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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  January 2, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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this second day of the year. but not everyone is complaining... we'll show you how folks are maki the most of the cold temps an entire bay area communit stocking up on bottled wate and boiling the water they have... because traces of e. coli were found in their war system. we'll tell you wher and president obama announcg plans to take executive ordn gun control laws. details cg up. it's 7 a-m on this saturday morning, january the second 20-15. good morning, i'm an makovec. i'm mark kelly. (first weather) (first weather) last night people in walnut creek tried to make the mos
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four. chilly. and you can see them moving into the north bay. no nothing really significant. we're going to see plenty of wet weather. wet weather on the way. we'll have more in your hex tended forecast in about 15 minutes. last night, folks in walnut creek tried to make the most of chilly conditions. ktx 5 reports. if you can't beat the cold, lace up your skates, hit the ice and semioperate it. >> i like ice skating. >> these skaters spent new year's day at the rink in walnut creek dressed for the chill. >> a jacket, gloves and a
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scarf. >> i actually like it. it's kind of cold. frost. it makes me feel good. >> this man just returned from the philippines and came back to a cold snap. temperatures just a few degrees above freezing. chilly but not cold enough the keep people from main street. >> kind of like the cold, the irony of trying to keep warm. >> it's delicious no matter what temperature it is. >> kpix5. a pedestrian is hit and killed by a vehicle in sam jose last night. it happened to the 280 on ramp to southbound 101 at 8:30. chp says the victim may have been a transient locked into a homeless encamp tment. apparently trying to cross three lanes of traffic to get to the median when he was hit. the driver was cooperating with the investigation. the onramp was closed for about half an hour. a woman who was stabbed during a
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brutal mob attack during a carls jr. in san jose has died. that happened tuesday night in east san jose. witnesses tell the mercury news a group of member wearing dallas cowboys beanies stabbed that woman and the man she was with. he is still in critical condition this morning. police say several arrests have been made. a contentious lawsuit between a pleasant hill morning and burger ting? king. karen dunn claims a driver- through employee did not make sure the lid was on tight. the coffee spilled and she was burned so badly that she missed weeks of work. this happened back in july at the burger king on north main street in walnut creek. burger king saw not commenting the lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for lost wages in medical expenses. in sanoma county, some people are stocking up on bottled water after an ecoli scare.
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testify warning has gone out. do not drink from the tap. whether it happened. this is also the neighborhood where several weeks ago, there was a sewage overflow. folks who live here say they think that is what is to blame. the sanoma county health department says two wells in the cannon manner neighborhood have extremely high levels ofe. coli. they have been ordered not the use wells. anybody who has a contaminated well. it is a very difficult problem. they made us about two years ago hook up to city water to get away from this contamination that is going on now. >> switching to city water is a hot topic all its own. these folks say it cost them $23,000 just to hook up to the system. so many patched up with wells for this reason. as
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that bacterial outbreak spread, they worry it could be bad for more luckily, the health department says no one has gotten sick so far. the health department first conducted tests on december 18th. a photographer hired a shoot new year's eve fireworks in dubai testimonies a harrowing story of how he escaped a towering inferno. the skyscraper can still be seen shoulders. smoke quickly filled the building and escaping wasn't an option. after two hours, the 37-year-old came up
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to repeal. >> i prayed that if this is my last chance, so be it. >> his photographer began his decent. police in isreal are searching for the man who shot two people to death and injured three others. it happened yesterday afternoon outside a popular bar and captured by i security camera. no moe the tiff in this case. the suspect is an israeli arab. a mack who says she's a -- he's a relative of the shooter describes him as being traumatized after a cousin was killed by police in 2006. trips in india are battling gunman at an airbase in pakistan. four attackers are dead. the gunman entered livering quarters in the base before dawn. it may be an attempt to undermine some recent progress in the diploma city there.
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pakistani counterpart for the first time in more than a decade. a small-time bar at the center of an isis terrorist plot. a bar owner in roachesser, new york says his business, the merchant's drill, -- grill, was the intended target of an alleged new year's eve attack. federal officials say that he was zeroing in on the bar. he was nabbed after he met with a confidential source for the justice department. >> he's been around the neighborhood for quite some time. he's a panhandler. a lot of the businesses have asked him. >> he wanted to bomb and kidnap revelers to prove himself to isis. he's been charged with trying to provide material support to isis as well. >> because congress won't act on gun control, obama says he will. line >> reporter: was just after the mass
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shotting at an. >> he made his announcement. >> i directed my team at the white house to look at any new actions i could take to help reduce gun violence. on monday, i'll meet with our attorney general to discuss our options. >> sources tell cbs news those options include expanding the definition of who is in the business of selling guns so that more gun sales trigger background checks and requiring enhanced tracking. giving him no chance but to take unilateral action. >> you know we can't stopoffer every act of violence but what if we tried to stop even one. what if congress did something, prevent from buying guns and require
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background checks for. >> in california, a new gun control allowing the see sure of guns for people deemed dangerous by their own family. texas a new law when ketals are announced. the response from gun rights supporters is expected to be furious. a santa clara firefighter accused of killing his puply has been released. ruiz says he killed the five-month-old german shepard at his home. >> a serial robber is on the
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loose in the bay area. police believe this guy is responsible for several recent thefts mainly in the east bay. they say that he targets gas stations. and in half moon bay, a man is behind bars ifer attempts to engage in lewd acts with a 15-year-old girl. fifty-one-year-old patrick -- spent -- sent hundreds of text messages for the teen. he was arrested this week after investigators lured him to a moting by exchanging text messages posing as the girl. >> a rude awakening by people who thought they were responsible by taking new year. rates hiked to shocking levels. we'll explain what happened. time for the cardinals to go bowling. we'll head to the rose bowl where mccaffrey make a statement with a dominating win. we'll see you in a few minutes. >> here is a live look from our transamerica cam on this saturday morning. clouds to start off your weekend. we'll have more on your forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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his team doesn't make statements. they just play football. while his teams play in the rosebowl made quite a
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statement. fortunately for the family, they were in their seats on time because christian wasn't waiting around.? >> it's complete. score on a first play from scrimmage. yes. >> and mccafrey was just getting started. second quarter, stanford now up 21-0. mccaffrey shakes free and returns to punt. 63-yards. that's good for another touchdown. he sets the rose bowl record. stanford employee whether or notes out iowa hah-16 for their second rose bowl win in four years and sent a message to those he sixthman voters they got it wrong. >> great players play with a chip on their shoulder no matter if they have a reason to or not. i believe in having motivation at all times. >> it's just icing on the cake for us. i to think it's a shame. q
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cal over colorado as they open conference. warnings of a terror attack on new year's eve. that threat was not a hoax. tips from french intelligence warn that easy -- tanya couch, mother of affluenza teen ethan couch has officially been charged with hennedderring the apprehension of a felon. the charge could mean ten years in prison. her bail is set at $1 million. her 18-year-old son ethan killed four people in 2013 while driving drunk. protesters in cleveland marched to the home of the county prosecutor and layed down on the sidewalk. they're upset because mcginty chose not to indict the police officers in a fatal
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shooting of a 12-year-old boy. and seventh graders remained peaceful during that protest. a earthquake struck off the far northern coast. and while people felt it, there were no reports of damage or injuries. the 4.5 quake struck at 9:11 p.m. centered about 40 mimes southwest of eureka. there are struck in pittsburg at 10:38. flooding and levee brokes mrs ing people to move to higher grounds. cresting at record levels southeast of st. louis, and expected to rise another foot and a half by tomorrow. two levees broke yesterday bringing the number of failures this week to at least # 1. this follows more than ten inches of rain over a thee-day period there in missouri and illinois. let's take a look at our forecast this morning. we're expecting a wet one the
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next few days. nothing like they're experiencing in the northwest. here is a live shot at san jose. you can see the clouds. livermore a little cooler at 48. san francisco at 45. san jose at 42. you can see in the far north bay there, some sprinkles starting to move through. there is by no means a rain event today. we're just going to see some of those sprinkles in parts of the bay area. here is what you and expect headling out the door today. a cloudy and chilly start. take a jacket if you are heading out early. cool all day today. pay few sprinkles as well. rain will return for your forecast tomorrow. so our high temperatures today staying relatively cool. fifty-five for san jose. concord 39 today. your high is also 49. fifty-one in santa rosa. 50 degrees in san francisco today. so a check of the seven-day forecast. rain will return for the second half of your sunday for tomorrow. it will linger into monday. those showers are staying around to start off the workweek.
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a new system of rain moves in for tuesday and wednesday. so the pattern here definitely a wet and rainy one. natalie cole. since her death on thursday, the tributes have been pouring in. unforgettable in every way. >> her voice was unforgettable. cole followed in the footsteps of her famous father, nat king cole. >> i thymiation -- musicians throughout the world are saddened by this. she was from a royal family of music. she'll be greatly many missed. she didn't have the easiest life. she is a great example of courage and perseverance. >>reporter: natalie coal died in los angeles. she has a number of health problems. her detect was ruled there congestive heart failure. she was 65 years old.
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bill cosby is breaking his silence. he tweeted this message. friends and fans, thank you. the reaction from other twitter users, mostly negative. the commode yan is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his home in 2004. his attorney says the charge, though, is unjustified. a number of uber passengers consider sticker shock for how much they were charged for a ride home on new year's morning. eighty-eight dollars to get to the party, with more than $300 just for the ride home. another charge shows $250 for a 15- minute ride home at 3:00 in the morning. customers can't say they weren't warned. uber says they were going to charge more for rides on new year's eve because of the high demand and a shortage of drivers. >> you should never be surprised. you will always be notified. if there is pricing happening, you can get a fair
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estimate and you can always split the fair with your friends. >> that still hurts. riders complain the search prizing was exorbitant and unnecessary. some users so angry they say they are writing off uber for good and will uninstall the app. >> that is my advice. >> $300. just split it and it's fine. >> 60 each way. >> that is rough. that's something to be said for the traditional cab. you hear that? turning our attention to your refrigerator now. don't forget the vegetables when you are trying out those healthy vegetables. >> tony cantello has a few tips on a good one. chosing asparagus. >> you know this time of year, asparagus is on a lot of tables. it's great. it's refreshing. and not only that, it's nutritious. it's great for us. but selection in store is very, very important. otherwise, open will i this time of year. and he spent for it. the flavor. and when you bite at the market. green from top to bottom.
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make sure there's no white at the bottom. try to stay away from it. this time of year, they're a little bit friend. and squeeze it. when you squeeze it, it means they're fresh. i -- in the wintertime, you really have to watch how you buy it. that is why i like to stress it. when i cook the asparagus, when it's this time of year, in the oven, a cookie sheet, a little bit of aluminum foil. then asparagus, lay it out, wash it first. olive oil, salt and pepper, and that's it. two or three minutes, roll it around under the broiler and it is done. that is all you have to do. and your fresh grocer. always remember to eat fresh, and stay healthy. this is my little brother, lieu coo. >> nice to meet you. >> you're helping a suspected russian spy. >> not just a spy, but an assassin. >> i'm trying to prevent war.
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and cloudy skies, and a rather chilly temperatures in the upper 30s. low to mid 40s all around the pay area. and we do have some sprinkles coming not now to the north bay today. we'll be relatively dry, but plenty of rain on the way in the extended forecast. well, after 30 years in advertising, a bay area man wants to make a switch. he decides to go back to teaching. >> and that decision opened his eyes and opened the door to college for more than a hundred kids. allen martin introduces us to this week's jefferson award winner. one of the things that you -- as one of seven kids, charles always appreciated what he had growing up. in 2005, he began to feel especially freightful. >> i don't remember having a conversation. is it okay if i go to santa
7:24 am
clara. can you afford it? he was just like you're going to go to santa clara and you'll find the money some way. >> back in the classroom, charles was seeing many minority kids didn't have the money for college and if they did, very few finished. >> you lock at what happens six years, not four years later. only one in five have graduated after six years. >> so in 2005, charles started the peninsula college fund to help kids who would be the first in their families to go to college, have a better chance of succeeding. >> most of our kids have household incomes of under $50,000. >> working with nine high schools in east palo alto, and redwood city, pcf provides a qualifying student with a $3000 a year scholarship, summer job place etment, internships and mentoring. that first year, charles sent three kids off to college. today, because of pcf, 74 students are in colleges all across the country and 51 have graduated.
7:25 am
>> read and translate. >>reporter: because of pcf, tanya garcia went to college at cal and is now working on her master's in phd. >> i was considering going to community college, and i was considering going to san francisco state or something like that. i really wanted to go -- and i think they made that final. >> stanford professor is tanya's pcf mentor. he considers it his way to give -- of giving back. >> my father, much like tanya came from mexico when she was young. didn't speak english. initially struggled through school but had amazing mentors in his life. for charles, -- >> we'll never know all of the impact this program has had, and it's going to be the tanyas of the world who influence somebody who is not even in our program.
7:26 am
>> and almost 100 students apply for scholarships every year, but they only have funding to have 20. go . click on jefferson awards. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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news this morning. we'll be back here.... tomorrow morng at 7:30. enjoy your saturday. thanks for starting your saturday with us. we'll be back here tomorrow morning at
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7:30. have a good one. >> see you then. ,,,,,,
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kevin: i'm kevin frazier, and you're watching ea sports game changers. announcer: today, when he's not building his nfl resume, pro bowl wide-out aj green is building a foundation for kids back in his hometown. aj: if you change one life, you know, it's a start. so, that's what i try to do. i just try to, you know, change the one person's life, and that's a start for everything. announcer: then, snowboarder kevin pearce shares his inspiring story of tragedy and triumph. kevin p.: there's nothing more important than your brain, and you need to love it like you love anything else in life. announcer: and ever wanted to see your face alongside
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nba superstars? find out how cutting edge technology is putting gamers into the game itself. it's all coming your way next on game changers. [ music ] [ music ] kevin: welcome to game changers. i'm kevin frazier, and we have some incredible stories to share with you today. all right, let's start off with one of the nfl's elite players. cincinnati bengals wide receiver aj green is a four-time pro-bowler, and it's thanks to many of his improbably catches, especially in the end zone, but even more improbable was his rise from humble beginnings. check out how a small town guy with a small town mentality became a big game playmaker.
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man: i'd like to present to you from the town of summerville a proclamation. i, william c. collins, mayor of the town of summerville, proclaim saturday, july the 11th, 2015, as aj green day. what you mean to the young people in this community, we appreciate your support and your mentorship. [cheering and applause] kevin: knowing where aj green came from helps paint the picture of the man he is today. aj: growing up in summerville was just, like -- it was real simple, and i think that's why i'm so simple. i'm not aj the superstar or aj the wide receiver. i'm always aj who grew up here, still a little boy. kevin: it also illustrates why he's so passionate about the kids growing up in his hometown. three years ago he started the aj green skills camp, which has become a summertime staple at his alma mater of summerville high school. joe: they've been talking about this camp for weeks. they look forward to it every year because he's so down to earth. he really cares about these kids. he cares about this program, this town, and he's proud to be from here.
7:33 am
aj: i started it because, you know, i always want to give back to my hometown. it's a lot of memory here, and, so, it's always good to come back and put on for kids of my community. kevin: it's this community that has witnessed aj's rise from a budding young high school star to one of the nfl's elite receivers. at just 27 years old, green has already been named to four pro bowls and is one of only two players in nfl history to have one thousand yards receiving in each of his first four years. but his path to nfl stardom hasn't been without its share of hurdles and tragedy. when aj was just four years old he lost his older brother in a fatal car accident. then in the summer before his senior year, tragedy struck again. louis mulkey, a coach and mentor of aj's and a firefighter in the city of charleston, lost his life in the line of duty. aj: coach mulkey was like a second dad to me.
7:34 am
he just didn't preach about football. he preached about my academics. i remember he came and sat in all my classes in my eighth grade year, and in my freshman year i had two c's. he made me go to summer school. he made me pay for my own summer school and got a's in those two classes. kevin: with the guidance he learned from coach mulkey, aj now looks to be the same mentor to the community that made him. aj: you change one like, you know, it's a start. so, that's what i try to do. i just try to make somebody smile or, you know, change one person's life, and that's a start for everything. i just want to thank the parents for allowing these kids to participate in this camp, man, and all i can say is suck up all the information from these older guys out here, man. give a hundred percent, and everybody just have a good time out here today. [applause] kevin: no matter how many records he sets or pro bowls he's selected to, they pale in comparison to what he means to summerville, because for
7:35 am
aj green, home is where the heart is. nick: it's so important because the community needs someone to look up to, to come back, and for the guys that play on his old team, i mean, it's just -- it's worth all the tea in china, and i wish other people would do that. more guys like this need to step up and do this. you don't have to be an nfl player to. you can be anybody up and down the street. we just need more guys to invest in tomorrow. joe: for aj to come back and for these kids to see him, because he played on this field where they're playing. you know, he was in that weight room, the same weight room they workout in. you know, he played here on friday night. so, they see him, someone who's been there, done that. you know, it gives them hope for the future. aj: once you tell your story, you know, always gives somebody else hope, because if he can make it, you can give somebody -- another kid the belief that they can make it. don't worry about who's in the stadium. it's football. i learned from a long time -- i mean, a long time ago, you know, if you -- if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life. the sky is the limit for you all young guys, man. thank you all.
7:36 am
[applause] kevin: for more nfl content, visit announcer: up next, the story of snowboarder kevin pearce and his courageous comeback from a traumatic brain injury. then you'll see the science that's putting a new spin on the term user friendly. stick around. it's coming your way. after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious. after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious.
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kevin: welcome back. up next is a story you'll only see here on game changers. kevin pearce was on top of the snowboarding world before it suddenly came crashing down, but instead of giving up, he rose above. game changers traveled to the northeast to bring you this unforgettable story of tragedy and triumph. growing up near the green mountains of vermont, skiing and snowboarding are a way of life, and for kevin pearce it was no different. the youngest of four boys, kevin did what younger brothers often do, followed the leaders.
7:40 am
kevin p.: adam and andrew were snowboarding, and david was skiing, and this was something that they were doing that was cool at the time. it was, like -- and i wanted to be cool. i wanted to be as cool as my older brothers. adam: he was always the younger brother kind of following in our footsteps, and then there was kind of this switch that hit, and he started just getting really good, and he started winning contests. kevin p.: it's hard to understand how that feels because there aren't many people in this world that are able to do what they love, what they love very most. snowboarding is, you know, the farthest thing from a job. it's like, people are going to pay me to go and do what i love most? like, this is not real, and i got to that place. kevin: that place was the top of competitive snowboarding, where kevin had suddenly emerged alongside the seemingly unbeatable shaun white. it would be at the 2010 winter olympics in vancouver where kevin set out to become the sport's new alpha dog, and amidst his training in park city,
7:41 am
utah, only one obstacle stood in his way, a highly dangerous and difficult trick known as the cab double cork. kevin p.: it was like, i need to learn how to do these double corks if i'm going to get to vancouver, and i went to park city one morning on december 31st. i tried this trick, and i did the cab double cork, and it just... adam: you never want to get that call from a friend that your brother has been hurt. you know, when my good friend tyler called me, who was at the halfpipe when he got hurt, when he said, you know, "you're going to have to get out here. this is pretty serious," i knew it was bad. kevin: unconscious, kevin was airlifted to university of utah hospital in salt lake city, where he would lay in a coma for six long days. the diagnosis was a traumatic brain injury,
7:42 am
and with his dreams of olympic gold all but gone, he now began the fight for his life. adam: i remember the first time walking into his hospital room, and, you know, he's just there, completely looks like he's dead. he's got 30 tubes in every part of his body, and yeah, i remember just basically taking a look at him and then just walking back outside and just bursting into tears. kevin p.: i spent 27 days in the critical care and then two weeks in the acute care, and i don't remember a single day of that. i don't remember being at that hospital for that first month-and-a-half. kevin: courageous and competitive by nature, kevin began the long road to recovery at craig hospital in colorado, his family by his side every step of the way. kevin p.: my family has hands down been the number one piece of this recovery, and without a
7:43 am
doubt it's because of them. adam left his job in utah and spent eight hours a day doing each one of these therapies with me for the entire three-and-a-half months. he kind of, like, set that bar of where i needed to get, and it was, you know, because of him that i was able to make the amount of progress that i did. adam: they'll ask me a question, like, oh, it's amazing that you quit your job and spent that time with him, but for me it was -- it was never a question. kevin: on may 1st, 2010, kevin was finally back home in vermont, and with his initial recovery nearly complete, the thought of returning to the sport he loved still weighed heavily on his mind. adam: i think what was great about kevin is he really worked with us as a family to, like, listen and take some advice, and when it was the right time for him to get on a snowboard, i definitely felt like he was going to be okay because we put him in a situation that was going to be safe.
7:44 am
kevin: in december of 2011, almost two years after his fall, kevin pearce's miraculous comeback was finally complete, and he was back on the mountain. kevin p.: i think doing that, but doing it in the right way and how i have done it is what's most important, not that i got back on my board and i did that, but that i'm back on my board and i'm not competing. kevin: with competitive snowboarding a thing of the past, kevin looked inward and would find new direction in life through his own injury. kevin p.: it took me a long time to understand that i wasn't going to be able to get back to snowboarding. it was like, what do you do? and then i went and saw this doctor, and he was talking to me, and he was doing these scans and this different stuff, and then he was like, "you need to love your brain. the most important thing you can do is to love your brain." announcer: coming up, the amazing conclusion of kevin pearce's story. you won't believe how he's using his own tragedy and
7:45 am
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kevin: nearly six years ago former snowboarder kevin pearce was at the top of his sport until a near fatal crash and traumatic brain injury changed his life forever. now through his foundation called love your brain, kevin has become a national spokesman for recovering brain injury survivors. sharing his story along the way, he seeks to convey one simple message.
7:49 am
kevin p.: there's nothing more important than your brain, and you need to love it like you love anything else in life. for me, it's going out there and talking to these millions of people that have injured their brains that do have the ability to heal, and providing that help and support has been very impactful and very cool for me to be able to do something that feels like it's so needed right now in such a huge way. adam: love your brain is not only the message that kevin and we all live by, but it turned into this foundation, the love your brain foundation, and what we're really all about is creating community to improve the lives of people with brain injury. kevin: the foundation's latest initiative is to help that community through the spiritual exercise of yoga, teaching and incorporating techniques aimed specifically at brain injury survivors, beginning in kevin's home state of vermont. kevin p.: the number one thing i feel like that has healed my brain the most is yoga.
7:50 am
it was just, like, the most amazing thing for me to be able to just, like, calm my brain and calm my mind, just, like, slow down, yet i was moving. sasha: i'm a physical therapist. i used to work in a rehab hospital where i was working with brain injuries and spinal cord injuries, and i'm hoping to gain better knowledge how to support my patients that i see and to better understand their mind-body connection. steve: brian injury people need this desperately, and his charisma and his ability to get this out will be huge. it's the perfect way to get someone who has difficulty with social issues involved, because yoga people are wonderful people, and they're accepting, and it just feels good. sasha: with a traumatic brain injury there's so much physical rehab that you go through, that sometimes the spiritual side of thing and the mental side of thing gets left to the wayside, and that's a big proponent of how somebody recovers from
7:51 am
something, is how they can feel confident in themselves and see a future. kevin: he will never be a world class snowboarder again, but ironically, kevin's crash has given him clarity in the years since, allowing him to carve a new path to enlightenment for himself and for others around the world. kevin p.: it's really hard to come to grips with understanding of how different my life will now be because of that fall, but that i -- i have taken the path of where i do still have hope, through the foundation, to give the hope and to not allow people to give up and never to settle for less. adam: pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice, and i think when you realize that -- we're all going to go through painful situations, but i think if we can build resilience and resources
7:52 am
around us to help us get through these difficult challenges, then anything is possible. kevin p.: everything happens for a reason, and there was a very good reason that that happened that day, and not for one moment do i feel like i would want to be in a different place than i am right now, because i feel like what i'm doing and who and how i'm helping and what i'm learning and the things and the path that i'm taking now is so perfect. announcer: up next, ea breaks out its breakthrough technology. find out how the new face of the nba could be your own.
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you'll have to pay five hundred bucks for your deductible. the truth? at allstate, you could pay zero. allstate gives you a hundred dollars
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off your deductible the day you sign up. then another hundred off every year you don't have an accident. let the good hands reward your safe driving with a deductible that goes away. ♪ deductible rewards. one more way you're in good hands with allstate. ♪ one more way you're in good hands with allstate. [ music ] kevin: inside brand jordan's terminal 23 in new york city, gaming insiders and journalists have gathered for a private unveiling of nba live 16 and its new technology, gameface hd,
7:56 am
and just like any cutting edge application, its evolution started with a simple idea. ryan: the feature really came about from how we started to bring in the scans of these nba players. so, we've been working on our scanning technology for probably two years now, and we've scanned probably over 80 percent of the nba. kevin: cover athlete russell westbrook is no stranger to the authenticity made possible by this very technology. look no further than his own face. russell: when i first seen it i was like, man, that looks exactly like me. i think that's the most important part of a video game. try to get as much detail as possible to make a video game great. ryan: the technology that we created to scan the players was giving us such great results, we knew that this would be such an awesome feature. we wanted fans to be able to scan their face and basically live out their dreams as an nba player. kevin: from there the process of turning fantasy into reality began. ea's developers combined the science of scanning with cutting edge mobile technology, delivering the
7:57 am
result straight into the palm of your hand. connor: we had to embed that same sort of application and technology into a cell phone app, which was extremely challenging. ryan: we learned that being able to put this app on a mobile device allows players to be able to scan themselves anywhere they want and really find the best lighting condition possible to get the best looking scans. turn my head to the middle now, to the end, and that's it. that data gets processed and turned into a 3d head, and then basically that scan goes to our cloud servers, gets processed, and then it gets beamed back down into the game. connor: it's so fun to play sports games or hoops games. if you want to be like carmelo anthony or russell westbrook, like, that's super fun, but what's even cooler is if you can insert yourself into the game. kevin: gameface hd represents more than a fancy new feature. it illustrates ambition and achievement, proving that no idea is an impossible feat with the right amount of imagination.
7:58 am
russell: ten years ago you would never think that you would be able to do such a thing in a video game. it's crazy to be able to see that evolve. connor: something like scanning your face on a phone and uploading it to the video game that you buy was, like -- that would be a crazy idea. great thing about being a kid now is there's so many opportunities in -- if you want to develop games, like, you can be an engineer. you can be an animator, and you can work on the player movement, or you can be an artist and you can model players, texture them, or build, you know, crazy buildings. like, there's just so many different opportunities. ryan: games today are built by teams. it's built by a lot of people because these games are so complex. so, the cool thing is you can work with a lot of different experts. i started as a tester. i became an artist. then i became a game designer. so, i've done a lot of different things and worn many different hats. even if you go down one path, you can always kind of go into another and just really explore your dreams.
7:59 am
cleans so well, it keeps your underwear cleaner. so could wear them a second day. charmin ultra strong. it's 4 times stronger, and you can use up to 4 times less. enjoy the go with charmin. kevin: thanks for hanging with us today, and remember, no matter who you are or what you do, you, too, can be a game changer. [ music ]
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