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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  January 24, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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toward the super bowl -- as o come alive the stage is halfway set. peyton manning is off and running toward the super bowl as san francisco begins to come alive with the construction of the fan experience known as super bowl city. good evening to you. i'm juliette goodrich. brian hackney is off tonight. it's getting real. super bowl 50 is two weeks from today and tonight the teams are nearly set. we know the denver broncos are in. now we're waiting for their opponent. there's no waiting for super bowl city. it is going up as we speak and that's where mark kelly is tonight with a progress report. >> we're already seeing some of
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the bad traffic because of this super bowl city. in order to build this they had to shut down major roads in downtown including a stretch of the embarcadero behind me in order to get this thing built. >> reporter: building a city within a city isn't easy. constructing super bowl city is his job for the next week. >> there's so much going on that it's hard to keep up with everything around here. >> reporter: when this sprawling complex opened saturday, organizers promised it will celebrate the bay area's culture from local food to wine, even high tech interactive gaming for kids and adults, the event will show that the bay can truly put on a performance. >> it's so fun. i'm so excited. i can't wait for it. >> reporter: not everyone is so pumped. with many of the streets around super bowl city shut down for the first time this weekend, drivers are getting anxious this will be the new normal for weeks. >> san francisco by its nature
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is very crazy when you're driving around. the worst thing was getting stuck the last couple of days. >> it's definitely different from new york. i'm from new york. >> is it worse than new york? >> yes, i think this traffic is worse than new york. new york you get it every now and then. here it's very constant. >> reporter: city officials have sounded the alarm from now to the super bowl. ditch the car and take a bike, walk, or public transit. >> adding extra service to the transit especially at night. >> reporter: if you're getting to super bowl city from across the bay, ferry service will be doubled. >> it's supposed to be real bad so i think we'll definitely be commuting on the boat. >> so they had been designing super bowl city for two and a half years now. it hopes this saturday. 11 a.m. to the public and this is the best part. it's all free. >> so i'm curious, what's going on and behind you right now? >> they've been working on this all day. they call it the
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verizon access zone. it's going to be an interactive fan experience with the football game. and it will be up and ready to go by this saturday. >> thank you, mark. i'm sandra osborne in the cbs traffic center. the big game on its way. san francisco, we're going to see some major impacts as we gear up for all those celebrations. if you're driving yourself as opposed to taking public transportation, there are four main streets closing. market street. beale, main, speer between market and howard. and then howard between 3rd and 4th street. something else you need to know, there's no event parking for any of these events happening in the downtown san francisco area so they're encouraging you to find another way to move around whether it be walking, taking a
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bicycle or public transportation. here's the thing, buses and trains are going to have reroutes as well. for all the details on that you can head to our website, the super bowl excitement is just beginning. coming up tomorrow night join ken bastida and jennifer montana for our super bowl special, countdown to gold. jen montana stops by to weigh in on the two teams headed to the super bowl. that's at 7:00 here on kpix 5. we have new details tonight on the daring prison escape by some inmates in southern california. it's starting to sound like something you'd expect from a hollywood movie. the three men used tools to cut through steel bars then they used makeshift ropes to bust out of the orange county jail. the sheriff's department had a simple explanation as to how they pulled it off. >> all i can tell you is at least two of the inmates have been in custody for quite some time and again, with a lot of time on their hands and a
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custody setting, i can't give you an exact timeframe but i can tell you they have a lot of time to work on things like that. >> there's a $50,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. the inmates were convicted of violent crimes including torture and murder. they're considered armed and dangerous. millions of americans are digging through piles of snow after a mammoth blizzard hit the east coast. in pittsburgh 20 trucks are still stuck on the pennsylvania turnpike. they're among hundreds of vehicles stranded miles of roads over the weekend. at least 28 deaths have been blamed on the weather and 12,000 weekend flights canceled. craig boswell joins us from washington, d.c., another city dealing with this paralyzing snowfall. >> good evening to you. the dc region got a major helping hand today when more than 400 snow plows and trucks came streaming in to the city and immediately got to work. that
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more than tripled the amount of equipment included in this cleanup. >> reporter: the east coast is bouncing back from a weekend blizzard that dumped nearly 3 feet of snow in some places. washington, d.c. was hit with two feet of snow, enough to keep area schools closed monday. >> we're still operating under an emergency in the district. >> reporter: a convoy of trucks helped get the nation's capital moving again. >> the whole city is a priority. >> reporter: a parking lot at rfk stadium became the nerve center of the snow removal operation. this is where all those trucks are dumping a majority of the snow that covered washington, d.c. >> we're bringing about 450 pieces of equipment from outside of dc. >> reporter: philadelphians welcomed the city's fourth biggest storm by sledding down hills at the art museum. >> the city will be open for business tomorrow. >> reporter: new york city officials say the epic nor'easter missed setting a new record for total snowfall by a 10th of an inch. residents have been warned to keep their cars
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parked. >> we need people off the streets for their own safety. we need them off the streets so sanitation can clear the streets. we need you off the streets so our first responders have the freedom to get to emergencies. >> reporter: meanwhile, airports are trying to get stranded passengers off the ground. nearly 12,000 flights have been canceled since friday. >> the temperature is plummeting overnight, reaching nearly 10 degrees by morning so what snow did manage to melt today is freezing right back over. on to new york city, the historic blizzard dumped more than 26 inches shutting down the city that never sleeps and setting a new record for the greatest snowfall in a single day. thousands of plows are working around the clock to clear the streets in time for tomorrow's commute. >> i think they've done a great job. really as much snow as we've got that's historic, i think they've done an awesome job. >> new york city public schools are set to open tomorrow.
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officials say the storm is to blame for at least three in the city who died shoveling snow. alaska jolted by a major earthquake. the resulting explosion that destroyed several homes and forced the evacuation of an entire neighborhood. >> the original first phase of the high speed rail project could be scrapped. the change some are calling a game changing win for the bay area.
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a natural gas explosion following a major ea aska. four homes have been destroyed in a natural gas explosion following a major earthquake in alaska. the 7.1 tumbler busted the pipe in the city of keni causing the blast. firefighters worked to keep the fire from spreading. amazingly no one was hurt. the quake struck at about 1:30 a.m. alaska time. that was centered about 50 miles west of anchor point in the peninsula. that's about 160 miles southwest of anchorage. the quake was largely felt in anchorage where it knocked down items from grocery store shelves. as many as 5,000 homes are without power. state officials say this is the largest earthquake to hit this part of alaska in decades. changes could be coming to
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the original plan for the high speed rail project. the first segment of track laid down could be coming to the bay area. kpix 5's anne makovec tells us why. >> the project is already over budget and behind schedule. this change in the plan could be a hail mary to allow high speed rail to gain some steam. >> reporter: california high speed rail officials are now considering san jose to bakersfield as the first major stretch for service. that would mean scrapping the current plan that calls for an initial track between burbank and the central valley. the san jose to bakersfield segment would be less costly because it would not involve expensive tunnels. the bullet train is already a $68 billion project. voters approved it in 2008 with a $9 billion bond. the goal to take passengers between san francisco and l.a. in two hours and 40 minutes. the first construction began in the fresno area in
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july, more than two years behind schedule. >> we'll know just how practical this new plan is in a few weeks. that's when the state will unveil its new business plan for the project. that will be the most comprehensive update we've gotten in four years. anne makovec, kpix 5. >> here's a live look over levi's stadium. partly cloudy skies. mostly dry and mild. ,,,,,,,,,,
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the new york times is repor some of the social media company's top executives arn their way out. they include another leadership shakeup. the
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new york times is reporting some of the social media company's top executives are on their way out. they include the senior vice president of engineering, vice president of global media and senior vice president of products. word on the street is it's all because of the beating twitter's stock is taking. last year twitter rehired founder jack dorsey to get the company back on its feet. a new cbs poll shows donald trump in front a little over a week before the iowa caucuses. it's shaping up as a two-man race. trump comes in with 39%. ted cruz is right behind him at 34%. marco rubio is a distant third. one-time frontrunner ben carson is barely in the picture at 5%. as for jeb bush, he clocks in at just 1%. >> jeb bush, here's a guy who spent close to $100 million. the polls coming out this morning, he went down. he's down at the bottom. it's time to give up, jeb.
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it's time to give up. >> i hope to be the nominee. i think donald trump would be a disaster as a nominee because he's not a conservative. ted cruz is certainly a conservative. he doesn't have a record. the clinton machine will be tough to beat. >> let's build on what we have. we have been moving in our nation thankfully in a positive progressive direction. maybe not as fast as some hope. but we keep moving forward. >> hillary clinton is also busy campaigning in iowa. she's in a tight race with senator bernie sanders for the democratic nomination. the huge blizzard in the east sacked a building belonging to the washington redskins. it doesn't look like much with all this snow but ineeth all that is the inflatable roof. the team says it will reinflate it once all the snow is cleared.
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we're looking at a big switch-up in the forecast. we've seen pretty much consistent rain almost every day this year. we're now getting an extended break. here's a live look outside right now. a beautiful shot from joseph cousins at fisherman's wharf. take a look at the clouds out there. mostly cloudy. you can see some peeks of sun as the sun sets. it's a little chilly out there if you're heading out tonight. take a look at our current temperatures. temperatures area-wide in the mid 50s. 57 in concord. 56, oakland. 55 in san francisco this evening. we are entering in to an extended dry period but i want to show you our rainfall seasonal total so far. we've seen over 100% of seasonal averages in san francisco, san jose. 80% in oakland. so we do have some good rain totals in the bucket. we are going to get a break. and we do have more
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rain on the way. we're not done just yet. let's talk about that break. high pressure, upper level ridge building out over the pacific. and as that ridge builds, so do our temperatures. we're in store for a gradual warming trend. but note we do have showers over the extreme northern portions of the state and that could bring just a few raindrops to the north bay. north of santa rosa. futurecast times it out for you. notice at the top of your screen a couple stray showers possible through monday. overall the most of us staying dry and actually mostly sunny to partly cloudy depending where you are. here's what's to expect over the next 24 hours. mostly dry and mild for monday. morning commute, east bay, north bay, valleys, you could see dense fog. a warming trend in store through midweek as we reach mid to upper 60s by the end of the week. in the meantime here's a look at your highs. upper 50s to low 60s tomorrow. this kicks off our
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warming trend and here's a look at the extended forecast. partly cloudy and dry through the end of the week. we're starting off with low 60s. gradually increasing. by midweek we're in the mid 60s. upper 60s thursday and friday then just in time for our super bowl celebration, kick-off on saturday. showers. sorry about that, folks. wish there was something i could do. that's still six days out so things could change. the timing looks to be saturday evening. fingers crossed it's late saturday evening. >> that's okay. we'll take it. >> what is the game day forecast? >> yeah, game day forecast. >> two weeks from today, in fact. this game would be well underway. >> i can give you a game day forecast. i just can't promise you how accurate it would be this far out. blue skies in denver. how about that? >> the super bowl, as we mentioned, two weeks from tonight, levi's stadium. we know one team that will be
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there. tom brady homecoming or peyton manning appearance.
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and tom brady. over 78 years co he possibly the final meeting in the great careers of peyton manning and tom brady. over 78 years combined between them. the most of any two starting quarterbacks in playoff history. brady trying to get his seventh career super bowl. manning looking for his fourth career super bowl, second with denver. 2nd quarter, after a brady interception, manning hit owen
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daniels for his second score of the game. 14-6 broncos. it was 20-12. denver in the 4th quarter. brady throws one up for rob gronkowski and the end zone with under three minutes to go, new england turns it over on downs. no pass interference call. same score. brady connects with gronkowski. this was a 4th down play. look. there 4th and 10. they've got 40 yards new life for the patriots. then 17 seconds to go, brady to gronk. touchdown. but because new england earlier missed an extra point, they were forced to go for two to get the time. brady rolling out, throws it, pass intended for julian edelman and it's in to the hands of bradley robey. the defense sends the broncos to the super bowl, their eighth in franchise history. >> there's no question this was a sweet day, a sweet victory. to me this victory sort of is a
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great example of what this entire season has been like. it hasn't been easy. >> i wish that 2-point play would have been different. i'm sure everyone can look at different plays throughout the game when it's that close and say man, i wish i had made that play. we certainly fought to the end. >> no homecoming for tom brady. the spurs are known for resting their players throughout the regular season. were the warriors surprised to hear tim duncan will not play tomorrow night? >> no, i'm not surprised. i'm surprised more people aren't sitting. >> tim is 57 years old so he deserves a night off every once in a while. [ laughter ] >> they were teammates over a decade ago. tomorrow night, there's plenty of hype surrounding the game. the two teams have a combined record of 78-10 this season. >> it takes on a little bit more maybe competitiveness or a little bit more fire in the belly i would imagine. it makes you stand up and take notice a little bit more because you
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don't want to walk in there get your fanny hand today you. >> you have to overcome a special part of intimidation of the experience. >> really? [ laughter ] >> i don't think our guys are intimidated by anybody. i would hope not. we just hung a banner last year. we're okay. we're not bad ourselves. >> i would say so. hard to believe but spring training is right around the corner. the as were back together today for fan test at the coliseum. the team will report to arizona next month and designated hitter billy butler will be ready after the work he's put in at home this offseason. >> my 3-year-old, now that we have, is in the process where she doesn't want you to change her diaper. first off i have to catch her running from me and most of the time she's fighting from couch, she's trying to stay between me and the couch. the process of changing a diaper is when i get to the diaper, it's
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quick. but getting to change the diaper is the fun part. the cal women trying to stop a four-game slide at usc. 3rd quarter, trojans up 4. bears freshman christine enigway. alex lloyd buries the 3. 19-5 run. they win 67 -- they win 61-47. pga in palm springs where it was a tough climb up the leader board for some players. par 3, 17. jason dufner in the rocks needs a par to stay tied for 1st. here nearly holds it for a birdie. he remains tied for the ling with david lingmer. his second shot goes off the rocks in to the water and that opened the door for dufner to win his first tournament since winning the pga championship in
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2013. the european tour in the middle east. world's number one, jordan spieth on 13 rolls the birdie putt. shot a four under 66 and finished the tournament tide for 5th. leader rickie fowler from the bunker on 8 to the green and in the hole for an eagle to give him a three-shot lead. fowler three under today for his second career european tour win. you know what's amazing? we got the super bowl in two weeks and in three weeks is going to be the final round of the at&t pro am. >> no rest for you. >> good sports central next few weeks. >> hats off to butler for diaper duty. that was pretty cool. >> we've all been there. i know what he's talking about. [ laughter ] >> thanks for watching us at 5:30. see you back here in half an hour. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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after weekend whiteout comes the big deeg in the east. the nation's capitol takes an extra day to recover, closing schools tomorrow. the house shuts down for the week. new york's mayor tells people not to clean up their cars and to chill. a week before the first vote, the new cbs poll shows two new frontrunners in iowa. also tonight, the manhunt for three escape prisoners in california, plus new details on how they made their jailbreak. and this officer's best friend what irreplacable. the today he met his new partner, but which one with he choose? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> nai g


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