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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  December 26, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. 5:30, a fast-moving brush fire fueled by dry winds force mass evacuations in southern california. >> we begin with a developing story. new details are coming out about a deadly police shooting christmas night it. happened in front of a residential treatment program. >> reporter: police releasing these new details just in the last 15 minutes saying the suspect made a false 911 call last night in order to get police to come to that home. now, we talked to one neighbor
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today who was taking out the trash last night when she heard the shots fired. barbara returns to the spot where just last night, christmas night, she says she overheard an argument, shots fired and ran outside to see a man'sed about lying on the ground. >> it seemed to me there might have been a scuffle going on. several shots were fired. appeared to be 5 shots. >> reporter: preliminary information from palo alto police says when they responded to a call last night, the suspect charged at officers with a knife and shots were fired. neighbors say the shooting happened in front of this home, a residential treatment program which on its website describes itself as a comfortable safe alternative to in-patient psychiatric care. >> people are very friendly and
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nice. keep to themselves. >> reporter: stuck up in this tree, she also saw a taser wire and in front of the treatment home, two men, both very upset about the shooting they just witnessed. >> at that point, he started crying and he just kept repeating it didn't have to happen like this. they didn't have to shoot him. it was only a butter knife. >> reporter: police have yet to confirm whether the suspect was in fact holding a butter knife. still, every neighbor i talked to today said they are comfortable having that treatment program in their neighbor. >> there are questions tonight about the actions of chicago police. officers shot and killed two people this morning. a 19 year old man and a 57 year old woman. the man was apparently threatening his father with a bat. the woman was shot as she opened the door to the apartment building. police are not saying much except that the incident is under investigation. switching gearing to a live
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look outside at the bay bridge where a freeze watch is in effect through tomorrow morning. the national weather service is taking note of the bay area's chilly weather. the freeze watch covers sonoma county and also holeds from san jose to monterey county. several bay area homeless shelters have been asked to open up extra beds because anyone sleeping outdoors facing a risk of hypothermia. >> san rafael will be down to 23. those freeze warnings are posted almost bay-wide. the overnight lows will be in the mid-20s in some of the colder inland spots. mountain view will be 27. concord 27. and fremont will be down to 31 degrees. those numbers will be close to freezing and in some cases below. yet some rain is on the way. we'll have detail coming up in the forecast in a few minutes.
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crews are hard at work battling eyasessive wildfire. it started christmas night and has now spread to 1200-acres. reporter wendy gillet tells us fire crews are especially worried about nearby oil fields and residential areas. >> reporter: a helicopter dropped water on fast-moving flames in ventura, california on saturday. it shut down a portion of the union pacific railroad track and started christmas night. >> it was pushed by heavy strong northwest winds 50 miles per hour. >> reporter: they're trying to keep the fire from spreading to nearby homes in the solamar beach area. almost 100 houses were evacuated. >> we had a lot of fuels, light grass, shrubs in and amongst the structures. >> reporter: firefighters are keeping a close eye on nearby
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oil fields as they deal with difficult terrain, high winds and dry conscience. >> they're trying to cut a line to prevent the fire from slobbing over. >> even though you folks have had good rain in los angeles county, we have maybe had a 10th of an inch in the past 6 weeks. >> reporter: it's unknown what started the fire. back here in northern california, this fire did major damage to a guerneville medical center early this morning. it is suspicious because it started outside an elevator shaft. no one was inside the health center at the time. damage is estimated at half a million dollars, but could go up. a lot of medical and lab equipment were wrecked in this fire. steph curry and his relatives handed out 25-pound
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boxes of food and basics like shampoo and lotion. partnering up with feed the children, they were able to help over 400 oakland families and steph was on top of why there was so much media coverage. >> yeah, i guess the championship helps that. it's nice that what we do on the court can continue to shed light on initiatives we have off the court that are in the grand scheme of things more important. >> this is the third year in a row cur and he his family have teamed up. a mine collapse in china. why rescue efforts are becoming more dangerous for first responders. >> first, money could be coming your way if you use sprint or verizon. the details when the news returns in about two minutes.
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who patiently teaches how ta feast comes to life. the "family" ...who spends their holiday dinner with thankful strangers. the neighbor...who shares the season with another.
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you inspire us to do everything we do... ...for goodness' sake. undocumented immigrants. trump has regularly called on of the on to campaign 2016, donald trump says he is to thank for a white house plan that will deport illegal immigrants. now he's taking credit for the obama administration's plan to
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set up nationwide raids. one will reportedly focus on families who fled violence in central america. the future of the raiders in oakland could be decided in the next couple of weeks. the lease at the coliseum expires at the end of the season. the owners will hold a meeting in texas at the end of january. the raiders are willing to partner with the rival san diego charges on a new stadium in los angeles. so who dropped the ball? sprint and verizon customers who have been paying for unauthorized texts have a chance to get money back. customers have until the end of the year to claim refunds for unauthorized messages. they are often about horoscopes and sports. the charges are buried in customer bills. sprint and verizon are paying $158 million to settle claims. the 26th of december takes a special name in the uk and
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canada. it's called boxing day. for many people in this countries, the day after christmas entails a whole lot of shopping. its name comes from a tradition of giving christmas boxes to trades people on december 26th. up next, unusual weather fuels powerful storms in the deep south. >> and the chill continues in the bay area. we look live coming up in a minute. ,,,,,,
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the quak a strong earthquake has injured dozens of people in pakistan. the quake was centered near the afghanistan border and the shaking lasted nearly a minute. it caused houses and walls to collapse. the shaking was felt as far
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away as the afghan capitol of kabul and in india. in eastern china, rescue teams are trying to save 18 workers who got trapped after a gypsum mine collapsed. authorities say it is getting tougher to save the remaining workers due to the risk of another collapse. the south just can't catch a break this week. more severe weather is pounding the region today. in alabama, they're cleaning up after a tornado ripped through the birmingham area late last night. the twister destroyed numerous homes. not seen here, all the flooding. nearly 200 roads are closed tonight in alabama because of high water. ladies and gentlemen, a cold night on the way to the bay area tonight with numbers approaching the low 20s and
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some of the coldest wind- protected valleys in the bay area. it was a day of severely clear skies with great visibility. you could see for miles and miles. concord, 50 degrees, livermore 42. san jose, 49 degrees. here's what's happening from high atop the west coast. low pressure sinking into texas and oakland. for us, we have a spiky ridge of high pressure over the west coast. a light storm coming down from the gulf of alaska promises to increase clouds tomorrow and that will alleviate shower -- probably after sunset tomorrow night for the rest of the bay area. and again, maybe a 30 to a half an inch of rain at most because all is said most before all is
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said and done. clouds increase and advance to this system. a few echoes around sonoma and lake county. won't be until after sunset when the rain goes south and covers much of the bay area. we'll begin clearing out so by monday at 3:00, which is what we're simulating here, we have mostly clear skies around the bay area and it's all out of here by tuesday at 9:00 in the morning. a little bit of a dry spell for the last week of 2015 in the bay area. first, it will be colder than average for a while. looking into next week, showers will return later tomorrow, first in the north bay in the afternoon and then for the rest of the bay area probably after sunset. look, let's reemphasize this. it will be cold again tonight.
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showers developing later on sunday and it will be dry through new years. travel weather as we head out of the bay area. up in northern california, light rains spreading south. it's going to take a while for the rain to get down to sacramento, lake tahoe and yosemite. all of this will happen at night and it looks sunny in fresno after fog and 59 degrees and sunshine tomorrow for monterey. tonight, santa rosa to be below freezing. same for fairfield, concord and livermore. san jose down to 29 degrees tonight. in red wood city, it will be down to 28. for tomorrow, we're well below average. tomorrow we'll manage just 51 in the city. concord, 51 degrees. oakland, 55. all of them below average for this time of year. down in the south bay, 53 at
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mill pitas. same for sunnyvale. east bay will start out with sunshine and then increase the clouds. 49 at livermore, 49 at brent wood and 50 degrees at pittsburgh. up in the north bay, tomorrow afternoon we'll increase the clouds and that will lead to the first chance of rain. the numbers tomorrow manage only the low 50s. 51 degrees in santa rosa and 50 for dale city. and in the extended forecast, we're looking for the rain to hit in ukiah first. monday through the weekend, right through new year's day and 2016, it's going to be high and dry. so if you love showers, savor later tomorrow because itself going to be our last shot into the new year. a new species of shark has been discovered in the pacific ocean. check out the ninja lantern
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shark. a cal state graduate student and her professors discovered it. it's found in the pacific ocean near central america. its jet black color keeps it camouflaged in deep ocean water and they added the name ninja to it. something else about the ninja lantern shark, it glows in the dark. we first met our student rising above when she was a high school senior in san jose. for 13 years he stayed in touch. now he's done something nobody could have expected. >> reporter: 2002, hector rodriguez was a 17 year old honor student in san jose. 13 years later, watch the fuzzy home video closely as hector rodriguez is sworn in as a lawyer. >> i've been waking up thinking that i'm not sure if it's true.
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i'm -- >> reporter: you can't believe you're a lawyer? >> i'm waiting for somebody to tell me you're not licensed yet. >> reporter: but he is. this is hector when he graduated from santa clara university school of law last year. >> it's always been very clear as to what my motivation has been. education has always been my medium, so to speak, that connects me with my parents. >> reporter: hector was allowed into the united states after hurricane mitch. but he and his sisters were orphans. their father was killed by a drunk driver when hector was in 8th grade. his mother overcome with grief took her own life. >> in two months, that life, that family was just absolutely destroyed. >> reporter: hector and his sisters moved in with their aunt in san jose. he spoke no english when he arrived. >> i would write a word down and go to the dictionary and find out what it meant.
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>> reporter: he learned so quickly and his grades were so exceptional, he got a scholarship. >> i gotta give a presentation -- >> reporter: hector graduated from boston college in 2006. we caught up with him back in the bay area with his mentor and sisters. we learned these three siblings really rose above together. >> i think the tragedy of what happened with their mom and dad brought them together in a very unique way. they're co-responsible for each other. >> in every step we give, we're making sure we're holding hands. i know my parents are looking down at him and just being happy. >> reporter: and our new attorney has also told us he feels his parents close by. >> with me every step. they're here with me today. i wasn't supposed to graduate from law school. none of the statistics say that that was possible, but the statistics are wrong. if you just work hard at it and
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you believe that there's something bigger than you that is moving you. >> reporter: wendy takuta, kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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frame of 6'3" and 190 pound. he's had many critics over s areer. now... he well, steph curry is not your prototypical basketball player. he's had many critics over his entire career. now he ads another bullet point on his resume to make his case for being the best player in
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the nba. winning the mvp and starting this season 28 and 1, steph curry was named the ap male athlete of the year. he is just the 4th nba player to win it in the 85 year history of the award and it's the second straight year a bay area athlete won the award. >> i didn't really know the history of it. when it comes to nba players, how rare it is for an nba player to win that award. myself, michael jordan, larry byrd and lebron. in the 85 years they've been giving it out. so that's pretty special to be on that short list. >> yesterday, curry and the warriors in a finals rematch against the cleveland cavaliers. they won 89-83. the 89 points were a season low and despite being 28 and 1,
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golden state's dream on green doesn't think they're playing very well at all. >> you're 28 and 1 and not near playing well, that's exciting. we know we know how to get that to point and we know we'll reach that point .h we do, i think that's trouble. if we're 28 and 1 and not playing well, imagine where we are. these washington state fans didn't care about the snow. the cougars leading miami in the sun bowl. washington state leads by 10. 4th quarter, it's now a blizzard at the sun bowl. miami tries a trick play. washington state wins 20-14, giving [ indiscernible ] gatorade bath. steve kerr ran a practice last week.
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what has life been like for him? dennis o'donnell finds out from someone who knows him best. >> it's killing him to not be there right now. >> reporter: if anyone knows how steve kerr is feeling, it's his son. nick shares the passion for the game with his dad, but doesn't quite have the same skill. after 4 years at the university of san diego, nick decided to transfer to cal as a graduate walk on this summer. he lives with his sister mady. she factored into steve's decision to take the job in oakland. >> so he says. it was either that or steph curry. mady takes credit in terms of you could be miserable, you could be in new york with a bad team last year. instead you won a title.
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>> reporter: in this case was around for all 5 of steve's championships with the bulls and spurs. >> i remember in game 6 against dallas and he hadn't played the entire playoffs. they're getting blasted by 15 or 20. and i'm at my friend's house. we're playing outside on the basketball hoop. we're like, the game's over. his dad ideals nick, you're dad's in. he hits a 3. we all get pretty excited. he hits another 3. we're really excited. my dad was out there, age 37 making huge plays to win a playoff series. >> reporter: nick might not be the shooter his dad once was, but he hopes he can match him as a coach one day. >> i can tell you he could beat me in a shooting contest still. he still walks out there, doesn't touch a ball for a month, strolls into the gym and hits 3 nba shots for 3.
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that's it for us at 5:30. we'll see you back here in half- hour. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> axelrod: the death toll keeps rising, following those devastating tornadoes in the south; millions are in the path of the next round of storms. a family's desperate escape from a raging wildfire. it's the day after christmas, and fedex is still scrambling to deliver delayed presents. fight and flight-- the self- defense class training people what to do, when a gunman opens fire. >> if you have absolutely no choice, then we get into fighting and what we train, six days a week. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. and this is our western edition. the bodies of three more storm victims were found today in


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