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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 29, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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formal plan that the nfl wanted. but we do have a letter and we wrote them a letter that explains exactly where we stand. and where do they stand in well, they say they have plans for what they call coliseum city. it's a plan for the a's baseball stadium, for a raider football stadium, for hotels, for commercial, for other kinds of stores they think will be a moneymaker. that's still on the drawing board, obviously, but they say it is doable and that's what they want to do here. and she has said for years she will use no public monies but for the -- not the first time, but for one time today she said, look, we got a new idea for taxes. we may put a tax on the profits of coliseum city and use that to help pay for the stadium up front and then they can pay it back. that's the plan. that's the letter that will go
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to the owners to the nfl tomorrow for that deadline. now, i will tell you that here in oakland and all across the country, there is increased optimism that in fact the raiders will stay in oakland. why? not because of any great plan they have here. but because the two other teams, st. louis and san diego, that want to move to l.a., have a much better plan in place for stadiums there and that's why the raiders may be the odd team out. >> because the bay area has the strongest economy in the nation right now. and they don't want to leave that economy with the corporate sponsors and all that who have you behind just to leave to l.a. >> reporter: so there's still talk about the raiders sharing the stadium with the 49ers. 49ers don't want to do that but that's in the air, as well. and there is increased
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optimism, again, no new stadium moment but the fact l.a. might not want the raiders, they might want st. louis or the san diego chargers. that's the optimism in oakland at the moment. in oakland, mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> the nfl owners are supposed to vote on whether any team moves to los angeles during their meeting next month in houston. business is booming at the port of oakland. that port is seeing a surge in imports to end the year. things started slowly because of a labor dispute. imports are now up almost half a percent compared to last year. the port is also going to expand cranes to hand bigger cargo ships. in fact, one of those ships is come in on thursday called the benjamin franklin, it is 1300 feet long. and that is 50 feet longer than the empire state building is tall. it's the largest container ship to ever visit the united states. breaking news right now out
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of southern california. the area just saw an earthquake. preliminary magnitude 4.3 centered in fontana in san bernardino county. our colleagues at kcbs which has a newsroom in studio city in the san fernando valley says they felt it. a lot of people are tweeting about it online right now. one guy says, he felt a sharp sway to the south and sharp sway back to the north. we'll keep an eye on it and bring you any new information as we get it. once again a 4.3 quake in southern california centered in fontana. another tweet, huge earthquake just now, the whole house shook and creeked. patricia arquette is known for speaking up about the gender wage gap in hollywood and beyond. today she continued to fight. dave lopez tells us how things are about to change in the new year. >> on january 1, we will have implemented the strongest equal pay bill in the nation for the
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people of california. >> yeah, whoo! [ applause ] >> reporter: no more can men make more money than their female counterparts just because. and lawmakers say this was the moment that inspired this bill. >> it's our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights. >> reporter: patricia arquette giving her acceptance speech after winning an oscar last year. >> we need an unnatural readjustment to look at the new reality of america. >> reporter: miss arquette was there today as leaders of sacramento came to north hollywood to announce this equal pay bill becomes law in three days. >> women will be able to ask what their male coworkers are actually being paid without the fear of being retaliated against. >> reporter: some examples, a female clerk at a grocery store finds out her male coworker who does the same job is making more money. she can challenge it. a house maid at a hotel cleaning rooms find out that the male janitor who cleans the
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lobby is making more money. she can challenge it. and what about an actress who finds out that the leading man in the movie is making $20 million and she is making 5? >> look, if you can show some business reason of why you're doing that, that the reality is, they are not going to be able to show that. >> i take it your agent is drooling over your next role due to equal pay? >> i don't know. i mean, really, this is never about me. >> reporter: the new law requires that employers show that differences in wages are due to factors other than gender that the factor is job related and reasonable and that these factors rather than discrimination, account for the difference in pay. >> in pay gap has thrived in secrecy. >> reporter: now no more secrets. from north hollywood, dave lopez, kpix 5. new fares for bart riders starting on friday. it's about 3% or a dime. the increase is because of a formula system adopted more than a decade ago. fares go up every even year through 2020.
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bart uses it to generate revenue to repair and pay for new equipment. meanwhile, there's about to be one less option for commuters. sidecar is calling it quits. in a blog post today sidecar's cofounders say it's the end of the road for its rideshare operations. instead they are going to focus on finding the next big thing. the move takes effect at 2 p.m. on thursday. since its launch in 2012, sidecar struggled to compete with big name rivals uber and lyft. the bomb squad was called out to an unusual location in san jose today. a fire station. kpix 5's cate caugiran on the scary moments caused by an innocent mistake. >> reporter: san jose bomb squad determined the materials were black powder and shotgun caps for the purpose of making shotgun shells. but in the hour that investigators were working, san jose fire went door to door asking families within 300 feet of fire station 11 to evacuate their homes. just before 10 a.m., someone dropped off two milk crate sized boxes here at the
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station. a captain with san jose fire tells me this person was cleaning out a storage unit when he found a box with questionable material and didn't know how to properly dispose of them. >> they were cleaning out an old storage unit found this product and were, like, that doesn't look safe i think brought it appropriately to the fire station. we would ask people in the future to not transport the material, to basically call us to the scene that we could evaluate it there. >> reporter: at first glance teams thought it was blasting caps and black powder so they moved cautiously and quickly to try to secure the small area near the villages parkway and give everyone the "all clear." and as the captain mentioned, if you find yourself in a similar situation, please call police and fire and do not transport those materials yourself. in san jose, cate caugiran, kpix 5. also in the south bay, knuckle tatoos led to the arrest of a would-be gun store burglar. sunnyvale police say they identified suspect jerod wold by the ink on his fingers
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reading, hate cops. police say he used a stolen car to push a dumpster through the back door of u.s. firearms on mary street and stole a second door get away. police got him with a spike strip. three french tourists were robbed in broad daylight at a popular san francisco park. it happened on twin peaks about noon yesterday. the suspect took off with passports, cameras and money. one of the victims was an 81- year-old man who was knocked unconscious and had to be taken to a nearby hospital. a pregnant 900-pound seal who we have nicknamed sea thump is on the way back to the wild after causing a commotion. emily turner has more from highway 37 where it ended a couple of hours ago. >> reporter: it finished up about 4:15. she is well on the way to point reyes national seashore where they are fixing to put her out back into the ocean. while she has a happy ending,
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there's still a lot happening here. it was a long day and there's a long backup behind it. >> reporter: it's an ungainly end to the two-day standoff between the marine mammal center's rescue crew and a 900- pound female elephant seal. >> they are large and stubborn. so she did not obey us. >> reporter: she planted herself in san pablo bay, tried to cross highway 37 yesterday causing all sorts of traffic backups. and she refused all attempts to guide her out nicely. >> if it was up to us we would have pushed her back out to the bay and let her swim away. but yes, she was not taking any directions from us. and we had to, unfortunately, sedate her and capture and her load her into the truck. >> reporter: so when she swam under the highway this afternoon, marine biologists saw their chance. she was tranquilized and a crew
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of 15 rather ungratefully escorted her safely asleep on to the back of a rented flatbed traffic. >> sedated her and got her in the truck drew some blood so we'll take the blood home to make sure she appears to be healthy. doesn't have any other secondary problems. >> reporter: the marine mammal center isn't sure why she ended up here or how but they have her on the way to point reyes national seashore where they will release her. live in sonoma, emily turner, kpix 5. california is seeing a statewide surge in norovirus infections. the health department says it has seen 32 cases since october 1. it's higher than this time last year when there were only 9 cases. 6 outbreaks were reported in marin county. part of the reason of the increase, apparently greater a wearness of. health experts have dubbed it the winter vomiting disease. santa clara county about to
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do what no county has done before, raise the legal age to buy cigarettes. on friday, you have to be 21 to buy smokes in the unincorporated areas of the county. only 17 retailers are affected but supporters are hoping this move will spread. she is an aspiring police officer who says she was racially profiles. a bay area woman calls out the store she says singled her out for just doing her job. >> the young woman who has overcome incredible odds gets a shot at a future she only dreamed about. how a community rallied to give her a priceless christmas gift. >> two snowmobilers rescued after a freezing night in a canyon. the tool they carried to help crews find them fast. >> in the weather department the big chill continues in the bay area. and the small shower. there's at least a chance. the details coming up after a break. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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castro valley woman -- whose anti-muslim rant has gone v. ".you are very deceived by a judge has grand a re-- granted a restraining order against a castro valley woman whose anti-muslim rant has gone viral. >> you are deceived by satan. you are brainwashed. >> denise slater is charged with a hate crime for allegedly throwing coffee on a muslim man who was praying with friends at lake chabot regional park. today, a judge ordered the state worker to stay 200 yards away from the man and the park. slater is to return to court next week to enter a plea. that is raw bacon wrapped on the door handles of a las vegas mosque. police there are now searching for the man who did it. he was caught on surveillance video. worshippers found it on sunday just before morning prayers. muslims consider pork unclean. a woman went to a sporting goods store in fremont asking about buying some ammunition. what happened next has her
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claiming she was racially profiled. then the police got involved and kpix 5's devin fehely is here to tell us why she thinks she was singled out. >> reporter: the fremont police department says that the store employee thought the woman was acting suspiciously but that woman says there was nothing suspicious about her behavior and what she believes truly trying heard that phone call to the police was mistaken information about her race and ethnicity. as a certified firearms instructor and aspiring police officer, [ non-english language ] didn't think twice about asking to boy hundreds of rounds of ammunition -- to buy hundreds of roundsof ammunition at a dick's sporting good store. >> i said is there something i did wrong? and he said, no, no. but somebody has reported that you look suspicious. and i said, what what do you mean i look suspicious? >> reporter: troubled by the incident she posted on facebook that the store employee who
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reported her to police had, quote, racially profiled me and violated my civil liberties. the indian-american and a sikh believes she may have been misidentified as muslim and a potential terrorist. >> i did nothing out of the ordinary. i wasn't nervous. i have been around firearms my whole life. and, um, being around firearms doesn't make me nervous. i have actually worked at a gun store before as well. >> reporter: a spokesman for the fremont police department says they had an obligation to investigate the report but they add it was quickly cleared up once they learned she was a firearms instructor. dick's sporting good didn't respond to repeated requests for comment about their handling of the case. the woman says she considered a lawsuit but feared it would only trigger a backlash rather than promote greater cultural understanding and tolerance. >> i feel like they need to be educated so that's my main goal is i want to educate people on who sikhs are and, um, what we're about. >> reporter: she had nothing but praise for the decorum and sensitivity of the police
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officers who responded to her home. the fremont police department says they are in a bit of a bind because they say they don't want to discourage the public from reaching out to them with their concerns because they say that's the idea that animates their see something say something anti- terrorism campaign. until fremont, i'm devin fehely, kpix 5 -- in fremont, i'm devin fehely, kpix 5. other bay area headlines right now a cat was the only victim of a two-alarm fire in the inner sunset. chopper 5 was overhead as crews checked for hot spots on the roof of the three-story building on fourth avenue near lincoln way. the flames apparently started in a second floor apartment and spread to the unit above. crews rescued a cat but it later died. pg&e crews are still unable to get into the home of 1100 customers to restore gas service. 4800 have gotten their gas restored. 150 pg&e workers are still on the scene working to get gas service back on. two men are back home after
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nearly freezing to death in the snowy sierra. chp officers found them sunday morning near ebbets pass in al people county. the two men from el dorado county had been exploring the area on snowmobiles saturday but got stuck separately in the deep snow. luckily, they had a family radio system that helped them find each other. then after spending saturday night in a tree well, they were located by a helicopter crew the next day. we have reported how the drought has taken a toll on trees. now researchers are saying it could be even worse than first thought. the report by the carnegie institution for science says as many as 58 million trees in california face what they call severe danger. what about our expected el nino rain? well, that probably won't help. a stanford scientist involved in the report says that the drought has put the forest in tremendous peril.
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>> not good news. >> years and years of that. >> well, we'll see what happens. we do have some rain on the way. perhaps the storm door opens next week. we have cold conditions tonight and slightly wet tomorrow morning. hi-def doppler not picking up much now. it is all dried up. first there's this energy that's coming in off the pacific northwest. so you can see the old system which is down here in southern californiale that one leaves this one approaches and it's a chunk of energy that's moving in over northern california. it sinks south and will give us a chance of rain when it comes in tonight and tomorrow morning and just that much of a chance and just that much rain, too. not much with this. there's a slight chance. on the futurecast we get clouds over the bay area tomorrow in advance of this. and there's not much energy. there's not much moisture.
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that could be some widely scattered light showers tomorrow. the clouds begin to evaporate tomorrow night leading to a cleaned of the week. so increasing clouds tonight. a slight chance of a few showers and then dry through new year's day. overnight lows tonight, still chilly. 35 in vallejo. 35 for napa. and 32 degrees in fairfield. 31 for livermore. daytime highs tomorrow, we'll manage just mid-50s for the most part. how about new year's eve? around midnight it's hanging good clear, chilly, no rain then. but it will be cold. clear thursday through saturday. sunday possible rain. cloudy skies monday and tuesday. so yeah, i know, this is no big rainmaker. the big story continues to be the cold weather at night and that's going to continue all the way through the weekend. >> that's nice this time of the year, though, right? >> crisp. >> it is. >> thank you. >> it is winter, after all. >> thank you. a pair of bay area
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shoplifters with an eye for high-end specs. the strategy they used to make sure no one saw them coming. >> and it's a gift she thought she could never afford. the christmas surprise that will give a young woman with a rare disease a chance to -- a chance to thrive. ,,,, ♪ life. just when you think you know where it's going,
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it takes you someplace else. covered california is here to help californians who need health insurance get it. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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raised tens of thousands of do st they are calling it the christmas miracle from watsonville. a community raised money for a woman. >> reporter: with the robotic arm attached to her wheelchair brenda is discovering the freedom of doing things she could never do before. >> it's the first thing i did, um, was get on my computer and then the light switch. >> reporter: the jayco robotter arm a $50,000 christmas gift from her community in watsonville and santa cruz. they raised $44,000 in three months. she added $6,000 of her own savings but just found out this
6:24 pm
morning an anonymous donor will cover her contribution. >> overwhelming. i always knew there was kind people out there but experiencing it firsthand was amazing. >> reporter: brenda has [ non- english language ] , a disease so rare, her doctors told her she is only one of 70 patients in the world. her muscles and tissues don't grow. and she uses a feeding tube. but the 21-year-old has beat the odds. she was not expected to live past age 2. >> she doesn't know the word "can't." she always knows how to get through things. >> even if it's something small i don't want to stay home and not live. >> reporter: she graduated from high school and has maintained a 3.5 grade average at cabrillo college. she started a "go fund me" account for the arm in the spring donations pouring in after a summertime newspaper article publicized her need. people who didn't know her personal organized fundraisers. customers at an inn in santa
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cruz wrote her notes on pink hearts and the yacht club raised $6,000. >> to be able to see her in her chair with the arm that she wanted for so long was, you know, incredible. >> reporter: one day soon, brenda wants to get a job translating between doctors and spanish-speaking patients so she can extend her arm in thanks to her community. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> brenda completed the six- month online training program in medical interpreting and plans to take the board in the spring to apply for a job. >> no stopping her now. coming up in our next half- hour high-profile murders, shootings, robberies traced to one man. how his gamble with guns in vegas is putting bay area communities in danger for years to come. >> he is the teenager infamous for using the "affluenza" defense to avoid jail. tonight he is caught running across the border and he may not get off so easily now. >> grab the binoculars for a christmas tradition.
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how some citizen scientists are making a big difference by counting birds.
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she plans to keep the raide. paying for a new football stadium includ our top stories tonight oakland mayor libby schaaf just about 45 minutes ago revealed
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highway she fans to keep the raid -- how she plans to keep the raiders, paying for a new football stadium with a tax on businesses. but the city can't tear down the coliseum without the as' permission. a 900-pound pregnant elephant seal is back in the wild after cause a two-day stir in sonoma county. wildlife officials had to resort to tranquilizing her to get her out there was. patricia arquette continued her fight fore wage equality today in hollywood. today joined lawmakers in announcing the equal pay bill that becomes law this friday. it's considered the strongest equal pay law for women in the nation. it's a major challenge for police keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals! tonight we have learned some recent high-profile crimes in oakland can be traced back to one man who tells the feds he was is trying to make money. kpix 5's ken bastida reports,
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what happened in vegas has deadly consequences on bay area streets. >> reporter: 66-year-old judy salo man was shot dead in her car in an oakland neighborhood two years ago. oakland police suspected 22- year-old stephon lee shot her. >> he is an individual we knew it was involved group and gang violence. >> reporter: two months later lee was arrested for another shooting injuring two men at a backyard marijuana grow in oakland. lee pleaded guilty to gun charges and was sentenced to 7 years in san quentin. he was in prison when he was arrested for the murder of judy salomon but captain joyner had another mystery to solve, where did lee get the handgun he used in that backyard shooting? one of many high quality guns showing up on the streets of oakland. >> glock handguns, taurus handguns, extended magazines, guns with lasers. >> reporter: within days of stephon lee's arrest in
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september 2013, the atf traced the gun he used in the backyard shooting to this man. atf agents arrested oakland security guard edward purry in october of 2013. >> he purchased and sold 91 guns in less than four months. >> reporter: he was illegally buying handguns that summer using a false address in las vegas. at gun store after gun store, nine guns on one july day at big gun 7 in july at the las vegas gun range, 6 more firearms at urban civil defense. more than a half dozen stores. and then selling the guns on the street in oakland to people he knew only by their first names. >> it's a process for me. i help myself i can help everybody i love. that was it. it wasn't to add to the murder rate. it wasn't to add to nobody getting shot. >> what do you think you're
6:32 pm
doing with them, going to the range? >> reporter: purry's guns told the story. 22 guns found so far at crime scenes. >> shooting at police officers, drive-by shootings at police officers, attempted murders, um, possession of a firearm by a felon who was a suspect in shooting at a 2-year-old child, shooting into the occupied dwelling of a pregnant woman. >> reporter: atf special agent helped make the case. he asked us to obscure his face. >> the case got its big break it mid-august when the u.s. postal service notified us. >> reporter: this package contained six undeclared guns, the return address the name of a famous oakland man. >> kenny clutch was a moniker for a rapper that was murdered on the las vegas strip in a shootout and car crash. >> reporter: ken cherry died months before the package was mailed. >> you heard what happened in
6:33 pm
vegas. why use that name? >> because he was kenny clutch. it came into my head. >> reporter: for hours, agents asked purry who bought the guns from him. dozens more guns than they initially realized. >> how are we going to find these 60 guns? >> i'm -- i don't know where they at. i sold them. they went away. i sold one gun to this black dude but i don't know his name. he gave me $1,000. >> reporter: purry said he sold the handguns at twice retail. >> like, damn, i know i can make some money. >> looks like he bought whatever glock he could find. is that true? >> yes. >> you could find a glock you bought it? >> that's right. >> reporter: why glocks? the fire power says special agent mabanag. >> they can accept after market high capacity magazines. [ gunfire ] >> this magazine holds 30 rounds. >> reporter: edward purry was sentenced in las vegas last month to 8.5 years in federal
6:34 pm
prison for his illegal gun purchases in nevada. >> i believe there's multiple mr. purry's out there. >> reporter: the atf says that's possible. >> that someone went to nevada today and purchased 100 guns and brought them to california, we wouldn't necessarily know about it. we don't know about all of them. >> reporter: in san francisco, ken bastida, kpix 5. >> purry was also ordered to serve three years of supervised release after he is out of prison. prosecutors say he made more than $92,000 reselling firearms. a pair of suspected shoplift nerds bay area has an eye for high -- shoplifters in the bay area has an eye for high-end glasses. this surveillance video comes from eye store in fremont taken on december 18. the couple was friendly and polite toward other customers. but when they left, employees noticed 10 frames worth about $400 each were gone. the manager reviewed the video and saw what happened. the fugitive teenager who
6:35 pm
dodged jail time with the "affluenza" defense could go to jail. he and his mother were caught in mexico and will be flown to texas tomorrow. authorities say the two threw a going away party before going on the lam. a judge sentenced him to probation in 2013 for killing four people in a drunk driving crash. a psychologist said that ethan crouch suffered from "affluenza," meaning his wealthy upbringing left him unable to tell right from wrong. prosecutors hope to transfer his case to an adult court. his mother faces charges of hindering and an comprehension. he created a galaxy far, far away. tonight, you will see george lucas win one of america's most coveted awards. his admission to charlie rose about his ultimate ambition. >> he might be a boxing champ, but balance is another thing. mike tyson's epic spill on the hot pink hoverboard. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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former heavyweight champ mi
6:38 pm
on twitter... h even champions take falls. take a look at this. former heavyweight champ mike tyson posted this video to twitter testing out his daughter's new hoverboard. at first he seems to have the hang of it but then he loses his balance. ouch. one more time. he takes a nasty fall. let's watch it one more time. >> too big for his breeches. you dennis would say, down goes frazier! it's sure to be a highlight of tonight's kennedy center honors on cbs. "star wars" creator george lucas gets an award for his film legacy. he spoke to charlie rose this morning about what it means to be a director. >> a director is just somebody who has a fetish with making the world to be the way he wants it to be sort of
6:39 pm
narcissistic. all directors are vaguely like emperors. which is i want to build the society to be -- to reflect me and what i want. but a director can do it with a lot less money and just say i'm going to create a world where where people can fly. >> he spoke about his good friend director steven spielberg who pays tribute to lucas at the award. >> i say stephen, you said, when are you going to retire? he says i'm not going to retire. i said my ultimate die -- he said my ultimate dream is to die on the set, keel over when shooting. i said my ambition is to die in bed watching one of the your movies on television. >> you can see lucas and all the other winners on the 38th annual kennedy center honors at 9:00 on kpix 5. a deadly confrontation between palo alto police and a man friday night took just 19 seconds from beginning to end. tonight we ask police what happened. we'll have that story and much more tonight on bay area nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12.
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'tis the season for counting birds. more than just a hobby, too. what these volunteers are learning about the bigger picture of climate. >> temperatures dropping like a rock tonight and something else may be dropping by tomorrow morning. we'll have details in the weather in a few minutes. coming up in sports, the chance to win a bowl game since 2008. >> high and low as you can get. >> will it be his final game as a cal bear? plus what was the most memorable sports moment of 2015? and no need for the season to end. another nfl head coach is shown the door coming up in a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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count. 's john ramos on what the it is that time of year again. the golden gate audubon society's san francisco christmas bird count.
6:44 pm
>> kpix 535's john ramos on what the findings -- kpix 5's john ramos on what the findings mean for the future of our bird populations. >> reporter: in golden gate park it may feel like you're alone but actually you have a lot of company. >> you started by seeing a little bit of motion and then you start looking and you realize that the trees are just full of birds. it's like -- [ sound effect ] >> reporter: since the early '80s alan hopkins has been leading birdwatchers on san francisco's annual christmastime bird count. alan's area includes the west end of the park and ocean beach. >> each bird count has got a defined circle and we count all the birds or trying to count them within the circle in one day. >> reporter: the count goes on all over the country and in many places around the world and always within a few days' time so scientists can get an accurate snapshot of where various species of birds are living at a given moment giving clues about things like climate. >> you have to say why are
6:45 pm
these birds showing up here now instead of being in colombia or wherever they go. >> reporter: it takes a trained eye. why you able to spot the nesting great horned owl? when another bird took off they placed it at 60. >> they were strung out so i kept counting by twos. >> reporter: admittedly the volunteers' count is not exact. but these kinds of estimates taken over the 1 16-year history of the project gives vital information about the health of bird populations. for example, there used to be a lot of quail in the park. but not anymore. >> the only two quail, left, yeah -- >> that's the city's official bird, isn't it? >> it is. >> reporter: but it's not all bad news. some species are increasing. and besides, it's the job of these citizen scientists to gather the information and let
6:46 pm
others figure out what it all means. john ramos, kpix 5. >> it's oldest largest citizen project in the world. fun hobby for a lot of people. guy who used to run this television station, larry fuller director news to birdwatcher. >> everyone needs their own thing. >> probably enjoying it more. >> great guy. we are starting with clear skies tonight as we approach 7:00 and the numbers are falling as we look at coit tower and the numbers right now in concord 46 degrees oakland 45, livermore 44. 51 degrees in san francisco. and san jose 50. santa rosa 45. an impulse will come south through the bay area tonight in the north bay first and then through the rest of the bay area on wednesday morning and
6:47 pm
midafternoon. we may have a few showers in the bay area widely scattered. not so much. but nevertheless, wednesday has more clouds than today. as you can see on the futurecast the clouds lower from the north so that tomorrow morning we wake up to mostly overcast skies in the north bay. this is at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. widely scattered showers across the central bay. if anything falls at all, really, there's not much here and then by 6:00 tomorrow night, things begin to clear out from the north and we'll be left with a mostly sunny end to 2015. so increasing clouds tonight. we are looking over san jose right now. slight chance of a few showers and then it will be dry right through new year's day. travel weather forecast heading out of the bay area will find rain in eureka and in mendocino. ukiah will pick up some rain from this and then reading to partly cloudy skies by day's end. overnight lows tonight is going to be chilly. 35 degrees at napa. 32 for fairfield 31 livermore. 32 degrees at concord. overnight in the city, 45
6:48 pm
degrees with mostly clear skies. forecast tomorrow, fairly straightforward in terms of temperatures. we'll all be in the low to mid- 50s with san francisco 54 degrees. concord 53. san jose 55. down in the south bay, we'll look at mid-50s and increasing high clouds tomorrow not much of a chance south of the golden gate for anything like a shower. over in the east bay, again there's going to be some high clouds and there could be a few drops that will be about it. 53 degrees at walnut creek. mid 50s to low 50s for the most part after a chilly night tonight. north bay stands a better chance of a few showers tomorrow. temperatures there will be on the cold side. 53 for petaluma. napa 53 degrees. and in mill valley 55. it's up by ukiah and in cloverdale lakeport and clearlake you probably will get some showers tomorrow. a little bit after sunrise. as for new year's day, 2012, we are going to have to change that graphic, it's going to be mainly sunny and chill think. >> "back to the future"! [ laughter ] >> that's right. who did this?
6:49 pm
wait, i think i did! [ laughter ] >> the numbers will be in the low 50s tomorrow for wednesday. thursday, friday and saturday, we'll have mostly sunny skies. another little impulse is coming through on sunday. sunday of 2016. and might give us a few more showers just like what happened over the weekend a few showers late in the day in the evening or sunday. might happen again this weekend. other than that a little chance tomorrow, a little chance on sunday, high and dry as we go and we'll stay nice and chilly. that's weather. let's hope andrea's updated sports after a break. ,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
announcer: sleep train thanks all those who helped make a difference last year for thousands of local foster kids. thank you for helping foster kids. thank you for the school supplies. thank you for the new shoes. thank you, secret santa. and thank you for donating money. announcer: your generosity proves
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that while not everyone can be a foster parent, anyone can help a foster child. thank you. thank you. gracias por su ayuda. [baby coos]
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officially declare for the l welcome back to 2015 and this is sports. [ laughter ] >> jared goff has done it yet but many expect he will declare for the nfl draft in the near future. but today, it was all about leaving cal to its first full win since 2008. if it's his last game as a bear, goff put together a nice highlight reel. tied at 7, a 14-7 lead. that was a nice pass. 2nd quarter, tied at 14. goff to darius poe sitting in the back of the end zone one of two touchdowns. 21-14 cal. ensuing falcons drive quarterback carson roberts
6:53 pm
fumbles and this one is recovered by the bears. and goff cashes in on that mistake on the next play finds kenny lawler between two defenders for the 24-yard score. huge swing there and the bears lead by 14. goff to lawler again. lawler's third touchdown of the game as he takes off into the end zone. goff finished with 467 yards and 6 touchdown passes. the junior quarterback didn't announce whether he intends to enter the nfl draft as cal wins 55-36. >> it's been a long journey, fun. it's been ups and downs. about as high and low as you can get in a career. it's been a lot of fun. every guy on the team i'm thankful for every one of them. >> really proud of our seasons. for those guys to keep working doing the things we ask them to do and to get to this point
6:54 pm
today i'm really happy for them. breaking news off the of the nfl. the eagles fired chip kelly as head coach with one game left in the season. pat shurmur takes over. the warriors steph curry will be a game-time decision for tomorrow's game in dallas with a leg injury. coach luke walton says curry could miss both games on the road trip with dallas and houston. curry has had leg and calf injuries since last wednesday's game against the jazz. in just one year bay area experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows in sports. vern glenn with a look back at 2015. >> give it the number five and let him go touchdown stanford. >> reporter: christian mccaffrey amassed yards to beat the ncaa record. the cardinal won the pac-12 championship and advance to the third rose bowl in four years.
6:55 pm
for the giants their season highlight came courtesy of a rookie starter. >> chris heston here in new york city has thrown a no- hitter. >> reporter: the raiders' future looks bright. but next season's game will not include charles woodson who announced his retirement after an 18-year career. >> we'll be watching every step of the way, man, because i believe in y'all. >> reporter: 2015 couldn't have been worse for the 49ers from. jim tomsula's introductory press conference. >> i don't want to do that. >> reporter: and the surprising retirement of patrick willits and chris borland. >> i'm not willing to sacrifice 15 to 20 years of my life even if die healthy but younger. >> reporter: and colin kaepernick could be the next to go. he was benched for blaine gabbert after eight games. 2015 for the warriors can't miss. >> 37 in a quarter. >> reporter: steph curry with the team's first mvp since they
6:56 pm
moved out west. the ws advance to their first nba final since 1975. >> steph curry with the magic. >> reporter: the warriors won the final three-game of the series to win their first championship in 40 years. >> and the dream season is now complete. the golden state warriors are the 2015 nba champions. >> reporter: this season there's been no championship hangover. golden state set an nba record for starting a season at 24-0, won 28 straight games going back to last year, as they look primed for another title run in 2016. >> thank you for joining us. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: all right, everybody. how y'all doing? i appreciate you. thank y'all. i appreciate it. here we go. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, is this gonna be a good one today. returning for their fifth and final day with a total of 22,635 bucks, from birmingham, alabama, it's the champs. it's the henry family. and it's a rematch from omaha, nebraska, it's the skaff family.
7:00 pm
all of this--everybody trying to win theyself a lot of cash, and remember, today, if the henry family wins the game today, the henry family driving out of here in a brand-new, state-of-the-art ford edge, yeah. let's get it on. give me rachel. give me waltrece. heh heh. here we go. top 8 answers on the board. we asked 100 men. name a fruit you'd be surprised your fruit of the loom underwear smelled like. waltrece. waltrece: apples. steve: apples. rachel: banana. steve: a banana. pass or play? rachel: we're gonna play. steve: they're gonna play. hey, matt, talked to a hundred men. name a fruou


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