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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  January 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> right now, much of the bay area is getting soaked. tonight, this is round one of a series of new storms. paul, how is it looking on the radar? >> looks as impressive as that video. it is going at a steady clip. over my shoulder there it is. the yellow moderate. orange heavier rainfall. let's take you there. it is concord in the center of all of this. it will be pouring another hour or so. we go south through walnut creek, alamo. let's head east on highway 4 to antioch. let's go west back to martinez. down to richmond. oakland, berkeley. san francisco, a steady rainfall. now you, san jose missed out on the stuff earlier this week.
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from los altos, campbell, saratoga. a lot of rain out there right now. futurecast says thrain continues overnight. we will stop the clock at 5:00 in the morning and then 9:00 in the morning it is still raining. as we look at the impact. flooding is not that big of a concern aside from street flooding. moderate threat of mountain snowfall. sporting events will be a problem the squeeze in tomorrow because the fields will be wet and the rain continues tomorrow morning. this is the weaker of two storm systems. who gets four inches of rain in 24 hours? we will have that coming up and take a live look to show you all the rainfall comes down in san francisco. it will continue to rain overnight tonight. i remind you this is the weaker of the two storms. we will find out who gets the four inches of rainfall coming up. >> thank you paul. a rain here and a lot of snow in the sierra. so much snow, there is an avalanche warning in the area around lake tahoe. the ski resorts will be busy this holiday weekend. the avalanche warning remaining in effect until tomorrow monoing. a frantic search for a ski instructor, carson may has not been seen since yesterday afternoon. he is an instructor in sugar bowl ski resort. he was off duty when he disappeared. rescue teams have narrowed their search to the back part of the resort. a new plot twist tonight in the sports soap opera in oakland. no, it has nothing to do with the raiders. christin ayers says this time it is the warriors throwing fans a curve ball. christin?
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>> reporter: a lot of fans never saw this coming. the warriors being forced to take a time-out on plans to move the team from oracle arena to a new arena in san francisco by summer of 2018. instead, they will stay right here in oakland the next two seasons. >> reporter: at the tavern, warriors fans were calling it a win. >> the warriors have been delayed going to san francisco, the raiders are not going to la. nothing but good news for oakland. >> reporter: good news for oakland, bad news for the warriors who were hoping to move to this stadium by summer of 2018. now those plans have been set back an entire season. >> this is an important victory for the warriors. >> reporter: the mission bay alliance has leveled two lawsuits against the project claiming an arena here at third and 16th streets in san francisco's mission bay would cause traffic problems and air quality issues. >> we believe this will be the first of many delays and ultimately, that we will force the warriors to move the arena
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to a different spot so it doesn't have a negative impact on san francisco and ucsf. >> reporter: but the warriors are calling it a frivolous lawsuit. it is deappointing and wasteful to the workers counting on this venue. still, mayor libby schaaf could not shied her excitement at the delay. >> i could not pretend to be thrilled that they are still here in oakland. >> reporter: she is hopeful for a sports complex that can accommodate the warriors but made a move to san francisco sound inevitable. >> even when they move to san francisco, they are still this region's team. >> reporter: the president of the warriors saying today the project is shovel ready at this point. he says the only thing blocking any of this is that litigation. reporting live in oakland, christin ayers, kpix5. >> tonight, a south bay police dispatcher who was once honored for being a star is facing some
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serious charges. veronica de la cruz on the allegations against him. veronica? >> reporter: 41-year-old daniel palmer is facing charges of child pornography. the veteran dispatcher was arrested at his home yesterday. he has been with milpitas pd since 2001. he was named dispatcher of the year in 2010. >> i have known him for a while. this incident shocked the whole department. the men and women are very professional in what we do. our performance will remain the same. >> palmer is on paid administrative leave. they will have to let the case run its course before deciding his future. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. it is called assassin. students pay to play tag using nerf gun. the last student standing wins.
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livermore police say a new round started this week. they won't say what schools are actually involved but they say they have been serious injuries in the past. tonight, a bay area lawmaker wants to give drivers a big break when they break the law. sharon chin is in a red light camera in millbrae to explain. sharon? >> reporter: the intersection of millbrae avenue and rollins road has several red light cameras. it is one of the most active spots for red light tickets in the state. >> i rolled through. >> reporter: john dylan was caught on camera doing a california stop. slows down without coming to a complete stop as he turned from millbrae avenue. he got a ticket in the mail. >> i would understand getting a ticket, but not a $550 ticket when you can cut off a pedestrian in the crosswalk and get a $250 ticket. >> reporter: he went to core, got the fine reduced but still paid $450.
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>> for somebody who is on disability like i am, that could represent 50% of your entire monthly salary. >> reporter: according to numbers, cities reports to the state, millbrae gave more than 8800 tickets to drivers doing a california stop at a red light. that is the most in the state in 2014. >> this is the poster child of red light cameras. i think in the peninsula. >> reporter: state senator jerry hill wants to cut the fine for drivers rolling through a right turn on a red light. he proposed changing the base fine from 100 to $35. add court and state assessments, the ticket would then drop from more than $500 to about $260. >> the punishment should fit the crime. >> reporter: senator hill introduced the same legislation in 2010, but law enforcement opposed it and the governor vetoed it. most people liked the idea of slashing the fine in half. >> i think it is reasonable to
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go down. >> 125? or maybe a first offense second offense? >> reporter: smaller tickets mean less revenue nor government. no one returned our calls on how much cities are getting from the red light citations. the measure sb681 has already passed the senate committee this week on monday. it is expected to go to the appropriations committee. to pass there and then go to the full senate floor. live in millbrae, sharon chin, kpix5. wal-mart is closing 269 stores nationwide including two in the bay area. one on monterrey highway in san jose. the other near the oakland airport. the oakland store on edge water drive will shut down on sunday. the store employees, more than 400 part time and full time workers. many of them from east oakland losing wal-mart as the anchor tenant also means the 11 smaller stores in the complex will likely suffer. >> if there is nothing out there, that is about a million
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dollars worth of sales tax revenues that don't go into the general fund. but more importantly, it becomes a blighted part of the city that we are trying to revitalize. >> though wal-mart won't confirm it, many people believe the city's minimum wage of 12.55 an hour played a big role in deciding to close the oakland location along with the high crime rate. and the sears in san mateo is also closing. the hillsdale shopping center sears will shut down in april taking 111 jobs with it. the mall's owner wants to build an open air lifestyle center with a theater and bowling alley that includes shops and restaurants. have you checked your retirement account lately? it's not prettity. the dow jones is on track for its worst month since 2009. at one point it dropped more than 500 points ending the day down 390. financial experts say there are
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two reasons for the steep selloff. >> investors don't have much appetite for risk. they are worried about the overall global economy as oil continues to slide. shanghai tumbled once again sending global markets lower in 2016 and also oil closing below $30 for the first time in 12 years. >> the market is closed monday for the martin luther king holiday. there is a desperate search in hawaii for 12 missing u.s. marines. two helicopters crashed off the north shore. the families confirmed their loved ones are among the missing. allen martin says the weather is hampering the search. >> reporter: waves up to 40 feet and rain adding to the challenge for search and rescue teams. >> our goal is to find survivors. >> there were no passengers on board. >> reporter: the ch53 choppers collided during a routine training exercise late last
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night. >> around 11:30, i heard a big explosion. boom. then i heard another one shortly after. it is spontaneous. boom. then another boom. >> reporter: searchers spotted debris consistent with military aircraft two-and-a-half miles offshore. the coast guard says the aircraft did not issue a may day call. allen martin, kpix5. we are getting a better look at the man accused of killing a passenger on bart. tonight, exclusive details about the moments before the shooting. >> the nfl is giving santa clara millions of dollars to cover costs for superbowl 50. tonight, why san francisco is barely getting a single dime. >> pregnant women told if they travel to the tropics, something terrible could happen to their baby. the travel warning. >> and president obama shows us what he hides inside his pocket. ,,
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nose. a g at >> a crime of opportunity. watch as a guy steals another man's car from right under his nose. a driver left his car running at a gas station on 19th avenue. when he went into the convenient store, a guy jumped into the honda accord and then sped off. the car was later found in san leandro. the suspect is still on the run. identified as 25-year-old john mcfarland. if you know where he is, call san francisco police. we have exclusive new information tonight on the moments right before a shooting on a packed bart train. we are told the suspect boarded the westbound train and was acting belligerently. the victim tried to calm him down, suddenly, the suspect
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opened fire and walked off the train. emily turner picks up the story from there. >> reporter: this was the scene from a week ago when romero died shot to death just as his train was pulled into the west oakland station. bart police are asking for the public's health to find the man who is the killer. part police just released these photos saying this man killed 19-year-old carlos romero. these images are worlds better than the ones released earlier this week and curiously, bart won't say where they came from. nor would they comment on the investigation at all. today, they also released the name of the victim although it comes almost 24 hours after his family was notified. we are also learning more about carlos tonight. we found out that he is honduran. he likely got onto the train at the pittsburgh bay point stop. he is also a resident of
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antioch. in oakland, emily turner, kpix5. one bay area soup supervisory causes the nfl committee of not playing fair. santa clara will be reimbursed but san francisco gets almost something. they are hosting superbowl city and a number of parties leading up to the game requiring police and emergency personnel to work overtime. they say wait a minute, that does not add up. >> in this case, santa clara is getting all their costs reimbursed by the nfl and the superbowl. yet no one in san francisco took the lead in negotiating to make sure that america's wealthiest corporations would be paying for their own party here in san francisco. >> so now, the independent budget office has a recommendation. it says the mayor should immediately get a formal agreement with the host committee for full reimburse. expected to be $5 million. tonight, we found no parking signs already going up
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near drum street where superbowl city will be set up. the parking restrictions start sunday lasting until february 12. chipotle is closing all 2,000 locations for a few hours on february 8 for a company wide meeting about food safety. the food chain is struggleing to regain customers' trusts after a string of food poisoning outbreaks. nor than 350 people got sick from eating e. coli, salmonella and the norovirus. a new traveling warning for pregnant women. a mosquito virus is linked to serious birth defects. >> reporter: we are used to hearing the mosquitoes spreading west nile, but now we are hearing about zika virus. it is linked to birth defects and death. health officials are asking pregnant women to postpone travel to 14 places including
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mexico, brazil, panama, and puerto rico. it is causing babies to be born with a small underdeveloped brain. this is a brazilian baby born with the defect last month. now is the time lauren will take the alerts seriously. >> most likely it would probably stop me traveling while i was pregnant. >> reporter: in the u.s., a confirmed zika case has public officials trapping and testing mosquitoes. >> these are things to watch. >> reporter: there is no vaccine for the virus so if you do travel to the areas, use repellent with deet. >> it is okay for repellent and breast-feeding women. >> reporter: and talk to your doctor before you decide what to do. >> my daughter is pregnant now. if i bring something back, that is a concern. i want her protected as well.
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so, that is a warning for me. >> reporter: the symptoms of the virus in healthy adults include fever for several days, rash, aches, and red eyes. but again, the big concern is really for pregnant women or women who want to get pregnant. in ontario, erica, kpix5. it is nice to hear the rain drops on the rooftop. nice weather to sleep to. >> it is. and it will still be raining in the morning. t is walnut creek, north of concord. the steddies rainfall will continue east to antioch. look at you san jose. not much rain this week. you missed out on much of the it but tonight you are getting it. campbell, morgan hill. milpitas, stanford, palo alto, fremont. a smattering of rainfall top to bottom throughout the bay area. it is always nice to see what is going on in the sierra as well. there is a high surf warning in effect. this is video from earlier this evening in pacifica. high surf warning for the
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weekend. waves could hit 16 to 20 feet if you are headed to the beach despite the rainfall. please use extreme cautioner near the water. lit be angry this weekend. san jose currently 54. oakland 56. livermore, 50. the weather service put out concrete numbers. if we can get to 150% of our average rainfall for the water year and if we get to 110% of our snow pack, we could talk about ending our drought. the water year 189% of average. and the snow pack we are doing better at 110%. bottom line, it is a good, not great start. but we have a long way to go before we even consider ending the drought. this weekend is going to help. here comes the first of two storms over the weekend giving us the rainfall tonight. we will walk it through with futurecast. tomorrow morning, rain continues, but tomorrow afternoon, really not that much rain. a few scattered showers. the second half of tomorrow should be mainly dry. let's flip that sunday. heavy rain in the north bay. but the majority of the bay
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area is dry when you wake up. look at all the rain sunday afternoon. sunday evening. perhaps the heaviest batch of rain we have seen this winter will last into monday morning and rainfall totals will get quite high. futurecast from this first wave not bad. half an inch. three quarters after inch of rainfall. sunday morning not much more. but sunday evening santa rosa, more than three inches of rainfall. then monday, three inches of rain predicted for san francisco. san rafael. more than two in concord. more than two in hayward. more storms out there. number eight tonight, nine sunday, double digits toward the middle of next week. cloudy with rain tonight. very wet sunday. highs tomorrow 60 degrees. oakland, san jose, 61. extended forecast, it is late sunday, early monday, the wettest stuff. we will have showers around tuesday. after a dry break wednesday and thursday, rain is back on friday. a lot going on. but it is really sunday night when we all get some moderate to heavy rainfall. >> sounds good. thank you paul. tonight, president obama tells us what he keeps inside
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his pockets. >> and coming up on the late show with stephen colbert, scott kelly, abby wambach. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ great change comes from doing the right thing.
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like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health. just text offers to 782929e 6" subway sandwich. to sign up for weekly text offers. and you'll get a free 6-inch sub when you buy a 30-oz. drink just for signing up. president obama said: ever e
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he started running for offi, he's collec >> in a youtube interview tonight, president obama said ever since he started running for office, he collected tons of keepsakes and he put some of them in his pockets. >> i will pick out a few things that i stick in my pocket to remind me of all the people i have met along the way and all the stories they told me. so, this is what i had in my pocket today. i have, this is rosary beads that pope francis gave me. >> that is pretty cool. today, the president also carried a lucky poker chip that a biker gave to him. and a little buddha from a monk. check this out. this guy decided it would be a good idea to take a refrigerator on the bart train. this photo was posted on twitter along with an earlier one of him standing on the platform at the 19th street station in oakland getting it on the train was one thing.
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but we want to know how did he get through the turnstile? hm. all right, we are coming back. with big time games. don't move. don't move. promise. don't move. ,,,,,,
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velvet ropes... >> basketball up top. you know, it is friday night. we gave the dudes a night off. it is lady's night. here we go. cal. lindlindsay trying to work in some life. gabby went crazy. cal was going 2-13. three pointers shooting five of six. oregon state in a cake walk. 70-48. they host stanford sunday. erica, double doubles. injured. but in oregon. it was next cardinal up. get out of lili's way. tied it up at 62. let. and then look at this with the same score. thompson just cold-blooded. we are done here. it is number 11 stanford.
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final of 64-62 t. yeah. nfl. here come the numbers for the head coach chip kelly. four years, 24 million. that buys a whole lot of items at whole foods. while the ink was drying on the contract, kelly flanked by jed york and trent balke went for a stroll in the headquarters. the offense is not going to be a kelly colin kaepernick production. cap is a mobile quarterback. kelly has long coveted him. kelly's press conference coming up next week. have you seen this? during steph curry's pregame. harlem globetrotters stepped in behind him and tried to duplicate and the dude kept up. look at this. he is just staring him down a couple of minutes then jumped right on this. not bad for just doing it cold with no prep time. the harlem globetrotters have been in the bay area all week. speaking of week.
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the weekend. full of nfl playoff action. >> all day. >> cannot wait. >> we are talking deep couch sitting. in the break room. >> couch sitting. clicker. watch the first game tomorrow. right here on kpix5. watch dennis o'donnell after that. >> love it. >> perfect. >> we'll be back. [ laughter ] th stephen colbert is next. our next newscast is,,,,,,,,
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. >> late show with stephen colbert is next. next newscast tomorrow morning. have a great weekend. stay dry! >> stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> stephen: thank you very much. thank you, thank you! thank you, everybody! >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! >> stephen: that's nice. that puts a pep in your step. that's pleasant. ( cheers and applause ) thank


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