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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 15, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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bowl 50, of course. and today it's exciting. we have a special guest on the show this morning to tell us a surprise about the super bowl. >> the ceo of the host committee, keith, has a big announcement coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> you know what else great? >> it's friday. >> hello!!! [ laughter ] >> january 15, i'm michelle griego. >> you had to remind me. i think we said it 40 times in the makeup room. happy friday! we have the gang here and rain. >> and a big countdown. 24 days until super bowl 50. [ extremely scratchy voice ] >> will it be raining for the super bowl, right? we'll have that personal forecast for keith bruce coming up a little later in our broadcast. right now it's hi-def doppler radar indicating that boy, we have some pounding rains in throughout the tri-valley just about an hour ago. that's now traversed over into the patterson area into the central valley. your morning commute will be relatively dry but we do have a lot of ponding on the roads. this is the scene looking out from the transamerica pyramid east where we have a low
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ceiling mostly cloudy skies. 43 degrees in santa rosa. 56 degrees in oakland. later today, under mostly cloudy skies, our temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. storm number 8 is coming up. we'll track it together. but first let's say good morning to gianna. >> good morning. let's jump to 80 right now eastshore freeway as you work your way westbound getting word of a possible accident near berkeley chp heading to the scene. towards the bay bridge everything is clear heading into san francisco. gunfire erupts outside a busy shopping mall in san leandro. police are trying to find out who was involved and why. it happened about 6:40 last night outside the bay fair center on east 14th street. police took calls around 6:40 about shots fired in the parking lot. witnesses say the shots were from people in a red camaro and to men. but by the time officers got there, the car was gone and the other suspects apparently were in the mall. it was placed on lockdown and
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within an hour, detectives detained two men spotted walking outside near some movie theaters. they are now interviewing them. >> we don't know if both parties shot at one another or one group shot at the other. those are the things we'll look for when we dissect the security video that we can hopefully get when we are debriefing the witnesses. >> reporter: police have found physical evidence including bullet holes in a parked car. so far they don't believe anyone was hit. a man is under arrest for allegedly killing a woman at uc- san francisco's main campus. police say an altercation happened about 5 p.m. yesterday on parnassus avenue. that's where the ambulatory care center is located. the suspect and victim reportedly knew each other and the man was taken into custody immediately. it's not clear if either was a student or patient at uc. 7 republicans running for president took the debate stage
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last night less than three weeks before the iowa caucuses. as weijia jang tells us the exchanges in south carolina got personal. >> reporter: front-runner donald trump and ted cruz stood shoulder to shoulder on the main stage but their civil relationship may be crumbling. in a debate on the fox business network trump brought up his birther argument. >> my friend donald said he had his lawyers look at this from every which way and there was no issue there. there was nothing to this birther issue. since september, the constitution hasn't changed. but the poll numbers have. >> the fact is, there's a big overhang. there's a big question mark on your head. and you can't do that to the party. >> reporter: but trump made no apologies for his tone rebuffing criticism from south carolina governor nikki haley. >> i'm angry because our country is a mess. >> reporter: cruz took heat for failing to disclose a million- dollar loan from goldman sachs used to finance his 2012 senate
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campaign. >> yes, i made a paperwork error disclosing it on one piece of paper instead of the other. >> reporter: but the universal opponent for the gop candidates was democrat hillary clinton. >> someone who lies to the families of those four victims in webb can never be president of the united states. >> she gets elected she might be going back and forth between the white house and the courthouse. >> reporter: president obama was fresh offer his final state of the union address. >> on tuesday night i watched story time with barack obama. and i got to tell you, it sounded like everything in the world was going amazing, you know? [ applause ] >> reporter: the candidates get another chance to face off in two weeks just days before the iowa caucuses. weijia jang, cbs news, north charleston, south carolina. >> as mentioned the next republican debate is in des moines in a few weeks january 28th. that will quickly be followed by the iowa caucuses on monday, february 1. so with fewer candidates on the stage last
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night, they had more time to attack democrats. they took aim at hillary clinton but not so much bernie sanders and kpix 5 political analyst melissa caen found that surprising. >> it was very interesting in light of the fact that bernie sanders seems to be doing well in these early states in some of these polls. he is doing as well as or better than hillary clinton. >> she also said that in a debate it's easy to tell who the candidates think is winning. >> you can often tell who is winning or whoever one is afraid of by who they are talking about. when people are attacking donald trump you know he is doing well. and tonight that person was ted cruz. >> but trump is still ahead nationally. a new nbc/wall street journal survey shows trump with 33% support. cruz with 20. we are getting a break this morning. some parts of the bay area got soaked overnight. this is in sausalito and several more storms are in the forecast. plenty of fresh snow in the
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sierra and an arizona rock band called life link couldn't roll through it. their tour van got stuck on the way to reno. >> five guys from arizona hanging out in the cold right now. >> they don't know at what that's about, right? a nearby gas station had chains that fit and they did make it to their gig. that's good. >> and they were playing last night. >> they are from arizona. they are like what's all that white stuff? >> it's amazing to hear them say it's cold. the temperature has been in the low and mid-30s in the high sierra indicative of el nino storms coming through. >> wet, wet, wet. >> we have so much moisture in the atmosphere right now and all this areas of low pressure stacking up over the western pacific tapping into that moisture that's just ready to bring us more rain and we have significant rainfall in the offing again tonight and through the weekend. good morning, everyone. this is our hi-def doppler radar. rain showers pretty much out of here for the morning commute leaving behind in it wake mostly cloudy skies. temperature-wise look how mild it is. 43 to 56 degrees. winds under 10. here's the deal. your day will be mainly dry
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today even some sunny breaks but then here comes storm number 8. it's slated to move into the bay area beginning at 9:00 in the north bay along the coast overnight hours. here's your saturday morning. and this is some moderate to heavy rainfall mid-morning. scattered showers saturday leaving us with some possibly scattered showers for saturday evening. but a bigger storm rolls in for sunday. we'll track that one together. right now, let's send it on over to gianna. thanks, roberta. we're going to jump over to mass transit right now and take a look at conditions. so far everything is right on time this morning as you work your way on bart, ace, caltrain and muni metro. no delays to report. checking of the eastshore freeway, we had reports of an accident in berkeley. looks like no troubles there as you work your way westbound from berkeley towards the bay bridge toll plaza where everything is clear heading into san francisco. no delays across the span. and the san mateo bridge looks good in both directions. frank? >> thanks, gianna. time now 4:37. growing scrutiny over bart's fake cameras.
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critics say real ones could have helped identify the gunman in saturday's deadly shooting. da lin spoke to bart's police chief. >> outrageous. it shocks everybody. reporter: that's the bart police chief's reaction to a shooting that killed a passenger in a train car. what's even more shocking? the ceiling cameras that could have given detectives valuable information were fake. >> that's a fail on bart's part. >> reporter: rail camera or decoy, do you think? >> i feel like it's fake. >> i think it's real, but it's fake. >> i hope it's real. >> reporter: the cameras pointing at these passengers were fake. i asked the bart police chief how many real and fake cameras they have. he refused to answer, citing security concerns. [ applause ] >> reporter: in 2007 then governor arnold schwarzenegger gave bart $5.4 million to upgrade its camera system. apparently, it wasn't enough. aside from the trains, bart has cameras on platforms and in station lobbies, cameras in the west oakland lobby capturing the murder suspect running
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away. the chief says bart is safe. >> based on the photos that we released, the system is working. can it it be improved? yes? >> reporter: some passengers say the fake cameras pose a security risk. >> when you look after the what's going on in paris and the rest of europe, they need to update it. >> reporter: bart will get new trains starting in 2017. the police chief says all those new trains will have working cameras. in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. there's still no motive for that shooting. bart police haven't identified the victim yet. he had a fake honduras identification. the young man took a tri-delta transit bus to the pittsburg bay point station before getting on that train. a contractor may be rehired. remember this? that steam explosion at the construction site injured and
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employee in september 2014 just one of the reasons the county fired turner construction along with cost overruns and delays. and now it appears the county is poised to rehire them. turner is one of four finalists to complete the $290 million retrofit project. earlier this week we showed you video of a bicyclist getting beaten by a san francisco police officer. kpix 5's cate caugiran talked to it the bicyclist. reporter: san francisco police are still not commenting on this. the last we heard from the department it said that its internal affairs division is investigating this. so all we know is what we see in these two videos and we have to warn you, they may be hard to watch. >> help, stop hitting him! >> reporter: earlier there month donovan reid was at fourth and townsend on his bike about to deliver a burrito when he says an sfpd officer pulled him over. >> cop comes up swerves into my lane and cuts me off and then jumps out of the vehicle and he says, why are you on your phone? i'm like i didn't have much time to react because i wow i
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just got ran over what's going on? >> reporter: in the video you hear donovan tell the officer he doesn't have his identification. we later learned he did but said he was freaked out at the time. although the confrontation starts out calm it escalates after the officer asks donovan to put his hands behind his back. donovan responded with -- >> you don't have the right to search me, sir. >> reporter: this is when donovan's camera goes off and for minutes there is no known record of what happened. but donovan said. >> he grabbed my shirt collar and started punching me in the stomach for like two minutes and then he maced me. i thought to myself, this cop is going to pull his gun and he is going to shoot me. >> reporter: sfpd told me last night that they informed the office of citizen complaints but that office told me they have no record of it. cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> he is facing charges including battery on an officer and obstruction of justice. the 49ers lock in a new
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head coach chip kelly. this morning fans and experts weigh in on whether kelly can turn around the struggling team. ,,,,,,,,,,
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coach chip kelly.. is now in charge of the niners. kpix 5's mark sayre has more on t this means for the future oe team. in his t a big change for bay area football fans. chip kelly is now in charge of the 49ers. mark sayre has more on what this means for the future of the team. reporter: in his three years as head coach of the philadelphia eagles, chip kelly had two winning seasons. but he was fired by philadelphia last month after a 6-9 record. 49ers fans say it is now wait and see. >> you think it's a good move for them? >> i think it will be exciting either way. >> reporter: during one of kelly's last news conferences in philadelphia, he was asked if he worried about his job security. >> no. if it's not good enough, it's not good enough. but i mean, i'm going to continue as hard as i can and show up early and stay late.
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>> reporter: in philadelphia and during his time as head coach of the oregon ducks kelly developed a reputation as a demanding coach with what some might call a tough personality. >> you know, i -- i like chip kelly's concepts but i think he is kind of a tough fit for the nfl. people are still trying to figure him out. 49ers probably are in as much need as anybody else. >> reporter: but could kelly's hurry-up offense mean good things for 49ers quarterback kaepernick? >> chip kelly has coveted colin kaepernick since he joined the eagles a mobile quarterback that fits that bill. he can simplify the offense for him, boost kaepernick's confidence, ultimately all those things are why i think kaepernick will be under center when minicamp rolls around. >> gives kaepernick a better shot just from the style of play that kaepernick plays. >> imagine colin is a very happy player right now. kelly won't have control of the roster though like he did in
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philadelphia. that still rests in the hands of general manager trent baalke. kelly is expected to be officially introduced to the media sometime next week. now that we know the raiders aren't moving to l.a., the big question what's oakland going to do to keep them here? the oakland-alameda county coliseum authority will meet today in a closed session. on the agenda, possibly extending the raiders lease. in a few hours we'll get a better idea where the economy is headed in the bay area and beyond. leading economists will talk about trends in the bay area statewide and nationally. today's conference starts at 7:30 a.m. at the federal reserve bank in san francisco. it's 4:46. roberta, you have a bit of a cold. >> oh, yeah. >> you can hear it in your voice. >> makes me sound like lauren bacall. >> i went to a dinner party and everybody was asking me what's the difference between last winter and this winter. we have the storms out there last winter. but we didn't have the water vapor. we didn't have the warming of
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the ocean waters with that water vaporizing from the ocean waters. that's what we have this year. that's el nino. and so that's why we are getting more rain than we did last year. and right now we're talking about a dry morning commute, a dry evening commute, but more rain in the forecast by later tonight. good morning. out the door our hi-def doppler radar picking up absolutely nothing right now. mostly cloudy skies looking out towards the bay bridge where we have the winds diminishing. boy, it was breezy last night. 42 to 56 degrees across the board at this very early hour. hearst what you need to know on this -- here's what you need to know on this friday. drizzle and soaking rains returning by later on this evening. then on again and off again rain showers over the weekend. i just love this image. look at this massive area of low pressure. that's textbook perfect. this is the core, the center of the area of low pressure. this is the front that's scooting this area of low pressure out of here. these things are stacking up like planes at sfo. water vapor imagery storm
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number 7 that just left this morning. 8 is queued up tonight, storm number 9 sunday into monday. keep the umbrella handy to be safe but look at that clear slot by lunch today. no rain until right there. that's the front in the overnight hours and then here you go into your saturday morning, your saturday afternoon with some scattered showers. sunday morning here's the next system. that one is number, what, nine? that wants to interfere with your weekend plans into monday. snow level with the winter storm warning in effect for the greater lake tahoe area. gianna will tell you, you need the chains if you are heading to tahoe for the weekend. but boy! the conditions have not been this favorable for the past decade! locally today into the 50s and low 60s. a very mild day with a south wind at 20. there you have it. do plan on being in and out of rain every day until tuesday. make it a great friday! >> let's jump over to 280. reports of construction on the peninsula that may slow you down. southbound 280 around
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serramonte as you work your way towards 380. lanes are blocked. that's there until 6:00 so plan for slight delays through the area. it's quiet north 280, 380 towards 101 easy 10 minutes. northbound 101, 18 minutes from 92 to the split. half moon bay towards san mateo no problems. over to the bay bridge, all approaches are still in the green. no delays right now as you work your way off the eastshore freeway. everything is clear on that westbound side. 580 looks good no delays along 24. traffic is clear but we have a wind advisory for the bay bridge this morning. so keem that in mind as you work your way across -- so keep that in mind as you work your way across the span into san francisco. 19 minutes from 80 from carquinez bridge to the maze. we are starting to see a few brake lights westbound 580 around 205 and mountain house. that's where that typically original natures this time of the morning but no struggles through the top of the altamont pass heading towards 680 to the dublin interchange traffic clear there, as well. san mateo bridge off to a very good start no delays out of
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hayward into foster city. that's only 13 minutes and everything clear as you work your way through the south bay. 280101 and guadalupe parkway -- two two 101 and guadalupe parkway, no delays. mass transit is on time. back to you guys. 4:50. believe it or not we are just two dozen days away from super bowl 50! >> which means traffic in san francisco will only get worse. super bowl week officially kicks off january 30th. but closures and all the craziness begin a week from today. san francisco is expecting one million visitors. the festivities also coincide with the chinese new year and the thousands of people that brings to the city. >> the main focus is to keep people moving. we'll have some disruption downtown and we are trying to work with the city residents and visitors to make sure they can get where they need to go. >> here's a closer look at the closures you will want to be aware of. market street will be closed between beal and stewart
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streets. also southbound embarcadero from washington to don chee way. closed during super bowl we with partial closures on ho between 4th and 5th streets. transportation officials ha one piece of advice for sup bowl week -- don't driv partial closures on howard between fourth and fifth streets. >> after taking a look at that map, transportation officials have one piece of advice for super bowl week. don't drive. take mass transit instead. they are adding extra just for that specific reason. and to be sure you stay with us for the major announcement a little later on the morning show here. super bowl host committee ceo keith bruce will be here with some very big news that you will need to know about. coming up. time now 4:51. listen up, chipotle fans. a new report will have you rushing to grab what you can while you can from the popular chain. why the restaurant says they are closing everything single store. >> what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show.
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good morning. we're going to walk you through your seven-day forecast. are you ready to see what you have in store for today as you head out the door this morning? it is a dry day with rain arriving later tonight. a rainout on saturday with a few sunny breaks in the afternoon. another storm on sunday, a break sunday afternoon until we have more rain sunday night through monday. rain is likely on tuesday, cloudy skies on wednesday and thursday. it's safe to say we are "friday light" on the roadways right now. no delays at the bay bridge. just a wind advisory in effect so careful as you head into san francisco. thank you, gianna. a bay area retailer that's leaving oakland says uber is
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partly to blame for their farewell. cost plus is moving from oakland to alameda. it says part of the reason is that uber bought up the sears building where lots of square footage was still affordable. rising rents in oakland has pushed cost plus to alameda where 400 workers will move by the end of the year. uber is taking heat in state regulators. regulators have fined the rideshare company $7.6 million for failing to meet data reporting requirements in 2014. uber is required to provide information about the number of rides requested and amounts paid per zip code. the data can show whether drivers are treating passengers fairly regardless of which part of town they live in. uber plans to appeal the decision but says it will pay the fine to stay in business. chipotle could close all its stores for a couple of hours for a day in february. they are reportedly holding a companywide meeting to get employees on board about food
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safety strategist. the mexican food chain has been link to outbreaks of e. coli and norovirus. reports say roughly 2,000 chipotle locations will close february 8 for the big talk. another san francisco record store is shutting its doors. rasputin on powell street closed yesterday. it's the latest in record store closures. 11 other locations are open in the bay area and beyond. many on social media seem to have the same issues about this year's oscar contenders. the cast of the talk called out the academy for nominating only white actors for its top two categories. the hashtag oscars so white has been all over twitter. and one top editor from variety magazine says it could be because the majority of academy members are over 50 and 90% of them are white. >> the second year in a row
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with no diversity and -- and not enough gender diversity. it's like, okay, there's a problem here. >> some social media media users say films like "straight outta compton" starring and produced by people of color have been shut out unfairly. academy's president says the organization is trying to be more inclusive. time now 4:57. it's a recent technology making its way into the fast lane. how much money the obama administration is pledging to accelerate the timeline on self- driving cars. coming your way. >> reporter: a popular mall on lockdown, a shooting investigation netting few clues. we'll tell you what police have to go on this morning. next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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happy friday! ! a beautiful shot atop the transamerica pyramid and down below there in a couple of weeks will be super bowl city. we have a major announcement coming from the host committee ceo keith bruce about super bowl week all the prep before something you're going to love to hear. >> exciting news. >> around 5:30. good morning, everyone. it's january 15. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. this morning, detectives in san leandro are talking to suspects and witnesses to try to figure out why gunfire erupted outside a busy shopping mall and who is responsible. kpix 5's anne makovec is at bay fair center where the shots were fired last night. anne. reporter: yeah. this is a pretty busy place at 6:40 p.m. that's when those shots rang out. so police are still talking to people this morning and reviewing a lot of surveillance footage trying to figure out exactly what went on. at one point, the bay fair mall was locked down. it looks like the shooting occurred between 2 groups on one side two men who were walking in the parking lot, on the other


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