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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 28, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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this is from on top of the transamerica pyramid. it's thursday, it's january 28. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm anne makovec in for frank this morning. looks like a clear morning out there. >> i know. frank is not clear when it comes to his congestion. >> right. . >> stepping out we have a change in your forecast. we have increasing clouds. it will be a mostly cloudy day today. there's a chance of a couple of raindrops. but for the most part it will just be cloudy and temperatures in the 40s stepping out. later today, numbers coming down slightly but in comparison to yesterday, that's not bad at all. we topped off at 70 in the inland areas today 50s to low and mid-60s. got your full forecast and tracking a storm together but let's say welcome back to gianna. >> thank you. we start the morning off with construction. no accidents. bad news, westbound 580 that ramp eastbound 24 will be shut
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down for at least the next half- hour. other than that, quiet into san francisco. super bowl closures coming up. a gruesome twist in a south bay murder case. kpix 5's christin ayers on the new clues that suggest a missing campbell man has been killed. reporter: volunteers wrapped up a search of this area and the santa cruz mountains with still no sign of kyle myrick. he went missing from his job at gp sports friday. he had been working alongside this man, steve hlebo appeared in court in san jose accused of murder even though authorities have yet to find the body. the gory details of what they did find inside this vacant building next door to go. p sports is outlined in a statement from detectives. there was a great deal of blood in a storage in a closet and a severed human ear in a pool of blood on the floor. it appeared as if someone had been dragged from the crime
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scene to hlebo's truck which had been parked nearby. >> i just wish he would be a man and tell me where my brother is. >> reporter: kyle's brother richard is leading the search and urges anyone who may have seen anything to come forward. he had only these words for hlebo. >> he will have his day when his judgment day when he goes and sees god. >> reporter: hlebo will be back in court on february 16 enter a plea. those volunteer searchers not giving up. they say they will regroup back here near the crime scene at 8 a.m. to search again. in san jose, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> for now, investigators believe myrick's body may be dumped in the ocean near santa cruz. people are looking for people who pepper sprayed and woman. the victim was attacked yesterday on twin peaks. one woman wondered if san francisco police might be spread too thin because of super bowl activities. >> i think it's really scary and you feel like right now with the super bowl happening they are sweeping things under
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the carpet. but they really need to be focusing more on neighborhoods. >> police say undercover officers are patrolling that area at various times. three travelers from france were mugged in the same area last month. a bay area woman made billions by promising to revolutionize healthcare. and now the federal government says her company's newark lab puts patients in danger. more now from kpix 5's andria borba. reporter: this was elizabeth glass defending the methods of her company theranos. before the that interview the department of health and human services was inspecting the lab in newark. condition level deficiencies, immediate jeopardy. a study of the hematology program found problems with the lab director technical supervisors and scientists performing high level tests. the report also says conditions
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at theranos has caused is causing or is likely to cause at any time serious injury, harm or death to individuals served by the laboratory. in an earlier interview with kpix 5, stanford dr. john says the promises made by holmes were smoke and mirrors. >> it's mostly advertisement at the moment and pr and very, very little evidence, very, very little science. >> reporter: in an email to kpix 5, a theranos representative says this about the inspection and subsequent report. this survey of our newark california lab began months ago and does not reflect the current state of the lab. theranos has 10 days to respond to the state and make changes to the lab. andria borba, kpix 5, newark. these cliffs in pacifica are crumbling but a congresswoman checked out the damage firsthand and is doing something about it. jackie speier is calling for federal aid, $30 million. it would fund repairs to
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pacifica's pier, the city's seawall and possibly a shoddy road by the coast. >> this is a state problem. this is a national problem. highway 1 is in jeopardy and we need to take steps to protect it. >> the federal aid money probably would not help relocated displaced residents but they may be getting rental assistance from the county. i was out there yesterday talking to those residents. that's a really rough situation. there's just a matter of feet between their backyards and the ocean. >> sure. it's devastating for them because they have to move. some of them just can't. >> it's good that we're trying to get support for them because it's not going to get if i better. we are in the midst of this el nino season. an area of low pressure is coming to the bay area. good morning, everyone. mostly cloudy skies. clear skies there looking towards mineta international airport. and in the distance there you see levi's stadium, home of super bowl 50 televised right
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here on kpix 5 on february 7. right now temperatures in the 40s and 50s clear in san jose at 46. we have clear conditions in livermore in the low 40s. we have cloud cover currently in oakland at 47 degrees. temperatures coming down in comparison to yesterday and and 66. 50s and 60s at the beaches today. 60s around the peninsula. still going up into the 60s to the south in the santa clara valley down from 70. numbers east of the bay into the mid-60s. the winds will rotate around to the west about 10 to 15 miles per hour. and in the far reaches, that's where we have a chance of some sprinkles today. 50s and 60s. i have your full forecast featuring rain. that's coming up in a matter of minutes. but first, let's check in with your traffic. here's gianna. >> thanks, roberta. let's get a bridge check now. live look at the san mateo bridge this morning. so of traffic is light as you commute out of hayward into foster city. no delays. in fact, your drive times look good. 13 minutes between 880 and 101. golden gate bridge off to a good start, as well. very light travel conditions out of marin county into san
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francisco this morning and no fog so clear on the southbound side 101. bay bridge everything up to speed westbound out of oakland into san francisco. back to you guys. just 10 days to go until super bowl 50. a live look now at the ferry building. it's decked out and ready for all the events. security screenings are under way on golden gate ferry just be aware there could be slowdowns over the next week and a half. the build-up to the game hasn't been trouble-free. a 15-story advertisement over super bowl city is getting a lot of buzz, the bad kind. kpix 5's mark kelly explains why city officials don't like what they see. reporter: high atop embarcadero tower 4, the ad reads, get a network that works. but for city officials this giant verizon wireless advertisement isn't working for
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them. >> this violates the local law and they have to take steps to take it down. >> reporter: in 2002, san francisco voters passed proposition g, which banned any new general advertising it signs in the city and the city says that's exactly what this verizon sign is. >> i don't think it's a very nice addition to the san francisco skyline, unfortunately. but i can imagine why it's there. super bowl time, after all, right? >> reporter: super bowl or not, city attorney dennis herrera sent a letter to verizon and the building's property manager asking they immediately take steps to remove the illegal verizon sign, no later than 5 p.m. thursday. >> if we make exceptions for one we are opening the door to saying that it's okay for everybody to do this. >> reporter: the super bowl 50 host committee said it is cooperating with the city attorney to modify the banner so that they are 100% compliant. but this city's been regulating signs for more than 50 years
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and super bowl 50 isn't likely to be an exception. >> what do you think of that sign, do you think it should come down? >> it's illegal, yeah. >> reporter: the city attorney also said he is working closely with verizon and property manager and hopes to have a exclusion. if not, the final, -- to have a solution. if not, there will be a temporary restrainin order. >> the regulations are in place to enhance the character and dignity of san francisco. a bay area hotel is offering an expensive package to intend the super bowl. the fairmont in san francisco is offering four nights in a penthouse. it includes an open bar, 22 tickets to the game, and one of the gold suites at santa clara' leaves leaves. the price tag -- at levi's stadium, the price tag for all of this, a million dollars. saturday super bowl city will open and the bay bridge lights will be turned on.
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you can see it live for free not a million dollars, that's saturday night at 7 p.m. on kpix 5 your television home for super bowl 50. a lot of people are puzzled by the sudden appearance of a mysterious box in san francisco. it's connected to a pole in the financial district. big metal box has wheels and a lock. it also has a yellow tag on it. the warning supposedly from the department of homeland security saying, do not unplug. it caught the attentions of passersby. >> really? okay. no idea. >> if you had to take a guess what, would you say it is? >> probably some kind of security device for the super bowl. i hear it's going to be crazy and like a million people in san francisco. >> san francisco police have not said yet what the exactly that box is. time now 4:40. fallout from donald trump's
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boycott of tonight's gop debate. how his absence could affect the performance of the other candidates. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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debate. but donald trump is boycotting. and reporter marlie ha tonight in iowa, republican candidates meet for another debated. but donald trump is boycotting. and reporter marlie hall shows us he is getting all the attention even from the sidelines. [ applause and cheers ] reporter: with the debate just hours away, donald trump is still refusing to attend. a point he made clear wednesday night in an appearance on fox news. >> will you just consider, i want you to consider, all right, think about it -- >> bill, this is much tougher being with you because frankly you're smarter. this is much tougher than doing the debate with megyn kelly. believe me. i got an unfair question from somebody but we don't talk about that. >> reporter: at an event in south carolina earlier trump continued to take aim at the fox news host moderating the event. while in des moines chief rival
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ted cruz once again challenged him one-on-one. >> i'm going to propose a venue, western iowa tech saturday night in sioux city. we already have it reserved. >> reporter: while his republican counterparts are on the debate stage, trump will be here on the campus of drake university. even students who don't support the candidate are excited about what they are calling the anti- debate event. >> you know, it's smart. as an american citizen it worries me that he is unable to stand up to one reporter or one moderator how he is going to attempt to make america great again. >> reporter: trump's camp says he will hold a fundraiser for veterans on the campus of drake university tonight. at least one veteran's group, the iraq and afghanistan veterans of america, announced they will decline donations from the event. marlie hall, cbs news, des moines, iowa. >> meanwhile, the gop candidates participating in the debate say they are excited to get extra air time with trump
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off the stage. and this new pew research poll makes clear who people don't want for president. 20% said they would be less likely to vote for a candidate who tried marijuana. 37% don't want a candidate who has cheated on a partner. 41% don't like personal financial problems. and the number one disqualify, a candidate who does not believe in god. the deadline to sign up for the affordable care act is just three days away and president obama is issuing a challenge to the bay area. kpix 5's allen martin was the only bay area reporter to interview the president at the white house yesterday. it's something you will see only on "5". >> welcome. >> thank you for hosting us. >> reporter: the president is pushing 20 cities, two in california including oakland, to rise to his challenge and sign up more people for the affordable care act. >> 7 out of 10 will get good quality health insurance for 75
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bucks a month. now, that means that they could get health insurance for less than their cell phone bill. >> reporter: oakland is being targeted because it's lagging behind in registering participants in obamacare. >> the there are people in oakland who have a legitimate argument, i think, when they say, look, gentrification is real in oakland now. tech companies are moving in. i can barely afford a roof over my head and food. how am i supposed to afford healthcare even if it's through obamacare? >> i am saying that if you get sick, if you get a serious accident, you want to have that financial security. >> reporter: but former chair of the state gop tom del beccaro says republicans can and he believes will come up with something better. >> i think the republicans need to come forward with a plan that actually helps people and there's a variety of ways to do that through a flat tax which i propose or they could do it through health savings accounts. >> reporter: also health and human services secretary sylvia burwell told me at the white house today that boosting enrollment numbers is not just about the president's legacy.
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>> one thing it is about is reducing the number of uninsured. we agree with that. we have lower unemployment rates as a nation railroad people are getting coverage through their jobs or through the medicaid expansion. >> reporter: this nationwide challenge by the white house includes oakland and 19 over cities and the way it's going to end is that when enrollment closes on sunday, numbers will be tallied up and whichever city has the most enrollees they will win a visit by president obama. i was able to by the way ask the president about his pick for the super bowl. he is too diplomatic to pick one over the other. in washington, allen martin, kpix 5. there's a lot of snow in washington, dc thanks to a blizzard that shut down congress. there was a brief session with
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only two senators showing up lisa murkowski of alaska and susan collins of maine, both republicans. the rest didn't make it. the staff members who showed up were also women. >> they toughed it out. >> senator from alaska, she is used to the snow. >> she was out there shoveling a pathway for everybody to get to the white house, i'm sure as well, right? [ laughter ] good morning, ladies. looking love. >> it was very spring-like around the bay area. as soon as the sun goes down it cools off rapidly. today a big change in the forecast. temperatures coming down a couple of notches but most notably the sky. mostly cloudy today. right now looking towards the bay bridge, it is overcast around the bay. we have clouds lining the coast and we have some clear
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conditions away from the bay. san jose clear 46. otherwise cloud cover in oakland at 47 degrees. here's the deal. this is our satellite and radar we have precipitation to the north of the bay area. this is a frontal boundary and you see the green on the screen. that's the rain. we have a clear slot here in the frontal boundary comes to the bay area. good news is, high pressure that's been in the bay area is beginning to descend south. also, the ridge is eroding due to the storm track that's slowly sagging south due to the area of low pressure. this is going to sideswipe the bay area and we'll see rain beginning overnight tonight. our outbreak 8 to 14 days through your super bowl weekend sun ettled weather pattern -- is unsettled weather pattern every day. far reaches the north bay chances of rain. couple of raindrops around santa rosa. but nothing measurable until tomorrow morning just about this time. we'll begin to see the rain from the north to the south.
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by saturday morning we'll see 1.5" in napa, 2" of rain in santa rosa, about two-tenths in san jose. 10 hours and 11 minutes of daylight today mostly cloudy 50s and 60s. here's your seven-day forecast. just call it unsettled each and every day rain on friday. tapering off saturday. chances of rain subject through tuesday. that's your weather forecast here's gianna with traffic. on the roads head to the altamont pass. you will find a broken-down vehicle near greenville causing a snag westbound. we are seeing traffic build for your typical drive out of tracy. westbound work your way to the top of the altamont pass. it will take about 15 minutes right now. once you get to 680 traffic is light. we are seeing extra volume westbound but overall things are clear as you work your way towards the dublin interchange. only 15 minutes for your drive time. no troubles right now on the san mateo bridge. you can see both directions look good between 880 and 101. traffic is very light as you head through there.
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also the same for the golden gate bridge. it's been very light so far out of marin county into san francisco. that's an easy 14 minutes. in fact, most of your bay area bridges look good this morning. here's a look at conditions at the bay bridge near the tunnel and so far traffic is very light both directions on the lower and upper deck. westbound 580 that ramp eastbound 24 is closed for at least the next 10 minutes so expect some slight delays as you work your way through there but if you want to skip the roads and use mass transit, everything is on time systemwide for bart no delays "ace" train clear caltrain and muni, as well. of course closures are under way for super bowl. southbound embarcadero closed near the ferry building, closures on lower market and howard between 3rd and 4th streets. so do plan on that. and some extra busy congestion around san francisco for super bowl. time is 4:51. if you don't want to take the time to stop and fill up your car with gas, there's now an app for that. the new delivery service being offered in the bay area next. >> what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at
4:52 am we may come and feature your school on the show. a driver is attacked.. for ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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outside a daycare. it was all good morning. i want to walk you through thursday. look at the lunch hour. we have some light to moderate rain showers in the far reaches of the north bay. then a few sprinkles across the santa rosa area. here's your friday morning commute. it will be wet north of the golden gate bridge. everybody needs an umbrella on friday. showers continue until early saturday morning and partly cloudy throughout most of the day cloud cover sunday. currently temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. so far, so good on the
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roads. live look at the golden gate bridge. they just did the lane changes. you can see traffic is very light out of marin into san francisco. a driver is attacked for parking in the wrong spot outside a daycare. it was all caught on camera. it happened in chinatown in san francisco. two men confront the driver. when the driver refuses to move, the men start throwing punches. so far, they haven't been caught. more trouble for devrie university. the target of a federal lawsuit for misleading tens of thousands of students. there are campuses in the bay area in fremont, san jose and oakland. the federal trade commission claims devrie made bogus claims about job placement and salaries. it advertises that 90% of graduates find work within six months of graduation. about 50,000 students in california could get tuition refunds if the for profit school loses. devry says the lawsuit is
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without merit. a new study shows the automatic braking feature in cars can reduce rear end crashes by 40% and a front collision warning feature can be nearly as effective. the study suggests the feature slashes the risk of a rear end crash by 23%. the resome involves a review of -- the research involves a review of police records for nearly 7500 rear end crashes. some new apps allow a person to fill up a tank without going to a gas station. one of them is from palo alto. on request someone will go to the location and fill the tank there. the app is running on a limited basis but a plug-in device is in the works. >> you just plug it into your vehicle and we can read the tank level, know exactly the position of the vehicle and we can open the fuel hatch so we can deliver the gasoline without the use of intervention. >> we fuel charges a $7.49 delivery fee plus the average price per gallon in your zip
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code. and right now, the service is only available in palo alto and menlo park but there are plans to expand. construction isn't close to starting yet but the warriors' new basketball arena in san francisco has a name. the chase center comes from the team's naming rights deal with banking giant jpmorgan chase. terms have not been released. the arena is right now set to open in 2019. it is 4:57. keeping people safe at the super bowl is important. next the all hands on deck approach to securing the game and everything leading up to it. >> reporter: and we have the details in the grisly murder of a san jose motorcycle mechanic. also, the family needs your help to find the body. ♪ soul on fire, best you learn ♪ can't get higher ♪ ♪ till it burns ♪ man on fire ♪ sole survivor, yeah ow! ♪ get up!
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i'm it's crisp and clear at 5:00 on a thursday. thanks for joining us. i'm anne makovec in for frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. a gruesome twist in a south bay murder case. police have found new clues that suggest a missing campbell man may never be found alive. kiet do is in san jose where the man went missing. reporter: the family of kyle myrick plans to keep up the pressure so they are meeting every day across the scene from the crime scene to organize daily search parties. it's a challenge because the search area is large. the victim, kyle myrick, presumed dead by police. investigators say that the suspect steve hlebo dumped the body in the ocean but it's also possible that the body is somewhere in the santa cruz mountains. it started friday afternoon as a fight when the two mechanics were assembling all-terrain vehicles at their shop gp sports on camden avenue


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