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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  December 26, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> another crash involving a tour bus in san francisco. what caused the collision that sent several people to the hospital? good evening. i'm brian hackney. >> i'm betty yu. kpix5's emily turner is on the embarcadero right now with the details. >> reporter: it all started with a possibly illegal lane change. you can see the remnants of it on the bike lane on the embarcadero headed northbound. that is what caused this accident. it happened just before 6:00 tonight and now eight people are recovering after their double decker crashed. >> there was ans an incident
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involving a lane change. >> reporter: seven people were taken to the hospital. two of them were children. the worst injury was a broken ankle and all are expected to be all right. >> at the moment, we are helping the police in the investigation and we are hoping our customers get well soon. >> reporter: you can still see some of the glass left in the road. police say at this point it looks like it will be a moving violation and illegal lane change but that has not been officially made yet. it has not been a great month for anybody on a tour bus. just about a month ago at union square, another tour bus from another company crashed and about 20 people were in the hospital from that. reporting live in the embarcadero, emily turner, kpix5. seven people are dead in texas following tornadoes east of the dallas area. this is one of several funnel that's tore through ripping off power lines. storm chasers caught up to one of the monster systems cloaked
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in darkness. >> oh man. large tornado! >> the flashes you see are not lightning, but power lines shorting out in the wind and rain. storms follow an outbreak in the southeast leaving at least 18 people dead. here in the bay area it is crackling cold. temperatures are at near record lows. much of the bay area under a freeze warning. the freeze warnings are posted almost bay wide. overnight lows in the nid 20s in some of the colder spots. so put some numbers on this. san rafael, down to 33. livermore, 27. san jose, 29. also overnight tonight, mountain view will be down to 27. concord, 27, fremont, 31. and yet, some rain is on the way. we will have the details coming up with the forecast in a few minutes. tonight, in ventura county, fire crews are keeping a close eye on a wild fire that has burned more than 1200 acres. reporter wendy gillette says
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for a time, 101 and the pacific coast highway were closed. >> reporter: video posted online shows how dangerously close flames came to fleeing residents in ventura county, california friday night. >> this is insane. >> why are we stopping? >> reporter: the fast moving fire shut down a 15-mile stretch of the heavily used 101 freeway and a portion of the union pacific rail line. >> it was pushed by strong winds about 50 miles an hour. fire quickly grew in size. >> reporter: about 600 firefighters are battling the blaze. they are trying to keep the fire from spreading to nearby homes. almost 100 houses were evacuated. but so far, no structures have been damaged. all of the residents have been allowed back home and the freeway and rail line reopened. downed power lines caused the fire. >> they came in contact with each other and sent sparks into the vegetation. they are privately owned and they supply power to the
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infrastructure for the oil industry. >> reporter: two firefighters suffered minor injuries. wendy gillette for cbs news. >> officials say the wild fire is now about 60% contained. investigators are calling this fire in guerneville overnight suspicious. it started outside an elevator shaft at the russian river health center at about 2:30 a.m. it took firefighters close to two hours to put it out. no one was inside at the time. the fire destroyed a lot of medical and lab equipment. the damage is estimated at half a million dollars, but, that could go up. once they get a better look inside. we are getting new details about a deadly confrontation between palo alto police and a suspect. officers say it was the suspect who called 911 to report an emergency situation, but there wasn't one. kpix5's mark kelly with what happened next. >> reporter: barbara returns home the spot where just last
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night, christmas night, she overheard an argument. shorts fired and went outside to see a man's body lying on the ground. officers standing by. >> it seemed to me there could have been a scuffle going on. several shots were fired. appeared to be from what i can discern five shots. >> reporter: preliminary information from palo alto police says when they responded to a call shortly after 9:00 last night, the suspect charged at officers with a knife and shots were fired. neighbors tell kpix5 the shooting happened in front of this home. a residential treatment program called lasalva group with describes its as a comfortable safe alternative to end patient psychiatric care. >> the people are very friendly. very nice. they keep to themselves. >> reporter: last night, near the body, stuck up in this tree, she also saw a tazer wire. and in front of the treatment home, two men, both very upset about the shooting they just
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witnessed. >> at that point, he had started crying and he kept repeating it didn't have to happen like this. they didn't have to shoot him. it was only a butter knife. >> reporter: police have yet to confirm if the suspect was in fact holding a butter knife. still, every neighbor i talked to today said in spite of last night's shooting, they are still comfortable having that treatment program in their neighborhood. in palo alto, mark kelly, kpix5. >> the man's name has not been released. palo alto police say the officer's names will be released in a few days. at the same time in chicago, police are saying they accidentally shot and killed a woman while responding to a dispute between a father and his 19-year-old son. officers also fatally shot the 19-year-old who was reportedly threatening his dad with a baseball bat. one woman describes the chaos at the apartment building as it unfolded. >> he shot inside of the house. tried to get the boy from upstairs with the steel bat.
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>> the boy had a bat? >> a steel bat. and he was up there going crazy on his dad i guess. and he called my mom telling her to don't let him out. wait for the police to come. by the time they come, they see the steel bat. and i heard gunshots. >> the police department is in the middle of a federal silverings investigation. it was launched last month after video showed an officer shooting a black 17-year-old boy 16 times. the officer has been indicted. some bay area headlines. bart police are dealing with a mistily re. a body found inside a i hall. it was used by a man who allegedly shot someone and was shot by officers. both of the wounded men are recovering. no identity on the body. a mosque in tracy says it has been the target of a fire bomber. they found a malitov cocktail
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against the door. the islamic needers say this needs to be treated as a hate crime. and some busy taggers marking up a building in the castro district in san francisco. a kpix5 staffer saw these messages at 16th and sanchez. they say good-bye victorians, ugly, mcmansion, and love san francisco. police did not respond to our inquiries. a guatemala's n's man's dreams of performing in the rose bowl parade is now dashed. jeff nguyen has the story. >> reporter: for volunteer diane rodriguez, the tournament of rose's parade cuts close to her heart. her mother realized she was pregnant 33 years ago while attending the world famous efferent. >> i have been doing it with my family since i was a little kid. i have pictures of comeing to see the rose parade. >> reporter: this year's parade was supposed to include an
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added bonus for the guatemalan american family. >> the band performed in the parade in 2010. >> reporter: but a snag happened. >> they unfortunately were unable to secure visas to travel to the united states for the parade. and unfortunately, it looks like they will not be in the parade. >> reporter: the tournament of roses has been working with elected officials and the embassy to help the band. >> each band is responsible for their travel, their logistics, their fund raising. once we extended the information. >> i think it is very understandable that it is harder the get visas because there's a lot of heightened security because of all the terrorist attacks going on. >> reporter: so even though the band isn't performing, the tournament of roses tells us that the parade lineup will still remain the same. the only difference is all of the other performances will get extra time. in pasadena, jeff nguyen, kpix5. it's a vote for the record books. the extraordinary dimensions of a ship that sailed into a
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california port today. >> the kind of social media trend that nobody wants. what is behind #fedexfail? >> and santa's deliveries nearly become a disaster. we will hear how christmas was saved just in the nick of time. ,,,,,,,,,,
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-- trapped in a mine >> in eastern china, rescue teams are trying to save 18 workers trapped in a mine collapse. the mine collapsed on friday. 11 workers have been rescued. hope is running out for the
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remaining men due to the risk of another collapse. there are late reports that the owner of the mine jumped into a well and drowned intentionally taking his own life. and a strong earthquake has injured dozens of people in pakistan. it was centered in the border with afghanistan. the shaking lasted almost a minute. it caused houses and walls to collapse. the quake was felt as far away as india. today, a friendship named benjamin franklin broke a record. check out the largest container ship. here it is at the port of los angeles. the benjamin franklin is longer than the empire state building at 1300 feet. it took off from china back on december 10. it is the day after christmas. and some people are still waiting far packages to arrive. reporter marlie hall says they are sharing their frustration on social media. >> reporter: for this customer,
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fedex was a day late and he was more than a dollar short. >> it is december 26 and this package just showed up. looks pretty nice doesn't it? yeah. good work fedex. thanks. >> reporter: others took to social media where #fedexfail is trending. one person wrote so much for the guaranteed two-day delivery. i want my money back. while some came to the carrier's defense. they can't control the weather. and did you wait until the last minute to place your order? prechristmas storms in the south and deadly tornadoes slowed deliveries. employees who volunteer today work delivered thousands of packages on christmas day. and the company opened some pickup centers on christmas morning. but it was all too late. he picked up a gift for his father today that was supposed to be delivered by christmas eve. >> i'm a little disappointed. >> reporter: fedex shipped a record breaking 317 million
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packages between black friday and christmas eve. a 12% jump from last year sparked by a surge in online orders. fedex officials say they are still catching up with christmas deliveries today. but rival ups says it was done with its 630 million deliveries by 8:00 p.m. on christmas eve. the ups air hub is in louisville where bad weather wasn't an issue. marlie hall, cbs news, new york. the nba's newly named mvp spent his saturday afternoon giving back to bay area families. steph curry handed out 25-pound boxes of food and personal items. steph and his relatives helped more than 400 oakland families. the media covered the event like a blanket partly because of that nba trophy. >> yeah. i guess the championship helps that. so, it is nice what we do on the court can continue to shed light on the initiatives that we have off the court that are in the grand scheme of things much more important.
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>> it was the third year in a row he teamed up with feed the children. a chaotic scene at an alabama space center after a building called mission to mars burst into flames. the fire was reported around 2:30 this afternoon as tourists roamed the space center. the spokesman says nobody has even used the mission to mars building for over ten years. luckily, no one was injured in the fire. it is not clear yet how it got started. one of santa's helpers ran into some serious trouble on christmas day and needed some utah firefighters to save him. the jolly elf was on his way to a party when suddenly, his car went dead. before he knew it, it started to fill with black smoke and he realized his car was on fire. firefighters rushed to the scene and gave him a list on their truck. >> they are away from their families. soldiers, police officers, other people would rather be
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somewhere else. but they were there for me not to save my car, but to save me. >> santa says this is the best christmas he has ever had. well, there is a lot happening in the weather department tonight. not only do we have near record low temperatures for the bay area on the bay, but there is also going to be a little rain coming in tomorrow night. we will tell you about that. first, we have to show you by way of contrast. there we are overlooking san jose. the airport. and in the distance though it is not illuminated, levi stadium. that is very nice. but look at what is happening in texas. in el paso. at an event known as the sun bowl. it was more likely sugar bowl today with plenty of snow coming down. and near white-out conditions with miami playing against washington. as for the results of the game, andrea is standing by.
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for weather, it is cool in san francisco. down into the mid 40s . livermore, 34 degrees. concord, 36. santa rosa, a degree above freezing right now. freeze warnings are posted. to visit the weather headline of the day, it is for most of the bay area, but not for san francisco. thank you urban island effect. overnight low ins the id 20s . record lows possible tonight. a few valleys near 20 degrees overnight. and here is how it looks. showers possible later as the fairly weak cold front works its way toward the bay area. we will increase clouds and pick up a chance of shower ins the north bay in the afternoon. futurecast pegs this out pretty well. by 8:00 tomorrow night. some showers just begin to enter up in sonoma county. it will spread in the dark hours of monday. this is 2:00 a.m. monday. scattered showers. mostly overcast. it will not amount to much. and by monday evening you can see it is all blown occupy. the skies open up and clear skies by monday night. let's roll it into tuesday morning.
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and, still clear skies. in fact, that is a trend because it will be dry with the exception of this little wrinkle coming through the atmosphere, when we will get showers, widely scattered around the bay area. aside from that, it will be dry right through 2016. let's not hope all of 2016. travel weather forecast, we have rain for curia and mendocino and redding tomorrow. but tahoe, yosemite. south for most of the day will be sunny. that will include the bay area until we increase the clouds in the afternoon. santa rosa down to 28. napa 33. livermore, 27. sun up tomorrow. 7:24. we will struggle to get into the 50s tomorrow in the bay area. tomorrow, plenty of sunshine in the south bay. and low 50s . east bay will begin to pick up nice thin high clouds midday. and showers tomorrow night. 50 degrees at walnut creek. just 49 for a high of livermore. tomorrow will be the coldest day of the week.
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temperatures up in the north bay, low 50s and increasing high clouds in the afternoon. showers will erupt toward sunset tomorrow night. and ewe eye yeah hits 48 degrees. extended forecast. a little earlier in the north bay, chance of showers. right through the weekend, we are high and dry. a few clouds from time to time, but otherwise, we will warm into the mid 50s and it will be dry right into new year's eve and into 2016. that is weather. here is andrea. >> coming up in sports, the 49ers were in the motor city. plus, steph curry continues to silence his critics as hi joins only a handful of nba players to ever won this award. sports is coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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small... too skinny... did' meet the nba standard. well. >> when steph curry was drafted in 2009, the doubting report wasn't kind. he was too small, too skinny. six years later he proved how wrong his critics were. he won the mvp and started this season 28-1. curry was named the ap athlete of the year. curry is just the fourth nba player to win it in the 85 year history of the award and it is the second straight year a bay area athlete won the award after madison bumgarner won it. >> it is rare for an nba play
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tore win that award. myself, michael jordan, larry bird. and lebron. the 85 years we have been giving it out. it is pretty special. and, just being able to celebrate the end of 2015 which is a great year for me. and the organization. >> nfl action on saturday night. kirk cousins and the redskins looking to clinch the east in philadelphia. cousins passes to chris thompson. later in the quarter, now 23- 17. eagles. demarco murray can't handle the pitch. deangelo returns it. at just 8-7, they clinch their first nfc east title since 2012. perfect no more, the team to fall in the bowl game. we have a controversial ending. we'll be right back.
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los angeles to,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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straight for disneyland. cau believe... this was the 1str christian >> the cardinals arrived in los angeles and headed straight for disneyland. this was the first trip to disneyland for christian mcfaffrey. meanwhile, the foster farms bowl. bruins leading nebraska 14-7. josh rosen finds nate stark.
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forced from 26 yards out. giving ucla a 21-7 lead. but they come back now tied at 27-27. tommy arm strong finds stanley morgan jr. who makes a great catch. nebraska who came into the game just 5-7, upset ucla37-29. college football. these washington fans didn't care about that snow and sleet in el paso. late first half, the cougars lead miami by three. and the sun bowl, they find marx in the end zone. washington state with a 10- point lead. fourth quarter. it is now a blizzard. miami tried the trick play. but it is kicked off. washington state wins giving the head coach an enjoyable gatorade bath. tied at 74. the huskies miles gaskin breaks
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a couple of tackles and takes off for an 86-yard touchdown run to give uw the lead. washington would win 44-31. the pack 12 is now 4-1 in bowl games. virginia tech coach is coaching his full-time game as a hokey's coach. greg stroman finds fields to punt and goes in for a touchdown. under 90 seconds left. the hurricanes trailing just by three. and nicholas sax, 55-52. the coach goes out as a winner after 29 years as a head coach. and yankee stadium playing host to the pinstripe bowl. duke and indiana. blue devils 21-31. thomas up the middle and scores on a five-yard touchdown game to tie the game at 41-41.
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hoosiers needed it to tie the game. but the kick is just wide. iu thought it was good. look how close this one was. but duke wins it 44-41 for their first bowl win since 1961. that was kind of close. i would venture to say that might have been a good field goal, but the game is over. >> i was just noticing it is very warm in new york and snowing in texas. >> can you explain that brian? >> brian, you're the weather expert. >> i will explain it saying we'll be right back. >> good answer. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> just like that, that will do it for us tonight. >> hope you have a great night. the next newscast is tomorrow morning at 7:30. alan, i need to talk to you.
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