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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  January 22, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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around for a while. the full forecast is coming up but first the rain is falling in the bay area just in time for the friday morning commute. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is at a very wet and windy richmond san rafael bridge this morning holding on. good morning, anne. >> reporter: good morning. it's been raining for about an hour and a half here in richmond. we shot some of that rain that's been falling down. it's a little bit of a break right now, though. it's certainly still drizzling. we'll see rain throughout the morning commute and unfortunately throughout the afternoon commute, as well. off and on. so the timing not the best when it comes to people trying to get to work on a friday morning. but think we're all kind of getting used to this by now. we have seen several of these slower down on the road and if you don't, well, then we know what happens. somebody ends up getting in an accident and we are all slowed down significantly. so it's not just the rain today
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that we're dealing with. it's also the wind. not too bad out here right now. but these winds are expect to pick up throughout the day and we have the possibility of fallen trees and power lines. so nothing dramatic. live at the richmond/san rafael bridge, anne makovec, kpix 5. today a big winter storm is expected to hit the mid- atlantic region. millions of people are facing potentially record-breakin snowfall. it's frozen air travel already with more than 4,000 flights canceled so far. united airlines has suspended all flights at dulles international airport and other airports near washington starting this afternoon. >> i think it could be disastrous for a lot of people trying to get out of town. >> we'll treat this event as a homeland security and emergency management event. >> the storm could dump up to 30 inches of snow in dc by sunday and 18 inches in philadelphia. we just check in with sfo and
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they say nearly 50 flights to and from the east coast have been canceled. >> yeah. if you are heading to the east coast this weekend, pack your patience. it's going to take a while. >> i have somebody on facebook, ron said i'm on the east coast and thought i'd spend the weekend in new york city. can you tell you the weather forecast? should i come home? i'm like get on a plane and come home! we have much-needed rain. this storm is a little different. it's going to rain on again, off again, on again throughout the day. we see a little light snowfall around the greater lake tahoe area and right there light to moderate from santa cruz backing all the way into watsonville this morning. the commute out of tracy for the 580 for the altamont pass and also right around the 580/680 corridor definitely wet. rain showers hit and miss around american canyon looking
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into the napa and sonoma area. yikes when the arena began to where we are now. we'll have some delays on arriving flights. in addition to the blustery winds. we have stronger winds this afternoon. the national weather service has issued a wind advisory in effect for this afternoon through saturday. coastal flood advisory in effect a combination of high surf and high tide. we have that high surf advisory in effect for today. some of these waves up to 16 feet lapping onshore. scattered showers and blustery winds into the 50s and 60s. the extended forecast calls for a wet saturday but we're going to dry out on sunday all the way through thursday and that's
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very typical in an el nino weather pattern. we'll talk about how this is affecting traffic and whether or not you have to break it. >> we are hoping for those perfect "friday light" conditions. we have a crash reported southbound 101 in burlingame just past broadway. it is in the stages of being cleared right now. fire crews are on the scene two left lanes on the southbound side are blocked right now. but again fire crews are already there. so we are seeing that being cleared away. no major delays because of this. high winds on the san mateo bridge and bay bridge, with high wind advisories this morning. so be careful. a look at the san mateo bridge with quite a few brake lights out there. things are starting to pick up quite a bit. but 880 to 101, 13 minutes. so we like that. and a live look at the golden gate bridge. slick spots on the roads. so while traffic there isn't
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bad right now, we do want to again say be cautious out there. 580 at the golden gate toll plaza 101 southbound currently 14 minutes. altamont pass 580 to signatures six, 15 minutes. signs of the super bowl are going up all over the bay area including these giant banners on high-rises announcing the big event for all to see. and preparations are expected to accelerate this weekend. kpix 5's jackie ward is in the area transforming into super bowl city in san francisco with an update on the destruction we can expect over the next couple of weeks. jackie. >> reporter: michelle, it's cool to see what's going on out here. of course, the celebrations don't start for another couple of weeks but the closures start tomorrow. so that's what we'll tell you about this morning. the big closure will happen on the southbound lanes of the embarcadero near the ferry building. and parts of market street and howard. if you typically use muni in
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the financial district and soma temporary reroutes and stop relocations for super bowl city start tomorrow as well through february 12th. muni routes through that section will run on nearby streets instead. then starting next saturday, streets around here will be closed through super bowl 50 to allow for staging for festivities. it the embarcadero bart meeting station will be closed at that time with the exception of morning commute hours. the south bay is also gearing up to host plenty of super bowl players and fans. right next to levi's stadium, a huge metal framed building skeleton is going up. and downtown san jose the marriott has undergone a $10.5 million renovation. that hotel will be home base for the nfc champions. the ex-city steer yor will be wrapped in team colors and logos. players will be staying in rooms redone with high-speed internet and modern colors and textures and at the s.a.p. center crews were busy yesterday trimming the palm
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trees and wrapping them with lights. they are getting ready for the super bowl opening party night which is happening monday before the super bowl. that will be the first time that it the media and fans will get to hear from those two teams who will be playing in the big game. from san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. we are getting our first look at where san francisco plans to house some of the homeless people during the super bowl week. looks like a prison with all that barbed wire. the city hopes 150 homeless people will be willing to call this home. it's located down on pier 80. the semi permanent shelter is stocked with hygiene kits, beds and supplies. >> do you think anyone will go to this shelter? >> it's too far out, i don't think so, not from here. these people from here will not go there. >> city hopes to get the necessary permits to open it by the end of next week. and uber is getting a big piece of the action, as well. it secured exclusive access to the area in and around levi's
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stadium. it will have its own pickup and drop-off zones there by the stadium. no other ridesharing service will be allowed in. a prominent group has just been added to the line-up for super bowl 50 concerts. california natives the red-hot chili peppers will join the "a" list acts. they will take stage at pier 70 the day before the big game on the 7th. new this morning another conversation is planned today between the fbi and the leader of an armed group that is occupying a wildlife refuge in eastern oregon. the standoff over federal land policies is nearing the three- week mark. the conversation yesterday came a day after oregon's governor criticized the feds for its inaction. occupation leader oman bundy told the -- a.m. man bundy said his group is not a threat but will not leave until their demands are met. seaworld is getting rid of lifting floors in the killer whale pools. all three parks are getting rid of the safety feature because they are no longer needed. the deep water lifting floors
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were installed after a trainer was killed by an orca in 2010. they were designed to lift trainers and orcas out of deep water in an emergency. police in somalia say more than 20 people have been killed in an attack on a beachfront restaurant in the capital mogadishu. witnesses say the attackers entered the restaurant from the beach thursday shooting people outside, as well. the group al-shabab claims responsibility. new details in the case of a 19-year-old fatally shot by pleasanton police last summer. john deming, jr., had no alcohol or drugs in his system when he broke into a custom auto driven in pleasanton last july. an officer at the scene shot three times at deming after the man reportedly withstood taser shots and rubber bullets. the police department declined comment. today in sacramento, a crucial hearing could help lead to the return of the death penalty in california. capital punishment has been on
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hold here during a decade long battle over lethal injection procedures. today california's department of corrections will propose several new procedures that involve a single drug instead of three. the aclu says the new approach could lead to botched executions seen in other states. if approved, any plan would take effect in november but would likely face a court challenge. governor brown renewing focus across the state when in comes to transportation. the plan he has in mind and why it may cost you a few bucks. that's coming up next. >> plus, would you trust a robot to do your surgery? we'll show you the cutting edge technology that experts say is cutting patient recovery times in half. >> i have cutting edge technology. it's called our live hi-def doppler radar. it's fired up. it's ready to go. we'll track storm 11 on this friday. >> and speaking of storm 11, that's bringing us some slick spots out there on the roads. but also some wind advisories on some major area bridges. i'll tell you all about that straight ahead. ,, ,,,,
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i mean, whoo. of the state" address. the governor says california eds to focus on lo follow through. that was the message from governor brown in the state of the state address. the governor says california needs to focus on long-term commitments like fixes roads and bridges but it can't be done without new fees and taxes. he also wanted to repair aging
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infrastructure everything from state office buildings to hospitals to levees. >> and this year's budget i'm proposing we use two billion of our temporary surplus on one- time investments to repair and replace aging structures. neglecting what we have built over many years and letting it further deteriorate makes no sense and will just pile up costs in the long run. >> the governor also praised california for its drought plan and its efforts as a climate change leader. this was his 14th state of the state address. more bikeshare stations will be coming to the east bay. bay area bikeshare will hold meetings in berkeley, oakland and emeryville beginning monday to expand the program from 700 bikes to 7,000 throughout the region. they will be listening to the public input about where to locate those new bike stations. today bay area leaders talked safety plans for lunar new year parties. to make sure dragons can cross
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bay area streets in peace, supervisors and police in oakland and san francisco are discussing safety strategies. at today's meeting city leaders will hand out information packets to chinatown merchants and shoppers. they want everybody on the same page about crime and clean-up when parades kick off next month. nightly closures of san francisco's muni metro will end tomorrow. since last july, workers have been installing a digital radio system replacing emergency phones. nighttime riders between embarcadero and west portal have been taking shuttle buses but that work-around ends tomorrow. so good news if you are a muni rider. >> yeah. all right. let's check in with sandra and see what's going on on the roads. >> we finally made it to friday. a lot of those big changes especially in mass transit are going to begin tonight and tomorrow morning. so if you do use mass transit, something you want to plan ahead for, for sure. now, this morning we have no delays reported. great news and we kick off on
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our friday morning. no accidents to report. 101 early burlingame is cleared. may see fire crews on the scene. big story we have right now traffic-wise is going to be the slick spots in the high wind advisories out there. headlights out there but nothing major to report. great news there. we are looking at a drive time on 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. 20 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. san mateo bridge, high wind advisory give yourself a few extra minutes if you are going out there so you can take things a little slow. be extra safe on the area bridges especially with the winds picking up on and off throughout the day. right now 92 from 880 to u.s. 101 currently in the green about 14 minutes there. and here's a look at 580. the altamont pass to 680, we are seeing some minor slowdowns out there. pretty typical for this time of the morning. only picking up a bit of a yellow on your sensors. once you get past that area
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though once you head out of tracy things starting to look good there. all right. let's check other drive times. we have 101 from 680 to highway 237 currently sitting at about 11 minutes. 280 from 101 to highway 85. also at 11 minutes. and 85 to 101 on highway 87 an 8-minute drive. let's take a look at the forecast because we have some big things happening tailed. roberta. >> thanks, sandra. ladies and gentlemen, sandra osborne in the house! [ applause ] >> nice to see you, sandra. let's check our other friends waking up with us. these are our weather watchers around the bay area that have weather equipment so they check in with us so we can know what's going on in your neck of the woods like tim woods in benicia at 56 degrees with rain. tim has to say, light rain but it's really not that cold outside. great observation there, thanks so much tim. and here's steve in los altos. he has to say that he's picked up about winds up to 19 miles per hour, gusts up to 24. very light rain there. let's see how much rain has
5:18 am
accumulated around the bay area this morning. .2" in santa rosa. our live hi-def doppler radar indicates it's light to moderate hit-and-miss scattered showers around the bay area. now, stay tuned for the most moderate rain is in downtown san jose into willow glen. good morning, santa clara you hear the raindrops on the rooftops in the east bay anywhere from orinda through oakland, alameda, back through the san ramon tassajara area. we have some light rain showers overcast conditions out the door. some gusty winds. feels tropical 50s and 60s. sustained winds in oakland 14 across the bay in san francisco. 11 in vallejo and as the winds continue to increase we have a wind advisory that goes into effect tonight through saturday. on the coast and hire elevations gusts up to 50 miles per hour.
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now that's going to bring down trees today. meanwhile we have a coastal flood advisory in effect until 1:00 this afternoon anywhere around that blue highlighted area encompassing the bay and that's because we have the rain and that's coinciding with the high surf and king high tides. and so therefore we do anticipate some of that minor flood. here's what you need to know stepping out. storm 11 has arrived. scattered showers and wind all day long and i do mean scattered. the difference between this storm and recent ones? it's very light rain. it's not just this heavy downpour but it will occur throughout the day and into the evening commute. behind it we have a little weak impulse and that one right there will roll into the bay area tonight through your saturday morning. so meanwhile here's how we are planning futurecast. rain associated with the small impulse on the back side of this system. i can't rule out the possibility of a thunderstorm later this evening, as well. saturday night we begin to clear out and by then we'll see up to about 1.5" of rain.
5:20 am
yes, it's snowing three to six inches of snow in the highest elevations of the north and south shores. temperatures today 50s and 60s with scattered showers. and once we get rid of this storm on saturday night, we have a dry weather pattern on sunday through thursday. make it a great friday. >> indeed. okay, roberta. not? >> would trust a robot to perform surgery on their neck or head. but patients in pittsburg, pennsylvania are giving the new approach a go. christa kauffman was one of the first american patients to be operated on with a flexible robot in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. the growth on her tongue could have required a large neck incisions unless a robot helped it. cbs's doctor explains what they do best. >> rigid robots are better suited to work on the joints, the abdomen or the chest where there's more room but in the head and neck the structures are smaller, curvier and flexibility is a distinct advantage. >> kauffman's doctors say the flexible robot technique can tackle various tumors and
5:21 am
trouble in the larynx. the university of pittsburgh worked with carnegie-mellon to develop the system. coming up in sports, snubbed, the nba proves again that all-star voting is a popularity contest and a west coast conference showdown in moraga as the gaels look to take sole possession of first place. we'll show you the exciting finish coming up. ,,,,
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fans voted steph curry as an all-star starter for the third straight year but draymond green didn't make the cut and it didn't sit well at all with charles barkley. >> you have to be a total moron to not know that draymond green should be starring in the all star game. >> those same fans voted in kobe bryant, russell westbrook and others. draymond is expected to be reserve. call the fire marshal in moraga. standing room only to watch the gaels host gonzaga. joe hey han gives them the one point lead. three points gaels lead with three seconds to go. josh needs a prayer but that's no good and saint mary's outscores them 19-6 in the final 6 minutes and takes over first place in the wcc. and it's time to storm the court. cal senior tyrone wallace is out four to six weeks with a broken hand which means more
5:25 am
sam singer for the bears a o'dowd product. the sun devils were down 2 with about a minute to go. the block sparks a fast break and brown has 17 points and a 75-70 win for the bears. arizona beat stanford. the sharks pick up a win in the desert over the coyotes. and that's it for sports. have a great day. play of the day on a friday, major league baseball player making a big splash on an nba court. outfielder charles black man of colorado, yeah, this is a nuggets game. beard and all, sets up, back to the bucket, and he hits paydirt! sweet! apparently he just stopped by the arena to watch the nuggets play the memphis grizzlies. and he had a big night. and he is pretty happy. your play of the day, one more time. we are at the justin herman plaza this morning. right in the middle of what will be super bowl city but that will come with some headaches for people who live
5:26 am
and work around here. we'll tell you about some closures coming up. >> it is another rainy morning commute around the bay area. we'll tell you what to expect as you head out the door. ,,,,,, announcer: it's time to make room for the new mattress models-- during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale.
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of big rigs shuts down a lol freeway for hours. an updat exactly we have a huge mess and it's caused by a couple of big rigs shutting down a local freeway for hours. an update on what happened here. >> and another storm arrives just in time for the friday morning commute. how long will it stick around? >> we are in the kpix 5 weather center. we have our hi-def doppler radar. it's up and it's tracking storm
5:30 am
11. >> already we're keeping an eye on a crash involving another big rig this morning no injuries. this is in oakland northbound 880 near seventh street. we'll have an update. it's friday, january 22. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. this morning a new round of rain is coming to the bay area. the first part will come through the morning, the second starts tonight. the heaviest is expected in the north bay. >> commuters not too psyched about that but i can tell you one person who is! roberta? >> yes. it's our now, stay tuned for live hi-def doppler radar. it's from the north bay through the santa cruz mountains at this time. if you are heading out, this is so different than recent storms. it's tomorrow in waves of light
5:31 am
to moderate rainfall and off and on today in comparison to our recent systems in which we had heavy downpours. the santa cruz mountains at this particular time we have light to moderate rain to santa cruz into watsonville. santa clara valley lots of raindrops on the rooftops from cupertino to saratoga, sunnyvale, san jose, willow glen, milpitas. east bay 580/680 corridor, that's always nasty when wet. and that's the case this morning. this rain is lifting all the way into the altamont pass. rain everywhere. we have overcast conditions in the city of san francisco. 50s and 60s out the door. the winds are the other side of this story. these winds now 14 in san francisco, 16 in oakland, gusting up to 11 in vallejo. wind advisory in place. in fact we'll walk you through the advisories and watches coming up in less than five minutes but right now let's send it to sandra. >> good morning, roberta. already on your friday we are
5:32 am
tracking a few incidents out there. one of these is in oakland. this is involving a big rig and two other vehicles this morning. the exact location northbound 880. this is near 7th street. right now it's been moved off to the side so it's not blocking anything but it may cause a visual distraction out there on the roads. so be extra careful. also on the lower deck of low clouds and fog this morning, there's been some flooding reported out there in the tunnel. now, this is also not causing any major concerns. however, crews may go out there to check it out so it's one of those things that could cause potential flight delays but as of now no delays reported. speaking of the bay bridge, high wind advisory this morning. so give yourself some extra time as you head out. take a look at all those headlights out there on the roads. no major slowdowns reported but 80 westbound from the carquinez bridge to the maze currently a 21-minute drive time. san mateo bridge also high wind advisory this morning. one of those things where we want you to be extra safe on
5:33 am
your friday so you can make it through the weekend. 101 northbound from 680 to highway 237, currently 11 minutes. same for 280 northbound from 101 to 85. highway 85 to 101 an 8-minute drive. back to you guys. if you are getting ready to head out for the commute grab an umbrella and take it slow on the roads. the rain is coming down in some parts of the bay area at this time. kpix 5's anne makovec knows, oh, too well she in the eye of the storm at the richmond/san rafael bridge enjoying every bit of it on a friday. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you know, it is not as bad as -- as, you know, i have experienced other mornings standing out in the rain because this is more of a tropical feeling rain. this is el nino. these conditions are warm. it's light enough at the richmond/san rafael bridge that
5:34 am
it's not overwhelming. you can see some of the cars here going through the toll plaza, the roads certainly wet. but the rain is coming down at a light and moderate pace. so that it the ground does have a chance to actually soak some of this rain up. it's later on this afternoon that the winds are going to get gustier and that's when we might see more downed trees and power lines. but for now, it's not so bad out here. but remember, what we say every time it's raining during the morning commute, slow down and give yourself extra time. slow down for the rain. anne makovec, kpix 5. the san francisco fire department is issuing an urgent warning to beach-goers, stay away from the waves. this latest el nino storm has prompted the national weather
5:35 am
service to issue a high surf advisory. two santa cruz students were swept out to sea near bonny doon. the surfers are doing their part to spread the word. >> surfers in particular have actually been spreading the word to locals and visitors. >> the high surf advisory is in effect until 5 p.m. saturday. today a big winter storm in the mid-atlantic. millions facing it record- breaking snowfall. ominous forecast has already frozen air travel along the eastern seaboard with more than 4,000 flights canceled. sfo has 50 canceled flights to and from the east coast so far. preparations for super bowl 50 are ramping up around the bay area. crews are busy with the setup at super bowl city at the foot of market street in san francisco. kpix 5's jackie ward has an
5:36 am
update on the disruptions coming up. we can see that fence behind you, jackie. reporter: yeah. there's plenty of stuff going on already at this early hour of the morning. of course, justin herman plaza will be a fun place to be during the super bowl. however, it may be a headache for those who work and live around here. closures start tomorrow. the big closure will take place in the southbound lanes of the embarcadero near the ferry building and parts of market street and howard. now, if you typically use muni in the financial district and soma, temporary reroutes and stop relocations for super bowl city also start tomorrow. and they will last until february 12. with street closures on market, east of beale street, muni routes that run through that section will instead run on nearby streets. then starting next saturday, streets around here will be closed through super bowl sunday to allow for more staging and disassembly to set up for at the festivities. the embarcadero, bart muni
5:37 am
station will be closed at that time. but fortunately, that will be open for typical morning commute hours. back to you. >> yeah. thankfully. jackie, what's being done to relocate the homeless away from super bowl city area? >> reporter: there's actually some debate about that, michelle. there's debate about where the location is of that shelter. let's show you what it looks like. some people think it looks more like a prison than a shelter because of the barbed wire. it's located far out by pier 80 so people are worried that it won't be used. this is what one person had to say. >> do you think anyone will go to this shelter? >> it's too far out. i don't think so. not from here. these people from here will not go there. >> reporter: so this semi permanent shelter will be stocked up with hygiene kits, beds and other supplies and the city hopes 150 homeless will call this home. the city will actually try to get those necessary permits by the end of the week. so we'll have to wait and see if those work out.
5:38 am
and if that shelter will be used. a san francisco lawyer has been chosen to take on volkswagen. attorney elizabeth can braise sa will be the lead counsel on over 500 consumer lawsuits against volkswagen. she has overseen several cases on automobile defects. an independent study says california lawmakers should be spending more money from the state's cap and trade program. the study shows current restrictions aren't needed and they are actually creating more harm than good. there's a backlog of unspent cap and trade money just waiting to be used. 12 marines missing off the hawaiian coast are now presumed dead. the marine corps says a five daily search didn't find them. the witness reported that helicopter crash last week sparked a big fireball. all lanes of i-680 in fremont are now back open after two big rigs collided late last
5:39 am
night. the accident happened on southbound 680 at mission boulevard spilling diesel on the freeway. one of the trucks reportedly was stalled. another then crashed into it. four lanes were closed while crews cleaned up the fuel and removed the wreck. they got everything back open about 2:30 this morning. this morning's police in san leandro will provide more details about arrests they have made in a shooting at a shopping mall. the suspects exchanged gunfire outside bay fair center last thursday. but no one was hit. investigators now believe the incident was gang-related. in addition to making yesterday's arrests, police also recovered an assault rifle, a sawed-off shotgun and three handguns. and they found several 30 round pistol magazines. two cousins james williams and andre nguyen are in custody. two additional suspects both minors are under arrest a marcor of an infant car seat -- maker of an infant car seat has a recall because of a
5:40 am
safety hazard. hena daniels from joins us from new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. happy friday. here on wall street, stocks gained back some of the losses from the day before. the dow jones added almost 116 points. the nasdaq barely budged. britax is recalling more than 71,000 infant car seats because the handle can break and crack causing the seat to fall unexpectedly. it involves several models. if you have one of these seats, you can sign up and get a free repair ki stop carrying it by the handle until the repair is made. one child has been injured. company executives have been making home visits to better understand consumer choices and shopping habits. target's ceo says customers are getting more digitally savvy and harder to pin down. and he hopes that looking through the closets and cupboards will bring new insight. >> chipotle wants to indicater
5:41 am
your super bowl party. the chain is offering $50 discounts on orders tied to the big game. it's part of chipotle's strategy to win back customers after e. coli and norovirus outbreaks. frank and michelle? >> they might have a little work to do there. okay. well, a lawsuit is brewing between two coffeemakers over one big hollywood star. tell us about that. >> reporter: the battle between espresso and israel. espresso is suing the israeli espresso club for using an actor in an ad who looks like george clooney. clooney is already the spokesman for espresso which wants to make sure customers are not misled and wants to put an end to this commercial. >> i'm sure it was all a coincidence. >> that's hilarious. >> one big coincidence. >> sure. the actor looks just like him. >> he does if you look closely. it's george! >> hena daniels,, have a great weekend.
5:42 am
>> thanks. it is 5:41. he managed to survive an avalanche but is now facing possible criminal charges. next, we talked to the snowboarder who caught his wild ride on camera. ,,,, (church bell) (bear growls) (burke) smash and grub. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
5:43 am
5:44 am
causing an avalanche at the sugar bowl ski resort last christian mares finally hearing from the snowboarder accused of causing an avalanche at the sugar bowl ski resort last friday. christian mares caught his daring escape on a helmet camera and it went viral. now he is facing criminal charges for putting resort staff and the public at risk. law enforcement says he deliberately went into an area that had been restricted for years. >> you have it on video and it's being shown all over the internet, it create a invitation for those that would like to go up and do the same thing. >> if they want to slap some cuffs on me and bring me in jail and throw me in jail for a couple of days and make them
5:45 am
happy, woop dedo. >> police are still developing what happened but plan to hand the case over to the d.a.'s office in the coming days. the preliminary investigation into that deadly greyhound bus crash in san jose found no mechanical problems. two passengers were thrown from the bus when it hit a guardrail on highway 101 tuesday. both women died. the ntsb says cameras recovered from the wreckage could determine if the driver was dozing off when the bus veered into the guardrail. driver of a tour bus that hit and killed a pedestrian in san francisco has been cited for misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. the crash happened saturday at post and divisadero. witnesses say the driver never saw the 82-year-old man crossing post as he made a right-hand turn. vincent jones was cited under a city ordinance enacted last year. it bans bus operators from narrating a tour while driving. a beloved shih tzu swiped right out of a woman's car in vallejo. right now the search is on and
5:46 am
a hollywood starlet is helping in that search. academy winner jessica shasta lake stain says her grandmother's dog was stolen this week. she posted a message on twitter and instagram to help. they hope someone will come forward. >> they are working with mcdonald's and the vallejo police department to find the dog. how many people here are happy it's friday? >> two hands. >> all right. well done. a number of incidents being reported nothing major but eastbound 80 before seventh street we have one car that's
5:47 am
going sideways right now. it's blocking a lane. in oakland northbound 880 near 7th street this is a crash involving a big rig and two vehicles. it's cleared. but there's lot of spectator slowing. a big rig and two cars involved in that one. the lower deck of the bay bridge this morning has some reports of some very minor flooding in the left lane not causing any slowdowns but it's one of those things to be mindful off as you head out. the upper deck of the bay bridge, lots of rain being picked up on the traffic cram this morning and lots of headlights out there, as well. things really slowing down as you approach the toll plaza. high wind advisory in place for the bay bridge. same thing at the san mateo bridge. we have a high wind advisory in place, as well. 92 westbound this morning from 880 to u.s. 101, we are in the
5:48 am
green. currently 14 minutes out there. and if you are looking forward to basketball, the warriors and the pacers, my dad's favorite team, the pacers. >> hey, hey! >> i'm a big fan. golden state warriors. 730 today delays possibly around 880. >> you're lucky you're with child. i might get physical with you there! >> it's my dad. my dad! [ laughter ] >> good morning, everyone. 5:48. heading out the door, this is what you need to know. it's our live hi-def doppler radar. scattered showers around the bay area right now we are concentrating on the santa clara valley. we have some hit-and-run rain showers all this is progressing east towards alviso, tri-valley has rain showers toward the nasty 580/680 corridor. all the way back into the altamont pass this morning. we have some hit-and-miss scattered showers around the peninsula also santa cruz mountains. shortly after midnight we'll continue to see the scattered
5:49 am
showers throughout the day today very wet very sloppy windy and very tropical-like in the 50s and 60s. here's wind speeds. 13-mile-per-hour winds at sfo. also in mountain view across the bay 11-mile-per-hour wind speeds in san ramon. 7 in fairfield. these winds will increase as the day progresses and that's why if you live in any of these blue highlighted counties we have a wind advisory in effect today into saturday. coastal flooding is possible. where we have the blue is where we have the potential of minor flooding today the combination of the very high surf that's slapping onshore. coupled up with the rain, could lead to flooding. storm 11 is here. scattered showers today. very blustery winds and showers on saturday. dry sunday. this is the frontal boundary pushing onshore. this is our satellite-radar. this is the jet stream here guiding storms along a
5:50 am
particular past. that's the secondary impulse leading to rain showers saturday. today hit-and-miss scattered showers sometimes moderate to heavy downpours. i can't rule out the possibility of an isolated of an isolated thunderstorm. as the day wears on we'll see drying beginning and a dry weather pattern sunday through next week. meanwhile up to 1.5" of rain but maybe two inches in the mountains. today 50s and 60s. not as warm or mild as yesterday. we have rain showers today and saturday dry sunday and check that out. it's a dry weather pattern each day through thursday. enjoy your friday. we always enjoy friday, roberta! thank you. it's 5:50. a nasty battle brewing at a local buddhist temple. why neighbors say the monks are behaving badly. >> let's take another look at levi's stadium. 16 days until super bowl 50. who is it going to be?
5:51 am
we don't know yet. four teams out there. people are saying pats versus carolina. >> i say broncos versus arizona. >> well. that's just wrong. >> raiders aren't in the mix. sorry. [ laughter ] >> going to be a good game no matter what. hey, we'll be right back, folks, stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
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5:54 am
neighbors say this house inl sobrante has been shot at n after night. so neighbors decide a home in el sobrante is being treated like a shooting gallery. neighbors say this house in el sobrante has been shot at every nightbeat after night so neighbors decided to put up a sign to ask gunmen stop shooting at the empty home. police say they believe it's being targeted in a gang dispute. on sunday a car in the neighborhood was also set on fire. police believe it was arson. two people are in custody after a string of armed robberies at bay area toll plazas. investigators say the suspects targeted the benicia, carquinez and bay bridges in november and december. police recovered several firearms including assault rifles and handguns. authorities believe the same suspects also committed other robberies. big turf war brewing in the san jose foothills. locals say so buddhist monks are making too much noise. so now neighbors are pushing hard to stop a new temple from going up in the city's
5:55 am
evergreen area. residents say the quiet area changed when the congregation moved in several years ago. they say the monks had loud celebrations that drew hundreds of people to the small property. the group's services were put on hold when the county said it didn't have the proper permits. neighbors say they are fighting a planned expansion because of the noise not the faith. >> i don't think they are really good representatives of buddhism. >> it was about the land use and the disturbances to the neighborhood and the environment. >> member of the congregation told us they simply want to practice their cultural traditions in peace. supervisors will meet on tuesday to decide if the temple proposal can move forward. the bay area may have its first case of a virus linked to birth defects that originates from abroad. its called the vika virus. and it's carried by mosquitos. when it affects pregnant women, it can cause problems in babies leading to smaller than normal brains. at least five american states have confirmed cases and now a
5:56 am
woman is being tested in berkeley. >> she was in an area where vika has been reported. she came home after traveling and about a week after she got home, she got a fever. she got a rash. >> the berkeley woman won't know for certain if she has it for a week. the virus is most prevalent in latin america and the caribbean with nearly 4,000 cases in brazil in the past year. it is a rainy and windy friday morning commute. coming up, we'll tell you how this el nino storm may affect your day. >> the super bowl is still a couple of weeks away. but the closures that affect that game are start tomorrow. we'll tell you where they are. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
and i'm frank mallicoat you're taking a live look or some rainy and win good. it's friday, january 22. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:00. and we are going to take a live look outside over rainy windy conditions along the embarcadero in san francisco. the ferry building lit up for the super bowl. but bring an umbrella and take your time if you are driving because the roads are wet. >> the san francisco fire department is issuing an urgent warning to beach-goers. the national weather service issued a high surf advisory. california coastline has been hit with scares all week including the two uc-santa cruz students who were swept out to sea near bonny doon. officials say surfers are doing their part to spread the word. >> the surfers in particular have actually been spreading the word to locals and visitors. >> the high surf advisory is in effect until five p.m.


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