast times it out. as you can see right now scattered showers and we stay really unsettled throughout the day today. as we near the evening hours and it gets a little colder, that's when we think we could see a little bit of snowfall a white christmas eve if you will on some of the bay area peaks. we are talking about mount diablo, higher elevations could see snow around 2500 feet. so if we get one of these cells passing through, at just the right time, just the right elevation, we could see snow on the peaks today. we remain unsettled through christmas morning here at 6 a.m. christmas morning still seeing some scattered showers. then we dry out for the second half of the day tomorrow. in fact, that's what to expect as we move on to the next couple of days. showers through christmas morning. dry for christmas afternoon and saturday. but getting cold. in fact a freeze watch in effect for christmas night and
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saturday. right now, a winter storm warning in effect for right now. in the high country you will need your chains. at the pass level up to 2 feet of snow but snow levels pretty low by the end of the day down around 2500 feet. >> 7:23 sunrise around the time you will be opening presents scattered showers around sunrise tomorrow. high temperatures tomorrow not that high. we are talking 50s so definitely below average for this time of the year. and the extended forecast shows unsettled today through the first part of tomorrow christmas. then we start to dry out.
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we are dry on saturday. sunday another chance of showers by sunday evening. and then we are dry staying with temperatures in the 50s monday through midweek. now we are going to shift gears and we are going to talk about our "food for bay area families" drive. joining us today we have jordan from the c-510 cycling club. tell me about your club. >> we're a group of about 30 cyclists from the crocker highlands neighborhood in oakland that got to know each other through our kids' elementary school. we have been riding together for a number of years and are starting to want to give back to the community. >> which is fantastic. i understand you had an event for the food bank. >> yes. we created the c510 super cat race for our community. we invite riders of all ages and abilities out to take a course, ride a course through the oakland hills. >> how much money did you
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raise? >> we raised north of $19,000. >> wow! >> for the alameda county food bank. >> that's amazing! so tell me, how much -- what does that do? how much food can that buy? >> $19,000 would provide over 40,000 meals for our community. yeah. our food bank is very efficient. we are able to leverage dollars, you know, a lot better than you might be able to if you were to go to the grocery store so fundraisers like this, they are not only great just for raising money and raising food for our community, but also engaging the community. it's great to see organizations like this helping us out. >> that is fantastic. well, what a great job you guys. so now for the check presentation we have some special guests today. this is a 19-plus thousand dollar check. drum roll, please. [ drum of roll ] >> fantastic. thank you for raising the money and for the great presentation and thank you for the all the work do you at the food bank. remember, if you would like to donate, join us. or whole foods will be collecting food and donations for one more day so you can
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head to any whole foods today and donate there. back to you guys. >> thank you. nicely done. up next, an early christmas present today for fans of those guys, the beatles catalog becoming more widely available. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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available on apple music, ge play, and other services john,paul, george and ringo's song are now streaming online. up until now it was only on traditional cds, cassettes and vinyl. and recently on apple's itunes. if you are looking for something sweet for the holidays, stephanie and tony tantillo are serving up orange and fennel salad. >> reporter: this time of year, navel oranges just hit the market. they are fantastic and, of course, the fennel. what kind of salad? >> we are making a navel orange and fennel salad one of my best salads in the world. >> you love it? >> i could have this every day. different varieties of oranges and they all go great with fennel. we put that in with the oranges, olive oil and salt and threat relax at room temperature because it's -- we let it relax at room
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temperature because it's going to soften up. the fennel won't brown. to freshen it up we add another orange and leaves to give it the extra flavor and texture. oranges have just been cut so they will taste a little different than the ones in with the fennel. >> at a little pepper to it. >> always season salads. >> you already put salt in there? >> yes to help with the fennel flavor. and because of course the fennel will need more salt than the orange it's also why i like to add more orange after. >> look how beautiful that is. >> so perfect. >> fennel and oranges together. it's a marriage in heaven. ciao. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right. we are continuing to track santa. >> i would say santa might even be more important than the rain today. take a look at this santa tracking. almost 3 billion gifts delivered right now. he is in africa right now. >> when is he due into the us? >> you know, brian, i have no idea. >> overnight. >> thanks for spending your day with us.
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