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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  January 19, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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heavy rain once again hitting the bay area hard this morning. already damaging many spots. we'll get out to the crews. first, let's go right to roberta. >> it's a one-two punch this morning. good morning. we have a combination of very gusty winds and heavy downpours. let's get right down to business with our eye on the storm. we have our def doppler radar. it's picking up plenty of precipitation anywhere this morning from eureka lining the coast all the way south to monterey bay. let's focus in on the bay area. you see this shades of yellow and orange. that signifies we have moderate to heavy downpours. backing all the way into walnut creek, concord, la fail yet, orinda all the way around 680 into san ralph mown and that nasty morning commute as far as for now and the sunol grade is concerned. as we zoom out and take another picture, another view, sfo encompassed by heavy downpours.
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daly city is pounding rain. anywhere you look at it, up and down the peninsula all the way into san mateo bridge, we have moderate to heavy rainfall. this is gonna, the scenario throughout the morning commute. this rain plowed on shore about two hours ago, it will be lingering around the san jose area for the next two full hours. santa rosa to the north. at least the next 75 minutes and two hours around the livermore area. cloud cover right now over the city by the way, the city of san francisco at 59 degrees. winds have been gusting up to 39 miles an hour and the vallejo area backing autopsy the way into fairfield where we do have a wind advisory in place for those particular areas. temperatures later today in the 50s and 60s with scattered rain showers this afternoon. we're gonna get back together and come up with totals on how much rain you should expect today. right now, send it over to gianna. the accidents are trickling in. we have a couple of new trouble spots. westbound 580 at grand. it looks like a lot of these
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accidents are involving one vehicle. spinouts, vehicles losing control. this is west 580 at grant. an area reported to have have a a lot of flooding. eastbound 80, debris in the roadway. slow and go speeds on the eastbound side that's a noncommute direction. our drive time still holding steady around 20 minutes. no delays as you work your way toward the toll plaza right now and heed across the span in san francisco. everything clear across the upper deck. northbound 880 had a wreck at 980. that's cleerd getting word of flooding right around broadway. taking a look at conditions around the coliseum. traffic is still very light but slower speed as you work your way northbound, southbound as you head into hayward and clear at the golden gate bridge. commuters can count on wet and windy conditions as a fresh el nino storm dumps morning and more rain across the bay area.
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jackie ward is up in the marin headlands watching the rain come town. good morning. >> good morning. the story today is definitely more focused on the wind than the wet factor. thankfully. we'll take it for once. it's been a steady wind here at the marin hedlunds. we have a view of what it will look like as north bay commuters enter. this is the bay bridge. one of our producer took this for his commute. you can tell windy conditions there were happening that early in the morning, ponding and puddling with a slot of slippery spots normalling. poor visibility will add to another messy commute for us this morning. but as we made our way to the north bay we pulled over on van ness to show you what it looked like there. we're expecting a lot of downed trees and power lines today.
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this is just the beginning as the storm will continue all morning long and high tide also once again coin sides with the height of this storm. we're expecting a mess out there. back to you. >> how about rockslides? that has to be a problem with all of the rain we've gotten the last few weeks? >> yeah, absolutely. we already saw that happen yesterday along highway 84 if you recall. they had to shut down for more than three hours. because the ground is so saturated. , there will probably be more of that activity. strong waves have been breaking out big chunks of the half moon bay coastline. erosion has stripped 10 feet off this cliff and the bench was swept into the ocean. >> last night, when we were having dinner, boom. we heard this sound and the whole thing went into the sea. >> residents say the foot
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bridge and underground utilities are the most vulnerable sites as a new round hits had the air area. -- hits the area. in pacifica, a massive chunk of sea wall collapsed into the ocean. people who live nearby say the surface is so powerful, it's shaking their homes. >> that's the first time i've seen it. the el nino storms have pushed farther than it's gone before. >> city crews spent the day filling this with boulders. officials say work at a well at the capian site is ahead of schedule. methane gas has been spewing from a leak at the site since last october. officials with carmel say they have a major announcement to make about the 2014 pg&e explosion in san bruno. the announcement has to do with
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the recordkeeping at the time of the explosion and press conference begins at 9:00 later this morning. also happening today, some local storeowners and members of city council will hold a press conference. they are calling for the super bowl host committee to reimburse the city for the cost incurred by super bowl related events in the city. that's happening at the entrance to the bark b.a.r.t. at 10:00 a.m. this morning. complete gridlock on the bay bridge caused by protesters. the group chained themselves to cars forming a blockade on the westbound side of the bay bridge they are calling for an end to police brutality. it took police about 30 minutes to get to the protesters who were all arrested. online posts say more protests are expected. politics now. donald trump says if he's selected, he will give an ultimatum to apple. he spoke at virginia's liberty university. >> we'll get things coming. >> we'll get happenle to start
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building their computers and things in this country instead of other countries. >> apple had no comment regarding trump's statement specifically but said it is responsible for creating and supporting 1.9 million jobs here in the u.s. mac plo is designed and assembled in austin, texas. donald trump is also telling evangelical voters he intends to protest christianity. >> throughout the world, you look at syria, where if you are christian, they are chopping off heads. you look at the different places and christianity -- it's under siege. >> now mr. trump is playing directly to evangelical voters who make up a key selection at the primary electorate vote in key states. >> we turn to our washington insider mark sandoval for more
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on this. what are trump's fears for christianity? >> this is one of those cases -- here in washington there's always talk they are to spread out the early primary states. california -- this is a perfect example. you would never give this speech in california. he cited two concerns of christianity. the first what you just heard about the persecution in syria. the second department stores no longer wishing you a merry comats. so in typical trump fashion, he didn't talk about a solution to the syrian problem but he did vow if president, stores will wish you merry christmas. like i said, this is not the kind of speech you would expect to hear a candidate delivering in california. >> he was also at liberty but why is he making the point now, snark. >> okay. he's making the point now, specifically, the first voting, we will know the results two
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weeks from this morning as iowa caucuses begin. the republican voters in iowa are pretom naent evangelical christians. he's trying to show -- he might not have helped when he referred to 2nd corinthians, he called them 2 corinthians. i think probably in typical trump fashion -- everything is about him, of course. he did not mention until the last minute of the speech. he said this is a record size crowd we have. he said i'm gonna ted kate this record to martin -- dedicate this record to martin luther king, junior. >> bernie sanders wins the twitter feed. i think they count how many --
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twitter doesn't decide anything around here. the thought in washington is that these two things are tied together. the more out in left field for right field donald trump is, the better hillary clinton does. rather than attack bernie sanders all she has to do is say donald trump and a lot of people will get the message. 5:10. more trouble for santa clara county jails. why a former inmate is now suing. and a car chase turns into a dog chase. why police are forced to become the dog catchers on a busy california freeway. it's fired up, the radar tracking the heaviest rain and wind. we'll tell you when it will end. that rain causing problems. we have flooding in 880 and in san francisco.
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suing. arthur salgado served time at elmwood correctional facility in a blister santa clara county jails are in the spotlight. this time an ill mate is suing. he developed a blister and claims when it got infected, part of his leg had to be
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amputated. another man died. and three guards are charged. they've all pleaded not guilty. at least seven other inmates have sued since the death. a bizarre police chase in southern california led to a chase of a difficult kind. officers spent about an hour chasing a woman through orange county last night. when she finally stopped, got out of her car, her six dogs bolted from the vehicle. traffic was stopped on the 710 freeway while officers rounded up the dogs. they were not hurt and placed in the custody of april mal controller. san francisco's mayor is pushing to a hike in the state's minimum wage. ed lee and community leaders are trying to get thousands of signatures for an initiative that would raise minimum wage to $11. to with go up a dollar every year until it reaches $15 in 2021. after that, the wage would adjust each year to keep up with the cost of living. caltrans starts to count the riders today. the annual count lasts until
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mid-march. weekday ridership was around 58,000. that's about a 9% jump from 2014. let's get a check on the very wet roads. people need to be careful. >> we have reports of a lot of flooding. that's what we're keeping our eye on. southbound 101 connector to east i 80. here is a look at east 80. traffic doing okay. a little slow as you work your way southbound connecting to the east 80. just keep that in mind. a little sluggish as you work your way through there. southbound 680 this accident just in from. not seeing heavy delays. it's pretty early. take a look at conditions along 580 westbound altamont pass to 680. we're seeing slow and go speeds as you work your way out of
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tracy. right around 205. mountain house. at the top of the house, you will see that yellow continue as you see your way through the dublin interchange. 19 minutes for your drive time. over to oakland, northbound 8le -- 880. it looks like it's possibly on the offramp. here is a look at 880 near the col low sewell y the so far speeds are doing okay. if you are coming away from 238 as you work your way northbound. your drive times are around 17 minutes. southbound 880 into hayward. not seeing fell brake lights but that will get busier as the morning commute. 2 minutes, carquinez bridge to the maze. once you get to the bay bridge, traffic still pretty light. very wet. slick surfaces as you head out of oakland into san francisco. live look at the golden gate bridge right now. so far traffic is clear out of marin as you head towards san
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francisco. heads up, though, reports of flooding, northbound 101 at lucky drive at least in the right lane there. taking a look at the south bay. haven't had too many problems along 280, guadalupe parkway and 101. so far your drive looks pretty good. be careful out there for the wet weather. here's roberta. i'm loving my computer models. yesterday, 24 hours ago they were suggesting that this morning, the heaviest rain -- rains would be occurring. i'm checking in with my weather watchers to see how much has fallen since midnight. .10 in antioch. and our doppler radar, all lit up. moderate to heavy rainfall from the coast to the peninsula across the bay into the eastern span of our prayer. richmond, berkeley, 580 commute
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to i-80. pretty moderate to heavy rainfall. the 580/680 corridor, heading into walnut creek and concord, you've got the heavy rain as well. if our timing is correctly, this has been pushing onshore for the last two hours. i'm looking at the back edge of the front. i'm believing about 6:30 you will start to see the rain let up. it will take about 90 minutes in san francisco. look at this. we're already seeing the ponding on the roadways with our air temperature in the 50s and 60s. we've seen some wind gusts up too 30 miles per hour. because of all of that flooding, we have excessive runup and we now have an urbabb and small stream flood advisory. it encompasses all about 7 million people that live here in the bay area which means as you are heading out this morning, please travel with caution. it's a stormy morning. we will see the wet and windiest weather between now and -- and 11:00. and more wet weather later on
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this week. we're looking at this front as it pounds up against the northwestern section of the state of california. it's producing the heavy rain, gusty winds t will produce up to 1.50 of rain. we'll see it tapering off during the afternoon hours. here is your lunchtime, more scowrgs. here is your evening commute, no problem at all. as we head into wednesday and thursday, a couple of days where we dry out. from this latest -- let me think is this 10 or 11? the month of january. i believe 11. we'll see over 2 inches in mill valley and san rafael. over inch and a half to the east in pleasanton. we are a he counting the snow up to 18 inches. we have a winter storm. temperatures pushing 50s and 60s. winds will continue to blow. here you have it rain today. tapering off to scattered showers this afternoon.
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much-needed dry day, wednesday, thursday. more rain a couple of inches expected by friday. right now we're seeing the weekend is up for grabs. we have surpassed our monthly average for the month of january which is the first time in years that we've accomplished that. >> all right. thank you. how about hockey? san jose sharks are rolling out the carpet at the s.a.p. center to celebrate a milestone. >> they are marking 25 years at the tank. mayor sam liccardo and four former mayers are expected to -- mayors are expected to join in. tickets benefit the nonprofit shark foundation. possible security threats against super bowl 50. who and what the fbi is most worried about. and good morning, everyone. who are the five warriors on the olympic basketball team and
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warriors have five on the olympic basketball rost, steph curry, klay thompson. harrison barnes, draymond green and iguodala. at cleveland, look at lebron james, throwing curry to the ground. curry not a fighter, just a cold-blooded shooter. 31-19 there. curry scored 35. the warriors made them pay. iguodala had 20. second half, green, excuse me. i have to score now. warriors led. worst home loss of lebron's
5:25 am
career. 132-98. >> absolutely phenomenal tonight. defensively, offensively sharing the ball, of being engaged. we can't ask to play much morning than that. >> want to see a smiling sharks' head coach? there he is. sharks won five straight. in the shootout, no sir, says craig anderston. the senators came from behind ta to catch san jose at s.a.p. center. final, 4-3, that's sports at this hour. everyone hopefully will have a dry tuesday. we'll see you later. >> not a chance but we're trying. making a round about drive. still gets it to drop. had a big night, 16 points. 16 assisters as he tried to help get a victory. the game went into victory, knicks won it. philly has won five games but
5:26 am
they did grab the play of the day. 5:25. like it or not, tax season officially gets underway today. next what you need to know to avoid tax scams. >> reporter: wind is the name of the game. we'll show you how your morning commute will look in a few minutes. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. result of the protes fic at a stand sti the fallout from the madness. more on the results of the protests that had traffic at at standstill on the bay bridge. our crews showing you the condition. eye the storm team coverage straight ahead. it's the 10th storm for
5:30 am
this month of january. it's impacting your morning commute. i will tell you how much more rain to expect. we're dealing with flooding and accidents on the roads. your top traffic trouble spots coming up. good morning. it's tuesday, january 19th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:30. a sloppy commute this morning on the bay bridge. windshield wipers were going full force as drivers made their way into san francisco but this new round of rain could spell trouble for prayer coast -- bay area coastline. half moon bay seeing damage from earlier storms. forceful waves prout several feet of the cliffs tum begging into the ocean. a park bench and part of a sidewalk fell in the water. we've learned a sewer line in the area is exposed and it will spill in the ocean. crew in the pacifica have completed temporarily fixes to a 60-foot dhunk of sea wall that clpsed over the weekend. they had to use boulders to shore it up and stop the
5:31 am
erosion. now they need to prevent gas and water lines from pum pummeling. the creeks are rising, the rivers are rising. the difference we've been spacing these storms out every two days but this is the 11th storm in the month of january. kentfield is closing in on a foot of rain so far this month. so, yes now we're starting to see the impact. this is our hi-def doppler radar. it's all lit up with all difficult colors. when you see the orange, that's a heavy downpour ocould youing outside of the walnut creek area. the east bay is getting pounded. we have equally heavy rainfall.
5:32 am
also the bay bridge, the san mateo bridge, any of your bridges are wet. everybody has the heaviest rainfall. scattered showers during the afternoon. urban and flood advisory now in effect for all 7 million people that live right here in the bay area. that means you will be impacted as you step on out for your morning commute or or get the kids off for school. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. we've been picking up some wind gusts up to 30. right now a sustained wind to 6 in the berkeley area. 9 in san rafael. 9 in mountain view. but at times, some stronger gusts. fairfield with the wind up of 16 miles an hour. today with the scattered showers tapering off, temperatures 50s and 60s and once we get rid of this storm number 11, yip gonna talk about storm number 12. that's coming up. here's gianna. >> thank you. keeping us very busy in the traffic center. let's go to san francisco,
5:33 am
southbound 280 at san jose. look out for an accident. two left lanes are blocked. chp on scene. you might see delays. northbound 280 looking across the extension. southbound 101 connector. live look at the area. traffic seems to be looking okay. keep that in mind as you make that connector. taking a look at conditions, westbound 580 at grand, the two left lanes have been blocked for chp as they clear an accident out of the roadway. frank? >> thank you. storm number 11 of the new year pelting the bay area. the weather promises to make the commute wet, windy and long. jackie ward has more on the golden gate commute. >> reporter: since we've been seer this is probably the most
5:34 am
moderate rainfall we've felt. it's definitely coming down relatively hard but the wind is the ral story. thank goodness for the mild temperatures. once the wind picks up, it makes it chilly and raw. our commute starts earlier than most of yours. let's show you what it looks like after -- after 2:00 a.m. roberta mentioned how windy the bridges get here. all of the moisture splashing on your windshield. it's not a good case scenario. we're in the north bay. when we were on our way here, we stopped on van ness to show you what that looked like. a lot of lomized flooding due to the clogged drains. we're expecting downed trees and power lines thanks to the wind. that's a different story than what we saw yesterday. yesterday it was the rain. today more so the wind as roberta has been saying. of course, just the beginning
5:35 am
it's only hour three or four of the storm. we still have a long way ahead of us. jackie ward, kpix 5. the coast guard is searching for two people swept into the ocean. calfire says four people were on a small cliff in bonnie dune when a wave crashed pulling them in the water. it happened before 6:00. two were rescued. two are still missing. a search helicopter is head back to the bay area. water is rushing through the guadalupe river. it's been dry for years. the recent storms raised the water levels and now the river is flowing again. in san francisco, a high surf residue with a happy ending yesterday. the man in gray there was snapping pictures of wild waves from rocks near the old sutro but he got trapped. luckily, these rescue swimmers
5:36 am
braved powerful waves and got them to shore. a lot of people hoping to enjoy the holiday. the city got trapped along the bay bridge. yesterday, about 25 black lives matters protests chained themselves to cars and blocked all of the westbound lanes for an hour. some drivers say blocking traffic not a good way to get their message out. protesters say their cause is worth it. >> i think it's important that the public unders that black life matter to sit on the bridge. i think the people dying in the street, their lives are worth having to wait while it's worth disrupting business as usual. >> and posts online suggest this is the beginning of many protests to come. chp said they will be on maximum enforcement and working the city to try to prevent protesters from disrupting super bowl 50 festives.
5:37 am
the taliban is taking credit for an attack in peshawar. there's been fierce fighting in the region between the taliban and security forces. also new, a sexual assault investigation continuing at stanford university. the alleged attack happened on saturday. university flails say a male suspect with a full beard wearing a red stanford ready is described as being in his 20s and 6 feet tall. tech giants including facebook and google are siding with samsung in the legal battle with apple. last month, samsung asked the high court to reconsider the verdict. in 2012, the jury ruled the company had violated patent in 23 products. federal authorities are kemped about any -- are
5:38 am
concerned about any potential threats to super bowl 50. a bulletin was sent this month to bay area law enforcement. while the fbi is not saying what's inside that, kpix 5 has learned it mentions the cutting of fiberoptic cables. the biggest threat would be a so-called lone wolf. >> the individual who is self- radicalized that creates a problem that you can't detect. there's only so much that the fbi can do as far as electronic surveillance. >> so far there are into credible threats but spectators keeping them safe, it's like being on an airplane. people should always know where the exits are. tax season begins today. >> ville joins us to explain what we need to know including how to guard against tax- related scams. >> reporter: good morning. >> where do we start? >> reporter: how about good
5:39 am
news? because there is a local d.c. can hoyle, tax filing deadline is april 18th, three extra days from the traditional 15th. that doesn't mean to you should doddle. employees will be sending your w-26789s by -- w-2s by the end of the month. a lot of the forms are available online earlier. gather those credit card summaries an review your checking account. you are looking for deductions like charitable donations or maybe job search costs. use last year's return as to a guide as to what might be missing. >> there seems to be an increase in tax related scams. what can we do to protect yourselves? >> reporter: criminals stole information on nearly 400,000 tax payers. states are on high alert. we had the filing of fraudulent returns last year.
5:40 am
that prompted turbo tax to temporarily halt e-filing. the government has unveiled several measures that should help prevent tax fraud but filing early may be your best bet. a few other anti-fraud tips, the irs loves you about you they are not gonna initiate contact with you through an e- mail, tess message or social media. if you get an unsolicited e- mail claiming to come from the irs, don't open the attachment. forward that irs. if you hire a tax preparer, make sure they have a certified number. >> i always have to wait for my
5:41 am
w-2. when do the employers have to get those out? >> reporter: usually by january 31st deadline. >> all right. bring it on, cbs. [laughter] >> all right. 5:41. missing for days and crews are do their best to find a missing ski instructor. let's check on the commute. take you outside, highway 880, it's gridlock central in oakland. what's going on beside the rain? gianna has you covered there. we'll get you much more after the break. ,,,,
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cell phone video shows ride ducking-- after a gunman sh 19- year-old man on january ninth. bart officials say th cell phone video shows
5:44 am
riders ducking after a gunman shot a 19-year-old man january 9th on b.a.r.t. b.a.r.t. officials say this is their suspect. the immages are from a tridelta bus cam rausm b.a.r.t. says that's key to the case. b.a.r.t. told us the victim and suspect were both on that bus and their interaction continued on a b.a.r.t. train where things turned deadly. b.a.r.t. officials are trying to figure out if the men knew each other before their fatal encounter. residents at one san jose neighborhood are protecting their homes after a rash of break-ins r surveillance video shows a suspected thief scoping out on the sidewalk before he swipes a package off the step. and then calmly walks off. then he circles back, this time with a bandana on his face. san jose police believe he also broke into a home on nearby muller place and stole the owner's car. >> there are a lot of families who live here. >> just to know how close it is to home and we have two small
5:45 am
daughters. it's surprising and shocking. >> neighbors tell us they are forming a neighborhood watch group to all of the thefts. several of them plan to buy top- notch surveillance cameras as well. >> a shocking discovery for people participating in the martin luther king, junior day of service. volunteers found a decomposing body in the mud at arrowhead marsh and oakland not far from the airport. body was half clothed. the volunteers were cleaning up trash in the area. police say it's a man between 30 and 40 years old. no sign of trauma. it's unclear how he died. sadly hope is fading that a ski instructor missing in the sierra will be found alive. crews are still looking for carson may. he disappeared on thursday while skiing at sugar bowl. searchers say the last ping from his cell phone was from an areas prone to avalanches. experienced skiers know time is running out. >> four days is a long time no
5:46 am
matter what. in these conditions it's hard to imagine, the person is wet, cold, and then usually hypo therapy. his father said he did not have an avalanche beacon. 580 in oakland, not doing too well? >> not doing well at all. we have a the lof folks, spinouts, accidents, right shoulder walls being hit. a second accident at lakeshore. two left lanes down for the count. chp back on the scene. slow and go conditions as you work your way towards the bay bridge into the maze. north 880 at broadway, that offramp has reports of flooding there. we're seeing slow conditions heading into oakland, towards the bridge. northbound 880 near the coliseum, still looks okay. north of there where you will
5:47 am
start to see a few brake lights. south 880 starting to bog down. you will see delays into hayward now. taking a look at conditions towards the bay bridge, westbound east show freeway, a lot of sensors. all of that towards highway had we are seeing slow and go conditions. this is what's in store for you at the bridge, metering lights are on. slow and go. it's building. 24 minutes for that commute. carquinez bridge. slow and go across the upper deck as well. south 280 at san jose and san francisco. that accident still stuck? lanes. also getting word of another accident at sycamore. altamont pass, coming out of tracy a little bit better at the top of the pass and then you will see more brake lights towards the dublin interchange. right now, the san mateo bridge is one of our bright spots if you want to skip delays, use the bridge itself, 14 minutes between 880 and 101.
5:48 am
golden gate bridge not seeing trouble. flooding, a lot of spots reported here. northbound 101 at lucky drive. take it slow. and an stent reported north 101 at third avenue. it's not blocking lanes. it's over to the shell -- shoulder. here's roberta. good morning, everybody. taking a look at ure hi-def doppler radar. you see that we have the areas of yellow, that signifies moderate to heavy downpours up to the half moon bay area. san francisco we also do have pretty moderate rainfall as i zero in, you see out of the sunset district along highway 1, 82 and 280 pounding rain at this particular time. if you can give your sketch 15 minutes before heading out that would be advisable. the rain begin about two and a half hours ago. as it continues to lift up in a
5:49 am
north and easterly direction, i'm starting to see the back side of it. i do believe in the city of san francisco within the next let's say 90 minutes, we should start too see a little bit of a break in the activity same in the santa rosa area. at least the next two hours in san jose and livermore you will continue to see moderate rainfall because all of this is taking a toll, we saw 2 inches of rain in some locations yesterday. seen another two today. we do have the -- if you are in one of these blue highlighted counties which means you probably are, 7 million people are being affected by this morning's rainfall. we don't see the tiptop of the transamerica pyramid. when that happens, we have airport delays at snowe and arriving flights. i will keep you posted on that. meanwhile, we're in the 50s out the door. the temperature has been troping. winds have been increasing. it is more of a cold front entrained in our el nino
5:50 am
weather pattern. we is the temperatures dropping. the heaviest rain, it looks like we'll see scattered showers this afternoon. another storm by the end of the workweek. this is the area of low pressure, our satellite radar indicates, pretty powerful front. it generates in the gulf of alaska, got entrained in the atmospheric river. it's a narrow band. therefore we have a surey morning. if we walk you through your future cast, it does illustrate scattered showers tapering on the of during the day. we have a dry day on wednesday and thursday and then more rain moves back in the picture by the tail end of the work which will be your friday. by the time we tally up today's totals up to 1.50 in pleasanton. 2 inches in san rafael. winter storm warning in effect for the highs here. 18 inches of snow anticipated. there's your sun up and sundown. not gonna see it.
5:51 am
the highs today, 50s and 60s. last week we lost david bowie. this week glenn frey has died. ♪ you can't hide your lying eyes ♪ >> great harmony, nominated for a grammy for the record of the year back in 1975. frey and don henley formed one of the best song writing duos ever. hotel california, the best of my life and one of these nights. frey died yesterday in new york from complications from a number of ailments. he was 67. still ahead, sitting out one of hollywood's biggest events. why celebrities are lining up to.could the the oscars. ,,,,
5:52 am
here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel.
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♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ time check on this tuesday morning is 5:54. heading out the door right now, we have stormy conditions with heavy downpours around the peninsula. bayview, you have heavy rain. blackhawk, you too. the complete forecast is still minutes away. it's wet and wild for your morning drive. hot spots along 580, 880,
5:55 am
nimitz and the bay bridge commute. it's believed to be san francisco's oldest gay bar that may sooning closing. the gangway, a nautical themed bar has been operating since 1910. the owner, young lee was going to sell the bar next year but a lawsuit from an employee accusing lee of not paying him minimum wage is bhoferning -- moving up the sale. some people say oakland's new minimum wage prompted the closure of a local walmart. city officials didn't find out until a couple of days ago that the walmart will be closing. walmart officials wouldn't comment. walmart closed a total of 269 stores across the nation. some of hollywood's biggest names say they are boycotting the academy awards. jada pinkett smith blasted the
5:56 am
academy for the lack of diversity in the nomination. all nominees in the categories are white. she posted on facebook that she would not be attending or watching. director spike lee said he will join in the boycott. part of the football hall of fame is in santa clara. the next half-hour, where you can go to see this unique interactive exhibit. >> reporter: it's another soaker. we will tell you what it looks like from a driver's perspective coming up in -- dash coming up in a few minutes. with the protein of beans, whole grains.. ...and veggies! mmm good. my work here is dooooone! bird's eye protein blends.
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(bear growls) (burke) smash and grub. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
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mallicoat. good morning. it's a wet tuesday. it's january 19th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. january's barely half over and the bay area is getting hit with its 11th storm of the new year. that means commuter will have a
6:00 am
slow and soggy ride into work. jackie ward is live in the marin headlands to show us the rain coming down by the golden gate. >> reporter: that's what we've been doing. you say storm number 11, it's no surprise this is the westest january the bay area has had in the past six years. this morning, the sawyer is definitely more about wind than rain. we're experiencing probably the lightest rain we've seen all day. last half-hour, pretty moderate. consistent, heavy rainfall. the big story, the commute and how this will affect your drive. let's show you some video that we have from one of our producers in the east bay. windy there as well. already at just past 2:00 a.m. ponding and puddling was forming. this wind will not only affect how it moves your car, but it will move the moisture all the way around. you will have to have good windchill whiners. we had to ma


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