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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  January 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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and i good morning, everyone. it's monday, january 4th. i'm michelle griego. >> happy monday, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 6:00. right now, the first in a series of el nino storms is moving onshore and the wet weather isn't letting up any time soon. even stronger storms are forecast for this week. >> we have a hat trick of storms coming our way. number one is zooming in on the bay area right now. >> it can be very convo lated. we have three different systems moving in t how they are so different. these are very characteristic of el nino. they developed in the midlatitude of the pacific ocean. you can see the precipitation is streaming from the south to the north. very wet systems. by the time this one trails off later today, up an inch of rain expected in the wettest spots. right now you can see the peninsula, the coastal areas of the north bay especially getting pounded with moderate rainfall. if you have your commute beginning around 280 around the peninsula, into san francisco you know what i'm talking
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about. the very light to moderate rainfall. we have moderate to heavy rain in the east bay from berkeley through emeryville into the neighborhoods of alameda and oakland. here is the scene looking out to the going bridge -- to the golden gate bridge. look. you can see the rain falling very slick pavement. very mild temperatures. remember last week? we were in the 20s and 30s due to cold fronts. now this is very indicative of el nino rains with 40s and even low 50s at this hour. the heaviest rain is this morning and then periods of light, scattered showers throughout the bay in the 50s. heavier rain by tonight. we'll check the second system coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. if if you still haven't prepped for the rain, you still have a little bit of time before things get bad. jackie ward is in mill valley
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with how some of the people are getting ready for all of the nasty weather. good morning. >> good morning. not so bad this morning. just a consistent drizzle while we've been seer but sandbag locations have seen a lot of action lately. people aren't taking any chances. these people in mill valley spent yesterday preparing for el nino. they were here back in 1997 so they were helping each other out yesterday, making sure everyone's homes are as prepared as they can. one woman said she's already experienced flooding and is not looking forward to the next few months. >> i'm worried this year. the last el nino was in 1997. it was horrible. i didn't get out of the house practically for three months. >> reporter: you've heard it before. now is the time to clean gutters and drains to prevent debris from building up and blocking water flow. you want to mike sure you have plenty of sandbags. the best way to find out where the locations are in your town, head to the local website. with all of this rain, pavement is slick.
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gianna, is that causing problems on the roads? >> it sure is. we're starting to see a few accidents trickle in. right now, getting reports of a two-car fender-bender before the toll plaza. it's over to the right shoulder. bay bridge busy. you are seeing a backup. you are slow and go into the maze. your approach is seeing a backup off the eastshore freeway as well as westbound 580. new reports of a wreck, westbound 24. chp headed out to the scene. no word if any lanes are blocked. westbound 580 headed toward the dublin interchange, delays. and 500 block of laurel street in menlo park, dealing with a trouble spot. they are asking you to avoid the area because of a gas leak and a tree down between ravenswood and burgess drive. also b.a.r.t. delays. if you are skipping the roads, you will have a ten, 15-minute delay on b.a.r.t. the rest of mass transit is on
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time. slick surfaces as you work your way along -- along both directions of the nimitz freeway. later this morning, jed york will talk about his plans to find a new head coach. yesterday, he fired jim tomsula who held the job for one season. kiet do is in santa clara with reaction to the firing. >> reporter: good morning. talk about an an awkward situation. before the game began yesterday, cbs sports was reporting that jim tomsula was getting fired. you have to wonder did he know going into that game it would be his last. the niners toughed it out against the rams making the score 19-16. niners closed out the season at 5-11. ever since jim tomsula was named as the head coach a year ago, critics have always said it would be an uphill battle and it was. with key veterans leaving the team and injuries to the
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players. during yesterday, jim tomsula acknowledged all of that preseason hating. >> getting blasted before the season started. it was last june, getting hammered. talked about how bad they were gonna be and this and that and they just kept fighting and working together. it's a really good group. >> reporter: shortly after news broke of jim tomsula's firing, him jar ba tweeted this, saying do not be deceived. you will reap what you sow. jed jork having a press conference for 10:350 this this -- 10:30 this morning. we'll be there. for raider fans, the question is whether the team will play in oakland next season. fans gathered at ricky to watch the game. no one knows what will happen with the team. while pressing for a new stadium in oakland, ownership also has said it will relocate the team to l.a. if it's necessary.
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>> they can do whatever they want. they want to do it down south, what can we do even if we protest and all of that? >> raiders have to apply for the move and then get approval from the nfl. oakland leaders have sent an outline for this. closing arcments are set for today in the racketeering and murder trial of san francisco chinatown figure, raymond chow. prosecutors say chow took over a crime rick after having its previous leader killed and engaged in drug trafficking and money laundering. he testified last month acknowledging his criminal past but denying the current charges. investigators are working to identify a body found at point reyes national seashore yesterday. the remains are believed to be those of a missing hike ec. police started to search for the man on saturday after family members called saying he never returned from a hike. body was found at the bottom of a cliff near the beach. the missing hiker's car was
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parked nearby. the president set to begin a major curb hoping to push gun violence during his final year in violence. brian web reports it's become a major focus for all of the candidates running in this year's presidential election. >> reporter: hillary clinton is praising president obama for executive actions he intends to unveil this week that would strengthen background checks on gun purchases. >> if congress won't act, we have to do something about the fact 33,000 people a year die from guns. >> reporter: republican presidential contenders are already threatening to undue any of the president's actions. donald trump led the charge during an appearance on "face the nation." >> i don't like anything having to do with changing our second amendment. we have plenty of rules and regulations. plenty of things they can do. all they want to do is aim blame the guns. it's not the gun that pulls the trigger.
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>> reporter: president obama will meet with loretta lynch later today to discuss new actions to help reduce gun violence. brian web for cbs news. >> sources told cbs news, the president is thinking of expanding the def initial of who is in the business of selling guns so more gun sales require background checks. also under consideration more requirements on reporting and tracking of lost and stolen guns. time now is 6:08. armed anti-government protesters have taken over an oregon federal building, re- igniting a decade's long dispute. and we'll tell you why the evacuate of a bay area police department headquarters is now blamed on a cigarette lighter. good morning, ve. we're tracking the first of a series of three storms that will impact your morning commute. wet weather is making it slow and go at the bay bridge. your drive times are coming up. ,,,,
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. as severed good morning, everyone. 6:12. taking a look out toward levi stadium. can you believe we are only 34 days until super bowl 50? i have a factoid for you and in 2007 it was tony dungy of the colts and lovie smith of the bears, they made history as the first african-americans to coach in a super bowl. you will be able to see super bowl 50 right here on on february 7th. all right. thank you. saudi arabia has severed diplomatic relations with iran that decision came yesterday after protesters in iran ransackled the saudi embassy. they were reacting to the execution of a prominent shiite cleric. protest happened in iraq.
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today bahrain a key saudi ally said it would also sever diplomat ties to iran as sudan. the u.s. state department is trying to calm the situation saying direct conversations are essential to ease tensions in the region. an armed mill lane slaw group continues to -- militia group continues to occupy in portland. >> it's not about me. it's about america. and somehow we gotta get the wheels back on this wagon because they are flying off. >> the controversy has re- ignited a dispute over land rights. the fbi says it's working with local law enforcement toward a peaceful resolution. san jose investigators are looking into the cause of a fire which previously trapped
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people inside a burning hole. it happened on south 10th street. firefighters rescued three people inside. two had to go to the hospital with mine injuries. a firefighter fell through a damaged starewell. he walked out. investigators consider the fire suspicious because it appears to have started outside of the home. it's back to business as normal after that building had to be evacuated late yesterday afternoon. a man brought in what he thought was a hand grenade asking police to dispose of it. police promptly cleared out the building, shut down part of fifth street. the bomb squad determined the device was a cigarette lighter designed to look like a grenade. police say if you think you found an explosive, don't handle it. >> the gentleman had it inside his house and wanted to turn it into law enforcement. he wanted to do the right thing
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and turn it in. the right thing is to leave this there and have the proper authorities come out. >> the authorities gave the all- clear within a couple of hours. mark zuckerberg has a new year's resolution. >> he plans to build an artificial intelligence system in his home. he will use existing technology to create a simple ai. he wants it to control everything in his house from lights to temperature. but he expects a leg up at work, too. he says the ai system will help him visualize data and make stronger services as a result. i will take one. >> yes. >> no kidding. any takers here? >> yes. >> new and improved weather equipment. that's what i ask for. >> all right. traffic-wise, we have a lot of wet streets out there. how is it going? >> it's busy out there. you can see we're in the yellow on 580, 880 and the eastshore freeway that's causing delays as you work your way out of the
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east bay. we'll show you more about this wet weather when roberta comes up. but what it is doing the freeways, bay bridge is back up. metering lights are on. you are looking at 289 minutes from the carquinez bridge as you head through there. earlier wreck on the right shoulder tat the toll plaza. that's been cleared. westbound 24, we're getting word of this accident as well. it's not in the lanes but it may cause a bit of a distraction as you work your way westbound. we're not seeing too many problems. here is a look at conditions westbound 580 as you work your way to the dublin interchange. 19 minutes coming off the altamont pass. a lot of those delays originating out of tracy. gas leak and a tree down. they are asking you to avoid 500 block of laurel street between ravenswood and burgess drive while they clear that out of the way. 88 on the nimitz freeway is
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looking good northbound. you will see delays towards the bay bridge. 880 accident at tennyson. it's of a to the shoulder. cutting over to the san mateo bridge, you will see a few brake lights as well on the bridge itself. 15 minutes between 880 and 101 right now. and a look at the golden gate bridge a lot of raindrops out there, roberta. >> it's our live high-def doppler. it's picking up the raindrops. green means that's light rain. when you see orange, that's some pretty heavy rain. all of this developed out in the midlatitude off the pacific ocean. very characteristic of el nino. it has a flow drifting from the south lifting up in a northerly direction. the hardest impact is in the
6:18 am
alamo area, moraga, orinda, berkeley, you will be trekking toward the bay bridge, you have the most moderate to heavy rain right now occurring. if you can hold off 30 minutes, it would be advisable. to the north, all impacted by moderate to heavy downpour. we're taking a look at north beach and the marina district with light rain. as you move towards the golden gate bridge, it's more moderate to heavy rain. at this hour we're confirming that but our live camera out there, it's sloppy out there right now. it's mild. you remember last week we left you with 20s and 30s and some very gusty winds adding to a windchill. temperatures are in the 40s and even low 50s. again characteristic of el nino. i want to walk you through your rainy week ahead. we're talking about three separate storms, light rain today. pretty much tapering off after the morning commute. heavier rainfall late tonight and then we have storm number 3 cued up ready to move in.
6:19 am
this is your future cast. this is what i'm talking about during the afternoon hours. maybe a hit-and-miss scattered light rain. this is storm number two overnight tonight. you will hear the heavy rain drops on the rooftop while you were trying to sleep. here is your tuesday morning commute. hit-and-miss showers. storm number three moves in just in time for the commute on wednesday morning this is the heaviest rainfall and the gustiest winds as well. we'll have showers all the way through your thursday, dry on friday. rainfall as up to an inch of rain. the most impacted area will be the coastal areas and bayside. by tuesday night, and wednesday morning, the heaviest rain will traverse off into the eastern portion of the bay area. look at the numbers as they begin to stack up. over 2 1/2 informs of rain in santa rosa. so far we've already picked up 3/10. winter storm warning for the high sierra. high elevations of snow. where it does snow 2 feet
6:20 am
anticipated from this system. here's your sunrise ans sundown temperature-wise in the 50s. not as cool as the weekend. the winds today will be gusting up to 20 miles an hour. we do have delays at sfo on some arriving flights over one hour at this hour. and rain finally tapers off by friday with up to 5 inches of rain. the wettest loafcations by -- locations. a recent tour bus crash in san francisco revealed a startling lack of oversight on the industry. we'll have details on the new effort to fix that. good morning, everybody. good morning for everybody except jim tomsula. that coming up. who is gonna replace mim -- replace him? i have some thoughts. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, ♪
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hey, good morning, everybody. at this hour, 49ers are looking for a football coach. let's just run it up as jim tomsula let go yesterday two hours after the niners win over the rams after just one year on the job. 49ers did get one for him. quinn on patton on the receiving in. sets up the game-winning field goal. phil dawson beat the rams, 19- 16. 49ers finish the year at 5-11. what about charles woodson? fired up the teammates at kansas city. end of his 18-year career. alex smith threw a couple of touchdowns. chiefs won their 10th straight. the. martin and the cal bears
6:25 am
last night. hung in there with utah. above the rim even. they won 71-58. johnny dorkins and the cardinals against colorado they won it 56-55. that's the sports at this hour. again, jim tomsula, fired by the 49ers. jed york will be having a press conference this morning at 10:30 to explain where they go from here. you can get used to hearing names like jim mora, junior, sean peyton, mike holmgren, david shaw. you can hear names like that thrown out until that position is filled. when it will be? one man has the answer and that's jed york. see you later. >> you can toss in chip kelly as his name is reportedly out
6:26 am
there. he's reached out to the niners to express interest in the job. the eagles giving us the play of the day. eli manning, arm hit by conner bar win here on an attempted pass. kind of a lame duck. there it goes. that's thurmond who hijacked it for 83 yards for the touchdown. it was ruled a fumble. not a pick. it doesn't matter. still a touchdown. 35-30 on the play of the day. 6:26 right now. expect some changes the next time you drive across the golden gate bridge. the adjustments that will hopefully reduce backups during the commute. >> reporter: as el nino shows signs of being in the bay area, the people in mill valley are getting ready for a wet few months. announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic,
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ecutive action. on this monday, president obama begins a major new push to tackle gun violence. details on his planned expecttive action. >> reporter: i'm kiet do. we're live where another 49er season is over. another head coach is gone. good morning. el nino is here. and it is impacting your morning commute. i will show you where it's raining the hardest. it absolutely is slowing you down this morning. our hot spots are in the east bay. i will have your top traffic spots -- coming up. it's monday, january 4th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. >> as roberta mentioned, rain is coming down right now and this is just the beginning of the week. we're preparing for a wet and
6:31 am
stormy week and we're gonna help you track that storm as well. and here is roberta. >> 6:31. boy, pictures tell the story this morning. we saw kiet do at levi stadium it's, where it's not raining yet. jackie ward in the san francisco area where it's raining and our live radar has been picking up the downpours. the rainiest part of your day will be right now. we do have the rain showers alluding the south bay. light precipitation in downtown san jose. our wise you are dry -- otherwise you are dry. we have delays at sfo over one hour on some arriving flights. you see the rain showers trailing off in the pacific ocean. gianna was alluding to the fact that we have pretty heavy rainfall around the eastern portion of the bay area. that's at the 680/24 corridor and the richmond district and
6:32 am
the western edition, heading towards the golden gate bridge, it's sloppy. we have raindrops on the camera lens. temperatures are in the 40s. they indicative of el nino. cold front left us with 20s and 30s. today's highs in the 30s. heaviest rain. cloudy skies this afternoon. storm number 2 cued youd up for later -- couped up for later on -- cued you up for later onened to. many are preparing their homes as these storms move into the bay area and there are steps you can take now to protect your property. jackie ward is keeping an eye on the storm in the north bay. jackie? >> reporter: michelle, since the last time we saw you, the rain has picked up it's coming down at a steadier heavier pace. people are getting ready for el nino. they are not taking any chances. the people we spoke to
6:33 am
yesterday were here in mill valley. back in '97 when el nino struck. so yesterday they were helping each other out putting sandbags together making sure everyone's homes are prepared. one woman said she's already experienced flooding this witter and is not looking -- winter and is not looking forward to the next few months. >> it was flooding. it was depressing weather. not being able to go out. it was dark, dreary, cold. >> reporter: you've heard it before. we'll tell you again. now is the time to clear your gutters and drains make sure they are all clear of debris make sure water can flow and sandbags now is the time to get those together as roberta was alluding to especially this week with all sorts of rain coming. in order to find out where sandbag locations are nearest you, your best bet is to go to your town's website. >> commuters who used the golden gate bridge will notice another change and it all starts today. the six-lane moveable deck is back to three lanes north and
6:34 am
three south. at least most of the time. there are exceptions can on a couple of days each week. >> and then on thursdays and fridays, we're going to convert the bridge to four lanes north and two lanes south. >> that move is a reversible of a change made about three months ago. the bridge district says the new configuration is meant to curve backups. >> let's see if there are backups right now. gianna. the east bay, a lot of troubles. metering lights are on. looks like we're see 34 minutes, carquinez bridge headed to the maze. stop-and-go conditions on all of your approaches. south 680, benicia, martinez bridge to highway 24. 17 minute, you are in the red on 880 which means speeds are dipping below 20 miles an hour. southbound 680 where we're seeing a lot of rain as roberta said cutting over to highway
6:35 am
20. speeds over 20 miles an hour. south 880. look out for an accident over to the right shoulder. but you can see traffic slow any way from 238. the good news, northbound towards the coliseum, not seeing too many problems yet. today nearly 600 people will return to their work places at the san bernardino complex where 14 people were killed. the two buildings will open, the conference center where the shootings took place will stay closed indefinitely. and tuesday lawmakers plan to introduce a bill intended to introduce the bus program. this would provide more funding for the highway parole. would require more identification. one of the bill's author is
6:36 am
jerry hill of san mateo and he spoke to kpix 5 will the problems with the current oversight their. >> those things need to be looked at and we need to make shaw that the public is protected -- to make sure that the public is protected at the end of the day. >> the bus had never been inspected by the chp and was not properly registered. today, jed york will take questions from reporters for the first time since he fired head coach, jim tomsula. kiet do is at levi stadium. >> reporter: good morning. consider this -- you know, the last time there was this much turmoil with the team was in the mid-'70s when the 9ers went through four koefs in three seasons. yesterday, the niners toughed it out against the rams winning in overtime, making it 19-16 closing out the season at 5-11.
6:37 am
fans are so frustrated they booed. cbs sports was reporting before the game began that jim tomsula was getting fired. some players were talking about him in the past tense. still at a postgame press conference, he addressed the rumors but kept the focus on the players. >> i have not talked ownership. i haven't had any conversations of up such. wouldn't expect to until the season is over. what i would like to say to everybody, i'm not gonna make this about jim and the -- and jim's job status here today. >> shortly after the news broke, former head coach jim harbaugh tweeted this saying do not be deceived, you will reap what you sow. there will be a press conference in about hour fours here at levi stadium. this is president obama's
6:38 am
final full year in office and he's vowing to take action to curb gun vine less. today he's expected to finealize the set of new executive actions to tighten the nation's gun regulations. republicans are criticizing the president's plans. among the most vocal, the ones running for the presidency. >> he's gonna sign another order. having to do with the second amendment having to do with guns. i will veto that -- i will unsign that so fast. >> he knows he can't get it through congress. so she's gonna do it by executive action. [inaudible] >> the president plans to discuss his plans thursday in a nationally televise the town hall meeting. 6:38. armed protesters taking over a federal compound in oregon. they promise to fight anyone who tries to remove them. we'll take a closer look at the routes of this decade's long
6:39 am
dispute. and the market just opened up about ten minutes ago. it's already a rough morning. dow is down 341 points. coming up, we'll get an update from jason brooks. ,,
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good morning, everyone. let's call in our live doppler radar tracking the very first storm of the season. you can see the light to moderate rainfall around 280 heading in towards the san mateo area. we have airport and arrivals at sfo east of the bay. we have pockets of moderate to heavy rain throughout the concord area. right here as we traverse to the golden gate bridge, the heavy rainfall there. we got your complete weather and traffic coming up. all right. thank you. don't look at your 401(k). the dow has only been open for
6:43 am
ten minutes. things are looking mighty grim. >> here's jason brooks. >> good morning. a rough welcome to 2016 from global stock markets. we're looking at the dow plunging pie more than 300 points right now. you can trace is back to china. there was a poor manufacturer report that sent stocks tumbling. it triggered the panic with chinese investors. as a result the global stock markets have fallen off big time. adding to the mix, saudi arabia cutting diplomatic ties with iran and that heightens ten shengses in the middle east between those two main rivals and volatility is never welcomed by investors are taking a tumble. we'll take a look at bay area companies including tesla reporting that the 4th quarter deliveries were more than 17,000.
6:44 am
that brings its overall 2015 delivery total to just over 50,000. barely making ceo elong musk's stated goals. the company delivered the not many models of the tesla. also general motors is investing $500 million in lyft hoping to form self-driving cars that lyft will have delivered to riders as they hail them on their smartphones in the near feature. as let's look at the big board. dow dropping by almost 400 points now. nasdaq down well over 100 and the s&p is down by about 50 points. gonna be a rough go for the rest of today. michelle and frank, back to you. >> you just showed us and there was a collective groan.
6:45 am
>> we saw this with china last summer. the market did recover for quite sometime. new worries that's for sure. >> jason brooks, thank you. let's move it onto traffic on a wet day. how are we doing? >> i have a laundry list of problems. we're gonna jump over to the maps and show you the hot spots, 880 through oakland. southbound right at tennyson is where we're dealing with an accident. the good news is over to the right shoulder, not in lanes but the damage is done, you have a backup to 238. stays slow into fremont. you will see delays cutting over to the san mateo bridge as well. dealing with wet weather. busy ride as you work your way through the altamont pass. stop and go at tracy. 20 minutes towards 680. that's where you make that connector over to 680. over the to peninsula, chp looking for an accident where a vehicle may have gone off the side of the road. we're seeing delays in and around the area as well.
6:46 am
you have some slow and go conditions as you connect over the 380 interchange to 101. menlo park, a gas leak and a downed tree in lanes. that's causing a closure between ravenswood and burgess drive. they are asking that you avoid the area until it's closed. this accident in the center divide, slow and go conditions as you work through 680. also stop-and-go conditions, northbound 101, 85 that will take you 13 minutes. san mateo bridge, you are starting to back up as you work your way out of hayward into foster city. 21 minutes for the drive time. we're seeing a lot of rain. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. you can make traffic out there behind those raindrop. it's busy out of sausalito. we're seeing some slower speeds. heavy rain reported in and around the area for more on
6:47 am
that. our radar tracking the very first el nino storm of our winter season. this is it. pockets of green. that's the light rain, yellow, moderate, orange, heavy downpours and right now, getting slammed. happens to be the eastern portion of the bay area. we see the heavy precipitation. it's now fueling into the east bay. we've had the coastal areas getting slammed all morning long. this is it right there. see that 280 into 82 as well? your peninsula commute is very wet at this hour. to the east of the bay, discovery bay with heavy downpours. 680/580 equally as wet. we're heading towards the golden gate bridge. what you are looking at right now is pretty light to moderate rainfall. we just had a cell of heavy precip move out of the area. let's call on our weather camera to confirm that. it's very slippery out there. please be very mindful of that as you are heading out the door. what you need to know is the heaviest rain is occurring in
6:48 am
the bay area. cloudy skies temperatures right now in the 40s. very characteristic of el nino. we were in the 20s and 30s. that's not the case. the warmer air mass in place. we do have for the high sierra winter storm warning in effect with two feet of snow expected between 10:00 p.m. tonight and 10:00 p.m. tomorrow. with us an inch of rain today with our high temperatures into the 50s. the winds become pretty breezy up to 20 miles an hour. i want to take some time walking you through the next few days. this is storm number 1, by tonight overnight, you will hear the raindrops on the rooftop. a heavy system rolls in for tuesday. should be out of here by the morning commute. the more gustier storm with the heaviest downpours occur by wednesday morning's commute. that will trail off into thursday. by the time all of the rain ends by early friday morning. we'll see 5 inches of rain in
6:49 am
the wettest locations. dry sky slated for your saturday and sunday. but meanwhile, locally, this is number one out of three storms that will impact your local forecast beginning today. >> all right. thank you. a group of people have taken over a national while life refuge in oregon to protect the sentencing of two men convicted of burning federal land. >> they are protesting. here's melissa with more on how this is playing out. >> it will probably get dicier today. that's because today by 2:00 p.m. steveed and dwight hammond are -- steven and dwight hammond are set to report to prison for setting fires that damaged federal land. reportedly they will show up and serve their time but a group of people have taken up a cause of the hammonds and have taken over a federal refuge. now, many of those people have weapons and they appear to be
6:50 am
led by mr. bundy. he's issued statements saying the federal government has no right to the land in oregon. he believes that the land in oregon belongs to the state and lowell county. so the idea that the hammonds burned federal land can't possibly true. if there's no federal land, there's no crime for bumping it. that's the theory. if the bundy name sound families, it's because mr. bundy's dad had a standoff with the federal government back in 2013 over a similar issue. >> the younger mr. bundy and other people have occupied this federal refuge and have made pretty serious statements about their commitment. according to one reporter, another member of the bundy familiar participating in the occupation said he's willing to kill or be killed over the issue of whether the land belongs to the federal government or the state. i saw one video of a man saying
6:51 am
goodbye to his wife and children because he was going off to participate in the occupation. >> you've been calling them occupiers. they've also been called terrorists and protesters. what's the proper term? >> well, it's tricky. it's hard to find a term that doesn't offend a group with an opinion about this. most major newspapers and channels have been grappling with this issue. other media outlets have not been shy. some regard them as patriots and freedom fighters. we don't know how many are in the refuge. mr. bundy says 150. journalists estimate closer to 20. we'll learn more as we go. there are those on the other side who regard them as loons. also if you go to twitter and check out hashtag oregon under
6:52 am
attack. there is a robust debate over what labels to use. some people say that the occupiers are thugs and terrorists. if they were black or muslim, the government would be dealing with them much more harshly. on the other side, defenders say they are just protesting. they haven't done anything violent. haven't shot nep or pointed their guns at anyone. they are just in the buildings, probably freezing it's like 10 degrees below there. >> did they break into the buildings, have they damaged them at all? >> no reports of damage to the actual federal buildings. according to one local journalist who asked how they got in, they got in because they found a stack of keys. so there's that. that might explain why a protest sort of transferred down the road to a refuge to where there were keys available. >> also the place was empty because of the holidays so there were no hostages taken. the fbi is taking the lead on dealing with these people. so you never know what could
6:53 am
happen. they are very serious. it could get violent. of what you call these people in the refuge, they are armed and very committed. we'll be following this story very closely. >> we should mention and attorney for the hammonds said the family doesn't want the protesters in oregon. >> that's right. they were not part of the occupation and they plan to serve their sentences. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. stay with us, folks. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. an easily master the way you bank.
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the president five things to know at the 55. president obama begins a major push to tackle gun violence. the president will meet with loretta lynch to discuss options for tougher restrictions and then later this week, he will unavailable action to strengthen background checks required for gun purchases. saudi arabia giving
6:57 am
diplomats from iran 48 hours to leave the country. the announcement came hours after demonstrators in iran stormed the saudi embassy. closing arguments are expected to begin today in the trial of raymond chow. she's charged with murder and money laundering as head of a crime ring in the chinatown. the defense has painted chow as a former criminal who turned his life around. 49ers will hold a news conference to explain the firing of their head coach, jim tomsula. the decision came hours after the 9ers wrapped up a 5-11. chip kelly and sean peyton are two names floated as possible candidates. lame adjustments start on the golden gate today -- lane adjustments start on the golden gate bridge today.
6:58 am
the bridge district says the move is meant to curb unnecessary backups going southbound. >> reporter: i'mky ward in mill valley where sandbag locations have been seeing a lot of actions. people are not taking any chances when it comes to el nino. the people we spoke to yesterday were all here in '97 when el nino struck. they were so all helping each other out getting sandbags together and making sure their homes were fully prepared. one woman said she's worried. she's not looking forward to the next few months. >> i am worried this year. the last el nino i was was was in 1997. i didn't get out of the house practically for three months. >> reporter: you've heard it before, now is the time to clear your gutters and drains just to make sure the water flows properly with the storms. it's also a good time to get your sandbags ready and to check out where sandbags, the locations are closest to you. it's recommended that you go to
6:59 am
your town's website. jackie ward, back to you. we have delays backed up to the maze. here is your drive times -- some of the hot spots, nimitz freeway between 238 and highway 84 southbound also 680. we have reports of an accident south 680, two right lanes are blocked. also southbound 280, chp on the scene looking for an accident. slow and go conditions and the south bay also. roberta. no accidents where the accidents are is where the heaviest rain is, over the peninsula. over an hour delay. at sfo on some arriving flights. look at brentwood getting pounded. antioch the same. we traverse to the north bay and see moderate rainfall anywhere from larkspur into el campo. we see the light rainfall in the san rafael area and we have the rain outside of the studios. we're confirming that with the
7:00 am
live weather camera. it's raining. this is the first in the series of three storms. >> oh, here it comes. >> bye. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, january 4th, 2016. welcome to cbs this morning. armed anti-government activists vowing a standoff after taking over federal buildings in oregon. >> we're in new hampshire where bill clinton will campaign for his wife today. donald trump escalate his personal attacks on former president. >> and president obama prepares to side step congress to take action on gun control. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's eyeopener. your world in 90 seconds. >> if the federal government decides to use force, will you respond? >> that will have to be determined at that time. >> you are prepared to? >> absolutely. >> a standoff in oregon with


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