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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  January 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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one-fifth for petaluma. only .01" for san jose. it's raining in san francisco now and mount tam. three-quarters inch. so where do we go from here? showers continue this evening and overnight. and this is the first of four different weather systems that will get us between now and monday. but there's one day that stands out as by far the wettest from start to finish. we'll talk about it coming up. tonight big questions about the surveillance cameras that are on bart trains or cameras you may think are on bart trains. kpix 5 reporter da lin has new details about what we first record earlier this week about those fake security cameras. da? >> reporter: yeah, liz. a lot of passengers here have no idea many cameras inside these bart trains are decoys. in fact, it appears those cameras that were inside this one train where a murder happened last week where were fake. reporter: rail camera or decoy? >> i think it's fake. >> it could be real. but i feel like it's fake.
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>> i hope it's real. >> reporter: the cameras pointing at these passengers are fake. see the difference? the decoys are bigger and have a reflective glass. the real cames are smaller. >> you can see there's actually a lens behind the glass here. >> reporter: this up here is a real camera. i asked the bart police chief how many real and fake cameras they have. he wouldn't answer citing security cams. >> i'm not going to get into our camera system. >> reporter: aside from the trains bart has cameras on platforms and in station lobbies. cameras in the west oakland lobby captured this murder suspect running away after shooting a passenger inside a train. but apparently there's no footage of the killing because the four cameras mounted on the ceiling were decoys. >> based on the photos that we released, the system is working. can it be improved? yes. >> reporter: the chief says bart is safe but some passengers say the safe cameras pose a security risk. >> i look at the camera and say
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okay there could be some security here if something happens. but now it makes you feel more uneasy. >> reporter: no footage of the killing. no information of what led up to it. no motive. bart police are asking the public to identify the suspects. they haven't even identified the victim five days after the shooting. the victim carried a fake identification from honduras. the man took a try delta transit bus to the pittsburg- bay point bart station boarded a train there and he was shot dead right here at the west oakland bart station. live in oakland i'm da lin, kpix 5. big bay area sports story we have been following all day. the san francisco 49ers have hired a new head coach. >> former philadelphia eagles coach chip kelly is going to replace fired coach jim tomsula. and vern glenn is here. i remember when we brought this up, he was fired, people thought i was crazy. no way. [ overlapping speakers ]
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>> i like chip kelly. >> big name. okay. clear vision. veteran coach. that's what trent baalke and jed york wanted. not feeling a whole lot of love about this hire, though. does he know offense? absolutely. will he have an impact there yes. but after failure to get several coaches hired, why chip kelly? >> we are in need of somebody who can win super bowls. >> do you have that guy? >> we haven't won a super bowl since 1994. >> jed broke the news himself this morning on his twitter account: kelly interviewed with these guys earlier in the month. if they were thrilled then, why didn't they just hire him then? they had their sights set on hue jackson. i have no idea what happened in that five-hour meeting but something happened that led to jackson taking the job in cleveland. tom coughlin said the 49ers
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simply were not a good fit for him. so it's back to chip kelly and all that baggage from the eagles running off the good players, lost the locker room after a 10-6 first season, started the second season 9-3. he lost 12 of his last 19 games. it was so bad owner jeff laurie let him go with a game left in the regular season. now, kelly has 9er assistant general manager tom gamble to thank for this. he was with kelly in philadelphia and convinced the 49ers management that he was a coach that could deliver and here's the big question. the quarterback issue. >> exactly. >> what in the world do we do with kaepernick? it could work. there's a lot of drama there. we'll address that in the next hour. >> he could be due for a comeback, chip kelly. we'll see. >> why not. he will go over big in eugene, oregon. a lot of ducks fans are through the moon over this. >> university of california at eugene, oregon. [ laughter ]
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>> in what i understand. vern, see you at 6:00. san francisco police still not commenting after we showed them video of a bicyclist being brutally beaten by an officer. we do want to warn you, the video is hard to watch. [ yelling ] >> stop hitting him! >> this all started when the officer pulled the cyclist over for allegedly using his cell phone while riding. then the rider says things escalated. in the video donovan reid is pinned down and it appears an officer hit him in the knee. >> he just like grabbed my shirt collar and started punching me in the stomach for like two minutes and then he maced me. i thought to myself, this cop is going to pull his gun and shoot me. >> reid cell phone camera didn't capture the entire incident so for minutes there is no video until a couple of witnesses including reid's friend started recording. coming up at 6 we'll get the latest from reporter cate caugiran. new details on who in california won part of that
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massive powerball jackpot. reports say she is a 62-year- old nurse from pomona. what's more, we are hearing the ticket was given to her by her boss, who bucked up and bought one for all of his employees. cbs reporter edward lawrence is live in chino hills where the golden ticket was sold. edward. reporter: what we do know confirm that that golden ticket was sold here at the 7-eleven in chino hills. we cannot confirm who won. officially according to california lottery officials, nobody has come in to claim the ticket. however, there have been a lot of social media posts and other reports that a nurse in a nursing home won this. but not confirmed. but all of the three stores that sold the winning jackpot tickets will all get cash because of that. [ chanting ] >> reporter: there was no stopping the celebration of a dream come true. >> whoo! >> reporter: at a 7-eleven in chino hills where luck beat out nearly impossible odds and that includes the store owner who got a million dollars for
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selling one of the winning powerball tickets. >> it feels great. >> the california lottery sold $386 million worth of powerball tickets. >> reporter: inside, customers are hoping the store will bring them luck for the next powerball drawing. >> i bought ticket, maybe it's a lucky one. >> wanted to stop by and get in on the action. >> reporter: the powerball winner here in chino hills california overcame big odds one in 292 million to win the world record jackpot. that person will split the winning $1.6 billion with two other win, one in tennessee, one in florida. >> reporter: the winning ticket in florida was sold at this melbourne beach grocery store. >> i screamed out loud, my store! >> reporter: in tennessee the retailer got a $25,000 commission for selling the third winning ticket. >> i hope it's a local person. i hope they love the count and munford and they will give back and make a difference in our
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community. >> reporter: each one will get $529 million before taxes. and the -- if the winner comes forward that announcement won't happen until tomorrow because the offices are closed. it's now after 5:00. but in california, the lottery winner is public record so eventually we will know who this is. reporting live in chino hills, california, edward lawrence, kpix 5. the state of california versus uber. coming up, how much the san francisco-based rideshare is having to pay out for safety violations. >> and i'm consumerwatch reporter julie watts. we all know the friendly skies aren't always so friendly. which airline ranks best when it comes to customer satisfaction and which airline came in last? that's coming up next. ,, ,,,,,,
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to pay the state seven-poinx million dollars. the california public utili commission f new at 5:00 uber will have to pay california $7.6 million. the public utilities commission fined the rideshare company for failing to report data on
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driver training, safety and access, back in 2014. uber has since handed over that data. it agreed to pay the fine to avoid a 30-day suspension. but it says it will appeal the ruling. traveling these days can be extremely stressful. but which airlines make flying easy and which ones don't? >> consumerwatch reporter julie watts is here now with a brand- new list of airline customer satisfaction rankings. >> reporter: the "wall street journal" released its annual middle seat scorecard today and overall airlines are getting better but a couple of bay area airlines, well, one was at the top and one was ranked at the bottom. mood lighting, in-see the power and ordering, all popular perks from bay area-based virgin airlines. but according to the "wall street journal" it's more than amenities that earned virgin one of the top spots in the paper's annual airline rankings. alaska, virgin and delta were ranked the three best overall based on seven criteria ranging from on-time arrivals to
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canceled flights and mishandled bags. but the report also found the airline industry in general is more reliable this year. canceling fewer flights, staying on schedule more often, and losing fewer bags. airfare watchdogs say that's due in part to lower fuel prices. >> one thing the airlines are doing with their extra profits due to low oil prices is installing new software, for example, to manage flights more efficiently. >> reporter: and he says the faa has invested in improving the air traffic control system to help improve performance overall but while one bay area- based airline ranked near the top, another rounded out the bottom. united ranged third from last followed by spirit and american. and he was surprised united ranked that high. >> united has not done a good job. there's no question they have a leadership crisis. it's not just the "wall street journal" rankings. it's every possible ranking you could see. >> reporter: although according
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to the "wall street journal" when it comes to things like on time performance and lost bags, united could get a consolation prize for most improved. now, he also said he was surprised by american's bottom spot. the "wall street journal" says it was likely due to american's merger with u.s. air that continued to affect operations last year. san francisco-based twitter is being hit with a hefty lawsuit. why one woman says the social media giant is helping isis, coming up. >> and why and how san francisco officials are trying to get people to relieve themselves in bushes. >> you think traffic is bad during rush hour in the rain? just you wait. hold on to that patience because you're going to need it for super bowl week. i'll tell you why. i have that story coming up tonight at 6:00. ,,
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hopefu attention to campaign 2016 with most of the political world focused on iowa and new hampshire, gop presidential hopefuls are shifting their attention to south carolina tonight. that's where the early rounds of tonight's republican debate just wrapped up. veronica de la cruz is here now with more. veronica. >> reporter: the south carolina primary is the third contest behind iowa and new hampshire and could help weed out the crowded field. >> we need to make a clear goal as to why we want to be
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anywhere in the middle east around. i'll tell you why we want to be and need to be is to destroy radical islam and everything that threatens civilization. >> reporter: fiorina still insisting she needs to beat hillary clinton. she took direct aim at the former secretary of state and her handling of benghazi. >> when you do not stand up and say the truth, that this was a purposeful terrorist attack, when you do not say the united states of america will retaliate for that attack, terrorists assume it's open season. >> reporter: she took one more swipe at clinton's email scandal. >> we need a president who understands technology in the oval office. mrs. clinton, actually, you cannot wipe a server with a towel. >> reporter: but analysts say the main player should be player to one group in particular. >> about 60% of the voters are evangelicals. >> reporter: donald trump has lagged behind ted cruz and marco rubio with those voters. >> mr. trump is number one by far nationally. >> reporter: the national spokesman for the trump campaign says south carolina
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governor nikki haley was wrong to call out trump this week when she said republicans need to resist the urge to listen to angry voices. >> frankly, if you are looking around and not angry then something is wrong. there are several things going on in this country that are just astonishing many people including new people which is why you see mr. trump's rallies grow. >> reporter: veronica de la cruz, kpix 5. >> so take a look at this. the latest cbs news poll showing donald trump now with a big lead in the palmetto state at 38%. that's followed by ted cruz with 23%. marco rubio has only 12%. tonight's debate cast is the smallest yet with jeb bush, chris christie, john kasich and ben carson all trying to catch up to donald trump. veronica de la cruz, kpix 5. we are getting a closer look at the mountain lions who call los angeles home. bill whitaker takes us on a safari to the l.a. hills. >> reporter: jeff moves in
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working on sheer intuition looking for a needle in a haystack. [ growl ] >> reporter: and he finds it. >> reporter: a feisty 3.5 3.5- week-old female p-44. [ growling-purring ] >> reporter: her blue eyes will change to amber in a few months. the spots that camouflage her will disappear. >> she is pretty chill. >> yeah. [ whispering ] >> really cute. >> reporter: he and his crew would, in whispers in case the mother is within earshot. >> meow. >> green tag. >> reporter: p-44 is given tags to identify her on trail camera pictures. she appears healthy but given the danger she faces on the edge of civilization, her future is uncertain. >> time to go back [ whispering ] >> reporter: all jeff can do is put her back where he found her.
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>> wow. how cute is she? well, much more on the mountain lions. los angeles coming up tonight sunday night at 7:00 on "60 minutes" right here on kpix 5. how about the wildlife of san francisco? new at 5:00 relief in sight at san francisco's dolores park. maybe not the way you think. those semi enclosed europe analysis they call them pee pods are in place. not much privacy. the goal is quick relief and an alternative to yards and tracks. there are in the southwest corner of the park part of the park's renovations just wrapping up. by the way, tonight's grand opening celebration of dolores park is postponed because of weather. the weather. those sprinkles. >> standing in the rain. >> pile it on. [ overlapping speakers ] >> we're not used to this. we haven't had to worry about rainouts the past couple of years. this year is going to be different. can't open up dolores park yet or those urinals yet.
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here's a peek at the radar showing you what's happening now. it is the north bay with the steadiest rainfall especially right at the edge of the marin- sonoma county line. rain in san rafael, oakland. you can see the rainfall to the north which still has to move through the bay area before exiting. and plenty of fresh powder in the sierra. great skiing this weekend. oakland 54 right now. livermore 52. san jose 55. we have some light-to-moderate rain scattered throughout the bay area including san francisco with the current temperature of 51. the blanket of cloud cover remains tonight with scattered showers. vallejo 47. mountain view -- san francisco staying in the 50s. it's a full pledged parade of storms. that storm track has not moved. but storms along the storm track are moving rather rapidly. here comes the storm in and out by tomorrow morning. there's tomorrow night's storm. there's one behind that. that's another one behind that. they are just going to keep on
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coming something that we couldn't buy over the past couple winters. now every, single storm is moving through the bay area and it's adding up. each storm is only light to moderate rainfall. we'll see that change by the tomorrow of next week. futurecast scattered showers. by tomorrow morning, that storm is gone. you have may get some sunshine before the lunch hour tomorrow. but as soon as friday night into saturday morning, here comes the next storm. more light to moderate rainfall lasting through 8 a.m. saturday. then another break in the evening. then another round of rainfall coming up on sunday. quick, i'm talking things changing within 12 to 18 hours. we go from rain everywhere to no rain back to rain again. the numbers are getting high. storm number 7 moving through. storm number 8 early in the weekend. late in the weekend that storm number 9 way off in the distance. that's the guy that will give us widespread rainfall and likely some of the heaviest rain we have seen all winter. that will really jack up the rainfall totals. inch and a half to 2.5" of rainfall over the next five days. three to six inches of rain in the north bay. even you in san jose miss out
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on the past couple storms. you will see up to two inches of rain by monday night and tuesday morning. see what to expect, showers likely tonight mainly dry for the balance of the day tomorrow. but then by tomorrow night the rain is back, and we'll have scattered showers through the weekend. highs tomorrow upper 50s, low 60s. concord 58, mountain view 60 san rafael 56. scattered showers saturday. more scattered showers on sunday becoming steady rain sunday evening. and it's monday which looks like it will be a solid washout with perhaps an inch or two inches of rain just that one day. so we are kind of ramping up the intensity but taking some time to get there. >> thank you. new tonight, a grisly confession. what san jose police say this man told his mom on skpe that could land him in prison for the rest of his life. next. >> but first, stocks were in the green today. the dow up more than 200 points helped by some recovering oil prices. >> here's a look at the closing numbers from wall street.
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new at 5:00 the san jose man accused of killing his father then confessing to his mom over skpe made his first court appearance today. prosecutors say this man fatally stabbed his father two weeks ago after an argument at their home in san jose. the victim's body was found a few days later in the trunk of an abandoned car in richmond. the suspect did not enter a plea today. twitter has been slapped with a lawsuit which blames the company for the isis inspired attack that killed an american soldier in jordan. the soldier's widow filed the lawsuit yesterday. it accuses twitter of allowing the terrorist group to use its social media network to spread propaganda. twitter offered its condolences to the widow but says the lawsuit has no merit. planned parenthood has filed a lawsuit against the group behind what it calls a video smear campaign. the group center for medical progress released videos like
5:25 pm
this one in july. the group says it shows planned parenthood officials trying to negotiate prices for fetal body parts from abortions. in a federal lawsuit that was filed today in san francisco, planned parenthood accuses the group of conspiracy and fraud in connection with the recordings. planned parenthood says it has not profited from its tissue donation program. the center for medical progress calls the new lawsuit frivolous. new at 5:00 goldman sachs has agreed to pay about $5 billion to settle claims from federal regulators over the firm's role in the housing bubble and financial crisis. the penalty is smaller than some paid out by other big banks facing similar settlements. bank of america paid about $16 billion back in 2014 in a settlement with federal and state agencies. singer celine dion's husband former manager has died after a long battle with throat cancer. he was 73 and helped launch her
5:26 pm
first english language album in 1990. the couple married in 1994. they have three children. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." >> we have scott pelley in new york tonight. scott. >> reporter: hi, allen and liz. great to be with you in the bay area. here's the "cbs evening news" tonight. it's debate night in america! we are going to tell you what to expect when the gop presidential candidates take the stage in south carolina. plus, the hidden cost of falling oil prices on the national economy. and no one played a villain like him. remembering veteran stage and movie actor alan rickman tonight on the western edition of the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,,,,,,
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this is san francisco traffn a normal night. now add-- an extra million people forh t-- new i'm veronica de la cruz in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight this is san francisco traffic on a normal night. now add an extra million people for the super bowl. tonight, new details on the street closures that could make for some epic gridlock. >> and a california nurse hits the billion-dollar jackpot all thanks to her boss. and she wasn't the only one he bought a ticket for. a bay area employee speaks out about the man behind that big powerball win. i'll have that and more at 6:00. allen, i'll be joining you then. >> hopefully the boss gets a share. >> yeah? >> maybe. >> deserves something. up north we are getting a share of snow. >> wonderful to have rain here. it's wonderful weekend to add snow up in the sierra. we are adding up to 16" of
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snowfall by tomorrow. winter storm warning continues. rain here, snow there. >> love it. captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: round six for seven republicans. >> i don't think harry truman could be picked for president in this format. >> pelley: also tonight, gas is on sale, but falling energy prices are causing pain. the winning powerball numbers include 7-eleven. >> chino hills, chino hills! >> pelley: with so many great performances by black actors, where were the oscar nominations? and we'll say good-bye to alan rickman. >> i'm the half-blood prince. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. the candidates for the republican presidential nomination go at it in south


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