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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 25, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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looking oeferger the bay bridge. no rain today. kind of nice waking up to that. other than that -- >> other than that -- >> well, i found this. >> who gave you that? >> i don't know. we'll take care of that real soon. >> i thought it was a gift. >> i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. yes, i did leave you that napkin. >> i guess we know who is in the super bowl. >> we do. carolina and the broncos. >> the special thing about that win was seeing the family together as a family watching that game, whether it was win or loss. it's a great family tradition. >> since i was a kid. >> today kicks off a week of sunshine. i'm not so sure i like that. i'm liking the rain coming every few days. we do have some overcast conditions. temperature-wise we're in the 40s and low 50s. later today with bright sunshine. a few clouds overhead. temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. we have the full forecast
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coming up. right now, let's say a big hello and hug it out to lisa. >> good morning. bay bridge toll plaza looking good with no delays. we're getting word of problems on the bay bridge. some type of issues with the lights. the lights are out. the eastbound direction on the decline. it's been an issue for the past few days. we'll get to the bottom of that with a complete look at traffic in a few minutes. >> all right, lisa. thank you. the stage is set for super bowl 50. >> the denver broncos will take on the carolina panthers. they will face off at levi stadium in santa clara on february 7th. with the super bowl just 13 days away now, construction crews are working around the clock to get the area ready for all of the fans ahead of game day. you can see that workers are constructing stages, also hanging signs in super bowl city. the fan village will pick up several city blocks. emily turner shows us what crews are building and who is excited for the final product.
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>> reporter: palo has scene super bowl information from the beginning and gave us a tour of the progress which changes he says with each ride. >> we're definitely having fun. >> reporter: this will be a high-tech show event for verizon. this is one of the stages. this will be a television set. it's all coming together nicely thanks to 13 hours of construction a day, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. most of the people we talked to are actually from out of town. many from new york. others from england. >> manufacturing this building system. take it all of over the place. in the states and around europe. >> reporter: hired security has been brute -- brought on to make sure the curious stays out. the progress of hard work is something that this driver is looking forward to. >> when a lot of extra people hit town and want to see a great city like san francisco that can only be good news for
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us. >> reporter: he's not the only one excited. he will snap photos and videos of the progress. a little bit of football history, at least most people are. >> how cool is it to be part of the super bowl? >> oh, yeah. [laughter] >> reporter: all of this will be back up and bustling again at 7:00 in the morning. apparently, according to security guards, these two buildings on the corner are supposed to be finished by the end of the day. who knows. a lot can happen in 13 hours. emily turner, kpix 5. but spwel 50 means many streat closures. no driving southbound on embarcadero and market street closed at field. this is how drivers are dealing with the traffic headaches. >> reporter: brace yourself for the next three weeks, getting
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around san francisco will be like a real life game of frogger. >> this is friggen' ridiculous. it dent like this -- i don't like this. i don't think anybody else does. >> reporter: the anticipated super bowl 50 road closures have kicked into gear. >> crazy. >> reporter: the southbound embarcadero, closed and those drivers are getting detoured onto consistently plugged battery street. a favorite route of this individual. >> what's going on? >> reporter: closures for super bowl city. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: we still have two more weeks of this. at 5:15 p.m., cars were so stacked up, that they were switching the signal by hand. with 1 million visitors expected at super bowl city,
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you better buckle up. one mta worker i spoke with said this is going to be worse than the world series. he says the only thing that could be worse than super bowl city in downtown san francisco would be the olympics. in san francisco, back to you. >> and here is a live look at stadium in santa clara where super bowl 50 will actually be played. 13 days away there. a lot of preparation going on there and throughout the silicon valley as well and santa clara mayor jamie mathews posted a message to officially welcome the broncos and panthers, the two teams that will face off in less than two weeks. i'm very proud to welcome the broncos and panthers to levi stadium. we look forward to hosting both teams and all fans for the golden anniversary right here. in neighboring san jose, mayor sam liccardo offered a similar welcome with spweel xv
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mvp jim plunkette at his sides. >> we're proud to be hosting the game. we've been getting busy, getting ready to welcome you with a week of spectacular events. we'll tell you soon. >> the downtown san jose marriott has been des ig ig nateed -- designated as the hotel. the panthers will stay there. a miniature field is being created for the kids. there will be live music, a beer garden a cafe, a sparkling canopy with sparkling l.e.d. icicles in the tree. the city will track the fro of visitors' cell phones as they travel alone. festivities at the plaza at cesar chavez are set to begin on friday. and coming up tonight, join ken and jennifer for our super
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bowl. >> special, joe mon tan nonwill weigh in on the pramp a dash participating teams tonight at it 5:00. more people may have to leave their homes from damage from recent homes. homes along the esplanade are in danger of crumble. some people are waiting for evacuation notices before leaving their homes. >> i love it here. this has been my dream to live by the ocean. >> could be here for another two years. another two months or two weeks. we don't know. >> the emergency declaration is a step needed to get state and federal money to fix the coastal infrastructure there. other damages include the pacifica pier and the sea wall along beach boulevard. we're getting a break, right, for about a week? >> yeah, i guess we do need
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that for the coast communities so we can drive a little bit. we don't want to get behind. we've been making giant steps. i don't see any rain in the forecast for this week. there was a slight chance by the weekend. but rate now that's looking effie. we do have cloud cover. looking at the bay bridge. that looks beautiful. temperature-wise 40s and 50s. take a look at the averages. 50s to low 60s. bingo, los gatos, 60 today with the sunshine in san jose in the upper 50s. it listen 58 as we round the bay towards union city east of the bay. temperature-wise topping off in the 50s and low 60s. north of the golden gate bridge, again, 50s, 56 at stinson beach, breeze to 15. mid-50s will be common from novato to sonoma into glen ellen. and lakeport in the 50s. here's lisa. traffic has been a mess in in san francisco because of all of the street closures gearing
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up for super bowl city. i'll get to that in a minute. we'll start off with the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic very light leaving oakland heading into the city. no issues here but the chp is checking on reports of lights being out along the bay bridge. this is eastbound 80. the street lights are out for the drive as you come off the bridge on the decline section. as we get more information, we'll pass this onto you. as of now, not getting any word of delays. and once you get in the city, you will see a lot of orange phones. of course, with all of the road closures, you can expect delays. southbound embarcadero shut down between washington and a lot of closures we'll go over them. highway 92 at the san mateo bridge, still slowing. that's a look at your traffic. seven people are being treated for injuries after an american airlines plane was
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rocked by severe turbulence. it happened on a night from miami, florida to milan, italy. the plane made an emergency landing in newfoundland where ambulances were waiting. some passengers describe their experiences. >> everything went frying -- flying and -- yeah, it was pretty intense. >> there people screaming? >> yeah, she was. >> i thought -- >> the crew did a fell noom nal damage. >> the plane was carrying 192 passengers and crew meles. none of the injuries considered life-threatening. and much of the east coast digging out from that massive blizzard. brian web shows us how everybody is coping with the wet mess. >> reporter: delays and cancellations are still expected for the nation
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abusiest transit system. hundred of travelers packed into penn station as the first trains debarted sunday night. >> no point being upset. >> reporter: federal offices and schools remain closed in the nation's capital as people in the area continue to dig out from under 2 feet of snowfall. crystal lucas got a hand uncovering buried car. >> even on a sunny day, they probably wouldn't say hello but they are here to help. >> reporter: in virginia and maryland, residents did their best to chip away at the mounds of snow. this man spent hours shoveling out his entire driveway only have to passing plow trucks undo all of his work. >> so outraged by the state, i'm label to have a stroke thinking about it. >> reporter: the impact is being felt at many of the nation's busiest airports. carol and her friends have been trying to get home to new jersey in time for her
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milestone birthday today. >> this is not what i thought my birthday would be like. >> reporter: airports along the east coast are slowly getting back to normal but hundreds of flights have been canceled for today. brian web for cbs news, new york. over two dozen deaths have been linked to the massive storm. the heaviest snowfall was reported in west virginia. a lot of snow. here is a time lapse look at how much snow hit washington, d.c. over the weekend. the district reported 17.8 inches but the true count unclear. the snow measuring device used for the storm got sucked away by the elements in the middle of the blizzard. the national weather service is standing by those numbers. 4:42 on the run and extremely dangerous. more on the manhunt across the state for three escaped inmates. kixx ,,,, ,,
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released a propaganda video.
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that claims to show nine of islamic state extremists have released a propaganda video that claims to show nine of the men behind the november terror attacks in france. this is still frame from the video that shows the final messages. some of the militants are seen beheading hostages. the identities of those victims are not known. other footage shows british prime minister david cameron. a terrorism hayne lifts suggests the united kingdom could be the next market. an intense manhunt in southern california after three inmates escape a orange county jail. here's more. >> we will not stop until these individuals are back in our custody. >> reporter: authorities say these three may have spent months planning their daring escape from the orange county
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jail. sheriff sandra hutchins. >> it appears to be a very sophisticated operation. >> reporter: the planning was meticulous says this sheriff. >> it seems that the inmates cut through half-inch steel bars, cut their way through the plumbing tunnels and gained access to the roof. from the roof, the inmates rappelled down to the ground. >> reporter: authorities say it's likely they used bed sheets and other clothing to fashion a make-shift rope. as to what tools they used to escape, all of those questions got the same response. >> we're still looking into it. >> reporter: they are also looking at whether a disturbance inside the jail just prior to the nightly head count may have been a ruse by other inmates to help the three men escape and now says the sheriff there is more immediate concern. >> we've notified the victims of some of these crimes and the people who investigated those crimes to ensure that everybody who was involved in these cases
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is safe. >> reporter: authorities don't believe they have left the country. they say tips have poured in but so far, no confirmed sightings. cbs news, los angeles. a $50,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the inmates' capture. in the sierra, a traffic stop turned into a rescue mission over the weekend. officers tried to pull over two men after they were on highway 50. but the men dashed into the woods. officers say their car contained a gun and drug. the fugitives spent time hiding away in the cold. and eventually called 911 for help. officers were not surprised. >> the weather conditions, yes, there is a very high likelihood that they would not survive very long. >> after spending the night in the wood, the men were rescued saturday morning taken to an awaiting ambulance and off to
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jail. a 7.1 earthquake shook up south central alaska over the weekend. groceries fell on the floor of this store during the quake. several aftershocks were also reported. the quake struck about 1:30 sunday morning. it was centered about 50 miles west of anchor point in the kenai peninsula. about 160 miles southwest of agerrage. no injuries or serious damage in the city. but the quake struck a natural gas explosion that struck four homes. they say this is the largest earthquake to hit this part of alaska in decades. >> i guess it was so deep in the earth's crust it didn't affect as much up top as a lot of people might think. >> we're watching for the potential of a tsunami alert. it's a good thing that didn't materialize. my mom was saying why are you so concerned? we live on the ocean. always have to be concerned
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with an earthquake in alaska. it's a difficult forecast. it listen dry. there is a slight chance of a shower far north bay. otherwise, mostly cloudy skies with if you sunny breaks. right now, cloud cover over the bay waters. temperatures, 49 in san francisco. upper 40s in santa rosa. 50 in oakland and concord. we have this very small disturbance. you can see the green on your screen that's moving onshore around the eureka area. this is undercutting the huge ridge of high pressure that's drying us out today. this high pressure builds in over the pacific ocean. you can see we have a little bit of tie version from the jet stream. still wants to guide storms. that's what's happening to the disturbance. it's undercutting the ridge and making an inside track. by the time it makes it clear, there is a lot of dry air.
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we'll say clouds and sun mix. as you watch your future cast, it wants to put light rhine there -- light rain right there? do you see it? here's your tuesday, socked in with cloud cover. some sunny breaks, same clouds. same on wednesday. all week long we'll have a combination of gray skies with periods of sunny breaks. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. it looks like at this particular time if i what want to go out and a limb, i'm gonna keep the chance of rain in the friday forecast. that's an early look at your forecast. here's lisa with traffic. good morning. commuters everywhere are grateful for the dry weather conditions. a nice start with the golden gate bridge. bridge crews are on scene with their zipper truck getting ready for the morning commute. in a few minutes we'll have four southbound lanes available for you. traffic is fine. the westbound commute at the bay bridge toll plaza, trouble-
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free. just keep in mind, chp is checking on reports of the lights being out on the eastbound section of the bridge. this is on the new section. you will find 10, 15 lights out. eastbound traffic still flowing welcoming off the bridge heading into oakland. we've been talking about super bowl 50. we're looking at street closures. southbound embarcadero shut down between washington. this is eventually right in front of the ferry building. a lot of street closures in the south of market area and financial district and traffic has been a nightmare, especially yesterday when they put those street closures into effect. this morning, everything quiet. market shut down east of beale and davis street. the san mateo bridge is still looking good even she a car broke down in the westbound direction approaching mid spann at this hour. the right lane is shut down. the traffic is still flowing well along highway 92. it's been a smooth start for local transit.
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our first b.a.r.t. transare on time. no delay for ace, muni or caltrains. what do you do after being cooped up weekend long after a big snowstorm? >> you have a football party and a snowball fight. it hosted the smackdown in dupont circle. hundreds shed up to have fun with all of to snow before it melts. take a look at this. this is one of the pandas at the smithsonian's national zoo in washington, d.c. the blizzard closed the zoo.
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>> he's having a lot of fun. the high-speed rail project could be getting an upgrade. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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good morning. 4:55 on this monday, january 25th. if we go back to january 25th of 1981, home of super bowl 50, it was super bowl 15 that was played five days after the iran hostage crisises ended. the game was held with so much patriotic fever as they honored the end of the crisis. the game was played in new orleans on january 25th, 1981. lisa? several streets shut down
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in downtown san francisco. south of market. we'll highlight those in a few minutes right now. the monday morning commute looking great with no big accidents out there. traffic is flowing well, heading across the golden gate bridge. more traffic for you in just a few minutes. californian's high speed rail project is already over budget and behind schedule. proposed changes could help it gain steam. officials are considering bakersfield to san jose as the first major stretch for service instead of burbank and the central valley. the l.a. times reports the segment would be less costly because it would not involve expensive tunnels. twit ter is in the midst of a major hall. the senior vice president of engineering, vice president of human resources and their senior vice president of product have all chosen to leave the company. that's according to jack
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dorsey. last year, twitter hired dorsey to try to get the company back on its feet. gas prices have plunged 14 cents to the lowest prices we've seen in seven years. that's according to industry analysts. gas is under $1.50 in some parts of the country. we won't see prices that low in the bay area. according to, the price for a gallon of regular is 2.69 in san francisco. it's 2.54 in oakland and 2.56 in san jose. it's 4:57 on a monday. flooding, ice, snow and travel delays after that weekend's monster blizzard. more on the big digout happening this morning -- coming up next. >> reporter: we're on the edge of super bowl city where the street closures have just begun. we're expecting a messy and confusing morning commute. ,, ,,,,,,
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he you you
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this is kpix 55 news. good morning. there it is. levi stadium, home of super bowl 50. the broncos and panthers. it's monday, it's january 25th. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. happy monday. it's 5:00. with the super bowl just 13 days away, san francisco is looking more like super bowl city every day. that means a lot of street closures in the city as construction will hit its peak this week. jackie ward along the embarcadero as drivers race for the first weekday commute around super bowl city and it could get a little dicey, right, jackie? >> reporter: no kidding, frank. i have to tell you, i'm commiserating with you after the pats loss. we're standing on the edge what's been designated super bowl city. you can see the signs, road closed, detour, that's what drivers will be


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