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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  January 25, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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this is kpix 55 news. good morning. there it is. levi stadium, home of super bowl 50. the broncos and panthers. it's monday, it's january 25th. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. happy monday. it's 5:00. with the super bowl just 13 days away, san francisco is looking more like super bowl city every day. that means a lot of street closures in the city as construction will hit its peak this week. jackie ward along the embarcadero as drivers race for the first weekday commute around super bowl city and it could get a little dicey, right, jackie? >> reporter: no kidding, frank. i have to tell you, i'm commiserating with you after the pats loss. we're standing on the edge what's been designated super bowl city. you can see the signs, road closed, detour, that's what drivers will be facing all
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morning. people who take the ferry will be directed to take certain path ways. this commute will affect a lot of people and it's expected to be the first of many messy mornings. the southbound side of the embarcadero from washington street to don chi way, market street east of beale and davis and stewart from market to don chiway. on those are all closed. but this area, a lot of areas will probably get worse as the morning progresses. if the weekend was any indication how the commute will go, this morning won't be presentty. we've spoken to several commuters. nom are willing to put up with this knowing there will be benefits. but some are already over it. >> this is ridiculous. i depth like -- i don't like it. i don't think anyone else does. >> reporter: these closures
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started over the weekend and will continue. good news, the embarcadero and embarcadero station is open for morning commuters. we have a whole survival good how to navigate through the city. back to you. construction projects are underway as the super bowl approaches. a high-tech tent for sears, a stage for performers, a television area. >> when a lot of extra people hit town and want to see a great city like san francisco that can only be good news for us. >> as locals snap pictures of the projects going up, the city is ensuring a security presence. coming up tonight, join ken and jennifer for our super bowl
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special, countdown to gold. joe montana will weigh in on the teams. that's right here. >> notice a little spring in her step, michelle had a big day. i watt at your house. by the way, the tacos were fabulous. >> thank you. >> i saw a picture of michelle and her family. the sport brings your family together. it will be a tradition that your girls will be able to carry on. >> been doing this since i was a kid. >> i thought that would be a nice christmas photo but this is january. i think your kids will change a little bit. >> all right. tossing to traffic? >> lisa is here. >> good to see you all. >> good morning, guys.
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traffic has been okay on bay area roadways. some areas have slowed traffic, especially at the altamont pass. a gummed up leaving the 205 interchange to vasco, 15 minute drive time. silicon valley, commuting, south bay travel times are okay. 280 is fine approaching downtown and no problems for northbound 87. the gauped lupe checking in with eight minutes between 85 and 101. more traffic including closures coming up. >> another confusing situation is the weather. it doesn't know what it wants to do right now. overcast skies as we take a sneak peek towards the bay bridge looking toward the port of oakland where it's 50. mild out the door in the 40s and 50s. this is the deal, see the rain? it's scanned past the far reaches, past sonoma. otherwise, mostly cloudy skies. we'll have sunny breaks. it will feel good in the 50s
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and 60s. next good chance of rain, we'll talk about that 18 minutes after the hour. pacifica is taking action now that recent storms have caused seaside damage putting homes at risk. kiet do has more on the troubling situation. kiet? >> reporter: we're live at a couple of apartment complexes on blaud avenue -- esplanade area. people have been living on the edge. these buildings are red tagged. some residents fear their buildings can be red tagged. tenants have been warned of a possible evacuation. high surf and heavy rains have damaged the pacifica pier and bashed a hole in the sea wall on beach boulevard. the city manager has declared a state of emergency in an effort
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to get funding to repair the damage. they are keeping a close eye on 310 esplanade avenue. michelle said she will stay in her dream home until the end as long as she can. >> we could be here for another two years, two months or two weeks. we don't know. >> reporter: and the pacifica city council is set to meet and vote tonight to confirm that state of emergency declared by the city manager. the meeting set for 7:00 p.m. we're live in pacifica, kiet do, kpix 5. the massive home that hit the east coast over the weekend has left a mess behind. offices and schools remain closed this monday. many people are outside shoveling away. some residents in d.c. and virginia have very different views on how much city crews and neighbors were helping out. >> even on a sunny day they probably wouldn't say hello but in a time of need, they are there. >> so outraged by the state,
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i'm liable to have a stroke. >> new york city faced heavy snowfall. while many are getting back to work, residents in queens have a whole lot of snow to clean up. >> a storm turned deadly for a mom and hemp 1-year-old son, the boy's father had been digging out while they rated -- waited. carbon monoxide took effect. a los altos man is in custody accused of killing a man who went missing in san jose. 39-year-old steve lab. was arrested over the weekend. a thundershowers says officer -- source says they discovered a crime scene. investigators didn't release any details about what they
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found but they identified and arrested hill as the suspect. the victim is presumed dead but his body has not been located. oakland raiders management will be meeting with the coliseum authority this morning. they are expected to discuss an extense of the lease agreement of the coliseum. they say mark davis will likely want a one-year lease while continuing to negotiate with city leaders for a new stadium. at least three bay area cities will consider plans aimed at protecting renters from the skyrocketing cost of housing. meetings are planned at pacifica city hall and at la fayette's hall. meetings are set to begin at 7:00 tonight. a similar meeting held tomorrow at santa rosa city hall. that's set to begin at 2:00. bay area native audrey pott is remembered in a documentary premiered today. she committed suicide eight days after being sexually
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assaulted at a house party. the film was made by a team of san francisco filmmakers. they wanted to cover two girls' diverging experiences of the sexual assault and the cyber shaming thatle follow -- that follows. key endorsement and confidence playing outlook in the presidential -- playing out in the presidential race. from the kpix 5 weather center, good monday morning, i'm tracking the potential of rainfall in the bay area. it could be sooner than you think. so far traffic is looking okay getting towards the bay bridge toll plaza. we have problems were the lights. they are out on the bay bridge. i will tell you what it's doing with traffic still ahead. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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is under way in parts of southern china... where it's been snowing for the first in about seven decades. it's actually the a. a weather alert is underway in parts of southern china. it's snowing. it's the first snow since recordkeeping began in that prove vince. no reports of major problems but unusually cold temperatures are expected in the region. much of this week. first contest in the 2016 presidential race just a week from today as reed binion
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reports, inners to -- endorsements are underway. >> reporter: withthe des moines register saturday endorsed hillary clinton for the democrat and marco rubio on the republican side. >> we're pleased. any time we can get people to ratify what our campaign is about. >> reporter: a day later, hillary clinton picked another endorsement. and donald trump raised eyebrows with this comment about the loyalty of his supporters. >> did you ever see that where i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and boont lose any voters. >> reporter: he gave a far more core dill response that michael bloomberg is considering a white house bid. >> i love the competition. i would love him to come in. >> reporter: clinton brushing off any notion that she would
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feel threaten. and bernie sanders using it to further his pop pew list message. >> if michael moom berg became an independent candidate a multibillionaire, it will tell people what be i've been saying for a long time, this country is moving away from democracy. >> reporter: i'm reed binion reporting. >> democratic candidates will take part in a town hall meeting in des moines, iowa later tonight. another major sickout is expected today for detroit public schools. this comes less than a week after 88 public schools closed in the district as a show of support for more than a dozen teachers named in a ut la. a judge will hold a hearing on the district's bid to stop the teacher absences. supporters say the district's emergency manager should be the one on trial. >> nobody else in michigan has their voice taken away but us
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and no mu you are trying to shut us up again. not a smart move. who is that in the traffic department? >> that's lisa. >> welcome back. >> thank you so much. it's good to see you guys. good morning, everybody. happy monday. we are gearing up for gridlock through san francisco. had huge problems with traffic issues, with all of the street closures, crews prepared for super bowl city. now getting into san francisco at the bay bridge, no issues so far, bridge crews are working on a problem they've had the past few days with circuit breakers and the lights being out for different sections of the bridge. this morning it's the eastbound section. the new section of the you will find 10, 15 street lights out at the fifth hour. it's not causing any clays -- any delays. getting into the city, it will certainly be she later on this morning. we've been talking about all of
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the closures in the south of market and financial district. southbound embarcadero shut down between washington. this is the big chunk of embarcadero right in front of the ferry building. there are many detours in place. over the weekend, it caused gridlock situation, we had problems with cars running red lights and heading through the crosswalks. we did have major gridlock situation. market closed east of beale and davis streets. do keep in mind, this will cause delays for transit. a lot of the bus lines will be detouring because of the closures. this morning i want to talk about the bridge commute. if you gotta take the san mateo bridge to make your drive into work, everything is fine. there was a car that broke down westbound. you can expect the usual slowing for westbound 580 leaving the altamont pass. that's gummed up from the 205 interchange approaching vasco. the only area would be 580 through the altamont. you can see our sensors picking
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up a light commute. no delays for the b.a.r.t. system. the embarcadero station remains open. no delays for local transit. that's a look at your traffic. here's roberta. good morning. 5 -- 5:17. i only have four weather watchers right now. you would think people are sleeping in. right now, john miller in santa rosa reporting 49 degrees there. in napa, upper 40s. antioch reporting the low 50s. good morning to steve in los altos reporting 48 degrees. it's a mild start to your morning. the winds are flat under 10 miles an hour. this is the scene looking out towards sfo. we'll be checking to see if things are back on track as far as reporting information for airport delays due to the massive storm over the weekend. we do have mostly cloudy skies
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at sfo, oakland and mineta. we're in the 40s and 50 degrees in oakland. it's really interesting, we are under the influence of high pressure. we have dry slots of dry weather that wants to work its way to the forecast. look at green on the screen. it's a little disturbance. it's gonna brick us a chance of a sprinkles this map indicates we still have the jet stream taking a nose dive in the bay area. what we do have a combination of clouds and sun. no rainmakers. this is your future daft. green on the screen means a sprinkle or two in the sonoma area. that's it. in and out of the clouds. here's tomorrow at this time. we're socked in and then you will notice the clouds thin. we do have sunny breaks and more clouds filter in the area.
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a pretty flat forecast from now until thursday with changes by the weekend. 50s and 60s across the board. a mild day across the santa clara valley at 64. the winds are up to 5, 10 miles an hour at best. i'm putting rain in the forecast on friday. a chance of much-needed precipitation here in the bay area on saturday and sunday. this is really interesting. we do have a pattern with rain every couple of days. now we seem to have a couple of dry days in the forecast. that means that el nino -- hopefully that means we're settling in. one thing i'm watching is mavericks. the window is opening up for the possibility -- we don't watch our local forecast. we watch things that are happening across the world. it's a very complex situation. we're looking for ways to generate 50 feet. >> 24-hour notice. >> 24 to 48. >> yes. >> all right.
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there's a big football game coming up in a couple of weeks. some of that news and the nfl is scoring points with environmentalists in the bay area. they volunteered to plant trees and teamed up with city trees. volunteers worked along main street planting almost 50 brand- new trees. a new york boy's text skills helped save his mother alive. last week, his diabetic mother fell ill on the phone and became unconscious. the loy tried calling the-- the boy tried calling the phone and no answer and then the ipad. >> it has a cell phone on it. >> i think him using the tablet is the reason she's still with
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us. that was the first time ever. >> the boy's father said emergency crews were on the way. he should open the door for them. the bay area quickly transforming into super bowl center with the big game less than two weeks away the we'll have more on what you need to know to nash gate your way around. and what is school about your school. you can e-mail your nomination to us. and we may come and feature your school on the show. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the da jason dufner, good morning. fans in denver witnessed possibly the final meeting in the great careers of peyton manning and tom brady. over 78 years combined between them. the most of any two starting quarterbacks in playoff history. brady and manning facing off for the 17th time in their careers. fifth time in the postseason. early second quarter, 7-6. denver, manning by owen daniels for the second time in the game. 14-6. and then final seconds, patriots scored a touchdown but they needed this two-point conversion. it was intercepted by bradie robbie. broncos win it, advancing to their eighth super bowl in franchise history. and arizona and carolina. first quarter, up 10-0 already,
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newton to corey brown. and he goes 86 yards for the touchdown. that made it 17-0. newton throws for two touchdowns. he ran for two more. carolina routes the cardinals 49-14. advances to their second super bowl and first in 12 years. sharks and kings in overtime, tied at 2. not tied anymore. l.a. wins and they tied the game with 12 seconds left in regulation. they win it 3-2. l.a.'s coach out of his mind. get ready, folks. let the hype begin as the broncos will take on the carolina panthers, winner take all. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight for the big warrior matchup against the san antonio spurs. that will be a good game. how about some golf? play of the day. dill lem mall for jason. stuck in the rocks. has to hit it. look what happens. he will roll that baby right
5:26 am
towards the cup. didn't get the birdie but he will settle for a tap in par. did it in the playoffs. thanks in large part to your play of the day. >> pretty good. 5:27 outside. it's the city within a city. we're talking about super bowl city and how it's taking shape. that's next. >> reporter: we're live in pausk consider with you -- pausk pacifica where el nino has already taken a toll. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ coast blizzard is over... b the clean up is only beginn the travel delays expected y that could a the massive east coast blizzard is over.
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but the cleanup is only beginning. the travel delays expected today that could affect us here. the super bowl teams have been picked and now the closures kick in. this monday morning commute will not be a good one. it's already rush hour at the bay bridge traffic where the metering lights are on. i will highlight the hot spots. good morning from the weather center. i'm tracking rain and it may arrive sooner than you think. good morning. it's monday, january 25th. i'm michelle griego. >> happy monday, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:30. the teams going to the super bowl are the broncos and panthers. big game here in the bay area 13 days away. folks should get pretty excited about it. construction crews are working around the clock. you can see workers are constructing stages, they are hanging signs in super bowl city, all over the city.
5:31 am
the fan village will take up several city blocks. and emily turner shows us what's being built and who is excited about the results. >> reporter: palo has seen the super bowl information from the beginning and gave us a tour of the progress which changes he says with each new ride. >> we're definitely having fun with the whole event. >> reporter: this will be a high-techno event for sears-- verizon. this is all coming together nicely thanks to 13 hours of construction a day. 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. most of the people we talked to building super bowl city are from out of town. many from new york. others from england. >> manufacture this building system and when you take it all over the place, in the states and around europe. >> reporter: security has been brought on to make sure the curious stays out. all of this will be back up and
5:32 am
bustling at 7:00 in the morning. apparently, according to security guards, these two buildings are supposed to be finished by the end of the day. who knows? but a lot can happen in 13 hours. emily turner, kpix 5. all of those construction projects have shut down fatal traffic arteries in san francisco. jackie ward is along the embarcadero as drivers brave the first commute around super bowl city. jackie? >> reporter: good morning. first of all, congrants to your broncos. great game yesterday. but we are on the enof the main area of super bowl city. you can see all of those signs, just a sampling of what drivers are looking at. road closed, detour, construction zones. not only will drivers be affected people who take the ferry will be taking certain pathways. this is expected to be the first of many messy mornings ahead. the southbound side of the
5:33 am
embarcadero from washington street to done to don, chi way. if the weekend was any indication to how this morning's commute will go, it will not be pretty. some are willing to put up with the closures. they know it will benefit the city and the economy. others are over it. and these closures just started on saturday but will continue until february 12th. however, the good news is that the embarcadero b.a.r.t. station, which will be closed, will actually be open for the morning commute hours. so that's one saving grace, i suppose. from the embarcadero, jackie ward, kpix 5. and the game, of course, will be played at levi stadium in santa clara. the city's mayor posted a message to officially welcome
5:34 am
the two participating teams. i'm very proud to welcome the broncos and panthers. we look forward to hosting both teams and their fans for the golden anniversary right here. in san jose, sam liccardo offered a similar welcome with super bowl 50 mvp jim plunkette at his side. >> we're proud to be one of the bay area supercommunities hosting the game in our backyard on february 7th. we've been getting busy, getting ready to welcome you with a week of fest tishs. the downtown san jose marriott has been designated as the hotel for the carolinas. a miniature football field is being created for the kids. there will be a beer garden, a
5:35 am
sparkling can pony with l.e.d. icicles in the street. >> the city will be alive in lights. >> the city will track the flow of visitors' cell phones. that information will be helpful for planners of future events. and coming up tonight, join ken and jennifer for our super bowl special countdown to gold. joe montana will weigh in on the teams, the broncos and the panthers. that's tonight at 7, you can watch it right here. a year ago i said it would be 62. mostly cloudy skies. i've been sticking with that. now it looks like it wants to gold more mile. we have to watch it. we have to watch it and make sure that ridge doesn't break down.
5:36 am
going for machines for the super bowl. 50 right here at levi stadium. good morning, everyone. how are you? look at this. it's a great place. mostly cloudy skies. numbers are very mild. 40s and 50s. okay. this is interesting. this is kind of like on your super bowl 50 day. we're looking at mostly cloudy skies. a few sunny breaks. we have rain to the north of us. it's a weak system. but will toss clouds in the forecast. we'll have rain to the north. maybe a sprinkle makes its way to sonoma. 50s and 60s for the daytime highs. i'm tracking legit knit -- legitimate rain. right now let's send it over to lisa. >> we'll talk about the highway 4 commute. it's our first accident of this monday morning commute. westbound just before willow pass. one lane is shut town. it has traffic backed up into antioch. you can see traffic down to 21 miles per hour.
5:37 am
the bay bridge metering lights were switched on a few moments ago. since then we've had backup. keep in mind, we are bracing for big-time delays around san francisco because of all of the clesh ure -- closures due to super bowl city. you heard from jackie ward who talked about the closures where we're expecting the big delays. at this hour, no delays for the fremont street exit. there's construction in the silicon valley. southbound 101 two lanes shut down for work approaching 880. the much-needed stormy weather is has taken its toll on the pacifica seaside and now the city is taking action. kiet do is live in pacifica where the damage is endangering a number of homes there.
5:38 am
are you there? i think we lost him. we'll check back in with him in a little bit. the massive storm that hit the east coast left a wet mess in washington, d.c. federal office buildings and schools remain closed with snow covering streets and sidewalks. many are outside digging out. some residents in d.c. and virginia had very different views on how much city crews and neighbors were helping. >> even on a sunny day they probably wouldn't say hel hello. but in a time of need, people want to help. >> i'm so outraged at the state, i'm liable to have a stroke. >> and over two dozen deaths have been linked to the massive storm. start of a brand-new week and a start to a positive trend on wall street. here's jill wagner. >> reporter: good morning. the markets will open today after their first positive week of the year. on friday, oil prices
5:39 am
rebounded. that sent stocks higher. futures are pointing to a lower open because the oil prices fell again this morning. that massive te cat da this recall is getting bigger. this is the first death 0 -- you might want to check the salad package in the fridge. the cdc is investigating a listeria outbreak linked to dole. they were sold under various brand numbers, including dole, fresh selection, simple truth and president's choice. the manufacturing code begins with the letter a. and hilton is launching a new hotel brand, the focus is on budget travelers. ranging from $75 to $90. it's meant to compete with comfort inn and la quinta. >> we've been talking about the
5:40 am
snow piling up over the east coast. and it really affected businesses there. >> reporter: that's right. experts are uting the price tag -- are putting the price tag at about $850 million. restaurants, theaters and others took the biggest hit. other say people are shifting their spending so they stocked up on food and shovels and did some online shopping and renting of movies. i can tell you i'm part of that last group of people. >> got a lot of movies in over the weekend? >> reporter: yeah. i watched the martian, which i think just came out it was pretty good. >> that's good. >> all right. thank you. >> thank you. 5:40. a flight diverted and met by pair med is on the runway -- pair med paramedics on the runway. 880 in oakland. not too bad for a monday but lisa will be back to let us
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forecast in just a few minu the much-needed stormy weatr is taking its toll on the pacifica seaside... and nowe city is taking under mostly cloudy skies. a high temperature topping off near 60 there. we're talking about chances of rain to the north. we'll update you on that coming up in four minutes. the much-needed stormy weather taking its toll on pacifica seaside now the city is doing something about it. kpix 5's kiet do is live in pacifica where the damage has a number of homeowners mighty worried. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're live here at a series of apartment complexes along the esplanade avenue that have been beaten up by el nino. these apartments behind the fence have been evacuated and red tagged. the folks next door, they may
5:44 am
sufficient the same fate. residents like michelle are ready to go with belongings packed. the tenants at 310 esplanade avenue have been warned of a possible evacuation because of the el nino storms eaten away at the bluffs that support the building. the high surf and rains have damaged the pier. the city manager has declared a sit of emergency in an effort to get funding to repair all of this damage. they are keeping a close eye on 310 esplanade avenue. michelle said they could be there for another two months, two years they don't know. >> i have the cat carriers next to the front door and a car nearby. i love it here. this has been my dream to live by the ocean, right by it all my life. >> reporter: the pacifica city council is set to meet tonight and confirm the city manager's declaration of that emergency. the meeting is set for 7:00 p.m. tonight. we're live in pacifica, kiet
5:45 am
do, kpix 5. islamic state extremists have released video that claims to show nine of the men behind the november terror attacks in france. this is a still frame from the video which shows the attackers' so-called final messages. some of the militants are seen beheading hostages. the identities of the victims are not known. others show the british cameron. a terrorism expert suggests that that the united kingdom could be the next target. a massive search on for these three men including an alleged killer. they escaped friday by using a homemade rope to make their way down four stories. >> it seems like the inmates cut through half-inch steel bars, cut through the plumbing tunnels and gained access to an unsecure area of the roof. from the roof, the inmates rappelled down to the ground. >> sheriff's department says it's notified victims of crimes
5:46 am
connected to the three escapees. investigators don't believe the escapees have left the country but so far they've been -- no confirmed sightings anywhere in southern california. seven people are recovering from injuries after severe turbulence rorkeed an american airlines passenger plane. it happened last night on a fright and they made an emergency landing in newfoundland where ambulances were waiting. some passengers described their experiences. >> everything 20 flying and -- it was pretty intense. >> were there people screaming? >> yeah. >> she was screaming. >> i really thought -- thought that was it. >> the crew did a phenomenal job. >> the plane was carrying 192 passengers and 11 crew members. none of the injuries considered life-threatening. a magnitude 7.1 earthquake rattling south central alaska over the weekend. groceries fell on the floor at this store during the quake.
5:47 am
several aftershocks were reported. the quake struck at 1:350 a.m. sunday morning. it was centered in the kenai peninsula. that's about 160 miles southwest of anchorage. no serious damage reported there. but the scwak sparked a natural gas explosion that destroyed four holes. you can see the damage after a pipe broke in the city of kenai. an entire neighborhood had to be evacuated. it's been a while. but lisa is back with us. >> i think i remember how to chew gum and do this. >> this broncos' colors. >> i guess they will have to be for now. we'll talk about this morning's commute. got accidents out there. we're bracing for big-time gridlock in san francisco because of the super bowl cloesh us. i will get to that in a second.
5:48 am
westbound highway 4 approaching willow pass. one lane of traffic shut dunn. traffic is backed up into antioch. that's a hot spot and the silicon valley is beginning to jam up. northbound drive time between the 280 and 237 clocking in at 15 minutes but northbound 280 and northbound guadalupe all looking good. they are still in the green with very light traffic with both of those commutes. if you plan to make the golden gate drive it's a little bit slick out there. southbound traffic still moving well. no big delays. the zipper truck went through there and there are four southbound lanes available for you. the bay bridge lights were switched on. we m backups at the toll plaza. the backups will continue to grow especially as you come off the bridge heading towards fremont street. that's the exit. it's dumping off a lot of the commuters in the middle of the closures. we did see a frid lock situation over the weekend as folks adjusted to the various
5:49 am
detours. all of that traffic is being detoured onto battery street. expect major drays along battery street. no big delays heading through downtown san francisco. it's so early in the morning. that will certainly change in the 7:00 hour. right now heading for the san mateo bridge, no delays approaching foster city. that's a look at traffic. here's roberta. southbound closed between washington and don chi. >> oh, boy. mostly cloudy skies, out at sfo. no reports of any local airport delays. temperatures are mild. the winds are nonexistent.
5:50 am
cloudy skies today, heading out the door. mild temperatures. a combination of cloud and sun mix and try but cloudy. this is interesting. we're under the influence of high pressure. we had this sneaker weak disturbance. and you can see the green on the screen that reflects rain showers a few of the sprinkles could make it into the far north bay. otherwise we aren't under the dry slot of machine high pressure. we do have the jet stream. anything that stacks up out there will make treks towards our area. it looks pretty precipitation free. future cast clearly illustrates that we are under overcast skies through lunch hour. here's during the day, sunny breaks. here comes tomorrow socked in and then more clouds in and out all the way through wednesday and into your thursday. even though we'll be dry and mild not the abundance of
5:51 am
sunshine. 62 degrees in san francisco. 62 in monterey today. it's currently 4 tahoe going up to the low 40s. sun up and sun down. we're talking about 464 degrees in -- 64 degrees. low 60s to the east. here is your extended forecast, rain, i'm putting in the forecast for friday. a chance of the umbrella for saturday and sunday. 5:51. a major shakeup announced for twitter. who is reportedly out the door? 13 days from now, this place will be rockin' with super bowl 50. it's the broncos, it's the panthers. a live look at levi stadium on this moond morning -- monday morning. we'll be right back. ,,,,
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mks. a few sunny breaks. a sprinkle or two across sonoma. otherwise, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. tuesday through thursday. rain is likely on friday and daily chances of rain over the weekend. it's rush hour at the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is bumper to bumper now from the foot of the macarthur maze
5:55 am
with those metering lights on. be prepared for delays getting into the city around the south of market area. i'll highlight all of the road closures with traffic. >> thank you, lisa. california's high speed rail project is already overbudget and behind schedule. but proposed changes could help gain steam. officials are considering bakersfield to san jose as the first major stretch for service instead of between burbank and the central valley. l.a. times reports the bakersfield to san jose segment would be less costly because it would not involve tunnels. twitter is in the midst of a major over haul. top executives are out. that's according to jack dorsey. last year twitter rehiredder tocy to try to get the company back on it feet. in october, twitter cut 300 employees or 8% of the work force. gas prices have plunged 4
5:56 am
cents to the lowest prices we've seen in seven years. that's according to industry analysts. in some parts of the country gas is under 1.50. according to, the average gal 2.54 in oakland. in san jose, 2.56. a big week for some bay area cities struggling with the housing crunch as they discuss new plans to keep people in their homes. and road closures that have been in place since saturday will add a mess to the commute. it will make it difficult to get to the financial district and market street. ,,,, ,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
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and i'm frank mallicoat
6:00 am
the match-up f good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> happy monday. i'm frank mallicoat. it's nearly 6:00. the match up for super bowl 50 is set. broncos and panthers. with the super bowl just 13 days away way, construction crews are working around the clock to get ready for the big game. >> work remembers in full swik building stages and putting up signs and banners in super bowl city. the fan village there will take up several city blocks. emily turner shows us what crews are building and who is excited about the end result. >> reporter: palo has city the transformation from the beginning and gave us a tour of the progress which changes, he says, with each new ride. >> we're definitely having fun with the whole event. >> reporter: it will be a be high-tech she event


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