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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  January 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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absorb the oil. they hope to have this all done by around 7:00 so they hope to re-open this frontage road after the evening commute. i'm looking at eastbound 580 right now. moving very, very slowly. live here just outside of livermore, da lin, kpix 5. our other big story tonight we are just eight days away from super bowl 50 right here on kpix 5. got a live look at justin herman plaza aka super bowl city from our camera high atop the ferry building. crews are turning it into super bowl city in time for tomorrow's grand opening. kpix 5 reporter joe vazquez is on the ground to give us a tour reporter: >> welcome to san francisco, the host of super bowl 50! that is such a ring to it. >> reporter: it's a project more than three years in the making and they are still putting it together. like anything in the last day of construction you're finishing up things doing your final touches. >> i know it looks like a lot to do in the course of 24
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hours, and there is a lot to do but we'll be ready. >> whoo! >> reporter: super bowl city centered at market and the embarcadero will be free of charge, friendly to families, hallmarked by booths with displays of interactive technology everything from drones to virtual football. that's me. i'm the quarterback. that's my receiver right there. oh, i got the ball. now i just got tackled. this game is called breakaway proclaimed to be the motion capture football game of the future. >> here comes the tackler. i throw it, boom, caught. all right. touchdown! touchdown! >> whoo! >> yes! yes! whoo! >> reporter: we are going to the super bowl. but super bowl city is not just games. >> we got our entertainment area behind us with the city stage presented by levi's with live music acts like one republic and alicia keys and chris issak and over there we have our cbs and nfl broadcast compound to be able to chill out at the sonoma county wine lounge and have a glass of wine if you're an adult.
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>> reporter: wait. did he say wine? >> 50 wineries will be pouring at the super bowl city taste of wine lounge. i think wine pairs with everything. >> that was joe vazquez reporting. also opening tomorrow, the nfl experience at moscone center. kpix 5's sports anchor vern glenn shows us what you'll see when you go there. >> yellow 30, yellow 30! hut! >> reporter: for the next nine days, you can throw it. >> that's how it's a done. >> reporter: catch it. >> touchdown! kpix 5! >> reporter: kick it. >> go, go! >> reporter: um, not quite like the pros. >> oh. >> reporter: but it's as close as you can get at the nfl experience. a super bowl week staple in its 24th year. >> we know there's a finite number of seats in the stadium and this is a great way for everyone in the bay area and all over california to come here and have your experience
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at super bowl 50. >> reporter: ultimate football -- there you go -- interactive theme park. >> show off your skills. >> reporter: maybe even get discovered. >> look at this. johnnie unitas jersey. >> reporter: great symbols of yesteryear. >> the kansas comic. >> reporter: collectibles. >> hey, the previous super bowl rings are here. all spread out over 700,000 square feet of moscone center. what's up, taylor, roy, dj? wood, taiwan? wait a minute, charles, aren't you making wine now? >> reporter: crews are still trying to get this together before the grand opening tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. $35 for adults, 25 for kids, 12 and under. get this, tomorrow roger craig will be here to deliver the super bowl trophy that will be on display here through next
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saturday. at moscone center, vern glenn kpix 5. >> and not to be outdone the city of san jose has transformed plaza de cesar chavez park into a big super bowl party. >> that party officially kicks off in just a couple of minutes. betty yu is there. betty, how is it? >> reporter: it's great, ken. i'm just sitting here hanging out with everyone having a great time. this is one of the new additions to plaza de cesar chavez park one of several picnic tables. let's give you a quick look around right now. everybody is enjoying themselves playing some games. we have a few people in the back there lounging on hammocks. mayor sam liccardo will be here in just a few minutes to kick things off officially but first, let's show you some of the new amenities around here. there's a beer garden, ping pong tables, food trucks, and, of course, l.e.d. light displays and even a mini sports field for the kids, really something for everyone in the family. now, this is all part of a
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$300,000 campaign to draw more people to san jose for super bowl 50 and beyond. >> i think this is amazing. first of all, the publicity for san francisco, the game is in santa clara but san jose do a great job to make all these people enjoy the party for the super bowl. >> reporter: does it reflect sillicon valley? >> it does. it does. definitely. >> especially the lights on the trees and the setup of the music they have there. i think it's pretty good. >> reporter: now, that woman you just heard from is visiting from southern california. the carolina panthers will also be visiting san jose. they land on sunday and are staying on the san jose marriott on this block so within walking distance of the park. this celebration will continue through super bowl from noon to 10 p.m. live in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5. >> super bowl week will kick
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off with a fireworks extravaganza and today we were there as pyro technicians loaded about 15,000 fireworks on to two barges in the bay near the ferry building. this is for tomorrow night's macy's fireworks show. the san francisco skyline will be painted gold. we caught up with organizers who say the big show will be the show's finale. >> countdown to the gold and gold is going to come to life, 50 bursts in 50 seconds. it's going to be a grand finale like no other. >> the best seat in the house will be right here with us. tomorrow night we'll celebrate it all the opening of super bowl city, the relighting of the bay bridge art installation, followed by the big macy's fireworks show. our countdown to gold special is live tomorrow night at 7 p.m. right here on kpix 5. tomorrow night and over the next eight days many of our newscasts and super bowl specials will be coming to you live from our broadcast home in super bowl city. nobody is covering super bowl 50 like kpix 5. look at this
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location! i want to share with you a quick look at our exclusive broadcast facility. we have the perfect view of all the action at super bowl city as liz mentioned. the fireworks show, the lighting of the bridge, the concert. you'll see it all, all starting tomorrow night at 7:00 on kpix 5. crews spent the day sawing up a big heritage oak tree that fell on a house in walnut creek at about 1 a.m. nobody was hurt. the tree was on city property and city arborists say they did check it in the last five years and the tree was healthy. >> so it could be -- this could be all the rain we have had. >> yeah. was it raining today? i hardly noticed. >> a little bit. how's it looking paul? >> we have rain out there still on kpix 5 hi-def doppler. it's light rainfall. but it's the friday evening commute and any rain is going
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to cause a problem. in80 over the bridge alcatraz getting rainfall as is berkeley and emeryville north to richmond and el cerrito. and some showers up valley up towards yountville the city of napa getting wet the city of sonoma getting wet toward fairfield and vacaville, it is raining. decent rainfall totals in the north bay. no rain in san jose yet. hayward .01." it has been rough at the beaches over the past 24 hours. we'll continue through the morning tomorrow. the swells will be running, the waves will hit 16 to 20 feet tonight and early tomorrow. and if you are anywhere near the water, watch out for sneaker waves. scattered showers continue and will be with us through the night tonight. there's a pretty significant storm heading toward coming up. coming up, why that storm will miss the bay area. that's about 10 minutes away.
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tonight some new developments involving the oakland raiders. >> coming up, the meeting between a billionaire casino mogul and raiders owner mark davis. >> and a health spa with a name that is now very ugly. what the owner told us when we knocked on her door. ,,,,,,,,
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him no. so now.. he's thinking vegas. the l-a times says billionae mark davis really wanted to move to l.a. the nfl said no. so now he is thinking vegas. the "l.a. times" says billionaire casino owner sheldon adelson wants to help build a domed stadium at the university of nevada las vegas not far from the strip. they were supposed to meet today. no word if they actually did. the owner of the san diego chargers says the team will stay in san diego's for at least the 2016 season. they have been fighting to get the chargers a new stadium. he hopes to work with city leaders to resolve the stadium dilemma and keep the team in san diego. if that doesn't work, the chargers have made plans to move the team to los angeles
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next year. some new developments in the manhunt for three california escaped prisoners. coming up the phone call he made to a woman that helped police catch him. >> when i say isis, the first thing to come to mind is not a beauty spa. that's a place in oakland also named isis. not for long. i have that story coming up just after this. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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school board went before a e today... again. a former president of the san francisco school board went before a judge today again. keith jackson faces new state charges of bribery and money laundering along with two former city officials who were working on mayor lee's first campaign for mayor. federal wiretap transcripts released by raymond "shrimp boy" chow's attorneys last year include one former city official soliciting a $10,000 bribe. the defendants' attorneys question the undercover fbi agent who made the recordings. >> some liar came to town, called himself an fbi agent, claims to be an fbi agent, lied and lied and lied, had a lot of money, acted like a big shot tried to get other people to act like a big shot and that's all there is to it. it's a really odd case.
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>> jackson has already pleaded guilty to federal racketeering charges along with former state senator leland yee. he will be sentenced february 24. other bay area headlines, a big response for a two-alarm fire on kennedy road in los gatos hills. santa clara sent five trucks to find a trailer on the property was burning. no damage to the nearby homes but the trailer was a total loss. arson investigators are on the scene. and starting today marin's popular vista point is off limits to private vehicles. the golden gate bridge district is allowing only buses, shuttles or taxis into the scenic overlook between now and super bowl sunday. why? they hope it will prevent gridlock while so many people are in town for the super bowl. and starting on monday, it will cost more to park at three bart stations. it will be $2 to park in hayward $2.50 to park in richmond and $8 in west oakland. the last bart parking hike was at 4 other stations in
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december. a little business that specializes in beauty now has an ugly name. emily turner shows us the salon in oakland is now getting its own makeover reporter: if you're looking for a beauty treatment something like laser hair removal or facial chemical peel the first name that comes to mind is probably not going to be isis. if you ask [ non-english language ] what's in a name, she will tell you, everything. her medical spa's name has become a lightning rod for negativity. >> pull up isis and not good stuff. >> reporter: the name is well intentioned. isis is the mythological egyptian goddess of beauty whose name is also the acronym for public enemy number one. unfortunately for business, there are those who have associated the spa with the group known for terror attacks rather than the harmless nymph. >> there is a little bit of sort of ridiculousness to the notion that a terrorist group would set up a spa in your neighborhood. >> reporter: but as the sign
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states, isis will soon be changing its name. for obvious reasons. at least they have a good sense of humor about it. but the reality is scary. >> what really prompted us to go ahead and make that change was that we were concerned first for the safety of the staff but when people are upset or angry, then we realize that we really had no control. >> reporter: so the egyptian chose a new name. alyssium, mythological egyptian paradise. >> at the end of the day we realized we only want to be associated with something that's beautiful and positive and wonderful. >> reporter: so far, at least, elyssium is not known to be the name of any terrorist organization. emily turner, kpix 5. haven't cini rain for days. -- haven't seen rain for days.
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>> next week is rain-free. i'll start in the sierra because the snow level is currently 8,000 feet and there is a flash flood watch for the western slopes of the sierra because it is raining heavily and melting snow on highway 174, 20, u.s. 50 and 80. that's the heaviest rainfall around the bay area. it's just light rain around the bay area but enough to slow down the commute. the snow level goes down to 4,000 feet tomorrow, 2,000 feet by sunday and that minus the rain will turn to snow and add up to up to 16" of snowfall and a winter storm warning is in effect beginning tonight. mild around here, humid around here, showery around here. san jose 64. oakland 60. santa rosa 57. san francisco 58. tomorrow night countdown to gold broadcast from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. so much going on in san francisco tomorrow and the
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weather will cooperate. mostly cloudy during that hour. 52 degrees in san francisco tomorrow. we had 11 different storm system hits us directly. that storm track right into the bay area. this is storm number 12 hitting california but look at that race of clouds and the red color you see there is a fast- moving jet stream. the fastest jet stream support the winds that are the strongest just to our north. far northern california the northern sierra but not the bay area. we are just receiving scattered showers. that's the storm that's out there right now. futurecast will paint a picture with, yes, some showers around overnight into tomorrow morning. but it's light. light rain at most. and if you are lucky you will get an additional tenth of an inch of rainfall. we'll stay cloudy tomorrow through the evening. we are mainly cloudy and then watch this. on sunday, now the rain is to our south. what's going on? san jose, morgan hill, gilroy, santa cruz, capitola, before we clear out sunday afternoon. there's another storm out there which is even stronger, remember the one today is missing us to the north? the one on sunday is going to miss us again to the south. heavy rainfall, flooding is likely for los angeles, for san
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diego, for orange county, but not for us because that guy is going to scoot around out over the ocean and into southern california. you can see the bull's eye. the sierra, three inches of rainfall. southern california, an inch or more coming up on sunday far northern california is pouring right now, stuck in between, the bay area where we're really not going to see that much rain from both of these systems. both will turn out to be a myth. some showers out there tonight. mainly cloudy. it will be cooler tomorrow highs in the 50s. it will be cloudy, look like rain, you may get five or 10 minutes of a shower and that's it. and the south bay you have a chance of showers sunday morning. highs tomorrow 50s. redwood city 59. concord 57. san rafael 55. it will be an unsettled weekend. not that warm. not that sunny but really not raining that much, either. couple of sprinkles sunday morning. next week the week leading up to the super bowl notice monday through friday, no rain. >> whoa! >> zero rainfall next week. not good for the drought. but for the visitors, they will probably be happy. but we need some more rain. >> we do. all right, paul. thanks. let's get to breaking news. allen martin has been following
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it in our newsroom. allen. >> reporter: liz, this is the latest in the escaped inmates in southern california. the sheriff's department down in orange county announced just moments ago it believes two men who made a dramatic escape from a jail in santa ana last week are now in the san jose area. here are those men. the ones believed to be in san jose are the one on the far left and the one on the far right. investigators believe they are driving around in a white utility van with tinted windows. it's all we know about this right now. we are working to get more information. but the orange county sheriff's department does say these men are armed and dangerous. we can also tell you a few hours ago police arrested the third man who escaped with those two. the one you saw in the middle of those photos is named bac duong. he was arrested in santa ana a couple miles from the maximum security prison where they all escaped. investigators say duong had called a woman told her he wanted to turn himself in, the woman then called police let them know where duong was
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hiding. again, the two men considered to be armed and dangerous believed to be in san jose. we are going to have more on this coming up at 6:00 tonight. in the meantime, we'll be right back. ,, ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be
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contained closely guarded a classified inform the obama administration admitting for the first time now that hillary clinton's home server contained closely guarded and highly classified information. the white house is now censoring 22 emails calling them top secret. this latest revelation comes as the state department released another batch of clinton's emails today from her time as secretary of state. >> as the bay area gets ready for the super bowl, hackers are getting ready too. consumerwatch reporter julie watts on the ways that criminals could be getting your information and how to protect yourself reporter: for months, they have been installing towers and beefing up power to ensure super bowl fans from the south
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bay to san francisco never lose a signal. but this fbi document obtained by kpix 5 warns of significant cyber threats for super bowl 50 fans. one of the biggest concerns, open wi-fi networks. standing here in the middle of super bowl city, i have access to at least five open public wi- fi networks. and like any public wi-fi network, they are relatively easy to hack. the fbi is concerned that hackers may be able to intercept mobile transactions performed here or at levi's stadium or introduce malware on these phones via the public wi- fi network. >> open wi-fi is just that, it means that there is no security on the wi-fi system. at the need to realize whatever they are sending over that can be viewed by others. >> reporter: but this former fbi agent and kpix 5 security analyst jeff harp says the threat. exposing personal information -- the threat of exposing personal information isn't the only dilemma for fans. >> if you make a purchase at the stadium, that information is transmitted and it is possible for it to be intercepted. we have seen it happen in a
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number of occasions at a number of different vendors. >> reporter: while the fbi cyber threat assessment doesn't identify criminal operations, it does cite a, quote, high confidence based on past behavior of cyber criminals during major sporting events. prior to the 2011 pacquiao fight, fans got emails that appeared to be from stubhub confirming their orders. instead, the links sent them to phishing sites. and leading up to last year's super bowl, victims lost money and gave up personal information after falling for online ticket and lodging scams. but whether they are through social engineering or cyber hacks, the fbi says these cyber crimes are inevitable. >> the big takeaway is expect it to happen. this isn't something new. >> reporter: now, he says whether it's super bowl city or the stadium, you want to pay with cash when possible or always use credit instead of debit. and keep in mind, whenever you are using a public wi-fi network on one of these you wanted to be sure to be aware
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that it's not secure and somebody could be looking at what you're doing. >> it's al high-tech. >> there are free open wi-fi networks everywhere you go between san jose and san francisco all wi-fi. any open public wi-fi network is unsecure. >> all the bad guys are out there this week and looking. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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continuing to follow breaki news from san jose where tho remaining southern californ escaped inmates are believe ht at i'm allen martin in the kpix 5 newsroom.
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we are continuing to follow the breaking news in san jose where the two remaining southern california escaped inmates are believed to be right now. more on that at 6:00. more bay area homes could slide off their foundations. one house already being ripped apart because it's unsafe. we take you to the others now in the danger zone. >> you know, it's just like i said just another tool in the toolbox that allows us to make this event go off safely. >> and putting eyes in the sky over super bowl 50. but they aren't your average eyes. those stories and much more coming up tonight at 6:00. thank you. thanks for watching kpix 5 news at 5:00. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. we're going to check your weather one more time. >> yeah. tomorrow we have a big show over at super bowl city. hopefully it's not going to be raining. >> tomorrow is a big day for san francisco. we have the rain out there tonight for the final setup. tomorrow night, when we're on kpix 5, we have what, the bay lights relighting, the macy's fireworks show. 7 to 8:00 we'll be mostly cloudy, rain-free, and 52 degrees. captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: for the first time, >> pelley: for the first time, the state department confirms some e-mails on hillary clinton's home server contained top-secret information. also tonight, we ask donald trump about his debate counter- event. >> reporter: some veterans groups have said that you use the veterans as part of a political stunt. >> pelley: while michigan was telling the citizens of flint the tap water was safe, some state workers were already drinking bottled water. and, steve hartman on groundhog day without a groundhog. >> it would just be winter from there on. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. the e-mail controversy began last ywh


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