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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 2, 2016 5:00am-7:01am PST

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♪ ♪ good morning. it's january 2, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning saturday." breaking news overnight, more levees fail from intense flooding in the midwest. plus, a massive manhunt for a brazen killer. a gunman opens fire on the streets of tel aviv. changes for gun control. animal rights and where you can wear your headphones. we'll break down the new laws of 2016. and remembering the unforgettable voice of natalie cole. but we begin with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.
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>> they continue to rise, in some cases we won't see river crests until well into next week. >> the midwest prepares for more flooding. >> in the midwest, deadly floods are threatening thousands of residents. areas down stream are in danger. towns north of st. louis could be bracing for major flooding. >> i do not wish this on my worst enemy. >> in israel a gunman opened fire killing two in tel aviv. >> it happened on a popular street and officials say it could have been much worse. >> police are trying to figure out a motive for the attack. >> and the damage has been released of showing the skyscraper on new years eve and they're trying to establish what caused it. >> i get too many letters to sit
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around and do nothing. >> the obama administration is preparing to do something about guns. >> a group of teenagers carry out a dangerous stunt, pushing a car down a staircase. >> all that -- >> tommy lee plays drums upside down and he got stuck up there. >> all that matters. >> sad news, natalie cole, the grammy winning singer has died. ♪ ♪ this will be ♪ >> on "cbs this morning saturday." >> what would new year's day be without the tradition? the coney island polar bear plunge. >> i don't necessarily recommend it. >> you go into the water, it gets real cold fast. >> and welcome to the weekend,
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everyone. we have some fantastic guests ahead for you, including tom jones. he's out with a new memoir. we'll find out the conflicting advice he got from his friends elvis and frank sinatra. and the single best moment of his entire career. plus you may know the chef from "chopped" and "iron chef." but the new book is a guide for home cook that want to improve their skills. and she held her own with stevie wonder and now the spotlight is brighter on the andra day. she got two grammy nominations. she will perform later in the saturday session. breaking news overnight after levees fail and are more at risk in the swamped midwest. the mississippi river is expected to crest today near the small town of st. mary missouri. >> that's 40 miles south of st. louis where many are recovering from the record high water earlier this week. overall the flooding is blamed
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for at least 22 deaths with five people still missing. we have more. >> vinita, good morning, it is not only flooding here, but freezing. 29 degrees in cape yes nar doe. the mississippi river is nearing 49 feet and city officials said it's never been that high here before. and tomorrow it is expected to crest at 50 feet. already this morning along main street where we are the flooding is substantial. but most of the 78,000 people who live in this city will be protected. as the mississippi river rises this morning, cape girardeau, mississippi, flood wall is working but the remaining 5% outside the flood wall are vulnerable. that's several hundred people and kim conway is one of them. >> i never ever thought i'd see
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i have never seen a street covered like this. >> reporter: kim conway lives in the red star neighborhood of cape girardeau. her city councilman surveyed the damage. vehicles are nearly submerged. voluntary evacuations are under way but many people are reluctant to leave. this area was devastated by a so called "great flood" of 1993. >> i don't think anyone expected this would happen again so soon. >> following that flood nearly 3/4 of the people took a government buy out and left their homes. >> what did you learn from the flood of 1993 and improve? >> quite a bit actually. we learned our pumping systems were very old and needed to be upgraded. we've done that. we've learned we had a waste water treatment plant in the floodplain and we've now moved it to high ground and we know what is going to happen at each
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flood stage foot by foot. >> that seawall can witt stand water up to 53 feet. the. >> david begnaud, thanks. with so many in the path of danger we turn to meteorologist ed curran from wbb mtv in chicago for a-- wbbm. >> st. louis crested yesterday. cape girardeau will crest early tomorrow morning it looks like at 50 feet. a record crest for them. the good news is the weather forecast for this region mostly dry, mostly sunny. but it will turn colder over the next few days. our other weather story today. lake effect snow off lake on the
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row. it is going to turn colder into the new week. today's high 30 in chicago, 41 in new york. 43 in lexton. monday we see temps drop a good ten degrees or so.ington. monday we see temps drop a good ten degrees or so. so brace for a little colder weather to start the week. >> thank you. now to the intense man hunt under way in israel for the gunman who opened fire killing two people. three others were wounded. the motive has not been determine bud police now know who they are looking for. jonathan wiigvigliotti is in lond. >> reporter: the attack happened
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yesterday in broad daylights. authorities are withholding his name as the search for him continues. security video shows the gunman calmly shopping for food moments before the attack. he then places his black backpack in a cart, pulls out a machine gun and leaves the store shooting anyone in sight. security video shows patrons taking cover as the gunman sprays the area with gunfire. seconds later a survivor stands up. the attack rattled the busy commercial district as people celebrated new year's day. israeli police say two were killed and at least seven injured. we were shaking, hiding in the storage. we leaned against the door so they could not break in. hundreds of police scoured the streets and nearby buildings searching for the gunman who got
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away. police have not released the identity of the attacker but said people who knew him recognized him in the video and called authorities. the exact motive is unclear but follows a recent wave of violence carried out by palestinians using knives cars and in some cases guns to kill more than 20 israelis since october. 138 palestinians were also killed. most while carrying out attacks. just yesterday morning, israel handed over the bodies of 23 of those palestinians in an apparent move to ease tensions. within hours the new year's day attacker opened fire. >> and those who claim to know the gunman say he is an israeli arab. they described him as troubled and mentally unstable. he has reportedly already spent time in prison for trying to steal a police officer's gun. anthony. >> jonathan vigliotti in london. thank you. >> more tensions overseas after a man was shot and captured by
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police outside a mosque in south france. the man had rammed his car into four soldiers who were guarding the mosque on friday. one soldier suffered minor injuries. the motive for the attack has not been determined. france had been on high alert since terror bombs in november. >> president obama will use much of his final year pushing for gun control. planning a series of executive actions. and chip reid has more from hawaii where the president is winding down his holiday vacation. >> reporter: it was just after the mass shooting at an oregon community college in october that the president decided he had to take executive action on guns. he made the announcement in his weekly address posted on the website. >> i directed my team to look into any new actions i can take to help reduce gun violence and on monday i'll meet with our
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attorney general loretta lynch to discuss our options. >> reporter: sources say those options include expanding the definition of who is in the business of selling guns so more background sale gun sales trigger background checks. the president blames the republican congress for giving him no choice but to take unilateral action. >> we know ke can't stop every act of violence. but what if we tried to stop even one? what in our congress did aything? >> last month congress blocked proposals requiring background checks for online gun purchases. meanwhile some states are taking action on their own. in california a new gun control law that took effect yesterday allows judges to order the seizure of guns from people deemed dangerous by their own family or by law enforcement. texas though is going the other direction on gun control.
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with a new law allowing guns to be carried openly in public places. >> the nra did not respond to our request for comment. but when the details of the president's plan are announced, which could be as early as next week the response from gun rights supporters is expected to be furious. for "cbs this morning saturday," chip reid, honolulu. >> the president's expected actions on gun control will undoubtedly be contentious as chip said on the kah campaign trail. donald trump offered his take. >> president obama is expected to expand background checks for purchases at gun shows. what do you think of that? >> well i don't like it. i don't like anything having to do with changing our second amendment. we have plenty of rules and regulations. there are plenty of things they can do right now that are already there. they don't do them. we have a tremendous mental health problem. we're closing places all over the world.
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all over the country they are closing. tremendous mental health problems. nobody is doing anything about that. all they want to do is blame the guns. and it is not the gun that pulls the trigger. so i don't like it. i don't like what he's doing. >> you can see more of john dickerson's interview with donald trump tomorrow morning on face the nation here on cbs. >> when the clock struck midnight on friday hundreds of new laws went into effect across the country. they range from the open carrying of guns in texas and a smoking ban in hawaii to first of a kind pet abuser registry. kris van cleave joins us. >> good morning. the new yearerar brings good news for oklahoma and massachusetts where state income taxes are dropping. and workers in more than a dozen states will get raises in 2016 but the most controversial new laws center around guns. in texas a new open carry allows people to wear a holstered gun in most public places. >> it is going to be a learning
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process. there will be some growing pains here at the beginning. i'm sure there will be some people a little startled by the sight of someone carrying openly. >> this as california tightens its laws. bb and pellet guns will have to be a bright color to make clear they are not real. in hawaii new signs are posted warning of a first in the nation law raising the legal smoking age from 18-21. the law applies to cigarettes and electronic smoking devices. >> a new survey shows that the four fold increase happened in public high school student whose use ecigarettes from 5% in 2011 to 22% by 2015. >> tennessee becomes the first state to create an online registry of animal abusers for people who have been convicted of animal cruelty.
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>> if you are going to pull a dog behind a truck. if you are going to burn a cat. if you are going to do severe animal cruelty then there needs to be some consequences to your actions. >> among other new laws taking effect across the country, washington d.c. has prohibited styrofoam food containers. california has banned drivers and cyclists from wearing ear buds in both ears. elsewhere illinois is starting a pilot program allowing for what are essentially combination locks on certain precipitation painkiller bottles. and oregon and california became the first states to automatically register people to vote when they obtain or renew a driver's license. >> thanks kris. music has lost one of its iconic singers. new york's apollo theater paid tribute to natalie cole. she died of congestive heart
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failure on new year's eve. cole will be remembered for carving out a career while carrying the legacy of her father, her late father, nat king king cole. >> natalie cole sold more than 30 million records. daughter of gnatnat king cole she made her name in r&b. she broke out in 1975 with the hit single "this will be." the song which earned her two grammy including best new artist was originally offered to someone else says james bernard. >> it was offered to aretha
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franklin first. that cease show that's showing me that her career was not dependent on her father. >> for all of cole's talent it was her father's legacy that would both help and haunt her career. she appeared with him in 1957 on cbs's person to person with edward rmurrow. cole was just 15 when her father died of lung cancer. his loss would lead to a struggle with drug addiction. she wrote candidly of her many low points on in her biography "ing an" "angel on my shoulder." in an interview she described one of her darkest moments inside a burning hotel room. >> i had pulled my paraphernalia. i had my drugs. okay. i guess i'm going out like this. and when they axed the door down and came through, it was like
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valhalla. it was like god was saying i'm not through with you yet. >> cole's greatest triumph came with the album "unforgettable with love." ♪ that's why darling it's incredible ♪ ♪ >> her get with her father would set 14 million copies and earn her six grammys. she discussed it in an interview on cbs this morning two years ago. >> i never got a chance to say goodbye. and so i continue to converse and tell my dad how much i love him when i get an opportunity to sing these kind of songs. >> despite health problems cole continued to put out records and tour to help secure her legacy. ♪ unforgettable too ♪
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>> i saw her perform just year before last at the 80th birthday for the aploe. apollo. she still sounded magnificent. >> she was supposed to perform new year's eve in los angeles. >> i know. 65 years old. time to show you this morning's headlines. the london telegraph reports saudi arabia executes 57 people this morning. key figures in part of the arab spring in 2011. the. >> the chicago tribune reports chicago had the highest murder rate last year of any american city. this comes as officials say the
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overall number of police shootings dropped in 2015. the department of justice opened investigation into chicago police department's choose use of force. >> our cbs tulsa affiliate reports a prior oklahoma teen is out of surgery after he was shot playing a prank on his neighbor. they spent new year's day ding dong ditching. police say the neighbor ran out of the house with a gun and shot payton. he was not arrest. >> unbelievable. they say the bullet punctured his liver and went right through his body. a -- says they acted a little odd. the worker says they paid for their double room in cash and never completed the paperwork. cbs news learned couch who was being held by mexican authorities has hired a high profile mexican attorney to
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represent him. >> the centers for disease control appear to be backtracking on warnings about the dangers of cell phone use. they recommended caution about a year and a half ago using even stronger language concerning potential health implications for children. the cdc later dropped those warnings. the times discovered hundreds of internal documents about what to say about cancer risks. some are suggesting that is not nearly as dangerous as texting while driving. >> and stanford managed to make most of the fans who were red faced during their battle with iowa at the rose bowl. the band trotted outlet edted out a fake galloping cow and other farm themed images presumably to mock the hawkeyes and the mid western ways of life. to make matters worse stanford
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won 45-16. >> ouch. >> not good. >> no. now a look at the weather for your weekend. coming up the incredibly high-tech way to see the impact of drought on california forests. find out how it works and what it's telling us. >> and later, the loss of one of the original cast members of the classic tv war comedy "mash". you are watching "cbs this morning saturday."
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uber the phone app that connects drivers and their cars. >> and we preview the last regular season games in the nfl. who can still make it? a little help from their friends. we'll be right back. this is "cbs this morning saturday." ♪
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most americans trusted the president, trusted the school. today most americans don't think you can trust government. and when a kid gets in trouble at school the parents swoop in like attorneys to mount a defense. and the result is authority of the parents are undermined and they give kids the authority that parents should have. >> times have changed. the issues in 1900 are different than in 1950 and 2015. >> and i'm not suggesting 50 years ago were the good old days. they weren't. every e are has its changes but
5:28 am
i don't think we're recognizing ours. there's been a explosion in the proportion of kids on medication in this country. kids need authority. when parents step back from authority what's happening in many cases is the doctor steps in and instead of parents setting clear rules now you have this kid running around throwg things and he's put on medication. american kids are now 90 times more likely to be on medication for behavior compared to kids in italy for example. >> how much of it is just the patterns of parenting changing? older parents. parents who are exhausted. parent whose don't want to have the argument over whether they eat their broccoli or not because they have just been both exhausted from a full day's work. >> and parents are confused and they want their kids to like them. they want their kids to love them. and they think this if they are authoritative then their kids won't like them. but your job is to teach right and wrong as a parent, to keep your kids safe.
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hundreds of brave people welcomed the new year on friday at new york's koine island with the traditional polar bear swim in the ocean. the water temperature was actually in the low 50s. >> the air temperature was in the upper 30s so it really felt cold when they got out of there. they have been ice bathing since 1903. there was one guy with a drum. and the band marched into the water. >> you would have to think it would be a lot warmer because the warmest weather on record. >> not as bad. couldn't get me to do it. >> that would have been the year to do it too. >> while parts of the nation
5:31 am
struggle with flood producing rain and drought conditions have eased in the west california is still dry. the entire state remains in some form of drought with nearly 90% in severe drought. ben tracy joined airborne researchers who use cutting edge technology. >> we took off near sacramento. minutes later we saw this reservoirs at record lows and forests dying after four years of drought. >> there is a lot of red on the screen which is a sign that we're over an area that is in trouble. >> greg is the director. his flying lab is equipped with lasers that scan the forest. it is like x-ray vision that produces vivid images of the health of every tree. >> our systems are seeing beyond the dead trees. it is seeing the trees that are stressed. >> the cutting edge technology funded in part by avatar
5:32 am
director james cameron creates one of a kind 3-d maps of the forest throughout the state. the red areas are severly drought stressed. blue areas are healthier. >> your equipment reads how much moisture is in each individual tree? >> yeah. the measurement is focused on how much water is in the foliage itself. like a blood test. one of the key indicators of the health of a tree. >> and the data this week released showed california's forested are in very bad shape. 58 million trees are drought stressed and could die. and astounding 888 million have seen measurable water less since the drought began in 2011. >> the drought has impacted nearly 1 billion trees in california? >> that is correct. >> nearly 29 million trees have already died. >> here are trees that have totally succumbed.
5:33 am
>> the severely stressed trees, are they passed the point of no return? >> we don't know. whether a stress tree will absolutely succumb and be gone or if it could bounce back over time. >> el nino and winter storms are expected to bring much needed rain. these are scientists are hoping that will finally turn the golden state a bit more green. for "cbs this morning saturday," ben tracy, sacramento. >> that technology is just amazing what they can do. >> it is interesting too that james cameron played such a role. it is great to see technology used like that. >> like that. and speaking of incredible technology, this year we can expect a whole different kind of messaging on our smart phones. coming up we'll show you how a text could complete a series of tasks for you ahead. but first a look at the weather for your weekend. ♪
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♪ up next. medical news in our morning rounds. including how to make good on the number one new year's resolution for so many people losing weight. >> and dr.s lapook and phillips have advice on how to boost your overall health in the new year. you are watching cbs"cbs this morning saturday".
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yey! which is why our products are too. angel soft. it is time for morning rounds. dr. john lapook and dr. holly phillips. now that the ball has dropped, this week we look how to tackle popular new year's resolutions. coming in at number one for new year's resolutions, no surprise
5:38 am
with losing weight. 12% saying they hope to shed pounds this time of year. why is this so hard for all of us? >> it is pretty hard and we all know what the problem is. if you are overweight you have an increased risk of you name it. heart attack, stroke diabetes joint pain. it is not just cosmetically. it has health consequences. >> how do we know our ideal weight? >> in the clinical setting we use a couple of different tools. one is a bmi, body mass index. it is a relationship between height and weight. >> what if i don't like the number it gives me? >> get a different formula. >> exactly. if the number is between 25 and 29 you are overweight. but it does have limitations. it can't tell the difference between fatty and muscle. so theoretically you could be a
5:39 am
body builder and be in the overweight category. and waste circumference. and a direct correlation with disease risk. >> now everyone is going to be saying i'm a body builder. this time of year it feels like people are talking about the fad diet. there a diet you think works well? >> the diets are tricky. there was a very large study done this year. they looked at more than 4,000 different studies about diets and found that of all the really popular commercially available diets, very few have any scientific evidence behind them at all. only 11 had what we call randomized control trials. and only two could really provide gold standard evidence that they kept the weight off for a year more so than people
5:40 am
who were trying to diet alone. and those were weight watchers and jenny craig. >> i'm a weight watchers girl. it works. it is not just a slogan. >> and they involve community. it is not just you on your own measuring your food and doing what else there is. there are meetings and things on the internet and ways people are connecting and that is probably that secret formula that makes those things work. >> and there are a lot of apps now. people are using apps and doing it with friends and keeping track. their calorie intake. how much they are spending by doing exercise and things like that. >> the cost of these programs can really add up. so practically speaking what can you do that's essentially free? >> practically speaking. what do we officially say? watch whether you are eating and doing exercise. that is the internal self control. but also they have studied this
5:41 am
mindless eating. look at that book. and he can dial the -- the bigger the plate the more you will eat. my favorite experiment brings. if you suggest a portion by putting a red dye colored pringle every tenth. they will eat a couple more but that's is it. if you don't have it they will eat twice as many. >> another solution exercise more. 9% vowing to get moving in 2016. what sort of exercise should we be doing here? >> the cdc says 150 minutes a week of moderate exercise. 30 minutes, five kays a week. cut that in half if it is intense. so 75 minutes a week of intense. and there is a list going up. i like to trick people into --
5:42 am
or have them weave it into their lives seamlessly. so for example if you are parking, don't park next to the store. park away from it. make it so that in the course of your normal life you are doing more exercise. and evolution, they weren't getting on the treadmill four times a week. they were running around doing -- we should do that. >> what's hard is sustaining it. like you have this momentum at the start of the new year. and you start it and then it sort of. >> one of the favorite -- my favorite service that i ever read was one that showed jim memberships sign ups by 80% in january and jim attendance dropped by that same amount by april. so it really is focused on what you can do and when. some tried and true formulas if you exercise with a friend you are much more likely to be consistent and get up and do it. even if you don't feel like doing it. the other things you have to schedule exercise much like you would schedule a business
5:43 am
meeting or errands. but i also say, you know, it is great to have the goal of okay 75 minutes, this many days a week. i tell my patients to start really slow. it is hard to go from the couch to the gym. but if you say i'm going to take a ten minute walk a day. that is the precipitation i give my patients. most of them can do it. can do it consistently. and then once you are out there, you keep going. my only exercise regimen is power walking. i do it about 40 minute four to five times a week and i feel like that is what i can fit in right now and it's good for my health overall. >> the big part is just showing up. >> yeah. >> and we all love the feeling the endorphin rush of really doing vigorous exercise. but we feel guilty if we go off and do nothing. so walk around a lot and know you are still getting some exercise. >> a poll finds some people are
5:44 am
going for a total health makeover this year. 9% is simply improving overall health. we focused on weight and exercise but is there anything else you think this is a good time to remind people on the doing? >> i would suggest spirituality. reaching out to friends and family, there is a lot of evidence that makes you healthier. and specifically this time of year i would say call your parents. call your mother. call your father. it is really important and it is so easy. just human connection. i think there is a lot of interesting evidence. we know it just intuitively. but there is evidence now scientifically it makes you healthier to have community. >> my resolution is to be more in the present moment. so there is this em forester quote. we must let go of this life we have planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us. so i think it is about living in the present moment. >> that's my mother.
5:45 am
she would peel an orange. at this moment this orange has never seen the light of day. so this orange this moment. >> right. >> and that is something i've carried with me my whole life. >> all right. you have a moment to call your parents right now by the way. coming up. uber and china. a ride in beijing and showing you just how much of a challenge that will be. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday." ♪ ♪
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uber the smart phone app that lets you book a ride in a driver's private car is expanding rapidly and calls china its number one priority for the new year. but they must over come legal obstacles and competition on the road. >> with the smog and traffic to
5:49 am
prove it china has as many as 750 million urban commuters. and there is a multi billion battle for their business. >> all the cars around us here. okay he's letting us in. we crisscrossed beijing. >> we're in a didi car. he doesn't want to go on camera. he says he's doing this to make a little extra money. >> i can make about $800 a month he said. it will help cover the expense of my car. >> ride services are brand new to china and are technically illegal. but the law is selectively enforced. both didi and uber are operating in gray areas while the government reviews its
5:50 am
regulations. >> since this kind of operation is still considered illegal in beijing, i drive for uber because it will cover all the penalties if i get caught. didi dwarves uber here. it is in 360 cities across china compared to uber's 21. both companies are spending big to lure drivers and riders. both are relying on publicity stunts. in a letter to investors uber's ceo said competing in china is not for the faint of heart. we'd add driving here is not for the feint of heart either. for cbs"cbs this morning saturday"," beiging. >> interesting to think about somebody basically taking a lunch break on another job to drive cars. >> interesting battle there in china. >> coming up we'll remember
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wayne rogers who helped propel the tv war comedy "mash" in the seventies. you are watching cbs this morning saturday. [ julie ] the wrinkle cream graveyard. if it doesn't work fast... you're on to the next thing. clinically proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it targets fine lines and wrinkles with the fastest retinol formula available. you'll see younger looking skin in just one week. one week? this one's a keeper. rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots rapid tone repair. from neutrogena®. >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85 this is an important message. so please, write down the number on your screen.
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>> i got to see my daughter. do you know how long it's been since i made my wife? >> at least one daughter ago.
5:55 am
>> wayne rogers, best known for his role as wisecracking surgeon from mash died from complications of pneumonia. he played trapper john during the long-running sit come's first three seasons. >> lot of trouble with women, don't you. >> every chance i can. sponge. >> the character was well known for trading jokes and martinis with tebt mate and best friend hawk eye pierce played by allen alda. he was smart, funny, curious and dedicated. i loves wayne. i'll miss him very much. rogers decided to leave following a contract dispute with producers in 1975. a decision he later regretted. after mash rogers went on to
5:56 am
star in "city of angels" and "house calls." later he made appearances on murder she wrote, larry sanders and diagnosis murder. he also had great success later in life as a money manager and investment strategist. wayne rogers was 82 years old. >> after he quit there was eight more seasons. so he went on to say, in addition to redwreting it. had he had known it would have been so long running he would have just kept his mouth shut and stayed put. >> they were such a great team. >> always nice to see they are friends in real life too. up next we have look at the biggest nfl match ups and a playoff preview. for some of you local news is next. the rest stick around.
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you are watching "cbs this morning saturday"
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welcome to cbs this morning saturday. i'm anthony mason. >> and i'm vinita nier. a look at the still evolving playoff situation on the road to super bowl 50. amy lawrence is here to help us break it down. and then from hard scrabble coal mining country in wales to the pinnacle of pop music success and even a knighthood. >> also vegas last year to hollywood this year a another run of box office hits. including "hail caesar" starring
6:01 am
george clooney. >> first breaking news over night. the rising threat of flooding in parts of the midwest as levees collapse and more people are in danger. the mississippi river is expected to crest today near st. mary m missouri. >> 40 miles south of st. louis where people are still recovering from the record flooding earlier this year. >> reporter: good morning. we are about 40 minutes south of st. mary and whether a difference an hour makes. when we last saw you our last report when it was dark now that the sun started to rise you get a look at the flooding. the mississippi river is a half mile behind me. we're in downtown. and there was a major flood back in 1993 they called the so called great flood. that stop sign right there we're told by an eye witness is where the war stopped. already it is probably 20 feet
6:02 am
past the stop sign. and the mississippi river will not crest until tomorrow at 50 feet we're told and city officials say that is an all time record. 95% of the city is protect bade flood wall that can withstand 53 feet of water. so most of the city is good shape. but residents outside the flood wall are extremely vulnerable. in the red star neighborhood we're told some structures are nearly under water. and now the big concern this morning are the low-lying vil villages and towns outside of the city that could see more water over the next 48 hours. mandatory evacuations have been under way since yesterday and we're told will continue through the weekend. anthony and vinita. >> david begnaud, thank you. an intensive man hunt under way in israel for the gunman who opened fired on friday killing
6:03 am
two people. seven others were injured. security video shows the gunman at a grocery store before he reaches for a machine gun. he then leaves and begins shooting anyone in sight. authorities believe the suspect is mentally unstable who spent time in prison for trying to steal a police officer's gun. >> video of republican presidential candidate donald trump is featured in a new terrorist recruiting video. trump was shown making his call for the u.s. to bar all muslims from america as his supporters cheered. the film was dribded on twitter friday by al shabaab, al qaeda's somalia somalia-based affiliate. it led to criticism his words could be used by islamic militants. >> trump has not yet commented by a message blasting him at yesterday's rose bowl parade. it read america is great. trump is disgusting. paid for by a arizona real
6:04 am
estate investor who says there is no place for trump in the president rnl campaign. >> and stanford scored on its first play from scrimmage. to christian mccaffrey. the first player to collect more than 350 all purpose yards in a rose bowl game. and stanford's kevin hogan faked a fumble and than this pass for a 31 yard touchdown. stanford pounded iowa 45-16. >> we are headed into the final week of the nfl regular season. and it features big games with big playoff implications. here is the picture right now. in the nfc all six teams are set. the panthers and cardinals hold the top two spots followed by green bay, washington minnesota and seattle. but these could change after sunday night. >> things are less clear in the afc. new england and the broncos hold the top two slots. cincinnati and the chiefs also punch their tickets. and wins this week would send
6:05 am
the jets and texans to the playoffs. steering wheel steelers and colts are still in the balance. this is a big weekend. >> they are all big, honestly. >> right. take us there thank you playoff picture. the jets and texans. how do they clinch? >> they just need to win. you are in the driver seat. you control your own fate. easy as that. really nothing in the nfl ever goes according to script so i would expect chaos. i say it all the time on my show. crazy is new normal in the nfl but if the jets and texans win they are in. >> and a lot of are saying the texans are in a division that's not as strong. do you think either of those are factors. >> the texans they have done it starting four different quarterbacks.
6:06 am
so give them credit for having the resiliency to rise o above that adverse. for the jets the as great little soap opera. ryan fitts patrick was there before. this could be the first time the colts don't make the playoffs. >> if they don't, their head coach is a dead man walking. he already knows actually that he's not going to be returning to the colts if they don't win. i would say though that the possibilityies are slim to none. >> so these are the nine things that have to happen? >> wow. >> what's at stake tomorrow
6:07 am
night. >> that determine who is wins the division title which means you get to host a playoff game. so that is huge. it is so competitive and while home teams are not guaranteed anything the fact that the packers are hosting the vikings they have had 11 wins in the last 12 at green bay at minnesota. both would love to be at home for the playoffs. >> [ inaudible ]. >> considered over the hill but about to win another rushing title. >> it seems to me that what this is really all about is who's hot and who's healthy going into the playoffs. as we look at the nfc what do you see there? >> nfc has two really strong teams in the cardinals and the panthers who are just lost their first game last year. very strong defense. is extremely balanced. if they meet in the nfc championship that would be amazing right now. they have the byes. top two seeds in the nfc. what about the afc side? they have two playoff spots up for grabs but the best team and
6:08 am
probably my favorite story of the year in the nfl is the chiefs. they started out 1 in 5 and have now won 9 in a row but even better they have a player who beat lodge kins lim limb foamy. >> what's your super bowl? >> i'm going with the cardinals. and a dart board in the afc. you could throw a dart. >> thanks so much for being with us. and reminder nfl's coverage started tomorrow at noon eastern with the nfl today. it is about 8 after the hour and now here is a look at the weather for your weekend.
6:09 am
up next "wall street journal" personal tech columnist joanna stern is immersed in virtual reality right now. do we get to put that on. she'll emerge and tell us all about it and other technological breakthroughs this year. you are watching "cbs this morning saturday."
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6:13 am
♪ did you ever think your household appliances would be able to reorder supplies when running low? or you could have a drone following you around everywhere? in the new year the future is upon us. personal tech columnist for the "wall street journal" is here to tell us more. good morning. let's start with what you were demoing. the virtual reality. how does it work? zblz this samsung gear vr and you put your phone inside here and you get a really immersive 3-d and 360 experience in here. i'm actually looking at a dinosaur. >> interesting. i always thought this would be just learning but to see that you could be the first seat at a sold out concert. the see the applications are
6:14 am
really unbelievable. >> the big thing i think we're going to see is gaming. i'm not a huge gamer but like you said i love going to concerts and broadway shows. i love to tour apartments. i'm actually that kind of person that is looking for a new house. and you can do that now. so the application is going to go from games to real life experiences that are really going to sell vr. we're also going to see more hardware. and this is a more mobile experience. it only costs $99. it is all powered by the phone. but we're going to see really immersive experiences from oculus oculus. more expensive and much better graphics etc. coming out this year. others by hp sony. >> next we're looking at smarter messaging message apps. what's going to happen there?
6:15 am
>> you are used to now probably texting with your family friends. get ready to text with some wh companies. lots of focus now on ai artificial intelligence in message apps becoming smarter and being able to do things for you. something facebook has been experimenting with you. they have something called m in fab facebook messenger. and soon you will be able to text and say book me a reservation at this restaurant. maybe there is also integration with facebook itself. so they will remind you of birthdays and things like that. >> very cool. talk about drones. there are big changes in that arena too. >> i haven't actually been personally interested in drones until now. we're going to now think of drones as cameras rather than helicopters. taking a really cool selfie. they are going to get better cameras. they are also going to become
6:16 am
smarter. right fou they are really hard to fly. they are going to get smarter. they are going to actually start following you around. >> so they can locate you. >> there is one. you toss up in the air, say you are going kayaking or on a hike or something. you toss it up in the air. it takes a photo of you as you're walking. >> and it can track where you go. huge stride this is year in voice activated systems. >> we've really gotten used to talking to siri. but she's not always that accurate and you have to speak in this robotic. >> tone very hard for people with accents. >> yeah. and those are things that are really going to get better soon. really being able to talk in conversational tone. hey siri what's going on with so and so? the news a type of restaurant or place you want to go.
6:17 am
not specifically siri but a lot of o voice controls. and them also appearing in more things. one of the things we're talking about a lot this year could be robotics. robots in a home being able to actually control more. turn on the lights. all of these things understanding your voice better. >> the pace of change does not seem to slow. >> yeah. >> thanks so much. up next more than half a century since tom jones struck musical gold with "it's not unusual" but he does have a an unusual personal story. we spoke with him about it in his new story. quilted northern works so well people can forget their bathroom experience. just like they forgot conductor randy, who sees all and forgets nothing. at least he's not constable bob.
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think they'll know who it's from. ♪ ♪ thank you boys. you're welcome. you're welcome. [ male announcer ] happy holidays from our family to yours. i love christmas! ♪ she's a lady ♪ ♪ woe woe woe ♪ ♪ she's a lady -- tom jones. make that sir tom jones has more than a hundred million records.
6:21 am
in his new memory yor overir over the rails. he shared some stories with me recently at avatar studios here in new york. >> you really wanted to be a white wilson picket. >> yeah. and i met otis redding. and he said to me man, you know, we all try to do what you do. meaning the soul singers. i said well i'm trying to do what you do. >> tom jones was 24 when he left wales and moved to london to break into music. within a year he had a number one hit. ♪ i'm not unusual to be loved by anyone ♪ >> the first time you heard "it's not unusual" you now it was something for you. >> yes. i said i've got to have this song. i've got to have it. >> the problem was the manager
6:22 am
who co-wrote the song wanted to give it to another singer but jones was told he could record the demo. >> and he said i could write a million of those. he never did. he never wrote another one like that. >> but when the singer turned down the tune jones got his chance. >> my recording manager said we got to rough this up. you got to rip into it. because the demo was da da da ♪ it is not unusual to be loved by none ♪ ♪ so we and we had to have something that had to go bomp baa dom. i said how about brass? and it's the most important thing to ever happen to me. it changed my life. >> his next hit would be the theme song to a woody allen film. ♪ what's new pussy cat ♪
6:23 am
♪ >> the first time you heard it whether did you think? >> i thought he was joking. i thought he was joking with me. because it is really strange melody melody. >> yeah. >> even today. g if you hear baa da da da bam. do you know what i mean? >> yeah. >> and i was 25 then and i thought what is this? he said this is not a rhythm and blues song. i said i know that. [ laughter ] >> a string of hits through the '60s made him a star. but it was the abc tv series "this is tom jones" that made him a household name. >> is that really what kind of turned you into a sex symbol. >> i think i was a sex symbol as soon as i started singing.
6:24 am
♪ >> do women still throw under wear at you? >> no. not like -- you know, it is not like in cope cabana in new york. >> that is where it started. >> in '68, yeah. they were having a martini with napkins and this woman stood up and just. just handed them to me like this. and hope you don't catch cold and like that. and it was written up in the newspaper. it back fired. >> how? >> well because i wasn't being taken seriously as a singer. they saw that more than they heard what i was singing. >> at one point you got opposite advice from frank sinatra and elvis presley. >> yeah. >> elvis listened to jones' records but didn't like an album of standards he released. >> he said tom. we don't go there. he said we leave that to frank. right? we. but he said we.
6:25 am
>> wow. elvis is -- >> putting you in the same. >> yeah. and that was a big complement to me. and then i'd be talking to frank sinatra at the bar in caesars palace and he would say, you know you've got a great jazz voice tom. leave that pop stuff alone. you know you have got to come with me. and i said frank i love it all. i do. >> that's worked for you but at other times it's worked against you because people don't know where to put you. >> exactly. that's the problem. i always used to think the vers tilt would be an asset. but sometimes people say well what is tom jones? >> yeah. >> you know i'm not in the rock and roll hall of fame. >> do you want me? >> i would like to be yeah. because i'm basically a '60s rock and roll singer. >> sir tom jones though a member
6:26 am
of an even more exclusive club. you you got a knighthood. >> immediately when the queen puts the sword an your shoulders. that was unbelievable to me. that was something i never dreamed of in my wildest dreams that i would become a knight. >> pretty cool. >> yeah. >> that was maybe one of the most fun half hours i've ever spent. the stories are unbelievable. first the book "over the top and back now" is on sale. a great read. really well written, a ton of fun. he's also released a companion record "long lost suitcase" with it. and he's in great shape and looks terrific and still sounds
6:27 am
problem, i've offered it to another singer first, frank sinatra. and coming up new movies for 2016.
6:28 am
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♪ saturday night at the movies ♪ ♪ 2015 was quite a year for movies but according to eric davis the next 12 months could be just as big. the editor of the movie website fandango. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's get right to this. there is a lot of interesting stuff. first comes out february 5th. hale caesar. i've seen trailers for this already. george clooney. >> takes place in old hollywood. george clooney is kidnapped by a mysterious group calling themselves the future.
6:31 am
and joesh josh brolin and this looks like it is going to fit right in. >> zoolander number two. why did this take so long? >> it just seems to be a trend. the trailer scored like 62 million views in its first week which was a record. so people are hungry to see more zoolander. and this time they are trying to foil a plot against the world's most beautiful people. >> and the wit, some are calling this the scariest of the year. >> this is super creepy. 1630s new england. a puritan family banished to the
6:32 am
woods where they resettle and they are tormented psychologically, physically by a witch. feels like a grim brothers fairy tail that comes to life. from the dialect to the genre. this is one you can't miss. >> and you have ben affleck taking over for christian bale. >> you do. and this is supposed to launch this new sequence of films, aquaman, justice league. ia and yeah you have bat man. i revert to being a ten-year-old. i just want to see bat man fight super man. and this is one of eight comic book movies coming out. so get ready. >> another one in may. marvel this time. captain america, civil war. robert downy, jr. is ironman and chris evans is captain america.
6:33 am
>> based on a popular storyline where the government is looking to regulate the superheros now. and they find themselves on opposite sides. i was on the set of this film and it is kind of like the avengers 2.5. there are really massive fights. i love the directors in this show. they are introducing black panther in this. really looks fantastic. >> i feel like i'm getting lost though. there's been a lot. it's hard to keep up with. let's move to one that is not. which is finding dory. the follow up to finding nemo. >> i think that is one of the popular pixar movies. dory has like 25 million likes on facebook. the most likes as any disney or packs sar character. and this time dory is looking for her family. and if you watch the trailer you can see how far if effects have come. it looks gorgeous.
6:34 am
>> and the sequel independence day. >> the aliens where back. will smith is not. he did not come back for this. jeff gold blum bill pail yen is back. and 1996 when this first came out it really helped launch a new trend of disaster movie, alien invasion. and here we are all these years later. can they reinvent it. chris hemsworth comes up. >> one more. rogue one a star wars story. this comes out december 16th. but it is not a sequel to "star wars." >> no it is not. it is a spinoff. takes place right before the first "star wars" movie. a group tasked with steeling the plans to the death star. look for darth vader to return in this and maybe even bowba
6:35 am
space f -- up next in the dish amanda freitag cooks up beef, short ribs and other favorites. stay tuned for some great food. you are watching "cbs this morning saturday."
6:36 am
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6:39 am
also a cohost with tie pennington of her own show "american diner revival" and just released her first cookbook, a. chef amanda freitag welcome to the dish. >> happy new year. this is so exciting. >> i love this table. >> look at this. >> it looks great. tell us what we've got. >> it is a feast. well we could start with dessert first. >> you call this sky high pie. >> i did but it is a deep dish apple pie. there are cranberries. you can use ruehubarb in the spring. and a beet salad withpy shash py
6:40 am
pistachioss. and we have a cocktail i made up that is an apple cider margarita. it is all very seasonal too. the book is meant for the home cook who i'm basically writing a love letter to. >> i have a tiny new york city galli kitchen. i grew up in restaurant kitchens. they are huge. piles of pots and eight foot stainless steel tables. to cook at home is tough. you chop prep do it all yourself and make all the dishes. so these are recipes i love to make at home and. >> nice to to set a person up. don't be afraid. here is what everyone thinks is hard. here is what everyone thinks is easy. >> i start with the basic and there is a chapter called scary stuff because i know sometimes it is scary to cook in your own kitchen. once you feel comfortable, then you can go ahead and make it.
6:41 am
>> when you were taking your big test at the culinary institute. >> oh my gosh. >> you actually froze. i love these stories. >> i did. there are two big practicals before you graduate. the first one my nerves got the best of me. i have raw chicken in front of me and it could have been anything. and i was turning it on its head, upside down backwards. i just didn't know how to cut it. and i got flustered. but do you know what? i can cut a chick within my eyes now. >> you bounced back. >> i practiced. i practiced i practiced. with anything you find your weak spots and then you perfect them. i perfected that and i made sure that that would never happen again. and working under pressure has been the through line for my whole career. as a chef a good chef you work well under pressure. i actually work better under pressure. competing and i really feel like
6:42 am
i work better under pressure. >> when reality tv and food first came out. i feel like you were early. the beginning end when we really didn't know if it would be good or bad or weird. >> chopped has been such a phenomena. it's real. nobody knows neigh. ss anything. and they open a basket and like wow. and it's like opening the fridge every night for dinner. >> and as i hand you this dish and get your signature on it. >> o a dish. well i'm so excited about the book. just really cook out of it. get the pages dirty. >> if you could have this dish with anybody past or present, who would that be? >> i have this favorite actor. and there would be no silver
6:43 am
ware. we would eat this all with our hands. >> for more on amanda and the dish, please head to our website at >> and up next andra day, stevie wonder helped discover her and it's just ahead. this is "cbs this morning saturday."
6:44 am
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our first saturday session of the new year stars andra day who will remember 2015 as a breakout year. she released her first studio album. on her first tour and her single "rise up" was featured in a commercial starring serena williams. >> and joined stevie wonder at christmas in an extremely popular holiday ad for apple. and rise up she'll perform right now. this is andra day. ♪ you're broken down and tired ♪
6:47 am
♪ of living life on a merry-go-round ♪ ♪ and you can't find the fighter ♪ ♪ but i see it in you so we gonna walk it out ♪ ♪ and move mountains ♪ ♪ we gonna walk it out ♪ ♪ and move mountains ♪ ♪ and i'll rise up ♪ ♪ i'll rise like the day ♪ ♪ i'll rise up ♪ ♪ i'll rise unafraid ♪ ♪ i'll rise up ♪ ♪ and i'll do it in a thousand times again ♪ ♪ for you you you ♪ ♪ for you-ooh ooh ♪
6:48 am
♪ and when the silence isn't quiet ♪ ♪ and it feels like its getting hard to breathe ♪ ♪ and i know you feel like dying ♪ ♪ but i promise we'll take the world to its feet ♪ ♪ ooh, ooh mountains ♪ ♪ bring it to its feet ♪ ♪ ooh, ooh mountains ♪ ♪ and i'll rise up ♪ ♪ i'll rise like the day ♪ ♪ i'll rise up ♪ ♪ i'll rise unafraid ♪ ♪ i'll rise up ♪ ♪ and i'll do it a thousand times again ♪ ♪ for you, ooh, ooh ooh ♪ many for you, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
6:49 am
♪ for you ♪ ♪ for you, ooh ♪ all we need is hope ♪ ♪ and for that we have each other ♪ ♪ and for that we have each other ♪ ♪ and we will rise ♪ ♪ we will rise ♪ ♪ we will rise up ♪ oh oh oh ♪ ♪ we will rise ♪ ♪ i'll rise up ♪ ♪ rise like the day ♪ ♪ i'll rise up ♪ ♪ in spite of the ache ♪ ♪ i will rise a thousand times again ♪ ♪ and we'll rise up ♪ ♪ high like the waves ♪
6:50 am
♪ we'll rise up ♪ ♪ in spite of the ache ♪ ♪ we'll rise up ♪ ♪ and we'll do it a thousand times again ♪ ♪ for you, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ ♪ for you, ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh ♪ ♪ for you, ooooh ♪ for you ♪ [ applause ] >> go away. we'll be right back with more music from the amazing andra day. you are watching cbs"cbs this morning saturday". >> saturday sessions are sponsored by blue buffalo. you love your pets like family, so feed them like family with blue.
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6:54 am
this is "city burns" ♪ ♪ the scent of momentum fills the city air ♪ ♪ hear the heart beat ♪ ♪ it's alive and draws you in ♪ ♪ things will never be the same ♪ ♪ thought i'd been here but never here times before ♪ ♪ then the roller coaster dipped and sped along no more ♪ ♪ but i'm not in the same space ♪ ♪ because i'm hardly the woman that i once was ♪ ♪ now i search for the ground underneath my feet ♪
6:55 am
♪ as the city burns ♪ ♪ as the city burns ♪ ♪ ooh ♪ ♪ as the city burns ♪ ♪ ooh, ooh ooh ooh ♪ ♪ as the city burns ♪ ♪ ooh, ooh-ooh ooh ♪ ♪ as the city burns ♪ burn away ♪ ♪ burn away ♪ ♪ and now it's fancy ladies pricey wiles and argyle ♪ ♪ from homemade beats selling tees and running wild ♪
6:56 am
♪ just hope i don't lose my head ♪ ♪ and now i'm thinking on a dream that my sister had ♪ ♪ back then i was too young to see it wasn't bad ♪ ♪ so thanks chick by the way ♪ ♪ cuz i'm hardly the woman that i once was ♪ ♪ now i search for the ground underneath my feet ♪ ♪ as the city burns ♪ ♪ as the city burns ♪ ♪ ooh, as the city burns ♪ ♪ ooh, ooh ooh ooh ♪ ♪ as the city burns
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♪ ooh, ooh ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh ♪ ♪ as the city burns ♪ ♪ burn away ♪ ♪ burn away-ay-ay ♪ ♪ we're at a run right now ♪ ♪ and before we were at a steady jog ♪ ♪ and i'm trying to hang on to whatever i can find ♪ ♪ because what do you do when its spinning so fast ♪ ♪ how do you stand with the world on your back ♪ ♪ i'm hardly the woman i once was ♪ ♪ search for the ground underneath my feet ♪ ♪ as the city burns ♪ ♪ as the city burns ♪
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♪ ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh ♪ ♪ as the city burns ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh ♪ ♪ as the city burns ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ ♪ burn away ♪ ♪ burn away ♪ ♪ away yeah ♪ [ applause ] >> for more about cbs this morning, visit us at
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this second day of the year... but not everyone is complaining... we'll show you how folks are making the most of the cold temps an entire bay area community is stocking up on bottled water, and boiling the water they have... because traces of e. coli were found in their water system. we'll tell you where. and president obama announcing plans to take executive order on gun control laws. details coming up. it's 7 a-m on this saturday morning, january the second 20-15. good morning, i'm anne makovec. i'm mark kelly. (first weather) (first weather) last night people in walnut creek tried to make the most of


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