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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  January 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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ns safe?
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his body. breaking news. nearly a week after this murder victim disappeared, san jose police found his body. >> homicide detectives and crime scene investigators made the discovery off jamison creek road in the santa cruz mountains south of big basin. kpix 5's mark sayre is at the motorcycle shop where the victim was last seen alive and he talked to family about an hour ago. >> tonight dozens of friends of kyle showed up here for the candlelight vigil and at the motorcycle shop where myrick and the suspect both worked. all here tonight with very heavy hearts. >> reporter: the news that the
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body of 28-year-old kyle myrick was found spread quickly through the group of friends and family. john sperry is kyle's stepfather. >> in some ways it's a relief because we've been looking for him. he's in a good space. so we're happy . >> reporter: he was reported missing friday from gp sports on camden avenue where he worked. a police investigation revealed signs of a struggle including blood on the walls and a severed ear and police arrested myrick's coworker steve lebow but in jailhouse interviews lebow denied any involvement with his disappearance. >> i really have nothing against him so i wouldn't have done anything to him. >> reporter: friends and family say while they now know myrick is not coming home, the fact that his body has been found is in many ways helpful. >> we had still hoped right up to the last day that he'd be okay. we knew it was a long shot. having him back though is
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so much better than not knowing where he is. >> back to a live picture of the candlelight vigil here in san jose. san jose police not revealing exactly what led them to the body this afternoon. they are saying they did locate the body at about 4:00 in the jamison creek road area of santa cruz county. mark sayre, kpix 5. now to breaking news in sonoma county where two people were killed in a small plane crash a few hours ago. the faa says a single engine piper aircraft went down around 7:00 on final approach to charles m. schultz sonoma county airport. it was on its way from santa rosa to palm springs. the plane crashed on wood ranch road a few miles from the airport. >> only about three or four seconds after hearing the noise of the airplane's engine we heard the impact which was a lot softer and quieter than you would have expected it to be. >> the faa and national transportation safety board are
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headed to the accident scene to investigate. tonight a dream house has turned in to a nightmare. it's now red tagged because of el nino. andria borba tells us the owners of the hillside home in san francisco were out of town when they got the fateful call. >> reporter: this is ronald martell's home on casitas avenue and this is ronald watching those bones get picked apart. he and his wife bought the home in november and never even got a chance to move in. this weekend when he was at his father's funeral in ohio, he got this text message from his neighbor, showing a growing crack in his driveway. >> apparently the earth is moving. >> reporter: the home has slid 14 inches down the hillside in the past week.
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the city red tagged it on tuesday. crunch by crunch ronald's dream home is being torn down. it's believed excess water, likely from el nino, is the cause. engineers won't know for sure until the house is gone and only bare dirt is left. >> i've had better weeks. >> reporter: neighbor charlene mogsley noticed the cracks over the weekend and never thought el nino would cause the neighborhood to change. >> we're thinking probably earthquakes than water. >> reporter: charlene's property is damaged too with a diagonal fissure cutting through her backyard. directly downhill from the home on casitas where they have seeing and feel ing the effect. this is kyle's backyard where the fence and retaining wall are buckled and the ground is moving. >> it's come out about two and a half, three feet. >> reporter: back up the hill, ronald says the sound of demolition has put a pit in his stomach, but says he'll have the land shored up and rebuild. >> right now we're just thinking about everyone's safety. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> that's what the land looks
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out. the ocean surf is up along the coastline. betty yu is in pacifica where el nino has also done some serious damage there. >> i can tell you i was standing in this very spot last week and tonight the waves are much more fierce, more powerful, and more dangerous. in the last couple of minutes we had huge waves crash over the sea wall and the railing and take out much of our equipment including our lights but in the last 24 hours it's done much more damage. >> reporter: tonight people in pacifica were as fascinated as they were startled by the monstrous waves that crashed over the sea wall. >> they're spectacular in one way but scary. >> reporter: from the air chopper 5 captured more coastal erosion from el nino waves. homes that have become unlivable teetered on the edge of a cliff. this afternoon we saw a crane at
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work near one of the damaged properties. the pacifica peer has also been hit and is closed to the public. >> i've noticed a change in el nino. it has brought a lot more crazy surf. before it was a lot more calm. the waters have changed. and so has the climate and the land. >> the pounding waves were so big, the national weather service today issued a high surf advisory for coastal parts of the bay that will last till saturday afternoon. the waves are expected to hit 16 feet. >> i wouldn't be surfing right now. and when i'm walking and running i have to watch myself because i don't want to get wet. >> reporter: jill parsons has had to change her nightly routine with her dogs because of the detours. >> mother nature always wins so hopefully she goes a little bit more gent frequently the rest of the year. >> i've spoken to many long time pacifica residents tonight who say they've not seen the ocean this upset or behave in this manner since the '97-98 el
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nino season. live in pacifica, betty yu, kpix 5. kpix 5 chief meteorologist paul deanno has more on the high surf advisory. >> it's going to last all day tomorrow. it will last in to saturday morning. the 13 to 16-foot waves will be persistent, three times every minute, all the way until saturday morning. the high surf advisory continues. really it's about the persistence. we've had had storm after storm after storm. this is like our 12th high surf advisory so far this month. the coastline has simply not been getting a break. we did get a break from the rainfall. lake county getting some rain right now. this will work its way from the north to the south and rain is in our forecast for tomorrow. we'll talk about how much and we'll talk about a second chance of rain for the weekend. tonight san francisco's district attorney is blasting the city's mayor and the city's police chief. we got our hands on a copy of his letter and this
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thing is scathing. >> that's right, district attorney is saying mayor ed lee and police chief greg suhr are refusing to cooperate. in the case of mario woods on december 2nd, five san francisco police officers shot and killed woods in the bayview. officers said woods refused to drop a knife. in a letter to mayor lee, gaston writes they, quote, engagedane dizzying array of stonewalling tactics and ignored the very existence of the thousands of cases that had been called in to jeopardy. >> clearly things are very, very frosty between those two offices right now. with ed lee not looking for re-election, it's unclear how effective something like this is going to be. >> tonight mayor ed lee's office responded. the mayor has proposed a number of police reforms to rebuild trust within the community and he looks forward to working with all law enforcement agencies including the district attorney's office
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to restore that trust. veronica de la cruz, kpix 5. way before san francisco was known for tech, hipsters, and million dollar condos, it was all about sex, drugs, and rock and roll. the summer of love. a legendary musician of the psychedelic 60s has died. paul kantner, who founded jefferson airport. christin ayers is outside the old victorian on fulton street. >> this is the home where jefferson airplane lived. here across the street from golden gate park it used to look a lot different. it was painted all black. it represented what the ball represented. a wild extravagant psychedelic moment in time. >> life is different now without paul here. >> reporter: to san francisco chronicle music critic paul kantner was not just a fun. >> he was the last great
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beatneck. he was the epitome of the hipster under ground alternative lifestyle. >> reporter: and here in san francisco he was a rock music icon. in the 1960s the psychedelic sound of the jefferson airplane defined what would become to be known as the san francisco sound. songs like "somebody to love." and the anthem of the acid rock era "white rabbit." >> that summer, the summer of love, they were the biggest new rock band in america. >> jefferson airplane broke up in 1972 and tonight paul's band mate marty posting on social media about paul, saying so many memories rushing through my mind. so many moments that he and i opened new worlds. he was the first guy i picked for the band and he was the first guy who taught me how to roll a joint. his pub licist said he
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died of organ failure after a heart attack. the gop candidates debate without donald trump tonight. why one presidential hopeful called everyone else stupid, fat, and ugly. >> just nine days until super bowl 50. tonight we go to a secret command post to see how the feds are keeping you safe. >> beyond these doors there's a bay area salon. tonight why it's getting death threats.
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the stage, for the final g-p debate before the iowa cauc. noticeably absen campaign 2016 and tonight these presidential candidates took the stage for the final gop debate before the iowa caucuses.
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noticeably absent, the frontrunner, donald trump. andria borba shows us even though he didn't show up, he still dominated part of the debate. >> trump boycotted the debate on fox news because in august moderator megyn kelly asked him some tough questions about sexist remarks he's made in the past. tonight some of trump's rivals didn't waste any time mocking him. >> i'm a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly. and ben, you're a terrible surgeon. now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way. >> i kind of miss donald trump. he was a little teddy bear to me. >> reporter: with trump out of the way, the gop candidates had a rare chance to step out of the frontrunner's shadow, debating issues like illegal immigration. >> i know securing our borders is not anti-immigrant. >> we should have a path to legal status for the 12 million people that are here illegally. >> reporter: at one point ted cruz threatened to leave the debate because he said fox news
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picked on him. >> if you guys ask one more mean question i may have to leave the stage. >> reporter: florida senator marco rubio took aim at the democratic candidates. >> i think bernie sanders is a good candidate for president. of sweden. we don't want to be sweden. we want to be the united states of america. and hillary clinton is disqualified from being the commander in chief of the united states. in fact one of her first acts as president may very well be to pardon herself. >> reporter: tonight trump staged his own show, a fundraiser for veterans at drake university in des moines, just a few miles from the fox debate. >> when you're treated badly you have to stick up for your life. >> reporter: but will his boycott backfire? kpix political analyst. >> his event across town was covered by two media outlets. things seemed to go pretty well for him. he didn't seem to lose much ground. >> iowa voters have until
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monday to back a candidate at the caucuses. live in the news room, andria borba, kpix 5. tonight nine days until super bowl 50. the game airs right here on kpix 5 next sunday. here's a live look at super bowl city in san francisco. crews have been busy transforming the area along the embarcadero and market street keeping everyone safe though, no easy task. >> today we got an inside look at how san jose police have been prepping for the big game. they're being trained for active shooter situations among other things. we learned today complained clothes officers will be out among the crowds on patrol. we also got inside the fbi's super bowl command center. we've agreed to keep the exact location a secret. it's here where agents will be closely monitoring all the activities at levi's stadium during the game. the number one mission, prevent any acts of terrorism. what went up came down today. san francisco city
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attorney forced verizon to remover its huge banner on the embarcadero center. the super bowl advertisement spanned 25 floors. officials say it violated there city's 50-year-old sign ordinance. verizon says it was an honest misunderstanding. as for the big visa sign greeting bay bridge drivers, it can save. this logo is hanging from the side of a building on market street. we checked with the city. a spokesperson says this one does comply. the reason, the visa image is smaller with super bowl 50 being the main message. on saturday super bowl city officially opens. the bay lights will be turned back on. you can catch the kick-off celebration live saturday night at 7:00 right here on kpix 5. a casino billionaire is trying to lure the oakland raiders to nevada. the owner of the las vegas sands casino is reportedly meeting with mark davis tomorrow to discuss building a new stadium. it could possibly be built on land
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owned by unlv. the university recently purchased a 42-acre site. tonight we're getting a look at how weeks-long standoff at a wildlife refuge in oregon finally ended. a protester named robert finicum speeds away and a chase ensues. when cornered, he plows his truck in to a snow bank. he gets out of the car and reaches for his weapon. that's when law enforcement starts firing. following finicum's death, protest organizers called to an end to the occupation. the world health organization is warning the zika virus is spreading explosively. by the end of the year it could infect 4 million people in america. here in the u.s. there are 31 cases in 11 states and dc already. all of the patients here were infected by mosquitos
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abroad. in brazil crews are spraying insecticide to kill mosquitos that carry the virus. zika is linked to a spike in birth defects in that country. world health organization will convene an emergency meeting monday to plan its response. tonight walgreen's is cutting ties with a bay area blood testing startup that promised to revolutionize healthcare. the drugstore chain has stopped using seronos lab. yesterday the government said the company's deficient practices at the lab posed immediately jeopardy to patient health and safety. they conduct a wide range of tests containing a few drops of blood from a finger stick instead of a large vile. the company says it's addressed concerned raised. an oakland salon is in the process of changing its names for obvious reasons. that's
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because the salon is called isis, named after the ancient egyptian goddess, not the terrorist group. the longest flight from the u.s. will soon take off from usfo. united airlines announced the first nonstop flight between san francisco and singapore. 16 hours. more than 8,000 miles. to help pass that time the boeing 787 dreamliner will have complimentary food, drinks, and entertainment. >> that's a lot of peanuts. >> seriously. >> if you could sleep for eight hours, wake up, still watch two movies and have like three more hours to go. >> in theory, yeah. >> you wake up and you're in singapore. if you're saying here at sfo, here in the bay area we have rain showers out there that will work their way south overnight tonight in to tomorrow. good evening in willets, ukiah. showers moving in to north sonoma county. surf is going to be rough tonight,
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tomorrow, tomorrow night in to saturday morning. moderate swells once again. 13 to 16 feet, not as bad as it was two weeks ago but another pounding of the surf for the next 36 hours. snow in the sierra. this is good news. up to 16 inches of new snowfall above 7,000 feet in elevation but by saturday morning the snow level drops to 4,000 feet. levi stadium, get ready for the super bowl. looking good. they added about 5,000 seats that weren't there for 9ers game to meet the nfl requirements. they're still building those right now. 58 in san francisco. it is warm outside, nearly 60 in san jose. what are all these lines on your television screen. we added those a couple weeks ago to show the fastest winds of the jet stream. and the red, that's the path of least resistance. that's storms in the strongest jet stream energy will follow. that's the key part of this map. in to northern california but not the bay area. storm number 12, the one that moves through tomorrow, will not be a direct hit. it's going to miss to the north. the heavy rainfall stays to the north tomorrow morning. just scattered showers south of
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the golden gate tomorrow afternoon. really it's not going to amount to much. the rain may last on and off until sunrise saturday. let's bring it back out and show you those red lines which will move by sunday. our next storm now over southern california. once again, another miss. we'll have one miss to the north. one miss to the south. we only get scattered showers on two days. those two days will be friday and sunday. couple sprinkles tonight. cloudy with showers tomorrow. nothing heavy. it will be cooler this weekend but mainly dry. your home tomorrow in oakland, 62. there will be showers around slowing down that drive from point a to point b. dry, cooler saturday. couple showers on sunday. only the low to mid 50s for highs. look at next week. four straight days, super bowl preps are going on. like to have some dry weather. very nice thursday. a boy asked riley curry to be his valentine. tonight the response from her famous dad. >> and coming up on the late show with stephen colbert, josh
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groland, john dickerson and erin brockovich. ,,,,,,,,,,
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pg&e is committed to clean energy and part of that commitment is our partnership with habitat for humanity. our mission is to build homes, community and hope. our homeowners are low-income families, so the ability for them to have lower energy cost is wonderful. we have been able to provide about 600 families with solar on their homes. that's over nine and a half million dollars of investment by pg&e,
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and that allows us to provide clean energy for everyone here. it's been a great partnership. this 4-year-old held up a sn last night at or it quill -- will be here
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before you know it, valentine's day. >> this 4-year-old held up a sign last night at oracle arena asking riley curry to be his valentine. here's what riley's dad warriors star steph curry had to say about it after the game. >> i don't know if the answer is yes or no. >> going to be a while. the war yrss -- warriors do something they haven't done in 40 years. how many warriors are joining stefat the all star game. ,, pancakes and eggs. bacon and sausage. coffee and oj, and a killer price. that's a win, win, win, win, win. denny's grand slam slugger, part of the 2, 4, 6, 8 value menu. denny's. welcome to america's diner.
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first time since the ford on golden state the warriors history making season continued today. for the first time since the ford administration, golden state will send three players to the all star game. steph curry will be joined by klay thompson who will be making his second consecutive all star game. also picked draymond green who made the game for the first time. green told tnt it was someone special that gave him the news. >> once i started doing the interview i hear my mom's voice. so i thought i was trippin' but
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she's like dray. i knew i was on tv and i didn't want them to kill me on instagram. the next day steph curry will be at the game to root on his panthers. and he is anticipating a successful weekend. >> you have a game on saturday. >> it will be a good 48 hours. a win and a win. >> oh, i like it. >> predictions? >> panth ers 24, broncos 17. >> pretty close game. tonight in arizona state, oregon state game, 18-time olympic gold medalist michael phelps took part in asu's famed curtain of distraction. he stripped down to his speedo and distracted the beavers thompson, jr. who missed both free throws. have you ever heard of this?
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phelps drew the biggest cheer of the night. he is training for the 2016 olympics in rio. the curtain of distraction. be right back. colbert is next. our next newscast is,,,,,,,, colbert is next.
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we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way. my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e.,,,
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