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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  January 21, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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bowl comes to town. here's what san francisco mayor ed lee said last summer. >> you're going to have to leave and we'll give you an alternative and we're always going to be sportif. but you're going to have to leave the streets. >> reporter: tonight we're getting a look at where they're going and wait until you see what it looks like. kpix 5's emily turner is in justin herman plaza which will be turned into the big super bowl city as we hit 6:00, emily. [ bells toll ] >> reporter: you can hear the ferry building chiming behind me. you know what? as super bowl city is being built up behind me as you heard the mayor say, the homeless folks staying here have to get out. but the human services department of the city says no. right now we just want to get these guys out of the rain. it certainly doesn't look like the most welcoming place. but the city is hoping 150 homeless will be willing to call this home. at least temporarily when it
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opens next week. >> by having this tent inside the facility it will be open throughout the season we can get more folks to take us up on our offer to get out of the rain. >> reporter: the former home of america's cup team usa will now house a semi permanent shelter a 10,000-square-foot tent tucked away inside the hangar hidden in an industrial part of the city and out of sight of tourists here for the super bowl. the timing though of the director of human services says is purely coincidence dental. timing is interesting considering the super bowl. >> well, i think folks would say what's the timing of el nino and el nino happened during the winter and the super bowl happens to happen during the winter. >> reporter: the city is waiting on the fire department and building inspector permits before it can open. it's hoping that will happen by the end of next week but the shelter isn't a heavily populated part of the city with even fewer homeless. do you think anyone will go to the shelter? >> it's too far out. i don't think so. not from here. these people from here will not go there. >> reporter: human services says the location is circumstantial and not an
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effort to cover up the city's unsavory homeless problem. this is one of the biggest places to house it. it has hygiene kits, beds and other supplies. whether the homeless come to fill it has yet to be sign. >> i'm not going to go. >> reporter: what are you going to do when the super bowl comes? >> when the super bowl comes, i'm going to go either a little bit further up this way or i'm going to go a little bit further downtown. >> reporter: homeless services stays will have to rely on its community partners, outreach efforts as well as the police to get folks into the shelter and make sure that they know that it is open or that it will be open. they also say it will stay open through the rainy season. at this point, it may even stay open beyond that. reporting live downtown emily turner, kpix 5. >> the department of human services says they have to keep the barbed wire up around the shelter because the port requires a higher level of security. more progress today in the
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transformation of san francisco's waterfront into super bowl city. the crews are putting up the tents and fencing at justin herman plaza. and the 50 logo is going up on some of the high-rise buildings around town. south bay also gearing up to host the super bowl. right next to levi's stadium, a huge metal framed building skeleton is going up. and in downtown san jose, the marriott has undergone a $10.5 million renovation. the hotel will be home base for the nfc champs. the exterior of the building will be wrapped in the team's colors and logo and players will be staying in rooms redone with high-speed internet and modern colors and textures. >> designers call it kind of contemporary chic if you will so really it was more than a renovation it was a transformation. >> and over at s.a.p. center today, crews were busy trimming the palm trees and wrapping them in lights. they are getting ready for super bowl opening night on february 1st. that's the first time the teams
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will meet the media and their fans. turns out bart isn't the only one using fake cameras to deter crooks. the transit agency took heat for decoy cameras after a fatal shooting. new at 6:00 our len ramirez says there's an entire industry devoted to making the cameras and businesses willing to buy them. len. >> reporter: that's right, elizabeth. in the fight against crime, it turns out deception may be a bigger factor than anyone previously thought. bart's revelation that many of its security cameras are fakes meant only to deter not record crime came as a shock to customers but it's hardly the only business that's using dummies or nonfunctional cameras to try to fool the bad guys. >> they want to save money. >> reporter: chuck wall is the ceo of creative security and a former san jose police sergeant. >> it's safe to say that the number of businesses and clients that we come across that have cameras that are not
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operating or have phony cameras is probably 15, 20% of what's out in the industry today. >> reporter: the fake security camera industry is booming. a search on amazon turned up 60 pages of decoy cameras of all shapes and sizes and many are sold along with window stickers like these that say 24-hour security camera recording. wall says he gets about two requests per month from clients asking for fake cameras. >> and what do you tell them? >> that i don't recommend it. i don't install cameras that don't operate. it's a liability. >> reporter: there is often no way to tell the difference between a working and fake camera and that's the deterrent factor. but customer in a shopping center that may or may not have real working cameras say it seems wrong. >> you see them up there and you have a false sense of security by seeing up there and they're not working. that's kind of shocking.
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>> reporter: the other big issue is maintenance. many businesses have camera systems that were once working but either broke down or no longer send out a signal and so they leave them up there hoping that they will deter crime. of course, when a crime does happen, there are questions that are being answered or questions that are being asked often leading to very uncomfortable questions to answer. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. in vallejo, two suspects have been arrested for a string of toll plaza robberies. investigators say the suspects one of them a teenager took part in at least four armed robberies at the benicia, carquinez and bay bridges. the holdups were november and last month. police also recovered a cache of firearms including two assault rifles and three handguns. suspects are also accused of other nonhighway robberies. at least one of which took place in daly city. some people in san jose are accusing a group of buddhist monks of being bad neighbors.
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now they are fighting some plans for a new buddhist temple on klein road in the city's evergreen area. kpix 5's devin fehely tells us that neither side of this land dispute is finding any inner peace. devin. >> reporter: both sides say neither has been particularly good neighbors. now, the people that are opposed to this temple say that the celebrations held here are too big, too, loud and too noisy for this neighborhood. >> we're next to the city but it's very quiet. very serene. >> reporter: leonard val verde says it was a new neighbor a buddhist monk and his congregation that shattered the serenity of this neighborhood nestled in san jose's east foothills. >> i thought okay a buddhist temple should be peaceful and quiet i might even go down there myself but unfortunately, just the behavior of -- of the people that are are -- are spearheading that project, is not what i would think -- i don't think they are a good representative of the buddhist faith. >> reporter: neighbors have
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documented the problems for years. they say the congregation has hosted large noisy celebrations that stretch late into the night. and brought hundreds of people buses and cars on to the 1.5- acre property. >> it was about the land use and the disturbances to the neighborhood and the environment and the inappropriate size of this congregation and temple for something that's designated low intensity. >> reporter: we spoke with a member of the congregation and says they simply want to practice their religion and culture traditions in peace. a spokesman for santa clara county says the temple never had the proper permits and the county had to go to court to force them to stop holding services and to tear down the makeshift buildings they had illegally built on the site. neighbors hope the board of supervisors will now end the plans to build a permanent tempel 1 they say has no place in their neighborhood. >> if the temple is built here the whole neighborhood i don't know how they gonna live. >> reporter: now, a spokesman
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for the county says the temple and its congregation will eventually face a fine for being out of compliance for several years. they have not calculated that total amount but the real showdown is set for next tuesday in front of the board of supervisors, who will have the final say about whether or not the plans to build a temple here can go forward. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. follow through, that was the message from governor jerry brown today in his state of the state address. the governor says california needs to focus on long term commitments. he says transportation needs to be a top priority. maintenance on our roads, highways and bridges. but that it can't be done without new fees or taxes. the governor also wants to repair aging infrastructure everything from state office buildings to hospitals and levees. >> this year's budget i'm proposing that we use $2 billion of our temporary surplus on one-time investments
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to repair and replace aging structures. neglecting what we have built over many years and letting it if your deteriorate makes no sense and will just pile up costs in the long run. >> the governor also praised california for its drought plan and its efforts as a climate change leader. this was his 14th state of the state address. take a live look outside right now. this is a gorgeous shot of the bay bridge here in san francisco. the next storm is moving in, in the bay area tonight and tomorrow is going to be a wet commute. it's going to be wet tomorrow morning and afternoon. this is kpix 5 hi-def doppler radar. rain building to the north and west gets here after midnight tonight. in addition to the rainfall, we are talking about rough surf. not as high as last week where we saw 16 to 20-foot waves but 12 to 16 feet are significant. we'll see that tomorrow. the winds racing out of the south and west ahead of the front that arrives tomorrow. they will be sustained in our higher elevations up to 30 miles per hour with a few 40, 45 or 50-mile-per-hour gusts.
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we may hear about some downed trees in our higher elevations in the north bay and east bay coming up tomorrow. so we'll be wet. we'll be windy. we'll talk about how long and how much rain. that's coming up in about 8 minutes. a bay area school district admits this video doesn't look good. we first broke the story a security officer caught tackling a student. tonight the response to parents who say this went too far. >> plus, a small community shaken by the loss of an experienced surfer. the tragic turn of events as his friends try to save him. >> he came out of an avalanche unscathed. why a snowboarder could now face criminal charges for this video. ,,
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tackling a student. these pictures have prompted a fuf question you saw it here first. surveillance video captures a security guard at an east bay
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school tackling a student. these pictures have prompted a fury of questions from parents. kpix 55's da lin is live in oakland where the district's police chief answered many of those questions today. da. >> reporter: liz, the chief answer did not satisfy some parents, students and teachers here. they want the district to fire the security guard and the vice principal seen in the confrontation. the school district police chief admits says this video looks bad. >> i have a 14-year-old daughter. my 14-year-old daughter came in contact with an sfo and was in the same position i wouldn't like it either. >> reporter: a school security officer attacking a student in oakland. the two said they had to stop the student from leaving because he refused to stay. >> they had asked the student to go into a particular office. he failed to comply. alls the student had to do was comply. >> reporter: the student's mother gave me the medical report which showed at the time he was high on cocaine. that's why the staff had to keep him in the office but the
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mother says the security officer used way too much force. she says 16-year-old roberto canales had bruises on his face, shoulders, arms and hands. >> very, very hard with my son. i see the video he pushing and he fight with him. >> reporter: a student in the video told me on the phone the guard punched him and choked him once they were out of the view behind that wall. the district police chief disputes the claim. >> there's some shoving and some pushing and it becomes an altercation. you can see that on the video. there's no doubt. punching-wise, i didn't see any punching. >> reporter: the chief is investigating if the force is justified. in the meantime, the guard remains on the job. and that's upsetting some students and teachers. >> principal and security guard resign. make them leave because that's not appropriate in a school grounds. >> even if they are high on cocaine or any type of drugs, it's not okay to touch a student because we come to learn and be in a safe place
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and that's not really a safe place. >> reporter: this is the second time a similar incident was caught on camera in that same office. two years ago, two guards were seen tackling, punching and choking a student. they resigned. but the police chief says this incident and that incident very different. live in oakland, da lin, kpix 5. in san francisco, officials met to discuss police use of force policies. it was the first of several public hearings on reform proposals. the san francisco supervisors got an earful from protestors. many held flyers with the face of mario woods who was shot and killed by police last month. one official said that simply using tasers instead of guns is not enough. >> tasers still kill people. and i'm not interested in arming law enforcement with another tool that can potentially harm a person even though it is considered a nonlethal weapon. i'm looking for it to ensure
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that officers have crisis intervention training. i want to make sure officers know how to deal with folks that are having mental breaks. >> the next public hearing is set for next tuesday at the bayview ymca. a snowboarder at sugar bowl managed to survive an avalanche. but more trouble is coming his way. [ yelling, cursing ] check out his wild ride. that's gopro video of him coming down the mountain caught in the avalanche. the problem is, that area was off limits. the prosecutors say christian mares trespassed on an active avalanche zone and faces criminal charges. sugar bowl says he endanger everyone on the mountain. meanwhile marin county officials called off their search for a man who probably died in the rough waves near rodeo beach. kpix 5's anne makovec spoke to one of his friends who says that he was an avid surfer with
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decades of experience. >> reporter: it's a popular surfing spot off the marin county coast where 40-year-old dan dafoe came several times a week. >> he has been surfing out here for 30-plus years. >> reporter: dan was last seen alive last evening when he went surfing off rodeo beach with two friends. once he was out in the open water, he somehow fell unconscious and stopped breathing. his friends tried to do cpr in fact water but a wave crashed over them and dan was washed away in the water. the coast guard and fire department tried to find him for two hours. >> a lot of people know he is a great surfer. he was in a band. and he was the hardest working person in the world. >> reporter: the water temperature here is about 54 degrees. rescuers say there's no way dan survived the night. there are still a lot of questions this evening. why exactly did dan stop
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breathing in the ocean initially? was it a medical condition or an accident? we may never know. in the marin headlands, anne makovec, kpix 5. regulars in the blue and gold ferry between tiburon and san franciscan expect a less scenic trip across the bay starting next month. service will be suspended for two weeks while tiburon's floating dock gets much-needed maintenance. a bus bridge will be in place during morning and evening commutes starting february 16. bus rides will be $5 each way. they won't have to endure the wind and rain. >> choppy water not on the bus. >> we are going to see wind and rain coming up tomorrow. heading to the beach, maybe not the best idea. that's rough surf. with each storm comes the surge of water toward our coastline. we have seen some significant beach erosion. we'll add to that coming up tomorrow. there is hi-def doppler. there's the rainfall. building to our north and west still about 6 hours away.
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lake county, north sonoma county likely getting your first rainfall before midnight tonight. how are we doing for the month? this is not a percentage, just straight numbers. that's more than the previous five januarys combined. we have seen 6 inches of rain in san francisco. santa rosa almost 10" of rain so far this month. you get more tomorrow. today ahead of the storm pretty warm. fremont 66 for you. oakland 65. san jose two degrees shy of 70. and even the cool spot san rafael you hit 60 degrees. so we're watching the storm track. love these graphics now where i can show you the strongest upper-level winds steering the storms into northern california. but they are all veering to the north. they are not diving toward los angeles. talk to friends down there, they have not received much of any rainfall for the entire month of january. call your buddy in seattle. yeah, they are getting rainfall that they were not expecting because typically el nino soaks all of california. each one is different. this time the storms are to the
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north and it's already raining in the pacific northwest and we have to wait until midnight to get it. it will rain on and off tomorrow and saturday on and off. add them together it's not going to be heavy but 36 hours of rainfall will add up. temperatures tomorrow with the rain there we did. vallejo 58. fremont 62. redwood city 63. san francisco 60 degrees. we'll be wet for the next two days. the rain will likely taper off by saturday afternoon. then going dry? what's that? haven't seen that since thanksgiving. five straight dry days. sunday through next thursday, dry. and pretty mild. by the end of next week we may be flirting with 70 degrees for a high. doesn't mean el nino is finished. doesn't mean the rain is done but even in a really wet winter, we get dry breaks and
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we are certainly staring at that. >> getting a little soggy out there so it's a good thing. >> give it a break. >> i think we've earned one. >> thanks, paul. some bay area kids get the chance to go on a mini safari in their own backyard. why they spent a schoolday counting every, single animal at the zoo. >> and how beloved disney characters are helping kids learn about sex. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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angeles zoo this morning. a worker lost his a bit of a close call at the los angeles zoo this morning. a worker lost his footing and fell into the gorilla enclosure. he was trapped 20 feet down. the man had a broken leg in the fall. but crews rescued him. meanwhile, here in san francisco, the zoo is doubling as a classroom. now to the end of the month kids will participate in a zoo count. kpix 5's john ramos explains. >> reporter: on a quiet schoolday at the san francisco
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zoo the animals seem to outnumber the kids. or do they? well, there's only one way to find out. >> this is 100-acre classroom. let's make math fun of the help us count our animals. >> reporter: visitors can take part in fact zoo count. get a tally card at the front gate, count the animals in a designated exhibit. >> one, two, three, four, five giraffes. >> reporter: drop it off when you leave and correct answers can win prizes. today's exhibit was the african savannah and 12-year-old quattro villareal and his sister did tear best. >> i thought it was going to be pretty easy. but it was a challenge. >> reporter: the animals are constantly moving around and some of them are hard to spot. the meerkats and prairie dogs breed underground so their numbers are often a mystery. zoo staff does its own animal census this time of year so the
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visitors are helping out with a mini safari. >> you really notice the animals this way and took more care to look at them. >> reporter: who decided to coerce kids to come to the zoo by doing math? >> matt is fun. you know, this is -- we want to make science very interesting. and this is a great way to do it. >> reporter: the zoo count will continue every day rain or shine through january 31. at the san francisco zoo, john ramos, kpix 5. >> great idea. during the zoo count students got to explore the newly opened south american tropical rain forest exhibit. coming up in our next half- hour a bay area home riddled with bullets night after night. the neighbors' unique strategy to make the gunfire stop. >> how a driver skipping out on their toll turns the bay bridge commute into a demolition derby. >> and a real estate ruse. wait until you hear how a woman is accused of using a child to steal from an open house. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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fwith just your age, income,lp payingzip code,th insurance and the number of people in your household. information you probably know off the top of your head. enroll by january 31st to avoid the irs tax penalty. behi s barbed wire fence -- a new homeless shelter in s francisco. it's a ten- thousand s away inside the checking our top stories tonight, behind this barbed wire fence a new homeless
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shelter in san francisco is a 10,000-square-foot tent inside the hangar at pier 80. city officials say it was set up for el nino and timing related to super bowl 50 is a coincidence. i'm devin fehely in san jose's evergreen neighborhood where a land use battle is pitting neighbor against neighbor on one side of buddhist monk and his congregation who want to build a temple in the neighborhood. neighbors say the group's loud late night celebrations have no place in this quiet neighborhood. the two sides are set for a showdown at next tuesday's board of supervisors meeting. and some people in the east bay are fed up with constant shootings that have terrorized their neighborhoods for weeks. turns out, people are targeting one particular home in el sobrante. kpix 5's joe vazquez on how neighbors are trying to put an end to the shooting gallery. >> we got two up high one on the frame up there. >> reporter: the house on hilltop drive is practically swiss cheese. it's riddled with more than two
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dozen bullet holes. >> since christmas, we have had five shootings out here. >> reporter: after a series of drive-by shootings over the last few weeks. >> the first i thought somebody was banging on my house somebody shooting over here. it's unreal. >> reporter: then it escalated. the car parked in front that was already full of bullets became a beautiful fire. >> the whole car was completely engulfed in flames. it is like something you would see on a movie. >> reporter: the attacks have gotten so frightening neighbors put up a homemade sign stop shooting! nobody is here. >> so what exactly is going on here? >> reporter: who is terrorizing this house? >> i believe that it was a targeted event. >> reporter: lieutenant sean yates of the contra costa sheriff's department says so far nobody has gotten hurt. he believes this is a beef, a feud between one group of men and the guy who used to live here. >> obviously they don't like the guy. a beef would be it could be anything a drug deal over a girl, it could be, you know, a
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misunderstanding. you don't find the concrete reason. bad people do bad things and that's what i think we're dealing with right now. >> the first shooting, i believe that one of the residents at the home it fired back. >> reporter: soon after that gunfight neighbors say the folks renting the home disappeared, moved out. they hope whoever is attacking the home will take notice and move on. >> we want there to stop! who ever is doing it the people are gone. so please, we're asking you, there's small children in this neighborhood. we're scared! we didn't do anything to you. so please stop. >> reporter: in el sobrante, joe vazquez, kpix 5. in fairfax, officials there are considering renaming a road that has a haunting connection to what's happened there. the parks commission will discuss whether to change the name of gunshot fire road. ideas for a potential new name were submitted by the public. the meeting comes months after an elderly man was shot to death while walking his dog nearby. the three suspects have been
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charged in connection with that murder. other bay area headlines tonight a suspected toll cheater led police on a chase across the bay bridge. the driver took off weaving in and out of traffic during the morning commute. he sideswiped two cars and then slammed into a semi before officers arrested him near the fremont street exit. nobody was injured. police say a fairfield man died in this wreck late last night in oakland. officers say the 21-year-old was speeding when he smashed his car into a tree along macarthur boulevard. the impact split the car in half. it's unclear if or alcohol were a factor. 209-year-old passenger was injured and is in stable condition. in orinda crews are working to open a road after a 120-foot live oak collapsed this morning about 10 a.m. it shut down miner road. nobody was hurt. ann arborist we spoke to says the tree likely came down because of the recent rains.
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new video tonight out of san francisco shows a man pacing around a pickup truck and stealing tools december 30th on van ness avenue near ellis street. watch's pulls out what's a master key and unlocks the storage box on the side of a truck. once opened he pulls out a couple of toolkits and other items worth nearly $1,000 and walks away. home security cameras caught this woman looking for valuables during an open house in san jose. where was the real estate agent? well, the woman convinced the realtor to watch her child sleeping in a parked car. the scheme didn't pay off. the homeowners had locked up their expensive stuff. super bowl 50 bringing in a new campaign to stop human trafficking. a group rallied today in san francisco to launch their new billboard campaign. not just sex trafficking. the group is targeting forced labor. their ads show a pare of
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cleaning gloves that say, could these be shackles? >> we have construction crews to build our cities [ indiscernible ] as well as our own teams born here who are being sold on the internet for sex. >> large sporting events like super bowl shows a spike in human trafficking and demand for sexual services. a storm is walloping the east coast. forecasters warn of record- breaking snowfall. the washington, dc metro area is expected to be hit the hardest getting up to 2 feet of snow. the mayor says the city prepared with nearly 40,000 tons of salt, 800 sanitation workers and about 500 plows. >> i have lived in dc most of my life an i don't know that i have lived through a forecast like this. it's an extremely large storm. it will last for 36 hours. >> the effects of the storm are being felt nationwide with hundreds of flights being canceled.
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all major airlines have issued waivers for travel over the weekend allowing passengers to rebook on earlier or later flights to avoid the storms. and coming up, beauty and the birth control. storm disney princesses being used to teach children about sex. >> and will smith speaks out about the lack of diversity at the oscars. how he feels about his wife's call for a boycott. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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attending the academy awards this year. the a-lister is joining hise and others in boycotting the don't bank on wil spit attending the academy awards this year. will smith is joining his wife and overs in boycotting the oscars. actors and actresses have long complained about the lack of diversity in nominees and winners sparking a hashtag oscars so white. many are outraged that films like smith's "concussion" and
6:39 pm
"straight outta compton" didn't get if i nods. no one is immune from sexually-transmitted diseases not even a disney princess. one sex educator is using a parody to promote women's health. kristine lazar shows us the campaign that has mothers talking. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: we're used to seeing disney princesses in ball gowns on the big screen. but in a hospital gown at their gynecologist's office? >> it catches your attention. >> reporter: some call it amusing. others inappropriate. but the mind behind the illustrations doesn't really care what you think. as long as you're thinking about women's health. >> whether or not you agree with me or don't agree with me or think it was appropriate or inappropriate you're still talking about it. >> reporter: new york-based writer and sex ed speaker talked to us today by skpe about her portrayal of disney princesses to spotlight cancer, a campaign she says is often ignored. >> most important message is that it's not something that needs to be hidden.
6:40 pm
it's not something that women need to be embarrassed about or ashamed of. >> reporter: in her tumblr post the illustrations by her collaborator show aladdin and jasmine talking about [ indiscernible ] and another getting an hpv vaccine. the images had moms talking on the playground. >> i think it's amazing! i think it's great! any opportunity to do that. >> reporter: this mom thinks this isn't the right approach to promoting women's health. >> princesses are for logo. this type of advertising probably does not cater to the appropriate person who should be taking care of the health. >> reporter: according to the cdc, roughly 12,000 women are diagnosed every year with cervical cancer and about a third of those women will die. doctors say that's because the majority of cases aren't caught early. tech medicine of ucc oncologist [ non-english language ] says
6:41 pm
that's why awareness and prevention is key. >> most cervical cancer are hpv related so if caught earlier and treated appropriately then i believe majority of the cancer could be prevented. >> so far the illustrations have now been shared across the world. kristine lazar, kpix 5. pregnant women warned not to travel to certain tropical countries because of a dangerous disease but tonight, there may be a case of the zika virus here. that story coming up on nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. another big act added to the list of concerts coming to super bowl city. >> plus high-tech goes high fashion. apple debuts a new luxury look for its watch. >> flakes will be flying in the sierra adding to the already above average snowpack. a winter storm warning is in effect beginning tomorrow up to 20 inches of new snowfall by saturday. live look outside. oakland looking towards san francisco. we are cloudy but dry right now. rain is on the way of when it gets here, when it leaves, and how much to expect. coming up.
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>> coming up in sports, the all- star votes are in and steph curry is in the starting five but what about draymond green? >> you have to be a total moron to not know that draymond green could be starring in the all- star game. >> and derek carr just got a ticket to hawaii and what ticks off tom brady. it's all coming up in a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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sheryl sandberg says users should "like" the pages of terror groups and infiltrate them with positive messages. facebook's facebook's ceo sheryl sandberg said users should like the pages of terror groups an infiltrate them with positive message. terrorist activity on social media is a problem that's being recognized by tech companies. just two weeks ago tech ceos and white house officials met in sillicon valley for a tech
6:46 pm
terror summit. from the assembly line to the runway, high-tech meets high fashion. check this out. apple introduced its newest apple watch. it features a double wrap leather band and equestrian buckle. this one runs a whopping $1,500. >> hello >> the line-up for super bowl 50 concerts just keeps getting hotter. california natives the red-hot chili peppers is going to perform at pier 70. they will take the stage the day before the big game. other performers there already include pharrell williams and the dave matthews band. >> great week for music. >> they might get wet on super bowl week. >> a mild day.
6:47 pm
katie in hayward reports in 67 degrees. lindsey pacifica 68 degrees. dana in novato 59. peggi rodgers in petaluma 60 for a high. let's check the radar. we have rain building to the west. the latest 20 minutes of radar sweeps showed things sitting only about 150 miles offshore. it likely will be raining before midnight tonight in the north bay. there is a wind advisory in effect in addition to the rainfall tomorrow it will be windy not in the lowlands where most of us live. you have to go higher in elevation to get the strongest wind gusts. you could see downed trees in the north and east bay mountains tomorrow. we'll update you. san jose of 5 degrees right now. warm in the south bay. livermore 57, cloudy skies in san francisco. 59 degrees. we'll be wet and mild. napa tonight 52. very active storm track once again. it has been active. this is storm number 11.
6:48 pm
it's about one every two days. the storms are hitting california and lifting to the north so right now it's already raining in far northern california and oregon and raining in the pacific northwest. but typically with this type of setup where we're stretching the front out north to south, the front is slow to arrive but it is also slow to leave. so storm number 11 will be only light to moderate rainfall but it's going to last a day and a half and will add up to an inch for most of us. so thursday this evening we are look at rain in the north bay. overnight tonight light to moderate rainfall also for the morning commute tomorrow. it will be wet which will slow things down even if it's not raining much but right rain for the morning and evening commutes. if you are commuting saturday morning, light rain for the weekend commute, as well. it will continue to rain until midafternoon saturday. so a prolong period of light to moderate rainfall will yield an inch in the south and east bay, inch or more in the peninsula, north bay up to 2.5" of much- needed rainfall. another dent in the drought the
6:49 pm
11th one this month. cloudy tonight, rain arrives late, rain tomorrow with gusty winds. showers on saturday. dry sunday. san jose tomorrow despite the rain 63. redwood city 63. hayward 60. pittsburg 61 tomorrow. danville 68. 60 degrees in san francisco. mill valley wet and windy 57 degrees. we'll be wet through saturday afternoon. then we go dry and stay drive for five days starting sunday through the week next week. sports is next.
6:50 pm
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andrea nakano joins us now. basketball is the big story. >> can't believe this happened. let me tell you about it. the defending world champions were expecting to have at least two starters on the all-star team this year but sometimes fans don't always get it right. steph curry was a lock. he was named as a starter for the third straight year. but he is the only warriors. russell westbrook, kobe bryant, kevin durant and kawhi leonard were voted in to start with curry. that means draymond green will likely be named a reserve next week but count on charles
6:53 pm
barkley among those who feel green was snubbed. >> you have to be a total moron to not know that draymond green should be starring in the all- star game. you have to a total damn idiot! if you only watch the games casually. >> oh, my god -- [ simultaneous speakers the golden state warriors are must-see tv! they are must-see tv. >> he also said that they were just the jump shooting team, right? steph curry took the high road on twitter. he thank the fans for voting and said he expects more good news next week if draymond green and klay thompson are named as reserves. to the nfl's version of the all-star game, derek carr will have a familiar face to throw to at the pro bowl. amari cooper is named as a replacement for marshall. he was the first raiders receiver with over 1,000 yards since randy moss in 2005. tom brady didn't care when a broncos player called him a crybaby but the san mateo native did take offense to
6:54 pm
being called a southern california kid. >> i wonder if you have a sense of this with your time in boston still southern california think of joe montana -- >> northern california, northern. >> even brady's own teammates are calling him names this week. a man from woodside referred to brady as a clydesdale after his run last saturday where he was stopped just short of the goal line. poor brady. >> if i have to run, you know, i think that could be a pretty frustrating thing for defense because how could i let this guy run because of all the things, this guy, you know? ♪[ music ] >> probably looked like a clydesdale when i was running at the combine video 16 years ago, too. at least i haven't slowed down. >> thank goodness he has a good arm. peyton manning missed the regular season meeting against the patriots. denver beat new england in overtime in that game. but manning was nowhere to be found during the celebration.
6:55 pm
he watched the en of the game in the equipment room. >> he and i were smiling before the team meeting that it would be nice to be out on to the actual playing field this time around as opposed to in that equipment room where you're watching it on tv in mute so you don't have to hear all the analysis. the hot dogs aren't bad in there. i'll say that. but i much prefer to be on the playing field. >> nopa pa johns in there. chip kelly avoided given specifics yesterday in his press conference but he said one thing that everyone in our sports department absolutely agreed with. >> i'm a big jim harbaugh fan. i know he is having great success in michigan. >> harbaugh's pulling out all the stops on his final recruiting trip including spending the night at recruits' houses and in the morning guess what he does? puts on his khakis as always and he went into the backyard and showed that his skills extend beyond the football field.
6:56 pm
>> ball in! >> not too bad. well, unfortunately, elizabeth is a u.s. alum, right? >> yes. >> you can only hope she didn't take any classes with lamar da rosen. >> i'm trying to walk out here one and three. this will be my third game here. [ indiscernible ] no, i don't. >> no wait. you played two games and you add one, that means -- >> three games. >> yeah, you but said one and three. >> if we win -- >> 1 one for three. >> or one and two. >> that's what i mean. >> one for three. >> that's what i mean. ♪[ music ] >> could be -- >> yeah. three, four captions by: caption colorado whatever.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: ok. how's everybody? i appreciate you. thank y'all now. thank you very much. i appreciate that. i do. welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. returning for their fourth day with a total of 20,895 bucks, from wilton, california, it's the champs, it's the simmons family. and from chicago, illinois, it's the nathan family. everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility driving out of here in a brand-new, bold ford edge.
7:00 pm
let's go meet the nathan family. >> hi, steve. steve: father matt. father matt: yes. i'm father matt. i'm at st. isidore parish in bloomingdale, illinois. it's one of the suburbs of chicago. steve: yeah, i know that. yeah, that's pretty good. now, father, i want you to relax. we gonna have a good-- father matt: thank you, steve. steve: what's some of your hobbies? father matt: i like to learn languages, but my favorite hobby is to dance. that's why we--we had a little dance party here. that's why i was sweating. steve: you been out here dancing. oh. really. father matt: yes. steve: let me see something, father. [dance music playing] [chanting "go, father"]


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