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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  January 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. breaking news. gunfire pierces a car full of children on a bay area freeway tonight about three hours ago on i-80. audrey is where the shooting happened. >> reporter: happened at 7:45 p.m. eastbound i-80. we are told by the chp now the shots were fired from one vehicle into another. there were 5 people in the car. three children in the back seat of the car who were hit by broken glass. this is what the chp had to
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say. >> pretty miraculous that none of the occupants were hit. they should count their blessings tonight. >> reporter: the car pulled off the freeway to a gas station on the on ramp. the child who was injured was 2- years-old, the child was hit by broken glass. the child was treated on the scene. not taken to the hospital. right now when when wereler is -- the california highway patrol is looking for anyone who may have seen the shooting. kpix 5. >> this is the latest in a string of shootings on i-80. december 17 a gunman drove up to a ford suv and opened fire. the suv driver got shot and ran into a denny's for help. in november a sedan caught shot
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up. it is unclear if the incidents are related. a live look outside in san francisco. we are getting a break from the rain tonight but got a new storm on the hoizen. >> tele-- horizon. >> it will be here tomorrow night. 250 miles away from the bay area and 24 miles away. cloudy and dry picture for tuesday morning into the afternoon afternoon but here -- into the afternoon. but here comes the rainfall. this time tomorrow night it will be raining and the rain just crossing the golden gate bridge in to san francisco. rain for us is good and rain and snow is better. snow level 5,000 feet. the highest peaks of the sierra, 18 to 24 inches of snow. not the best for travel but wonderful to add snow to the snow pack. this storm the first of three i am talking about coming up. >> thank you.
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we learned help is on the way for a youth soccer league. the league sued to stop the nfl from taking over a soccer park next to levi stadium. the fields will be turned into a staging area for media during super bowl 50 next month. a judge is set to make a decision tomorrow but tonight the earthquakes are offering the group two fields. super bowl 50 now just 26 days away and earlier tonight chopper 5 caught nfl crews laying down new sod. kpix 5's betty yu is outside levi stadium stadium. you can see the welcome to super bowl 50 signs are all around levi stadium. this game will draw a big crowd. the police chief tonight said he expects the crowd to be the size of the city of mountain
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view. no doubt it will be challenging to manage it all but it is prepared. >> reporter: with weeks to go before the super bowl fresh sod is going in. 75,000 square feet of it. chopper 5 saw crews working a long day to install the turf. >> it is the shortest event that will be on it. the week before that with the half game shows and the pre- game. it has to with stand all that before game day. and then has to perform on game day. >> reporter: he will be there, he had a hand in laying the turf in any super bowl. >> i didn't know i would do gift. i did -- 50. i did the first one. >> reporter: tonight we saw the parking lot get closer to looking like a fan zone. in downtown san jose this will turn into a biergarten grove
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with performance stages. and in the skies expect lots of private jets. the faa and nfl expect more than 1100 aircraft to fly into bay area airports a week before the big game. to reduce congestion after the game pilots must reserve their departure time. >> security is my number one concern. i want everybody tee arrive -- to arrive safely. >> reporter: he could not go into security details. but he says the force is ready. and theboat 50 host committee says omost people will be -- the super bowl 50 host committee says most people will be coming from san francisco. most of the parking will have to be prepaid. one of the main roads will be shut down in both directions a week before the super bowl.
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betty yu, kpix 5. raiders owner is in houston tonight about to learn whether the nfl will grant his request to move to los angeles. we caught him as he arrived at his hotel. he didn't say a word. the nfl owners will vote no later on wednesday. the times reports momentum is building for the rams and chargers to get approval to share a stadium. if that happens the raiders stay in oakland. the nfl would likely give them money towards a new stadium. christin ayers will bring us live reports on the special nfl meeting beginning tomorrow. a wanted felon tried to escape police this afternoon by jumping from the antioch bridge and falling 135 feet into the river below. but tonight he is in custody. fisherman pulled him out of the water and took him to police
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waiting that peer. a giant hole in the ground in fremont right now. at first policeads sewer main break cause -- police said a sewer main break caused the sink hole. the streets will remain closed till tomorrow night. tonight neighbors say they have had it with the mess, the crime, the fires. people in the russian river valey tell mark kelly all the -- valley tell mark kelly all the homeless people need to go. [ indiscernible ] [ talking at the same time ] >> reporter: hundreds packed the school auditorium tonight, they say the homeless population is sky rocketing and ruining their town. homeless encampments have
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become common sight along the river front. >> they don't need to be in town. i had one take out his thing [ bleep ] [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: residents are blaming the homeless population for the spike in crime. including five structure fires in 10 days. >> having like i said 5 in a row that is unheard of. >> reporter: when this community clinic caught fire the day after christmas the homeless also got the brunt of the blame. but tonight leaders admitted their hands are somewhat tied. >> prop 47 -- [ indiscernible ] >> they are misdemeanors and the voters did not want people to go to jail for those things. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: investigators don't know who is responsible for the fires but guerneville has had enough. [ talking at the same time ]
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>> this population isn't going to be patient so everybody be prepared. >> reporter: mark kelly, kpix 5. >> some sheriff's department says it can't disband the homeless encampment because being homeless isn't a crime and they have rights. chaos on b.a.r.t., a passengers shot and killed. tonight what we learned about the cameras you see on trains. >> tonight a bay area wine store accused of running a scheme. and we will take you inside the raid that captured world's most notorious drug kingpin el chapo and how you can book a flight to europe for under 100 bucks.
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[♪] ♪ take the time ♪ in your life ♪ just before ♪ it passes by ♪ then you'll know ♪ to keep it slow ♪ so here we go [♪] ♪ here we go
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the gunman who killed a man on a b.a.r.t. train is still on the run tonight. we wanted to know was it caught on surveillance video. here is what kpix 5's julia goodrich uncovered about the security cameras on problems in the. >> reporter: they are reviewing surveillance video -- on trains. >> reporter: they are reviewing surveillance video but some b.a.r.t. cars don't have cameras. they only have false camera housing units. when we asked b.a.r.t. they said no comment. we did see an increase police presence at the b.a.r.t. station today and riders said they aren't worried about their safety and hope this is an isolated incident. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] [ indiscernible ] i didn't think about it. >> after that, no, i go to school out here. truck driving school.
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for that to be random and what if it is a kid, a bystander? you know. i think they should tighten up. i do. i really do. >> b.a.r.t. passenger cell phone video captures the moments after a passenger was shot and killed on the train saturday night. panicked passenger taking cover. not knowing what to expect next. he was on the train and immediately grabbed his cell phone. >> i was videotaping. i was like if i am going to die i might as well video record what is going on. >> reporter: after the fear and panic he recalls strangers getting together to help the victim. one performed cpr. two nurses joined in to help. he says people were driven into action. the fatal shooting is a first shooting on board a b.a.r.t. train in 25 years. kpix 5. >> chilling last words from a
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man who was shot to death in las vegas. one of the suspects says he said don't do it. moments before he was killed in the parking lot outside a gym last month. the shooter is a 27-year-old. his accomplice a 19-year-old says they planned on robbing him. he denied his involvement during a jail house interview. >> i apologize for any of this could have happened. [ indiscernible ] >> look what happens, stuff like this. i am no killer. none of that. yes, i sold drugs. i used them but kill somebody, no. >> he was in las vegas for the consumer electronics show. friends say he slept in his car when he traveled. a high end wine business in berkeley accused of running a
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pyramid scheme. they are filing for bankruptcy. facing a dozen lawsuits from customers who claimed they would take money for wine that was never delivered. the business closed its doors before christmas saying it would do only online business. the company says it is $70 million in debt. but has only $7 million in assets. mascara running down her face, neck covered in tattoo. she was arrested at a gas station. she was sitting in a car that was reported stolen. she faces car theft. tonight a look at the ray that snagged the most -- raid that snag world's most notorious drug kingpin joaqumn "el chapo" guzman the violent
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raid video. >> reporter: mexican marines stormed a home where world's most notorious drug kingpin was hiding. el chapo managed to escape. authorities later caught him in a stolen car on the highway. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: mexican officials say this rolling stone interview help edlead them to him. sean penn met with el chapo last october. they published photos that show shari potter that airport with kate del castillo -- that show sean penn and kate del castillo. in his rolling stone article sean penn said el chapo said i supply more heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana than anybody else in the world. sean penn has been under fire
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for meeting with el chapo. today sean penn said he had no regrets, saying i have nothing to hide. in the news room, joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> officials are working to extradite echteach the u.s -- el chapo to the u.s. the state of the union speech focusing on americans who made a difference. stone stopped a terror attack on a paris train last year. today a reporter asked him which obama he would rescue first in super hero mode. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> i think the president would want me to save the first lady first. i will go for the first lady. [ talking at the same time ] >> a smart man. watch the state of the union address tomorrow night right here on kpix 5 beginning at
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6:00 p.m. fans are mourning the loss of a legend tonight paying tribute to david bowie on the hollywood walk of fame. he was famous for being a fearless innovator. he reinvented himself again and again, even his stage name was an invention. he was diagnosed with cancer in 2014 but kept it a secret. he released his latest album friday on his 69th birthday. fans flooded social media to express their sadness. tweets averaged 20,000 a minute today. >> a lot of people remember his music. >> he was something else. a lot of number one albums. weather time. rain coming to the bay area. tomorrow it will be raining in the north bay. great shot from chopper 5 this
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evening. there it is. scanning the city. a lot of traffic. beautiful sunset. clear skies -- san francisco 55 degrees right now. san jose 52. concord 54. oakland 56. mild tonight because of the cloud cover. oakland 47. fremont 44. napa 43 degrees. the past week not much sunshine. 10 connective days each day being cloudy. 50% or more cloud cover. the majority 90% or more cloud cover. we will add 7 more days to that because we will be in a cloudy and wet pattern. the clouds building in, and then the rain moves in. tomorrow night and wednesday morning will be wet. likely impacting your drive to work or school on wednesday. lunchtime tomorrow, clear skies in the valley. south of morgan hill. clouds fill in. rain, 10:00 p.m., 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night and rainfall for
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the over night, for the drive in the morning and in the afternoon. wednesday is trending wet. storm number six. up to storm number six. there is number seven. friday and saturday. also looking wet. even though today was dry, tomorrow will be dry, this week will go down as a wet week. how much rainfall? let's add it up. saturday afternoon north bay 2 to 5 inches of new rain. east bay inch or 2. san francisco inch or two. less for the south bay. and higher for the higher elevations. we will stay wet for a while. the biggest impact is the wednesday driver to work. nights milder. no freezes because of the cloud cover and long range, beyond the next 7 days we will stay stormy, till february. mild tomorrow with the cloud cover. 60s tomorrow.
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here comes the rain. tomorrow night we are wet. wednesday morning we are wet. break ornithoses. friday and -- on thursday. friday and saturday monday. one day breaks are critical. we get the rain. we don't want flooding. let the rain run off. get into the reservoirs before the next round. >> thank you. tonight the new low cost airline that could fly you from the bay area to iceland for less than 100 bucks. and coming up the late show with stephen colbert, jane lynch and julian castro. ,,,,,,,,,,
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wow-air is off hts between san tonight there is a new option to fly iceland. called wow air. offering non-stop flights between san francisco and iceland for $99 each way starting tomorrow. and from there you could get a connecting other flight to 20 other cities in europe. what is the catch? >> not every single seat. fairs will vary.
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closer to departure prices can vary. >> expect extra fees for heavier bags, better seats and food and drinks. flights begin mid-june. jackpot unlike anyone has ever seen. no winners in powerball over the past few weeks have pushed the jackpot to just under 1.5 billion, billion with a b dollars. this is the line we spotted today. one of the luckiest lottery stores in the bay area. >> billion. >> billion. [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> i knew that was coming. >> who doesn't want a piece of that. >> you have to play. the warriors continue to play. keep their home unbeaten streak alive with miami in town and the college football season over. see who the next national championship is. ,,,, ♪
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game.. clemson with just 1 onal championship, david versus goliath in the national championship game. clemson with one national title facing alabama with 15.
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there is daubo against nick saban. that smile was nick saban's first all year. on the kickoff they go for the on side kick. that changes the tide. literally. go ahead score. he had 208 yards receiving. alabama gutsy call by that man. 45-40. not thrilled about the gatorade. but his fifth national title. how about the on side kick, coach? >> it worked. but let me say this, you don't look like the type that would do it to me but if we wouldn't have got that you would be killing me now. [ laughter ] >> we are nearly one year, the anniversary of golden state warriors' last regular season loss. the heat down three at the end of the third quarter and steph
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curry made two three-pointers tin the 4th. -- till the 4th. golden state by 13. 31 points for steph curry. off night. warriors knew they had a football game. dunk over. 22 points. they win 111-103. 36 straight win at oracle. the nba record, 44 set by the chicago bulls. sharks and flames. hit in the face by a puck. tied 3-3 in the third. buries it. sharks win 5-4. 14 wins on the road. 8 more than at the tank. a new name in the 49er coaching such. san francisco has asked for permission to interview former giants head coach tom coughlin. the 69-year-old also met with the eagles earlier today. so the question is, what
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happened to hartsfield-jackson international airport 5 hour interview yesterday, still no offer, doesn't mean he is off the table but interesting tom coughlin is on the table. [ talking at the same time ] >> the speculation is it would happen quick because the nfl meetings. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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our next newscast is tomorr morning at 4-30. late show is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning 4:30 a.m. have a good night. er ♪ (cheers and applause) (audience chanting stephen) >> stephen: thank you! thank you, everybody! thank you so much! (cheers and applause)


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