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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  January 14, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> total madness outside this california convenient store tonight. this 7-11 sold the winning powerball ticket and there are at least 2 more winners. >> they will all split the biggest jackpot ever. the payout almost 52 $9 million. the odds are almost impossible but florida and tennessee sold winning tickets and we're waiting for results from one more state. here are the winning numbers.
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, 8, 27, 34, 4, 19 and the powerball is 10. >> we're at the winning store in chino hills. >> this is the 7-11 where the jackpot winning ticket was sold. you can tell how excited people are here. several hundred people are out here celebrating where it was sold. people have been packing the store all night long, i don't think this 7-11 was prepared for this and law enforcement is out here controlling the crowd. people are just cheering and wondering if they know the person who won this jackpot and it's very crazy out here, back to you. >> thanks, they didn't even win. >> she tells us there are bay
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area winners tonight too. >> i'm here and typically the luckiest store usually but not tonight. all of these folks lining up hoping to win the jackpot but they didn't sell the winning one this time. from around the bay area, four stores that sold tickets that had 5 of 6 numbers, a santa cruz gas station did. >> you could change yo life and it's good. yes.
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know the store sold the winning ticket until we told them. this is the 7-11 on nut tree road and a quick stop on north cloverdale blvd., each worth $1 million. people probably happy if they have looked at their numbers. they're millionaires tonight. >> they can go back to bed then. >> let's go outside, and a storm is said to hit the bay area soon. >> dry on the radar tonight but think time tomorrow, there will be rain and some of you in the north bay tomorrow afternoon. rainfall this morning mainly overnight and winds are out there. san jose not too much rain. but we get another crack tomorrow morning. and here comes the rain and a line of heavier showers crossing in and that's in napa county. the first of four weather systems that we're tracking between now and this time next week and one looks like it's going to be the biggest soaker this winter. only on 5, a bicyclist said he was beaten at the hands of san francisco police. the video is hard to watch. he pulled him over and then it escalated. you can hear the guy's friends saying he didn't do anything wrong. >> the 22-year-old was simply trying to deliver a burrito here in the south of market neighborhood when this happened. ficer--"i do. reid---put your hands behind your back. reid ---you don't have the righto search me, sir." at this point....donovan's camera gs off. for minutes...there's no known video record. burn: later...two witnesses-- including one of donovan's friends----sta ng again. now...donovan's on the grou. it appears one officer hits
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donovan in the knee. her angle. nat i thought to myself, he's going to shoot me. >> when the officer pulled him over for cycling while on his phone, donovan pulled out his cell phone. >> nobody can talk on your phone. >> he doesn't have a license. >> so where is your id? >> you ever have a california driver's license? >> you know i can go through your pockets. >> i do. >> put your hands behind your back. >> you don't have the right to search me. >> his camera goes off and there's no known video record but then he said this happened. >> he started hitting me and then he maced me and then more cops showed up. >> two witnesses including one of his friends start rolling again and now he's on the ground and appears one officer hits him in to the knee. >> stop, don't hurt me.
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>> and there's a second angle. >> he's not doing anything. >> he grabbed my shirt collar and then my legs were held and beaten. >> he has these hospital photos to prove it and they said tonight, their internal affairs division is investigating and they've told the office of citizen complaints. >> there was no need for that to happen. >> of course there's a gap in the video so we can't know for sure how it escalated from donovan talking to the officer to him on the ground and detained and screaming. in donovan's words, the officer was aggressive from the beginning especially after he was not able to produce a driver's license. >> you could call it the war on cars tonight. he wants people to think about
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using their cars 50% less. that's not all, mayor lee is dead serious about tearing down part of 280. it would end it at that street and includes the ramps to king st. the extension would clear the way for development and has his eye on the cal train tracks. he wants to move them underground and make way for more building. >> it's not just taking it down we have to figure out what to do with a train rail yard in the center of all of the development of the city and that's not the right place so we're thinking it through. >> anyone worried about it, the city can't sprawl out so it has to go up. >> there's a new push to make it the first u.s. city to offer
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full paid parental leave. under state law they get it through disabilities but now he wants employers to pay the other 45%. it applies to moms or dads working for companies with over 20 employees. >> it makes sure people get full wage replacement and earn their full income for 6 weeks. >> he'll introduce that later this month. >> drones seem to be everywhere and tonight a state lawmakers want to send them to the dmv, more on the drone act of 2016. >> new rules coming from the unmanned aircraft. here's what mike goto is
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appropriating tonight. registration and insurance and even tiny license plates in case of accidents. and it called for gps and automatic shut off features. >> the technology exists to slowly bring it out of the sky with gps shut off and these applications exist in many other things and the federal government wants to see this at all airports. and we want to make sure if it gets close to a flight, it's shut off. >> drones were interfering with firefighting efforts last year. >> and a bay area plumber trapped underground for 14 hours. >> bart passengers drop to the
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plumber says he is lucky toe alive tonight after getting buried up to his chest in m. he was trapped underground r 14 hours. andria borba found out: a bay area plumber says he's lucky to be alive tonight after being buried in mud. he was trapped underground for 14 hours. >> sitting in a wheelchair and wrapped in a blanket, he said he's happy to be alive tonight. he was working yesterday for a plumbing company outside an oakland home when he said this happened. >> everything was fine, the ground collapsed and it was an accident that happened in a second. this is isn't the first time his employer star rooter has
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had a problem like this. >> according to osha they were cited in 2014. yesterday's trench cave in led to a marathon rescue. he was 6-8 feet below the sidewalk and buried inside and his right foot trapped in clay, the sides caved in as they tried to help him. the only people coming out were firefighters giving him food and water and trying to dig him out. at 2:07 a.m., under a canopy, he finally emerged from the
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trench. >> i can't i don't have work to repay what they did for me and i thank god they got me out, thanks to them and god. and another thing that helped keep him calm, his smartphone, his arms from free and he played games during his 14 hour ordeal. a daredevil has died. matthew kenny was a wing suit flyer from santa cruz and it happened yesterday in a remote wilderness area near the utah border. he hit a wall 600 feet down from where he jumped. those who knew him said he was a talented jumper. >> here's the man suspected of gunning down a passenger upon a packed bart train, we have the surveillance photos.
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>> this is a brazen act. >> the police chief wants the public to take a look at these surveillance photos, they show him leaving the bart station saturday night after shooting and killing a passenger on board. >> we're releasing these photos because we're asking for the public's assistance in helping us identify him. >> he is in his late 20s, 6'2", wearing a trench coat and carrying a backpack. >> we have bart personnel assigned to look for him. >> some took their own cell phone video capturing the moments after the shooting, today, bart police wouldn't confirm whether they were their own surveillance from the car where the shooting took place
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and wouldn't comment if they had cameras on board every bart car. >> where they're positioned in the station, that's security information that i'm not willing to give out. >> we're learning the victim suffered wounds to the shoulder and neck area, he was carrying a honduran id and the photo on the identification resembles the victim but the thumbprint doesn't match. they still don't have a motive. guy walked into a walgreens armed with a knife and ran out with a bunch of cosmetics. they're calling him the make-up bandit. they're hoping someone recognizes him. on december 18th he walked into the drug store and put stuff in
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his jacket. do you use antibacterial wipes to clean your desk, your bathroom? >> it turns out most of us use them incorrectly. >> they're easy to grab and use, but how well the wipes really disinfect? >> they found it depends on how you use them. researchers tested how well they clean three types of bacteria. they wiped, and then checked cultures and what they found may surprise you. >> the initial wipe gets rid of it but if you wipe some place else, you're spreading it from one place to another. that's how we use them at home. >> i can get one whole cleaning out of one, and sometimes i do wet them to gelt more mileage. >> i start to feel that it seems dry and not as moist so i follow-up with another one. >> one wipe should be used to
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cover one small area. >> one wipe can be used in a meter-squared area. >> and it shrinks when it comes to uneven surfaces like tile. the rule of thumb is on the label. use enough to keep the treated area visiblely wet visibly wet for four minutes. >> caltrans blows it to bits. it came down on highway 50 and it had about this blocking the road since lunchtime. and tonight the highway is clear but caltrans said it might have more rocks to clear because there may be more slides in the area. >> i couldn't help but notice the beautiful snow. >> it's 10 1% above average but
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it looks snowy because we've had zero snowfall over the past few winters. tomorrow afternoon, rain returns to the north bay and we'll get rainfall. take you to the south bay. nice evening out with temperatures in the 50s under cloudy skies and rain in san jose this time tomorrow. the temperature is 50 right now and santa rosa has clear skies. we will see upper 30s in our north bay valleys and napa, and redwood city 43 and one storm is coming after another. it's an active map. you had rain this morning and now that is gone but right on its heels is the next storm. closing in and will give us rainfall tomorrow afternoon.
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and we'll use futurecast, no rain tomorrow, drive to work is fine but the afternoon drive, there it is. rainfall. then the next weather system gets here, friday night, and into saturday morning, more rainfall and then we see another system on sunday and then the wettest one this winter coming up for the top of next week. that's storm number 7, storm number 8 is here for the weekend and then there's the night storm. it's happening in the tropics and we'll see significant rainfall all day long, the only washout from start to finish. and that's next monday. we're watching it for you. south bay, an inch or two and same thing for san francisco, and the peninsula. by monday evening, 3-6 inches of additional rainfall. significant rain coming for the
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top of next week. rain late tomorrow, oakland 58, and napa 54, extended forecast, looks ominous, it's going to rain every day for a little bit of the day and that's until monday and it will rain all day long. mother nature reloading and then the biggest storm at the top of next week. we could be in the several inches of rainfall, we'll wait and see. the winners of the jefferson awards ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. there are 3 winning powerba tickets out there. one was sold at this 7-eleven in chino hill. we don't know the winners yet but there are 3 winning powerball tickets out there. one was sold at this 7-11 in chino hills. the winners will split the
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jackpot and two other tickets were sold in florida and tennessee. >> the jefferson awards were honored tonight. the event paid tribute to 60 individuals, ages 16-90. the awards were chosen for their service to community and their dedication to making a difference. >> to help people in need is wonderful, and when i think about, something like this, it's recognition for that entire community of actors that's providing support so nobody has to go to bed in a dangerous situation. >> silver medal recipient created an app called safe night. it helps connect women trying to escape domestic violence. who's is the new favorite who's is the new favorite to become the ,,,,
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of the parts..tonight, one the parts got the night off. draymond green watched steph th quarte warriors are nba champions because of the sum of the parts. green watching him score 20 points but with 10 seconds to go, warriors down 2, you don't see this, the nuggets get the steal and increase their lead to 4. and he knocks it down and warriors are within 1 and it goes to clay for the win. and warriors lose their third game of the season. 38 points for curry but he did have 8 turnovers. >> nfl, mike shanahan has emerged to be the next head
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coach. jackson was never offered the job by san francisco and instead ends up in cleveland. >> you have to feel comfortable that you have the proper support to have success. and i'm more than comfortable with our structure and the people i'm setting up here. >> look at those maniacs, head coach pete carol tackled a white board to fire up the team. >> i didn't think the white board was going to get it. he knows how to tackle. the white board wasn't the best thing to tackle but he led with his head. so you might want to talk to him. >> and finally, everybody chiming in on powerball.
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raiders said this on twitter. we'll be right back. small problem if you do the math, everyone would get $4 and that's before taxes. >> he'd make up the difference. >> he'd make up the difference. he'd end up with ,,,,,,
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. late show with stephen ,,,,,
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