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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 31, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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you feel violated. >> reporter: the thieves knew how to cut the gate and crack the electronic entry into the garage, knew where the keys were kept and took 7 of them. five cars belonged to the dealership and two to customers. >> we have roaming security patrols and they were able to circumvent the things we have in place. >> reporter: you think it was an inside job then? >> it's so hard to say. i mean, professional of these are professional thieves. -- professional thieves are professional thieves. >> reporter: there are three hispanic men and one hispanic woman and they got away with tools and computers. the dealership just hopes they don't get away with the whole thing. the victim in sis not only, unfortunately, our people but us as a business. we have been here since 1 1947. >> reporter: this is a jeep that they have parked in front
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of the front gate the very same gate that those thieves drove that car out of. so they say with this car here at least they can't drive them out. reporting live in sonoma, emily turner, kpix 5. this burglary suspect has just been charged for a couple of christmas break-ins. police say he broke into the garage of a hillsboro home late on christmas eve. then put on a santa hat and robbed this same family's business in san francisco. this shows him poking around a business and soon after he unlocked the door with a key from the owner's garage. delery was arrested on christmas night in a stolen car. hillsboro police say he was wearing the same clothes including the santa hat. history was made today on san francisco bay. the biggest ship to ever visit a u.s. port turned heads as it steamed under the golden gate bridge towards the port of oakland. that's where kpix 5's da lin is now and da, it was quite a sight.
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>> yeah. it's like a mini city. >> reporter: that's the benjamin franklin right there docked right behind us there. i call it the big ben. so it's going to be docked there for a few days and port officials say this benjamin is going to bring a lot of benjamins to the east bay. >> as it came closer and closer it got bigger and bigger and bigger. it's beautiful! >> it was massive! biggest ship i have ever seen! >> reporter: the future of the shipping industry meets the icon of the bay area. >> looked like it might not even fit under the bridge. >> reporter: not only is it the biggest, but also the tallest to ever go underneath the golden gate bridge. by comparison it dwarfs other cargo ships. it looks twice as big. >> i have never seen this large a vessel. >> something that big takes your breath away. >> reporter: people stood in different parts of the bay area
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to watch big ben slowly pass all the bay area landmarks. we are speeding up the video here and it just covers alcatraz. >> as big as the city of san francisco. >> reporter: not quite. it's 1300 feet long, that's longer than the empire state building is tall, band 20 stories high. the largest ship in the country right now can only carry 14,000 containers. big ben carries 18,000. >> it's so big, we thought it was part of the city! [ laughter ] >> we thought it was buildings because it was just huge. >> reporter: the port of oakland is one of the few u.s. ports deep enough to handle megaships and it means big money. >> more cargo, more trade, and ultimately more jobs. >> reporter: the benjamin franklin will leave the bay area on monday and this is only a test run, allen. if this thing goes well, port officials say they could see more mega ships in late 2016
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and 2017. >> phenomenal, d.a. i love the video that showed the ship and the regular cargo ship passing. it gave us good perspective. what kind of cargo does it carry? regular stuff? >> reporter: yeah, regular stuff. on saturday it's going to unload things like electronics, toys, furniture, clothes. and then probably on sunday, we'll be exporting some stuff to asia things like wine, fruits and nuts. those things will be shipped over to area. >> just a whole lot more of it. da lin live in oakland, thank you so much. some more excitement for the east bay. google plans to expand its footprint in alameda. the tech giant is railroad leasing offices for its company. at the former alameda naval air station. they bought the wind technology company in 2013. it wants to expand to a third building. it would also have first rights to negotiate buying the site out right. the city council will consider the expansion tuesday.
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the area called alameda point is home to several green energy companies. san francisco's waterfront is filling up fast with a lot of people ready for a prime view of tonight's fireworks show. kpix 5's andria borba is along the embarcadero to tell us about the new security measures for this year's new year's eve. >> reporter: well, betty, there will be more people out than ever this year to watch the fireworks show but among them, many plainclothes san francisco police officers keeping a close eye on the crowd and not the sky. now, tens of thousands are expected to brave 40-degree temperatures to catch the fireworks that kick off at midnight. among them a new "totem" in her family. they have been bundled up and waiting for five hours already with some prime bay front real estate. >> we knew the streets would be crowded and parking impossible so we left home at 12:00 arrived at 1:00, found parking and here we are staked out.
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>> reporter: they have blanket, hats, scarves and gloved. the coast guard for the first time has put a 1,000-foot security zone around the ferry plaza and pier 14 for the half- hour during the fireworks show while its going on so no about the in or out during that time to make sure everything stays safe. live on the embarcadero tonight bob kpix 5. if you plan on using uber or lyft to get around tonight, watch out for surge pricing. uber's fare estimate feature gives you an idea of how much you will pay to avoid surge pricing. they suggest heading out early. in the bay area, uber prediction the extra fares will kick in just after midnight until 4 a.m. >> you should never be surprised. you will always be notified if there's surge pricing hatching you can always get a fare estimate and split the fare with friends. >> there's no match on how much uber's surge pricing goes up. lyft on the other hand is
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capped at 200% increase. public transportation is another option. bart will be running trains until 3 a.m. caltrain is free from 8 p.m. to 2:15 a.m. ac transit, samtrans, vta and muni will also offer free rides from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. for a list of new year's events around the bay area, check out tonight police in san francisco and oakland say they will be cracking down on illegal fireworks. if years past are any indication, which they look like this, police can't do much. people will get away with it. but firefighters always ready to remind everybody, illegal fireworks are very dangerous. in santa cruz, police are tripling the fines for illegal activity downtown. an open container could cost you $480. littering $288 fine. and if you get caught abusing the trees, plants or the lawn
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around you, expect to pay more than $1,000. the san francisco sheriff's department is changing its "use of force" policy in county jails. outgoing sheriff ross mirkarimi says the reform is response to allegations that deputies were staging fights in jails. the changes call for training on deescalation tactics. they forbid retaliation against inmates who file a complaint and require all employees and witnesses not just sworn staff to report a use of force incident. it comes as a san francisco police department is performing its own use of force policies after the shooting death of mario woods. a string of new state laws goes into effect tomorrow. many deal with regulating things such as hoverboard, electric bikes and even earbuds. joe vazquez reports. >> i see it a lot. i'm wondering, what are you doing? how can you hear what's going on? >> reporter: it has already
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been against the law for several years in california putting headphones over your ears or earplugs in your ears while driving a car or riding a bike but until now the law has never specified earbuds. you know, the kind made by apple that a lot of people have. >> it's a semantic difference. this is the issue? we have so much bureaucracy with the government. it's just a semantic difference. there's no difference. you can't have noise producing pieces on your head. that's what it comes down to. >> you should write the laws. >> so be it. >> reporter: but it's not just word play. there's more. now the law adds one little twist. you're not even allowed to rest them on your ears. >> i thought you had earbuds so you're not on your phone but now come to think about it it's just a bigger distraction than a cell phone. >> one earbud is fine. >> reporter: concord police spokesman corporal says you will get a ticket only if both earbuds are in. in fact, his officers have been issuing tickets one where a guy
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wasn't on the phone or listening to music. >> even though the earplugs are in and nothing was playing he had it and was waiting for a phone call, it eliminates outside noise. >> reporter: the ticket could be about $160 counting court fees. by the way, walking and talking still legal in 2016. no semantics about that. in san francisco, joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> new law still allows earplugs for operators of emergency vehicles and special construction equipment as well as exemptions for hearing aids. soccer fans with one goal, stop the nfl from paving over their field. how a ruling today could impact super bowl plans. >> this tiny purple cat has lived a very tough life. the push to find smurf a good home in 2016. >> and why is a man from orinda getting so much twitter hate? the his double life as a fired nfl coach. >> big chill continues for the final night of 2015 and there
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are changes ahead for next week. we'll document them all as we look at that freeze warning posted tonight when we cover the weather that's coming up after a break. announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic,
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a group of soccer players and their parents packed a san jose courtroom this morning to the nfl's plans for the super bowl. but a judge today decided not to grant a temporary restraining ordinary on the city-backed plan. the nfl wants to transform the field next to levi's stadium into a sprawling media village. >> we would go home tomorrow if someone could promise us that, look, you have a place to play, a good high grade field, that suits the caliber of players that you have. then we'll go home. then we're all done. we have better things are to do. >> when we submitted a bridge, our link to the league was that
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we are going to support -- our pledge to the league was that we are going to support the league in any way we can pursuant to the bid. >> construction may start monday. both sides will be back in court on wednesday to argue the case before the judge. the new year will bring bigger billings for pg&e customers. the average bill for homeowners goes up 7%. the biggest hike since 2006. the extra money goes towards maintenance and upgrades to pg&e's electricity grid and natural gas pipeline network. also starting tomorrow, it's going to cost you more to visit muir woods. the entrance fee going from $7 to up $10 under a plan by the national park service. an annual pass that's going to double in price from $20 to $40. visitors under 15 still get in for free. in san francisco, a water main break has flooded some streets in the outer sunset near 41st avenue and moraga. it happened around 4 p.m. crews out there won't say how
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long it will take to get it capped did you it will be a while. >> a water main break in emeryville. east bay m.u.d. says it won't be back on until 9 p.m. a driver took a turn on an icy stretch of road and went into tomales bay. the van slid off highway 1 into the bay just south of tomales this morning. it rolled over once before landing back on its wheels in about four feet of water. the driver made it out okay. in san jose an animal rescue group saw a kitten dyed a strange color but that wasn't the worse of the problems. kpix 5's john ramos tells us the survival story of a catcalled smurf. >> reporter: the nine lives foundation shelter in redwood city often cares for abused and neglected cats like blue, who was abandoned with a broken leg. but it's the latest patient here that has everyone seeing
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red. or in this case, purple. >> we will never know what truly happened because obviously he can't tell us. >> reporter: someone in san jose left this little 8-week- old kit in any box with rags and food scraps. nicknamed smurf, the little guy was a bright bluish purple from what they believe is a permanent fabric dye. but it's what they found after giving him a shave that is truly disturbing. >> you can see just little wounds all over. >> reporter: the kitten is covered with bite marks. some fresh, some partially heeled. he may have been used as a living chew toy for someone's dog. >> there's something obviously something that goes wrong with some people that -- [ purring ] >> that they would be willing to hurt this baby. >> reporter: but there are 400 cats here all with a difficult story. most of them dumped or abandoned as babies by people
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too irresponsible to get their pets spayed or neutered. >> you get kind of callous to the idea that there's, you know, they are just a dime a dozen. >> reporter: and yet somehow, they remain loyal to us. the staff here says despite all smurf has been through, all he wants to do is curl up in someone's arms. >> once you realize that we were the good guys and we were making him feel better, he just -- it's almost like he forgotten what has happened to him in the past. they are way more forgiving than human beings. >> which is lucky for us because often we human beings have a lot more to be forgiven for. in redwood city, john ramos, kpix 5. >> poor little guy. now, smurf when he heals from his wounds, the nine lives foundation plans to put him up for adoption along with a partner cat. a rare sighting in marin county. an endangered olive ridley sea turtle was spotted in the waters off point raze tuesday. the species is normally found
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thousands of miles away in southern mexico and costa rica. biologists think it could be related to warm el nino waters. a group of people checking out elephant seals at chimney rock spotted the 100-pound turtle. >> lucy, you got a lot of 'splainin' to do! why is he up here! >> it's been happening for a while now. >> lots of surprises, whales all sorts of marine life. >> heavy rain next week. a genuine artifact of el nino could be appearing next week as we begin to pull the shower after shower after shower coming in starting on tuesday. meantime, we are looking towards san francisco from the oakland airport. a beautiful sight it is tonight with all eyes on the embarcadero in san francisco. it will be cold. numbers right now already down into the 40s for much of the bay area. 45 in concord already. 43 at livermore. 46 degrees in santa rosa no surprise the national weather service said you know, the temperatures are freezing. maybe we should post a freeze
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warning. thanks, guys. overnight lows in the 20s. it's been freezing all week. we kept saying in the weather department, why aren't they posting a freeze warning? they are now. 37 degrees at midnight as we usher in 2016. can you believe it? high pressure over the west coast. we have sunshine on tap for the first day of the new year. then things change on saturday a few clouds. by the way, northern lights at least a possibility tonight because it was as if the sun inhaled and spat out its atmosphere and directed it towards earth. the magnetic storm means the aurora, we could see the northern lights down to bay area farther away from city lights the darker the skies the better chance you have although it's not a big chance to begin with. sunny start to 2016. then showers return on sunday for the bay area. here's how it looks. overnight lows tonight
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temperatures will get all the way down 28 degrees in santa rosa. 28 in fairfield. 28 at livermore. it will be freezing in san jose. and in mountain view tonight 29 degrees. so it's cold! but daytime highs tomorrow not bad with plenty of sunshine around the bay. readings start out nut year in the low to mid-50s. 55 for santa rosa. same for san jose. fairfield at 53. san francisco 52 degrees for friday. well, we didn't get into this too much but you can see it in the seven-day forecast. increasing clouds saturday. a few showers on sunday. not a big deal on sunday. monday maybe a lingering shower but it's tuesday into wednesday that we get hit and hit good with some significant rain coming in. it continues into wednesday. more showers coming in on thursday. and we mention this before, that el nino rains really begin to kick in, in january and this could be the beginning of that. so we'll see. >> thank you, brian. they call it a chip off the wrong block. a man from orinda finds out
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what it's like to be one of the most hated men in the nfl. >> from a kidnapping [ indiscernible ] stranger than fiction to a golden moment for golden state, the most memorable bay area stories of 2015, coming up.
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it's one thing to get fired as head coach for a football team it's another to be mistaken for the guy especially in the digital age. mike sugerman caught up with the other chip kelly tonight. >> hello. my name is chip kelly. >> let me make you feel at home. chip kelly [ curse ] >> i here that a lot! [ laughter ] >> reporter: now, why would this gracious loving orinda man with such a nice family hear that a lot? >> first time chip kelly was able to kick the players on his own.
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>> reporter: because that chip kelly the fired head coach of the philadelphia eagles is not popular and because this chip kelly has the twitter handle #chip kelly so he gets some mean tweets. >> at chip kelly you got the game [ bleep ]'ed up upleap the up you. [ continuing ] >> reporter: coach chip kelly had a pretty miserable time coaching the eagles and philadelphia fans. they were letting orinda chip kelly's know. >> look into the innocent eyes of this eagles fan and say sorry. i'm sorry. >> reporter: does anyone say anything nice to you on twitter? >> a few people. about 5%. >> so it's 95% negative. >> yes. i'd say that's about correct. >> reporter: orinda's chip kelly works at a san francisco startup and has pretty much
6:25 pm
given up using his twitter account. he gets lots for the other chip kelly. >> it was enjoyable but it got to be annoying because it was too much. here we go again. >> reporter: and no, he is not an eagles fan. he is a patriots fan. as his son's jersey can attest. >> there's one guy who said i know you're not the real chip kelly but please let me yell at you for a little while. so i don't think a lot of people take what i say very seriously. instead they just want to sort of yell at somebody. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and for a time, he has been that guy. #chipkelly [ censored ] you. >> reporter: mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> the poor guy. maybe the other chip kelly will go back to oregon. >> he has a good spirit. >> taking it in stride. good for him. coming up in the next half- hour a skyscraper inferno just blocked from the world's tallest building. the race to rescue tourists right before the new year's eve
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fireworks. >> and a live look at the festivities in times square. more than a million people ready to watch that ball drop. what you had to throw away to be a part of the biggest party in the country. >> and if your new year's resolution is to win the lottery, get ready for the big jackpot. the bay area store that has a little luck on its side.
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our top stories tonight a fast and furious style heist in san francisco caught on surveillance video. four suspects cruised into royal auto group early this morning and took off with several cars worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. those suspects are still at large tonight. >> hard to miss this megaship that's now docked at the port of oakland. the benjamin franklin nearly a biggest cargo vessel to ever visit the u.s. going to be here until monday and then off to china. a high-end hotel goes up in flames lighting up downtown dubai's skyline. just ahead, its elaborate new year's celebration and fireworks display. there was a stampede as people evacuated the building and one person reportedly died
6:30 pm
of a heart attack. 14 other residents were treated for minor injuries. cbs reporter chris martinez tells us the fire happened near >> reporter: massive flames engulfed the address hotel in downtown dubai. people inside said it was chaos. >> the heat was so intense outside, it was unbelievable. just people started to panic crushing each other trying to over railings. i couldn't believe how fast it actually happened. >> reporter: the 63-story hotel and condominium is located near the world's tallest skyscraper the burj khalifa where tens of thousands gathered for a new >> i used to live on the 32nd floor and i have spent new year's eve at the address. it's really "the" place to be. >> reporter: the fire broke out two hours before midnight. officials rushed to evacuate the skyscraper as flames ripped through the building consuming at least 20 floors in a matter of minutes.
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but some residents say the alarm didn't sound right away. >> the alarm went off when the building was on fire. >> reporter: burning debris fell from the building as firefighters raced to contain the blaze. crowds could hear several explosions. >> i just heard a big bang. hang on. fire alert! >> reporter: officials say the hotel's sprinklers and internal firefighting systems helped to prevent the spread of the flames despite the fire, dubai going ahead with its new year's eve celebrations at midnight. chris martinez, cbs news. the current their very that the fire started on -- the current theory is that the fire started on a 20th floor terrace outside the tower but the cause hasn't been determined yet. in 2.5 hours new york city will ring in the new year. hundreds of thousands of people in times square. that's where we find jamie yuccas. a lot of excitement, sure. but lots of security. tell us about the backpacks, the searches that are going on
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tonight. reporter: there's a lot of security because of the san bernardino attacks and the part terrorist attack. 6,000 police officers both in uniform and in plainclothes were deployed to times square. when people started lining up they had to go through security checkpoints in order to get into the secured pens. so they had to go through security wands to make sure they weren't carrying anything in that they weren't supposed to have. but what i found really interesting is that people were told to leave large bags and backpacks at home. those who didn't had to throw their bags away and we watched a number of people do it because they wanted to get the most prime spot they could for the biggest party of the year here in new york. >> were people u in all cooperative? >> reporter: people were very cooperatestive and orderly. i talked to a number of officers who said it went very, very smoothly and people when
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they were told you can't bring that large backpack or bag, they were given a plastic bag if they wanted to take personal items out of it and they had to throw the backpack away and people were doing it. there wasn't a lot of talkback and this kind of thing. >> that's a good sign. tell us about the countdown for the countdown of the ball drop. >> reporter: that was very fun to see. it's been my first experience in times square is tonight and at 6 p.m. eastern time they go ahead and they raise the ball but when they do that, they have a countdown and fireworks and people in times square go crazy . it will then be dropped at 11:59 tonight. what you didn't see the last couple of days is that they have been testing the ball. they have been putting it up and down. and all of those attempts have gone off without a hitch. so we should be good for 11:59 tonight. >> it's got to work. pressure is on. jamie yuccas at times square,
6:34 pm
thank you. have a good time. thank you. 25-year-old emanuel lutchman of new york has been charged with planning to attack a restaurant in rochester, new york on new year's eve. tonight he is charged with attempting to provide material support to isis. he appeared before a federal judge in new york today. in pasadena the fbi is joining local police to make sure tomorrow's rose parade is a safe one. you can see people are already setting up shop on colorado boulevard ready for the tournament of roses celebration. this year because of safety concerns, campfires and tailgate ing is not allowed. two train stations have been evacuated after police say they have, quote, serious information about an imminent attack. they are not owe elaborating. police urge people to stay way from crowds and large gatherings. the warning came about an hour
6:35 pm
before the city rang in the new year. they are the stories that captivated the bay area and the country. from a tragic shooting that caught the attention of congress to toxic crab a look back at the big headlines of 2015. >> but first, a look at how russia rang in the new year, the colorful fireworks display in moscow. announcer: it's time to make room for the new mattress models-- during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale. for a limited time,
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sydney harbor bridge.... a spectacular show.... bringin it was quite the show in australia. fireworks lit up the sky over the sydney harbor bridge. a spectacular show bringing in 2016. london ushered in the new year with an impressive display the fireworks over its iconic big ben clock tower and the london eye. before the fireworks and maybe some champagne it's time for a little something we do every year. >> yes. and that is, we take a look back at the year that was here in northern california.
6:38 pm
and for 2015, we handed the job to mike sugerman. >> reporter: 2015 the year that brought stunning highs. >> risking it all for what you want. >> reporter: tragic lows. >> it's unthinkable, unbearable. it was one of ours. >> reporter: and a crime that would grab the attention. nation. >> suddenly a shot rang out. kate fell and looked to me and said help me, dad. >> reporter: the shooting death of kate steinle on pier 14 sparked a furious debate over immigration policy that stretched from san francisco to congress and the presidential campaign. >> i tried to get the senate to vote to the pass kate's law. >> reporter: but the year of the stolen gun wasn't over. >> the vehicle owner believed he locked his vehicle. he didn't and the vehicle was unlocked. >> reporter: police say that gun landed in the hands of three drifters who killed a tourist in golden gate park and a beloved yoga teacher on a trail in marin. and then there was the truly bizarre.
6:39 pm
>> it is mr. quinn and must huskins that owes this community a apology. >> reporter: a vallejo kidnapping rejected as a hoax until it suddenly appeared to be the real deal. >> the vallejo police department owes an apology to miss huskins and mr. quinn. >> reporter: and speaking of the real deal, the golden state warriors lit up the nba. ending a 40-year drought for the franchise and giving oakland a parade of it own. >> finally, finally we're happy !! no more riots. >> reporter: don't get too excited because this year, oakland grabbed the larger slice of the tech boom and with it the bay area's soaring cost of living. >> it falls in with the gentrification. >> reporter: the drought stretched into year 4. >> it's apocalyptic! it looks so weird. >> reporter: with it came the "valley fire" which killed 4 and destroyed as many as 1,000 homes. >> home is gone. everything was completely destroyed.
6:40 pm
so home right now here in an rv park. >> reporter: also lost in 2015 the crab season. poisoned by toxic algae blooms. >> sitting here at $400 a month. >> reporter: you could also call 2015 a total loss for the 49ers. won't be anywhere near super bowl 50. >> i don't think they are going to get together for another five years in fact. >> reporter: while the forecast for the raiders is even less certain with many expecting the team to head south next year. >> i'm really sad if it is. i'm really hoping they pull something together. >> reporter: but tonight, we say good-bye to 2015 while remembering those he would loos this year. ♪[ music ] >> we say good-bye remembering those we lost this year. >> she actually changed the world of nudity. >> reporter: so with 2015 laid bare, we welcome 2016. and hopefully the much ballyhooed el nino winter. >> this is clearly much better than it was last year at this time. >> mike sugerman, kpix 5.
6:41 pm
>> well, wall street closed out a rocky 2015 with a thud. the dow down about 180 points. both the dow and s&p ended in the red. first time that's happened since 2008. the nasdaq was down 58 points today. but it was up about 5% for the year. hundreds of new laws kick in, in 2016. one has to do with [ indiscernible ] that story on bay area nightbeat. at 10:00 10:00 on cw 44/cable 12. a bay area man strikes it rich playing powerball. he didn't win the whole prize. how that sweetened the pot for all of us. >> the forecast looks dry. it doesn't look warm. we'll have the forecast for you in a minute as we look live out over the -- isn't that pretty looking from oakland towards san francisco. the focus of all attention as we near 2016. the forecast after a break.
6:42 pm
coming up in sports, the warriors trying to avoid losing back-to-back games and it is official. jared goff is leaving cal for the nfl. >> i'll be happy to go anywhere that will take me honestly. >> now we know where jim harbaugh gets it from. >> this day with enthusiasm unknown to mankind! >> a fired up harbaugh family on the eve of michigan's bowl game, all coming up in a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and at this san jose liqour store: somebody bought a ti -- that matched five out of six numb the powerball jackpot now clocking in at $334 million. >> at this san jose liquor store somebody bought a ticket that matched five out of six numbers. the winner's name hasn't been released but the person won almost $2 million off that
6:46 pm
nearly perfect ticket on wednesday. >> i'm excited for everyone and i'm very happy for them. i think that's the best thing for the new year. congratulations to whoever wins. yeah. >> yeah. >> the next powerball drawing is on saturday and the $334 million prize is the 12th largest in the game's history. >> is there something about the chance of lightning hitting -- hitting the lotto -- >> that's. it can't lose if you don't play. [ laughter ] we are starting out with clear skies around the bay area tonight and that's going to lead to cold temperatures overnight. the new year's eve forecast for the embarcadero in san francisco numbers will be in the low to mid-40s. you go far enough inland it's going to be bone-chilling about midnight. 37 degrees clear and cold. it's not raining so that's good. freeze warnings are posted as a result with numbers plunging into the mid-20s in the coldest spots in the bay area. as we look live over the city from oakland, that's a beautiful sight, isn't it? 45 degrees in concord. 47 at oakland. 43 degrees at livermore. san jose right now 49. as you look at high pressure
6:47 pm
over the west coast that will guarantee sunshine through tomorrow before things cloud up. by the way, speaking of the sun, part of the sun's atmosphere was spat out. a coronal mass ejection is interactioning with the earth tonight. we could see northern lights in the bay area, a tiny chance. i have to mention it in case it happens. it's rare in this latitude. we'll see. tomorrow night you can see most of tomorrow is okay. but look at the clouds increase for saturday. that's the first sign that things are changing. by 1:00 in the afternoon on saturday we're fairly overcast with high clouds. no showers yet. time marches on. by the time we get to later on sunday, look what's on the way. look at showers by sunday afternoon not a huge deal on this. it will dissipate for monday but again it's one of these punches that takes the breath out of the high pressure that begins to open the storm door. in the headlines northern lights are possible but not
6:48 pm
probable tonight. sunny start to 2016. tomorrow looks night. then showers returning to the bay area later on sunday. overnight lows tonight we'll see santa rosa get down to 28 degrees. 30 at napa. 28 for fairfield. 28 at livermore. it will be freezing in san jose and 29 at mountain view tonight in the city, 40 degrees for an overnight low. for tomorrow, it's pretty much a cinch we'll all be in fact 50s from the low 50s around san francisco to the almost upper 50s in oakland. and it's not that much cooler than usual at this time of the year but boy we do complain about it, don't we. 54 at hayward. 54 at fremont. and 54 at milpitas. we'll have sunshine for tomorrow. east bay the numbers will be in the low 50s for the most part. patches of some valley fog not much. plenty of sunshine for the north bay tomorrow. and the readings will be in the low to mid-50s. 55 beautiful mill valley and 55 for santa rosa. and but ukiah nice, 52 degrees. 53 at windsor and at saint helena 53 degrees. here's more rain on the way. but we'll have to wait for sunday for the first little hint of it. but that's all by way of
6:49 pm
opening the door. on tuesday we get flat-out rain in the bay area. that will continue on wednesday. and thursday looks like it is going to be wet, as well. so finally, dead on cue, 2016 comes in and so does the rain. and so does andrea nakano standing by with sports after a break. ,,,, four out of five people may not agree on carne asada or carnitas. but four out of five who got their health insurance through covered california got help paying for it. find out if you could be one of them at enroll by january 31st to avoid the irs tax penalty. ♪
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game of 2015... a welcomed t after the disastrous loss in dallas. steph curry went right before the final warriors game of 2015 a welcome sight after the disastrous loss in dallas. steph curry went through his pre-game routine but he did sit out one more game to rest his leg. they hope to have him back saturday night against the denver nuggets at home. fortunately the other splash brother had it going tonight. klay thompson knocks down the three. he had 6 of them and led the warriors with 38. james harden in the 4th quarter brings the rockets within 3. he misses the long 2 but draymond green takes one dribble and sends it all the way to andre iguodala for the easy two. 20 points for iguodala and draymond sets a career-high with 16 assists and picks up his league leading fifth triple- double. the warriors beat the rockets 114-110. now santa clara fans hoping their team could end the year
6:53 pm
by knocking off gonzaga. less than two minutes to play kyle with the stepback to put the zag up by 4. brownridge comes back with an answer. he hits a three to make it a 1- point game. brownridge led santa clara with 26. so 14 second left broncos down 2 hubbard with an open layup. it didn't go in. gonzaga wins 79-77. santa clara falls to 4-11. jared goff made it official today. he will skip his senior season and enter the nfl draft. while it may have been an easy decision it didn't make it less emotional for goff. >> as successful as i have been able to be here none of it would be possible without every, single one of the guys in the locker room. i'm so incredibly proud to be on this team with these guys and able to call myself a golden bear for life. >> while goff may be leaving,
6:54 pm
there are plenty of 49ers fans hope he will stay in the bay area. he sounded like a seasoned veteran when asked about his preferences for a future home. >> i know you're a 49ers fan. you have been projected in some mock drafts to go to them. what would that mean to you? >> i mean, i'll happy to go anywhere that will take me honestly. i'm not really thinking about that. i'm a 49ers fan but i'll be happy to go anywhere. >> he sounds ready for the nfl. college football play-offs top ranked clemson and oklahoma in the first semifinal and how nice of them to tie the teammate's shoe. end of the first half in this one. mayfield to tight end mark andrews. he goes into the end zone. nobody more fired up than bob on that play. oklahoma led 17-16 at the half. but it was all clemson in the second half. they ripped off 21 unanswered points to watson to wrenfrow for the 35-yard touchdown.
6:55 pm
tigers won 37-17 to remain unbeaten and they advance to the national title game over the sooners. >> how about this! [ applause and cheers ] >> second half, it's been 34 years since played fortunate for the national championship but not much longer. >> yesterday was the one-year anniversary michigan hiring the 49ers head coach. he called it the best year of his football life and hopes to start 2016 with a win in the citrus bowl tomorrow and cap off a great week in orlando. >> some real good work here. shape body and carve the mind. been really good for us.
6:56 pm
however look at it. >> the apple doesn't fall far from the tree in the harbaugh family. the wolverines held their pep rally in orlando today and it was jim's dad jack take the stage to fire up the fans. >> time for bowl season. the united states of america tomorrow at 1:00 will tune in this football game ready to look and study and watch the university of michigan! and we are a family that goes way, way back! attack this day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind!! whoo! tomorrow we will attack this day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind!! [ applause and cheers ] >> none of that rubbed off on tomsula. >> just another day. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: hey, y'all. how's everybody? thank y'all. i appreciate it, now. thank y'all very much. i do. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we've got another good one for you today. returning for their third day, with a total of $20,000, from chicago, illinois, it's the slefo family. [cheering] and from antioch, california, it's the godwin family. [cheering] everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new, state-of-the-art ford edge right there. let's get it on.
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give me jamaal. give me emmanuel. [music playing] [audience clapping in time] gentlemen, top 8 answers on the board. ha ha ha! name something a stripper should never wear if she has to go to court. [ringer] emmanuel. emmanuel: a thong. steve: a thong. [applause] woman: good answer. [bell] steve: pass or play? emmanuel: we're gonna play, steve. steve: they're gonna play. hey, nina, tell me something a stripper should never wear in court. nina: pasties. steve: pasties. [bell] steve: hey, amanda, tell me something a stripper should never wear if she got to go to court. amanda: her stripper shoes. steve: stripper shoes. [bell] well, little ramina, tell me something a stripper should never wear if she has to go to court. ramina: nothing. [laughter]


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