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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 21, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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we have less than three weeks until the super bowl. >> 19 days. >> right. >> including today. >> including today. there you go. i'm michelle griego. good morning. >> we'll get that straight. but it's less than three weeks away. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. good to have you on board. it is 4:30. a little traffic and weather. before we get to weather, less say hi to sandra osborne. welcome aboard. >> thank you. just moved here from florida and apparently i brought some of the stormy weather to california since i have been here. we have had a lot of rain, roberta. >> out the door we have dry skies. temperature-wise as we're looking out the door mostly cloudy conditions. we are pretty much in the 40s and 50s. it is now 48 degrees in livermore. 47 degrees in santa rosa. later today, temperatures into the 50s and 60s with the cloud cover. rain will be developing. we are going to track that together so you will me to when you need that umbrella but first, let's send it over to sandra. >> all right. yeah, we are starting things
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off right now with one crash out there. this is near the santa cruz mountains. highway 17 northbound just past the summit. right now it's only blocking one lane. the right lane there heading northbound. however, our sensors are picking up some slowdowns right behind that. so just be a little mindful out the door this morning to check on that. elsewhere we are keeping an eye on the bridges this morning. i'll have a check on that coming up in just a bit. >> thank you. just in, oakland police are investigating a violent fatal crash on macarthur boulevard. it was split in half by the force of the impact. the car may have been speeding when the driver lost control and slammed into a tree. no one else was hurt in the crash. macarthur boulevard is closed at high street while police investigate. a search will resume at daybreak for a surfer missing at rodeo beach in the marin headlands last seen in the water on the beaches north and apparently unconscious. two other surfers were with him at the time around 5:30 last night. they had noticed he was face down in the water while still
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attached to a surfboard with a leash. they swam over to try to help him out and one of the surfers started doing cpr but then they lost him in a big wave. >> a large wave came in, hit them, and they separated. the three separated. the two regrouped and tried to find the downed surfer and they were unable to. >> a missing man is in his 40s. crews used boats, skis and helicopter to look for him. the search was suspended about 9:00 last night. water and aerial searches will resume again today around 6:00. two other surfers made it out and they are okay. bart is making big changes to keep you same after we exposed a big blind spot in its security system. but a state senator tells christin ayers, something doesn't add up. we've heard from the public they are upset we are using decoys. reporter: bart announcing being overhaul of its security system. the cameras on each bart train recently exposed as fakes have
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to go. >> we are going to get rid of them and we're buying new cameras for the current fleet. >> reporter: working cameras, no decoys. they will be added to every train car. but first she says bart has been under fire from outraged riders ever since a deadly shooting on board a train rolling into west oakland station january 9. police released these images of a suspect but have been mum about whether cameras on the train captured the shooting. why weren't you using cameras in all cars all along? >> when we got the funding for cameras on the train cars we used it and then as we got more funding we added more cameras to the system. >> reporter: she claims bart simply didn't have the money to outfit all the trains with cameras. >> if they had the money to give their top managers a 16% pay raise. they have raised our fares. they've raised our parking rates. >> reporter: state senator steve glazer an outspoken bart critic says this is all coming too little too late. >> they are claiming they are going to do it now with no
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timelines with no identification of where the resources are coming from, and i don't think it's being honest with those of us who use the bart system. >> he acknowledges bart doesn't have a budget for the project. staff is still crunching numbers trying to figure out how much it will cost and whether the money comes from grants or the operations budget. but she says overhauling the system is a priority. >> give us a wook to get the plan -- a week to get the plan today but we wanted to make the commitment that we have heard you and we are responding and we are going to get rid of those decoys. >> reporter: as far as the timeline that's still very much up in the air. bart says they first have to identify a resource for funding and after that they will have to buy those cameras and install them in each car. at west oakland bart, christin ayers, kpix 5. a santa rosa woman is under arrest accused of driving under the influence when she ran over two elderly women. it happened shortly after 1:00 yesterday afternoon at oakmont village market. 77-year-old gail gray told
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police she hit the gas instead of the brakes on her lexus. she said her dog was in her lap and she got distracted. she hit the two women on the sidewalk and kept going until she crashed into a fence. the victims are 85 and 91 years old. both are in the hospital and the 85-year-old has life- threatening injuries. ntsb investigators spent much of the night combing through debris from the greyhound bus that crashed in san jose on tuesday morning. the drive of the bus admitted feeling fatigued at the time. two passengers both women died. more than a dozen others were hurt. that mangled but has been towed to a yard -- bus has been towed to a yard in gilroy. >> we have recovered a cram from the bus and we'll be -- a camera from the bus and we'll look into whether it recorded any information. >> the victims are identified as 76-year-old maria velazquez of salinas and 51-year-old fely olivera of san francisco. investigators are looking into whether the passengers were wearing seatbelts at the time
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of the crash. emergency work has begun to repair erosion along morada road in half moon bay. crews are dumping roughly 100 tons of boulders in front of the bluff to help shore it up. monday's storm generated powerful waves that caused a 75- foot-long portion to fall on the beach. 4:36. a bit of a reprieve the last couple of days but i guess mother nature is coming back. >> we do have more rain in the forecast. and it will arrive late tonight. it will impact our morning commute on friday. certainly the evening commute, as well. kind of like two branches we'll be dealing with, with this particular system coming in. it's storm number 11. it won't affected your morning commute today. out the door a little chill in the air. in the foreground is the scene of levi's stadium, home of super bowl 50 played on sunday, february 7th, and you can see it right here on kpix 5. in concord right now 53 degrees. 47 degrees in santa rosa. 48 degrees in livermore.
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the winds will be a problem today. southeast 5 to 15 miles per hour, 50s, 60s beaches today. look at these mild temperatures into the mid-60s east of the bay 64 pittsburg, north of the golden gate bridge 50s, 60s. we'll track the incoming rain together but first let's send it over to sandra. >> roads are dry but we are keeping an eye on one crash out there in the santa cruz mountains this morning going northbound on highway 17 the right lane blocked on the northbound side. from time to time we are seeing slowdowns behind this but right now our sensors are picking up mostly green. we have fire crews heading to the scene right now so hopefully they will get that cleared up soon. right now our bay bridge is looking good. back to you guys. >> thank you. a dangerously close call in martinez. three union pacific tanker cars carrying sulfuric acid derailed under the i-680 overpass around 8:00 wednesday morning. contra costa county fire said it was a minor incident and
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there was no threat to the public. but neighbors say the scene is all too familiar. in 1993, a train carrying the exact same material toppled over in richmond poisoning thousands. >> this is not a minor derailment. this is a near miss. this could have shut down this entire bridge, you know, it could have devastated thousands of people in this region. >> hazmat crews say the containers are safe and there was no leak. as for what caused the train to derail, it's still under investigation. some san franciscans are persisting with their calls for the city's top cop to be fired. dozens of people packing the police commission meeting last night. they held signs reading fire chief suhr and justice for mario woods. officers shot and killed woods last month as he held a knife on a sidewalk in a bayview neighborhood. his mother says he had been trying to get his life together after getting out of prison. the five officers involved in the shoot were cleared to return to duty but working in
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roles that don't involve the public. only on kpix 5, andria borba sits down with san francisco's new sheriff vicki hennessy the first woman to hold the job. she talked with her about the changes she wants to make and what she believes is already going well. >> it felt like home in a number of ways. reporter: 12 days into her tenure as san francisco county sheriff vicki hennessy has plans for the dearth but won't get stressed out implementing them. >> keep calm carry on that kind of thing. it's good advice in law enforcement and not take things personally. and take a step back if you have time to in whatever you're doing and make sure you're doing it right. >> sheriff for the -- >> reporter: hennessy is no stranger to the department's top job. she served as interim sheriff once but came out of retirement to run for her first elected office at the urging of deputies. >> most of them who know me knew me always as the boss
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anyway. >> reporter: after a year that found some deputies in hot water for allegedly pit fighting at the jail hennessy said a change in culture and discipline in the ranks should be expected. >> telling the truth to me is very, very important and if the deputies are involved in something they don't tell the truth that's going to be a problem for them. >> reporter: when asked what she could learn from former sheriff ross mirkarimi's mistakes, she said this. >> some mistakes that have to do with holding yourself accountable i have always done. >> reporter: the mirkarimi memo barring deputies from calling i.c.e., she is looking at the policy and there will be changes. >> i still not have decide what that would be. and my changes have to do with limited notification. very limited. so -- and i'm not sure how that's going to work out yet. >> reporter: the board of
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supervisors though not to build a new jail -- vote not to build a new jail happened when she wasn't in office. she understands the decision. >> i really think we do need a behavioral health center so i'm all in favor of that and i do think we need a replacement jail much smaller than what we have now with the right kind of beds and 21st century design for the people that we will still have in our custody. >> reporter: among the things she doesn't want to change, the five keys charter school and she says the program to get high school diplomas to inmates is one of the best she has ever seen. >> i think actively, working with people both in and out of jail to get their high school diplomas is the first stepping stone. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. time now 4:41. super bowl fans listen up. san jose says if you have a cell phone, they are watching you. how the city plans to track everyone next. ,,
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as it gets closer, the wholy area is starting to kick in hi look at this. we're just 17 days away from super bowl 50 on kpix 5. as it gets closer the entire bay area is starting to kick into high gear. san francisco is taking extreme measures to get ready. they are officially suspending all construction permits for the time being to ease congestion on streets and sidewalks. and a live look out at levi's stadium in santa clara where, of course, the big game will happen hundreds of thousands of people will head there for the game. betty yu discovered one city is keeping tabs on visitors. reporter: it's the kind of high-tech study you might expect from sillicon valley. san jose is tracking hundreds of thousands of cell phones during super bowl 50 week with the help of a startup. >> their technology tracks cell phone usage, cell phones tend to ping about 150 times a day
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from the phones, their gps location to a nearby tower. >> reporter: ben is with team san jose. the city's convention and visitors bureau. he says the data will give them a clear picture of where fans stayed or visited for the week in the bay area. >> really want to see what destinations they are liking and what areas we can help to focus on for future marketing efforts. >> reporter: team san jose has already been tracking phones for the past year. it the company has access to verizon and t-mobile carriers. and the technology can pinpoint locations within about 100 yards. the data does not reveal the user's identity. >> i don't see, like, the harm in it, um, i can see the potential harm but i mean i think this is -- in this case in this scenario the way they are using the data just so that they know, you know, how much to staff what they should do, what places should be open and closed. >> reporter: it makes business sense to the manager of the san pedro square market bar. >> always is going to find that kind of invasion of privacy a little bit no matter how much they say they are not going to
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look at stuff. but, um, with an event of this size, you know, i know for me running this bar, it's unpredictable. we don't know where people are going to be. >> reporter: and chris says it is really hard to say just how busy or crowded san jose will get for the super bowl so he thinks the data will be useful in helping him plan for future big events. that report from the company air sage is expected to be out by early april. in santa clara, betty yu, kpix 5. more indication are popping up that the big game is right around the corner. crews began putting up fences in san francisco's justin herman plaza and that was yesterday. markers line the bocce courts there which will be covered to create a temporary football field. that area will be home to the cbs broadcast center part of super bowl city. people we talked to said the closures are just a small price to pay to host one of the world's biggest sporting events. >> there's a big event that's very important to america, very
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important to san francisco. therefore, it's a wonderful event. going to attract a lot of business and excitement and activity in san francisco. so make it happen. >> super bowl city's setup will ramp up even more tomorrow. street closures in the area start on saturday. in the runup to the super bowl, the city wants all food truck operators to have permits to prevent outbreaks of food- borne illnesses. and tonight, the public health department will hold a town hall meeting on the permitting process. it starts at 6:00 in room 300 at department headquarters at 101 grove street. officials say they will shut down mobile food vendors who do not have permits. we have to hope for good weather on february 7th. you said it looks okay. >> right now variable cloudiness which means pretty much mostly cloudy a few sunny breaks temperatures 60 to 62. so that's not bad. but we're also looking at the big fireworks display and the lighting of the bay bridge on
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january 30th. right now a good chance of rain on that particular day. so -- >> not good. >> it will still be a celebration. it will be a party. today we're look at another storm moving this way. good morning, everybody. this is our hi-def doppler radar. if you look carefully a little bit of clutter. you know when you see that speck over there? that's the windmills at the altamont pass being detected by the radar that's so fine-tune. this is our satellite and radar and what we're looking at is a frontal boundary. this right here is the next system that's going to bring us some rain showers right here in the bay area and hopefully put a dent in the drought. this is the scene looking out towards mineta international airport where currently we have high overcast and 51 degrees in san jose. the winds up to 10 miles per hour. winds are going to be breezy today out of the southeast 10 to 20 miles per hour. we do have areas of clouds and fog stepping out. we have dry and mild conditions today. and storm 11 arrives late night tonight, will interfere with your friday and saturday outdoor plans. this is it.
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futurecast walking you through your day. you can still plan on packing a lunch and enjoying the day outside under mostly cloudy conditions. it will turn breezy with the approaching front. again those southeast winds increasing 15, 20. here's the leading band of the precipitation moving in late thursday night which is tonight. here's your friday morning commute. this time tomorrow it will be slippery. we'll have hit-and-miss scattered showers today. wraparound moisture on saturday. drying out sunday. a half inch in the eastern portion of the bay area two inches of rain western, northern spots, i should say, but still that with the breeze will make an impact. 73 degrees in los angeles today. we are going to keep a watchful eye in travel because of the storm on the east coast. 50s, 60s here's the extended forecast with the rain tomorrow at this time and saturday. make it a great thursday. sandra. >> all right, thanks, roberta. now right now we are keeping an eye on a couple of crashes right now around the bay area.
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the first we are going to get to right now is on 205. this is at mountain house parkway. the left lane is blocked so we start -- we are starting to see a few slowdowns out there. but once you get past this area, if you are heading out of tracy heading westbound you're going to see things clearing up as we get past this accident. the altamont pass all the way to 680 at 15 minutes. so things are looking good. another crash we're keeping an eye on in the santa cruz mountains this is northbound highway 17 past the summit right lane blocked currently no major slowdowns there but this is something to be meindl of because fire crews are heading out to the scene so this is something we are going to see them working on here in just a bit as we are starting to clear this away so we may see a few slowdowns coming up. another area we are keeping an eye on right now some construction 680 both north- and southbound. however, it's clearing out in 15 minutes so we'll see things green on the sensors now. here's a look at the bay
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bridge. things are moving smoothly. the carquinez bridge to the maze westbound about 18 minutes which is perfect. back to you guys. >> thank you. scientists say they have evidence there's a ninth planet in our solar system. it's the same group that demoted pluto several years ago. the scientists from cal tech say they noticed something odd deep in outer space two years ago. well, they started looking into it. the conclusion, there's a giant planet beyond neptune that's about 10 times the size of earth. >> these orbits are showing us sort of a gravitational one way sign towards the existence of an additional body. >> the scientists now say they want visual proof they are hoping someone with a really powerful telescope can see planet 9. time is 4:51. a school security guard is caught on camera tackling a bay area student. next we ask police for an explanation. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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home and two dogs-- all bec of a hoverboard. good morning. 50s and 60s at the beaches today under mostly cloudy skies. good morning, los altos. your forecast high 64. bested by campbell at 66. that's mild. east of the bay mostly cloudy into the 60s today. north of the golden gate bridge 50s and 60s. turning pretty blustery with the winds southeast five to 20 miles per hour in stinson beach. meanwhile, far reaches of the north bay 64 degrees in windsor. sandra? >> and traffic-wise this morning we are keeping an eye on a crash that's on westbound 205 at mountain house parkway a left lane blocked. we are seeing some slowdowns right around that area as people scoot around the crash. once you get past that area on the 205 things are looking clear this morning. it is 4:54.
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a north bay family lost their home and two dogs because of a hoverboard inside. santa rosa firefighters say hoverboards like these caught on fire as it charged tuesday night. it nearly destroyed the entire home. the family wasn't inside but their dogs were trapped. firefighters couldn't save them. amazon will give refunds now to anyone who wants to return a hoverboard. the online retailer's move comes amid concerns that the two-wheeled boards can be fire hazards. the consumer product safety commission is now investigating more than three dozen instances of hoverboards either smoking or bursting into flames. but amazon says even while providing refunds it will continue to offer the devices for sale. a debate is going on in fremont over whether a security guard went too far when he tackled a student. it happened at fremont high school on january 8 as the 16- year-old boy tried to leave an office, the guard pushed him to the ground. then he was handcuffed. a medical report shows he was
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under the influence of cocaine at the time. his mother says he didn't pose a threat and administrators could have defused the situation. >> very, very hard with my son. >> i don't think that force is necessary. they are a grown man and he just a kid. he don't got as much force as they do. >> the boy had multiple bruises. because the boy was high he was not allowed to leave the building. an investigation continues. concord police officer risked his reputation all for a taco meal. a viewer sent us photos of a patrol car that was park illegally in todos santos plaza right in front of a fire hydrant in a red zone. it might have been okay in an emergency but it seems the officer wanted food. concord police tell us the images are alarming and they are looking into the incident. many in the bay know how tough it is to find parking and now a glendale assemblyman has
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a plan to ease the whole operation. under his parking bill of rights, valets could not block metered spaces. parking rates would be linked to demand. and unlawful towing would be a thing of the past. it is 4:57. donald trump stumps with sarah palin. and ted cruz sets up his attack on the gop front-runner. we'll head out on to the campaign trail when we come back. >> the search resumes this morning for a missing surfer off the marin county coast. coming up we'll tell you about the conditions of making this dangerous. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i'm frank mallicoat good morning. it's january, 21, thursday. looks lakes san jose down there
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a live shot. >> levi's stadium. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. in just about an hour, a search will restart for a missing surfer in marin county. he was last seen on the north end at rodeo beach in the marin headlands last seen in the water on the beaches north and apparently unconscious. two other surfers were with him at the time around 5:30 last night. anne makovec reports. reporter: there's a lot of concern about this guy this morning. the search for the missing surfer will resume at daylight. rescuers had to give up last night after searching for about two hours. it was just too dark and dangerous to continue. the missing surfer was first sported by two other surfers in the water at about 5:00 last night. he was unconscious and so they tried to give him cpr in the water but it was too rough. >> a large wave came in, hit them, and they separated. the three separated. the two regrouped and tried to find the downe


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