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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  January 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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drugs booze and a couple comes home to a new year's nightmare, next. ,,,,,,
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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. tonight the calm before the storm. high winds and heavy rain are on the way to kick off a wet week. and good evening. and here's how the wettest week begins. a decent tomorrow winding offshore and high-definition doppler shows it moving into bay. and with wave after wave of rain adds to an inch and a half with showers developing tonight and more rain on the way for
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monday and heavy rains tuesday and wednesday and that could lead to local flooding. sandbag stations are set up and some come prefilled and others you do yourself. you can check your county's website, and for more information. >> and new tonight, a bicyclist is dead after being hit by two separate cars, it happened in san jose. police say the drivers had a green light but the cyclist tried to cross anyway. he was hit by one car and the impact threw him into the path of the other car. the bicyclist name is not released. it doesn't appear alcohol was a factor. >> a driver is under arrest after causing that wreck. he took off and he didn't get far. he struck another car and
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flipped. witnesses ran him down when he crawled out, two people in the other car had minor injuries. bay driver should be on their best behavior tonight because of the dui checkpoints. they're all out in force looking to get drunk drivers off the road. an underwater discovery could many trouble on land. a big step forward verifying what experts thought all along. hayward fault is connected to the rogers creek fault and good luck to us if they both snap at the same time. more with on what scientists found underground. >> it's concerning. experts suspected those two faults connected and one said she has found the proof under san pablo bay. >> and this shows the new strand.
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>> the white line turns speculation into certainty. >> it may connect with the rogers creek fault. he said the finding means two bay area fault lines once thought to be 2.5 miles apart are closer than suspected. uncovered underwater in the san pablo bay. it means it's easier for an earthquake to rupture. and she said if the fault lines ruptured together along the 99- mile combined length, the potential quake could be as strong as 7.3. >> stronger than the quake in 1989 that hurt thousands and killed dozens of people. >> it would be devastating to have an earth quake rupture both of those faults. scientists debated whether they connected but the survey is
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evidence they are. the mystery unearthed and sending shock waves of concern that a big quake is ahead of us. >> they need to be prepared that they live in earthquake country. we're always worried about the hayward fault. that is the big talk. how dangerous is the rogers creek fault? >> together with the fault they're the likeliest sight of the next big quake here. when it goes it's not a stretch to say it would be complete chaos. and if both of them go, at the same time, we all wish we're not here when it happens. >> the people who are here that one, but that's 50 miles away and was a smaller one and
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that's closer and bigger. >> scary stuff. >> and lieutenant governor wants to put together gun controls on the november ballot. his proposal requires background checks for ammunition purchases and bans large capacity magazines. they need to collect 366,000 signatures to send the vote to voters. >> the efficiency conducted 20,000,000 background checks this past year and the president wants to expand that. >> and chris shows us republicans are already firing back. >> the president's promise of action prompted immediate push back from republican candidates. donald trump speaking to john dickerson. >> i'm going to have to look at it but i don't like changing anything. they have plenty of rules an
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regulations and should be looking at mental health. we should build institutions for people who are sick and that's the problem. >> senator marco rubio said he'll undo the reforms. >> why don't you focus on keeping weapons out of the hands of terrorists and less on keeping weapons out of the hands of law-abiding americans. >> and sources tell cbs news president obama is considering an executive order expanding the definition of who is a gun seller. of collectors who sell more than a certain number of them a year. >> also being considered, requiring stepped up reporting and tracking of lost and stolen guns. the nra calls it nothing more than a political stunt and will do nothing to increase public safety. >> executive action is better
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than no action. >> can those actions result in less gun violence? >> we're talking about keeping the guns out of the hands of dangerous people, the people we agree shouldn't have them. >> overriding executive order requires a veto majority and action by the supreme court or an executive order from the next president. >> hillary clinton will be here next week to make another withdrawal from the bay area cash machine. she'll attend fundraisers and one in san francisco and another in palo alto. tickets with $2,700. saudi arabia executed 50 people, the largest mass execution since 1980, he shows us one execution in particular has triggered a major backlash
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tonight. >> saudi television killed in the mass execution were members of al-qaeda, and the religious leader was known by his followers has a peaceful reformist who opposed violence. news of the death sparked protest around the region and they turned violent as police fired tear gas and both men and women took to the streets chanting. they used their state run news to condemn the death. >> despite international calls for his release. >> he rose to prominence after demanding more rights for the shiite minority in the sunni ruled kingdom. saudi officials defended them as a legal way to ensure
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justice. killing him will cost saudi arabia dearly. >> and new video from inside the luxury skyscraper that erupted in flames in dubai. investigators are still trying to figure out the cause. officials think it might have started when a set of curtains caught fire on the 20th floor and they raced up the side of the building but the sprinkler building kept it from spreading inside. >> this is the multi-million view, the space features views of the cities and the bridge and he paid over $4 million for it and the homeowners dues are more than some people pay in rent.
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>> across the bay, an airbnb rental goes wrong. >> my house was trashed. >> from blood to booze to things ruined. >> their boat ends up on the rocks and the simple oversight that left them stranded. >> why drop a ball when you can drop a car? >>
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a woman told las vegas poli:
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brown singer chris brown is feeling the heat and accused of assault again. the woman said he punched her in the face after she took a picture of him. the singer was taken off probation last march, 6 years after assaulting then girlfriend rihanna. >> a prank went wrong in oklahoma. he started 2016 in the hospital because he was shot in the arm and stomach while he and his friends were ringing door bells and running away. but one house was the wrong house. >> the homeowner felt that they were trying to break in and so he fired shots at him striking him twice. >> police say he and his friends were unarmed and didn't try to break in but stand your
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ground law allows force but only if fear of imminent peril. >> in belgium some teens dropped a car instead of a ball before midnight at a subway station. they pushed it down the stairs and nobody was in the car and that's all by way of luck and it looks like they may have gotten away with it because there was been no arrests. >> this couple rented out their very nice place on air b and b. >> this is the filth they walked into new year's eve, their home torn upside-down. >> panicked because our new furniture was on the deck.
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>> they got an alarming message that their ab and b guests turned their home in the a rager. >> the neighbors said there are police out here. >> and they walked into broken pots an everyone blood splatters on the wall. >> my house had been trashed. >> airbnb tells us we have zero tolerance for this behavior and our team is working to make this right. we have banned this guest from airbnb but the couple said it took them hours to connect them with the right people. >> they do cover guests up to $1 million for rare damage. >> the house is looking cleaner today but fat chance they'll list it again. >> i can't see doing this
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again. >> the couple plans to press charges and airbnb said incidents like this are rare. >> two bay area fisherman are glad to be back on ground tonight. the pair set out from the pump house and 2 hours in the trip the boat stalled. the captain thinks it may have run out of the gas but by the time help arrived the boat was on the rocks. >> plus, with the outgoing tide and you know, we were hoping to drift through, so, these are the things that weren't happening. and we ended up on the rocks. >> they weren't hurt and the trip wasn't a total loss, they brought home one fish. well massive flooding in the midwest, the mississippi river is hitting record levels
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and the flood wall that protects the city is holding but outside the wall and low lying areas, homes, businesses and cars are submerged. on the other side the river, in illinois, hundreds of homes are inundated with flood waters. the governor is urging people not to take any chances and leave now. >> our photographer is standing by to provide this live view of what's happening tonight and san jose is reported cloudy skies and 48 degrees and so we can see city hall and if you look far enough, here it is. and the numbers in the bay area. concord is 45 and everyone is in the 40s tonight and freeze
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warnings are long gone. clouds are insulating us from cold temperatures. you can see showers already beginning to move into parts of the north but not much hitting yet. and high pressure switches with it so we have a trough dugout and a series of storms right that jet stream track. showers develop after midnight and off and on wet tomorrow. but by wednesday and tuesday and midweek, pretty good systems moving through and winds will be up with that but on tuesday and wednesday it kicks in and it's wet almost every day. futurecast shows showers that move in and this is 10:00 tomorrow night and then we'll roll it onto show you showers on monday. and see what's happening. widely scattered showers and
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then finally tuesday another band of rain before we -- and it shows an inch and a half at pacificca and two inches in santa rosa and about an inch of rain again these are totals by tuesday and they accumulate steadily. we're not going to get hugely dumped on with a few breaks. rain develops tonight and a wet week ahead and wet on tuesday and wednesday. heading out tomorrow, the farther inland you go the less wet you get. and overnight lows tonight we're looking at the mid 40s and daytime highs are wet and
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they're in the mid 50s. next weekend, readings will be in the mid 50s all week and then rain on again off again with the gusty winds coming in on tuesday and wednesday. and then we'll ease it off towards thursday and friday. so expect wet in the week ahead. that's weather as for sports, we're going to find out. an improbable comeback as it goes into triple overtime. details coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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last 2 with a left shin bru unfortunately... he reinjur th 'll the warriors are dealing with the injury bug, unfortunately, he reinjured that shin and he'll see how it feels monday. it was hit right before the second quarter but an incredible start and he finished with a triple double and 17 rebounds. the warriors led by 24 after one but without him denver came back and he banks it in. this one, it goes into overtime and now tied at 108 and
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thompson scores and he has 26 and then 6 seconds to go, and he's hounded and hoists a 3 and this one is going to come up short. the warriors hang onto win and that's in overtime. and the sharks trying to stop their home struggles. the jets leading by 2. off the pass from joe, and he scores on the one timer and cuts their lead. matthew scores on the slapshot an givers winnipeg the leads and the sharks. >> tcu coach making sure he's ready for the alamo bowl and tying his shoes, his team wasn't ready early. the ducks, with a clear lane into the end zone and led 3-0
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at half-time. the ducks quarterback leaves in the first half and tcu comes back and aaron green scores making it 31-28, so tcu is now in triple over time and last chance for oregon and the pass is knocked away and they beat oregon. 47-41, the 31 comeback ties for the biggest ever in a bowl game. >> overtime was popular today and one school trying to pull off a major upset. ,, ,, choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this?
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key in in the preseason, he was picked to finish on top but they've been hit with key injuries. tonight they were in jeopardy of losing predicting to finish 7th. they led by 16 but with 40 seconds left, the bulldogs score and it's a 2 point lead and now 82-79, he buries this 3 to tie the game and this game goes into overtime. and they lead by 1 and he knocks it down to make it that and they come back to win it in
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overtime. >> and 12-1 trying to stay in the groove. first half, they lead by 7 and he dishes it off for the dunk and dominates and in the second half, joe misses the lay-up but he scores off the miss and they lead with 17 and they crews 79- 46. >> the broncos up by 3 around kj he scores for two of his game highs. around they win for their first win in wcc play. >> arizona state, showing love to sun devil fans in their game against cal, and they're up by 11 and for the lay in and the 17 sun devils win and they
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drop. >> and opening the play in arizona. late first quarter, and in the corner she knocks down that 3 and mcfee had it off the bench and improving their record. >> and it's just beginning for college hoops. >> they make it look so easy. >> good for her and jeff makes it look easy. they face the hornets but he wants to play that game and his father is going to be in town. >> absolutely. >> motivation. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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let's review. when is it going to start raining? >> all week and a little bit of sun on tuesday. on such short notice, doc.
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not a problem, charlie. so, what's the big emergency? why does it have to be an emergency? maybe i just wanted to check in. well, you left six messages on my service. oh, that was just a liquored-up fella hitting the speed dial. all right, i've got five minutes before my next patient, so why don't you just give me the headlines? i'm seeing a woman. well, that's not a headline, charlie. that's the name of the paper. i know, i know, but... but she's different from the type of woman i usually go out with. yeah, different how? well, she's a little older. you really couldn't go younger without having to register with the authorities. i mean, she's older than me. oh, we have our headline. and i'm confused because... i have really strong feelings towards her. do you find her attractive? yeah, she's gorgeous. how's the sex? we haven't had sex yet. hold the presses. we have a new headline. do i have to pay extra for the sarcasm? no, it's a flat rate.


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