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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  January 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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for that reason. if this bacterial outbreak spreads they worry it could be bad for more people. >> does it worry you? >> of course yes. >> reporter: i talked to several people off camera who live in the neighborhood and they say even though the health department hasn't tested their wells they are going ahead and testing it themselves to make sure that they are safe. so far, though, the health department says no one has gotten sick from this bacteria. so at least there is some silver lining to that. reporting live in sonoma, emily turner, kpix 5. a chilly start to the new year in the bay area. here's a live look towards the embarcadero in san francisco. the question is, is there any chance or a warmup? >> let's get over to brian hackney in the kpix 5 weather center. >> oh, june. [ laughter ] >> cold again tonight. freeze warnings posted in the bay area yet again as the north bay will be subject to cold temperatures. mid-20s in the overnight lows to the lower 30s. so protect the plants and pets. it won't be as cold as last
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night. it will feel cold. overnight tonight down to 27 degrees in santa rosa. 33 in san jose. it won't be the cold weather we're talking about in the upcoming week because we'll be showing you graphics like this by tuesday and wednesday. significant rain will be heading into the bay area by midweek. the first winter "spare the air" alert has been called for tomorrow. burning banned indoors and outdoors for 24 hours so that means the use of fireplaces, wood stove, outdoor fire pitney other wood-burning device is prohibited. first time violators face fines of $100, second violations $500 and penalties go up from there. winter "spare the air" season goes from november 1 through february 29. air pollution from wood smoke one of the greatest health threats to bay area residents! especially those folks with respiratory conditions. the new year is getting off to a violent start in oakland
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after two separate shootings. one happened early this morning on crouse near 73rd. police say a man had a graze wound after being struck by a bullet sitting in his vehicle. the second happened on foothill near eastmont towne centre shopping mall. investigators say a man and woman both suffered non-life- threatening gunshot wounds after a confrontation with a man. no arrests have been made. the new year brings new laws including big changes to your paychecks. >> reporter: happy new year and payday for those though will be getting bigger paychecks. it will definitely be a happy new year for a lot of people who will be getting slightly bigger paychecks. starting today minimum wages bump up for every major city in the bay area and that includes san jose. now, this is all part of a slow phasing in of a minimum wage law that was passed years ago. starting today, san jose's minimum wage goes up to $10.30 an hour. oakland creeps up to $12.55 an
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hour. and san francisco is at $12.25 and they will be at $15 an hour by 2018. a new privacy law kicks in today that's the strongest in the nation requiring police to get a warrant before searching your electronic communications this includes computers, smartphones, emails, text messages, digital documents and location information. there are details in the law to make sure law enforcement can still do their job efficiently and effectively. starting today, female employees will have more tools to challenge pay gaps between men and women. under the new law, the burden of proof is now on the employer to justify why a man's pay is higher than a woman's pay for the same work based on factors other than gender one of the toughest laws of its kind in the nation. the much debated and passionate topic of the mandatory vaccination law goes into effect today. parents can no longer request a so-called personal belief exemption. that in the past allowed parents to skip vaccinations for religious reasons, et cetera. if you were called, the push -- if you recall, the push for this law came last year when a
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measles outbreak that started at disneyland made 147 people sick in multiple states. starting today, california has enacted tough new laws to protect student privacy. any company that gathers information on elementary or high school students cannot use that information for profit. what's more, they are required to protect that data and it can only be used for school purposes. and one of my personal favorites, california is now the third state in the country to have free mattress reel, find a location near you online. kiet do, kpix 5. another new state law now allows people to ask a judge to have weapons taken away from relatives who are believed to pose a threat. >> hundreds of thousands braved frigid temperatures to go to the rose parade this morning. the temperature barely topped 40 degrees. this year's theme know your
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adventure inspired by the centennial of the national park service this year. then of course there was the rose bowl game. and it didn't take long for stanford fans to start celebrating. kpix 5 reporter devin fehely has reaction from fans at a watch party in palo alto. >> reporter: we're in downtown palo alto. a good day to be a fan of the stanford cardinal with a dom faithing performance in the rose bowl that really puts an exclamation point at the end of a fantastic year. [ applause and cheers ] reporter: stanford fans had a lot to cheer about as the cardinal scored early and often against the iowa hawkeyes. >> there's nothing like stanford. i went a few years back when we played against michigan. it's kind of home. >> reporter: with only two losses this season and an offense powered by heisman
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runner-up christian mccaffrey they nearly missed the championship. >> we couldn't get into the final four but today's the consolation prize and it will be great. >> we missed contention by only a small amount. so this would definitely set the stage for a really us having been strong contenders. >> reporter: few fans could foresee the blowout the game would turn into. the cardinal up 35-0 at halftime, making a compelling argument that they too can be considered amongst the nation's best. >> we did choke a little bit, but i think -- playing for national championship and being in the play-offs, i think, would be a great opportunity. i hope that soon that might happen. >> reporter: stanford cardinal finishing strong playing well in the second half, as well. mccaffrey is also closing in on a rose bowl record for all
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purpose yards so really all around a great day for the stanford cardinal fan. in palo alto, devin fehely, kpix 5. the music industry is in mourning tonight. coming up how stevie wonder is remembering grammy winning r&b singer natalie cole. >> and new details about the pilot who crashed a plane into two office buildings in downtown anchorage. why his family says did he it. next. ,,,,,,
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♪unforgettable in every way ♪ >> fans around the world mourning the death of natalie cole. the daughter of iconic crooner nat king cole passed away at a los angeles hospital yesterday. reporter kristine lazar from our sister station kcbs in los angeles looks back at the singer's life. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: born into music
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royalty, natalie cole wasn't in her father's shadow for long. ♪ unforgettable >> reporter: the nine-time grammy award winner and daughter of the late nat king cole died on new year's eve at cedar sinai hospital of congenital heart failure. the 65-year-old had battled health issues for some time stemming from hepatitis "c." she revealed to "entertainment tonight" that she was near death in 2008. >> they took x-rays and they said you got to go in the hospital right now. >> oh, my gosh. >> your lungs have filled up with fluid. your kidney function is less than 10%. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: cole appeared to be doing well after a kidney transplant and released an album in spanish in 2013. her contemporary and fellow music legend stevie wonder spoke with us today and reflected on cole's legacy. >> natalie' voice was unique as was her father's. ♪[ music ]
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>> reporter: her family released a statement today reading: >> there was always a smile in her song even in a song that may have been a sad song, still there was that smile of hope. that's what she was. >> that was kristine lazar reporting. chaos on the streets of tel aviv tonight. >> coming up, israeli police search for a gunman who sprayed bullets from an automatic weapon near a pub killing two injuring 7. >> politics doesn't take new year's day off. next.
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she raised 112- million dol in 20-15 --- 55-million of n the last three mon hillary clinton has blown past the fundraising goal for her presidential campaign. she raised $112 million in 2015, $55 million of it in the last three months. the goal for the year was $100 million. she earned it by headlining nearly 200 fundraisers. donald trump haters took to the skies to bash the gop front-
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runner. sky writing planes wrote, america is great. donald trump is disgusting. now, this was over the rose parade in pasadena this morning. the message you can see it for about 10 miles. aerial advertising company air sign took credit for the message. a massive manhunt is under way for a gunman who opened fire at a popular bar in tel aviv this afternoon. two people were killed, several more injured. as cbs reporter brian webb tells us, the shootout was caught on camera. >> reporter: he fired an assault rifle at a bar in broad daylight in tel aviv as people inside run for cover. against israeli civilians an soldiers. brian webb news, new york. there was increased securitr new year's eve celebrations >> reporter: another video from a security camera at a store next door shows a man placing a backpack in a shopping cart. he then pulls out a gun, walks
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outside and starts shooting before running off. >> it's happening all over the world. >> reporter: after the attack a large police presence swarmed the area with officers going door to door searching for the shooter. [ sirens ] >> reporter: the attack comes amid more than 3 months of frequent palestinian attacks against israeli civilians and soldiers. brian webb for cbs news, new york. >> there was increased security of course for new year's eve celebrations across the world. officials worried about the threat of terrorism at several high-profile events. we have the details including one thwarted plot here on u.s. soil. >> reporter: security officials across the u.s. and the world prepared for potential violence that ultimately never happened. in rochester, new york, a terror plot was thwarted when officials arrested emanuel lutchman alleging he attempted
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to provide material support to isis. >> this person became a muslim we believe in state prison, went out became radicalized on the internet. >> reporter: his goal according to officials was to attack revelers on new year's eve. >> it's a little scary. i sat back and thought, you know, we have very good security staff. there's great police presence on the east avenue. and, you know, they really -- trying to put the fear into us. >> reporter: lutchman allegedly discussed use a bomb and kidnapping people with an undercover operative. in europe officials in brussels took no chances canceling new year's eve festivities after authorities uncovered plans for suicide attacks. in germany police close today with train station in munich after learning of a threat. german officials say there is no threat of an imminent attack in the coming days. back in the u.s. extra security teams were deployed for the rose parade in pasadena, california, as well as the rose bowl game. >> if there's an unusual
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occurrence or emergency, those teams will be immediately deployed. >> reporter: in washington,reporting. a sky escaper in dubai went up in flames last night. a photographer was trapped in the world's tallest building as it burned. he was stuck on a balcony on the 48th floor. smoke filled the building and escape was not an option. after two hours, the 37-year- old came up with a plan to rappel down the building on a window washer cable. >> i prayed that if this is my last chance, then so be it. >> as the photographer started going over the edge of the building, firefighters found him and saved his life. he was treated for smoke inhalation but is otherwise okay. we now know a fiery plane crash in anchorage, alaska this week was suicide. the pilot was flying a civil
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air patrol plane when it clipped one building and slammed into a second and burst into flames. one of those buildings houses the u.s. attorney's office. so thus the fbi got involved. now a spokesman for the man's family says he meant to crash the plane. he was not authorized to fly that particular plane. no one else was hurt. tonight, major flooding is still swamping sections of the midwest. it's now blamed in the deaths of nearly 2 dozen people. cbs reporter marlie hall is in arnold, missouri, where communities are regrouping. >> reporter: new year's day finally brought some hope southwest of st. louis. high waters are receding allowing interstates to re- open. but other roads are still like rivers and homes still submerged. some of the worst flooding was on the meramec river near the mississippi. >> the only home that i have ever owned right out is gone.
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>> reporter: in the city of arnold, linda thorne and hundreds of others forced out by historic floods rang out the new year in shelters. >> we're all in this together. >> reporter: thorne's mobile home was submerged and this is all she has left. some clothes and this. >> you were able to get off your christmas tree. this was important to you. >> it was very important to me. for one thing, it says mom's special angel. the own thing i wanted. >> reporter: the humane society has taken into four-legged flood victims. >> as people were leaving and people have been displaced they have taken their animals with them and we have been able to care for a lot of those animals for them. the record-breaking high water is moving down river through the mississippi valley. officials say its impact will be felt well into the new year. marlie hall, cbs news arnold, missouri. a morning news crew in oklahoma city had just finished
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reporting their first earthquake of 2016 when this happened. >> watching a cold start to a -- >> having an earthquake right now. how about that? it's still going. >> on a skycam it's our first to see it shaking around like that. that was not wind that pushed it. >> we have some plexiglass in here and that was just shaking. >> how about that. >> is that weird? >> they are not used to that. it knocked out power to 4,000 customers back there. the quake was 4.2. >> remained very calm, though. >> got on the air. >> very poised. weathermen are poised under stress. that happened to us on our morning show. i wasn't doing the weather but we had that quake during the morning show and shook everybody else. it was michelle griego's first quake. got her attention! we have cold weather on the way for the bay area tonight and then rain coming in by sunday. so we'll set it all out. first a view of san francisco taken from the oakland airport where things are -- wow, look
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at oakland's moon! these the ferry building and ice skating happening in the city and a beautiful night for it, too. look at the clouds. it's beautifully lit up. here's how things look from oakland toward the city. the numbers right now are in the 40s and 50s. 45 at concord. 46 for oakland. 42 at livermore. san francisco right now is 49 degrees and in santa rosa 45. futurecast this sets it out pretty well. tomorrow, we've got clouds baywide. so this is by 4 p.m. on saturday. and then watch everything as it rolls on. by sunday, we have showers that begin to touch the coast by 10:00 at night a little earlier than that. show showers develop. this is not a big rainmaker on sunday. but as time goes on, monday we get a little bit of a break. tuesday and wednesday, the real rain comes in. so high pressure is over us right now. that's going to keep us clear and cold tonight. then this very sharp spike of low pressure trough will get closer to the shoreline so we get showers developing by
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sunday with that trough. this kind of provides the track to beat down the high that's out here and provide the storm past for subsequent rain coming in on tuesday and wednesday and lingering into thursday. so it's going to be a wet week ahead. by tuesday we expect rain, heavy at times, winds strong at times, very breezy conditions. again on wednesday, another system comes down. we get more rain. and those showers linger through thursday. so tuesday, wednesday, thursday, wet. and we begin to pave the way -- look at that -- on sunday when we get some showers. 51 at redding, 38 lake tahoe, 35 yosemite. here's how it looks for tonight. that freeze warning is posted through 8 a.m. for the north bay with a freeze warning for the north bay valleys overnight lows 20s and 30s. plants, pets, protect them. overnight lows we'll be seeing readings from 27 at santa rosa, same for fairfield and 33 in
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san jose. the sun-up tomorrow at 7:25 a.m. tomorrow doesn't look bad. we have sunshine with a few high clouds and temperatures in the low to mid-50s. cooler than we should be but it is january. it's supposed to be cold. will be tomorrow in the south bay high clouds and 54 at morgan hill. in the east bay low 50s should do it for the most part with some high clouds. don't get wet until sunday. for tomorrow we are going to be looking for the 50s and up in the north bay again, the numbers will be in the 50s. extended forecast, mostly cloudy tomorrow with the high clouds. showers on sunday, lingers through monday then tuesday and wednesday, that's when we really get hit with a lingering shower or two right through thursday. friday we finally do get a break. we get mostly cloudy skies. but expect things to really -- storm door to open and stay that way for a few days. >> we need the clouds, we need the blanket. >> yeah. we are not going to get that until tomorrow. >> and we need the rain boots. >> that, as well. >> just wait. >> thank you, brian. bill cosby speaking out for the first time since his
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arrest. >> what he is telling his family and friends. next. ,,,, announcer: it's time to make room for the new mattress models-- during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale. for a limited time, save hundreds on tempur-pedic mattresses. get the most highly recommended bed in america at closeout prices. plus, get interest-free financing and same-day delivery. why wait for the new models? sleep train's year end clearance sale is on now! superior service, best selection, lowest price-- guaranteed! ♪ sleep train [train horn] ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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assault charge. it reads simply -- "friends fans, thank you." the bill cosby has a message for supporters following his arrest this week on charges of sexual assault. it reads simply, friends and fans, thank you. that message sent yesterday from cosby's twitter account. the comedian was charged with drugging and sexual assaulting a woman in 2004 in his pennsylvania home. his attorney says the charge is unjustified. cosby is free on $1 million bail the first baby of 2016 was born at midnight. the boy, named edward, weighed 7 pounds 12 ounces 20" long born at eden medical center in castro valley. mother and baby are said to be in good health. >> i surely didn't think he was going to be the first baby of the year. but it was pretty awesome how
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the timing just kind of it was perfect. >> mother michelle said she was expecting to deliver on december 26 and never thought she would have a new year's baby. pope francis delivered his new year's message today to crowds at the vatican. the pope said he hoped for a better year than 2015 but he said he realized that yesterday's problems will remain with us. the pope said the enemy of peace is not only war but also indifference which makes us think only of ourselves and create barriers of suspicion and fears. near freezing temperatures didn't stop this new year's tradition. these heart eusols crossed the bay from alcatraz. no wet suits. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." elaine quijano is in for scott pelley. >> reporter: a new year and new push for the president to enact
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new gun control without congress. plus, a look back at the life of natalie cole whose talent was unforgettable. and steve hartman goes on the road to learn the fate of the world's saddest christmas tree. those stories and more tonight on the "cbs evening news." ,,,,,,
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set-up and removal of your old set. why wait for the new models? sleep train's year end clearance sale is on now! superior service, best selection, lowest price-- guaranteed! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ happened that has caused one department to tighten its policy. a crime committed in the back of a police cruiser. at 6:00, what happened that has caused one department to tighten its policy. and an elite rescue team stationed right here in the bay
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area. we'll take you inside the moffett field hangar at 6:00. captions by: caption colorado >> quijano: a new year and a >> quijano: a new year and a new push by the president to enact new gun restrictions without congress. also tonight, we'll look back at the life of natalie cole, whose talent was unforgettable. ♪ in every way >> quijano: resolutions-- what's the right amount of exercise to stay healthy? and steve hartman goes on the road to learn the fate of the world's saddest christmas tree. >> i think charlie brown's got a better tree than we do. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> quijano: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm elaine quijano. this is our western edition. president obama is beginning his final 12 months in office with a


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