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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 16, 2016 5:00am-7:01am PST

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♪ ♪ good morning, it is january 16, 2016, welcome to "cbs this morning saturday." nearly two dozen people are killed as terrorists storm a west african hotel frequent by whenne westerners. and the worst start of the year in stock market's history. what's causing it and when will it stop. >> and a inside the trial that may put fear into all telemarketers. and the first winners cash in on
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the nation's largest powerball jackpot. wait till your hear their plans. >> and we begin with a look at the eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> men storm the hotel in africa. dozens are dead. captioning funded by cbs
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watching millions of dollars being blown sky high. >> if you had to pick for your dog. >> you have to go with this. >> this one? >> this is a little too conservative. >> powerball drawing. >> we're common people. we're just like y'all are. >> these are adorable mountain lion kittens. ♪ ♪ >> on "cbs this morning saturday." >> everybody's talking about the battle between texas senator ted cruz and official trump brand's donald trump. >> they have been on the rocks since trump pointed out cruz frs who was born in alberta might really be a canadian. and then cruz pointed out that
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trump was born in new york and might really be an a-hole. [ laughter ] >> and welcome to the weekday everyone. we've got a great show for you this morning. we're going to london for what is a new "city of lights". the lumiere festival is under way. >> and we'll visit the new s "sesame street." we'll give you a sneak peek at all the changes. >> and the preview of the detroit auto show has wrapped up. started today the public gets to attend. we'll break it down. we begin with breaking news overnight. a raid to end a terrorist siege of a hotel and cafe in the west african nation of burkina faso. >> at least 22 were killed veillance
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and reconnaissance amid reports that a second attack may be under way. >> jonathan vigliotti in london, thank you. to wall street, the stock market off to its worst start in years. the dow closed down nearly 400 points on friday, about 2%. and leaving the index below 16,000. the s&p 500 index lost 41 point, or just over 2%. the nasdaq was off 126 points or more than 2.5%. >> why is this happening? and how long will it continue? here to sort it out is matt phillips. good morning. >> good morning. >> he mentioned oil. we heard so much about china. what do you think is happening?
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>> stock markets run on number, earnings, losses and narratives and the global economy is trying to find a new narrative. for the last 20 some years weave relied on fast growing market likes china to produce the global growth. china is slowing fast and all the ingredients they need for their economy, including oil, the prices of those are coming down too. >> what is blind the accelerating drop in oil? >> there is a lot going on. there is the supply story and the nando story. the demand story is related to china and emerging markets. they need less fuel literally to grow. there is also a lot more supply. we have u.s. fracking companies pumping a ton of oil and the saudis are unwilling to cut their production. so there is a game of chicken right now in the u.s. and saudi arabia to see who is going to survive the prices. >> and meanwhile if sanctions are lift on iran as they are going to be there will be more
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oil on the market. >> and talk about the federal interest rate. when they raise it isn't there usually a sign that's the strengthening economy. >> yeah. and's one of the things that buoyed the investors spirits is the fact they are there, we are going to be there, we're going to be helping prop up economic growth which helps the stock market. now they are saying we're still keeping interest rates low. very supportive but leaning towards raising interest rates incrementally over time. >> and do you think it is likely to cause the fed to hold back on the speed with which they raise rates now? >> they wouldn't say they will hold back because of the stock markets going down. but they clearly watch financial conditions. if financial conditions tighten, and part of that is the stock market. but more importantly the bond market, the markets for borrowing money from investors are those have tightened a litt little. and i wouldn't be surprised if
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they waited. >> so many playing the role of psychologist about now. >> i would imagine. >> thank you so much. the republican presidential nomination is growing increasingly more fractured. the iowa caucuses are just over two weeks away so that leaves little time for pulling punches. julianna goldman is here with more. >> the best way to think about the republican nomination is a tale of two primaries. one battle between trump and cruz and then between marco rubio, chris christie and jeb bush all vying to be the alternative. but what they all have in common is just how harsh and personal the republican presidential race has become. >> and donald trump ventured into more traditional political territory on friday. instead of the usual massive rally he held a smaller town hall. >> we have to caucus -- >> and later appeared at a local
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pizza rampbl, a frequent stop for white house hosts. >> you didn't mention ted cruz. >> sure. what's to mention? >> that wasn't the case on thursday's debate. >> i recognize donald is dismayed his poll numbers are falling in iowa. >> as you -- >> reporter: and while trump steered clear of hitting in retail politicking, in tv ads on friday he continued to hammer cruz for dismissing new york values as code for socially liberal leanings. >> i thought he should have never said it. >> cruz doubled down linking trump to democratic politicians. >> donald trump and bill clinton and andrew cuomo have all demanded an apology. and i'm happy to apologize.
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i -- >> reporter: with the gloves off, in new hampshire, marco rubio hit chris christie. >> when it comes to governor christie it is not perm. we have strong policy disagrees. >> and bush slammed rubio for working on a 2013 immigration bill and then opposing. >> marco cut and run. for whatever reason. plain and simple. >> reporter: squaring off in south carolina tomorrow night. that race has narrowed considerably in iowa between clinton and sanders, polls show he's beating her in new hampshire. and clinton plans to pour half her campaign's budget into the advertising this year to send off the challenge from bernie sanders. >> two of new york's top elected leaders are taking ted cruz to task during the debate as he
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mentioned during the piece. governor cuomo and mayor de blasio say cruz is unfit for anyone seeking the presidency. both democrat, say cruz begs for money from new yorkers and if he had any class he would offer new york a real apology instead of sarcasm. >> and phillip bump for the washington post is here. good morning. >> good morning. >> a lot saying this is the darkest of debates. what was your assessment? >> i think it is fair to say fs unusually aggressive debate. starting slowly and then the cruz/trump feud finally erupted. but i don't know that what the establishment candidates need to do was shift the momentum and shift the momentum away from cruz and away from trump. and i don't know that it did anything to that end. >> how much longer can it go on that there essentially isn't a establishment candidate. there are four of them vying for
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that space. >> if you had asked me that question four months ago i'd say it couldn't go on much longer. cruz and trump are so far ahead of the field at this point. they are ahead in state polls and national polls. and state polls make the difference. we're seeing the candidates fighting because they want to be the one left but it is starting to look like there may not be space at the table anyway. >> feels like the momentum as shifted. do you think that was intentional just stop attacking him. >> i think they saw it wasn't workem they kept trying to attack trump and nothing happened. and jeb bush attacking marco rubio he knows what that feels like skpchblt he's tried throwing punches at trump and it hasn't worked at all. >> tomorrow night the races in new hampshire and iowa have really tightened up. if you are hillary clinton, are you having deja vu attack here snm. >> i think so.
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i'm sure she's not enthusiastic about where this race is. it's a difference race than in 2008. sanders is very different candidate than barack obama. but the candidates want the races to be close once it gets to election day because that will turn people out and get people excited and make donations but i'm sure she's a little weary. >> does it seem like the veillanceaticbates are the worst night. >> no it is not your imagination. there's a theory out there which i think has validity. if a you are a voter and you don't get new information you don't change your mind. so the idea is if you put the debate 37 -- >> the debates in these two are big for sanders. this is where he has to get the wind in his sails to get to rest of the way. >> right. and it is also important to note that iowa and new hampshire are very white states and bernie
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sanders does not do well with non white voters. he's basically tied in the states where he should be better everybody else and it doesn't bode well for him in the long-term. >> storm john dickerson's quests will include bernie sanders and hillary clinton. and more. >> the iran nuclear deal could go into effect today. talking about lifting the sanctions imposed on that country. kerry has been given the authority to sign off on the policy. it may certify as early as today that iran has met its obligations. >> newly revees leasted video shows two bombs targeting a state in mosul.
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the building housed millions in what u.s. officials say the slaukt's cash pile. the money is seen floating above the building after the bombing raid. >> the fbi's ten most wanted his whittled down to nine after authorities capture a fugitive in colorado wanted for a string of violent bank robberies. myloh mason was on the rub for two months. he allegedly stole two cars and shot two people after his last hold up. the fbi arrested him just seven miles from their denver headquarters last night. >> the search continues off oahu for 12 missing u.s. marines. they were aboard two helicopters that collided during a training operation thursday night. john blackstone has the latest. >> high shore and rain off the north shore of oahu has added to the challenge of looking for any
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signs of survivors amidst the debris of the crash. captain timothy irish. >> there are 12 marines still missing. whereabouts are unknown. we're still looking for survivors. >> the aircraft are some of the largest helicopters used by the military. capable of lifting heavy cargo loads and carrying more than 50 fully equipped combat troops. marines gathered along the beach near the surfing town of hall e eva. >> there are marines on the ground helping assist. >> they collided during a routine training exercise late thursday night, around the time this man heard the explosion. >> and then i heard another shortly after kind of spontaneous and then another boom. >> a coast guard helicopter spotted debris about two miles
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off shore. two navy destroyers and rescuers from the air force and honolulu police and fire departments joined the search. debris may wash up, they are asking the public not to pick up anything that comes ashore. john blackstone, san francisco. central florida is recovering from some powerful storms. heavy rain soaked fort myers on friday. several apartments were damaged. the storm also caused wide spread power outoutages. with more on the national picture ed curran joins us. good morning. >> good morning. we continue the risk of severe weather in florida. a marginal risk for part of the state but the yellow area is a slight risk for severe there in florida. to the northeast where your northeaster is bringing rain, changing to mixed presip and now snow in the north. now parts could see maybe six
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inches by the time this is all done. so we're watching that changeover in new england. to the west coast the rain is flooding in california up to washington state we have winter weather advisories. a winter storm warjing here in the red is actually an avalanche warning till 6:00 tonight with that rain and wet snow coming down in that area. for the midwest we're looking at windchill warnings for parts of importantly minnesota and south dakota and iowa. 20 below zero weather through the night tonight. very cold weather coming into the midwest. vinita. >> meteorologist ed curran at wpb mtv in chicago, thank you. >> the troubled chipotle chain restaurant has decided to shut down briefly next month. the closing is to make sure the food that chipotle serves is safe to eat. >> in boston last month this chipotle shut down temporarily to employees could clean after
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the norovirus outbreak that sickened 140 people. it was the latest health break for the food chain which now says the plan to close all stores for closing next month listen to thank employees for sticking with them and to discuss some of the food safety changes we're implementing. >> if they can convince the public what they are doing really will make food safer i think that goes a long way. but i'm not sure we're there yet. >> chipotle's health-related issues began last july with a small outbreak in seattle. in august 200 people were sickened by norovirus in california. in october, dozens of customers in chipotle restaurants in nine states came down with e. coli infections and the chain temporarily closed 43 of its restaurants. the company is now tightening food safety procedure, including dna-based tests on ingredients before they are shipped to
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restaurants and beefing up worker training. >> there is a lot of talk but we haven't seen the behavior change. we need to see that changes have been made. >> chipotle's stock price rose almost 20 points after friday's announcement but that is far blow where it had been trained. for "cbs this morning saturday." anna werner new york. the "new york times" reports federal health officials are urging fregt women not to travel to latin america, puerto rico due to concern over vick kah virus. >> one man is brain dead and three others permanent brain damage after what hef says is an accident of exceptional gravity. the men were described ads healthy when they entered the
5:21 am
experiment. they were paid volunteers for compound that had been tested in chimpanzees but never in humans. >> the federal communications commission has opened up telecommunication services into to cuba. it will allow u.s. companies to build infrastructure and start offering services. it is expected to lower cost for all communications into and out of cuba. the move comes even though congress has yet to lift the economic embargo. actor dan haggerty has died. the character based on a real life trapper tangled with grizzlies in grizzly adams. dan haggerty lost his battle with spine cancer friday. he was 73 years old. the website tmz says a norwegian cruise liner grabbed a few extra passengers when it spotted ed ted a raft full of c
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refugees. including a pregnant woman. the ship turned them over to authorities friday during a docking at cozumel. >> and free parking is about to become a thing of the past in parts of las vegas. mgm international says starting this spring guesting will be charged to park their cars. the fees are expect to offset the cost of a $54 million parking garage mgm is planning to build. they are saying not that big a fee. like parking overnight will be like $10. but nice too have that one thing you can count on in vegas. >> now a look at the weather for your weekend.
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coming up. seven years and millions of annoying phone calls later, we go inside the telemarketing trial that could change the industry. >> and later the first winners of the record powerball jackpot step forward. find out what they won't be buying with all that money. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday". ,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ ♪ coming up it was 25 years ago when bombs rained down on baghdad as the first persian gulf war began. we'll look back at if mixed resulteds of that conflict and why we may never see another like it. and then meek emeet one of the biggest dinosaurs ever discovered. so big you will see what they had to do to actually fit it in the room. coming up on c"cbs this morning saturda
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saturday". ♪ ♪ ,,,, [♪] ♪ take the time ♪ in your life ♪ just before ♪ it passes by ♪ then you'll know ♪ to keep it slow ♪ so here we go [♪] ♪ here we go
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mtv called him the most important businessman in the history of rap music. wow. the pioneering philanthropist also the "new york times" best selling author. newest book reveals a personal transition to a plant-based diet. russell simmons. big smile on your face. i know that brings back memories to you. >> certainly dates me. i signed jay-z. >> when i made nutty professor that record was on the
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soundtrack. >> let's talk about david bowie for a second. >> very sweet guy. >> up hmm. >> yeah. he was very sweet and i liked him a lot and i'm very sad about his passing. >> we were talking about what he contributed to the industry. >> he was such a great artist. and all kind of effect, and such wonderful human being. >> and has -- >> interesting question. i have a broadway play that everybody is fighting to -- kind of partners of rock of ages called scenario. i wrote a book a 15 years ago and it's been purchased five times and licensed and they are aggressively going to make that and have a rap opera. a lot of the projects, i'm in hollywood now. a lot of oh projects i have that
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are hip hop oriented and based ,
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a suspect was buying candy at a store in st. louis when hi pointed a gun at the clerk and demanded money. the woman grabbed a gun and pointed it at the hold up. and the newly released video shows what happened next. >> both fired several times, neither was hurt. >> luckily no one was hurt in this believe it or not. remarkable. and now to the new jackpot
5:31 am
winners. and they plan to stay here. >> big fancy houses. elaborate houses, they are nice. don't get me wrong. but also you got to clean them. >> on friday lisa robinson and her husband john claimed their share of the powerball jackpot from the tennessee lottery. >> and i can tell mrs. robinson, you look like you have tears in your eyes. what is the emotion for. >> we knew in our heart it was the winner. but it is a little overwhelming. >> we're common people. we're just like y'all are. >> and as congressman -- common goes, it was lisa who asked john to pick up powerball tickets. >> i really don't feel like picking them up i said. but i'll stop at the store and buy the tickets. >> there is mr. robinson inside the only grocery store of this
5:32 am
small town of munford. population 6,000. he just happened to know the lady right in front of him. >> i poked her in the side and said "are you gonna share?" and she looked around and said sure. and then i stepped up and said four quick picks on separate tickets. >> it was lisa who stayed up to watch the drawing. >> i was running down the hallway screaming and crying, you have to check the numbers. he woke up in a dead sleep all startled. >> within sixty-seconds she knew their lives may never be the same again. >> we do want to enjoy a little bit of our earnings and maybe invest a little bit of it so our son and our daughter will have it. and they will never need anything again. >> if you are wondering whether they will opt for the annuity or
5:33 am
just take the lump sum? >> we're going to take the lump sum. >> [ inaudible ]. >> because we're not guaranteed tomorrow. >> oh and remember how they said they plan to stay in their home? well they also intend to be back at work next week. for "cbs this morning saturday" i'm david begnaud in nashville tn. >> i love walking out with the big check. >> the main take away for all men, just listen to your wife. >> oh i want to go home. i love what he said about the houses. yo got to clean him. >> he does have the money for a housekeeper now. >> true. >> most of your favorite characters are still there. but "sesame street" has been scrubbed, polished and moved, to hbo. we'll pay a visit. and now a look at the weather for your weekend. ♪ ♪
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up next, medical news in our morning rounds, including president obama's moonshot plan to find a cure for cancer and putting president biden in charge. and the mid-life crisis, some researchers doubt it really happen. you are watching "cbs this morning saturday." ♪ ♪ the best is yet to come and baby won't it -- james drove his rav4 hybrid, unaware death was lurking. what? he was challenged by a team of lumberjacks. let's do this. he would drive them to hard knocks canyon, where he would risk broken legs, losing limbs, and slipping and dying. not helping. but death would have to wait. james left with newfound knowledge, a man's gratitude, and his shirt. how far will you take the all-new rav4 hybrid?
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think sugar, use splenda it is time now for morning rounds with cbs news chief medical correspondent dr. jon lapook and cbs chief contributor dr. holly phillips. >> look straight in here. >> 44-year-old paula just had a
5:38 am
mammogram. he's done it every year since turning 40. >> we've decided that i need to stay with having my yearly mammography. that is for my peace of mind. >> women with average risk should make a individual choice about screening between 40 and 49. studies suggest screening mammography is about twice as effective as saving lives in women 50-59 as is 40-49. some doctors worry about the message the new guidelines may be sending to younger women. dr. snabal is the director of breast surgery. >> we have to women below that age still get breast cancer.
5:39 am
>> are we overemphasizing the potential harms on the part of the patient. >> i think the worry issue particularly in my opinion is very troublesome as the reason to avoid mammography? >> why? >> well when i'm getting my blood pressure checked in my doctor's office, that makes me a little nervous. that is not a reason for me not to have my blood pressure checked. adult women are capable of understanding that sometimes we all have to do things that we're not crazy about but there is a long-term benefit. >> dr. michelle blackwood, chief of the breast program at st. barn bis medical center believes the guidelines can be confusing. >> the problem is right now we're splitting hairs when it comes to statistic, we're splitting hairs when it comes to when they should be having them. and i think women and their doctors are having a really tough time of it. >> what are the factors to consider? >> first you have to emphasize these recommendations are for
5:40 am
women at average risk. if you have a strong family history of breast cancer, if you have had genetic testing and increased risk, that is a different conversation. but for women of average risk it is totally personalized. they are saying look mammography saves lives no question about it and statistically in terms of risks and benefits there is a sweet spot between 50 and 64. but then you have the discussion with your doctor and say what is the possibilities of the false positives. if you screen under the age of 50 you may increase the risk. >> what impact do that he hese >> this is probably the most important point when look at it from a broad clinical perspective. the task force, to be clear doesn't directly tell insurers what they shouldn't and should
5:41 am
cover. but they have a huge influence. so under the affordable care act, prooifrt insurers have to offer at least the bare minimum screening as defined by the task force. one huge concern is that by sliding mammogram guidelines back from 40 to 50 eventually insurers will stop paying for it. congress did create a carve out to that rule that protects women, at least through 2017. between ages of 40-50 can have an annual mammogram that is paid for. but after 2017 we'll have to see. >> so if you are saying the as perms personalized decision, you can't have it both ways. >> that is the test i dread the most in the future just because every woman you here says it is horrible. >> it is uncomfortable. there are concerns about exposure to radiation although
5:42 am
discomfort is generally less worrisome than breast cancer itself so there is a balance. >> i know if the doctor were here she would take issue with tremendously uncomfortable and say you are a guy how do you know but yes there is this comfort no question about it and -- you think about the potential for saving your life. >> all right. the fight against cancer was also on president obama's mind this week in his state of the union address he announced one final ambitious goal. the so called moonshot with the vice president leading the effort. >> for the loved ones we've all lost. for the families we can still save. let's make america the country that cures cancer once and for all. >> this is not the first time that we've heard a president talk about cancer in the state of the union. richard nixon did in 1971. what is different about this effort? >> i think one thing is that it
5:43 am
has three very clear and ideally achievable initiatives. the first is to increase resources. for research. by increases resources we mean increasing money, funding for both public and private sector research. the next step is to do what we call breaking down information silos. so there can be two groups of researchers working in tandem but not communicating with each other. they are not giving each other the moment that it happens and that slows down the advancement of research overall. and another big issue is educating people about clinical trials and trying to get rid of some of the red tape that keeps people who qualify for if trielsz out of them. getting more people involved gives i more information and ultimately advances towards a cure. finally the midlife crisis had provided material for decades of set kim sit comes. may have helped sell sport cars
5:44 am
too but does it really exist? researchers tracked the happiness of canadians and found that people were actually happier in their early 40s than in their teens. because of the researchers say the midlife crisis may just be a myth. >> it seems that midlife happiness and midlife crisis may be opposite sides of the same coin. some of the things that make us happier is we no longer have uncertainty. on the other hand that can be seen as the loss of hope and dreams which can translate into a crisis. so i think it all depends on how you interpret it in that moment. >> dr. jon lapook. dr. holly phillips. thank you so much. >> next, telemarketers phone at the most annoying times even if your number is in the do not call registry. we have advice to keep you sane
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and make those robo calls stop. "cbs this morning saturday." ♪ ♪ all her aches and pains. and i said "come to class, let's start walking together" and i said "and i bet you money you'll be able to do that senior walk". that day i said "ok it's me and you girl, me and you!" i said "if you need to stop, there's a bench we'll just hang out in the shade." she said "absolutely not! we are going to finish this race!"
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nobody like those annoying robo calls from telemarketers and now the justice department and attorney generals are suing the companies for dy ies are su companies and it could lead to changes in the industry. >> back to court in illinois next week, federal prosecutors are try to prove another hundred million violations during the trial. good morning. how exactly have these violations occurred? >> there are three types of violations. first is calling people who have already signed up for the "do
5:49 am
not call" registry. and then calling people who say we don't want to hear from you. and then the robo call. calling with a prerecorded message and then abondening the call. they call you and then don't connect you to a human in a reasonable amount of time. those are the violations the justice department is alleging in this case. >> how do you regulate telemarketers? >> was one of the reason for the case. the "do not call" registry is not a perfect science and dish network argues we tried to the best of our ability but this is not as easy as you think to actually implement. >> that is a lot of violations, we're talking about 150 million. >> the judge has already found 50 million violations. and at trial the difficult thing for the department of justice is they need to prove they had knowledge, that they knew this was going on and then the judge can impose penalties on dish
5:50 am
network. and the justice department will also try to prove an additional hundred million violations and that dish network was aware. and the argument is they were not aware of these violations and these were contractors and subcontracted out and not all the information was getting back to them. >> what have they said with their compliance with the laws? >> they point out these allegations are about ten years old. once they had the full picture they did try to change their ways and make changes and they argue that it is not good business to be calling and annoying potential customers. >> what are the potential liabilities. >> they are significant. any violations before february 2009, it can be $11,000 per violation. >> wow. >> violations that happened after that can be up to $16,000 per violation. if you do the math that is astronomical and it would be up to the judge if she finds knowledge to determine the
5:51 am
penalty. prosecutors are looking at something in the high hundreds of millions of dollars and you can imagine the impact on a company like dish network. >> are they still doing this? do you think they will settle? and continue? >> the case is about to go to trial on tuesday and it appears the issue of knowledge is going to go before the judge. they are going to have to go to the judge and the judge will have to determine whether or not dish network knew what was going on. >> thank you so much. coming up something really big. one of the largest dinosaurs ever discovered, more than 120 feet long and weighing as much as ten full grown elements. we'll take you to its new home. you are watching "cbs this morning saturday." ♪ ♪
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welcome, to jurassic park. >> even the movies couldn't dream up something this big. meet the titanosaur now on isplay in new york city's museum of natural history. how big? >> super gigantic. >> very big. >> colossal. >> so big the staff has to squeeze the beast's 12 -- and the skeleton could actually peak into a five story tall building. >> we had to crouch him down a
5:56 am
little. >> and further more he might have been a little sensitive about its weight. tipping the scale at 70 tons, about the same as ten african elephants. the skeleton is based on fossils found in argentina two years ago. and while scientists haven't formally named it yet one thing is certain. >> i think it is a hundred times bigger than me. >> it is a titan amongst dinosaurs. >> it is so cool. my daughter who is a tour guide at the museum took her grandparents. and you saw it sticks out the doors. >> what a lovely day. >> yeah really nice. >> coming up next, london at night. and one of a kind art installations. for some the local news is next. the rest stick around, you are watching "cbs this morning
5:57 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ welcome to "cbs this morning saturday," i'm anthony mason. >> and i'm vinita nair. coming up it's been 25 years since the u.s. and its allies launched operation desert storm that take kuwait back from saddam hues hussein's army. >> and the look at the conference expechampionships. >> and to detroit where some of the 40 new cars and trucks making that their debut. beginning with breaking news. the end of a terrorist siege at
6:01 am
a hotel in the west african nation of burkina faso. >> more than 100 were held hostage. the hotel and cafe are frequented by westerners. al qaeda claimed responsibility. burkina faso is a largely muslim nation that's avoided violence by islamic extremists. secondly, islamic extremists there kidnapped an australian the are and his wife overnight. >> and myloh mason does captured after being on the run for months. he allegedly shot two people and stole a car after his last hold up. and fbi arrested him in denver last night. president obama offers congratulations to mexican president for capture of "el
6:02 am
chapo." the two leaders spoke by phone on friday. >> this comes after sean penn's interview. penn denies the meeting led to the drug lord's capture. he blames the mexican government of blaming him and putting his life in danger with the mexican drug cartel. >> tomorrow night here on cbs. 25 years ago this weekend american bombs fell on baghdad. operation desert storm was underway. six weeks later the u.s. coalition have driven iraq's invasion army from kuwait. looking back on that first persian gulf war and its misleading results. >> in retrospect it seems so simple. starting with this definitive statement from george h.w. bush four days after islsaddam husse
6:03 am
invaded kuwait. after a build up of troops he issued the executive order that turned into one of the most lopsided victories in history. >> i could guarantee that we could succeed. >> colon powell described the war plan in unforgettable terms. >> our strategy to go after this army is very very simple. first we're going to cut it off and then we're going to kill it. >> is it ever going to be that simple again? >> i don't think it is. it is not a single guy with an army that is easy to defeat. >> do you think desert storm created unrealistic expectations about what military force can? >> it may have in the mind of some. it didn't in my mind. i understood the nature of that war, how limited it was.
6:04 am
and it wasn't a model of what we can do in every other conflict that comes along. >> a new biography of president bush quotes his diary of saying i have no elation. >> we had hoped after saddam would be so weakened that he would be taken down or quit. that didn't happen and that was a great disappointment to president bush. >> but at least the president said the united states military had finally risen from the ashes of vietnam. it could fight and win a war overseas. >> by god we've kicked vietnam syndrome once and for all. >> president bush mused in his diary that desert storm might help a new world order but maybe more like the limits of military power. nearly 50 years since last seen in its entirety, the very first super bowl game was shown
6:05 am
last night. after networks erased the tape it was thought the game was lost forever. but it turned out the nfl itself filmed the game. it was matched with the radio broadcast and reaired for the first time. >> so cool. this might be the best weekend of the in nfl season. four games over two days. good morning guys. >> good morning. this is late for us. we're up at 4:00 every morning. this t great. >> let's talk about this weekend because not only are people saying it is the two best days a lot of people are saying this is the most even match up we've seen in the while. >> in the nfl even when you think it is not going to be entertaining it always turns out that way. and then you have a game you are
6:06 am
never going to forget a between the steelers and bengals. these match ups always deliver. >> they do and you have rematch ups from regular season -- is that a word? rematch ups from the regular season? you know what 2 pac said. so sweet is yours. revenge. so we're going to see if some teams can exact some winning st. kansas city i, love this defense. they get off the quarterback and the offensive line has been hampered for most of the season. julian edelman may come back. but it is going to come down to protecting tom brady. that is going to be the key in
6:07 am
my estimation. >> yeah. yo a tupac quote but they are a mess tight now. belichick had a black eye out of nowhere at the press conference. nothing going right for the patriots. maybe this isn't one of those patriot years. >> -- marijuana i need to trade him to colorado or seattle. get the real stuff, baby. >> this is a rematch up, as you put it. >> yeah. y'all can have that now. cardinals owned green bay last time. nine sacks. more than green bay had points. only eight beats in that beat down the cardinals put on them. but the green bay packers played much better last week. think went in there they only allowed one sack. and this is another team trouble on the offensive line.
6:08 am
but aaron rodgers liked like the one of old that is going to be key. balance on offense. >> they look hike the one of old because of the opponent. no offense to washington redskins fans but they stink. they didn't deserve to be in the playoffs. >> no offense but you stink. >> i'm sorry. but they know it -- >> -- potential for a blow out. >> to me this game is a mismatch. arizona is legit super bowl contender. and i think they are the most solid team on both sides of the ball as the nfl has to offer. >> ton of weapons on the offense i side of the ball. john brown, larry fitzgerald. forget giving him the aurp caar. >> seattle, carolina. what do you see here? >> i picked against carolina every single week this season because i didn't believe in
6:09 am
them. and then finally i said enough is a enough. they are 15-1. so i can't pick against them today but how the you pick against seattle as well. i'm going to take the carolina panthers. last year in the championship game? nobody thought they were going to win that and last week field goal missed and cam newton, he's the best player in football. he's not going lose this game. arolina beats seattle. >> and he's a lifelong vikings fan. that really hurt. >> i have the scars to prove it. >> russell wilson, the most maligned disrespected quarterback in the nfl. they always give credit to the running game which marshawn lynch does return but he hasn't played since week ten. two excellent defenses that will knock the snot out of you. >> roethlisberger with a hurt shoulder. manning with a foot. how do you see this game?
6:10 am
>> let's see. shoulder or foot? well they're both beaten up but they are both pros. they have seen a lot of football and schemes thrown at him. he's gonna have to a v a running game, manning. --. they have got to be committed again at the run to take pressure off ben to go up against the nfl's best d. >> and it's deangelo williams and the running backs have to step up. and antonio brown is out. he's not going play. tough tough match up. >> are you come back up for for a rematch up here? >> so you're making fun of me. oh it's a word now. a rematch up. >> you can catch the first of the divisional playoff games
6:11 am
this afternoon at 4:35 eastern right here on cbs. and tomorrow the pittsburgh steelers will be in denver to take on the broncos at 4:30 eastern time. >> now a look at the weather for your weekend. [ laughter ] ♪ ♪ up next, detroit shows off what it knows best. cars, cars and -- you guessed it. more cars. you are watching "cbs this morning saturday." ♪ ♪
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>> the sedan of the future. >> the motor city lives up its name this week as the north american international auto show got under way in detroit. about 40 vehicles made their debut at the event which opens today. good year for the auto makers. back to levels we haven't seen since like 2000. >> they are killing it. it was a terrific year for the auto industry.
6:16 am
anybody who says look at the stock market, wipe out. look at the recession? car sales are not telling us. that car owners are telling us they have money and willing to make pps of a car. the average price of a new car is about 0 $30,000. people are spending money on cars. >> you have to separate them. gm had a horrible problem with the ignition switches. i think gm has been very aggressive and put that behind them. they compensated victims. they paid out a lot of money. they settled with the government and they did do a pretty good job getting that behind them. what they want is people to look at their cars and not their problems and they have gotten there. vw is not there yet. they still haven't said how they are going fix the problems with the diazs or how thesels or how
6:17 am
they need to get that right season. >> people talk ab self driving caring and apple and google but the auto industry is working on it too. >> apple and google are never going to build a car. they want to provide the software for the cars. that is what they do. they want to partner with the auto makers. let the auto makers build factories and bend the sheet metal. they don't want that. apple is the same. they want to get into the technology and basically put the interface in the car so what we do on the phones is going to be in the cars and we're getting there. >> and what about electrons and hybrids? >> well everybody has an electric car now. the real question is when are they going to be affordable? most consumers do the math and say wow that is interesting but it is expensive and i can't go more than a hundred miles or the range. and one really interesting car to watch this year is the
6:18 am
chevrolet bolt, it will be about 38,000 to start but you get a $7,000 tax credit. and it will go about 200 miles on a charge that's pretty good. >> it also has something called one pedal driving. describe that. >> the electric drive works in a way that when you take your foot off the accelerate the car decelerates very quickly. and you can actually come zo to a stop in most driving situations just by taking your foot off the gas ped. >> what do you do on a sudden stop? >> you use the brake. you have a brake. and it's stopping short and you get used it. and it is actually easier to control the car from one pedal. and this is only something we'll
6:19 am
see in electron cars. >> talk about the technology features you saw. was there anything that stood out to you? >> the innovations in the auto industry these days are not so much horsepower and sheet metal. it is electronics and digital stuff. what we're going to see a lot more is internet hot spots and wifi hot spots so you can connect gizmos to the car. general motors is offers that on almost all of they're 2016 mold models. and finding the car from a phone in the parking lot. we're going to sew a lot more of this. we're going to see a lot more of operating your car from your phone. a lot more integration from the technology we know is already changing things in your smart phone into your car. >> -- i don't have cell service that. excuse is soon to be non existent.
6:20 am
thank you so much. up next a new home for a familiar street. "sesame street"." we'll preview it. you are watching cbs the morning saturday. make delicious recipes that are lighter in calories and added sugar when you use splenda no calorie sweetener. think sugar, use splenda legalzoom has your back. for your business, our trusted network of attorneys has provided guidance to over 100,000 people just like you. visit legalzoom today. the legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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i guethought to the acidity much in any foods. never thought about the coffee i was drinking having acids. it never dawned on me that it could hurt your teeth. my dentist has told me your enamel is wearing away, and that sounded really scary to me, and i was like well can you fix it, can you paint it back on, and he explained that it was not something that grows back, it's kind of a one-time shot and you have to care for it. he told me to use pronamel. it's gonna help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee and to eat healthier, and it was a real easy switch to make.
6:23 am
someone asks that familiar question can you tell me how to get to "sesame street"? what do you say? the answer now is hbo. carter evans explains what is behind the big change. >> starting this morning "sesame street" is taking a detour from its pbs of four and a half decades to the ritzier neighborhood of hbo. >> what we know the show is not going to be markededly different. we understand there is going to be increased budgets so they may
6:24 am
be able to do things they were not able to do but the essence is going to stay the same. >> this is what "sesame street" looked like in november 1969. in terms of production value it is a far cry from this new bigger budget incarnation on o hbo, which is even a step up from recent years on pbs. >> some of the effects might be more sophisticated. you could make the argument that "sesame street" has worked for as long as it's been on the air, why tinker with it. but today's kids are a little more sophisticated. they ever used to seeing things a little more real on camera. >> did somebody say they need help to save the day? >> hbo has done some children's programming. but it made a name for itself with sex. >> the only words you should be saying in bed are dirty ones. >> and violence. that tradition continues with its current hit likes girls.
6:25 am
>> i do use condoms. i always use continued ms. >> and game of thrones. >> hbo's brand right now is adult drama and comedies and the premium cable off color type stuff you can get away with. but all of those viewers have children. >> as part of hbo's five year deal there will now be twice as many episodes per season. and after a nine month window they will become available on pbs. >> it is still going to be available on public broadcasting for free. but it is the second casting. whether kids care about this i don't know. but certainly there was value in that for hbo and they believe that families will want to watch that programming right when it is available and will pay for that privilege.
6:26 am
>> reporter: just how leukocyte a ive a deal this is for hbo remains to be seen. the question is will children suffer if their parents can't afford hbo? >> like everything in america, we are getting into a chasm between the wealthy and the non wealthy here. this is the equivalent of some kids getting to go to a private school and others not getting it. >> still families will be able to get to "sesame street" through public broadcasting so it is probably premature to call this neighborhood gentrifgentri. carter evans, los angeles. >> great show. could not have survived my kids' childhood without it. >> nice to still be on pbs. >> anything they can go do to keep "sesame street" going is a good thing. up next the city's first
6:27 am
festival of lights transforms london into that incredible nighttime show. you are
6:28 am
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if you had to pick from one of these "star wars" characters who would you be? >> well, i got to go with han hans solo. >> a or b. >> this. i think. >> this is your final answer? you don't want to phone a friend. >> >> a little too conservative. >> all right. if drake and kendrick lamar got in a rap battle who do you think would win? >> got to go with kendrick. >> that is president obama answering lightning round questions during an interview with some of the biggest stars
6:31 am
on youtube. >> i liked his answer. >> i'm perplexed by the dog and pants question. >> totally baffled. we begin with this half hour with a festival of lights in london. transforming many of the famous land marks in the british capital. here is jonathan vigliotti. >> london transformed into a spectacle of light. westminster abby dazzled bringing ancient carvings to light. and in mayfair, an iconic red phone booth turned boo an unlikely home for goldfish. all of it this week, the wild
6:32 am
imagination of a ygroup of artists with lumiere london. for four day, streets, buildings and statues become a canvas. >> london is the most kinetic international hub in the world. and we're standing here at oxford circus which is the busiest pedestrian spot in all of london. >> and the audience did turn out to bask in the glow. >> we're privileged to be allowed to play here in all the wonderful places and provides us with a huge outdoor gallery which allows as many people as possible to come and enjoy this incredible work. >> art installations light up 30 different locations across the city. projected images turn king's
6:33 am
cross station into a circus of lights. blues and hoped to signed as a rival other new year's festivals. >> i hope people go away a new sense of london a vibrancy. a ability to transform itselves in this really remarkable way. >> the spectacular lights and all their vibrant colors will dim this time on sunday. >> there is some really cool stuff in there. the elephant and i love the goldfish phone booth. >> always amazing when they are able to get it to interact with the architecture and all the measurements it must have been taken. >> really beautiful stuff.
6:34 am
i wish i was there now a look at the -- >> no you don't. you want to be here. >> all right. now here is a look at the weather for your weekend. ♪ ♪ up next, the dish will enjoy some clean, green that's healthy and satisfying. stay with us. you are watching "cbs this morn 36 hat's life"♪ ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"♪
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fine lines appear to fade one month, deep wrinkles look smoother... and after one year, skin looks ageless. only from roc®. chef candice kumai may be called the clean queen but it wasn't always the case. surrounded by the food and culture of both her parents but she was just as fond as junk food. it wasn't until she when to culinary school she turned her life around and started competing cleaning. >> widely recognized a one of the leading health and welcome
6:38 am
to the dish. >> thank you so much. this is so exciting. >> this is a beautiful table as you have here. and it doesn't look "healthy" as you say. >> it is not supposed to. perfect. i want you to be enticed by the food and it is about the flavors. we really want that to pop and shine. and it is also about feeling really good about what you are eating. when you are eating my mom's japanese fried chicken, it is six ingredients and all natural ingredients and tastes really good. and that is a butternut squash that's all vegan and you are really going to feel good after you eat this food. >> i want to believe that cake is healthy. but what is that? >> this is our chocolate avocado cake.
6:39 am
>> avocado? >> each layer actually has a whole avocado baked inside. and they are make a perfect base when baking with recipes with chocolate and wed a differe eda ingredients to make it taste amazing and you are never going to know, you know, it was maybe good for you. >> we mention your love of junk food but when did it transition for you? >> with polish grandparents and japanese grandparents, we didn't miss a beat on thing. it was all about dumpling love. >> what has this collision of cultures created in you? >> my parents are the most amazing altruistic people who believed that love was the only thing that really mattered and they are the backbone to all of my work. and they supported and loved me
6:40 am
since the very beginning and as a child after war i often think what a unique experience that i have parents from completely different jobs and backgrounds and it is my job to share this cuisine with the world. and honest to goodness came from my heart. when i was young i wanted to fit in and rebel. so i ate the frap chinos the lattes all the junk food t soda. and my mom, you know, [ accent ] you should be eating real like nutritious food. [ laughter ] and i was like i have to be cool. and i was couldn't fit into the skinny jeans if i wasn't eating clean during all the baking and. >> and you had baking in your
6:41 am
sights from the time you were quite little didn't you? >> we looked back at my kindergarten scrapbook when we were writing pretty delicious, my first solo cook book and we saw a drawing i drew of wanting to be a baker. and we couldn't believe the tie. but they do say when you are young you can -- >> how old were you. >> five years old. >> you were also one of the youngest competitors on top chef. at the time did you have any idea what it was and how it would set you up? >> you know it was ten years ago and it was the first season. so we actually were kind of like the hamp ster wheel candidates to test this new show. but i'm grateful for the opportunity because it made me realize there was a chance for
6:42 am
young women to enter not just the world of culinary but health and wellness and nutrition so that we could share that beautiful young women could learn how to cook good for you food and feel good food. and i think it was my job to help to cultivate a wider audience for those of us coming out of top chef. not just restaurants. not just chefs in coats. but you can wear your heels and your dresses and your lip centric stick and look fab. >> -- fabulous in real life. as i hand this dish for your signature, if you could have this meal with any person past or present who would that person be? >> i really wish i could have met at a younger age my japanese grandparents and my polish grandparents. because they went through war. they went through a hard time and two different countries that really persevered in war. poland and japan. and to me that is something i'd like to really explore one day and maybe one day aisi'll get t
6:43 am
meet him in heaven or something. >> very proud of you and proud of your accent as well. this. >> thank you. >> up next, our saturday session, boston-born aoife o 'donovan w? can i at least put my shoes on? if your bladder is calling the shots... may have a medical condition called overactive bladder or oab. you've got to be kidding me. i've had enough! it's time to talk to the doctor. ask your doctor about myrbetriq to treat the oab symptoms of urgency, frequency, and leakage. myrbetriq is the first and only medicine in its class. myrbetriq (mirabegron) may increase blood pressure. tell your doctor right away if you have trouble emptying your bladder or have a weak urine stream. myrbetriq may cause serious allergic reactions. if you experience swelling of the face, lips, throat or tongue...
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6:46 am
starring this morning's saturday session, singer and song writer aoife o'donovan, graduated from the new england conservatory of music in bostonian. she went solo and critics loved her 2013 debut album "fossils." and so did the president. >> her album winds up in stores next week. here in her national television debut is aoife o'donovan with a
6:47 am
single from that debut album "magic hour." ♪ ♪ ♪ in the magic hour when the moon is flowing ♪ ♪ and the sky is the kind of blue ♪ this is that you think you know ♪ ♪ duh you don't know ♪ all the children they rub around it ♪ ♪ all the other children they make no sound ♪ ♪
6:48 am
♪ ♪ throw my bones to the fish and weigh my body down with sticks and stones ♪ ♪ bury me out in the old graveyard ♪ ♪ where all my friends are ♪ beneath the heavens on a high hill star ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:49 am
♪ magic hour, when the moonlight beams ♪ ♪ and the sky is the kind of gray that you never seen soon ♪ ♪ until you seen it ♪ run down to the virgin mary's bank while her mother's cries and the farmers drink ♪ ♪ and the ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:50 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:51 am
♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> don't go away. we'll be right back with more music from aoife o'donovan. you are watching "cbs this morning saturday." ♪ we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day.
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♪ ♪ tomorrow on cbs sunday morning, the man who made marvel comics marvelous sits down with bill cowan. >> have a great day everybody. >> we leave you now with fae o'donovan and "the king of all
6:55 am
birds" ♪ ♪ ♪ >> look out, look out here i come now ♪ ♪ i'm a fighter bird ♪ i'm a hairier hawk. a wild ♪ ♪ ♪ smz
6:56 am
♪ i'm a lonely all. how the held did i get this far without you? who my feathers one by one ♪ ♪ anyone that i want in the arms of another girl ♪ ♪ who would that be when the lights come up ♪ ♪ whom am i to you ♪ who am i to you ♪ am i just anyone
6:57 am
♪ am i the only one ♪ who am i to you ♪ am i just anyone ♪ am i the only one ♪ ♪ ♪ come on, come on ♪ put me back together let me soldier on ♪ ♪ i'm the king of it all ♪ i'm little written ♪ i'm happiest when i hitch a ride on the wing of a friend ♪ ♪ looking down on everything
6:58 am
then ♪ ♪ when the road gets weary love ♪ ♪ remember who i'm dreaming off of ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> more about cbs this morning visit us at four out of five people may not agree on carne asada or carnitas.
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mo: welcome to the henry ford's innovation nation. i'm mo rocca, and today we are firing on all cylinders, vroom! coming up, the hover you'll never be bored with, coaching kids on a load of code, the farsighted future of this form of fruit, and the monster machine that's the mother of macchiato. that's next on the henry ford's innovation nation. it's really a shame that hovering, which once sounded so cool, now totally gets a bad rap. there are parents that hover over their kids


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