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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  December 29, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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elephant seal away from highway 37 and sonoma county. wildlife experts and chp officers are working to get the 500-pound female back into san pablo bay. this started yesterday near the sonoma raceway. the seal disrupted traffic as it kept trying to get over a center divider on 37th. kpix 5's jackie ward is along highway 37 this morning where workers from the marine mammal center returned a half-hour ago. >> reporter: we spotted the seal. we have doug haley from the marine mammal center here since 2 a.m. obviously primary concern is the safety of the seal so how do you think she is right now? >> she is doing good. she is swimming. she may be just a little confused right now as to how to get out of this lagoon.
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and right now, all we're doing here is observing. if 2 comes back on -- if it comes back on land, we'll take action. >> reporter: it's been a long night. what are you doing now, making sure she doesn't get into any troubled areas? >> make sure she doesn't get back on highway 37 for the safety of the drivers and of the elephant seal. >> reporter: were you surprised to see her? we saw her head bobbing around swimming a little this morning. >> no. no. i figured she would still be here. but as to what part, i wasn't too sure. and right now, all we're doing is observing. >> reporter: this has been really hard for you guys playing hide and seek. so what do you do? >> it's their domain. so we just, you know, wait and see. >> okay. >> it's a wait-and-see game. >> it is, doug halley thank you so much from along highway 37. jackie ward, kpix 5. >> thank you. severe weather system already killed dozen assist now
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in the northeast. it brought more flooding to the plains yesterday. in missouri, rain continues, sending already swollen rivers over their banks. people in oklahoma dealt with flood and blizzard warnings. one man had to walk to safety through freezing water. >> i gather my things, i make the trek for about half or mile or so in the -- >> in the water for three hours waiting for them to get here. hypothermia could have set in at any time. >> the number of weather- related deaths from the past few days is now at 43. the bad weather is causing wide spread flight delays across the country. here in the bay area, 28 flights have already been canceled just this morning. that includes 6 flights that were supposed to go through chicago. it has been another cold night all across the bay area. people have been bundled up in downtown san jose. hot chocolate and coffee for everybody there. i got up this morning it was 33 degrees in the east bay in my car. i took out a -- what was it?
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an old casino chip and scraping my windshield to get the ice off. >> i never heard of that. >> it works, sort of. >> you don't have a bun warmer in your car? >> i do. [ laughter ] >> but it doesn't do much for my windshield. [ laughter ] >> i live by my bun warmer. >> and the hand warmer on the steering wheel, as well. >> out the door this morning as i was leaving the tri-valley, it was 30 degrees so i one- upped you there, frank. clear at sfo. as far as arriving flights, no reports of any local airport delays. that could change. we'll keep a watchful eye on that. we expect delays into chicago as well as in boston as an area of low pressure hits that part of the country. right now 31 degrees in livermore. 31 in santa rosa. 34 concord. the winds are relatively slight under 5 miles per hour for the most part or we would be talking a major wind chill. air temperatures in napa in the upper 20s. today's numbers 56, 57 degrees at best. we have the full forecast still straight ahead at 18 minutes after the hour but rate now
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here's gianna. it's been a quiet morning in the traffic center. we haven't had one accident reported so far. so everything is in the green which means we are moving up to speed. 101 to 80, guadalupe parkway in the south bay look good. here's a look at our maps. you can see traffic free- flowing any freeway you want to take, you have a choice this morning. bay bridge looks good. no delays at the toll plaza. no metering lights. don't forget though grab your chains if you are heading up to the sierra. it's 80, 50 and 88 requiring changes. 89 at 80. so a few cars out there. just use caution and you want to skip the roads use mass transit. everything is right on time. there will be changes though on friday for new year's day and for new year's eve so keep that in mind. >> because everybody is off except for us. >> thank you. investigators have a lot of evidence to mull over after a body was found at the hayward bart station during a police shooting probe. kpix 5's cate caugiran is live in hayward, with more on the investigation. good morning, cate. >> reporter: good morning. the man found in the back of the u-haul pickup at this
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hayward bart station has been identified as 40-year-old jason andersen. but it's still a mystery how the victim and the suspect in this case are connected. we'll give you some back story. christmas morning police noticed a man pushing this u- haul pickup through the hayward bart parking garage. when they ran the plates, police found out it was stolen. when they ran his name, he was found to be a convicted felon. 27-year-old charles goetting. when officers tried to search him, he allegedly started shooting. >> the officer asked him to put his arms on his head. he reached into his waistband and produced a weapon. >> saw the cop shoot his last bullet. that's all i saw. >> reporter: goetting shot one officer in the arm. that officer's partner shot back wounding goetting three times. after the shootout, inside the u-haul pickup jason andersen's body was found. police say getting is facing
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attempted murder charges. reporting live in hayward, cate caugiran, kpix 5. a woman crossing hesperian boulevard was hit by two cars. one driver stayed at the scene. another car a dark toyota sped away after briefly stopping. police say that car likely has extensive damage to its front end. and firefighters in ventura county now have full containment on a brush fire that burned two square miles along the coast. crews have it surrounded but some hot spots remained and gusty winds forecast for today could complicate efforts to put it out. power lines that arced in high winds started it on christmas closing 101 and the pacific coast highway. oakland will not meet tomorrow's deadline to give the national football league a financing plan for a new raiders stadium. but an oakland official told the "san francisco chronicle" the city does plan to send nfl officials an update on efforts
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to keep the team. the raiders, chargers and rams are all considering moves to the l.a. areas. nfl team owners could decide in january whether to allow one or two of those teams to relocate. the trial of raymond "shrimp boy" chow could go to the jury next week. the final witnesses were scheduled to start testifying yesterday. but that was postponed until today because a juror was sick. chow faces various charges including murder, money laundering and drug trafficking. a correctional deputy is being treated for injuries after he was attacked by ten inmates at the santa clara county elmwood jail. the "mercury news" says the inmates repeatedly kicked and punched the guard thursday apparently tearing his rotator cuff. he has been off work since and is expected to miss several more days. it happened in a unit of the jail that houses gang members. no charges will be brought against police officers in the shooting death of a 12-year-old boy in cleveland. last night protestors marched
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through the streets blocking traffic and chanting, no justice, no peace. [ yelling ] [ screaming ] >> late last night, demonstrators in new york city reacted to the cleveland grand jury's decision on the shooting of tamir rice. about 100 people marched through the streets of greenwich village. the attorney for the family of tamir rice says the county prosecutor mishandled the case. [ non-english language ] says prosecutor essentially laid out a defense for the two accused officers when he presented evidence to the grand jury. and he says the prosecutor has a record of being a friend of the police. >> this prosecutor under the guys of transparency kept selectively leaking information that seemed designed to
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exonerate the officers but also, to prepare the public to self the decision of the grand jury. >> an independent special prosecutors should have been appointed instead, they claim. 5:09 on this tuesday. a scout master gets pulled into a cave and mauled by a black bear. the 911 calls from the boy scouts who were able to save him. >> and some of them can't even see color but they are finding a new passion through art. the bay area studio helping these unexpected artists. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good morning, everybody. dry today. but i'll tell you when we have rain back in the forecast. >> and from the traffic center, if you are heading to work this morning, you're in luck. light conditions. i'll have details coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. it's 5:12 on this tuesday. we are 41 days away from super bowl 50 played right there at levi's stadium on kpix 5 on february 7. a super bowl factoid, we have jerry rice, he scored the most touchdowns in three super bowls that would be 7. we have sports and weather coming up in about four minutes. >> he was good. some dramatic 911 calls
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just released are telling the story of survival this morning. the call came from three new jersey boy scouts as they tried to get help for their scout master who is being mauled by a bear. listen. >> the bear is on top of him. >> i think so. [ inaudible ] >> i love yo guys. making that call himself afr he was able to get away froe animal. the boys put food acting it. >> you can hear the scout master making that call after he got away from the animal. the boys put some food near the bear distracting it and made a signal fires so they could be rescued. the scout leader had extensive injuries but is expected to survive. the texas man known as the
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"affluenza" team is in mexico. he was in puerto vallarta last night. his mother was reportedly with him. he has been sentenced to 10 years probation after he killed four people in a 2013 drunk driving accident. he was 16 at the time. couch and his mother vanished this month after video emerged appearing to show him drinking alcohol in violation of probation. >> so if that video can be authenticated, he faces the possibility up to 10 years in jail. >> during the trial, the defense argued couch suffered from a condition called "affluenza" blaming his irresponsible behavior on his wealthy privileged upbringing. an oakland art studio is providing training and a place for people with disability. the studio on 24th street helps those with disabilities ranging from blindness to developmental problems. pieces from the gallery have sold for up to $10,000. >> somebody buys your artwork, depends how good it is.
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it makes you feel good. >> i guess. >> creative growth was founded in the '70s when the state stopped institutionalizing people with developmental disabilities. >> they are getting $10,000 for some of the art. how about traffic. are we pretty good out there, too? >> we are pretty good. in fact, if you are heading to work early this morning, great time to be on the roadways. we have not had one accident so far this morning. in fact, very quiet conditions traffic cruising along, no delays heading into san francisco out of mary. the same story on all our bay area bridges. san mateo bridge 12 minutes now improving from 14 minutes to 12 minutes between 880 and 101. a live look at the bay bridge. no metering lights, no backups here and no backups at all in fact. will take you just 19 minutes off the eastshore freeway coming off the maze. 580 clear. eastbound between grand and 35th there is construction. that's there until 6:30.
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slight delays north- and southbound 680 near 24. there may have been roadwork here this morning hopefully clearing. that might slow you down a bit but even then 32 miles per hour so it's bearable. you can squeeze through with no problems. on 24 everything looks good heading westbound through the caldecott tunnel. we are getting reports of some foggy conditions through livermore. also dublin, as well. so just a heads up as you work your way through the altamont pass this morning. 15 minutes from the pass to 680 for your drive time. no delays ought of tracy. easy through there. 101, 280, guadalupe parkway, same for the south bay, no delays. a look at the south bay here you can see everything is looking nice, nice speeds northbound 101, 60 miles per hour. up the peninsula looks quiet. fog in livermore. here's roberta with the forecast. that was a great observation, because i drove through that area earlier this morning and boy, visibility was less than a quarter mile in
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many pockets throughout the tri- valley. then once you hit the dublin grade, you can see the stars. this morning, 29 degrees according to what weather watcher is that, that would be john milliner santa rosa. good morning to you, sir. so let's head to the santa clara valley. that would be steve and steve, what does he have to say this morning? 37 degrees, 8 degrees cooler this morning compared to 24 hours ago. clear from san francisco looking east towards the bay bridge. 43 in san francisco. oakland 34. it's below freezing in livermore and also in santa rosa. it is now 35 degrees in san jose. here's what you need to know as you begin your trek out the door this morning. chilly, sunny cooler today through tomorrow. mostly dry through 2015. i said mostly. that's because we have an area
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of low pressure developing just off the british columbia coastline heading towards vancouver bumping up against the eureka and light rain showers. cool air is coming into the bay area. temperatures today slightly below average. and we will remain cool all week long but we do have a chance of rain showers beginning late tonight through tomorrow in the far reaches of the north bay. otherwise, clear skies. sfo with a high temperature of 52 degrees today. meanwhile in you have any snags in air travel it could be in atlanta. 51 degrees in atlanta. snow in chicago, houston with rain. sunny skies, breezy up to 15, 56, 57 degrees here in our area. here's our extended forecast. we'll call for the cool days and frosty nights a chance of rain showers in the north bay
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on wednesday. if we see anything, generally less than .10" of rain. another chance of rain showers on sunday but your new year's eve forecast around midnight temperatures in the 40 bayside and inland you want to bundle up with someone you love in the 30s. >> clear sky though, fireworks. >> okay. >> we'll be asleep! >> we will. 5:19 your time. new study of california forests finds that 7 in 10 trees are severely stressed by the drought. it says as many as 58 million trees statewide with experiencing major loss. they used laser images deployed from an airplane to measure water content. it found a large section of forest is at risk of dying because of the drought. here's a rare display of nature natomas near sacramento. this is a murmuration, large flocks of birds in the
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thousands making up a unique flying formation. some drivers pulled over to watch it. experts say the birds don't do this for our amusement. it's a way to protect themselves from predators like falcons. but it's cool. >> cool show. livermore firefighters and police playing the role of santa after a young girl's mother died from a medical emergency christmas afternoon. >> yesterday santa was looking for you and couldn't find your room. we found him and we found the room and we brought you these. >> awww. first responders returned to the home of 6-year-old karma the next day. but as you can see, bags of presents. now they have set up a "go fund me" page to raise money for the funeral. know anyone who got a hoverboard for the holidays? they will be interested to know a new state law related to boards starts on january 1. we'll explain coming up. >> and [ indiscernible ] alma
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mater in town. mr. curry was playing his brother steph and the sacramento kings in the warriors's last home game of 2015. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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of the warriors play their last home game of the year in 2015 they only suffered one
5:24 am
loss on warriors ground in the regular season and were looking for the 33rd straight regular season win at home against the kings last night. news flash, steph curry was scoreless for the first 21 minutes of the game. 53-44 kings in the 2nd quarter. cash buy scored 23 just in the first half but curry caught on fire at the end of the half. he scored 17 in the final three minutes of the 2nd quarter to trim an 11-point deficit down to one. early third kings cousins is ejected,klay thompson makes it 73-66 warriors. thompson led the warriors with 29. later in the quarter, warriors up by 8 and curry to bogut for the awesome slam. curry finished with his first triple-double of the season as golden gate wins 122-103.
5:25 am
well, steph's college coach bob coach playing. brown for thebears win end pac- 12 play at 10-3. the sharks at the s.a.p. center. third period color leading san jose 4-3. the avalanche's mckinnon scores the second of the three goals in the game. the av's win 6-3. the sharks 4- 10 at home this season. the raiders marcel reece has been suspended for four games for testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs. have a wonderful tuesday! play of the day from the nba. before the t-wolves spurs game in san antonio strange but there's their mascot he is a wolf he donned the old batman outfit because they had a bat flying around the arena. and the mascot snared it. grabbed the net, there it is, gave it to authorities and then did a little dance afterwards. not bad.
5:26 am
game over. that's your play of the day. right there. 5:25. left in the cold as temperatures go below freezing. thousands are left without heat for another night. so when are things expected to be back to normal in discovery bay? we'll tell you. >> developing news out of the east bay. police identified a body found at a hayward bart garage. what we're learning about the victim and the suspect, who was pushing him in a u-haul pickup. ,,,,,,,,
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give it a pop.
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this morning, more on the victim... and the man tied his death. weather ad libs traffic ad libs good morning. it's tuesday, december 29th. i'm maria medina in fo a body found out a bart station. more on the victim and who was tied to his death. >> crews are out here looking
5:30 am
for a elephant seal that was beached. >> rain is back in the forecast. i'll tell you when you can expect it. >> and we have our first accident of the morning. i'll tell you where coming up. good morning. it's tuesday, december 29. i'm maria medina in for michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. >> wildlife experts and chp officers are working to keep a 500-pound elephant seal away from highway 37 in sonoma county. this struggle started yesterday afternoon near the sonoma raceway. this seal disrupted traffic as they kept tried to get over a center divider wall on 37. kpix 5's jackie ward is there on 37 where you have seen it. >> reporter: yes. it's quite a task, the marine mammal center was here since 2 a.m. we saw her earlier this morning. the 500-pound elephant
5:31 am
seal was here at the shore. she was going up and down the edge of the highway 37 turnoff and she disappeared. the marine mammal center has been here since 2 a.m. to make sure she stays out of trouble. >> she's doing good. she is swimming. she may be just a little confused right now. how to get out of the lagoon. and right now, all we're doing here is observing. if she comes back on land we'll take action. >> reporter: it's high tide so we could see her clearly. once tide goes out, it gets muddy and that's why she got stuck yesterday in the mud. the primary concern is if she gets back on land, it would be in the middle of the commute dangerous for the animal and drivers. jackie ward, kpix 5. pg&e still working to restore gas service for hundreds of people in eastern contra costa county. more than 1,000 homes of discovery bay and byron still
5:32 am
don't have any heat. it's coming back on though. service was cut off on sunday morning because of a mechanical problem. utility workers are going house to house but they can only reestablish service if someone is home. customers are told not to try to turn on the gas by themselves. >> we pretty much bundled up, wearing full amounts of clothes inside the house. we wore hats and coats. >> more than 200 pg&e workers have been out in the neighborhoods and crews are still working to find out what caused the outage. at last check, more than 1100 homes still don't have gas service down from some 6200 on sunday and early monday morning. a severe weather system that's already killed dozens is now in the northeast. it brought more flooding to the plains states yesterday. in missouri, rain continues sending already swollen rivers over their banks. people in oklahoma had flood and blizzard warnings. one man had to walk through
5:33 am
safety through freezing water. >> i gathered my things, i make the trek for about a half or mile or so. >> in that water for about three hours waiting for him to get here. hypothermia could have set in at any time. >> the number of weather- related deaths from the past few days is now at 43. the bad weather is causing widespread flight delays across the country. here in the bay area, 28 flights have been canceled this morning. that includes six flights that were supposed to go to chicago. our skies are clear but chilly. >> very cold inland where we have dipped down into the upper 20s and then we have freezing temperatures and freezing fog in the valleys because we have the valley fog that came in throughout the tri-valley where visibility is down to a quarter mile in livermore at this hour. also some pockets of fog reported around napa and also around the discovery bay area. good morning, everyone. as you are heading out the door, there you have the scene looking out towards mineta
5:34 am
international airport. so far no reports of delays there or at sfo or even oakland international airport. but we'll keep you posted on that as we have dicey travel in throughout chicago and in boston at this hour. temperature-wise, 31 degrees below freezing in livermore. it is below freezing in santa rosa. and later today our temperatures won't be below average into the low to mid-50s similar to yesterday. in fact, lake berryessa should only reach a high of 49 degrees. 50s at the coast. 50s on the peninsula. 53 san jose. clearing at the dublin grade. otherwise foggy in livermore going up to a high today of sunshine and 51. 52 degrees in stinson beach with a northwest breeze late day 10 to 15 miles per hour. that adds a chill into the air. low 50s in petaluma. are you noticing a theme here? everybody is between 50 and 56, 57 degrees. it will be 56 degrees in
5:35 am
windsor. we'll talk more about your holiday forecast that's coming up about 48 minutes after the hour but right now let's send it over to gianna. >> thanks, roberta. we have our first accident of the morning on the east shore freeway. westbound 80 right at richmond parkway. first reported as a stalled vehicle. now an injury accident involving a big rig. there's not any delays here on our sensors. it's very light conditions this morning so that's probably making it a little easier to pass the scene of the accident. there is at least one lane blocked through there. chp is on scene as well as emergency crews but your drive times are still 19 minutes westbound eastshore freeway from the carquinez bridge to the maze. once you get to the bridge at the bay bridge traffic is light. taking a look at the altamont pass, your driving conditions look good as far as your drive times. 15 minutes altamont pass and 680. it is foggy. limited visibility. use caution through there. 80 and 50 are clear no chain requirements right now but, you know, keep that in mind as you head to the sierra for the holiday and right now 680 northbound slow towards 24. berkeley firefighters say there was so much stuff crammed into a burning home they had a
5:36 am
difficult time getting in. firefighters eventually were able to force their way into the home on sunday and found a man's body inside. items were actually blocking some doors on the home on acton street. the cause of the fire is not determined but investigators believe it was accidental. and investigators in oakland believe a deadly fire in their city was also an accident. a man and a woman were killed early yesterday morning at a fourplex on east long street near 62nd avenue. neighbors say it had been vacant for years but often occupied by squatters. there were previous fires at that building recently. investigators are trying to determine the connection between a body and police shooting at a hayward bart station. kpix 5's cate caugiran joins us live from hayward with the latest on a puzzling case. cate, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank. we now know that the man in that u-haul pickup has been identified as 40-year-old, i believe, if i can find that name for you in a second, jason
5:37 am
alexander -- actually jason anderson, correction. and again, as you mentioned, police are still trying to find out the connection between that body and the suspect. christmas morning officers spotted something different in the parking garage at bart. a man pushing this u-haul. suspicious, officers ran the man's name. up popped 27-year-old charles goetting, a convicted felon p. >> he is on probation for burglary, narcotics, selling narcotics with -- in possession of a firearm. >> reporter: officers went to search goetting but police say the felon had a different plan. >> the officer asked him to put his arms on his head. he reached into his waistband and produced a weapon. >> reporter: one shot hit the first officer in the arm. returning fire, the second officer shot goetting. >> saw the cops shoot his last bullet. >> reporter: the shootout over, the suspect in custody, police then discovered the body of 40- year-old jason anderson in the
5:38 am
pickup. police are not saying how anderson died, his ties to the suspect or how his body ended up in the u-haul only that his last known address was bay point. police said the gun used in the shootout was stolen and that goetting will face attempted murder charges. reporting live in hayward, cate caugiran, kpix 5. a man is in custody in santa clara county accused of a crime spree that included stealing a police car. henrik danni baghdasarian is suspected of taking a milpitas police cruiser then later carjacking a woman. milpitas police say it started yesterday when officers were checking out a suspicious van. baghdasarian sped off. gps tracked him to north san jose. police say that's where he stole a woman's suv. police arrested him the next day in gilroy. today a popular train ride in the santa cruz mountains will be back in service after
5:39 am
an incident yesterday. the roaring camp railroads train in felton was going through the redwood forward when there was a jolt. one woman hit her head. four people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. some new numbers on holiday spending are in with a big jump in online sales. jill wagner of as a breakdown of those numbers. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. falling oil prices are putting the brakes on end of year rallies investors were hoping for. the dow was down 23. nasdaq down 7. so the numbers are now in for the holiday shopping season and no surprise, a lot more people bought their gifts online. mastercard advisers tracked it, 20% up online from black friday to christmas eve compared to last year. [ indiscernible ] a trump quote
5:40 am
is being removed from bottle caps. if you are going to think anyway, you might as well think big. they have nothing against donald trump, it just updates its quote every 18 months. this holiday season americans were expected to buy $26 billion in gift cards. i bought a few. now some help if you got a card from a store you really don't want to shop at. tell us about that. >> reporter: target wants to help. the retailer will be buying unwanted gift cards from hundreds of different brands. it will come though with a reduced price so you can exchange, for example, $100 walmart card for $85 at target. it's better than nothing, though, right, if it's for a store you don't like you may as well get something for it. >> you lose 15 bucks but you get to shop where you want. good deal. thank you, jill wagner. it is now 5:40. the bay area could get a new
5:41 am
law because of this celebrity. justin bieber. the explanation coming up next. >> let's take a look at highway 880 on what should be a slow traffic week. it looks like things are moving along fine there on 880 in oakland. take a look at traffic and your forecast coming up after the break. not get your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. find the lowest prices of the season, going on now. save $600 on the #1 rated i8 bed.
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life... is unpredictable. life is deaths. and births. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all. not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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5:43 on this tuesday. first stop san francisco reported an air temperature of 43. due east of that bay bridge right there. oakland reporting 34 degrees. water temperature 55. we have your full forecast coming up in less than 4 minutes. pop singer justin bieber is in the middle of controversy yet again. this time in san francisco. 8 cases of ads promoting his
5:44 am
latest album spray-painted around town. his record company was contacted and they are considering legal action. >> we have have [ indiscernible ] all over the city, if you are a repeat offender it should be higher but we are looking at fines in thousands per violation. >> san francisco spends $20 million in taxpayer money every year cleaning up graffiti. time now 5:44. the front man for the heavy metal band motorhead has died. "lemmy" kilmister died two days after being diagnosed with cancer. he founded motorhead in the '70s. they recorded 22 albums over the years including "ace of spades." ian kilmister was 70. a hoverboard caught fire in houston forcing shoppers to evacuate. it scattered debris as it burned. the customer returned the board because of faulty charging. the fire was put out, no injuries. fires aren't the only
5:45 am
danger from hoverboards. countless videos show people trying without success to balance on the board. to keep people safe california has new laws that go into effect on friday. all hoverboard riders must wear helmets. they must be at least 16 and cannot go faster than 15 miles an hour. and they can only ride in bike lanes, pathways and roads that have speed limits of up to 45 miles an hour. >> that makes good sense. you shouldn't share the roads with cars trying to drive faster than 35 miles per hour. my hometown of alameda, speed limit is 25. that's a great place for riding. bike lanes are totally okay. >> hoverboard were hot this holiday season. anyone caught violating the rules get a fine up to $250. gas prices are going down everywhere else in the country. they are going up in california. experts say it can be traced back to the refineries. equipment is breaking down --
5:46 am
refinery equipment breaking down which is hurting production. >> we make more here so i think that's why they gouge us in the bay area. >> it is what it is. everybody who lives in california pays for it. >> average price in the united states about $2 a gallon. california is at $2.83 statewide. says the average is $2.71 in san jose, $2.80 in san francisco. always the case. >> i was wondering why gas was creeping up. >> last week i was walking my dog at 9 p.m., walked past a gas station and it says $2.45. next morning it was 10 cents more, just like that overnight. didn't fool me. i saw that. >> did you fill up? >> i did, the next day. not a lot of time or gas wasted on the road this morning. there are a couple of accidents. but light travel conditions. you're not seeing a lot of
5:47 am
delays. northbound 280 right at page mill. we have a vehicle fire. it's not blocking languages. looks like the engine caught fire over to the right shoulder so they have fire crews going to the scene. chp is there. you can see green on your sensors. checking the drive time through there. east 92 no delays 101 if you are heading to sfo, 92 to 80 state police. we have an accident in effect westbound richmond parkway westbound eastshore freeway. it was blocking at least one lane injuries record. traffic looking okay as you work your way westbound on the bay bridge. usually we'll see the metering lights on at this time of the morning. but that's not the case. no traffic delays at the bay bridge. everything is clear out of oakland into san francisco across the upper deck no
5:48 am
problems to report. same goes for the nimitz. 16 minutes north 880, 238 towards the maze. no delays southbound. from this portion all the way into hayward traffic is very light through there. san mateo bridge 880 to one one, only 13 minutes westbound between hayward and foster city. no delays eastbound. still foggy through livermore. so use caution as you work your way westbound 580. but your drive times through the altamont pass are nice right now only 15 minutes to get to th dublin interchange, slight delays at the top of the pass. usually stop-and-go out of antioch on 4 but right now things are quiet up to speed through pittsburg towards the eastshore freeway. stop-and-go but not too bad southbound 680 towards 4. let's take a look at the forecast. here's roberta. were you cold out the door this morning? >> i had ice on my windshield, roberta. it was freezing. >> it's pretty frosty in many of our inland locations this morning. good morning, everyone. even some frost near the coast.
5:49 am
we have clear skies for the most part. inland valley fog throughout livermore with visibility down to a quarter mile there at 31 degrees. it's below freezing in santa rosa. how cold is it in concord? 34 degrees. the winds at this hour are under 5 miles per hour. good news there or we would be talking about a wind chill this morning. sunny and cool through tomorrow. mostly dry through the end of the year. and i said mostly. that's because we have a brand- new area of low pressure. it's in the development stages off the british columbia coastline heading directly towards vancouver and wants to bang up against the pacific northwest. but some of the clouds will be trailing off into the northwestern section of the state of california today. we'll see clouds creep into the far reaches of the north bay beginning with later tonight. here you have your wednesday morning. about this time tomorrow morning, you see a little bit of light rain showers north of the santa rosa area. if we see any precipitation north of the golden gate bridge, it will be very minimal
5:50 am
generally less than .10" of rain a little bit of light rain showers off the inverness coastline by lunchtime tomorrow. but between now and then, sunny skies and unseasonably cool. upper 40s in ukiah. 28 on the south shore. sun-up at 7:24, clear skies. sunset 4:59 this evening. 49 degrees as good as it gets today in lake berryessa area. 53 in san jose. 52 napa, sonoma and glen ellen. here's your extended forecast. chance of rain showers to the north on wednesday. otherwise your new year's eve will be sunny and bright, clear skies for the nighttime hours. as we approach midnight, in fact, here's your new year's eve forecast around midnight. clear skies, temperature-wise 40s at the bay and 30s in our
5:51 am
inland areas. make it a great day. it is now almost 5:51. thieves steal christmas from some hard working san jose students but this story has a happy ending. the total strangers were giving them a christmas miracle. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
jose state had their christs presents stolen... but now good morning. no airport delays on arriving flights at sfo or mineta international airport or oakland international airport. clear skies here locally today with temperatures in the 50s. we could expect delays in travel in atlanta later today, chicago, houston, new york, with rain showers or snow. details as the news continues. >> so far it's been an easy breezy commute this morning. live look at the bay bridge. metering lights are off. earlier accident near richmond parkway has now been cleared. i'll have a full report in a few minutes. students at san jose state had some christmas presents stolen but strangers are helping. the 21-year-old said she knew something was wrong when she went in.
5:55 am
the house was ransacked and robbed, gifts stolen that she had saved for months to buy. >> it hurt me because all the things i have, uhm,i bought myself and i work really hard and just for them to be just like opened up and taken like they are meaningless, it hurts. >> her housemates had similar losses but now they are amazed by the generosity of strangers who donated more than $8,000 online to help them replace their stolen gifts. a new shelter hopes to chip away at san francisco's massive homeless problem. the homeless navigation center is taking a unique approach hoping to attract people who are hesitant to go to traditional shelters. couples can stay together and pets are welcome. >> we do everything we can to make this welcoming. low on the rules, high on engagement. >> organizers hope to set up more shelters around town but they admit it may be difficult to find location where neighbors don't object. in menlo park, firefighters
5:56 am
are getting some help to deal with soaring housing costs. the fire department is offering stipends to help pay their rent if they live within 30 miles of work they get $600 bonus a month. at 20 miles it goes up to $800. and if they are within 10 miles of the city limits the stipend increases to $1,000 a month. we now know the identity of a body of a man found in a u- haul pickup on christmas day. i'm cate caugiran with the details on the missing link that police are looking for. >> if you are driving on highway 37, you may see a elephant seal swimming around this look began. we'll have more coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
griego. and i'm frank mallicoat this morning an effort conts to keep a elephant seal away
6:00 am
from n sonoma county. good. thank you for joining us. i'm maria medina. >> i'm frank mallicoat. good morning. nearly 6:00. this morning an effort continues to keep an elephant seal away from highway 37 in sonoma county. wildlife experts and chp officers want it to stay in san pablo bay. it started yesterday afternoon near the sonoma raceway. the seal disrupted traffic as it went on the highway. kpix 5's jackie ward is along highway 37 this morning where the seal was spot again early this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. get this, frank. we actually just saw her maybe 30 seconds ago. she could sense our hit was coming up and she wanted to get on camera and make her presence known. yeah, we did see her earlier this morning. the 500-pound elephant seal was swimming along the shore here of the lagoon. completely unaware of the media frenzy she was creating. she bobbed up and down the edge of the highway 37 turnoff and we lost sight of her. the marine


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