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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  January 6, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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january 6t 'm michelle griego. another day in the bay and another tough commute. a lot of rain out there and already quite a bit of traffic at 5:00. >> good morning. it's wednesday, january 6. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. at 5:00, heavy rain falling all around the bay area once again. a live look at a flooded parking lot. this is at the ihop restaurant in south san francisco. what a mess. it's been under several inches of water since yesterday's downpour and now the situation is likely to get worse. >> the bay bridge toll plaza the cbs cbs says a red car was parked overnight on a frontage road and got caught in a combination of heavy rain and high tide. the car has since been moved. >> along the ocean the surf is up. a high surf advisory in effect for a long stretch of the coastline from point reyes down south to big sur waves as high
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as 50 to 20 feet. free sandbags are available across the bay area for people trying to ward off potential floods. six sandbag stations are open in santa clara county. more than a dozen in contra costa. go to our website for more. >> this is storm number 3 of what i guess is now five. >> five systems are rolling into the bay area. yesterday's low pressure produced up to 4.5" of rain in 24 hours to the north. in the boulder creek area we saw 3.5" of rain. what concerns me at this hour as we look at our hi-def doppler radar, right off the santa cruz and monterey coast we are picking up dozens and dozens of lightning strikes and several have been confirmed to be cloud-to-ground lightning. heavy rain across the southern
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portion of the bay area lifting north. we saw 3.5" of rain over the santa cruz mountains yesterday. so there will be some areas of flooding. there will be some isolated mud slides. and as we look at our hi-def doppler radar over the peninsula, you can see the heavy rain showers from belmont through redwood city into palo alto there. will be airport delays at sfo. now we have the moderate rainfall lifting up to san francisco. to give you a little timeline of this, this just began in the last hour, hour and a half pulling onshore. it will impact the entire morning commute. then spotty showers throughout the day but the damage is already done. the soil is saturated. this on top of heavy downpours today. we'll see urban and small stream flooding. it's definitely wet. later today with the heavy rain and the gusty winds into the 50s, more on how all of this is impacting your traffic with our "eye on the storm." here's gianna. let's jump to the roads. northbound 101 right at 92 as we show you a map of the area.
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right shoulder debris in the road but lanes are blocked we are seeing delays on 92 itself so give yourself some extra time. your travel times through the area still okay. it's still lightly traveled so that'sed good news but lots of slick surfaces, lots of wet roads. use caution. southbound 101 out of marin county into san francisco. wet conditions heading into san francisco. look out for a wreck over to the right shoulder. we have a stream of delays behind there. south 101 at hellyer just reported. also getting word of a new accident south 280 right at 101 and if you look at our sensors on our map we are seeing yellow so speeds dipping under 45 miles per hour through there and west 80 at highway 12 they just cleared a vehicle fire. it's windy, as well. we'll have more on the windy conditions for your bridges coming up. traffic could get worse as the morning comes along with more rain and more cars in the hours ahead. >> kpix 5's kiet do is live in san jose along interstate 280 with the very latest.
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kiet. >> good morning. we are here at 280 and what is essentially bascom. we were in the santa cruz mountains yesterday at 2,000 feet. right now it's colder and windier and rainier here than it was yesterday morning. so this storm is no joke. take a look at the current conditions right now along 280. the red light that we see here are the northbound approach to 880. and we have been getting steady rain in san jose since 3:00 this morning. significantly more rain and more wind than yesterday. remember to slow down out there. we are seeing some people really kind of, uhm, speeding on the freeway this morning. this is the guadalupe parkway yesterday after nearly an inch of rain in the south bay. after being dry for months finally it's flowing near capacity. you can see it reaching the top of the concrete diversion channel wall. the ground was already wet from monday's rain after tuesday's rain that fell in the span of a few short hours. you have a strong current in the guadalupe a sight you don't often sear me in the south bay
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-- you don't often see here in the south bay. expect up to an inch an hour for three or four hours today. that's promised a flash flood watch for today. >> are you shocked that the guadalupe filled up after a day and a half of rain so quickly? >> reporter: that's typical. we see that a few short hours after the front passes but i have not seen it that high in a long time. >> thank you, kiet do. heavy rain is having a big impact around the bay area. >> it could topple trees on hillsides already saturated from two previous storms. kpix 5's jackie ward is in the oakland hills tow show us conditions right now. jackie. >> reporter: good morning, michelle and frank. it doesn't matter if you are in the south or east bay, same situation here. we were out in this yesterday in the north bay. it's colder. it's rainier. it's windier. actually, the temperatures are what's most surprising to me
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because when the wind blows, when those gusts pick up that roberta has been talking about it, takes you off guard because it's so cold. but compared to yesterday, this is definitely worse today. you can see the oakland hills, water running off everywhere. mother nature is super intense because she's just not letting up at all, i mean, the ground didn't have time to dry out at all. you can hear some low-flying planes this morning. it's foggy where we are, too. a lot of runoff happening, a lot of urban flooding. a lot of puddles forming or maybe just growing bigger, i should say. let's take a look at what happened last night in oakland. a 40-foot tree came down on skyline boulevard closing both sides of aler have ton for a few hours. until the wood chipper came
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through. it's terrible with all the water from yesterday and now today. this is a much more consistent heavy rainfall. frank and michelle? >> jackie is that correct, sir new channel 5 jacket waterproof? it doesn't look like it. [ laughter ] >> reporter: um, okay, so i didn't want to bash the company jacket on air, frank, but -- [ laughter ] >> reporter: i actually have a rain jacket under my rain jacket. >> it looks like -- [ simultaneous speakers looks like shoulder pads. >> try to stay dry. >> jackie ward live for us and wet up in the oakland hills. thanks. >> now we know the truth about the jackets. the wet weather has forced the cancellation of a popular festival in walnut creek. the first wednesday's street fest was supposed to happen tonight on cypress featuring live entertainment, arts and crafts and food. people have been encouraged to ride bikes to the event but the january installment is off because of the el nino storm. remember, get your weather on the go. get the cbs bay area weather
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app. deliberations resume today in the racketeering and murder trial of san francisco chinatown figure raymond "shrimp boy" chow. the case went to the jury yesterday afternoon after a day and a half of closing arguments. jurors began by reviewing a nine-page verdict form that covers more than 160 criminal counts. the alameda city council meeting this morning to discuss tenant rights and rent control went into the midnight hour. literally. a vote that took place after midnight city council extended a moratorium on rent hikes over 8%. they also passed an order that says landlords must give an additional 60 days before an eviction. today the california general assembly will vote on a measure that could ban bart strikes. this is the same bill that was brought up last spring. but the vote was postponed. the measure aims to avoid previous walkouts like the eight-day strike that caused commuter chaos in 2013. legal experts say the bill has a steep battle to pass in the democratic-controlled legislature. a rare moment of emotion
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from the president as he outlined his executive order to increase gun control. the president wiped away tears. under nut plan all dealers would have to be licensed and background checks. he is increasing funding for mental health treatment and reporting those results to the background check system. nothing will change, according to most. >> background checks are great but i don't want to see guns removed from americans. >> the bad guys will always have guns. >> in congress, many republicans are vowing to block any change in gun laws. they say it's up to congress to enact policies on firearms. california prisons have 30,000 fewer inmates than three years ago. but prison spending isn't decreasing. we are learning the annual cost of housing, feeding and caring for a prisoner is almost $64,000 up from $49,000 five
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years ago. and personnel costs have not fallen with the decline in prisoners. california still budgeting for about the same number of positions it did before a 2012 court order to reduce overcrowding. tomorrow governor jerry brown will release his budget proposal for the coming year. it comes at a time when the state economy is rebounding and tax revenue is growing. the governor is likely to take a cautious approach toward those positive trends. still, he may propose new spending in key areas like medi- cal, highway repair, emissions reduction and education. a bay area man accused of setting his groomsman's home on fire is talking. more coming up next. >> and remember this cute little guy? well, this photo the center of attention in a san francisco courtroom today. who is the rightful owner of this famous monkey selfie? >> from the kpix 5 weather center, i fired up our hi-def doppler radar. we are tracking heavy rain,
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gusty winds. it's the biggest storm of the week. i'll tell you how it's going to impact your morning commute. >> wet windy and wild the top traffic trouble spots coming up. ,, ,,,,,,
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jill's gobbling up our bird's eye teriyaki broccoli. (mind-blowing sound) and look ben is going for more buffalo cauliflower. (mind-blowing sound) everybody's a veggie lover now. what do you think? (mind-blowing sound) mind blown. bird's eye flavor full. of targeting, his own groom. joshua van buskirk got ma we're learning morning
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about the suspected arsonist accused of targeting his own groomsman. joshua got married four years ago. but police say he torched property and cars belonging to the groomsman after his marriage fell apart. in a jailhouse interview, bus kirk said, it tore me apart because i had been there for them. they didn't even reach out to me or care one bit. buskirk has pleaded not guilty to three counts of arson among other charges. some sorority sisters were awakened by a couple of thieves who ransacked their house near san jose state university. police say the intruders broke in yesterday morning on south 11th street. they stole personal property but no one was injured. anti-government activists holding land in oregon say they will leave when a plan is it in place to turn over control to locals. 20 armed people have been occupying a national wildlife
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refuge since saturday. they say local ranchers, loggers and farmers should get control. they also say a federal raid may be imminent but authorities say they want a peaceful resolution. a bizarre lawsuit is on the agenda today in a san francisco courtroom. it's all about photos of a monkey, this guy, in indonesia. david slater said he left his camera unattended on a tripod in 2011 when the monkey named narouto used the camera to shoot photos of his self. last week peta filed suit saying the monkey owns the pictures and should get the money for his family and habitat. the rain is coming down and is causing a lot of problems on the roads. >> it is. in fact, we are going to show you a live shot of what we might have in store for you. this is along 101 at the ihop
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with flooding. we're dealing with a wet and windy morning. 101 looks good but if you are hitting the bay area bridges, just a heads up, we have wind advisories in effect. in fact, let's show what you conditions are like at the bay bridge. so far a few extra cars are on the roads making that trek out of oakland into san francisco. slower speeds as they work your way towards the toll plaza. wind advisories in effect looking at 26 minutes now coming off the carquinez bridge to the maze. so slow-and-go conditions along the eastshore freeway. that's slowing down a little earlier than usual this morning. there is a wind advisory for the carquinez bridge, as well. same goes for the san mateo bridge this morning and the dumbarton bridge. we have a couple of accidents not too far from here westbound near the toll plaza. the dumbarton bridge look out for an accident there. also one along 880 itself near fremont. a lot of these are one car crashes solo spinout. looks like most of them are blocking lanes. we are starting to see a line of yell i don't along 880 so that means speeds are slowing under 45 miles per hour.
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let's jump over and take a look at conditions on the san mateo bridge. wind advisory in effect 14 minutes for your drive team between 880 and 101. over along the richmond/san rafael bridge, conditions are quiet. not a lot of cars just yet. south 280 at 101, left lane accident with delays in both directions there. still working on an accident northbound 101 at 92. so a lot of slick surfaces out there. how long is this rain going to stick around? let's find out. >> i don't know if you can see this, gianna, but in your traffic weathercams, we have sideways gusty wind and rain. 2" of rain in napa in the last two hours. an inch in antioch. thank you, weather watchers. we have heavy rain in your forecast for this wednesday. there is storm number 3 of 5
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approaching the bay area. right now lots of lightning strikes off the santa cruz and monterey coast. those lightning strikes some of them cloud-to-ground very dangerous but still are offshore. heavy downpours throughout the fremont area. heavy rain and gusty winds. moderate to heavy rain in the santa cruz mountains that on top of the four inches of rain that fell in the ben lomond area. there is minor flooding potential and mud slides. it is pouring at this hour. we are going through the storm. you can see the rain bands are moving in from the ocean across the bay area from the south to the north. sideways rain across the golden gate bridge pounding the roads there. you will have ponding on the
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roads. please be careful. gusty winds 13 miles per hour in hayward. 24 in fairfield. urban flood advisory, flash flood watch actually. a high surf warning in effect until later on tonight. bottom line is what you can expect a wet wild wednesday. very windy conditions. once the rain tapers off by mid- morning scattered showers throughout the day with the potential an isolated thunderstorm. a break by 10 a.m. during the morning hours and hit-and-miss scattered showers during the day and then through the evening hours, as well. up to a couple of inches of rain thursday a storm number 4 then watch what happens towards the weekend. this is system number 58 that are that will bring light rain showers from. this particular storm we are look at a couple of inches of rain.
5:20 am
>> i wouldn't be surprised if we see up to 4" of rain in the highest locations our mountains here in the bay area. when you couple of that of 4" of rain that fell in venado yesterday, 3.5 in ben lomond, you have to believe the soil is saturated and we'll see mud slides in the burnedout areas of lake county. >> two more storms to come. >> a lighter system tomorrow but the damage is done so that's a little bit of insult to injury. >> it is. >> but you wanted it. >> we want it but not all at once. >> be careful what you ask for. >> thank you. it is 5:20. twitter might be scrapping its 140-character limit. speculation by way of tweets was rampant on tuesday. reports say the social media giant is work on a product that would allow users to share longer content. twitter founder and ceo jack dorsey took to twitter tuesday
5:21 am
afternoon to address the report but neither confirmed nor denied it. he tweeted a photo of a statement that read in, part the 140 character limit is a beautiful constraint. we will never lose that feeling. sick of living under a highway in the sky, what residents want for peace and quiet in the neighborhood. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, two more names in the 49er coaching search. we have those. and the warriors take their road show to los angeles. highlights coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everybody. things are so bad right now in los angeles, that during last night's game, a fan took off his lakers jersey, put on a warriors jersey instead! and the newest warriors fan not disappointed. luke walton get the elvis treatment before the game and during the game it was the lakers that were all shook up. klay thompson in the zone 22 points in the 1st quarter. 36 points for the game. now, the 49ers need a quarterback, right? draymond green deep to bodega bay, touchdown warns! andre iguodala the unselfish one passed to steph. he had 17. curry did sit out the 4th quarter. he was hit in the shin earlier
5:25 am
in the game. no problem. warriors cruise 109-88. 49er coaching news. is mike shanahan the answer, going to reportedly interview for the head coaching gig hasn't coached since 2013. that guy also reportedly set to interview. bills running back coach anthony lynn. he was running back for the 49ers in '95 and '96. our top one of the morning this woman in australia shooting from half court for a quarter million dollars! oh!! no! a quarter million dollars possibly the worst effort in the history of half court shots or three-quarters for a quarter million dollars. if at first you don't succeed, try again. we'll do that tonight at 6:00. have a great day. we're live in the oakland hills this morning where, yes, it's raining again but take yesterday and bump it up a couple of notches. that's what we're dealing with today.
5:26 am
>> i'm kiet do live in san jose covering the strongest storm of the week number 3. it will be colder, windier and rainier than it has been all week. ,,,,
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. what an inside investigatios revealed. hiding behind his helmet. this morning, this local sheriff's deputy can't hide any more. what an inside investigation has revealed. and as the latest storm rolls through the bay area, we're watching it closely, our team coverage froms across the region. >> we have team coverage right here in our kpix 5 weather center. we'll show you where the lightning is striking and how hard it will rain. >> and these rainy conditions
5:30 am
causing problems on the roads. good morning. it's wednesday, january 6. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. a powerful new storm slamming the bay area. the national weather service has posted a flash flood watch for most of northern california. you can see from our live shot here in south san francisco flooding is already a problem. today's system, the third in the week so far and also the biggest. >> last night, a 40-foot tree came down on skyline boulevard in oakland. this is after the second downpour yesterday. the tree closed both directions at elverton drive before crews put it through a wood chipper. in san jose we are seeing something that's been missing during the drought, water is running in the guadalupe river. it had gone dry after four years of drought. >> so it's a lot of water coming down, roberta. you have been tracking it all morning. we'll see more flooding today. we have some very gusty winds
5:31 am
up to 40 miles per hour on the local bridges. picking up lightning strikes off the santa cruz coast and right now you're looking at moderate to heavy downpours in the san jose area. all this activity is lifting up from the ocean to the northerly direction. your morning commute around the santa cruz mountains, you have to see some flooding there. that on top of 3.5" of rain that fell yesterday. another couple of inches easily today. there's a peninsula commute where you see the orange. that's a heavy downpour. right now from daly city to san francisco, moderate rain entering the picture there. again, we want to walk you through the system. it began to make an impact on the bay area as early as 3:00 this morning. the heaviest activity moving through for the morning commute with a bit of a break by about 9:00. we have a flash flood watch in effect for the entire bay area. you can see the rain, it's swooping through the golden gate bridge. very wet pavement out there and gianna has details on that. temperatures today in the 50s. again, winds are another part of this story today. we'll talk more about how that will impact your day coming up
5:32 am
later in this newscast. as roberta just said we are seeing a lot of wet weather in san francisco right now so we have accidents coming in. we'll get you updated on these. lanes blocked westbound 80 at 101. north 880 at 980 word of an accident also blocking lanes. a lot of these are solo spinouts so take it easy this morning. west 80 at gilman is slowing things down this morning. it was blocking two lanes. it's now over to the right shoulder but we are seeing some slow-and-go conditions as you approach the scene. traffic is backed up through there. once you pass that, it gets better and that's what's holding up traffic before it gets to the bay bridge here. lighter conditions right now because of that wreck off the eastshore freeway. your drive times from the carquinez bridge to the maze will take you about 32 minutes. no metering lights just yet. you're still making your way okay through there but word of a stall on the upper deck of the bay bridge. north 880 at alvarado look out for an accident blocking lanes. also another one reported near the dumbarton bridge toll plaza. and on the bridges itself, it's
5:33 am
very windy so wind advisories are in effect. back to you guys. on that thought, if you are commuting this morning, pack your patience. >> let's check in with kpix 5's kiet do who is spending the morning along interstate 280 in san jose. kiet. >> reporter: blustery conditions out here for sure on 280 and bascom avenue. at one point the rain was coming in sideways because the wind was blowing so hard. this is certainly one of the strongest if not the strongest storms of the el nino season so far. take a look at the current conditions out here on 280. red taillights northbound into the 880 interchange. traffic volume picked up and that means on top of the heavy rain that's hitting the windshield you get a lot of misting on the windshield that's reducing visibility. another reason why you should probably slow down if you are heading into work or school this morning. as if the bay area traffic wasn't bad enough check out what commuters had to deal with yesterday morning, garbage. an inch of rain over three to
5:34 am
four hours created a nasty stew of trash near the 280/680 interchange. that clogged the storm drains and caused flooding on the freeway. it took crews hours to clear it out. a very good reason why you should not litter. >> what do you want to tell drivers about littering? >> keep trash in your cars. don't throw it out. keep california clean. >> reporter: we could see a repeat of this today since the national weather service says we should expect about a quarter to half inch of rain per hour for three to four hours. again a flash flood watch in effect for the entire bay area. >> kiet, it looks colder than yesterday. >> reporter: yeah. you know, like yesterday, roberta mentioned that it felt like hawaii? because it was so warm and so moist yesterday. definitely not the case today. it cold, windy and my hands are just freezing. >> where are your gloves? >> reporter: i know. my dishwashing gloves.
5:35 am
i left them at home. >> stay warm, kiet. >> thank you. this morning's storm is hitting waterlogged area. the ground is saturated and trees are in danger of toppling. kpix 5's jackie ward is in the oakland hills where it's been steadily raining this morning. >> reporter: this is just a soccer of a storm this morning -- soaker of a storm this morning. yesterday it wasn't so bad compared to today, to be honest with you. since we have been here in the oakland hills, it's been a steady consistent downfall. things are already a mess out here. as we were driving over here, across the bay bridge to the oakland hills, we were caught off guard by the gusts of wind as we had to -- we had to brace ourselves over the bridge. out in the rain doesn't feel so bad, it is just falling down steadily not a lot of wind but when you're in the car, everything looks a lot worse because you're driving fast
5:36 am
through the rain. these storms have already caused damage. take a look at what happened yesterday in mill valley as this tree came crashing down on a power line right on buena vista avenue by carmelita. it was removed. pg&e says it knocked out power to 260 customers. speaking of pg&e, they are reporting 600 power outages across the bay area right now. they say they are weather- related. and most of those outages are happening in san francisco. from oakland hills, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> all right, stay dry. thank you. in the sierra a winter storm warning is in effect this morning, two feet of snow fell yesterday and more snow is expected from the latest storm. free sandbags are available across the bay area for people trying to ward off potential floods. for example, six sandbags stations are open in santa clara county and more than a
5:37 am
dozen in contra costa. for a complete list of locations, just go to our website, a bay area sheriff's deputy out of a job this morning after we released video you can only see here on kpix 5 showing him riding with a biker game. zack schlief was a marin county sheriff's deputy and also the leader a bay area super moto gang. the group is known for riding through the streets of san francisco performing dangerous tricks and riding illegally. when we showed the department his video, they took action right away. >> if the marin county sheriffs acted upon that, it shows they want to keep their professionalism within the ranks and, um, that they reacted to it so quickly is a good sign that they're on top of any misconduct by any police officer. >> aside from being fired, there's no word on whether the former deputy will face charges for his reckless driving. people in parts of san mateo county say they have had enough of all the noise from
5:38 am
planes leaving the san francisco airport. flight patterns changed last year after the federal aviation administration switched to a gps system. instead of flying over the bay where planes won't disturb people they are heading over quiet cities like brisbane and pacifica. >> when you initiate something new, you will have some bugs. >> a website allows people to submit noise complains straight to the faa. well, today an ominous development in north korea could push stock prize down. jill wagner of joins us now from new york where stock prices may be down. >> reporter: good morning. north korea's claim that it tested a hydrogen bomb that rattled most asian markets this morning, it sparked a sell-off in japan, south korea and hong kong. china's market stabilized. the wall street markets were flat after monday's sell-off.
5:39 am
it's looking like a lower open today. 2015 was a record year for auto sales. americans bought 17.4 million new cars and trucks. that's the most ever. analysts say 2016 could be another record-breaker of low gas prices and low interest prices. the tech world is in vegas this week for the consumer electronics show a chance to show off high-tech devise. this year, expect more virtual reality technology. 4k tvs and breakthroughs with self-driving cars. frank and michelle? >> and jill, we hear one of the highlights in vegas may revolutionize our kitchen. tell us about it. >> yes. samsung is introducing a new smart refrigerator. it lets you order grocery using an app on the refrigerator screen. so service will initially begin with fresh directions and shop rite in new york called the family hub refrigerator letting you decide when you want them delivered and you can pay with
5:40 am
a credit card and you can organize the front of refrigerator so no more magnets and pictures. you can electronically display your photos. >> that's neat. >> i guess. jill wagner of thank you. it is 5:40. coming up, more on that successful hydrogen bomb test in north korea. the world reacts as experts discuss what it means for the united states. >> and the rain is causing a lot of problems on the roads in the bay area. gianna will be back to let you know about all the hot spots and roberta with the high wind advisories, warnings and watches, everything that's going on today. we'll be right back. ,, ♪
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5:42 am
good morning, everyone. we're taking a look out towards levi's stadium where currently we have wind gusts up to 29 miles per hour and air
5:43 am
temperature in the low 50s. we are just 33 days until super bowl 50. quick factoid. it's dan reeves, mike ditka and tony dungy who have appeared in the super bowl as a player assistant coach and head coach. super bowl 50 airs right here on kpix 5 on february 7. today north korea said it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. the test caused a seismic event in the northeastern portion of the country. usgs says it was a 5.1 magnitude. tremors in china were strong enough to prompt evacuations of schools. north korean media made the televised announcement. the u.s. says it could take days to confirm the claim. experts say the real danger is in north korea's intentions. china is protesting to the north korean ambassador today. south korea called the test a grave provocation and nato said it undermines regional and
5:44 am
international security. a rare moment of emotion from president obama as he outlined his executive order to curb gun violence. the president wind away tears as he recalled the mass killing of 20 first graders in newtown, connecticut. under the new plan all gun dealers would be license and conduct background checks for all sales. he is increasing funding for mental health treatment and reporting to the background check system. gun enthusiasts say it won't change much. >> i'm for background checks but i don't want to see guns taken away from americans. >> the bad guys will always have guns. >> in congress many republicans vow to block changes in gun laws saying it's up to congress to enact policies on firearms. oakland is taking action in an effort to curb gun violence. last night city council members introduced two new ordinances one calling for gun owners to keep their weapons in lock
5:45 am
boxes in homes and cars and the other would ban all high capacity magazines. the proposal also come back before the city council january 19. a friend of san bernardino gunman farook farook is set to be arraigned today in a riverside courtroom. enrique marquez faces charges of conspiring to provide material support to terrorists. according to investigators, marquez bought assault ryan's for syed farook a few years ago and at the time -- rifles for syed farook a few years ago and at the time they talked about attacks they never carried out but investigators say those guns were used last month when 14 people were killed by sayed farook and tashfeen malik. 18 minutes are missing from the day of the attacks. investigators have been piecing together the attackers' movements throughout the day. they pinned down most of the timeline but there's one period between 12:59 p.m. and 1:17 p.m. where they don't know where they were. the fbi is asking for help
5:46 am
filling in the blanks. 5:45. two of the hardest working women in television now. one is covering the storm, one is covering all those wet roads. i guess if you can stay home, do it. >> or if you can use mass transit that's a great choice because as roberta has been saying this is one of the our biggest storms so far. it's going to be busy all morning long. we have a lot of wet weather out there and a lot of accidents. so i'm just focusing on the ones that are causing delays or actually blocking lanes and california highway patrol doing a great job getting everything out of the road quickly. northbound 101 near third avenue this accident in the clearing stages but we are starting to see delays on the peninsula southbound 101, as well. that earlier wreck west 92 at 101, also off to the shoulder but there is some activity there as well. north 880 at alvarado still blocking lanes delays northbound and southbound 880 into fremont this morning. in fact, delays along 880 your nimitz at least from 237 down into hayward we are seeing a backup all the way through there speeds under 45 miles per hour. westbound dumbarton bridge that accident near the toll plaza is still there.
5:47 am
and windy conditions on our bay area bridges. so wind advisory in effect for the dumbarton bridge as well as the san mateo bridge and again it's slick surfaces out there so be careful. right now your drive time to head out of hayward towards foster city will take 16 minutes. we are seeing a few extra cars on the roads but at least this portion is doing okay despite that wet windy weather. southbound 101 flooding reported in the two left lanes of the road there. try to stick to the right. we are league is delays as a result. we have accidents -- we are seeing delays as a result. we have accidents at 280 northbound at 101, south 280 at 101, also one reported there. not too far from there 80 at 101 in san francisco. we had reports of an accident in this area blocking lanes, as well. so it's causing busy conditions there. and we are still seeing some slow conditions westbound 80 at gilman and you're going to see it backed up at the bay bridge. here's roberta. good morning, everyone. we are calling on our hi-def doppler radar. it's been monitoring this third storm out of a series of five impacting the bay area. this one is slated to be the most powerful storm and so far
5:48 am
it's living up to its billing. it has gusty winds in excess of 40 miles per hour over the local bridges. i have been focusing in on the santa cruz mountains. yesterday with storm number 2 we picked up 3.5" of rain in 24 hours in ben lomond. so you will see minor flooding there. you see the back side of this front here in santa cruz, you will have a break within the next 15 minutes. meanwhile across the south bay in san jose, we have some heavy rainfall around tully road. that you see 680 commute from the north to the south as you make tracks towards downtown san jose. heavy rain there. light to moderate rainfall around the 580/680 corridor in dublin-pleasanton. heading over the dublin grade as you begin your commute and head into the bay bridge you have some heavy rainfall in that area. north bay you're not going to get as much rain as you do in the south bay. looking toward the golden gate bridge you can see the rain impacting that particular
5:49 am
commute as it bounces off the pavement there. temperatures are in the upper 40s and low 50s. the wind is the other side of the story today, currently up to 13 in the hayward area. sfo up to 20-mile-per-hour winds. 10 in san rafael. 15-mile-per-hour winds in santa rosa and 24 in fairfield. we have a flash flood watch in effect today into tonight. there will be roadway flood, urban small stream flooding, as well. we have a high surf warning in effect. don't try it. it's just junk out there. better conditions by the weekend. isolated thunderstorms a possibility today. we have been already had lightning strikes off the coast. round 4 is slated for thursday. that's it. that's the fourth system. it's a smaller storm not as much rain as today. hit-and-run scattered showers during the afternoon and then also into the evening. as we approach your friday, we
5:50 am
start to see another system. this one will be number 5. move in by saturday morning. rain amounts today up to a couple of inches in the wettest locations, wouldn't be surprised if we see 3" in some of the highest elevations. wet cement. that's what's falling in the high sierra. up to two feet of snow expected. there's your sunrise. it's a wild wet windy wednesday, highs in the 50s. through the next seven days, we have again a smaller system rolling through the bay area on thursday. we have more rain by friday and then another system possible on sunday. be safe out there. thanks, roberta. it is 5:50. major airline companies are raising prices. how much more you will pay to fly. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. 5:53. looking at our hi-def doppler radar, it is here, we have the powerful storm number 3 racing
5:54 am
onshore. >> westbound 92 at 101 slick surfaces causing a lot of accidents. we have this one where a vehicle hit the sidewall delays up to foster city boulevard. so expect busy conditions. a dangerous toxin has postponed that california crab season but there is hope in oregon. harvest just started off the oregon coast and the price for a pound of crab will is dropping. plus fishermen say they are bigger than average that's because they sat on the ocean floor an extra month before being caught. a judge in san jose refused to issue a temporary restraining order against the city of santa clara and the nfl on behalf of a youth soccer lyle league. they plan to turn the santa clara youth soccer league field into a media center during the super bowl. they are concerned about the condition of the field once the nfl is done with it but construction on the field began whether the league likes it or not. >> you can only drink water out
5:55 am
there. there's no coffee, no soda, no animals running around. they have strict usage policy because they wanted to maintain the quality of the field. to turn around yesterday and watch the destruction that happened is just -- it's sickening. >> the fight isn't over. the next court hearing in the case is set for monday. parents hope the meeting produces terms for the field's return in writing. you will have to hand over a few more bucks the next time you fly roundtrip. several u.s. airlines are raising the base fares for roundtrip tickets by 6 bucks. delta airlines kicked off the price hike on monday. soon southwest, united and others will follow suit t applies to domestic flies and it's the first large-scale increase since june. want to get away? 450million might buy that flight to just about anywhere. >> i think so. >> a few pairs of shoes. the powerball jackpot is
5:56 am
$450 million and the drawing is tonight. corner stores are crowded. many are buying from cavanaugh liquors in san lorenzo one of the luckiest locations in the bay area. >> i'm going to invest in some property and own a ranch to give back to the community of youth. >> there's a nice tight black lamborghini aventador i would love to buy. >> powerball is played in 44 states. tonight's drawing is at 8:00. so whatever you experienced yesterday, expect today to be way worse. this is absolutely the wettest we have seen all season. it's going to get worse. >> i'm kiet do live in san jose. certainly can verify that. cold, wet, rainy conditions again here in the south bay. we have a live report straight ahead. they're delicious side dishes
5:57 am
th the protein of beans, whole grains.. ...and veggies! mmm good. my work here is dooooone! bird's eye protein blends.
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area -- and this one is pac quite a punch. good morning. it round 3, el nino, is sending another storm to the bay area and this one is packing quite a punch. good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, january 6. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:00 on this wednesday. and this storm is coming at just the wrong time if you are heading out to work this morning. we have crews all over the bay area and some of the trouble spots. first let's go to roberta tracking the storm on hi-def doppler. >> i want to give reporter kiet do in the santa cruz mountains a heads up. he is going to be a little break in the activity. the back side of the front will be moving in. this is the view of san jose and the nt


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