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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  January 7, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> i'm allen martin. video of a classroom beating in contra costa county is making waves online. it's tough to watch but you can clearly see it features an aide attacking a special needs student. this happened at the "tobinworld" school in antioch. kpix 5's da lin says the school could be in line to lose some of its students. da. >> reporter: that's a possibility. but things appear normal today on campus. in fact, i saw that 9-year-old victim walking around campus today. now, as for the suspect, her mother is coming to her defense painting a very different picture of that suspects. a campus worker walked the 9- year-old boy from one building to another this afternoon. he was upbeat and smiling despite what happened two days ago. a cell phone video shows a woman punching the special needs student in a classroom while other teacher's aides watch and laugh. it shows her throwing something
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at him and pushing him down. police arrested the woman 26- year-old kamaljot kaur for felony child abuse. the suspect's mother says she has not seen the video. they live together at this antioch home. >> she is very friendly. she is my nice daughter, you know. i don't know she hit doesn't -- doesn't hit, you know. >> reporter: the mother choked up at one point talking about her daughter who is now locked up at this county jail. >> i am surprised my daughter is, you know, arrested, you know, but, um, i don't know what happened over there, you know,. >> reporter: a next-door neighbor doesn't people the same way. >> not surprising unfortunately. >> reporter: how come? >> the -- very standoffish, kind of a negative attitude. >> reporter: the boy lives in oakland and is a student of the oakland unified school district. [ yelling ] >> the behavior we saw in the video was completely unacceptable, horrendous, not consistent with our practices. >> reporter: oakland unified
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school district sends 13 special needs students to this campus here. they are going to talk with the parents to decide whether or not to continue to send the students here. as for "tobinworld" the state suspended its certificate back in september of last year. they just lifted it two weeks ago. live in antioch, i'm da lin, kpix 5. aside from the woman who has been arrest, "tobinworld"'s founder says the school has suspended another teacher's aide in the video. the state department of education is also conducting an investigation. it was at the school today and will go again tomorrow. police in the east bay looking for this man. investigators say 22-year-old jesse sterling valdez is responsible for the oakland shooting that left an innocent bystander injured. the violence captured on surveillance video happened near 13th and broadway on tuesday morning just after 10:30. police say an argument broke out between those two men on the sidewalk just before
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gunfire started. a woman was shot and injured in the crossfire. she is in stable condition. a milestone today in the countdown to super bowl 50. we are now one month away. chopper 5 was over levi's stadium 30 days out. ground crews are working to replace the turf and nearby parking lots are now construction zones. cranes are setting up hospitality tents to welcome thousands of fans. kpix 5's devin fehely shows us one probable le santa clara is expecting lead -- problem santa clara is expecting leading up to the big game. >> reporter: security is super tight before the super bowl for the week leading up to and on game day. the street that runs in front of the stadium a street that thousands of commuters rely on daily will be shut down for a week. it's one of the busiest streets in the south bay but for the week before the super bowl traffic on tasmin drive will
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stop. the street blocked off for security before the big game. >> it will be closed. we're looking to close tasmin road on sunday night the week before game day and then we are going to have that roadway closed so that there will be some impact to our neighborhoods. >> reporter: that's not the only impact that people who live and work near levi's stadium will feel. the closer we get to super bowl sunday. >> the light rail system will remain in operation up until friday night prior to the super bowl. >> reporter: the santa clara police department is unveiling its transportation plan and a series of community meetings are beginning tonight. many people say the street closure will be include the understanding of the need for security. >> security is important. that's the target. i don't have any problem with the security. the more the better. >> reporter: chief sellers says because many of the events leading up to the super bowl will happen in san francisco, he and many of the people who live and work in the area of the impact and inconvenience
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will be lessened. >> it's basically an inconvenience now for that whole week. >> it's an extremely exciting time for not only my department but for the city and the region. >> reporter: now, the chief says because light rail service will stop short of the stadium both on the east and west side on game day, he says that there will be a shuttle service to bring fans to the stadium. devin fehely, kpix 5. in sacramento right now, a terror suspect has been arrested. he is 23-year-old [ non-english language ] federal prosecutors say the man traveled overseas to syria to fight alongside terrorist organizations and lied to u.s. authorities about his activities. according to the criminal complaint, the man is a palestinian born in iraq who came to the u.s. as an iraqi refugee in 2012. federal authorities say there is no occasional-jayab planned terrorism here in the -- there
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is no indication that al-jayab planned terrorism here in the united states. tomorrow top u.s. officials will meet in sillicon valley to discuss what tech company can do to help stop terrorists. elizabeth cook reports. >> reporter: the obama administration has been putting the pressure on tech companies to do more to stop terrorists from using the internet and social media to recruit and plot attacks. tomorrow's discussion in san jose will include some of the most powerful officials in washington. attorney general loretta lynch, fbi director james comey, white house chief of staff and director of national intelligence. several tech companies have been invited to take part including facebook, google, yahoo, twittered and tumblr. facebook and twitter have confirmed they will send a representative. the recent terror attacks in san bernardino and paris have put the spotlight on the role of social media in allowing the spread of propaganda by groups
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like isis. last week twitter updated its policy to explicitly prohibit hateful conduct. the main focus will be on terrorists online messages but another topic could come up, as well. the use of encrypted communication. the fbi says the san bernardino suspects were able to use the technology to hide their planning. we have learned the fbi director has made a series of trips to sillicon valley recently on just this topic. veronica, back to you >> thank you. california is taking in more tax money. but governor jerry brown says he is not ready to spend it. he unveiled a cautious budget today. the $171 billion spending plan focuses mostly on public education. $71billion for k through 12 and community colleges. $36billion to make long needed road and bridge repairs, financed with new fees and taxes. 1.4billion more for medi-cal and more than $500 million for drought and wildfires.
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but he wants to keep the rainy day fund intact and pump in 2 billion more. >> it's not a candy store where you can pick out whatever you want. you got to choose. and that's what we're going to do. so this is my first cut. if other people would say, gee, we ought to take some of that out and put it into here there will be a tendency to do everything and i'll have to straighten it out in the end. >> the governor wants to focus on modest expansion in services and liberal investment in one- time expenses. new at 6:00 an idea from nascar could be used as campaign finance reform. kpix 5's mike sugerman tells us that lawmakers could soon be forced to wear their sponsorships on their sleeves. >> reporter: yes. on their sleeves and lapels and on their breast pockets. you know, nascar is not shy about telling you who their sponsors are. there is a move to make legislators share that information, too.
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>> reporter: when carl edwards win he is in the aflac car. another is in a coca-cola car. who is sponsoring legislation in sacramento? >> it will require all our state legislators to wear the logos of their top 10 sponsors. >> reporter: john cox is a political gadfly who is getting signatures for such a ballot measure. >> the winner of the logo. >> -- you'll unions and big businesses. you will see trial unions, big businesses, lawyers and medical society. >> reporter: it takes a million dollars to win a seat in the state assembly or senate. that means that they have to raise more than $1,000 a day for the two years between elections. >> you want to call attention to a corrupt, broken and, frankly, stupid system. >> reporter: let's take our own legislators. david chiu assembly member from san francisco will be wearing
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nurses, teachers, working families united. san francisco police officers association. cooperative of american physicians. families for affordable housing. katherine baker from contra costa, california teachers association, coalition for excellence a school testing group. spirit of democracy, another business group. it's hard to tell by the names who is what. >> the donors will change their names from pepsi or exxon to best legislator ever or i love pickup tis. and then legislators will get a kick out of wearing those in the assembly. >> reporter: would the initiative survive what it takes to run a california campaign? >> they tell me it could cost as much as a million dollars. >> reporter: where are you getting a million dollars? >> i'm -- i'm -- i'm -- i'm reasonably wealthy. >> reporter: would have to wear a logo of himself if he ever got elect. so signature gathering will start tomorrow. you might see somebody on the street. cox will need more than 350,000
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signature. it sounds goofy. but he is serious. who knows what will happen in 2016. i had this great idea to come out here in my suit with sleep train and the -- all of our sponsors. and the boss said, ah, no. so i didn't. >> you will need a few more signatures for that. [ laughter ] >> it is an interesting transparency idea. >> it is. >> reporter: it brings up the fact that a lot of money goes into politics and we all know that. but when you actually see it, it is eye-opening. >> it is. >> it really is. >> thank you. some colossal waves at bay area beaches today. fearless surface out in force though taking advantage of those massive swells. kpix 5's joe vazquez joining us from half moon bay and towering waves expected for a while longer, huh, joe? >> reporter: yeah, allen. it's el nino so this is what we are going to see during the whole el nino season. first you get the storms. then you get the big waves. and dropping in on those waves, the surfers.
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as the sun set on half moon bay surfers took advantage of what was left of a tumultuous thursday. >> they are saying waves are up to 40 feet. >> i think the brain stopped processing past a certain height. so you just look down and go, it's real fun. >> unruly 40 feet. >> reporter: jeff clark founder of the mavericks surf competition says as much as the high waves are exciting, they are not exactly ideal. some of the best surfers in the world are in the water here but aren't catching the rockier waves. >> the energy is just, um, violent. i mean, that's about all you can say. the bowl out in the mavericks today is violent. if you are in the wrong place, you're going to have to get rescued. >> reporter: in fact he says one of the surfers was injured today. garrett mcnamara who rode a 100- foot wave in portugal separated his shoulder this morning and was in a tremendous amount of pain. >> half dozen guys out there
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now. >> reporter: later in the afternoon the water smoothed out. chopper 5 captured this image of two seemingly synchronized surfers riding out a giant wave. >> i would give it like a 7 or so. >> gnarly factor? >> um, pretty gnarly. [ laughter ] >> they are trying to just pick off one or two of these waves because to go out there and to tap into the energy of a 40- foot wave, man, that charges your batteries for a while until the next big, as well. >> reporter: so as you heard, there's a high gnarly factor here which could be good and bad. dangerous and beautiful, which is exactly what is attractive to the surfers. reporting live in half moon bay, i'm joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> it is. and while most of us avoid this kind of rough surf, the coast guard was using it for practice. coming up in about five minutes, how today's monster
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swells provided some valuable training for rescue operations. let's check in now with meteorologist paul deanno. we are getting a break in the rain for now. but not for long, right? >> rain is coming back of the the active stormy pattern is going to be with us for a while. as a matter of fact, the next storm is already on kpix 5 high- def doppler radar. if you zoom out to the major reservoirs it's already raining and will be raining here soon. fort bragg getting rain, eureka a break but plenty offshore. futurecast dry tonight aside from a spotty coastal shower but it is tomorrow 9:00 the rain will make it by the evening hours into the bay area. we'll talk about how much rain to expect and how many more storms there are behind that one coming up. well, bay area woman's scary fall hiking yosemite. she survived but getting her to safety was no easy task. why she was forced to stay overnight in icy conditions. >> it's never happened before. the powerball jackpot hits $700
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park... it happened last saturday-- a c-h-p helicopt airlifted a palo alto hikern that we are getting this video in for a daring rescue in yosemite national park. it happened last saturday. a chp helicopter airlifted a palo alto hiker in that red bag right there to safety. the 63-year-old woman slipped and fell 10 feet leaving her unable to walk. luckily rescue crews found her but because of the harsh weather conditions they couldn't carry her off the mountain. instead, they secured her overnight until the helicopter. could make the rescue the next -- until the helicopter could make the rescue the next morning. the woman taken to the hospital
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with a fractured back. one of the roads leading into yosemite is closed tonight because a huge rockslide along highway 140. it was discovered this morning. no one was hurt. but it is going to take time to clear it out. you can still get into the park through other entrances. fema has established an el nino task force. they released a disaster response plan to deal with the weather system. the rain has prompted them to monitor various flood stages on streams and rivers throughout the state. the agency says technology like this pressure transducer which reads the elevation of water acts like an early warning system for cities when flooding is imminent. >> having this data out to the public is important. it goes to the public web but you can set it up so it sends a tense message to your phone -- cents you a text message to your phone. if there's a flood you can get out.
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>> the usgs says it has installed about 600 stream gauges throughout the state. in pacifica massive waves pummeled the pier today drawing dozens who wanted a look at mother nature in action. that guy is okay. they were willing to take the punishment there. the big waves fun to watch but also perfect for rescue training. kpix 5's don ford takes us out to sea with the coast guard. the pros are stunned by what they saw. >> 20 to 25-foot. >> reporter: 20 to 25-foot waves! today the training day and two specialized coast guard boats are heading several miles out the gate out to some of the roughest largest most unpredictable seas of the season. but when they arrive, even these professionals paused when they saw it. they call the it potato patch. >> it -- they call it the potato patch. >> it will break and roll across. >> reporter: they stay on the edge in 15-foot swells. it's all about training in
6:20 pm
real-life conditions. >> we want to make sure that our crews know what to expect if we were to have to go out. >> reporter: running a 47-foot 900-horsepower boat in these waves requires experience, experience you get only one way. then there's this. a special practice dummy is tossed and retrieved. but everyone is on high alert watching over their shoulders for a rogue wave. the famous rogue wave, well, here's what it actually is. when two waves are traveling, one slows, the other climbings the back of the first creating a monster nearly twice as tall as the original. and that phenomenon is not as unusual as you me it think. this is a small rogue wave. it started as two 20-footers. see how it towers above all the others? difficult to predict. doesn't last long and it can be dangerous. the coast guard says for the next few days, be very careful. >> wanted to make sure you guys
6:21 pm
knew of the conditions that were out there, all right? >> yeah. >> you guys have a good day. be safe. >> reporter: coast guard station golden gate is the busiest search-and-rescue station in the nation. on the pacific ocean, don ford, kpix 5. wow. rough looking. >> yeah. >> amazing. >> kind of scary. >> it is. but the good news with our storms is, the numbers are adding up. >> just did the math. folsom lake one month ago 29% of average. right now, 50% of average. how much more water is in folsom lake than one month ago? 37.5billion gallons. that's how much more water is in folsom lake right now from just a month ago. >> wow. >> we node more but we are heading in the right direction. -- woo immediate for but we're heading -- we need more, but we're heading in the right direction. now we are looking east over the embarcadero, bay bridge. both of them toward oakland. look at the beautiful bay lights firing up in a couple of weeks. it's a fantastic view. we didn't have rainfall today.
6:22 pm
we did have some sunshine. got you up to 59 in oakland. hayward 56. san jose 56. san francisco officially high today 53 degrees. zero on the radar right now. but don't worry. there's more coming with three systems impacting us over the next week. what is the el nino impact? it means that the storm track which is always aimed somewhere for the past four or five years not here it now is aimed toward california. that's the yellow line that you see. an active storm track. but the storms are being supercharged because we're tapping into the tropics. that's where the warm water is the stuff we measure for el nino. it doesn't come here. it takes the extratropical moisture supercharge the storms and give us more rainfall than a typical storm would. both of those are still in play for the next several days and we'll see another storm moving
6:23 pm
in tomorrow night that will give us another inch of rain, another one monday and another on wednesday. so perhaps not as intense, not as widespread as what we have seen earlier this week but the parade of storms will continue with the next rain event moving in as early as tomorrow evening. they have more rain because of the el nino pattern. fremont tomorrow dry, rain after midnight tomorrow. san rafael 53. san francisco 53. santa rosa may see some showers by 10 p.m. saturday we are wet in the morning. dry in the afternoon. we are dry all day sunday. another round of rain on monday. after a dry day on tuesday, another round of rain on wednesday. rain every day? rain every other day? fine. bring it. >> couple more billion gallons in the reservoir. thank you, paul. living large in the hills. inside the bay area plantion that just sold for a record price. >> maybe that inspire you to buy a ticket for the biggest
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now this berkeley hills man has been snapped up -- at a record price. the new all right. you had your chance. now this berkeley hillsmantion has been snapped up at a record price. an undisclosed buyer is the new owner of the 14,000-foot home. the price, $20.5 million. it's the former home of robert felton, tech entrepreneur. and believe it or not, the price was lowered by a half million dollars. you will get a 2,000-square- foot living room, solar system that heats a 60-foot lap pool and check that out a climate controlled wine cellar, allen. >> and for the rest of us, lotto fever reaches new heights across the country. nobody won the $524 million jackpot last night. but one person in union city
6:27 pm
was really close. a ticket that matched the first five numbers but missed that powerball number was sold at perry's liquor on alvarado boulevard so the payout for that, $1.4 million. so now the powerball jackpot stands at a record $700 million. although the odds of hitting the jackpot are enormous, kpix 5's john ramos spoke to a bay area math professor who explains how you can improve your chances. >> reporter: the cork and bottle in concord is the place dreams are made of and they got bigger. >> $700 million is a big chunk of change. >> reporter: powerball stands to pay the highest jackpot in u.s. history because the winning combination hasn't been picked in the last 18 draws. back at the cork and bottle this man paid two bucks for the first time. >> because of the amount. you know, it's intense. >> $300 million wasn't enough? >> 600 is better. >> reporter: the lump sum would be about $428 million. you could buy a new tesla every day for 11 years.
6:28 pm
or you could give a million dollars to every one of the 435 members of the house of representatives. it might be worth it to see the reaction of the 7 guys who get stiffed. but hold on. if you want your dreams crushed, come to saint mary's college. at least to the matt spot math department. he calculated the odds. >> 69 times 68 times 67 times -- >> reporter: yeah, blah, blah, blah. anyway, mr. killjoy came up with a figure of more than 292 million to 1. but the lottery also released the six numbers most often drawn in the last 15 years. >> so would you have a better chance if you played those numbers and just played those every week? >> i don't think so. >> reporter: you're no fun. >> i know. i don't think so. listen, the fact is, is it's cold, hard numbers. >> reporter: everyone compares the odds to being eaten by a shark. but more people are killed by
6:29 pm
pigs every year. so it turns out you have a better chance of having bacon eat you for breakfast than winning powerball. so go ahead and play. but watch your back. in concord, john ramos, kpix 5. >> so there is a chance. >> but all of of that? it won't stop people. >> not at all. coming up in our next half- hour, a favorite local park opens with a brand-new look. but can it last? what the city plans to do to keep it from getting trashed. >> a dog snatched in its sleep and sold on the internet within hours. how a family's determination led to a happy reunion. >> another rough ride on the markets and what we just learned about china could spell more trouble for tomorrow. ,,,,
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we are just now, getting the booking photo of a teacher's aide accused of slapping a special needs student. kamaljot kaur is behind bars tonight.. for our top stories at six 30. we are getting the booking photo of a teacher slapping a special needs student. kamaljot kaur is behind bars tonight for felony child abuse. this was the video of that ugly incident at "tobinworld" school in antioch. the school says it has suspended another teacher's aide seen in the video. we are learning some districts
6:33 pm
are considering removing their students from the school. i'm devin fehely at levi's stadium with new information about the super bowl transportation plan. the police department says that tasmin drive will be shut down for a week before the game and light rail will stop the friday before super bowl sunday. >> governor brown took the wraps off his $171 billion budget. the biggest winners, education and social programs. but the governor is not going on a spending spree. he also wants to add $2 billion more to the state's rainy day fund. golden gate park gets all the attention. but san francisco's dolores park is a local favorite. so much so the city spent $20 million on renovating that park. kpix 5's emily turner asked, what will the city do to make sure its big investment doesn't get trashed? >> reporter: on any given day during a warm weekend, this is what dolores park looks like. and this is the aftermath. it's a multi-million dollar
6:34 pm
bond project that people have littered, defaced and defecated on. >> so for $20 million how do you feel people treat this place? >> not like they should. really not like they should. >> reporter: the renovations of mission in dolores park will be finished next week and the park open to the public. the north side opened six months ago and it didn't take long for brown spots to appear in the grass and it took a crew of volunteers to clean up the trash. this is a $20 million investment that the city made. what are you doing to make sure you protect something that people have historically trashed? >> it begins with making sure that we have constant communication with those that love this park. >> reporter: it's one of the most popular parks in the city and its easy to see why but many worry the money will be wasted if the city doesn't take stronger action to keep it up. >> people's trash and waste should constantly be not only monitored but a heavy dose of multicultural education. >> reporter: what about something with teeth? >> well, um, i think there
6:35 pm
will be enforcement backed up by reminders. >> reporter: 23 park rangers fill the role now. 11 more will be hired. but their priority is educating the public and posting signs about what is allowed and where. but some park-goers wonder whether that will be enough once park season returns. >> maybe it's because they don't understand it is a $20 million investment. people feel like very entitled to these kind of places. and they don't feel like they earned it and they don't need to respect it. >> reporter: the public works department is setting to educate the people hoping to change the culture surrounding how people treat the park. last year in the six months that the north part of the park was open they wrote 372 citations. in dolores park, emily turner, kpix 5. a bay area woman who went on an anti-muslim rant pleaded not guilty today to two counts of battery stemming from this encounter. >> you are very deceived by
6:36 pm
satan! your mind has been taken over, brainwashed! >> denise slater of hayward was captured on cell phone video last month when she approached two muslim men praying and began yelling at them before allegedly hitting one of them with her umbrella. slater will be back in court on february 26. walnut creek police say a man who robbed a 7-eleven might be tied to a string of other robberies. the armed suspect took off with cash from a store on north civic drive last night. he is described as about 5'6" with a stocky build. he might be behind recent robberies in walnut creek, redwood city and san leandro. petaluma police are saying this man stole banking information from at least three people. investigators believe the man took more than $3,000 from victims at atms in petaluma, rohnert park and american canyon. more trouble for yahoo. the sunnyvale based tech company is reportedly about to slash 10% of its workforce.
6:37 pm
according to business insider, yahoo could start laying off more than 1,000 employees as early as this month. the report comes shortly after an investment firm blasted yahoo's ceo marissa mayer for failing to turn the company around. there have been growing calls lately for her to go. yahoo's shares were down 5% today. the stock market overall with the worst start to a year ever. in the past four days the dow has dropped 900 points, 5%. it was down from the opening bell with the dow dropping hundreds of points within seconds. some analysts say this is more than a correction. it could be the beginning of a bear market. it ended down 392 points or 2.3%. nasdaq dropped 146. s&p down 47. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks says today's drop just like the previous days can be traced to china. >> we saw the shanghai exchange plunge today triggering circuit breakers for the second time this week. china has suspended those
6:38 pm
circuit breakers but it didn't do enough to relieve global stock markets with the dow plunging by almost 400 points. >> those circuit breakers are computer programs that automatically shut down trading. now, brooks says there are worries that china's economy is slowing even more than what beijing is letting on. the chinese stock market opened friday trading up 3% then lost the gains and is trading lower now. a dog stolen and sold on the internet. they got her back. >> coldplay sharing the spotlight. word tonight the super bowl just added another huge name to it halftime show. ♪[ music ] ,, ,,,,,,,,
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♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see
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♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪ teenagers who stole a dog r outside its home... and sol online in a matter of hours. this is trina... a 3 pound y shitzu who needs medication. sunnyvale police searching for teens who stole a dog and sole it online. this is trina a 3-pound toy
6:41 pm
shih tzu who needs medication. she wandered on the street and was stolen. within hours a woman bought the dog for $100 online. trina's friends went looking for her and a visit to a pet store helped crack the case. >> they recognized the dog and said she was here yesterday with a lady and she bought it for her kids for christmas. >> police told the woman the dog was stolen but the woman would not give teresa her dog back until she paid her the $100 she spent. now trina is back home. super bowl organizers are crazy in love with beyonce. pepsi the sponsor of super bowl 50's halftime show is confirming the pop star will take the stage with headliners coldplay. this isn't her first time performing at the big event. football fans probably remember the pop singer as halftime show three years ago when the 49ers lost to the ravens in super bowl xlvii. a bay area mother goes to battle with the warriors. why she says the team's new san
6:42 pm
francisco arena could put her son's life in danger. i'll have that story plus a whole lot more tonight on bay area nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. a very expensive sports car turns submarine and it's a moment that's going to make car lovers cringe. a lamborghini's driver risky trip through the floodwaters. >> it has been a while since we have had clear skies at night. we'll have that tonight. heaters will be working overtime as a result of the 30s overnight. some in the 40s. then we go cloudy and then rain. we'll talk about three additional storms moving through coming up. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the local coaching legend that you may not know. >> probably should have fired me but they didn't. >> the other local coach that is no longer on the 49ers wish list. >> i'll be on the beach in tahiti somewhere. >> and the seattle loses,
6:43 pm
that's exactly where richard sherman is going to be. >> the giants span the globe for their new outfielder. it's all coming up. ♪[ music ] ,,,,,,,,,,
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just text offers to 782929e 6" subway sandwich. to sign up for weekly text offers. and you'll get a free 6-inch sub when you buy a 30-oz. drink just for signing up.
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roads... new video shows-- they do pretty well in water too... in san d the lamborghini is known for being very fast. new video shows they do well in the water, too. i can't believe he drove in. this san diego intersection torrential rains created a small river on tuesday but it didn't stop the driver of that white lamborghini from driving right through it. i think he has the james bond car. the pricy car does, as you see, make it out and on he goes. >> you know, you're rich if you own a lamborghini. you're really rich if you own a lamborghini and don't care if you drive through floodwaters. you have the yellow red and orange one sitting at home. [ laughter ] >> right. [ laughter ] >> a lot money in california, isn't there? let's go outside one of the greatest landmarks in the state of california, actually the world is the golden gate bridge. it's right here in the bay
6:47 pm
area. and it is cloud-free above it. we are 46 in livermore. consumer report 48. san francisco 51. not much if any rainfall today. but by tomorrow night, the rain will return storm number 5 is not that far behind. radar as of right now is completely clear. plan on a dry night tonight isolated coastal shower. rain returns before midnight tomorrow night. how much rain so far this month? i know it's a very small sample size. we are nearly triple our average rainfall in san francisco more than double in santa rosa and san jose. and you're well above average in livermore. that's like the 1st quarter, a really good quarter for using a football analogy. we needs the second, 3rd and 4th quarters to be excellent. there's no reason to think we won't. the pattern has established itself. that would be an active storm track which is part of it but it's got to be aimed here. we don't want all the storms going somewhere else like the past couple winters. unlike december where we had several storms coming down from the gulf of alaska, they were colder, but not as wet.
6:48 pm
we're now drawing up tropical moisture. that's the el nino connection all that warm water down by the equatorial pacific. it takes the jet stream and makes it stronger. it makes it wetter because we're tapping into that tropical moisture so we have both there. the question is, when does the neck storm arrive? the answer is, friday night and saturday when the next storm arrives. most of of it friday night and a few -- most of it on friday night and a few lingering showers on saturday morning. then more rain on monday. the pattern of rain every other day starts tomorrow night. lots of cloud cover after midnight tonight but mainly rain-free throughout the day. before midnight we are going to see some light rain showers throughout the bay area tomorrow night into saturday morning. but then by 8 a.m., the rain wraps up. by the afternoon may see a little bit of blue sky so good timing for your outdoor plans late saturday. partly cloudy tonight and foggy
6:49 pm
in the north bay valleys 30s overnight. couple of sprinkles possible. tomorrow increasing cloud cover. that next rain event number 5, we're numbering them for you, will arrive late tomorrow evening. highs tomorrow in the 50s. a little below average for you in santa clara. 57. morgan hill 53. redwood city 55. low 50s antioch, san ramon, pleasant hill. 56 in alameda. novato 54 tomorrow. rain moving in early in lake and mendocino counties maybe before sunset. clearlake 50. ukiah 51. the extended forecast, saturday morning rain. dry sunday. monday rain after a dry day on tuesday, wednesday we are wet. so get used to it. every other day there's more rain heading toward the bay area. that's a wonderful thing. it's always a wonderful thing to have dennis here and he's got sports next.
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
the 49ers head coach...david ve down for five years ago jim harbaugh made the short drive from stanford to santa clara to become the 49ers head coach. david shaw won't even drive down for an interview. shaw is reportedly not interested in even talking with the 49ers and plans to remain at stanford where all he has done in five seasons as head coach, let's see, 54 wins, he
6:53 pm
took the cardinal to 3 rose bowls. he is pretty happy there. 49ers are looking for a fresh start. so is that man, jim tomsula. the 49ers head coach has made that noticeable change. he was working out there without his moustache at gold's gym in campbell. looks good. if you want an autograph. seahawks travel to minnesota this weekend and i'm glad i will not be there to cover it. >> am i even talking? i can't even talk. oh. do i look cold? >> that was two years ago in green bay. sunday's forecast for minneapolis has a high of 4 degrees. allen, i'm telling i, that was a minus 24 in green bay, i'm telling you. this is summer weather there. >> balmy. seattle's richard sherman it taking preparation for the cold weather very seriously. >> they always say think warm thoughts. there you go. i'll be on the beach in tahiti somewhere.
6:54 pm
there we go. you know, there's no simulating 0 degrees. i guess i can go in the freezer upstairs and close the door sit there for a few minutes. [ laughter ] >> and the giants have agreed to a three-year deal worth $31 million with denard spann. the 31-year-old was limited to 61 games last year due to injuries but led the national league in hits in 2014. he will likely be the giants' new starting left fielder. the san jose baracuda is the sharks' minor league team freshly moved from worcester, massachusetts, in the off season. and for their long-time coach, sort of a homecoming. >> there's been times this year or over the -- my career where they probably should have fired me but they didn't. >> reporter: it's been a 20- year relationship between the sharks organization and roy who is about to become the winningest coach in the eight decade history of the american hockey league. >> really one of those things i guess that just kind of creeps
6:55 pm
up on you like old age. >> reporter: he posted over 600 minor league wins on his coaching resume'. the address on the header of that resume'? not canada. not minnesota. try oakland! >> this family up the block started taking my older brother, then i started going to his practices and just kind of hanging out at berkeley iceland. a lot of stuff happened there. at one time i drove my mom's car and the only one we had and i and i ran into to get my skates sharpened and i came back out and i left the keys in the -- i was going, i know it was parked there. >> reporter: berkeley iceland? it's changed over the years. but somner is an old-fashioned coach subjecting them to lonesome dove on bus rides. >> a lot of guys sleep through it and a lot of complaining from the back. >> reporter: that's where it
6:56 pm
ends. sommer sent countless players to the nhl. >> he still is, um, you know, like the youth hockey coach the last thing they say before they go on the ice is have fun. >> reporter: even after 40 years in the game, sommer finds ways to keep his distance during the off season he lives in a remote area of montana. >> when i first moved up there i just lived in a teepee. >> reporter: now a cabin the family just recently got electricity. >> i don't like big crowd and i don't like traffic. but i love coaching hockey. so as long as i stay in my little community, i'm fine. >> let's face it. sharks tickets are pretty expensive so you have the baracuda. i have had one of my top reporters allen looking up what's the price of a ticket? >> $15 to $75. >> to see a baracuda game and as paul pointed out, you know who plays the national anthem? hart! baracuda! captions by: caption colorado of$ whoo! i mean, whoo.
6:57 pm
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how's everybody? how y'all doing today? i appreciate that. thank y'all very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. folks, returning for the third day, with a total of $40,000, from birmingham, alabama, it's the champs, it's the johnson family. [cheering and applause] and straight out of chicago, illinois, it's the cain family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash and
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the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new state-of-the-art ford edge right there. hey! let's go meet the cain family. hey, nichole. nichole: hey, steve! steve: hey, girl! [laughter] we just going to talk loud since you here! nichole: yes, sir! ha ha ha! steve: ok! what you do for a living? nichole: i'm an attorney, actually. steve: you kidding. nichole: nope. 9 years. steve: who you in court hollering at? nichole: everybody! ha ha ha! steve: what type of attorney? nichole: well, actually, i'm an administrative law judge for a state agency, so... steve: oh, wow. nichole: i do have to yell sometimes. steve: ok. nichole: yeah. steve: all right, let's introduce everybody, nichole. nichole: all right. ok, this is my baby brother, big ocie; my captivating sister, kanitha; the grill master himself, my cousin marcel; and last but not least, my magnificent mommy, patricia. [cheering and applause] steve: hey, y'all, let's have a t


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