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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 29, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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golden gate bridge. hope you're awake with us. it's tuesday, december 29. i'm maria medina. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 4:30 on the nose. how about a little traffic and weather? i looked at the gauge in my little honda and it said 33 degrees this morning. wahoo! >> i left the tri-valley, it was 30 degrees. and we have areas of dense fog in th tri-valley. but you begin to see a lot of stars and clearing, where it's clear temperatures are down. it's freezing in santa rosa. it's 30 degrees in livermore. it's 43 degrees in the city by the bay. today will be very similar to yesterday. we'll have more sun than yesterday but nonetheless we'll have touchdown in the 50s. we have your full weekend forecast coming up. >> the good news is no accidents right now. things are looking good for your tuesday morning drive. live look at the bay bridge. couple of cars in the cash lanes but other than that an easy ride into san francisco.
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we have roadwork though eastbound 580 between grand and 35th avenue. that will be there until 6:30. westbound no delays. >> thank you. this morning, work continues to get a giant seal away from highway 37 in sonoma county. wildlife experts and highway patrol officers are trying to guide the 500-pound seal into san pablo bay. this started near the sonoma raceway yesterday. kpix 5's andria borba shows us what happened as the seal kept trying to cross the roadblocking traffic in the process. >> this is not an area where you normally see an elephant seal. reporter: yet, there she was. a female elephant seal we have nicknamed speed bump holding court on highway 37. the initial call came into chp dispatchers around 1:00. the seal was apparently training for the real olympics, for events the hurdle slow speed race. >> out of the water blocking the roadway attempted to climb over the center divide wall.
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we are going to try to channel her and divert her around this body of water to get her back into san pablo bay. >> reporter: but guess what. elephant seals handle directions about as well as drivers. >> she was 500 pounds not wanting to move and that didn't work out too well for us. >> reporter: infrastructure was no match for her athletic brawn. the elephant seal played side and -- hide and seek for hours getting her into the water following her around until she reemerged from the water like the loch ness monster a short time later. >> she swam a big circle so we are back where we started. >> reporter: after hours of searching she ended up where she began stuck in the mud this time unable to get back on the road without the assistant of high tide. the cold sticky mud was just too difficult for her to navigate. andria borba, kpix 5. >> and the marine mammal center just returned to the scene in the past few minutes and hope to have the seal in open water
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before the morning commute at 5 a.m. pg&e working to restore gas service for hundreds of people in east contra costa county. more than 1,000 homes in discovery bay and byron don't have heat in the midst of all this chilly weather. pg&e is slowly turning it back on. service was cut off on sunday morning because of a mechanical problem. utility workers are going house to house but can only reestablish service if someone is home. outstanding!, they are placing hangers on the doors with instructions about who to call. customers are also being told not to try to turn on the gas themselves. >> we pretty much bundled up and we were just wearing full amount of clothes inside the house beanies and jackets. >> more than 200 pg&e workers have been out in the facebook there. and crews are still working to figure out what caused that outage in the first place. at last check more than 1100 homes still don't have gas service down from some 6200 on
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sunday and early monday. investigators released the identity of a man found dead in the back of a u-haul pickup at the hayward bart station. as mark kelly reports, they are trying to figure out the victim's connection to another man who allegedly shot a bart police officer. reporter: christmas morning and officers spotted something unusual in the parking garage at bart. a man pushing this u-haul. suspicious, officers ran the man's name. up pops 27-year-old charles getting, a convicted felon. >> on probation for burglary, narcotics, selling narcotics with -- in possession of a firearm. >> reporter: officers went to search him but police say the felon had a different plan. >> he reached into his waistband and produced a weapon. >> reporter: one shot hit an officer in the arm. the second officer shot the suspect. >> i saw the cop shoot his last bullet and that's all i saw. >> reporter: the shootout over,
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the suspect in custody. police then made a gruesome discovery insid that u-haul, the body of 40-year-old jason andersen. police not saying how anderson died, his ties to the suspect or how he got into u-haul only that he last lived in bay point. police say the gun the suspect used to fire at the officers was stolen and the license plates on the u-haul switched. in hayward, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> the wounded officer was treated and released from a hospital the same day. getting was also hospitalized and has not yet been charged. berkeley firefighters say there was so much stuff crammed into a burning home they had a very differ every difficult time getting n firefighters were able to force their way into the home sunday and they found a man's body inside. items were blocking some of the doors at the home on acton street. the cause of the fire is under investigation. but it was probably accidental.
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oakland investigators believe a deadly fire in the city was also an accident. a man and woman were killed yesterday morning at a fourplex near 62nd avenue. neighbors say it had been vacant for years but often filled with squatters. there were previous fires at the building just recently. a winter storm that already caused dozens of deaths in the south and midwest now hit had gone the northeast. as don champion reports, people there are getting the first major snowfall of the season. >> reporter: snow and freezing rain swept through parts of the northeast overnight as a major winter storm system marches across the country. ahead of the storm, crews in pennsylvania rushed to treat roadways with salt while people in parts of massachusetts flocked to hardware stores for shovels and supplies. last winter, parts of the state saw more than 10 feet of snow. >> i had people here at 8 a.m. as doors opened. it was kind of like black friday-ish. >> reporter: the messy storm system took aim at the nation's
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midsection monday covering several states in snow, rain and slush. >> it was really hard. it's been a long time since we had snow. >> reporter: nearly an inch of ice was left behind on roads in oklahoma, where power and heat were knocked out to thousands. >> my grandmother is elderly so trying to do the best we can. >> reporter: in some places authorities are monitoring river levels, like in missouri, following torrential rainfall. >> if we reach the values we're looking at, they will will be record levels -- they will be record levels for this time of the year. >> reporter: don champion, cbs news, new york. >> at least 43 people have died because of that severe weather in the past few days. that storm system is expected to move out to sea later tonight. >> it's rough. >> very rough weather. it continues to move north. we are going to get to see rain, ice, sleet and snow from boston up into western new york.
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>> 65 on christmas day in boston. so -- >> yeah. but the severe weather -- we have another area of low pressure that wants to promise at least a chance of rain in the far reaches of the north bay on wednesday but until then we're clear and dry. san francisco right now 43 degrees. just east of that bridge, it is now 36 degrees in oakland. we have clear skies in livermore at 30 socked in at pleasanton very dense fog there at 30 degrees, as well. santa rosa freezing, san jose mid-30s. today our temperatures very similar to yesterday. we'll have more sunshine and less clouds but nonetheless, cooler air mass is firmly in place with temperatures in the low and mid-50s. these numbers are slightly below average for this time of the year. 52 degrees in walnut creek, north of the golden gate low to mid-50s and in the far reaches of the bay area sunny skies 52 in cloverdale. the full forecast is still coming up. good morning. thanks, roberta. let's jump over to the altamont pass right now. we have a pretty nice ride so
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far as you work your way westbound 580. 14 minutes altamont pass to 680. heads up though 680, 580 dublin interchange a bit foggy so limited visibility as you work your way through there. roadwork in effect eastbound 580 between grand and 35th avenue. that will be there until 6:30 this morning. no delays though in both directions. if you are headed to the bay bridge, so far traffic is very light. light conditions across the span into san francisco. no delays out of san francisco and oakland and the san mateo bridge off to a good start. today a popular train ride in the santa cruz mountains will be back in service after a mishap yesterday injuredle passengers. chopper 5 -- injured eight passengers. chopper 5 shows the roaring camp railroads train going through a forest and several passengers were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. a man is in custody in santa clara county accused of a
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crime spree that included stealing a police car. henrik danni baghdasarian stole a car and hijacked a woman. it began wednesday when an officer was checking out a suspicion van on main street. they say that baghdasarian got into the officer's patrol car and sped off. officers used to gps to track him to san jose where he stole the car. he was arrested the next day south in gilroy. it is 4:40. a push for a new law in san francisco. why justin bieber is behind the change. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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again... this time in san francisco. as k-p-i-x five'e vazquez reports... a promotl stunt could lead to a lawsu. his fame has stretched well beyond his 1 pop superstar justin bieber is in the middle of a controversy this time in san francisco. kpix 5's joe vazquez reports a promotional stunt to lead to a lawsuit. >> reporter: his fame is stretched well beyond his allotted 15 minutes. still justin bieber's name is all over san francisco.
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here it is spray-painted on divisadero. the haight. at least eight locations citywide. project more. the sidewalk ads appear to have the express purpose -- ♪[ music ]♪ >> reporter: -- of promoting a justin bieber album just released last month. often guerrilla marketing campaigns like this use chalk so the ads are temporary but in this case it appears they used permanent paint. look at this graffiti on howard street south of market still visible despite several rainstorms. the city attorney says enough is enough. he has fired off a letter to his record company threatening a lawsuit unless the company gives details about the marketing campaign. >> i think it's high time that corporate america starts following the rules that all the rest of us follow. >> reporter: supervisor aaron peskin is drawing up legislation to make the city's laws against graffiti ads like this even tougher. right now, the city spends $20 million of taxpayer money
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cleaning up the graffiti yearly. and when violators are caught they only pay for the cost of clean-up. peskin wants a bigger penalty. >> we have have tiers for doing them all over the city, repeat offenders higher fines. but we are looking fines in the thousands per violation. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> the front man for the heavy metal band motor head has died. ian killmeister died yesterday in los angeles two days after being diagnosed with cancer. he founded motorhead in the mid- 1970s. the band record today 2 albums over the years including ace of spades. he was 70. a hoverboard caught fire in a mall near houston forcing shoppers to evacuate. and it's scattered debris as it burned. the fire department says it was returned because it wasn't charging properly. no injuries after the fire was put out. fires aren't the only
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dangers from hoverboards. videos show people trying without success to balance. california has new laws. all hoverboard riders must wear helmets. you have to be 16 to ride them. they cannot go faster than 15 miles an hour. and, wow what a mess, and they can only ride in bike lanes, pathways and on roads that have speed limits up to 35 miles per hour. >> that makes good sense. you shouldn't share the road with cars trying to drive faster than 35 miles per hour. my hometown of alameda, speed limit is 25. that's a great place for riding. bike lanes are totally okay. >> hoverboards were hot items over the holidays. anyone caught violating the new rules could face a fine up to 250 bucks. that looks painful. >> it's stupid! >> okay. >> i'm a cyclist. i would never get on a bike
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without a helmet. it's like rollerblading. you would want wrist guards on at least and i saw this one woman in the video and she was practicing it in her kitchen where you have the cupboards and the pointy you know -- >> got to be careful. >> right. and she went back and smacked her head. it's stupid. >> it's not well protected. >> we won't be buying you one of those. >> unless you are well protected. that's the whole thing, right? heading out the door this morning, we have some clear skies over sfo. not anticipating any local airport place in but we'll keep you apprised of any situations in the northeast where we have that powerful storm lashing out against the boston area where airport delays may trail all the way back to o'hare. temperatures, bundle up out the door. it's freezing in livermore, chilly in santa rosa. 43 in san
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francisco. out the door chilly temperatures and areas of frost. temperatures is below 30 inland. sunny and cool tomorrow. dry until 2015 trails off. high pressure building in the bay area. we are looking at, however, an area of low pressure well to the north of the bay area. i want to walk you through our futurecast because here's your lunch hour. clear skies, a bit of a breeze out of the northwest 15 miles per hour. adds a chill to the daytime air. then we have increasing cloud cover over the northern portion of the bay area on wednesday morning about this time with a little bit of light precipitation out towards let's say mount shasta area. we'll see the cloud cover north of the golden gate bridge with a sprinkle or two for your wednesday. so mainly dry all the way through friday. 52 the state capital. 28 degrees in lake tahoe where currently we have 7 above zero. today's temperatures into the 50s. slightly below average. there you have the sunset tonight at 4:58 and by then we'll have realized numbers 51 to about 56 degrees.
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sunny skies for the end of the workweek. here's gianna with traffic. >> thank you, roberta. let's head to the altamont pass right now. so far traffic very light as you work your way westbound 580. no problems heading out of tracy towards the dublin interchange. 14 minutes from the altamont pass to 680. there's a bit of foggy conditions reported through there so 580/680 dublin interchange possibly limited visibility. roadwork eastbound 580 through grand and 35th avenue until 6:30 this morning. so keep that in mind. no delays though. we are seeing all kinds of green on our sensors which is good news for this early morning commute. nice rise on the bay bridge toll plaza past treasure island into san francisco, nice ride. taking a look at the san mateo bridge, drive times now only 1
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minutes between hayward and foster city. eastbound quiet. nice out of marin county this morning. no accidents or incident along 101 at least between 580 and san francisco. 14 minutes from 580 to the golden gate bridge. if you have a flight at sfo, we are in the green along 101. nice speeds north- and southbound. no delays along 280. traffic goes well on 92. that's your drive. 4:49. strangers are pitching in after thieves stole christmas from 7 san jose state students. kpix 5's devin fehely went to talk to the students, who appreciate people's generosity after the crime. reporter: 21-year-old san jose state university student gabriela avia knew something was wrong the moment she opened the -- avila, knew something was wrong when she opened the door. >> i noticed clothes everywhere. >> reporter: she realize the house she shared with six other
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students had been robbed and gone were the christmas gifts she had saved to buy. >> it hurt me because all the things that i have, uhm, i bought myself. and i work really hard and just for them to be just, like, opened up and taken like it's their meaningless, it hurts. >> reporter: her roommates had similar losses as the thieves made their way through the house. >> i had my bike stolen my old schwinn. my macbook. my uniform. a polaroid camera and guitar that my friend gave me. >> reporter: but as upset as they were about the break-in, they were equally amazed by the christmas spirit and the generosity of strangers who have donated more than $8,000 in less than 24 hours to help them replace the stolen items. >> they told me that nothing matters as long as i was okay and that opened my eyes. >> reporter: san jose police
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are investigating. fingerprints and dna were collected, which is currently being tested. but what they say they want most is some basic security upgrades that will prevent someone else from breaking in, in the future. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. time is 4:51. a new spin on an old idea. how a bay area homeless shelter may become the model for other cities nationwide. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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take a look at your temperatures for today. becoming mostly sunny and 50s at the beaches. 52 degrees in palo alto. good morning, milpitas! with the sunshine, 52 degrees there. otherwise, east of the bay,
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numbers stacking up between about 51 and 53 degrees. notice the weather pattern here pretty stagnant. 53 degrees in clearlake. freeways are clear, bart on time, 33 trains. don't forget this week they will be running on sunday service new year's day. trains will be running until 3 a.m. on new year's eve. no fares on muni from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. so much for those low gas prices. they are all going up again in california while still going down in much of the country. sharon chin explains why. >> everybody lives in california kind of pays for it. reporter: drivers nationwide are paying about $2 for a gallon of regular unleaded. that's 30 to 50 cents less than last year's holiday season. but in california, we're paying an average $2.83 a gallon, 16 cents more than last year. >> california, um, should be paying less. a lot of our refineries are close by. >> reporter: refinery maintenance is part of the
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problem according to the culprit, equipment breakdowns at several refineries in the last month, most of them in southern california but one here in the bay area the tesoro refinery in martinez and even worse, gasbuddy says the west coast is importing less gas because refineries didn't think we would need it. one place it went up 15 cents in a week to 2.99 a gallon. most people say paying up to fill up is just a fact of life. >> we make more here. so i think that's why they kind of gouge us a little bit more in the bay area. >> reporter: aaa numbers made public show major bay area cities are paying between $2.69 to $2.79 a gallon. >> what are you going to do? you need gas? you need gas. >> reporter: gasbuddy says california gas prices may level off in a week not due to
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repairs but because we'll import more gasoline. expect another 10 to 15 cents rise in the next few days n concord, sharon chin, kpix 5. a new shelter homes to chip away at san francisco's massive homeless problem. the homeless navigation hopes to attract more people. there are more lenient restrictions on the amount of possessions inside. couples can stay together and pets are welcome too. >> we do everything we can to make this welcoming, low on the rules and high on the engagement. >> organizers hope to set up more shelters around town but think it may be difficult to find locations where neighbors won't object. in menlo park, firefighters are getting some help to deal with soaring housing costs. the fire department is offering stipends to help pay rents. if they live within 30 miles of work they will get $600 a month. at 20 months it goes up to $800 a month and if they are within
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10 miles the sty pent increases to 1,000. tensions high this morning after the grand jury declined to indict two officers in a killing of a young teen in cleveland. protests breaking out across the nation. >> reporter: and we're on seal watch this morning on highway 37 by the water and we spotted that 500-pound elephant seal causing so much trouble yesterday. , elephant wrap ,,,,,,
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be a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. not a lot of cars out there right now. >> because everyone is off this week. >> except for us. >> all the lucky ones. >> it's tuesday, december 29. i'm maria medina in for michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:00 on this tuesday. the last week of the year. and this morning, an effort continues to keep a persistent
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elephant seal away from highway 37 and sonoma county. wildlife experts and chp officers are working to get the 500-pound female back into san pablo bay. this started yesterday near the sonoma raceway. the seal disrupted traffic as it kept trying to get over a center divider on 37th. kpix 5's jackie ward is along highway 37 this morning where workers from the marine mammal center returned a half-hour ago. >> reporter: we spotted the seal. we have doug haley from the marine mammal center here since 2 a.m. obviously primary concern is the safety of the seal so how do you think she is right now? >> she is doing good. she is swimming. she may be just a little confused right now as to how to get out of this


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