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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  January 13, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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from deep underground. a nearly 14 hour rescue operation comes to an end. crews in oakland finally hoisting this man from deep under ground. hi, everyone. good afternoon. i'm frank mallicoat. >> haim michelle griego. the dramatic rescue started yesterday when the trench where a plumber was working gave way leaving him trapped several feet below ground. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is
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live at highland hospital where the man is now recovering. anne. >> reporter: yes. he is in good condition from what we hear today hoping to be released later on this afternoon. he will certainly have quite the story to tell. this is the end of a harrowing 13.5-hour rescue operation. rojelio esparza was finally hoisted from a hole 17 feet deep. he had been working underground yesterday on a 10-foot sewer line when a foot got stuck in mud. >> the soil collapsed and he went in deeper. >> reporter: piled on top of him the bracing tools and plywood that was supposed to keep himself. several agencies rushed to the scene. >> they tried to excavate and put in more shoring material, plywood and bracing, more and more sand would come in on it. >> reporter: this all started at 1:30 p.m. andez spar -- at 12:30 p.m.
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and esparza was conscious throughout the ordeal. they kept him pain medication and talked to him even though he was 12 feet below ground. >> it appeared he was texting or doing videogames on his device. his arms from free. >> reporter: once he was lift to safety, his coworkers who had watched and waited gave thanks to the dozens of rescuers who helped. >> we are very happy with him. we are happy for you guys. >> reporter: we visited the hole in east oakland where this all happened. it is all covered up right now. in fact, some of the rescue equipment is still trapped underground. but it is all blocked off as the investigation into how this happened continues. live in oakland, anne makevoc, kpix 5. people in the bay area getting ready for the excitement surrounding super bowl 50. but in the midst of all the fanfare, there's also a dark side to the event. kpix 5's kiet do explains how bay area authorities are keeping their eyes peeled for human trafficking. >> reporter: mineta international airport is
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getting all dressed up for the big game with a huge sign, going up over the footbridge at terminal a. but it's not the only sign going up. soon you'll be seeing these, askinger have you seen him or her? it's an effort to raise awareness about human trafficking. >> this super bowl provides us an opportunity to really focus our resources. >> reporter: human trafficking be it for sex or forced labor is now the fastest growing multi-billion-dollar criminal enterprise in the world on par with narcotics and illegal weapons. experts say it typically follows and spikes around major sporting events like, you guessed it, and since many of the victims will catch flights into the bay area, airport workers are getting trained to spot the red flags. >> the result of our training this week will allow 1,000 front line airport personnel to be trained to effectively scan 24 million passengers traveling to the bay area for the super bowl and throughou 2016. >> reporter: some of the signs
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are, look for one person showing extreme controlling behavior over another person. the victim may be walking up and down the street with no obvious destination. and the victim may be waving and smiling at cars. sjpd says if something looks weird or unusual, don't hesitate to call 911. >> people need to take it upon themselves to say, that's unusual. that's out of the ordinary. i'm going to make that phone call. >> this is not just pay super bowl probable policemen or a super bowl issue -- this is not just today super bowl issue or a super bowl problem, this is a worldwide issue. >> reporter: kiet do, kpix 5. >> a palo alto man is arrested facing charges for arson and attempted murder. investigators believe he set a fire at his former supervisor's home early saturday morning. three people were inside at the time. one of them suffered a minor burn injury. chan was arrested sunday night at his house. uber plans to hire new drivers to an untapped labor pool.
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former fell longs. today the company announce -- former felons. today they will open the platform to felons whose sentences were reduced to misdemeanors. felons were previously not allowed t drive. the san francisco sanctuary policy has the city's new sheriff at odds with the supervisor. the policy came under fire after an illegal immigrant shot kate steinle to death last july. sheriff hennessy wants jail deputies to start communicating with federal immigration agents. yesterday supervisor avalos introduced a measure to prohibit law enforcement from telling officials when an inmate will be released from jail violent felons the only exception. a new bill would require lawmakers to secure guns that they leave in cars in california. officers are currently exempt from firearm requirements involving cars. the bill would force every gun owner to lock firearms in the car trunk or put it in a locked
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cop tainer that's hidden inside the vehicle -- container that's dden inside the vehicle t involves shooting deaths from guns stolen from officer cars. the raiders are staying in oakland for now. yesterday the z=raiders were th out team out when the nfl's 32 owners voted to bring the st. louis rams to l.a. and give the chargers the option to move there, as well. with the raiders stuck in oakland for the future, the mayor libby schaaf is hopeful the city can eventually reach a stadium deal with the team that would not involve taxpayer money. >> we recognize that the clock is ticking, that this opportunity will not last forever. so we'll treat it as such. but my hope is that we are given a year. >> following the announcement raider owner mark davis said it was not a win for the raiders but nfl owners did offer the team a conditional $100 million to help finance a new stadium in oakland with the rams heading back to l.a., st. louis' mayor had a message for the nfl. >> i'm very disappointed in the
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nfl and the way it [ indiscernible ] our efforts. they ignored the loyalty of the st. louis fans. they ignored a viable plan for a new stadium. and they ignored a strong market which demonstrated beyond a doubt that it can and did support an nfl team. >> the rams' impending move to l.a. ends the 21-year absence from the nation's second largest media market of the nfl. rain in the east bay this morning. this puddle in san ramon was one hazard facing drivers. and bart riders in dublin had their umbrellas ready as they walked quickly toward the station. rain in the bay area means snow in the sierra. and lots of it. this is the scene at northstar as early-morning snowboarders head up for the slopes. and we got these pictures from our very own roberta gonzales enjoying the snow up there. the forecast calls for another 7" today and more snow overnight. julie watts is here now with a look. >> i wish i was where roberta is! that looks so much more fun
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although i'm sure -- it's fun to be here, too, tracking rain on hi-def doppler. take a look at hi-def doppler this morning. we still have some scattered showers out there right now. we have light rain over novato, san anselmo, showers just north of napa. this is this is what to expect throughout the day. spotty scattered showers possible thunderstorms which means the possibility of some areas of heavy rain right now light rain towards san rafael, richmond, hercules. these are again just very short- lived light showers not going to be consistent. but certainly something you can expect off and on throughout the day. we have another band of rain heading back our way. in fact, we have several of them coming up here over the next few days. we are going to time that out for you coming up in just a bit. ten u.s. nav sailors after being captured in iran are back. a mechanical breakdown caused a boat to drift into iran's waters.
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iran released this footage of the sailors relaxing. some even smiling while they were in custody. today the secretary of state john kerry expressed his gratitude to iran. >> also want to thank the iranian authorities for their cooperation and quick response. these are situations which as everybody here knows have an ability if not properly guided to get out of control. >> the sailors were traveling from kuwait to bahrain at the time. they were captured and held at a base on the aisles of farsi in iran. -- on the island of farsi in iran. craig boswell reports that one issue stood out for people on both sides of the i'll in president obama's state of the union address. >> reporter: president obama delivered his final state of the union address and conceded he is partly to blame for the political divide that has shut down washington. >> it's one of the few regrets of my presidency that the rancor and suspicion between
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the parties has gotten worse instead of better. >> reporter: south carolina governor nikki haley, who was praised for her republican response, echoed that point when she said her party needs to resist the siren call of the angriest voices. >> all i'm saying is we have a responsibility and the way we handle issues and the way we talk about issues should be towards solutions, not towards division. >> reporter: president obama has one year and one week remaining in office. those presidential candidates jockeying to succeed him had plenty to say about the address. >> some of you answer it when you get back to iowa. >> reporter: hillary clinton tweeted her praise for the speech and the administration's work. she i understand it that praise on "cbs this morning" -- she continued that praise on "cbs this morning." >> the president made a compelling case about the progress we have made but the work that still lies ahead. >> reporter: but texas senator ted cruz who skipped the speech in order to campaign said he can't wait to give his own state of the union address. >> that state of the union will be very, very different from tonight's state of the union. >> reporter: cruz is ithe
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fight to win the gop nomination. he has a slight lead over donald trump with less than three weeks to go in iowa. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. the jackpot keeps growing so the players keep on coming. lotto sales skyrocketing for tonight's billion-dollar powerball drawing. >> plus, they were sure they had won big but got a rude awakening. the mistake sending restaurant employees back to work. ,, ,,,, ,, ♪
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barrier on the golden gate 've learned, it's been one year since crews set up that movable median barrier on the golden gate bridge and it's saved many lives. before the barriers were
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installed only yellow plastic barriers were installed. the barriers spare a number of drivers from deadly head on crashes. in eight hours we expect millions of people will be glued to the internet or twitter to learn the lucky numbers for tonight's $1.5 billion powerball. at cavanaugh liquors in san leandro a long line of people waiting to buy powerball tickets is wrapped around the corner of the store. one woman waited almost an hour. >> this store has had a lot of success with other lotto winners and we're hoping it will again. hope it's worth it. >> reporter: so how much luck has cavanaugh liquors had? the store proudly boasts it sold the winning tickets for five multi-million dollar lotto jackpots. the most recent an $11 million super lotto plus winner 2012. >> have you bought one yet? i don't think you have. >> i have not. but i need to because my last ticket was a winning ticket. >> you're going to hate us when we're all not here. >> the only one. a single winner could take home a cash payout of $930
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million. >> that's a lot of dough. david begnaud is inside the studio where the numbers will be picked tonight. >> tonight's powerball jackpot is a guaranteed $40 million. >> reporter: for more than 2 months, we have watched the powerball jackpot soar. >> $949.8 million. >> reporter: shattering reports and exploding into a nationwide frenzy. at one point last night lottery officials reported nearly 370,000 tickets were being sold every minute. by tonight's drawing they expect 85% of the possible number combinations will have been purchased. still, that leaves a 15% chance there may not be a winner at all. >> late show's powerball tip number one. pick only winning numbers. okay? >> reporter: jokes aside, some are counting on the power of the people to increase their chances of winning. >> name and the amount.
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>> reporter: bbilly jo is running a town wide lottery. the odds are nearly 300 million to one that she will win. >> the increased chance of winning by buying multiple tickets leaves you with such a small chance of winning that it isn't worth the extra money. >> reporter: if nobody wins tonight the drawing could be close to $2 billion by saturday. the drawing tonight happens at 10:59 p.m. eastern time. david begnaud, cbs news, tallahassee, florida. >> i will be on my smartphone. >> yes. what? >> because of the high volume ticket sales lottery officials say it will take hours after the drawing to sort through all the numbers and determine if there's a winner or winners. these workers were not smiling after saturday's drawing. the 42-person pool at this new jersey restaurant was elated then deflated after the ticket they thought was a winner was a
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loser. the mix-up happened because they were looking at winning numbers from an earlier drawing. a refresh of the lotto's website revealed the news. >> i'm sure i would have lost all the employees, the dishwashers are very happy they don't have to wash dishes anymore. the valet park -- >> one of the restaurant's employees said they took it easier knowing no one in the u.s. won saturday night. but that's -- >> just the fact that they hit numbers from another drawing says maybe they will be lucky. >> i don't know. >> fingers crossed for them and for us. we all have -- > there's through or four different office pools going on here. so hopefully we all win. hoping you win, too. we have a winning forecast for you if you like rain. we're working on the drought. hi-def doppler showing that we still have some scattered showers in the area. and we'll continue to see these showers popping up throughout the day possibly even some thunderstorms. right now light rain from mill valley through san rafael and
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around the bay. we will continue again to see these showers with the possibility of some thunderstorms. temperatures outside right now in the upper 50s to low 60s. a mixture of sun and clouds. this is the remnants of one system. it's heading out of here but we have another waiting in the wings. and a brief dry break for the second half of today and the first half of tomorrow before this one moves in on friday. so we'll time it out on futurecast. again, starting off with some scattered showers possibility of thunderstorms throughout the day today. drying out by this evening. and then we have a dry break the first half of thursday but thursday night the next system moves in. this is weak and fast-moving. it kicks out of here overnight tonight. friday it's dry for the first half of the day and then the next weather system moves in on friday night around 8:00. this one sticks around a bit longer lingering through saturday morning. so the saturday morning jog will be soggy. plan for that. as we look at what to expect, a few showers today breezy a dry break tonight and early thursday. and then more rain by late
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tomorrow. and then really unsettled through the extended forecast. winter weather advisory shows storm totals above 5,000 feet could be 6 to 12" of snow. keep that in mind going up to the high country. >> tomorrow mostly dry. tomorrow night we see the next round of rain. highs in the upper 50s, low 60s areawide. while the seven-day looks like a washout it's not. there are breaks in the rain. we get a break tonight and before the rain starts for the first half of thursday being dry. the first half of friday is dry. then maybe the second half of saturday is dry. sunday we get a break and then more rain next week. >> can you write that down? >> you know how hard it is to memorize that? [ laughter ] >> a little bit of everything. week two of the new year
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has been better on wall street until today. look at that. it jumped out of the gate in positive territory. we are down nearly 300 points at this hour. we'll be right back. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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great britain. today british lawmakers agreed to consider replacing the songd
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a long held tradition may be scrapped from sporting events in great britain. today lawmakers agreed to consider replacing the song god save the queen which is the anthem. members of the labor party say adopting a new anthem would reestablish the idea that the united kingdom is a union of four separate nations with their own identities. time for lunch. today our fresh grocer tony tantillo helps us pick out a popular ingredient for you healthy salad. >> reporter: well, today's tip of the day is going to be is going to be with baby heirloom tomatoes. heirloom tomatoes are primarily grown in the summertime locally. so these are being imported in or grown in hothouses but these baby tomatoes are fabulous. they are great in so many different salads or even great with pasta. yeah. with garlic, parsley, olive oil, and spaghetti. that's it. but selection and storage is very important. when you buy them, check the colors. many colors all have to be nice and bright. free from any this visiting
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whatsoever. -- free from any shriveling whatsoever. check the bottom no liquid. a little expensive. when you bring them home don't store them in the frederick fridge. store them on the counter. shelf life very short. when you buy them, within two or three days enjoy them. because they are loaded with sugar which means they will decay quicker. baby heirloom tomatoes in a tray. you'll love them. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. always always -- and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. they are also very pretty. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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that story and more at five. that's it for the k-p-i-x first macy's and now j.c. penney. where the once giant change is closing a store in the bay area. that story and more at 5:00. >> and we had a little rain this morning and a little bit of a lull now but it's still out there, isn't it? >> yeah. scattered showers possible. possibility of some thunderstorms throughout the afternoon. and then our next round of rain moves in tomorrow evening. >> thank you. have a great afternoon. captions by: caption colorado ,,
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>> katie: so you've read all the prelim material? >> brooke: everything you sent me. >> katie: the editing format, style sheet? >> bill: all of it? >> brooke: yes. i'm up to date on your company, bill. >> katie: our company. you're one of us now. and i'm very excited about that. so is bill. >> maya: here. >> nicole: i don't really trust anything in my stomach right now. >> maya: [ sighs ] i'm so sorry, honey. >> nicole: i'll be fine. really. >> maya: just comes on, huh? >> nicole: at the most inopportune times. >> maya: like during the photo shoot? >> nicole: i so wanted to be there for zende. he really wanted to make a good impression with rick. >> maya: at least sasha was able


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