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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  January 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> college students gone wild. too wild. a bay area city is cracking down on drunken frat parties. berkeley says it has had enough of the out of control behavior. >> christin ayers says tonight the city is ready ready to lay down the law. >> reporter: the signs are everywhere. it is rush week on uc berkeley's frat row. the last few months have been chaotic. in december, a drunk student plunged from a roof and died during a party. on halloween, a crush of 4,000 people gathered here and a riot broke out. >> we are not trying to kill the parties. >> reporter: berkeley mayor tom bates says both incidents have
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fueled an effort to crack down on frat parties. they would be limited to 200 people forcing them to end at 10:00 p.m. on weekdays and 1:00 a.m. on weekends. >> i am not satisfied. >> my 21-year-old roommates couldn't have a six pack of beer for themselves. >> reporter: they argue it is too broad and targets all students unfairly. they claim the student government has already implemented its own policies but the mayor says frat row needs stricter rules. >> we like people to adhere to the standard. we will do the best we can. >> reporter: city officials have met with people on all sides of the issue nearly 50 times to hammer out the ordinance. tonight is the first reading o the bill. christin ayers, kpix5. >> student government of cal has agreed to separately impose new rules on the frat houses.
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they have increased security in the homes and prohibited alcohol in minor's rooms. a violent end to the standoff at a federal wildlife refuge in oregon. the fbi says one person is dead. seven others under arrest after some members of the militia group were pulled over in a traffic stop. it is not clear what happened exactly but it ended in a shoot- out, the group was headed to a community meeting and the protesters were angry about federal land policies. the fbi says ammon bundy was among those taken into custody. as the sunset in pacifica tonight, people whose homes have been deemed too dangerous to live in were packing up moving out. several apartment buildings are in jeopardy of falling into the ocean. but, kpix5's joe vasquez town out that some people are determined to stay put. >> reporter: pacifica is no
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longer calling mother nature's bluff. these cliff side apartments have been yellow tagged. moving trucks issuing people away from danger. >> we are used to going to the rail there. it started caveing in so they put the safety barrier here so it is crumbling at both ends rapidly. >> yes, i'm staying. i'm absolutely staying. the buildings have way more damage and they are still standing after five years. to displace 20 animals is ridiculous. >> reporter: the storms have sped up the decades long erosion of the cliffs. the apartment buildings are not guilty the only victims. this house just behind the shivooway has been yellow tagged and the rv park nearby is getting smaller. they have already had to cut down the number of spaces here. they put up the safety fence. the erosion is right up to the fence. >> they will have to pull the
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fence back where they have seven to ten feet. hopefully mother nature doesn't take any more for a while. >> reporter: a little further down at the rec center, the puppies in training can no longer walk to the back parking lot. >> it is gone. it is in the ocean. you can see it. you can see the asphalt down there if you are brave enough to peer over the side. >> reporter: there is talk around here about building a seawall, but there is already an existing seawall further down in pacifica and it got damaged in the latest storm so it is safe to say city leaders are struggling with what to do next. i'm joe vasquez, kpix5. >> the el niño surf unearthed this gray whale car cliff carcass in pacifica. now, you can see t carcass has resurfaced. no word on what if anything the city plan to do about that. just a few hours ago, the
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san jose city council minneapolisly approved ... indianapolisly approved to build the cupertino plans. it is a big boost for the city. >> reporter: the new development could translate to 10,000 jobs in san jose. apple will now have to go through the planning department to apply for permit to begin construction. the new campus is massive. about 4 million square feet. that is more than double the side of levi stadium. it comes at a good time. he claims this is the most successful year of any economic development team in the city's history. >> we have seen extraordinary growth and opportunity from tech companies moving in and growing in san jose. certainly apple is in a league of its own. certainly with regard to the size of the investment they are making. up to 4 million square feet. it is extraordinary. it is larger than their headquarters campus.
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>> well t downside? traffic. all those extra workers are going to have to work somehow. apple will be paying millions of dollars in taxes mitigating cost. meanwhile, earlier today, apple projected the first sales decline in 13 years indicateing the smartphone market might finally be saturated. that is despite selling a record number of iphones in the final three months of 2015. live in the news room, i'm veronica de la cruz, kpix5. we are just over 11 days away from superbowl 50. we will take a live look at downtown san francisco. another street closure just went into effect. howard street between third and fourth now closed. that is where the nfl fan experience will be beginning saturday. construction at superbowl city has been going on nonst. nonstop. you can see things taking place at justin herman plaza.
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betty yu shows us gold is all the rage. betty? >> reporter: that's right ken. that is because that is the signature color of superbowl 50. you really cannot miss all of the gold and the superbowl 50 logos up all around levi stadium like this big one behind me on the dome. this area will be part of an ultimate fan village come superbowl day. and inside, the field is almost ready for action. tonight, crews watered the field that will be home to the denver broncos and the carolina panthers at levi stadium. it is looking more gold than 49er red. in the days leading up to superbowl 50. >> it is the superbowl. so we want to have a look and a feel for the game. it is the biggest game of the year. >> reporter: earlier today, we saw workers put the finishing touches on the field, painting the logo in gold and black. you will see a lot of 50s this year and no roman numerals
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anywhere on any superbowl logo. >> we will go back to roman numerals starting again next year in houston. but, with 50 being such a unique and special year, we wanted it to stand out more. >> reporter: this week's dry weather has given crews time to catch up on decking out the field. it lost several days over the past few weeks due to el niño storms. the nfl says it is ready though for a rainy day. >> you may have the greatest game plan in the world that week and the weather comes in and changes everything so you have to change that. >> reporter: so, this weekend, a big halftime show rehearsal begins. there is some rain in the forecast. the nfl says it will have to protect all of the turf and of course, they may even have to cut some of those rehearsals short to make sure that turf stays in good shape. betty yu, kpix5. muni has been installing
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high-tech cameras to keep an eye on superbowl city traffic. 150 cameras in total. so far, they are on market street with the superbowl city is being built tonight. muni say it is cameras will help them to keep traffic flowing. >> these are cameras that can monitor traffic and transit. they have great resolution so we can see cheerily down the corridor. they allow us to make realtime adjustments for special events. collisions on the street. so, we can reroute our transit system. >> the cameras have a facial detection feature, though muni has no plans to use it. it will be back to a central control center. the military will be watching from the sky as well on superbowl sunday. they are practicing right now over southern california. f-15s will keep an eye out for any planes that should not be around levi stadium. and we know they will have footballs for the game for
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sure. an entire semi full of them delivered hundreds of them today in san francisco. they are made by hand at a factory in ohio. the driver says this is the 16th year in a row that he has trucked in the game balls. the draws for season ticketholders is tomorrow. if they are chosen they can pay face value for tickets. there are some suites available as well. those are going for up to $450,000. need a place to stay for the superbowl? this tree house is for rent in burlingame for $495 a night. you can catch the kickoff celebration live here on kpix5. this undercover video launched a criminal investigation againsted plan parenthood. now the accusers are the ones
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in trouble. tonight, the san jose woman at the center of it all. >> dog ins the bay area are getting sick. some are dying. tonight, why el niño is being blamed. >> and donald trump is boycotting the next debate. the woman he refuses to face. >> day three of our dry stretch in the middle of winter. where has the rain gone? i'll show you where it is raining right now and when it will be raining in your backyard and how much rain to expect as we head toward the weekend. a live look outside. beautiful san francisco. partly cloudy. your forecast is next.
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facing prison.. for undercor videos at planned parenthoo kpix 5's andria borba found: one of them is from the bay >> tonight, two undercover activists are facing prison for
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undercover videos of planned parenthood. andria borba found out one of them is from the bay area. >> reporter: a houston grand jury tasked with investigating alleged misconduct by planned parenthood in these videos. >> don't lowball it. >> reporter: instead, they turned their sights on the people who recorded the video. david deladen and sandra merritt allegedly used fake california drivers licenses and posed as buyers of fetal parts. the video sparked nationwide outrage and congressional hearings on whether planned parenthood was selling aborted fetal parts. kpix5 went by sandra's san jose home to get her legal turn of events. the light was on and there was movement inside, but no one answered. they claimed their techniques were no different than investigative journalists. >> this could set a dangerous
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precedent and chill undercover investigations by legitimate journalists. >> reporter: in texas, the drivers license charge is a misdemeanor while the fetal parts charge is a felony carrying a maximum sentence up to 20 year ins prison. in san jose, andria borba, kpix5. we are seeing a dangerous and deadly side effect from el niño tonight. dogs are getting sick and in some cases dying from eating poisonous wild mushrooms. they are popping up from all the rain we have had, especially in the north bay. one woman lost her six month old puppy to a deadly mushroom. veterinarians in marin say they have seen at least one of these cases a week. >> dogs can get very sick. sometimes, it is just vomiting but oftentimes it can lead to death very quickly. there is one type of mushroom that if a dog eats it, it gets sick initially, then they go into liver failure. it is tragic. >> there are a couple of deadly
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varieties the destroying angel, the death cap. both can be highly highly poisonous. california has the first confirmed case of the zika virus in la county. the virus linked to birth defects and reporter andrea fuji says there is alarming evidence of how it spreads. >> reporter: babies born with small heads and underdeveloped brains, the horrific result of pregnant women with the zika virus. evidence is coming to light that it could be sexually transmitted as well. a doctor was infected with it in 2008. several days after returning home to his wife, he says she got sick. >> that is when my wife came down with basically the same symptoms that i did. that is when we were like okay, i need to document even more of this. >> reporter: he concluded that he passed on the virus through intercourse and published his findings but only now is his
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research getting attention. >> we should raise our eyebrows to the possibility it could spread that way. >> reporter: tonight, several major airlines said they would allow travelers to cancel trips to south and central america trips without penalty. word from the la county department of public health that a 15-year-old girl contracted it while in el salvador last year has doctors concerned that the threat could be close to home. >> we don't know if it will mutate as viruses do and sometimes become stronger. sometimes become weaker. >> reporter: the cdc says there is not evidence yet to issue a warning that the zika virus can be sexually transmitted but they are recommending all doctors screen pregnant women who have been to the affected woman. andrea fuji, kpix5. six days until the iowa
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caucuses. donald trump is saying he is boycotting the next gop debate thursday on fox news. >> i'm not a fan of megyn kelly. i think she is a third rate reporter and not good at what she does. >> well you may recall that during the first republican debate in august, the fox moderator questioned mr. trump about his history of making disrespectful comments about women. trump didn't take that well and called her un professional and disrespectful. his closest challenger ted cruz says bring it on. man to man. >> if he is not willing to debate on the stage, i would like to invite him to engage in a one on one debate with me any time between now and the iowa caucuses. >> according to a new poll, donald trump leads cruz by just two percentage points in iowa. marco rubio is the only other candidate in double digits. some people are so fed up with potholes in oakland, they
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have started taking matters into their own hands. take a look at this. someone has been filling potholes with bricks. this is on west grand avenue. the pothole has been repaired. at times the city says please let the professionals handle it. california has more snow now than it has had in the past five years. today the state said the sierra snow pack is 115% of average this time of year. >> wow. that is good news. it has been five years. yeah, it's the best we have seen since 2011. dare i say we want to get greedy and ask for more? if we got to 150%, we could say the drought is near over. we need more rainfall. more mountain snow. not tonight, not for the next couple of nights. reservoirs, great news. billions and billions of gallons heading into our two largest reservoirs. but how are they doing compared to full capacity? not so great.
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shasta h 7%. oroville, 39%. a light jacket kind of evening. 53 san francisco. santa rosa 49. 48 concord. oakland, 54. 44 san jose. san francisco, you are low tonight, 48 degrees. dry for three days. we have two more to go. you can follow these jet stream winds and see that clock wise swirl. that is a ridge of high pressure, a blocking ridge of high pressure. we have way too many of those to pass four winters. we have one now for a couple of days keeping the rain away. storm track is way up in northern british columbia. that is where our next storm is. from there stretching back to the gulf of alaska, it will take two more days to get this and transport it down to northern california. we in the bay area will only get a glancing blow. you can see this with our futurecast rainfall totals. thursday evening a little bit of rain for mendocino county.
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watch the disparity on friday. by friday night, less than a tenth of an inch of rain for san jose. more than two inches of rain. or 20 times the amount of san jose in mendocino county. so the rain will certainly skew north. for most of us just scattered showers coming up friday. cloudy with a few areas of fog in the north bay. the dry break continues for two more days and lit be warm. the rain returns on friday. looking at high ins the upper 60s in the south bay. san jose, 68. san rafael, 62. with sunshine. thursday, cloudier, but still dry. scattered showers friday. now here is the switch. saturday will be dry over the weekend. but sunday looks soggy. could get an inch of rainfall everywhere. sunday will be the wettest day. >> am i seeing partly cloudy monday and tuesday? >> yeah. we head toward the superbowl, it is looking chilly but dry. >> absolutely. we can pile on an extra coat. >> sounds good. thanks paul. a celebration in san
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francisco for the grammy awards. we found out about the show's performers and the tributes. >> and coming up on the late show with stephen colbert. lawrence fishburne. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> music's biggest night the grammies kicked off with a big celebration here in san francisco. the local chapter of the recording academy threw a party to all the bay area nominees from musicians to engineers. the 2016-grammy show will be packed with a stellar lineup of performers including as announced today, carrie underwood and sam hunt. there will always be tribute. >> just recently having glenn frey and david bowie passed away, how could they not? they are so engrained in our culture. so we will certainly be acknowledging them. >> great show. the 58th annual grammy awards will be broadcast on monday, february 15th righted here on kpix5. and for the very first time, the west coast will see the show live beginning at 5:00 p.m. >> that is awesome. warriors are going to once
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again celebrate the chinese new year with some special jerseys. klay thompson helped unveil this year's version during a stop in china town. it has special patch on the sleeve for the year of the monkey. after modeling the jersey, thompson showed off another skill. he helped make some fortune cookies. >> must be international day for the warriors. they will go down under. say hello to the 49ers new defensive coordinator. do you know this man? you will next. ,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,
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will be transformed into an mecca to host the first sup media night, open >> on monday night, the shark tank will be transformed into an nfl mecca to host the first superbowl media night open to the public. the sharks played their last game before the nfl takes over the arena. colorado coach patrick roy probably wish he could have gotten on the pads because his goalie wasn't getting it done. hurdle knocked in the rebound. 2-0 san jose. two man advantage for the sharks and they convert jumbo joe to little joe. they win 6-1. how about the beat down? 1300 points for the first time for his career. and the sharks haven't lost in regulation since january 7. according to multiple
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reports, the 49ers will hire jim o'neal to be their next defensive coordinator. he had the same title in cleveland the last two seasons an the browns will rank 23rd and 27th in total defense while o'neal was there. australian open. canta trying to make history down under facing shue of china. canta makes a beautiful job shot. she wins. three pints at the pig and whistle tonight because she is the first british woman to advance to the semifinals since carter was beginning his term. did you know that? what year? >> 1978. >> 76. very bad presidential knowledge. >> that's what i said! >> yeah, we didn't watch any of the game. we just showed some funny stuff. today is australia day. >> fosters.
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australian for beer. >> this is what we do, you know, we try to keep them entertained and get them to laugh once in a while. >> good day. down deep in australia. how are you? >> another brutal warriors practice. >> what did you win? >> nothing. [ laughter ] >> we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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