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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  January 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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a house in sonoma county may not survive this week's storm, already beginning to slide down a hill there near the russian river. >> yes. let's get to roberta gonzalez tracking these storms all morning long. >> yes. we have a sequence, a series of images, so you can get a good idea of where the storm generated from and traveling too. it developed way out here in the mid latitude. it has a lot of tropic moisture associated with it, a lot of mugginess and moisture. now the precipitation and bands are lift from the south and north and heading to the east, being hammered all morning with an inch-and-a-half of rain anticipated over a three hour span in the santa cruz mountains. on the backside of the front passing through the bay area a little break there. we have been hammered through the peninsula and now seeing break in the san mateyo area. look at the san mateyo bridge with the gusty wind there that
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could exceed 40 miles per hour. it is a treacherous morning commute there. all this lifting to the north and heading to the east, now getting hit the hardest. the 580-680 corridor getting hit now. pleasanton, livermore, you will also continue to see rain and hear it on the rooftops for at least the next two hours. the rain is lightening up in the north bay. very windy at the golden gate bridge. we are verifying that with this, our live weather camera. you can actually see the rain drop there is with the illumination of the bright lights. last week we were in the 20s and 30s. today we are in the 50s and staying in the 50s today with the front passing through right now, bringing lots of instability and the chance of a thunderstorm existing. we will let you know when you can expect storm number three later in the newscast. >> roberta, thank you. the wet weather is reeking
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havoc on the morning commute. >> let's go live to kpix 5 news reporter jackie ward standing by in a flood prone area. >> reporter: you know whenever it rains like this, northbound 101 and lucky drive will flood. well, it is living up to its reputation. that is for sure. check out the flashes. you can see even more as the cars pick up on 101 northbound. it won't get as heavy as traffic heading southbound, but it is one slow commute out there. hydroplaning can happen easily this morning. here it hasn't been bad. all we have seen and heard is tires spinning and trying to work through the puddles. we have a look at what it was like at the golden gate bridge. the windshield wipers are working overtime and a lot of reflection from the headlights and street lights so the visibility is definite lilo.
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heavy -- definitely low. we have heavy bands of rain here working their way through as you can see. there was an accident just before 3:00, two car, a pickup and a mustang collided as they took the turn into the tunnel heading into the city. it has been crazy standing here and watching the splashes happen, even from the little cars here. look at all that water. it is really crazy. people are coming down the hill, the 101 northbound hill at all speeds right now. some people will slide through the puddles and others will slow down to 20 to 30 miles per hour and put their hazards on, so it all depends on how fast you are driving on these wet streets. back to you. >> take it slow.
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good advice. thank you, jackie. and now let's kick it over to gianna to find out how the roads are out there. >> it is very wet out there, causing a lot of problem, so definitely take it slow. a lot of it is accidents are on the on and off ramps with people spinning out on them taking them too quickly. eastbound 80 at powell the lanes now are cleared from an earlier accident but it is still busy in both directions. be careful as you work your way from 680 to the caldecott tunnel taking 22 minutes for the drive time. the bay bridge is 27 minutes off the east shore freeway. carcys in bridge to the maze with the metering lights on and the traffic is stacked up. an 101 at old mills road a vehicle is off to the shoulder there. 40 miles per hour in some spots
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there. and now at highway 17 we have keit do. let's go to him. the rain is letting up a bit there at highway 17? >> reporter: it is. it felt a lot lucky hawaii earlier tonight when we were heading up to this area at 2:30
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a.m. but now it is clearing and cooling down. the fog is gone at the summit and we have improving conditions. take a look at this footage we shot a few minutes ago. this is footage of highway 17 going northbound into san jose. these are flairs set up by the chp. they do this when conditions are less than ideal, serving as reminders for drivers to slow it down. and this is footage from 2:30 when we were coming up the hill, up summit road at highway 17. it is the most treacherous area in the country so with the fog you can see how it is important to slow it down out here. significant ponding and hydroplains here. i can tell you firsthand we experienced that, as well. and our last point here, we are getting a lot of rain this week with this being storm number two-of-four this week. turn off your sprinklers. the ground is really soaked.
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help california and the drought out because we know the wet weather is sticking around a while. >> keit, well down. live for us in the santa cruz mountains with the hoodie up! >> reporter: hoodie up! [ laughing ] all right. later this morning president obama will deliver remarks about executive actions he is taking to bypass congress on gun control, one requiring gun dealer, including those selling online and at gun shows to be licensed and conduct background checks. another changes the federal privacy rule keeping people with mental health restrictions from having guns. >> this is not going to solve every violent crime in the country or prevent every mass shooting, but it will potentially save lives. >> republicans in congress who oppose tougher gun control laws are threatening to take the issue to the supreme court. our washington insider mark sandalo says the timing of the move is deliberate during the
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2016 campaign. >> reporter: the president's gamble is even those people that don't like guns, gun control, will support closing the loophole. the danger for republicans opposing this is they look like several lots who are against any sort of restrictions on guns. the danger for democrats is it fires up the conservative base and they show up to vote when otherwise they would not have. >> the president will hold a town hall discussion on gun violence on thursday. closing arguments are expected to wrap up today in the racketeering and murder trial in san francisco. the defense attorney is urging jurors to reject testimony from informants and cooperating defendants. they are trying quote to save their own skin and that an fbi undercover agent is lying. today prosecutors will get time for a rebuttal. and until vallejo need your help -- and police in vallejo need area help finding a driver who hit a woman at spring road
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and tragaskin just before 6:30 last night. it threw the victim into oncoming traffic where she was hit a second time. if you have information, call police. alameda will have a city- county meeting tonight taking on rent stable sanctions and other issues. the meet willing take place at alameda high school instead of council chambers to accommodate for the crowds. some seat senators are putting together a $2 billion with permanent housing for thousands of california's homeless. according to president pro tem kevin deleon, the pond would help local government build housing unit ifs combined with federal and local money, repaid by redirecting money from proposition 63 which taxes higher income to pay for mental health programs. the time is 6:09. the search for the next 49ers
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coach under way and the criticism. >> and a close call in lake tahoe. while a lift malfunction could have been a whole lot worse. >> and in the kpix weather center we are tracking storm number two beginning to exit the bare. now we will show you where storm three is. >> and the damage is done on the roadways and we have a lot of problems including new troubles along the peninsula. details coming right up. , even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices! save even more on floor sampl demonstrators, and closeout inventory! the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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the oakland raiders have now filed paperwork for a poten gm. take a look outside at the bay bridge weather camera. lots drops on the camera lens but seeing a little break at is storm number two with el nino characteristics slam into the bay area.
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let's zero in on the golden gate bridge and bay bridge where we have a break in the activities. i tell you what, we have traffic alert coming up in four minutes. >> thank you, roberta. the oakland radars filed paperwork for a potential move down to los angeles, talking about filling up the stadium in carson with the san diego chargers. 32 owners will meet in houston next week. any team that wants to move will need the approval of three quarters of the nfl clubs. and the san francisco 49ers have a lot of non-stadium issues to overcome. now more on ceo jeb york's comments on the team's disappointing season and the firing of head coach jim tomsula. >> unfortunately i didn't see the team improve collectively from the beginning of the season to the end, that is what led to the decision. >> reporter: jim tomsula will
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be okay financially because he walked away with $10.5 million left on his contract. >> it is a decision above us. i have great respect for him and as a person. i know he did everything he could to help the team. >> reporter: and for the fans. >> the whole football team needs to win to make the business work. it is like a company. if you can't perform in your job, they will replace you. that is the way it is. >> york put all the blame on him, okay? probably should have. >> reporter: when asked what his biggest lesson of 2015 was, york said -- >> i think i have taken things too personally. you know, interactions with the media, some of the criticism from fans. i think i internalized that too much and have taken it too personally. >> york admitted he gets emotional about game and has taken a step back from social
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media and learned he can not be a distraction for the team. a little trouble in tahoe when dozens of skiers were evacuate from the a lift because one of its chairs fell off. it happened at heavenly resort on sunday. 65 skiers and snowboarders had to repel down to safety. an unoccupied chair from the lift suddenly dropped from the cable. it is not clear how the cable broke but fortunately nobody was injured. and experts are monitoring the sierra snowpack. one side could across the neff north shore says the pack equals 16 inches of water, 110% of average and scientists say the snow pack is on a promising track as long as the snow keeps coming down. guess what, it is still coming down. >> you know what, remember earlier this morning, what was it, 4:30 we saw reporter keit do in the santa cruz mountains and it was pouring. i wonder if we can reroll the
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video for the 6:48 weather hit. i just checked in. in the past 48 hours how much have we gotten? 3.5 inches of rain. la honda and the peninsula 3.5 inches of rain this morning alone. >> i think half an inch came down with keit's two minutes on the air! >> i know. well, the good news is the rain is lowing down a little bit, improving in the last two minutes. the car key nasdaq bridge seeing delays. caltrans not reporting any problems right now. northbound 101 around 3 and
6:18 am
mckees 23 miles per hour in spots and delays on northbound 101 out of morgan hill, as well. the south bay 18 minutes on the 101 commute to highway 37. 280 may be your best bet. we had and earlier trouble spot that has been cleared and we are in the green. you can use that instead of and avoid the delays on 101 itself. north 680 at altamonte parkway two left lanes remain blocked for an accident. a new wreck reported not too far from there northbound 680 around washington. 680 southbound sluggish, as well. and the drive times through the east bay, westbound high 4, 17 minutes from hillcrest avenue to 242. reports of debris in the roadway and an accident where vehicles hit the barrel on the right size causing busy conditions westbound, all the way to pittsburg, and the reshow freeway. the nimitz near is coliseum
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northbound actually doing okay. if you have to take 880 through oakland you are doing okay. >> here is roberta. absolutely stunned this morning. stunned because we were saying an inch-and-a-half of rain in the wettest locations from this storm number two out of four expect this had week, but so far we pick up nearly 3.5 inches of rain alone. we looped together a series of images beginning with midnight. you can see the progression of this area of low pressure. this is the front lift from the south to north and then inject from the east, pounding the santa cruz mountain this is morning. san jose picking up .610 of rain this morning alone. and look at this rain from 680 making a track to the grade, the heaviest rain showers are there. the moderate to heavy rainfall is in the eastern portion of the bay area at least for the next 90 minutes as this area of low pressure continues to lift
6:20 am
and traverse to the east. the north bay is beginning to clear out slightly and we have moderate rain showers around the richmond area. here we have pet luna and roseland park -- petaluma and roseland park with rain. temperature-wise we are in the 50s. it is mild. it feels like hawaii outside and we are seeing the winds increase with the package of the front southeast at 18 miles per hour in the oakland area. sfo not reporting any kind of airport delays at this hour. we will keep you posted on that. fairfield winds up to 20 miles per hour. gusts in the highest elevations up to 40. the valley fire burn area in lake county seeing a flash- flood in affect for the morning hours. the big sur coast and santa lucia mountains possibilities of debris flows and we have a beach hazard statement and advisory for high surf with swells up to two feet until
6:21 am
tomorrow night. a break tonight and bigger tomorrow for tomorrow's commute. and another impulse rolls into the bay area on thursday and 2 more inches of rain slated for the bay area. we have saturated soil and snow down to about 5,000 feet, two feet of snow in the highest elevations. there is the sun-up and sundown and there are the temperatures today if it matters at all into the 50s. make it a safe day, everyone. a teacher is in critical condition after she was shot in the neck in the east bay. why police say she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. ,,,,
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the hokies' justin robinsonh the bounce pass to zach led, dunk. virginia tech the play of the day, virginia at virginia tech. take a look at this nice bounce back. inside, the dunk! and virginia keck went on to win it 7-6, one more time. the play of the day! today. why members of a youth soccer league accuse e city of playing dirty... and super bowl media village is getting support today when members of a youth soccer league accuse the city of playing dirty. >> reporter: and the rain is flooding up a little bit here in morin county but it doesn't mean the ponding and puddles are going away any time soon. we tell you how the commute is looking from here. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and i'm michelle greigo. tis 6-- good morning, everyone. it is a wet tuesday, january 5th. i am frank mallicoat. >> and i am michelle griego. the time now is 6:29. el nino is sending the second of four storms to the bay area and some places are getting hit with a torrential downpour this morning. you are looking live at highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains. the rain there has tapered off a bit. >> el nino is alive and well! let's check in with roberta and get all the numbers. so far we have been picking up rainfall amounts up to 3.5 inches of rain in the last 24
6:30 am
hours. 1.3 inches in the la junta area. yesterday san jose had barely 1/100th offense an in which this morning. and the retirement is now due east of the bay. the reason, the precipitation has been lifting out of the south to the north and injecting to the east. this is primarily going to be the last area to see clearing. we are clearing in the northern portions of the bay area. the hardest hit at this time is the 580, 680 corridor and highway 84 for the morning commute. the cloudy skies and the winds are increasing in the city of san francisco and the package of the front should be out of here by 9:00 in the morning hour. scattered showers and the possibility of a thunderstorm and look at how mild these temperatures are. this is what you need to know. first off we have a flash flood watch in affect for the lake county area. a high surf advisory in affect, as well. lots of ponding on the roadways. the rain is tapering off and there is a chance of a
6:31 am
thunderstorm. storm number 3 is queuing up for your wednesday. we will tell you how much more rain to can't coming up later in the forecast. well, we have kpix's jackie ward now live with more on the treacherous commute. >> reporter: yes. the in any way here has flooding on it. people that drive this area on lucky drive know it does this whenever it rains heavily. take a look behind me. you can see the cars coming down the hill causing pretty big splash because there is pretty serious water build up, containing major flashing this morning during the flood commute. we have video of what we were seeing. hydroplaning more likely to happen on mornings like this but we haven't seen any here. we only see tires spinning and working hard to fight through the puddles. look at the golden gate bridge at the north bay this morning. poor visibility because the
6:32 am
rain drops are quickly covering our windshields. and san francisco streets were not able to dodge the water build up either. this is where the strongest bands of rain are making their way through the bay area earlier this morning. on your way out from the east bay? expect more of the same, of course. puddles and storming in areas as the commute continues and the rain picks up even more. this is a look at what happened just before 3:00. a pickup and mustang were heading northbound and collided along the turn by the saf tower and tunnel. at that point three lanes were closed and that has since been cleared. roberta tells me high tide doesn't hit for another hour or so, so that could add about six more feet of water or so. we have here near the park and ride where it is flooding, as well, as it floods all the time. i am sure it is doing that right now. >> jackie, thank you. a good day to stay home but
6:33 am
not a lot of people did that, i have a feeling. let's check out the traffic and roads. >> it has been busy. if you are heading out on the roads, use caution out there and try to stay in the middle lane. that eases up the commute a little bit. and the north bay altamonte freeway area slowing both directions along 680 for most of the morning. delays along highway 4, as well, 17 minutes from hillcrest to 242 because of an accident right at hillcrest that is blocking one lane. busy there westbound working your way into pittsburg. and nimitz freeway both directions at the coliseum moving okay. hayward to fremont, you will see delays at the bay bridge. metering lights are on and there are slow and go conditions. 35 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze.
6:34 am
and to the san francisco area slower speeds in fremont to fran. flooding along east 80 near 7th street in the area there. busy both directions along the east shore freeway. and there is an accident near the san mateyo bridge at the bottom of the screen that just happened. people are outside of their vehicle, probably not the safest thing right now. causing delays, 20 minutes from 880 to the 101. be careful if you are working your way to the san mateyo bridge right now. we will have more coming up. >> thank you. well, we have heavy rain and thick fog. >> san jose picked up an inch of rain but the rain is really pounding the santa cruz mountains. keit do joins us live now near the summit along highway 17. hey, keit. >> reporter: the elevation here is 2,000 feet. we really saw it come down in buckets early in morning.
6:35 am
rainfall amounts were about an inch-and-a-half over the span of three hours. it lightened up now but check out the video we shot earlier today. we have been out here the better part of four hours but it was really coming down likecalities and dogs from 2:30 to the 4:00 timeframe with big, fat, heavy rain drops but it has cooled off and lightened up a bit since then. here is video we shot around 2:30 heading up to the santa cruz mountains and summit. this drive is hard enough during the daytime but imagine doing it under these conditions. we saw significant flooding on the roadways, pounding and hydroplaning, as well, so certainly it created hazardous conditions. we talked to a driver that says be careful out there. >> it is tough driving out there. there is a lot of ponding water. be careful. >> reporter: and check out this scene here at san jose, sprinklers going off right when wit was going down hard in the
6:36 am
south bay, as well. this is number two-of-four so you may turp off the sprinklers this entire week because we will get plenty of rain. the ground is soaked and we should see even more soaking, along with downed trees and power lines after all this rain. live in the santa cruz mountains off of highway 17 here at the summit, keit do, kpix 5 news. >> thank you, keit, live in the santa cruz mountains. the 49ers stadium in santa clara is undergoing a major transformation. the nfl crews are getting ready for the super bowl. the turf is being torn up and will be replaced. super bowl 50 is february 17th and seen right here on a dispute involving the super bowl and the youth soccer complex is prompting a emergency hearing in the santa clara courtroom. the soccer league added the nfl to the lawsuit fighting a plan to use the turf for a super bowl media village. youth soccer officials say the
6:37 am
media village will damage the field long term, leaving no place for the kids to play. >> we were looking for the legal system to back us up. when the judge asked the city and nfl to hold back any construction or anything that may take place on the soccer field until wednesday, we thought that was good enough. >> a spokesperson says the ground crews were only protecting the system that sends water to the field. in donald trump's race against ted cruz, the difference between the two is within the polls margin of error. cruz has gained 20 points since october. marco rubio is running third at 13% and dr. ben carson 1/4 with 9%. today the oakland city council will consider ways to keep residents safe from gun violence.
6:38 am
the meeting will cover a package of gun safety proposing, securing firearm and ammunition if they are left in an unoccupied car and ooze proposal would require gun owner os to keep firearms in a lock box secure requested a trigger lock at home. a elementary school teacher? critical condition, shot while driving on cutting boulevard in richmond on saturday. police say she was caught in cross fire. bullet holes are now evidence at the crime scene. on saturday 52-year-old claire duggan was shot in the neck, a 4th grade teacher at craigmont elementary school. a witness says the shooter was standing on the corner at 22nd street firing across the intersection and she was an innocent bystander. >> i heard boom, boom, boom and i went outside and there was shooting. i thought the city was getting better but this was very dangerous. >> richmond's homicide rate was
6:39 am
at its lowest level in 2014 but it climbed back up last year. a new push to prevent tour bus crashes like this one. how california lawmakers are cracking down on companies that have largely got a free pass until now. >> and in the east bay an arsonist targeted his own groomsmen. >> and we are looking for a browns back on wall street after heavy losses yes. taking a look at the big board. you can see the dow is up. we will have more on that coming up. ,,
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6:42 on this soggy, stormy tuesday morning. good morning, everyone. look at doppler radar. i want to show you what is going on right now. you see the shades of yellow and orange, that is the front associated with storm number two which is for the most part
6:43 am
pulling out of the bay area. all that moderate to heavy rain will lingner the east bay at least for the next 86 minutes, however. thunderstorms in the afternoon. forecast details all coming up in less than four minutes. >> roberta, thank you. 6:43 the time. let's check the stock market after a mighty tough day yesterday. >> here is more with financial reporter jason brooks. >> things are looking a lot better this morning compared to yesterday, that is for certain. the dow lost over 270 points yesterday and thanks to a late session rally otherwise it could have been worse, down by more than 400 points, tracing it back to china, fear over their economy and fears of selling, and a ban on selling by big shareholders in chinese companies. the market is recovering a little this morning. we will take a look at the big board in tamoment. what could help out out -- in
6:44 am
a moment. what could help out, car sales. 2016 could with a record year for car sales in the u.s. chrysler sales are up 13% in december, the best december ever for fiat-chrysler. ford sales up over 8% and 2015 was the best year for ford sales since 2006. other automakers will be reporting numbers throughout the morning. and let's take a look at the big board and see how we are doing this morning, looking for some recovery after the big losses. the dow is up by over 40 points. nasdaq is gaining 15 and the s&p is moving higher by 7 points. michelle and frank, back to you. >> jason, thank you. almost two months after a out of control tour bus crashed in downtown san francisco, state law enforcements are trying to put the -- lawmakers are trying to but the brakes on problem buses that slip through the cracks. >> reporter: inspired by this city sightseeing bus that careened down post street and
6:45 am
slammed through a construction site in november, the senate 8 bill would drastically change the way the tour bus industry operate, up first, ending the practice of so-called ghost buses. those buses, like the one that crashed, are brought in from out-of-state and on the road without getting a once over from the chp. >> they are not inspected. this was a ghost bus and it will eliminate them in california. >> 25% of all checks under the proposed law would be unannounced. currently there are warnings before the chp takes a look at the fleet. >> when they did the first inspection there were very little or minor problems. the next inspection unannounced they found considerable violations with the number of buses performing and not operating in a safe manner that they had to take out of service. >> the new bill would up the price of inspections, which right now stands at $15.
6:46 am
>> the cost to perform the inspection is between $300 and $400 and right now the citizens of california are subsidizing the operators for the cost of it through the general fund of the state. >> one more thing, ton proposed law, one round of inspections would trigger even more inspections. we reached out to the california bus association for their take on this but did not hear back. in the newsroom, aelita andre, kpix 5 news. >> the -- andria borba, kpix 5 news. >> the bill would have to make it through several committees before being voted on by the senate and assembly. i am texting a friend that is heading to tahoe getting ready to do skiing. bring it on he says, but not for the roads, i guess, right? >> yes. we where busy out there this morning. question have had a lot going
6:47 am
on. we have had rainy conditions. take a look at the conditions along highway 17 near the summit. we are really seeing the snow out there. look at that! this is highway 17 northbound, you are seeing delays near the summit. slow and go conditions this morning because of all the wet weather, maning a bunch of accidents. we have a laundry list to get to. let's jump over to the maps and keep you updated about what is happening on the roadways. northbound 280 at 10th and 11th an accident is blocking two lanes at the 680-101 connector. and capital to mckee you are seeing a lot of brake lights there. the drive time there is are inching up to 22 minutes. 286 to highway 237 has 280 not looking much better. and we have an accident there along the san mateyo bridge. it was blocking lanes. it looks like it may have cleared to the right shoulder. the traffic is slow and go as
6:48 am
you work your way across the san mateyo bridge right now with drive times around 22 to 23 minutes for the westbound side and behind the maps flashing lights that were pushed other out of the lane so everyone got out of the roadway safely but with reseeing slow and go conditions through there. don't forget to leave space between you and the vehicle in front of you because of the wet weather and wet roadways. 12 to 14 inches of standing water reported on highway 24 and toward the bay bridge. here is roberta. good morning, time check is 6:48. checking in with our weather watchers that heard the rain drops on their rooftop, scammerred out of bed and checked the rain levels. peggy says this morning she picked up nearly an inch and quarter of rain and most of that is just since midnight. thanks, peggy, if checking in
6:49 am
with us. you can soo other numbers. over an inch of rain has been accumulated in pacifica. also in napa. santa rosa closing in on 3/4- inch of rain and it is still raining. it is our high-def doppler radar. the heaviest precipitation moved out of the bay area drifting over to the eastern and southern portions of the bay area. i gathered the images together and looped them together since midnight. the main slice is through the santa cruz mountains with 3.5 inches of rain accumulated. we have seen over .610-inch of rain in san jose. the heaviest rain is east of 680. we are seeing a little bit of a break there. san ramon is seeing dry skies. livermore light rain showers marking toward the tracy area. for the most part rain is tapering off through the morning hours and light rain around american canyon. we see breaks in activity around roanoke park on the
6:50 am
backside of the front. the winds will begin to ramp up, as well. cloud cover over san francisco right now and the temperatures are mild. it is muggy. with the package of the front we see a little cooldown with the increasing winds, 14 miles per hour southeast winds in hayward, 7 santa rosa and 13 in the fairfield area. delays of 1 hour and 28 minutes with arriving flights. see that in lake county? a flash flood watch in the burned down area there. and for the santa lucia area, debris closing. i haven't said that in a long time! high surf advisories on the shores. ponding on the roadways out the door. the rain will be tapering off and we will see the chance of an afternoon thunderstorm and a lot of instability associated with the front right there. then look at that right there. that is storm number three, poised to move into the bay area for tomorrow morning's commute and right on its heels right there, a lesser storm
6:51 am
that will impact our thursday. here you go, future-cast, rain is moving out of here. a scattered shower during the day. that is it, the front for your wednesday. gusty winds, heavier rainfall. that is the beginning edge of the thursday system that wraps around the moisture all day on thursday into the afternoon hours. finally a break by friday. two feet of cement falling in the highest elevations, yes, snow with a lot of water content and heavy! temperatures in the 50ss here locally. rain today is tapering off as scattered showers throughout the day. rain for the commute wednesday, rain on and off again thursday, a break friday and another chance on saturday. that is our eye on the storms. >> take a breath. good job, roberta. thank you. a man is behind bars in contra costa county accused of setting suspicious fire, targeting his own friends.
6:52 am
33-year-old joshua van bus kirk says he wrote a manifesto detailing his friends, long time groomsmen. so far police are at a loss for the motive. >> people in his wedding party. it is unknown why he was targeting them but that is still under investigation right now. >> van buskirk tossed a molotov cocktail at a concert house setting this garage door on fire and playing card, including a joker and ace of spades were left behind in three other east bay communities and the cards helped police track down the suspect. a new plan will provide $2 billion to help comfort the homeless. details for the ambitious proposal, coming up. >> reporter: check it out. it is not raining here on us in morin county but it caused quite a lot of trouble here on the roadways earlier. we will show you. ♪
6:53 am
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will announce new executive actions to address gun viol. . well, the president will announce new executive actions today to address gun violence including plans to close background check loopholes and keep people with mental health restrictions from posting guns. he will lay out the proposal at 8:40 this morning. and will there be an extradition hearing in mexico today for ethan couch, the 18- year-old that left the u.s. with his mother after violations for a drunk driving crash. couch's mother is also back in los angeles and has a hearing today. and armed government protestors are holed up at a wildlife ref fume and police are keeping their distance for now. they are 300-miles from portland as part of a time republic lands in the west. no one is injured but schools are close this had week as a
6:57 am
precaution. a group of california senators are proposing a $2 billion plan for money for the homeless, building 10,000 units primarily for people with mental illnesses. well, the nfl is digging up a stadium in preparations for the super bowl. now more on a more and more hearing. >> reporter: and i am jackie ward in morin county where it is not raining anymore. it was causing slick commute earlier this morning. we have video of what is usually a flooded area. it lived up to its reputation. a lot of flashing and cars coming over at various speeds on 101. some people were driving at posted speeds and others were slowing and had to put on their
6:58 am
hazards. we saw the tires spinning and working hard to work their way through the puddles. high tide comes around in less than an hour from now so the flooding could get even worse. the splashing is almost nothing right now, though, looking good at 101 northbound in morin county. and in some spots we are getting better news with the trouble spots on the san mateyo bridge. it is better there now but still slow to go, 20 to 25 minutes there westbound across the span. and headed toward the bay bridge, the approaches to the bay bridge are sluggish, 580 and the east shore freeway, as well, 8 miles per hour westbound at 24. we have had a couple of accidents along 24 this morning that really slow things down toward the caldecott tunnel. give yourself a few extra minutes there. 37 east shore at carquinez bridge to the maze 13 minutes to get into san francisco from the bay bridge. 12 to 14s inches of standing
6:59 am
water reported with the hard closure there and the chp is on the scene and mass transit delays for bart. i think you would agree the computer models were commute saying it would be a challenging commute for the early morning commuters. and that indeed it has been. you can see the front draped across the eastern and southern portion of the bay area. the flooding and ponding is on the roadways and look who is getting hit now, the oakley and tracy area. cloudy skies and breedsy conditions. what you need to know now that the rain is tapering off. we have ponding now as it does so, and the chance of an afternoon thunderstorm in the forecast. here is what you can anticipate now. a break in the activity tonight. storm number three is queued up to bring us gusty winds and heavier rainfall for wednesday. a smaller storm dampens the soil on thursday and friday and saturday.
7:00 am
>> we are ready for it! >> okay. thank you for watching, everyone. >> enjoy. we will keep you updated all morning long and see you at noon. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, january 5th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." president obama goes around congress today to tighten gun laws through executive actions. unmasking the new jihadi john. sources reveal to cbs news the suspected identity of the english-speaking militant in the latest isis execution video. the fast food wars are broiling. are the new combo meals a good deal? but we begin with today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> we have a president who finds the congress, the


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