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tv   KPIX 5 News and Pre- Game Show  CBS  December 24, 2015 4:30pm-5:01pm PST

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of the bay your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. now at 4:30 snow in the bay area. but first it's one of the bay area's most popular hiking spots. new tonight, posted warnings about a new danger. a fissure is opened up on a crumbling cliffside. good afternoon, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm betty yu. thanks for joining us for this special edition of kpix 5 news before the raiders game. emily turner is in point reyes but standing farther from the cliff than she normally would. emily. >> reporter: that's absolutely right. now, with storms like this one or all of the wind or the sea,
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it takes its toll on the cliffs of point reyes. new signs of wear and tear are making a hiking trail potentially dangerous. the cliffs are beautiful and deadly. the national park service says a fissure developed along a chimney rock trail a popular photography spot featured today in the "san francisco chronicle." >> we are visiting california for the holidays and we just figured we should come out here and have fun. >> a fun day outdoors can be deadly when a cliff face clasp. in late march local teacher died when a portion of rock collapsed days after the park service warned hikers about unstable cliffs. wet weather has a lot to do with this. with rain there's erosion on the trail and wet soil what's more than dry soil and will
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probably slump -- weighs more than dry soil and will probably slump into the ocean. hikers are asked to follow the signs and stay safe by staying on the straight and narrow. >> we just followed a trail and yeah, look out for sketchy parts of the trail. >> we're just going to follow the trail. >> reporter: and the cliffs -- the cliff collapse was right outside of arch rock was so significant that that trail is still closed indefinitely. reporting live in point reyes, emily turner, kpix 5. from west marin let's go south now to check this out. that is snow on mount hamilton. what do you expect for christmas eve, right? you can see the lick observatory and the dome. lots of people have left font sierra where there is a whole lot of new snow. it is pretty slow going on highway 50, 80 and 88.
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chains are required in the usual places. so here we could be knee deep in water at least in some places. the rare christmas full moon will coincide with the king tides. this morning's tide was one of the highest of the year. >> what's christmas day and the weekend looking like? let's get straight to kpix 5's chief meteorologist paul deanno. paul. >> not done with the rain yet, but after that it's all going to be about the cold. we could see record lows coming up this christmas weekend. peek at kpix 5 hi-def doppler radar which is still active this evening. want to show you the south bay because some of that pink and purple is mixed precipitation or snowfall falling in the santa cruz mountains and also the diablo range right around mount hamilton. additional snowfall is possible. we'll take you north mendocino county. the hills to the east and west of ukiah, it is snowing there north of willits, high 101 reporting snowfall in mendocino county on christmas eve. we'll take you closer to home where it's rain not snow but it's slicing through marin
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right now. mill valley, san anselmo you're next. eventually san francisco, oakland, this may impact the raiders game coming up. chilly temperatures only 50 in livermore. already 43 in santa rosa. the warm spot oakland 54. we have a raiders game coming up next on kpix 5. watch out for some spotty showers, one shower in marin will probably hit the game in the 1st quarter. 50 degrees coming up, your kickoff temperature. overnight lows tonight 34 concord, livermore 33, san jose 37. a freeze watch is in effect for tomorrow night and also saturday night. temperatures may drop as low as the mid-20s which would be record daily low temperatures. so we are getting cold. here's why. santa coming in tonight from the north pole, he is going to have a tail wind because we're having a north-to-south flow behind this area of low pressure system. it's going to be chilly for a while. we'll be dry after tonight but we are going to be very, very chilly for the next several days. it will be snow this evening above 3,000 feet with any remaining showers. we're dry tomorrow. we're dry saturday. but don't expect highs to get
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much above 50. christmas day in vallejo, only a high of 52. san jose 52. san francisco 53. and concord tomorrow 51. dry but chilly tomorrow and saturday. slight chance of a shower coming up on sunday night and then we are dry next week as well but look at the temperatures. staying in the mid-50s all the way until new year's eve. that's your kpix 5 forecast. thanks, paul. well, santa claus is busy delivering toys right now to children all around the world before making it to the bay area tonight. and kpix 5's kiet do shows us for last-minute shoppers at one big bay area mall, there is something new this year that many people don't know about. >> reporter: for the longest time, one of the biggest complaints about shopping at valley fair in the south bay has been the parking. well, they just finished building a brand-new multilevel parking structure right next to the macy's that's supposed to ease a lot of the pressure. let's go check it out. it's called the monroe street garage. and it just opened on black friday. it's four stories tall and most of the 2100 spots are now open.
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at noon on christmas eve, steve couldn't believe his luck. did you think it would be this easy to find parking? >> no. >> this is christmas eve and look at all this parking? >> wonderful. >> reporter: maya blair doesn't bother with the other garages. >> other people don't know about the garage. other people get trapped in the other garages that were first here in the first place. >> reporter: so you're a pro then? >> yes, i am. >> reporter: so there you go. the best kept secret in valley fair mall for now. park at the monroe street garage in the upper level if you want to avoid holiday heartache. in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. for many people, their christmas wish keep the raiders in oakland. the silver and black take on the chargers tonight. kickoff will be right here on kpix 5 in about an hour. and depending on what happens in the next month or so, it could be -- could be -- not definitely, the last raiders game at the coliseum. da lin is there now with some fans who are, um, throwing a
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"hail mary" of sorts. da. >> reporter: yeah, kent. i mean the nation's watching this game tonight and fans want to use this one last opportunity to send a message to the nfl. christmas eve a rivalry game between the chargers and raiders. a lot of excitement here but also some fans feel like this is almost like a funeral sending off the raiders so to speak but they are not giving up, not now. ♪[ music ] >> raiders! tamales and chili. >> reporter: the last tailgate party of the season could be the last ever in oakland. >> i'm really sad if it is. you know? i'm really hoping that they pull something together. >> reporter: how long have you guys been tailgating. >> since '95. >> reporter: since the raiders came back. >> yes. >> reporter: loyal fans say this is more than a game. it's a lifestyle. >> my dad used to carry me on his shoulders. >> it's the way of life the way our kids are raised, the way we think and that's why this culture is so important to us. >> reporter: a group of diehards started the day in the
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rain rallying in front of raiders headquarters in alameda trying to get the attention of team owner mark davis. [ screaming ] >> stay in oakland, mark! >> reporter: since the raiders want to team up with the chargers to build a stadium in l.a., chargers fans joined the raiders fans. >> it won't be the same. it won't be a rivalry and to be honest with you for a lot of people, the nfl pretty much died. >> reporter: some fans are also passing out 7,000 "stay in oakland" signs. they will hold them up during the game to send a message to the nfl. >> season tickets for 20 years. i'm not going to the game down in l.a. >> you cannot keep getting up and moving. this ain't the portable rated raiders, the california raiders, it's the oakland raiders. >> reporter: security shut down the fans from passing out those 7,000 stay in oakland signs saying they did not get prior approval so those signs will stay in those boxes behind me
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there. at this point, only nfl owners could stop the move. they could vote as early as next month if the raiders will stay or go. live at the oakland coliseum, i'm da lin, kpix 5. a man stabbed a woman inside a san francisco church. it happened last night at st. charles on south van ness. the woman says the man asked her for a key to the bathroom. she told him she didn't have one. then she felt a shark poke from behind. the suspect -- a sharp poke from behind. the homeless suspect ran off. in an hour there will be a memorial for a 17-year-old boy shot and killed in west oakland. mike sugerman tells us the victim is the grandson of an oakland city councilwoman. and he was killed on the streets of his grandmother's district. >> reporter: politics does not get more personal than this. oakland city council president lynette gibson macle haney has long been a gun control advocate. sunday afternoon her grandson
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was shot dead in the heart of her own council district on busy mandela parkway near the west oakland bart station. he was 17. >> i know this happened during the day. this same night, i heard gunshots. >> reporter: a man who didn't want his face on tv because he feared trouble says such sounds are common. >> it goes on. you know? it's like -- it's like nonstop. so i don't know what to say. >> reporter: torion was in an independent study program. police have no motive. two men apparently came up to him as he walked with a friend. they shot him dead and ran. they have not been caught. the council president said on her facebook page, none of us is immune. his death only strengthens my resolve for eradicating gun violence in our city. a memorial is planned for here later tonight. the first of what no doubt will be many over the years now that
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christmas week has become a horrible anniversary. in west oakland, mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> kpix 5 helped expose a bay area county overcharging people on property taxes. >> how the county is making it right next on kpix 5 news. ,,,,,,
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but that's what happened to. maria medina tonight on how man is the tax man usually cometh. rarely does he giveth. i feel like shakespeare. [ laughter ] >> but that's what happened today. maria medina tonight on how the santa clara county tax man is owning up to a mistake. >> hi, larry stone. >> reporter: it's the moment he waited for, for months. >> you know, when government makes a mistake, we have an obligation to fix it. >> reporter: and it came on christmas eve. >> so here's your check, um, for $27,836.14. >> reporter: this was erin just four months ago. >> there's times where we didn't have the money to pay
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our mortgage and i had to charge it. >> reporter: struggling to make ends meet after her property taxes went up more than $300. something just didn't seem right. and after months of pushing county leaders for answers, she discovered the county overcharged her for property taxes for more than a decade because the county never classified her home as low income. and she was far from alone. >> my neighbor here, you know, what she said to me, about making a choice between groceries and paying your mortgage. [ crying ] >> got me in action. >> reporter: so because of erin, more than 200 homeowners will get refunded. dozens of checks sent out in the mail in the next few weeks totaling more than $3 million. >> and so i want them to check their mailboxes today. it would complete my christmas to know they got their checks, too,. >> reporter: erin may be the first in the neighborhood to get a check but she says the
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true gift this christmas is that her husband can finally afford to quit the second job they needed to make ends meet knowing she and her neighbors can keep the home they nearly lost. in gilroy, maria medina, kpix 5 5. >> dennis o'donnell is wearing his special christmas vest tonight. and sports is next. >> stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. football under the lights on chrismas eve, in what coulde the final game in oakland fo you are looking at coliseum football under the lights on christmas eve in what could be the final game in oakland for the raiders. merry christmas eve alongside jj stokes. i'm dennis o'donnell. the raiders and the san diego chargers set to kick off in about 40 minutes from now. and it could be an emotional game for a couple of reasons, jj. >> no doubt it's going to be an emotional game. you have charles woodson playing his last home game and everybody is anticipating what type of performance he is going to have, how emotional is this man going to be. but he is a true professional. he will calm his emotions and play a great game. >> who knows, maybe he guess
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another return to the touchdown to tie the record. two would be the all-time nfl record. we'll delve into the raider issues around whether or not they are staying or going and more on charles woodson. now, we don't know for certain that this is the final game for the raiders in oakland. but as jj points out, we do know this will be charles woodson's final game in the black hole and vern glenn has more. vern. >> reporter: all right, dennis. let's face it, this is all about charles woodson. the fourth overall pick in 1998, by mr. davis. and believe it or not, as a player, he says his good-bye to the coliseum. tonight. >> physically i could do it. my body has responded. but mentally, it's not there. it's not going to happen. >> reporter: the day after he announced his retirement, woodson was named to his ninth career pro bowl. he will join khalil mack and marcel reece in hawaii and
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recently, i spoke to reece at raider practice. you were 13 years old when he broke into the lead. >> he was. man, you know, he was my twin brother's favorite player of all time still is to this day. i used to rag on him about this old jersey he used to wear around the house all the time and it's almost, um, almost surreal to play years with c- wood and not only to have played with him alongside of him but also just becoming such a grade friend with him. >> you get to go to the pro bowl with him. >> his final year and we are going to the pro bowl together and he came to me earlier this year and he asked me, he said, so, if bee get voted to the pro bowl or are we going? i told him c-wood, of course we're going! >> listed as marcel reece but he is kind of a swift army
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knife going into your fourth straight -- >> man. >> you can't look at yourself as marcel reece fullback. receiver at u-w, right? >> the late great al davis decided to change my position to fullback and, you know, i give him so much credit and respect because at times early on he had more faith in me than i did myself and he told me i was going to be the best to play this game at that position. and i would revolutionize the game. and i didn't believe him the first time i heard it. but he made me believe it and, um, i'm happy he did. >> you're playing for professional pride now. how do you prepare? >> if you can't get up for a thursday night national televised game the raiders against the chargers in the oakland coliseum and quite possibly maybe the last game in the oakland coliseum, you can't
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get up for that then you're not a football pan and we need to check your pulse. >> will he return punts tonight? who knows what will happen tonight. dennis, back to you. >> that's the word that maybe he will show up on offense but his resume' is like war and peace it goes on and on. he is a great person and great ambassador for the game. >> it's hard to keep going further but he is a great person. i have had a chance to meet him. great guy. understands the game p a fluid guy. great personality. he is great for nfl football. >> derek car a big game for the raiders. there are all sorts of raiders that can hit milestones tonight if he throws for 410 yards or somewhere in the neighborhood.
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car hits 4,000 for this season. hojas the propensity to throw an interception when the raiders need him most. >> he gets a tendency to try to make those big plays for the team right away. as we saw last week, those first two interceptions, when i looked really at that, i felt like he didn't step into the ball the way he should have and the ball sailed a little bit on him so if he can get that under wraps and have the same type of game he did last time against the chargers, with the throwing that they did against that secondary, i think there's nothing stopping them tonight. >> and there are his numbers. brief stall but nonetheless, he does have 30 touchdowns this season and if you look at the future of the raiders, his weapons are intact for years to come. crabtree signs a long-term contract, amari cooper is just a rookie and it's conceivable that latavius murray goes over 1,000 yards tonight. so the raiders with derek car and his weapons look good for the future. >> they do. they have a young nucleus like you said with the skilled
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positions and then bring the offensive line. the longer they stay together the more continuity they have it only gets better. >> both teams -- neither of these teams going to the play- offs. but clearly, there are teams going in opposite directions. ironically, both teams could not be in their cities next year. that's possible. coming up, is it the final game at the coliseum? charger fans they know the feeling. a look back at an emotional day in san diego. will qualcomm stadium host another nfl game in the future? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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final home game ever at quam stadium. quarterback fans in san diego acted like sunday was the chargers' final home game ever at qualcomm. quarterback phillip rivers known for being charismatic was genuinely emotional about the team's potential move to los angeles. >> they have been playing football in this town before any of just born. there's people going to be at that game today that were coming to games before we were born. and, um, but we get to close it out if it is the end.
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we get to finish it off. so hopefully the fans that have seen it over the years and the players can be proud that we at least ended it the right way. joining us now from the columnist from the san diego tribune. kevin you just went through this scene last week in san diego. the chargers may have played their last game there. what do you expect in oakland tonight? >> i was just out in the parking lot and it was a different vibe than in san diego. i don't know if it's because the fans here have been through it before if it's because we hate l.a. so much in san diego. [ laughter ] >> it was a party and a funeral last week in san diego not to make too much of it. it is sports. but that's our greatest civic institution in san diego. i was overwhelmed by how overwhelmed the people that were at the stadium last week were. it was actually a neat scene
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but really sad and i -- i don't know what to make of tonight. i know charles woodson is going to be playing his last game here and that seemed to be a little more on the fans' minds than, um, the fact that the raiders may be leaving. >> do you have a hunch being a columnist for the chargers, do you ever a hunch if it's going to be san diego or l.a.? i know you don't know for sure but what do you think? >> the answer i always give because this is what i have been following for more than a year, is all the evidence points to them leaving san diego but that's the evidence in san diego. for the most part and the fact that it is not a done deal in los angeles and that there remain a number of owners that are undecided, that there are on both sides enough owners that will -- that are voting on each side to block the other guy that wants to move, it still could happen and the most educated guess that i could
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give you is 70,/30 pertaining to the chargers. now the raiders and the combinations of what could happen, there's not a great appetite among the owners for the raiders to be in los angeles. >> finally, january 12th the meeting in houston has to be d- day, right? because you can't possibly extend this further into january into february and expect any team to move. agreed? >> there are a number of owners who feel that way. and they certainly want this off their plate. they have their own lives, their own teams. but there are people in the nfl who know there are other owners who say including the owners of the teams involved that say, hey, you know, we can make this happen if it were june. but i believe that you are correct. that if it is going to happen this year, it will happen on january 13th. >> kevin acee, you're a good man for doing yeoman's duty on christmas eve working a football game and spending the night in oakland. thanks for the time. i appreciate it very much. >> merry christmas. all right. >> thursday night football is next. see you for the "5th quarter"
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after the game and news at 11. go raiders! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mostly this night, for my teammates, for my brothers, you understand? it's bigger than me. it's bigger than you. but it ain't bigger than us. we're going to go out here tonight and we're going to rise. this day is about family. it's about love. and it's about the fight to go out there and win. bigger than me on three. one, two, three. >> bigger than me. ♪ ♪ thursday night football on christmas eve ♪ ♪ the chargers and raiders the oakland team is loaded ♪ ♪ they have talent and youth and it's the truth ♪ ♪ let's go let's go ♪ ♪ it's thursday night who is ready to start the


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