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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 22, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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for others check back with us later for the morning news and "cbs this morning." from the captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs it's friday, january 22nd, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." race for impact. the east coast is getting ready for what could be the storm of the century, with the bull's-eye on the nation's capital. grounded. the feds arrest a commercial airline pilot for flying allegedly drunk. and a miami doctor is suspended after her uber meltdown is caught on camera. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news
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headquarters in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. five states are under emergency orders this morning over what forecasters are calling a historic blizzard. up to two feet of snow could fall in the nation's capital. the huge system will impact million of americans from the gulf into the mid-atlantic and northeast starting today. a nasa image from space captures the magnitude of the storm. and don champion is in the bull's-eye, washington, d.c., where government offices are closing early. don? >> reporter: this region hasn't seen the likes of what the snow totals we are expecting in many, many years. meteorologists say the ingredients are all there for a high impact blizzard. and we are told that once the snow starts falling, it's going to get intense and quickly. people in the path of a potentially paralyzing blizzard rushed to supermarkets and supply stores late into the night, gearing up to be snowed-in.
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>> we had about 700 shovels. within about two hours, all of the sales were depleted. i've a nickel every time somebody asked me for a shovel, i'd be a rich man. >> reporter: more than 77 million people will feel the effects of the historic storm set to cripple parts of the mid-atlantic in just a few hours. >> i've lived in d.c. most of my life and i don't know that i've lived through a forecast like this. >> reporter: in washington, d.c., federal offices, as well as the nation's second busiest subway system will shut down this afternoon. in maryland and virginia, where blizzard conditions are also expected, crews began treating roads with salt hours ago, hoping to avoid a repeat of yesterday's mess when just an inch of snow caused accidents and delays throughout the area. >> what happened last night was not okay. that can't be repeated. >> reporter: along with the snow, the storm system will bring dangerous winds and ice that could lead to major power outages. in north carolina, power crews began cutting limbs hanging over
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power lines thursday. most people in the storm's path are taking it all in stride. >> winter was coming. we had to know that. >> reporter: already, several airlines have preemptively cancelled thousands of flights and provided waivers for travelers to rebook when conditions improve. in fact, there are already more than 2,500 cancelled flights today across the mid-atlantic and 300 tomorrow and time to hunker down. >> very good advice. don champion in washington, thank you, don. meteorologist eric fisher of our boston station wbz says the storm will be a powerful one. >> we continue to watch this storm really develop and now as we head through the day today, this is where we get into the meat and potatoes. a big area here. from arkansas stretching up to new york city under winter storm warnings and blizzard warnings and winter watches and storm is a potent one.
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the snow moves into the d.c. area late afternoon and early evening and makes its way up to new york city as we head into saturday morning. then it heads into southern new england as we head toward saturday afternoon and night. the end of the storm finally works its way slowly out to sea as we head into sunday, but millions of americans all will be affected by this one. a big area, dark blue. one to two foot snow totals and could see isolated amounts up to three feet of snow. in terms of major cities. 6 to 12 in new york and 12 to 18 in philly and 18 to 24 in d.c. and a top five all-timer and 18 to 24 in roanoke. another big concern. upstate of south carolina and across north carolina for significant icing and could cause power outages and major travel disruption. charlotte, a big airport hub, will feel the impact there. a final thing to note. coastal flooding. especially in new jersey down into delaware. moderate to major pockets of flooding is expected on saturday. i'm eric fisher for cbs news.
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we will have the latest on the massive storm coming up on "cbs this morning." north korea says an american student is under arrest for what it calls acts against the state. the north's official news agency identifies the detainees as a university of virginia undergraduate. he was apparently taken into custody while on a tour of the country. the state department is working on his release. with just over a week to go before the iowa caucuses, the stakes are getting higher for both parties. a new poll of iowa voters finds hillary clinton's lead has vanished. bernie sanders has turned the tables on her, opening up an eight-point lead. less than two months ago, clinton was up nearly 20 points on the vermont senator. on the republican side, donald trump is increasing his margin over ted cruz but, this morning, trump is facing a backlash from a number of leading conservatives. >> reporter: a roster of conservative opinion makers came out publicly against trump in "the national review."
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talk show host glenn beck, former attorney general mike mukasey and columbiaist william cristol were a number of those writing for the magazine, questioning trump's conservative credentials. trump brushed it off. >> people don't think about the national review so i guess they want to get publicity. >> reporter: trump says he is gaining support among establishment conservatives and that may be the case. the republican national committee rescinded the sponsorship because of the editorial but trump's closest competitor tried to use his growing establishment support against him on thursday. >> the corruption of washington is endemic and one of the reasons the washington establishment is rushing to quickly behind donald trump. >> reporter: meanwhile, with the iowa caucuses ten days away, hillary clinton went on the attack questioning bernie sanders' policy experience.
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>> for example, he suggested we invite iranian troops into syria. that is like asking the arsonist to be the firefighter. >> reporter: sanders, in turn, took a subtle jab at clinton by questioning her ties to wall street. >> goldman sachs spends huge amounts of money on campaign contributions and on speakers' fees to unnamed candidates. >> in addition to his lead in iowa, sanders is also ahead of clinton in new hampshire, the second state to hold a vote. a man has been arrested for apparently accidentally shooting a woman inside a seattle area movie theater. witnesses say the man fumbled with the gun and fired during the movie. "13 hours, the secret soldiers of benghazi." he may have been drunk. police say the suspect turned himself in after leaving the scene and the victim is hospitalized in stable condition. a former pilot for alaska airlines is charged with flying while drunk. prosecutors say david hans arntson piloted two alaska airline flights in june of 2014
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while intoxicated. a random test picked up the high blood alcohol levels. he has since retired. alaska said in a statement, mr. arntson was immediately removed from duty. he never flew for alaska after june 20 and he left the company soon after. we believe he is deserving of the department of justice's actions. he faces up to 15 years in prison. a former oklahoma city police officer will spend the rest of his life in prison for sexually assaulting prison while on the job. a judge handed down daniel holtzclaw a 263-year sentence. victims who made statement at the hearing were grateful. >> thank you. i thank everybody that supported me. i thank everybody who came out because i know i couldn't have did this alone without you guys' help. >> last month a jury convicted
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holtzclaw on four counts of rape and 14 other charges. prosecutors say he targeted black women while on the beat in a low income neighborhood. the defense plans to appeal. a top federal environmental official is out of a job over the water crisis in flint, michigan. the head of the epa region that includes michigan will step down february 1st. epa officials were notified of lead contamination last april but failed to offer technical assistance for months. two of the americans released in the prisoner exchange with iran are back on u.s. soil this morning. pastor saeed abedini stepped out of a plane in north carolina on thursday for an emotional reunion with his wife. in 2013 he was sentenced to prison in iran for setting up home-based churches. former marine amir hekmati touched down thursday in his hometown of flint, michigan. he waved and thanked reporters as he stepped off the plane. >> happy to finally be home. it's been a very long road and a
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very long journey. unfortunately, many people have traveled this road with me. >> hekmati had been at a u.s. military hospital in germany since his weekend release from iran. he said his marine training helped keep him going during his four and a half years in prison. coming up on the "morning news." flying with firearms. airport security says it sees more guns than ever at checkpoints. later, a fire bomb lights up a marijuana dispensary. this is the "cbs morning news."
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using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. imagine life with a lower a1c. are you loving your numbers? there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. surveillance video shows a fire bombing of a marijuana dispensary in british columbia, canada. flames climbed the building. the fire burned itself out, damaging only the exterior. police are searching for two suspects seen on the video before the fire bombing. the airport seizes a record number of guns at checkpoints and remembering missing marines. those are some of the headlines
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on the morning newsstand. the honolulu "star advertiser" reports on a memorial service today for the marines killed when two helicopters collided off hawaii. the marine corps declared the 12 marines dead yesterday, though, the search for the cargo helicopters continues. no bodies have been recovered. "usa today" reports the travelers are still trying to bring thousands of guns past airport security. the tsa confiscated a record number last year, more than 2600 firearms and 83% were loaded. the worst five airports -- phoenix, denver, houston, atlanta, and number one, dallas/ft. worth. the "miami herald" reports a doctor has been suspended after a video surfaced of her hitting and cursing at an uber driver. the woman in this video, a doctor for jackson health system
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in miami, is on administrative leave following this incident on sunday. in the video, she is seen hitting the driver in the face and throwing out everything from the car. the driver accepted a settlement rather than press charges. "variety" reports will smith is the latest to announce he is boycotting this year's oscars for lack of diversity. smith joins his wife jada pinkett-smith and others in refusing to attend next month's award ceremonies. all of these year's acting nominees are white and all of the director nominees are male. still ahead, a hot sauce revolution. fans of sriracha can add a little bit of spice wherever they did. and a bid for freedom. a cow causes commotion on the streets of new york city. aren a cow causes commotion on the streets of new york city. nr the streets of new york city. drn the streets of new york city. ren a cow causes commotion on the streets of new york city.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. video shows a cow making a break for it after escaping a queens slaughter house. the cow ran up and down the street, past stores, cars, and curious onlookers yesterday afternoon. the nypd managed to rope the cow and return it to the slaughter house. on the cbs "moneywatch" a new way to enjoy sriracha hot sauce on the go. the apple watch gets the high-end treatment. hena daniels is at the new york stock exchange with that and
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more. >> good morning. >> stock markets in asia posted huge gains this morning on the heels of wall street's rebound. tokyo's nikkei jumped nearly 6% for its highest daily gain in more than four months. the shanghai composite rose 1%. hong kong hang sang rose 3%. here on wall street stocks gained back some of their losses from the day before. the dow jones gained 116 points. the nasdaq barely budged. a recall of more than 71,000 infant car seats. the carrying handles on the seats made by britax child safety can break. the car seats were made from october 2014 to july 2015. at least one infant has been injured. getting your hot sauce fix on the go will be a lot easier. "time" magazine reports enjoying
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sriracha on your food on the go will be much easier. packets are being sold at 50 packs sell for 15 bucks. 200 packs go for $35. the company expects to have them at fast food chains and stadiums and campuses. starting today, you can go online to buy a luxury apple watch crafted by a french designer. the handmade leather apple watches start at $1,100 and the most expensive will set you back $1,500. the collection comes with stainless steel case and custom watch faces and in a variety of colors. >> it's basically the same watch but it's wearing better clothes essentially? better clothes than me, actually. >> me too. >> if you got the money, go ahead. hena daniels, thanks a lot, hena. >> the nfl ref behind last weekend's coin flip-flop is putting it behind him.
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nfl says that official clete blakeman will officiate super bowl 50. heading into the overtime of the cardinals and packers overtime divisional matchup, he didn't flip the coin right. he got it right on the second attempt. you can see if he gets it right in the big game. super bowl 50 kicks off right here on cbs on february 7th. but before that, the patriots and the broncos kick off in the afc championship. that is sunday on cbs. coverage starts at 2:00 p.m. eastern. coming up, a mountain of trouble for a snowboarder. a man who recorded himself on gopro video surviving an avalanche faces criminal charges. i'm not contagious. see me to know that i won't stop. until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.
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proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting, you should be tested for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms... ...such as fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches or cough. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have crohn's disease, tell your doctor as symptoms can worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. see me. see me. see me on my way. find clear skin and a clearer path forward. for a different kind of medicine, ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. races its way across the ar. our crews have their eye on storm, in the field and the weather center. plus, kicking into high gea super bowl 50 may still be s away, but the preparations e about to disrupt millions. to expect going into this weekend. and the mid atlantic braces
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for one of the biggest wint storms in years. a look at last minute preps, and the travel warnings. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:3 good morning. it's friday, january 22nd. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country.
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the east coast is bracing for a winter storm that could dump as much as two feet of snow in some places. or as one local meteorologist put it -- >> winter is coming. >> the guy is such a bummer. >> well, a snowboarder who survived an avalanche in northern california is now facing charges after allegedly causing the avalanche. the incident was captured on a gopro camera as christian mayer ride down the mountain last week. he was snowboarding in an area that was marked off limits because of avalanche danger. hello from the other psy? adele has shattered another record. gangnam style reached the 1
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billion mark in 158 days. for adele's "hello" just 87 days. adele will be singing at the 58th grammy awards. it happens here on cbs on february 15th. it's winter. eat winter snacks. freshman. campbell's. made for real, real life.
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[ screaming ] forget blushing bride. two new zealand couple was honored to a high honor at their wedding. guests performed haka that mimics war cries. it wasn't just the men getting in on the action. soon, the bride, who was moved to tears, joined in on the touching tribute, along with her bridesmaids. drama at the los angeles zoo after a worker fell 15 feet into a gorilla exhibit. the man was landscaping a wall surrounding the enclosure when he fell in yesterday. firefighters rescued the worker who suffered a possible broken leg. the zoo was closed at the time
4:26 am
so the four gorillas were still in their cages. new homeowners in the florida keys got an unusual welcome. they woke up yesterday to a crocodile in their pool! turned out, the eight-foot reptile was just chilling out. >> our officer said it was about 80 degrees, so i'm sure it was a lot warmer than the ocean that the crocodile was swimming in, you know, especially with, you know, the cool weather we have been here all week. >> reporter: the crocodile decided it didn't like all of the attention, so it eventually climbed out of the pool and slid back into the ocean. this year's westminster dog show will feature seven new breeds joining the competition. that includes three breeds that hail from italy, including one that sports long matted flocks and another that hunts truffles. also making its debut is a south african dogs used to guard farms. and a miniature american shepherd. the seven are the most added since 2000. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning,"
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the very latest on the east coast snowstorm. we will show you where it hit the hardest. plus, an update on nate boyer, a green beret, turned football player, who is now on a new mission. >> reporter: a mission that reaches far beyond the gridiron to east africa. long wanted boyer to work with his nonprofit water boys. after visiting tanzania in 2013 he wanted to build clean water wells in the region. not really the kind of thing that tends to get an nfl player in the headlines. >> what makes that life day-to-day so tough there is the lack of clean water. there is a lot of people who aren't thinking about east africa, but a lot of people when they hear about a hero like nate boyer, their mind says whatever this guy is interested in, i'm interested in because nate vouches for it. and we will take you to
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havana, cuba, where a tv show is making history. >> that's all ahead on "cbs this morning." that is the "cbs morning news" for this friday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. we leave you now with late late show host and his guest recreating an iconic scene from the movie "big." ♪ ,,,,
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good morning, everyone. happy friday! it's january 22. we are getting a live look at
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the golden gate bridge. guess what! it's raining again! storm number 11, i believe. how about that? i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. it's not only raining but it's very windy out there this morning. >> that's a great observation. it's very windy outside. that's the second side of the story today. the winds will continue to increase as the day progresses. it will be especially blustery heading home tonight, as well. good morning, everyone! this is our live hi-def doppler radar. you see on your tv screen right now, we have rain showers in and around our bay area. a line of showers from richmond on 580 into berkeley and oakland, highway 24 and 13, as well. this is also storm number 11 as frank said. it will rain today through saturday. we'll get some breaks but in between cloudy and very gusty winds. currently we are in the 50s and 60s. and how hard is the wind blowing right now? south-southeast at 13 in hayward. 16 oakland. the higher


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