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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  January 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. now at noon, a slew of new laws starting today for the new year affecting your money, your privacy and your health. good afternoon, thank you for joining us this new year's day.
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i'm anne makovec. >> happy new year. i'm frank mallicoat. 2015 is bringing changes to people's paychecks in the bay area. kiet do has that and other laws you need to know about. >> reporter: happy new year and happy payday to people out there who will be betting paychecks. it will definitely be a happy new year for a lot of people who will be getting slightly bigger paychecks. starting today minimum wages bump up for every major city in the bay area and that includes san jose. now, this is all part of a slow phasing in of a minimum wage law that was passed years ago. starting today, san jose's minimum wage goes up to $10.30 an hour. oakland creeps up to $12.55 an hour. and san francisco is at $12.25 and they will be at $15 an hour by 2018. a new privacy law kicks in today that's the strongest in the nation requiring police to get a warrant before searching your electronic communications this includes computers, smartphones, emails, text messages, digital documents and location information. there are details in the law to make sure law enforcement can still do their job efficiently and effectively. starting today, female employees will have more tools to challenge pay gaps between men and women. under the new law, the burden
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of proof is now on the employer to justify why a man's pay is higher than a woman's pay for the same work based on factors other than gender one of the toughest laws of its kind in the nation. paychecks. mandatory vaccination law goes into effect today. parent can no longer request a so-called personal belief exemption. that in the past allowed parents to skip vaccinations for religious reasons, et cetera. if you recall, the push for this law came last year when a measles outbreak that started in disneyland sickened hundreds of people. california has enacted tough new laws to protect student privacy. any company that gathers information on elementary or high school students cannot use that information for profit. what's more, they are required to protect that data and it can only be used for school purposes. and one of my personal favorites, california is now the third state in the country
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to have free mattress recycling. go online to find the location nearest to you at bye-bye mattress. you have to be 21 to buy cigarettes in parts of santa clara county. it also applies to ecigarettes products. stores will have to post signs about the change or they will be fined. the county is the first in the nation to raise the smoking age. and a new state law requires bb and pellet guns sold in california to be marked with fluorescent colors. legal experts say it will help police distinguish fake guns from the real ones. another new law now allows people to ask a judge to have firearms taken away from relatives who are believed to pose a threat. a show of force over the rose parade in pasadena this morning. a b-52 stealth bomber flew overhead to signal the start of the 127th annual parade. under crystal clear skies and 40-degree weather, watching the rose parade is a tradition for millions on new year's day but what you don't see on tv, the
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heightened security measures. greg mills reports from the parade route. >> reporter: a few years ago this would have been alarming to see at the rose parade. in 2016 it's reassuring. >> unfortunately, yes. yes. >> reporter: emily o'reilly of pasadena loves her hometown parade but this year on new year's day she finds it necessary to look for evidence in a she will be safe. >> there's a lot of cops and security and people roaming around. >> reporter: everyone we spoke with made it clear, they have given thought to the possibility of this being the terrorist target that law enforcement says it is. >> especially after, um, like the bombing at the, um, boston marathon. >> reporter: or the paris bombs or the san bernardino murders. that list grows longer as safety measures of big events like this grow stronger. security has never been tighter at a rose parade than today. security cameras lined the 5 1/2-mile route. police have been parading down
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colorado boulevard since hours before the parade began. undercover police are here. sue kiran is among the hundreds of thousands trying not to worry about her safety and that of her daughter. >> i was at the new york marathon and even the kids, it's sad. mom, we're worried for you to go to the new york marathon. so it's on their mind as well. >> reporter: parents say they love sharing events like this with their kids. but at events this big, there are bigger and bigger concerns that they also have to share with their kids. >> the kids are in a generation now where they have had to be more aware of the possibility of, um, i don't know, anything right now. >> that was greg mills reporting. take a look at the aftermath of last night's new year's party in times square. once the ball dropped the crowd left and workers cleaned up the debris left behind. about a million people worldwide came to new york to ring in 2016. if you thought it was cold
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this morning wearing a coat and lots of layers, just imagine going swimming in the bay. and plenty of people braved the weather to take part in the new year's day swim at the cove at the aquatic park. the dolphin club hosts the swim every year. i'm getting the chills watching it. now for a look at how cold it can get and it did and the rest of your new year's day forecast, here's roberta. good afternoon, everybody. boy, was it a chilly start to our day. temperatures dipped down into the mid-20s and we had a bit of a breeze so it made it feel like it was in the low 20s in the area. this is what you need to know for this afternoon for this very first day of the new year. it's cool. we have the sunshine and a dry start to your 2016. and we have rain moving in on the tail end of the weekend. this is our futurecast. you will see this we will cloudy by saturday. we'll talk more about when the rain will arrive, that's still coming up later in this broadcast. this afternoon, we are getting a new look inside the dubai hotel that caught fire on
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new year's eve. today, firefighters are continuing to process cooling down the smoldering building. it started at 9:30 p.m. local time and sent flames up one side of the 63-story building. early investigations show the fire may have been started by some curtains catching fire. 16 people were injured including a man who had a heart attack while trying to get away. as we showed you yesterday here at noon the fire raged on as the new year's eve fireworks display went on nearby. parts of the midwest and southern states start the new year facing record-breaking flooding. it's been blamed for almost two dozen deaths. but as cbs reporter david begnaud shows us, families there are just trying to stay positive. >> reporter: southwest of st. louis, missouri towns are under water. roads look like rivers. and homes, some of them are nearly submerged. >> we are still at the flood stage of 42.31 feet. so it's going to go down but that's a lot of water the levee shouldering right now. >> reporter: in arnold
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missouri, hundreds of people are homeless. and temperatures are now dropping below freezing. >> until this goes down, and they can check our homes and make sure they are safe, we can't live in 'em so we are going to be out of a place to stay probably for a couple of weeks at least. >> okay. well, just keep us updated. thank you. >> reporter: the thorne family has lost their home in arnold due to the flooding but for linda thorne, this new year brings a sense of hope. >> oh, my lord. it's a new beginning. i have a great grandbaby coming in. >> reporter: david begnaud, cbs news, st. louis county, missouri. >> today the music world and fans mourning the loss of natalie cole. the singer died at the age of 65. cbs reporter chris martinez takes a look back at her life and her music. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: her voice was unforgettable. the music in her blood. natalie cole followed in the footsteps of her famous father nat king cole finding her voice and success along the way.
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she won the first of nine grammys in 1975 with the hit this will be. in 1979 she received a star on the hollywood walk of fame. but in 1991 her popularity reached new heights with her hit, unforgettable, a virtual duet with her late father. ♪[ music ] >> unforgettable too ♪ >> reporter: but through years of success, there were setbacks. cole developed an addiction to drugs and alcohol entering a rehab program in 1983. >> it was such a revelation actually for me to start liking myself after all these years. i didn't realize i was still grieving for my father at 30- something. >> reporter: cole was later diagnosed with hepatitis "c" and liver disease. she underwent a kidney transplant in 2009. >> i am a walking testimony to, you can have scars, you can go through turn length times and
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still have -- turbulent times and still have victory in your life. >> reporter: she canceled several tour dates including a new year's eve performance due to her health. natalie cole was 65. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. >> she leaves behind her sisters and a son. they issued a statement saying she fought a fierce courageous battle dying how she lived with dignity, strength and honor. the actor best known for his long role on "mash" has died, as well. wayne rogers played trapper john mcintyre. his publicist said he died in l.a. yesterday of complications from pneumonia. he was 82 years old. still ahead, getting financially fit. the top money resolutions for 2016. >> plus, ringing in the new year in microgravity. a special message from the astronauts on board the international space station. when we come back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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man... ... seen robbing a gas statn in walnut creek. and they say san leandro police are asking for help finding this man seen robbing a gas station in walnut creek. they say this was not his first robbery. here he is. this man is responsible for several recent thefts. he mainly targets gas stations. about a third of americans are making financial resolutions for 2016 according to a survey by the insurance company [ indiscernible ] the top three things they believe will improve their financial situation, emergency fund, paying credit card debt, and budgets. it's important to have specific time or goals to better stay on track. so as many of us make a new year's resolution to lose weight and get in shape a school program in l.a. is helping students make physical fitness a life-long goal. here's cbs reporter chris martinez. >> these are just to warm up.
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>> reporter: at this los angeles high school, physical education class has a whole new look. the program called sound body sound mind provides schools in l.a. with state-of-the-art fitness equipment along with police son plans designed to boost student confidence and make fitness fun. >> what it's actually doing is setting them up to be active for a whole life for their whole lives. >> reporter: experts say that's badly needed in los angeles where more than 40% of young people under 18 are either obese or overweight. >> every kid should be able to enjoy physical activity and exercising. >> reporter: ucla professor says the program's biggest impact is seen on how well students perform on california's standardized physical fitness tests. among those that took part in sound body sound mind the percentage of students who passed the test tripled. a freshman says she feels the benefits both in and out of school. >> it keeps me healthy and so
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the fact that i'm healthy, it helps, like, my brain just work better. >> reporter: the program is in nearly 100 middle and high schools in los angeles. it could be expanded to even more. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. some talented american students traveled a long way across the pond for their new year's day celebrations. jonathan vigliotti explains what they have overcome making the start to 2016 even sweeter. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: moore, oklahoma's marching band played countless football games in school ceremonies but nothing quite like today's big performance. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: the annual london new year's day parade. more than 8,000 performers march alongside london's most iconic landmarks. ♪[ music ] >> i want to know ♪ >> reporter: south moore was one of this year's show closers which means they waited longer to perform. no problem for a band that's waited nearly 2.5 years and
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survived tragedy for this moment. >> the friends that i had before the tornado, they weren't the same after. so now they're back, i guess, because they're happy again. >> reporter: the tornadoes of 2013 wiped out much of moore. ian's family survived but others didn't. this trip was organized to rally the torn town together. >> i think these kids are riding in a school bus every day on their way by homes that are gone. so when you put that in perspective they get to somewhere where things are normal a great therapeutic thing for them. >> reporter: some of the band didn't make it here because of a round of tornadoes in dallas. dozens of students were grounded for days and arrived here just in time. it's been a long road to this point for south moore high but when their turn finally came, the past was left behind. if only for a few songs. >> a lot of times words can't explain what happened and you just sit back and listen to the
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music, tears get you every time. >> reporter: jonathan vigliotti cbs news london. a hayward family is celebrating the new year with a new baby boy. at the stroke of midnight the first bay area baby of 2016 was born at eden medical center in castro valley. edward is his name. he is a healthy 7 pounds 12 ounces and 20" long. hospital officials say mom and baby are both doing well. congratulations to them. >> they missed the write-off by a minute. time now for a look at our forecast for the first weekend of the new year. >> let's check in with roberta gonzales. >> hey, frank and anne, boy was it such a cold start to our first day of the enough year! we had temperatures that dipped all the way down to 26 degrees in napa and sonoma and san rafael this morning. definitely a chill remains in the afternoon air. it's unseasonably cool. we have the sunshine today and dry conditions. and then rain, it's slated to move into the bay area on sunday evening.
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that's if our timing serves yours correctly or stays intact. this is our futurecast what we did is we crunched a bunch of computer models to come up with this imagery for you so you can expect the clouds to roll in by friday overnight hours. it will become partly sunny on saturday. and then we have the rain just lurking off the coast. now, this area of low pressure develops in the mid latitudes so it's going to begin to rain first off along the immediate coastline on sunday with a chance of afternoon rain showers and then the rain is likely by the evening hours. then you also see the rain in the north bay. sunday overnight to your monday morning commute we are forecasting up to an inch of rain in the wettest locations. a more powerful storm is slated to move in on tuesday through wednesday. more on that, but this morning, we dipped down to 7 below zero in the high sierra. so the key thing to remember if you are heading to the lake tahoe area for the weekend is it's great skiing, but it's very cold. you need to dress in layers with highs all weekend in the mid-20s. 52 degrees in fresno the here's
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your tahoe report. we have alpine meadows, kirkwood report and sugar bowl. everybody reports cold conditions but great skiing and boarding. today's numbers in the 40s and 50s. we have the rain arriving sunday a bigger storm moves in by tuesday with up to two inches of rain and very gusty winds. we'll have the rain continue through wednesday and a chance of rain showers by thursday. have a very happy new year. how about counting down the new year in space? >> astronauts aboard the international space station have this 2016 message for people back here on earth. >> first off, we would like to say what a privilege it is to serve on board the international space station. and how grateful we are for all the teams on the ground that support our flying in space and the scientists on board. >> i'd like to wish everybody down on our beautiful planet earth a very happy new year and a fantastic 2016. >> happy new year to all the people of planet earth. >> short and sweet. [ laughter ] >> the message followed by a zero gravity flip by commander
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scott kelly in the middle and the two flight engineers. >> perfect. still ahead, it may mean a change to some california dinner menus here in january. where crab now safe to eat when we come back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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again. ck crab sourced some good news for bay area seafood lovers. experts say some california crab is safe to eat again. dungeness and rock crab sourced only from areas in santa barbara and the san luis obispo counties have been cleared. officials say levels of that poisonous acid have dropped to low or undetectable levels there. statewide crab advisory initially went into effect last november. don't forget the veggies when you're trying out those healthy new recipes for the new year. your fresh grocer tony tantillo has some tips on choosing asparagus. >> reporter: well, today's tip of the day is going to be is asparagus. it's on a lot of tables this time of the year. it's great, refreshing and nutritious. it's great for us. but selection and storage are important. otherwise especially this time of the year you lose the money on the flavor and nutritional value. let talk about it. when you buy it, green from top to bottom. make sure there's no white if the bottom whatsoever. if it's just a little bit maybe
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might pass. but try stay away from it. this time of the year they are thin which means you have to cook them differently to retain the flavor and squeeze it. when they are squeakiy they're pressure. i do tips on asparagus all the time but in the wintertime watch how you buy it. that's why i stress it. when you cook it this time of the year, when it's this thin, in the often a cookie sheet with aluminum foil, then asparagus washed and laid out, olive oil, salt and pepper and that's it. two or three minutes under the broiler, roll it around, that's all you have to do. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. ,,,,,,
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e-coli was found in a well. an e. coli scare in the north bay where an investigation is under way after e. coli was found in a well. that story and more tonight at 5:00. and that's a wrap on a new year's day a friday. enjoy your weekend. >> thank you. >> beautiful shot of san francisco. captions by: caption colorado
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