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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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prostitute in the area of a motel 6. the woman told task force members she had to go to her car to retrieve some property. inside the car was ryan murphy a rookie safety with the denver broncos and murphy's brother. the brother and the prostitute were cited. murphy was detained questioned and let go. murphy is from the area and apparently was with his brother when they got into some trouble with the multiagency human trafficking task force here in the south bay. we don't have any more information than that at this point. we have a crew on the way to the area to gather some news. not the kind of start the broncos want to have. the area officials have blitzing the airwaves against
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human trafficking. the district attorney a -- is raising awareness of the issue. the super bowl and other sporting events are known for a spike in sex trafficking. >> the attack on his chp officer tonight. it is bringing attention to be -- big issues. we obtain coverage. >> reporter: it was a routine call for the chp but what it tells you is there is no routine call. it landed a chp officer in the all -- hospital with life- threatening injuries which were fixed up by surgery. he is expected to be okay.
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>> the first call came in at 930 >> the first call came in at 9:30 pm. officers respond they couldn't find any pedestrian. >> about 10 minutes later to -- a two unit arrived on the shoulder. >> when the two officers are talking the reports coming. something has gone wrong. >> we have an officer down. >> officer down. the man took out a knife and slashed his throat then ran. >> information was broadcasted at that time to alert units to set up a perimeter and have as many people as we can looking for the suspect. >> chased down second street officers in pursuit until they got to the corner. >> they were running down
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brandon east north of fourth street. most of them had their weapons out. there were probably 20 officers with guns. >> he was taken into custody without further incident. >> the suspect was apprehended. >> the identity of the suspect will not be available because he is not been charged with a crime yet. >> we have an officer down. >> that officer clutching his throat after being slashed. is expected to survive. >> this incident is shocking. hour-long first mental out and put themselves in harms way and it's a tough job. sometimes things like this happen and we hope the best for our officers. >> we learned late today that police say the suspect was taken into custody, tried to
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grab one of the officers guns. there was a tussle before he was handcuffed. this goes to the heart of two big issues. >> reporter: two issues that have taken center stage in san francisco. we took a look at that tonight. just watch. >> this is a dangerous job and attacks like this happen all the time. >> the slashing of all california highway patrol officer by homeless man underscores two of the hottest issues. the growing tent city in cabinets on the streets and the question of when police should use force to defend themselves and others. >> an unprovoked attack and the officer did not have the opportunity to deploy his taser or his firearm. >> police have come under heavy
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criticism of this shooting. >> it all could've happened in the district that could happen anywhere. >> the slashing also raises questions about the safety of tent encampment. >> the police department gets a number of complaints every day. it's really a long-term problem. >> police officers have been dealing with homeless for decades long before i was an officer and will continue to deal with it. >> reporter: the mayor tells us he has a plan to move many of those camps off the street and into shelters. it's not going to be easy. is also dealing with another hot button issue. the issue of race. in a multicultural center is not just black and white.
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we learned about a meeting earlier this week that got heated. >> the reverend amos brown held the meeting among african- american leaders the mayor and the department has were the meeting and it got a little rough. they were talking about police issues and other issues. this group has been following the mayor shouting him down. last thursday night they did it again. >> they came with signs and to disrupt the meeting. all of the elders said it will not be in this house and we encouraged the mayor that it would be a good thing for him to leave. >> the reverend brown marche with dr. luther king.
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the group shouting down the mayor are engaged in undisciplined venting. reverend brown supports the mayor. he thinks the police chief should keep his job. there's disagreement inside the community on all sides and in this case the reverend brown says they were told to leave the church and they did so. the mayor also left. the mayor's office and says the -- insist they will continue to work on the issue. new details where police have just found a missing autistic boy.. snyder was last seen riding his scooter earlier this afternoon. he was just found in that same area. he was not hurt. we have been getting rain in the bay area it has been snowing in the sierra.
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the results are in and it's paying off. the second snow survey of the season it is 130% above normal. the drought is not over yet. california's cut their water use by 18%. we fell short of the governors 25% goal. >> it will be less than five days away, the super bowl. taking a live look at the stadium. this is where they will face off on sunday. they are working frantically on the finished -- finishing touches. we were allowed in one last time for look. the field is almost ready for the players and the performers. crews are now adding the finishing touches.
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>> we are just finishing it up. >> it's not as easy as it looks. crews in charge of painting the field somehow painted both and zones with the denver broncos logo. each team was based to have an and some. -- and is zone. does end zone.'s -- the stadium preparations are in the final stages. the big challenge now is juggling field time. everybody wants to be on it at the same time. >> we feel pretty good where we are right now. at say we are at the red zone right now. by sunday we will be in the end
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zone. >> folks familiar with coming here for games may not recognize it. the whole area has been transformed. the nfl saying not once twice but multiple times today reminding us to tell people who are coming to the game to get here as early as possible because there are many layers of security and will take a long time to get through the checkpoints. once you are here, there is a lot to do and say. we are hearing today from two of the biggest stars. cam newton has become a lightning rod for the celebrations. the topic was his race. >> i don't want to touch on the topic of black quarterback because i think that game -- this game is bigger than that.
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i think we limit ourselves when we label ourselves. i want to bring awareness because of that. >> this is cam newton's first super bowl. he will face off with peyton manning. >> i played 18 years with five different head coaches. i think the fact that i have been flexible and willing to learn new things take different styles of coaching has help me. >> peyton says he is ready to get back to practice tomorrow as he prepares for a win. we have the news of who will sing the national anthem. you're looking at her. lady gaga will be singing. she will be accompanied by molly matlin who will perform the song in american sign language. super bowl 50 airs right here.
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much more super bowl coverage and then at 7 pm, we have a live countdown. at 8 pm, checkout super bowl's greatest commercials. will be all right here. still ahead, no more animals allowed. >> why is that? why is the shelter overcapacity? one reason could be all niño. -- el niño. the street is turning into a used car lot. have ever wanted to just screw down lombard street catch a football and then dive. you can do that at super bowl city. just watch. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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with animals. juliette strike a area animal shorthair -- shelter forced to take drastic measures. >> reporter: you can bring a rescue or even a surrender pet but right now effective immediately these night deposit boxes are shut down. they are overcapacity in one of the reasons happens to be all niño. -- el niño. >> dogs and cats ready for home. >> we are definitely dog people. >> the shelter is currently overcrowded with 250 dogs and cats. they are 50 overcapacity and that is why they cannot take it anymore. >> adoption is a great option.
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>> that ford is the shelter director. >> we need owners to recognize that we need their help to rehome their animals rather than bringing them to us. >> well people can't bring pets in, the doors are open to those who want to adopt. >> this guy needs a home. >> they also have volunteers. this guy is six months old and he will get bigger. he's really mellow so he is obviously used to people. >> the recent rain has been a contributing factor. >> people have their gates and fences open. some people have a dog that they might have been keeping outdoors. they feel guilty so they bring the animal and surrendered. >> the shelter is developing intervention programs to support families. >> we want to do things like look for scholarships for
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behavior problems, get scholarships for dog training. if people need medical assistance as well. >> as bernie sanders son, they spent the afternoon playing with several dogs. they are confident -- as for lisa and heard son -- and her son, they spent the afternoon playing with several dogs. >> they will make an exception to bring younger dogs in. tonight the neighborhood on the peninsula says enough. mainstreet has turned into a used car lot. john remus found out there isn't much the city can do. >> now that michael has moved into his new home, he's a bit steamed. not be traffic, but the ones parked right in front of his house. >> i think it's a safety concern. >> every day all day cars with for sale signs fill up these
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two blocks. everyone drives past year to get to the freeway, is considered a prime location. >> this is happening all hours of the day. >> just a block of the street is a two-hour limit the police say cars can stay here for 72 hours. this one has been here for nearly one week. he is not against people parking here, i don't want people abandoning cars. >> we wanted to ask the city why a two-hour limit couldn't be extended all the way down. especially since the homes across the street from city hall have it. no one would speak about it today. michael says he was told the city couldn't find neighborhood consensus to change it. my guess on that is that if you don't live on fourth avenue you are not cared about.
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this is probably seen as a convenient location for buyers and sellers. just not for the people who live here. taking a look right now at super bowl city. it's been busy all day long and it's going to get busier. 1 million visitors are expected to come here for the super bowl. we have been seeing increased security all over the bay area. these agents were on patrol today at bart stations. officials say they are prepared to address any terror threat that may arrive. looks like a lot of folks have been using local transit to get into and out of san francisco. we are seeing some traffic along the 28 extension. this is in both directions. getting toward the lower deck
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of the bay bridge eastbound is going to be slow approaching the lower deck at the toll plaza. whizzing typical delays. are san francisco's streets are jammed up. southbound is a minor delay approaching washington. local transit is looking good. no delays across the system. time now let's check on the weather. you have the bridge behind you. >> it's always nice when we can physically move the golden gate bridge. it's pretty cool that you can do this. you can run down lombard street and then this gentleman will throw your football.
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one more time. there does. it's fun out here. -- there it goes. it's fun out here. let's take a look at some whether. oakland 60 degrees san jose 58 san francisco 55. there will be showers tomorrow evening. potshot between 4 pm and 9 pm there will be showers with temperatures in the 50s.'s original high pressure which is building and it is deflecting the storms. we had a near miss this morning. >> is a technical problem with his forecast. -- it is a technical problem with his forecast. it's going to get better.
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at first they thought el niño was to blame but what is causing bay area to fly down. >> preventing renters from eviction. who would be safe? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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vazquez tells us how san francisco is trying to put a stop to some evictions that it's expensive to live in san francisco but to tells us how san francisco is trying to put a stop to evictions for no reason. >> this is my unit. >> the san francisco teacher who is out of the home. the landlord evicted her late last year to do some construction which is not sure she will be let back in. she used to have an eight minute commute to work. >> now on commuting from a friend's house in oakland. it's about an hour each way plus the cost of gas and tolls and time.
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>> and eviction is hurting. >> it will make it illegal for any school employee to be evicted during the school year. >> we cannot educate our children if we do not have the personnel to do it. >> that would have helped me. >> what's to stop them from infecting new in the summer? >> nothing. >> the legislation could be the first of its kind in the nation. is this even legal? >> it's not legal. >> an attorney says it's the state that sets the terms of eviction. the 60 day notice is required and the city cannot change the notice. >> when it comes to teachers and educators we should be looking for ways to build housing and have it be subsidized by the community not
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by individual property owners who happen to have those folks as their tenets. >> a recent survey found that 70% of teachers and san francisco are renters. a bay area road with an unfortunate name is a step closer to a new identity. the road in fairfax is currently called gunshot fire road but after a jogger was shot and killed their last october there was a call to change the name. the parks department is recommending renaming it sunrise fire road. coming up, no time to rest on the campaign trail. the presidential hopefuls turning their attention from iowa to new hampshire. we've got another life look outside for you as we gear up for super bowl sunday. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ago we learned ryan murphy the denver broncos was det take a look at our's top stories tonight. just a short time ago we
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learned brian murphy of the denver broncos was detained and released by police. it was a prostitution sting at a motel. murphy was with his brother at the time. chp officer in the hospital tonight his neck is/. he was responding to reports of a person on a freeway ramp near the bay bridge. something went wrong when he checked out the homeless camp and the suspect a homeless man was caught a few blocks away. it is snowing in the sierras and that is some good news for the state's water supply. the department of with -- water resources says we are above normal. the animal shelters being forced to turn away animals who are surrendered. a shelter is overcrowded with 250 dogs and cats. recent rains are thought to be a contributor factor. a life look right now over super bowl city in san francisco as we count down the big game just five days away.
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we are coming from it -- super bowl city. >> we will bringing you the excitement live. the candidates of the ground running today trying to use their momentum from iowa to appeal to the voters in the next day. -- state. >> we just left an event for hilary clinton not too long ago. she has her work cut out for her in new hampshire. bernie sanders has a strong ground game and he has a lot of support from young voters. clinton is hitting the state hard and so is ted cruz. >> ted cruz greeted an enthusiastic crowd in new hampshire where he is looking for a second win.
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>> it's going to be decided by the men and women in this room. >> were you surprised you want? >> no. >> marco rubio is using his finish to position himself as the mainstream candidate and the one that's able to clench the election. >> we need to unify the conservative movement and the party. i can do that better. >> walk-throughs is riding high office when the democrats will have to -- wild cruz is riding high democrats will have to step up their game. >> we are going to build on the progress we have made. >> last night we came back from a 50 point deficit in the
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polls. >> bernie sanders is happy with the results in iowa. is expected to do better in new hampshire. >> reporter: even though ernie sanders says he is pleased with the results comment he still has not conceded. he still wants to check into some things. the numbers came out while he was traveling through the story isn't quite over yet. bill cosby back in court today.'s attorneys asked the judge to throw out the only charge of sexually assaulting a woman.'s attorneys want the charge dropped because the deal made with a former district attorney caused the accused --. it is not known if the judge will announce the decision at
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the conclusion. the silicon valley giant just announced plans to lay off workers and sell off assets to remain profitability. yahoo will cut 1700 people and closed several -- closable offices. they will look at selling off patents and real estate. there trying to generate up to $3 billion. tech watchers are wondering how long the ceo will keep her job. yahoo stocks led -- stock slipped. even though it's been a dry day in his part of oakland water continues to seek out at the bottom of the landslide. >> where is the water coming from? >> we know it's not groundwater. is coming from a leak somewhere.
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>> we are looking for a leak in an area where there is aging pipes. >> the specialist dug up the ground to inspect nearby pipes. they could not find any leaks. >> we are installing some sound devices that can listen for the leak. >> the homeowner wants to go down more than a week ago. a few days later a lansurveyor he hired got stuck knee-deep in the mod. firefighters had to pull the man out. city engineers say his house is still say. >> your house is your security and anytime your security is in beta, it's pretty difficult. -- invaded it's pretty difficult. >> across the bay this is what is left of the home. crews had to demolish it before it slid down the hill.
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the homeowner suspects the leaking 8 inch water main cause the landslide. this is video that the city is investigating. back in oakland the rush is stopping the. on the other side the landslide city inspectors attack this house. a woman was some unusual tattoos who is on the run for days has been caught. she was arrested yesterday during a traffic stop in san jose. is accused of stealing at crews are. maria was involved in a wild chase on saturday. she and two other suspects ran -- rammed into a police cruiser and stole another one. one other suspect is also under arrest. the third is still on the loose.
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san jose police are looking for a group of burglars who broke into a convenience store twice. surveillance video shows them smashing into the store. police say the same group broken again on january 13. they tried to get away in a white mercedes but they crashed. the plane forced to land with a gaping hole in its side. >> new health recommendations that could have women putting down that cocktail. ,,,,,,,,
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i'm a customer relationship my nmanager with pg&e.der, i've helped customers like plantronics meet their energy efficiency goals. so you save energy and you can save money. energy efficiency and the environment go hand in hand.
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and i love how pg&e's commitment to the environment helps a community like santa cruz be a better place to live. and being able to pass that along to my family is really important to me. just being together and appreciating what we have right here in santa cruz. see how you can save energy at together, we're building a better california. airplane that made an emerg landing today in somalia. passengers heard a loud band saw a fi that is a hole in the side of an airplane that made an emergency date -- landing. passengers heard a loud bang and saw fire after takeoff. the oxygen masks came down and they turned back. injuries are minor.
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the plane landed safely and it is under investigation. an interesting link from the feds between pregnancy drinking alcohol birth control. the cdc says women should avoid drinking entirely if they plan to have a baby. officials say they can have alcohol only if they are taking contraceptives. the cdc says this is the best way to reduce fetal alcohol syndrome. there is no no safe level of alcohol at any stage of pregnancy. the day after the world health organization declared a world health emergency the zika virus is spreading in a disturbing way. we will have details on that at 10 pm. it is another may need chilly night throughout the bay area. we have light showers this morning and we are not finished
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with the rain yet. it's all coming up. he made the most famous super bowl catch in 49ers history. what is his name? the answer coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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with gloves on with nfl receivers. -- we have gloves on with -- like nfl receivers. the answer just a moment. >> i hate when the weather guy ruins everything. >> the most important fact we learned about the broncos quarterback is his favorite movie. had a shock top gun and christmas vacation. he is having dinner tonight with his brother eli. >> we don't have a itinerary of what we will talk about. we have an idea what time we are going to meet and we have a place and probably split the check. >> it has to be the house a
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primer. peyton has been forced to change one part of his preparation. >> is not good one all of your ex-players are all broadcasting and coaching. that's not a good thing for me. i played against all of their coaches. you end up having to talk to a lot of people before the game and you can't concentrate on the game. sunday will be panthers defensive career super bowl. the former player saw a championship at thompson field when he was 11 years old. >> i wondered why he showed up with mustaches from texas. i'm 11 years old.
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he had biceps the size of my head. we got awarded the championship because they had a 14-year-old playing on the team. the bay area super bowl is also a homecoming too many ex- 49ers. the players form the team of the decade while people most remember jerry rice. >> john would come back to san francisco for super bowl. >> it would be better if we were in it. >> fans never forget that when john taylor came onto the stage to sign autographs the lines were long and the desire was clear. the yearning for the signature of the player who made the biggest catch in 49ers history.
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a dream come true for so many players. how has this followed you? >> every super bowl that comes on i can say i want to super bowl -- lived through a super bowl. none compared to the one that beat the sites and at a bengals -- cincinnati bengals. >> i touched down a lot of times a caught a lot of touchdowns in my backyard. >> to just said -- joe just said from the tv out. >> that was my first trip. >> i was in the and his own.
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jerry rice was spectacular. they form the most potent receiving tandem in the nfl. >> maybe the best receiving combination ever. did you ever feel like you are playing and jerry shadow? >> no. that's how i play. >> my talking was done on the field. >> john taylor was a third round pick out of delaware state. joe montagne are -- montana was a third-round prick -- pick. the 49ers loaded up for the next 10 years and that is what this team and the management needs to figure out to do. john taylor he's got it.
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we are talking about the significant warm up that we need right now. it is brisk out tonight in the 40s. san jose is 52 degrees. the pyramid is looking great and super bowl city at the bottom of your screen. it's going to be another glancing blow like we had this morning. we will have with -- light rain at this time tomorrow. look at your screen. it is chilly out there. tomorrow super bowl city will be dry and when the gates open
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it will be showering in the evening. a rigid high pressure is building in so we will see a glancing blow. we will see a few light showers. as the system moves out, it will get warm and sunny. tomorrow morning we are dry, tomorrow evening we are not. look at your screen. by thursday morning being rain clears. a partly cloudy and chilly night tonight cloudy tomorrow with lite showers and a warming trend starting thursday with mainly sunny skies. highs tomorrow 50s.
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seven-day forecast 70s in the south bay. take a look at your screen. that is your forecast we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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where the broncos and panths will face off in super bowl. in less than 5 days. leading those two teams -- o where levi stadium right now. >> leaving the team's two men with very little in common. cbs reporter looks at the veteran peyton manning versus young gun cam newton. >> cam newton is brash bold
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with the unique style. fans of the 26-year-old love his signature celebration. >> from being labeled this player that player you know for me i've always kind of viewed things differently and play differently. >> he's built like a linebacker that moves like a running back. it's a deadly combination. >> i get the better end of the stick on sunday. >> peyton manning comes off a challenging season. manning was benched for injuries. the mvp is the comeback kid. >> even with all of the different challenges i felt like i had a piece about it. >> >> just a month away from being
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40, he will decide whether to hang up his cleats after the super bowl. he will deal with a possible investigation leading to reports of human growth hormones. >> i welcome that investigation and i can tell you they will find a big fat nothing. >> despite their different styles, there's a mutual respect between the two. that will do it for us at 6 pm. signing off. coming up next, is our live super bowl special. ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪
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the bay area with excitement for superbowl 50. we're at the center of it all. >> tonight, she's a rising star on the field with her sights set on the nfl. meet the young 49ers fan getting to liver out a superbowl dream. >> it's what everyone talks about a. besides the game. the commercials. a behind-the-scenes look at tonight's special celebrating the greatest ads in superbowl history. >> it's a football fan's nightmary. getting turned away at the gate. the major operation to prevent ticket fraud. >> and the 49er's legend relives


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