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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  January 21, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PST

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food factory, forcing it tot down. the compan only on 5, mice invade a popular bay area food factory, forcing it to shut down. the products are sold at stores like safeway and costco. >> the general manager told mark kelly he blames el nino. >> reporter: one look at these photos is enough to make you lose your appetite. a points sink. dead mice floating in this container and this mouse on a factory floor. >> do you have a mice issue? >> we have had some mice in the facility. >> reporter: general manager aaron reimer tells us the mice
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showed a few months ago in the company's plant in benicia. for weeks the mice have been spotted in the equipment, even alongside the popcorn's raw materials. >> what are some of the steps you've been taking to try to get rid of them? >> we've been shut down for two weeks so we've not been producing anything. anything that was produced in the facility has been destroyed. >> reporter: aaron says kettle pop hired pest control and traps have caught some. still, the mice keep showing up, leaving a clear trail on the kettle pop factory floor. >> safety is always our first priority and nothing will be leaving this facility that has any question whatsoever of food safety. >> reporter: in benicia, mark kelly, kpix 5. a surfer is missing at rodeo beach in marin headlands. two other surfers were with him
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at the time around 5:30 tonight. they noticed he was in trouble and swam over to try to help. one of the surfers started doing cpr then rescuers say this happened. >> a large wave came in, hit them, and they separated, the three separated. the two regrouped and tried to find the downed surfer and they were unable to. >> the surfer is in his 40s. the coast guard suspended its search about two hours ago but marin county fire plans to go back out first thing in the morning. the two other surfers made it out of the water and are okay tonight. a mystery in san mateo county. a hiker found a body near devil's slide. right now no one knows who it is. search crews found the body 150 feet down a cliff. all investigators can say tonight is that it is a white male and that there are no signs of foul play. santa rosa woman in custody tonight accused of driving under the influence when she ran over two elderly women. happened this afternoon at the oakmont village market.
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77-year-old driver told police she hit the gas instead of the brakes. her dog was in her lap and got distracted. she plowed in to the two women on the sidewalk, kept on growing until she crashed in to a fence across the street. one victim is 85 years old. the other is 91. both are in the hospital. one with life-threatening injuries. b.a.r.t. is making some big changes tonight to keep you safe after we exposed a big blind spot in its security system. but one state senator tells christin ayers something doesn't add up. >> we've heard from the public they're upset that we were using some decoys. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. announcing a big overhaul of its security system. the cameras on each train recently exposed as fakes have to go. >> we're getting rid of them and buying new cameras. >> reporter: working cameras, no decoys. they'll be added to every train car. spokesperson says b.a.r.t. has been under fire from outraged riders ever since a deadly shooting onboard
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a train rolling in to west oakland station january 9th. police released these images of a suspect but have been mum about whether cameras captured the shooting. >> why weren't you using cameras in all cars all along? >> when we got the funding for cameras we used it. then as we got more funding we added more cameras to the system. >> reporter: trost claims b.a.r.t. did not have the funds to outfit all the trains with cameras. >> they had the money to give their top managers a 16% pay raise. they've raised our fares. they've raised our parking rates. >> reporter: steve glazer, an outspoken b.a.r.t. critic says this is coming too little, too late. >> they're claiming they're going to do it with no timeline, no identification of where the resourceerize coming from. i don't think -- resources are coming from. i don't think it's being honest. >> reporter: staff members are still crunching numbers, trying to figure out how much it will
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cost and whether the money will come from grants or the operations budget but she says overhauling the system is a priority. >> give us a week to get the plan together but we wanted to make that commitment today to the riders and the public that we've heard you and we are responding and we're going to get rid of those decoys. as far as a timeline, b.a.r.t. says that is still very much up in the air. they have to identify that funding, buy the cameras, then install them in the trains. they say they're working as quickly as possible. live in west oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. ntsb investigators are in the bay area tonight combing through the greyhound bus that crashed in san jose yesterday. the driver of the bus admitted feeling fatigued. two passengers died. more than a dozen were hurt. the mangled bus have been towed to a yard in gilroy. >> we've recovered a camera on the bus and we'll be looking in to whether it recorded any information or not. >> the victims are 65-year-old
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maria velazquez and overa of san francisco. investigators say they're looking in to whether the passengers were wearing seatbelts at the time of the crash. tonight there are renewed calls for san francisco's top cop to be fired. dozens of people packed a police commission meeting tonight. they held up signs reading fire chief suhr and justice for mario woods. officers shot and killed woods last month. he was armed with a knife. mario's mother says he was trying to get his life together after he'd been released from prison. >> if i could get him back, i just want my baby back. >> hours before the police commission meeting, the five officers involved in the deadly shooting were cleared to return to duty. police say they will be working in roles that do not interact with the public. only on kpix 5 tonight, kpix 5 andria borba sat down with san francisco's new
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sheriff, vickie hennessey. she's also the first woman to hold the job. we wanted to know what's going right and what needs to change. >> it felt like home in a number of ways. >> reporter: 12 days in to her tenure as san francisco county sheriff, vickie hennessey says she has plans for the department but won't get stressed out implementing them. >> keep calm and carry on. it's good advice if you're law enforcement and not take things personally and take a step back if you have time to in whatever you're doing, make sure you're doing it right. >> reporter: hennessey is no stranger to the department's top job. she served as interim sheriff once but came out of retirement to run for her first elected office at the urging of deputies. >> most of them who knew me knew me as boss anyway. >> reporter: after a year that found some deputies in hot water for allegedly pit fighting inmates at the jail, hennessey says a change of culture and
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discipline within the ranks should be expected. >> telling the truth to me is very, very important. if the deputies are involved in something and they don't tell the truth, that's going to be a problem for them. >> reporter: when asked what she could learn from ross mirkarimi's mistakes -- >> some mistakes that have to do withholding yourself accountable that i think i've always done, i don't think i need to learn from my predecessor on that. >> reporter: the mirkarimi memo barring deputies from calling i.c.e. for undocumented immigrants in custody, hennessey says there will be changes. >> i have not decided what that will be and my changes have to do with limited notification. very limited. and i'm not sure how that's going to work out yet. >> reporter: the board of supervisors' vote not to build a new jail happened while hennessey wasn't in office. she said she's disappointed on possibly losing out on $80
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million for a new jail but understands the decision. >> i really think we do need behavorial health center so i'm all in favor of that and i do think we need a replacement jail, much smaller than what we have now with the right kind of beds in the 21st century design for the people that we'll still have on our custody. >> reporter: among the things she doesn't want to change, the five keys charter school. today was graduation day. and she says the program to get high school diplomas to inmates is one of the best she's ever seen. >> i think actively working with people in and out of jail to get their high school diplomas is the first stepping stone. >> among other items hennessey wants to accomplish, increased training for deputies along with implicit bias training and hiring around 50 or 60 new deputies. andria borba, kpix 5. now an update on a story we've been following for years. what some consider a loophole in the state's gun laws.
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tonight a move to ban the so-called bullet button. some rifles have a button that needs to be pushed with a tool or the tip of a bullet in order to remove the magazine. since the bullet button doesn't work with your finger, the magazine is considered fixed and therefore legal. tonight state senator steve glazer introduced legislation to ban it. last month the san bernardino terrorists used something similar. it was recently vetoed by governor brown. a school security guard caught on video tackling a student. tonight we ask police for an explanation. >> attention, super bowl fans. san jose is watching you. how the city is tracking every single person with a smart phone. >> tired of never being able to find a parking space tonight? the new bill of rights. >> a bay area police officer caught breaking the law ♪
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three union pacific tanker carrying sulfuric acid dera nder the 680 overpas a dangerously close call in martinez. three tanker cars carrying sulfuric acid derailed around 8:00 this morning. copt -- contra costa fire said it was a minor incident and no threat to the public but neighbors say the scene is all too familiar. in 1993 a train carrying the exact same material toppled over in richmond, poisoning thousands. >> this is not a minor
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derailment. this is a near miss. this could have shut down the entire bridge. it could have devastated thousands of people in the region. >> hazmat crews reassure us the containers are safe and there was no leak. as for what caused the train to derail, that's still under investigation. 18 days till super bowl and tonight the whole bay area is starting to kick in to high gear. san francisco taking extreme measures to get ready, temporarily suspending all construction permits in the city to reduce road and sidewalk closures. betty yu is at the same i'd. you found out one city is keeping tabs on their every move. explain that. >> so the city of san jose is taking advantage of this huge super bowl crowd and collecting data from people's phones. this is the first time they're doing so on such a grand scale. >> reporter: it's the kind of high tech study you might expect
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from silicon valley. san jose is tracking hundreds of thousands of cell phones during super bowl 50 week with the help of a startup called air sage. >> their technology tracks cell phone usage. cell phones tend to ping 150 times a day, from the phone, their gps location to a nearby tower. >> reporter: ben is with team san jose. the city's convention and visitor's bureau. he says the data will give them a clear picture of where fans stayed or visited for the week in the bay area. >> really want to see what destinations they're liking and what areas we can help to focus on for future marketing efforts. >> reporter: team san jose has already been tracking phones for the past year. air sage has access to verizon and t-mobile carriers. and the technology can pinpoint locations within about 100 yards. the data does not reveal the user's identity. >> i don't see the harm in it. i can see the potential harm but
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the way they're using the data, so they know how much to staff, what places should be opened, closed. >> reporter: it makes business sense to chris who manages the san pedro square market bar. >> always going to tie in to that invasion of privacy a little bit. but with an event of this size, i know for me running this bar, it's unpredictable. we don't know where people are going to be. >> it is really hard to predict how busy or crowded nearby san jose will be near super bowl week, so he thinks that data will be useful for helping him plan for other big events. that report from super bowl 50 is due out from the company air sage by early april. betty yu, kpix 5. another hoverboard has gone up in flames only this time it cost a bay area family their home and their two dogs. firefighters say a hoverboard ignited as it was charging last
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night, nearly destroying a home in santa rosa. family wasn't home but their dogs were. firefighters tried to revive them but it was too late. consumer product safety commission is now getting involved. it's already investigating 39 similar fires across the country. a security guard tackles a bay area high school student and it is all caught on camera. did he go too far or was it justified? da lin shows us the video only on kpix 5. >> reporter: the confrontation happened in the main office at fremont high school on january 8th. the vice president and a school security officer talked to a student. as the student tried to leave the office, the guard stopped him. a lot of pushing, shoving, and eventually the guard forced the student on to the ground. it went on for another minute behind that wall. security officers later handcuffed the student, identified by his mother as 16-year-old roberto canales. his mother gave me pictures taken in the hospital showing
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bruises on his face, shoulders, arms, and hands. >> sad. very sad. >> reporter: she gave me roberto's medical report which showed at the time he was under the under the influence of cocaine. school administrators say because he appeared high they couldn't let him leave but the mother says the student didn't threaten anyone and the administrators could have calmed the situation down. >> they were very, very hard with my son. >> i don't think that force was necessary. they're grown men. he's just a kid. >> reporter: some students and teachers are extremely upset the district did not suspend the security guard. they plan to have a community meeting next month to talk about it. at fremont high in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> the school district police chief is investigating. he is out of town right now but told us over the telephone the student refused to stay and the security officer was running out of options. a concord police officer has some explaining to do tonight. a viewer sent us
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photos of a patrol car parked illegally in a shopping plaza in the red zone right in front of a fire hydrant. would have maybe been okay if this was actually an emergency, but get this, the police officer was reportedly getting mexican food. concord police tell us the images are alarming and they're looking in to it. we all know how hard it can be to find parking. tonight an assemblyman from glendale is proposing what he calls a parking bill of rights. valet services would be banned from blocking metered spaces. drivers could immediately access spots after street sweeping without risking a ticket. it would reduce the amount of unlawful towing. >> and no tickets if it's raining. >> oh, i like that. because you don't want to get wet. kpix 5 hi-def doppler radar. it's friday morning that
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will be impacted as rainfall. not as heavy as yesterday but it's still coming. great shot, levi's stadium. home of super bowl 50. you probably heard that. 55 in san jose. san francisco, 55 degrees. mild night. livermore, 49. watch out for fog. that's you, north bay. napa, 46. oakland down to 47 and redwood city 47 degrees. so what is happening? sunny day today. 68 in saratoga. there's still a very active storm track. very noteworthy that not every el nino is created equal. we get storms somewhere on the west coast but that somewhere is different this year than last year. it was san francisco south to los angeles and san diego. not this year. look at the path of least resistance colored in red. it's dipping down to the south but rising in the pacific northwest. they've had a wet january in seattle but not a drop of rainfall in los angeles. storm number 11. everyone has come here but look at it rise to the north rather
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than dive down to the south. los angeles is clear. seattle, it is pouring. we'll tap in to storm number 11 but it's the bay area and points north getting the rainfall so far this month. tomorrow cloudier but dry. no rain on futurecast. saturday morning, 6:00, 7:00, there's the rain. -- friday morning. saturday morning, rain is still there. lunchtime on saturday is still looking wet. the timing for ending the rainfall has pushed back in to saturday afternoon. mainly cloudy tonight. fog, north bay and the coast. dry, mild again tomorrow. even a little bit of sunshine. but storm number 11 will get here for friday and saturday. highs tomorrow, mid 60s. mild. about 10 degrees above average for fremont, 64. vallejo, 62. san francisco, 61. napa, sonoma. because it's going to rain for a day and a half we'll get another inch of rainfall. saturday afternoon all the way through wednesday
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we'll be rain-free. so this is a two-day break. now we're talking a four or five-day break. mother nature pushing pause on el nino for a couple days. tonight evidence of a giant hidden planet in our own solar system. >> coming up on the late show with steven,,,,,,,,
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repair erosion problems alo mirada road in half moon ba emergency work has begun to repair erosion problems. check this out. crews are dumping roughly 100 tons of boulders in front of the bluff to help shore it up. monday's storm kicked up strong waves that caused several feet of cliff to crumble in to the ocean. also tonight, scientists say they have evidence that there is a ninth planet in our solar system. >> it's the same group that demoted pluto several years ago. the scientists from cal tech say they noticed something odd deep in outer space two years ago. they started looking at it. their conclusion is there's a
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giant planet beyond neptune that's about 10 times the size of earth. >> what these orbits are showing us is a gravitational one-way sign toward the existence of a body. >> now they want visual proof. they're hoping someone with a really powerful telescope can see planet 9. the warriors are sending a message through the eastern conference. don't mess with the west. domination sensation. what do we know about the 49ers' know about the 49ers' new head coach after his first,,
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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did a year ago.. " " kelly didn't divulge mu if you could judge a coach based on his press conference, chip kelly should fair better than tomsula. >> sent some toxicology reports out. we'll see when they come back. i don't think anybody goes in to the season saying let's get six. i think i'm hands on. i think i lead with my feet not my seat. i'm going
2:06 am
to call the good plays and have the offensive coordinator call the bad ones. >> a lot of complete sentences there. kelly didn't divulge much about the team, especially about quarterback colin kaepernick, who he did recently meet. kelly didn't get in to any details, one thing is for sure. he loves the bay area. >> it's probably the most fertile, creative ground around here when you look at the companies and silicon valley and the whole bay area itself. i'm excited to be apart of it. walked to work this morning and you smell the air around here, you get smarter. hopefully that will teach us to get a couple more ws. >> whatever works. elizabeth, this is for you. the bills hired kathryn smith, the first woman in history. warriors saw a comedy show at second city theater in chicago last night. tonight they had a laugher at the united
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center. kerr was on the bulls team that won 72 games. that's what the warriors are chasing right now. chicago fans treated to the andre iguodala show. reverse dunk. 63-44 lead. later barbosa throws a lob to iggy for the 24-point lead. warriors win 125-94. seth curry led the way with 25 points. 72 wins in the '95-96 season for the bulls. right now the warriors are 39-4. do the math. they're halfway with the season, only four losses. >> you said they're so good they're getting boring. >> they won by 34 points two days ago in chicago. 31 points tonight. #boring. that's the way the 49ers were in the 80s. but it worked. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our next newscast is tomorr 4-30. late show with stephen colbert is next. >> see you tomorrow morning.
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newscasts start at 4:30. have a have a good one.,,,,,,
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