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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  January 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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super super bowl l comes to town. maria medina has more on where all the noise is going to be. >> reporter: hundreds of planes plan to fly into our area as well. this is what it sounds like every day, day and night almost every hour. outside gabriel masiel's home. >> sometimes we get the air force ones and those are the ones that shake our house. those are the ones that shook our house and knocked a few things over. >> reporter: gabriel living close to the airport and it's about to get a lot noisier.
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it's estimated more than 1,100 airplanes will come into the airport. but it's not the arrivals they're most concerned about. >> immediately following the game everybody wants to leave the next day. >> reporter: to make sure everything goes smoothly, pilots must order the landing time and departure time as well. >> we expect it to be a record day in terms of volume. >> reporter: as for gilbert says he's prepared too for the super bowl's arrival and departure. >> it just basically shakes our house. i'm used to it by now. >> reporter: it's not just the mayor airport. small airports will offer pilots and their runways. they plan to extend hours at their ticket counter and checkpoints to handle those big crowds. maria medina. >> more planes will fly in and out of the bay area, those
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private planes are quieter than commercial flights. coming up at 6:30, the race is on at levi's stadium to lay down the new turf. we'll introduce you to the guy known as the sod god who's been laying down the foundation since the first super bowl fifty years ago. by this time next year, we will know if the raiders will be staying or leaving the bay area. and we have alternative options being floated around, dennis. >> reporter: liz we're here tonight for the warrior game but you're right there are a lot of twists and turns in the raiders story. but it appears more and more likely now that it's the owners of the rams and chargers that may possibly share a stadium in los angeles. here's the latest, cowboys owner jerry jones is proposing
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that those two teams move to englewood and that the project is being pushed by the rams owner. the idea is taking off with other owners. that would mean that the raiders relocation request would be rejected and the team would stay in oakland. the joint stadium in carson, the raiders and chargers are proposing would be dead. now this is all supposed to shake out tomorrow and wednesday in houston at a special nfl meeting. dean spanos has said he is committed to the carson project and obviously there's a lot of politics in play. it would not look good if he suddenly turned his back on that partnership with raiders owner mark davis. but davis might leave empty- handed. the nfl is expected to provide money to a new stadium for a team or teams that get rejected. now i can tell you today, spanos is backing off that carson may give a little bit.
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i think he's opened a deal. i will tell you this, if the raiders get money to build a stadium in oakland you can bet that the nfl will have some sort of stipulation to a timed deadline. in other words, if the raiders keep the stay in oakland they better get that stadium built or else. so we'll find out in the next couple of days in houston, guys. >> a lot of moving parts, all right, dennis, thank you. and we'll be in houston monitoring the nfl meetings. look for her tomorrow and wednesday. and a second term for the mayor. >> that i will support and defend. >> his swearing in ceremony overshadowed by very vocal protesters could be a sign of things to come. kpix why the mayor is already under a ton of pressure, phil. >> reporter: that's right, you know second terms are never easy that's when a lot of the past comes back to haunt you. but in mayor lee's case it's
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not waiting one red minute, here's the story. >> reporter: mayor ed lee's kick off was one of the roughest you've seen or heard. >> i frankly could not believe it. everybody in that audience was uncomfortable. >> reporter: from the looks of things it could get even more uncomfortable for the mayor beginning with the new comptrollers report saying even with the booming economy. >> we expect the city to bring in more money than we will spapbd. -- we will spend. >> reporter: then of course there's the homeless. >> it gets worse if you don't do anything. and it is getting worse. >> the bigger challenge facing this mayor is the affordable question. >> i am uncomfortable being a long term resident about my security. >> reporter: and the ongoing and highly charged issue of the
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police force. >> thank you, we heard you, we heard you. >> i don't know if i could have stood there and read my speech. >> reporter: put it together and you can see why a recent poll found that less than half of the city's voters were happy with the mayor's job performance. >> he's kind of always lift up all the time. >> reporter: how do you feel about him. >> i don't care for him. >> i think he's doing a great job. and i have to say that because he's a neighbor of mine. >> reporter: the city's credit rating was the biggest it's every been. but we have tried repeatedly to sit down with the mayor since the inauguration to go over what happened there and what his plans are and so far, he hasn't found the time which is a bit telling in and of itself. at city hall, phil matier.
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police aren't saying whether the suspect is the same man who tried to jump off the antioch bridge last year. officers arrested a man in february and a month later he was arrested again for trying to jump off the bridge. the family of a mentally illman beaten to death at the santa clara county jail has filed a wrongful death claim. three santa clara county correctional deputies are accused in the beating. the claim names the sheriff's office and the three former deputies and says tyrese rice to be free from force is violated. california prisons are ending strip searches for visitors. visitors can be penalized for refusing to be searched with
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their clothes on. visitors are searched to stop the smuggling of drugs and weapons to prisoners. and quiet prayer this weekend erupted into chaos as people swung swords at each other. leigh martinez tells us trouble has been brewing at the temple for months. >> reporter: people have not been coming to the temple because of the potential it could turn into this. the dispute begins with two
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ideologies of the siik church. sunday's fight started with two women. >> there was a key or some key that needed to give out or didn't give out. somebody was barking at the idea of giving that key back. >> reporter: police were able to arrive within seconds because they were already here waiting outside of the gates. police were originally called at 9:40 for a disturbance but didn't find anyone. then this fight broke out at noon. >> our officerses were patrolling the facility when they were flagged down about a fight going down inside. >> reporter: no one has been arrested, yet. >> there's an ongoing investigation due to allegations we're currently looking at videos. talking to witnesses, talking to alleged victims. >> reporter: several people have hired an attorney and are preparing a lawsuit against people who they say attacked them. police plan to be back outside the temple next weekend.
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leigh martinez. the last known survivor of san francisco's 1906 earthquake has died. bill demonte was 11 days shy of his 110th birthday. the green bury resident has lived in marin for four decades. always attending the commemoration of the great quake every year at latas fountain. demonte was three years old when the quake hit. his mother wrapped him in a table clothe and ran. the whole family fled to oakland on a boat. more than 1,000 people died from the quake or the fires that followed. a major intersection in fremont is closed tonight because of a sink hole. chopperfive caught crews working about a half an hour ago. apparently sewer lines snapped over the weekend. it's going to be at least another 24 hours before it's fixed until then the street is closed off. the gunman wanted in a deadly b.a.r.t. train shooting still on the run. tonight we've learned it may be
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hard to track him down. why some b.a.r.t. security cameras aren't what they seem. after days of wet weather, tonight one agency is getting flooded with calls. the indoor invasion in many bay area homes. a top tourist situation seeing more gridlock than ever. a new plan to control the traffic jam. you made it through your monday without any additional rainfall but that storm right there will change things as soon as 24 hours for now. for many of you the next storm is on approach. we will be wet soon. find out how much and for how long. coming up, we'll be right back. ,,
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francisco. hazmat teams were called when a car ally smashed throu the situation stabilized at a bio tech company. hazmat teams had to be called when a car accidentally slammed
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into the front of the building. flammable liquid was spilled but it quickly evaporated. the driver was shocked but not hurt. this is what it looked like saturday night as passengers ducked for cover not sure what was going on. after the shooting the gunman took off running. kpix5 julia gooding on how already the investigation is running into some roadblocks, julia. >> the coroner's office has not been able to identify the victims. they checked fingerprints at the dmv and criminal justice records and nothing has turned up so the victim could leave out of the state or out of the country. and in the meantime the shooter is still on the lose. detectives say they are reviewing b.a.r.t. surveillance video from that night. but a source tells kpix some b.a.r.t. cars don't have cameras they only have false camera housing
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units to give the impression there are cameras. when we asked b.a.r.t., they said no comment. we did see an increased police presence at the west oakland bus station today. and riders we talked to said they aren't too worried about their safety and hope this is an isolated incident. >> in b.a.r.t. today, that doesn't upset you or rally you? >> no because i go to school out here the at the truck driving school. that used to be random. what if it's a kid or little innocent bystander. you know i think they should tighten up. i really do. i really do. >> reporter: a b.a.r.t. passenger's cell phone video captures the moments right after a passenger was shot and killed on the train saturday night. panicked passengers crouching down, taking cover. not knowing what to expect next. brad shaffen was on the train and immediately grabbed his cell phone. >> i was video taping, i was like well if i'm going to die i
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might as well video record what's going on. >> reporter: after the official fear and panic he recalls strangers getting together to help the victim. one performed cpr, two strangers joined to help. he says people were driven into action. >> reporter: and this fatal shooting was the first shooting on board a b.a.r.t. train in 25 years. julia goodrich. this from one attempt, the san mateo county sheriff's office says these two tried to enter the home through a window. the homeowners were startled and took off. but police believe the same two struck again ransacking an elder person's home. these are surveillance video of the two suspects. both appear to be in their 20s. police need your help
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finding a heartless person who stole a person's puppy. one clue they said the puppy was recently spayed and had her stitches removed last week. a record number of people have applied for a spot at the university of california. the nine undergraduate campuses have received more than 206,000 applications for the fall term. this is 6.4 increase over last year. this marks the 12th straight year of record breaking under graduate applications. the bay area top site seeing destination could be closed to visitors during closed hours. vista point, here's a live look at that spot not too crowded right now but when it's full it creates a huge traffic jam in that spot all because of tourists jamming vista point. the bridge district is working with a number of agencies to
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come up with a plan to solve the problem. but closing vista point at peak times has its problems. >> if we close it, the problem goes into salsalito and the parks area. >> another idea, offer shuttle service on weekends and saturdays. while the rain is helping our drought problem, it's bringing another problem. >> reporter: it's the pest companies that are now getting flooded by calls of service after the rain is bringing those pests into your home. >> they do not like to be out in the wet and cold. so she will go in to live with mrs. jones because she will give them everything they need
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to live and their survival. >> reporter: the insect problems may just be beginning. >> underneath the ground has been depleted, but once the heat comes, up comes the problem again. when we go the the home we want to find out where the nests are. we want to find the nests or where they're coming from. ants are stubborn. >> nothing like the song, dead ant. dead ant, dead ant, dead ant. >> he's here all week. if that's going to be the problem now, you might as well
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call the exterminator right now. got to tell you about a great shot right now, beautiful shot. that's from vista point and that's perhaps the most beautiful skyline on planet earth. cloudy but dry monday >aevening we're looking at coit tower. san jose at 63, oakland 62. and more snow in the sierra perhaps even more important much more important than the rainfall around here would be the water that we put into the bank in the form of snowfall to withdraw during the summer.
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look at the totals, the highest peak by wednesday evening. snow level 5,000 feet. not great for travel but boy do we want the moisture there. and we will get it. the next storm is on approach. it will get into your yard tuesday night and wednesday morning. we will look at futurecast and look through the next couple of days. it is tuesday night that it's going to fire up. wednesday morning if you leave the house early it's going to be wet and the roads will be wet throughout the wednesday morning commute. and showers continue into wednesday afternoon. so the wettest day of the week likely will be wednesday. not tomorrow, tomorrow will be mainly dry. another dry day. 60s. vallejo 61. san francisco 59. rain moves into the north bay tomorrow evening and a good half to .75 of an inch of rainfall tuesday morning. wait there's more. another storm friday spilling into saturday. we get a break on sunday but wait there's more. monday yet another system.
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if you could sit down and plan everything out. and you could continue to get a moderate weather system with a break. followed by another moderate weather system with a break. this is not going to stay this way forever. this is perfect. this is the best case. this is perfect because we're not getting widespread flooding but we're getting the rain we need. it's timed perfectly. it's wonderful. so far. so far. >> let's take it. >> tonight a bay area city is considering a name change of sort. how its good cause is getting lost in translation. ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i
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of chinese descent living in leandro. the city's first chinese councilman wants to what's in a name, apparently a lot of embarrassment if you're of chinese decent at the city of san leandro. >> san leandro is a diverse community that works hard to be welcoming. but for its chinese residents, the name of the city itself can
6:25 pm
be puzzling. >> currently what the city uses is just a phonetic name. >> reporter: right now the name saying something about a place to cook or a place of cooking. >> so what we would use now would be, a lovely place to live. >> what that means is fish and meat and seafood type stuff. >> reporter: stewart hughes says he can forgive mistakes in
6:26 pm
translation but chinese people do object to words or numbers they consider unlucky. >> definitely unlucky is not good. it can make your whole day miserable. you know. >> reporter: why is why the city is considering mandarin scholars to consider the new name so their good intentions don't get lost in translation. john ramos, kpix5. 30% of san leandro population is asian. coming up in the next half hour a turf transformation. meet the guy known as the sod guy. bay area communities fighting new cell phone towers but health conditions over radiation may not be enough to stop them. why the wireless industry keeps winning the war. david bowie. >> his colorful persona has inspired the music industry for
6:27 pm
decades. a look back at david bowie. ,,
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strong indications the raids bid to move to los angeles ber top stories tonight,
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there are strong indications the latest bid to move to los angeles will be rejected by nfl owners. the l.a. types reports momentum is building for the st. louis rams and the san diego chargers to share a stadium in inglewood. a meeting will take place tomorrow in houston. i'm maria medina, manetta workers warn it will soon get noisier when 1,100 planes are expected to fly into our area. it's not just major airports that are cashing in, smaller airports like stockton are offering pilots their runways as well. a busy day at levi's stadium as crews work to get the turf ready for the big game. chopper5 was on hand today as the crews were installing and
6:31 pm
watering 7,000 new feet of sod. and we're live with the man who handled the turf since the first game. >> reporter: he lend a hand for the super bowl one and is helping with the super bowl 50 turf. back then the crew started preparing the turf one week before the game. >> i went out there by myself and we used their four people. i had a three by four trunk of equipment. today we have three tractor trailer full of equipment. plus, we have 32 people on the crew. >> reporter: toma was nicknamed the nitty-gritty man and he is also known as the sod god. he may have to produce a
6:32 pm
miracle if the predicted el nino rain comes through. and this is the turf, nice, thick heavy roots and very sturdy. >> the game is the shortest event that's going to be on it. the weeks before, with the halftime shows. it has to withstand all of that before game day and then it has to hold up for game day. >> it's just another day at the office. >> reporter: in santa clara, len ramirez, kpix5. preparing for the super bowl also means training to spot human trafficking. today airline workers at san francisco international learned how to identify potential victims. officials say pimps use airlines to second their victims to work major sporting
6:33 pm
events. donald lee hubbard is a flight attendant and human trafficking survivor. >> oftentimes what we see are people who are victims who don't understand they're getting victimized or what's getting ready to happen to them. >> reporter: some of the signs airport workers will be looking for is victims who are traveling without luggage or personal items and those who seem fearful of security personnel. a judge says he plans to rule tomorrow on whether to stop the nfl from taking over soccer fields next to levi's stadium. the nfl wants to use those fields for media stages for the super bowl. that would leave youth soccer without a home. there's also concern about damage to those fields. the soccer league's attorney says he's willing to drop the case if alternate fields are secured and paid for by the city. and they don't want radio frequency emitting cell towers
6:34 pm
throughout their neighborhoods. but the wireless companies say they need them to secure demand. >> the proposed site for the antenna that verizon seeks to install is right outside my own window. >> reporter: 10-year-old gorley wants his voice heard. he's the youngest of a group of residents that is trying to stop towers from going up right outside their own window. but you can consider health concerns as long as the company follows fcc guidelines that haven't been updated since 1976 when this was state of the art technology. so the only way to win is on a technicality. of the hundreds of challenges over the years, these five families were the first to win an appeal at the san francisco appeals board. they set a technicality regarding lack of notice. >> these are not minor
6:35 pm
occurrences. >> reporter: but now they're back at crown castle appealed the appeal. >> a number of issues were raised at the original hearing about our emissions, are simply not relevant to the courts, to the board's consideration. >> reporter: today no one has successfully stopped the cell tower installation thanks in part to a single line knocked into the middle class, tax relief and job creation. which says, no one shall deny a request for a modification of an existing wireless tower. >> reporter: his group crunched the numbers and found at&t alone spent a whopping 124 million lobbying the federal government since 2008. verizon came in a close second
6:36 pm
at 118 million. he says not only did that help to buy them protection from local challenges but he says it also bought them influence over the very agency that is supposed to regulate wireless companies. >> the appoints to powerful regulatory bodies in washington like the federal communications commission have to be approved by influential members of congress. those members of congress are exactly the targets of all the lobbying campaign contributions by the wireless industries. >> reporter: he says for example, the former chairman of the wireless association tom wheeler now heads up the fcc. and former fcc commissioner meredith baker is now the ceo of the ctia. in a statement, the fcc writes, chairman wheeler is a proven advocate for consumers and has held the wireless industry accountable for violations of the commissions rules. however in its statement, the wireless company say it is fcc still says there is no reason
6:37 pm
to believe towers could institute a potential health hazard. it's been 20 years inspite of worldwide petitions from environmental scientists to re- examine safety. >> think about how wide it is that citizens aren't able to speak or bring up or have health concerns. >> denied the request. >> reporter: residents got a second reprieve. commissioners are standing by their decision to deny verizon's permit for their cell towers in their neighborhoods. but they're not hopeful that it will last. >> we're worried what's next. >> reporter: verizon and crown castle had no comment. and turns out it was short lived. meanwhile the governor signed a
6:38 pm
controversial bill that will now further limit the ability for cities to block new cell towers. julie watt. kpix5. the actor and the fugitive. tonight sean penn defines the interview that helped nab mexican drug lord "el chapo." ,,,, four out of five people may not agree on carne asada or carnitas. but four out of five who got their health insurance through covered california got help paying for it. find out if you could be one of them at enroll by january 31st to avoid the irs tax penalty.
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♪ now and then we all appreciate a little help. through covered california, health insurance could cost less than you think. and most uninsured californians could get help paying for it. to find free, local, in-person help visit
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this is go pro video from t mexican marines as they descended on we're getting an inside look at the raid that nabbed joaquin guzman. guzman briefly escaped capture through a secret tunnel but was found in a highway close by. and also released, pictures of sean penn sneaking into mexico for a meeting with the wanted man. penn is unapologetic about the meeting and says he has quote nothing to hide. authorities say it was actually penn who helped lead them to
6:41 pm
the wanted man. they also say it could take up to a year to extradite guzman to the u.s. music fans around the world still trying to wrap their heads around the news. david bowie dead of cancer at the age of 69. his one of a kind style made him a legend. he started as the ziggy star dust. morphed into a white suited star in -- in the 80s and kept evolving. >> when i saw a david bowie story, i thought it was just about the album he just released. >> he's the father of alternative rock. >> reporter: this comment on instagram came from his wife of 23 years she posted sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it
6:42 pm
becomes a memory. a famous l.a. estate is up for sale but the $200 million playboy mansion comes with a catch. an 89-year-old roommate named hugh heffner. a lot of you have been e- mailing asking if the recent rainfall is making a difference? absolutely yes. look at folsome lake, 50% of average. this over the past week and a half. it's up another 4%. coming up i'll tell you why over the next seven days that like days -- that lake and all the lakes will rise even more. live in oracle, warriors trying to make it 36 straight wins tonight. you're going to meet the come back kid and the latest on the
6:43 pm
bizarre 49er search next. ,,,,,,,,
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the drought is affecting all of us. ,,,,,,,, at pg&e we've definitely put a focus on helping our agricultural customers through the drought. when they do an energy efficiency project and save that money they feel it right in their pocket book. it's exciting to help a customer with an energy efficiency project because not only are they saving energy but they are saving water. we have a lot of projects at pg&e that can help them with that and that's extremely important while we're in a drought. it's a win for the customer and it's a win for california. together, we're building a better california.
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no signs of slowing down. people are still lining up the lucky kavanagh liquors san leandro. the jackpot, as you know -- 1- point-4 billion dollars. one woman we talked to doesn't pl power ball fever showing no sign of slowing down. >> the jackpot you may not have heard $1.4 billion. and a woman we talked to doesn't plan to keep all of it if she wins. >> at my age, what do i need $1 billion. no i would share it. yeah. i think i would do a lot of good. >> yes she would. the next power ball drawing wednesday. >> lucky wednesday, lucky, lucky, lucky. i don't think the rain is going to stop people trying to buy their tickets. >> no they will stand in line. the u.s. mail, i don't think anything is going to slow them down either. we have our kpix weather watchers this evening. nothing slows them down they report in every weekday and weekend letting us know what is going on in the bay area. and petaluma it's only 1 degree
6:47 pm
warmer. peggy rogers 53 degrees southeast winds at 7 miles per hour. it is one degree warmer than that 54 degrees in alameda. and pleasant temperatures almost made it to 60 degrees in alameda. daryl i think you and the rest of your fine city will make it to 60 tomorrow. current temperatures outside under a blanket of cloud cover. we're at 56 in san francisco, san jose 55. yonkers you're checking in at 52. radar is clear. i won't be able to say this tomorrow night because we'll have rain building in lake mendecino building up. san jose 45. sunrise 25 minutes after 7:00. have you noticed how cloudy it has been. we're talking about the rainfall because that ends the drought clouds do not. but it has been a very cloudy night so far. as a matter of fact today is the tenth straight cloudy day. 50% or more cloud cover. nine of those 10 days were 80 or 90% cloud cover. tomorrow will be another cloudy day and really i don't need a
6:48 pm
chilly day any time soon because the rain track is heading to the bay area. it's already raining in the pacific northwest. we'll look at futurecast to show you a lack of rainfall tomorrow and maybe a little bit of sunshine early. but 10:00 or 11:00 here comes a steady rainfall. marin you get it at midnight. the lest -- rest of us in the east bay will see it wednesday. rain continues for the morning commute. rain continues in a more scattered variety through the afternoon. there's another storm behind that actually there were two. i can show you one additional one on a satellite imagery. here's wednesday, that's storm number six. there's storm number seven which will give us rainfall both friday and saturday. if we add things up how much rain are we talking about. much needed rainfall for the east bay and peninsula and city. over the next five day, two to
6:49 pm
three inches of rainfall. very wet and the long range outlook is that we're going to stay stormier than average. mild tomorrow ahead of this storm. 2degrees above average. redwood city 61. hayward 61 degrees. pittsburgh at 61 degrees. petaluma 58. clover dale 52 degrees. we're wet friday and saturday and we're wet again on monday. dennis is live from oakland that's coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:52 pm
name in the forty niners coaching search... san frano has and dennis has sports he's in oracle tonight. >> reporter: it's heating up in oracle in more ways than one. it's just nine games off the nba record of 44 set by the chicago bulls way back in 1996. this guy next to me is one of the reasons why. player brandon rush who has stepped up after harrison barnes went down with an injury. rush is second from beyond the
6:53 pm
arch after just 11% from three point range last season. alongside is brandon rush and brandon after that horrific injury in 2014 some thought you would never play again. you have rediscovered your rush, some would say you rediscovered your career. is that accurate? >> yes we started at 5-2 that's an amazing feat. >> you're on the floor a lot because harrison went down. >> yeah i'm on the floor now with a certain group. i'm able to get open shots because steph can play being able to draw two defenders that way and look for me on the corner. >> 25 straight wins, the record is 44. how did the warriors look with the record. >> we're not looking at the record. we just come out here and try to get a win.
6:54 pm
we're not worried about the record at all. >> how great is it to be out here and doing what you love and rediscovering your game. >> it feels great. to be able to be with the guys that know how to shoot and defend. >> you have a meeting to go to. take off. >> thank you. >> and brandon rush a big reason for the warriors success. and we have warrior news for you and there's a new name in the coaching search, san francisco is reportedly asking for permission to interview former giant head coach tom coughlin. the 69-year-old met with the eagles earlier today. as for hugh jackson he remains in high demand. he met with the 49ers yesterday. and now the giants have asked to speak with him as well. wherever he lands you can bet he received a recommendation from former raider ceo andy crass. >> i talk about how
6:55 pm
collaborately hugh worked. and how he labored many that were not apparent to the public. i would love to see what hugh jackson will be able to to do if he's allowed to pick his own offensive and defensive staff. >> and burfi kr, t has been suspended three games for a -- burfict has been suspended for three games next season for the hit on antonio brown. >> was antonio brown actually hurt. >> man antonio brown was not hurt. >> so you're telling me he was faking. >> go back at the tape and you will see the pad barely touched
6:56 pm
him. >> you think antonio brown was faking so he could get the flag. >> i think he needs a grammy award for that. i do. >> minnesota's playable would have missed the field goal for minnesota. the minnesota play by play man, here's his call. >> snap good, wilson's kick is up and it's no good. he missed it. are you kidding me. the season can't end like this. >> the snap, the kick is up. >> it's no good. are you kidding me. it's no good. oh baby, it's christmas in minnesota. and the seahawks have dodged a bullet. holy cat fish, do you believe it? >> no home cooking for minnesota. there's a lot for the warriors. 36-8 tonight. guys back to you. >> thank you dennis. >> all right. the bacon in no time. sorry.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for harvey! steve: welcome to the show, y'all. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] hey, y'all. how's everybody? i appreciate y'all, now. thank y'all very much. thank you, everybody. thank y'all very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. and, my, oh, my, oh, my, we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their fifth and final day, with a total of 41,595 bucks, straight out of birmingham, alabama, it's the champs, it's the johnson family. [cheering and applause] and from rome, georgia, it's the sutton family. [cheering and applause]
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everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash, and today, remember, if the johnson family wins today's game, they drive out of here in a brand-new state-of-the-art ford edge. yeah, that's the top. hey! let's go meet the sutton family. hey, stan. stan: nice to meet you. steve: good, good, good. y'all from rome, georgia? stan: rome, g.a. steve: well, what do you do, stan? stan: i'm a finance manager with linmark financial services... steve: uh-huh. stan: and for fun, i like to constantly embarrass my beautiful wife, melissa. steve: wow. how the hell is that your goal? [laughter] just to embarrass your poor wife? stan: it makes us laugh. steve: it makes y'all laugh? stan: it makes us laugh. steve: does it make her laugh? stan: it does, it does. she does laugh at me all the time. steve: well, come on out here, man. stan: i don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing. steve: come on out here. this represents the--and what's your wife's name? stan: me


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