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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  February 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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broncos are trying to get one of those rings. >> they are. >> yeah. it is thursday, february 4. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. we're broadcasting live this morning from sens restaurant overlooking a quiet super bowl city. they will get that rocking in a couple of hours. meanwhile, last night hundreds of activists squared off with police right near super bowl city. the demonstrators took to the streets over san francisco's homeless policies but they ran into a number of officers in riot gear blocking their path. cate caugiran joins us live in the embarcadero with more on that face-off with the officers. cate, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the main issue for protestors is actually the land behind me where you guys are at, super bowl city. homeless and their supporters say the nfl took it over from them so yesterday on one side we had celebrating and across the street, we had protestors demanding change. [ yelling ] >> ain't no power like the power of the people! >> reporter: those protestors
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marched around super bowl city carrying tents and signs that said, no penalty for poverty and house keys for homeless. organizers are asking mayor lee to invest in $5 million that the city invested for super bowl back to the homeless and to created new programs for shelters and health services. the city does have a response to the protestors who say that the city is going too far in its effort for the super bowl. >> our coordinated effort in the city is to really try to end people's homelessness bring them into our system of care and there isn't a coordinated attempt to sweep away our problems. we struggle with homelessness every day. >> reporter: a shelter was supposed to open yesterday and the pier 80 shelter will open today or tomorrow instead. it was set up for the homeless and they are still putting it
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together. when finished it could hold up to 150 people. it will remain open until march. reporting live in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. keeping the bay area safe is the top priority for local and federal law enforcement agencies as the super bowl approaches. it's especially important in and around levi's stadium. kpix 5's jackie ward is at the stadium with more on their efforts. jackie. >> reporter: good morning. yeah. of course law enforcement is thinking of every possible angle of danger coming anywhere near levi's stadium. and that includes waterways including the peaceful tip of san francisco bay, that's where the san tomas aquino creek is. and it joins the bay. if you follow it a mile and a half upstream you will end up next to levi's stadium. that's why the coast guard set up a maritime exclusion zone to prevent anyone from getting in or out of the creek channel. >> it's maritime security,
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helicopter patrols by the coast guard, on-site intelligence support. >> reporter: national guard teams are already monitoring the perimeter and dozens of law enforcement agencies are involved in the overall security effort. security of course already well under way around the stadium as you can see. here now we have people already driving up in some cars for various reasons. we are right by the convention center. security is here. just note for the people who drive around here, tasman is closed already and will continue to be so through tuesday. but guards are here around the clock making sure that everything is in place before the big game. from levi's stadium, jackie ward, kpix 5. that big game now just three days away. broncos playing the panthers and, of course, you can see it here on kpix 5 your television home for super bowl 50. here's a small sample of some of the fireworks extravaganza planned for sunday's big game in santa clara. crews at levi's stadium set these off yesterday afternoon in a test run for the big
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event. and coldpla aptly named this morning is in san francisco today talking about the super bowl halftime show. they will be at the moscone center around noon. beyonce is also part of the halftime somehow. no word if she will show up. but if she shows up today, we'll be talking to her, that's for sure. the super bowl is the biggest annual event on american television and it's a huge effort to get that on the broadcast. aand this year it's cbs' turn. there will be 70 cameras in santa clara including more than 30 mounted around the stadium for a 360-degree view. and you will also get a bird's- eye view from a camera mounted to a plane and from a tower cam at great america next door. >> we've got all the bells and whistles known to mankind in sports broadcasting. >> the cbs camera crew will hold an off air rehearsal tomorrow. the football team from mountain view's st. francis high school will serving as standins for the professionals. be sure to tune in every morning for more live coverage
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from super bowl city and we have a special three-hour show on saturday starting at 7 a.m. you don't want to miss that. i like that picture of us. >> i do. >> from yesterday morning. >> looks like a great team. someone needs to go on a hot chocolate run. i just want to bring that out right now. >> i'm going to call on our news director dan rosenheim. >> great yesterday. >> in the vicinity, starbucks, very close. how are we doing, gianna, in traffic? >> it's busy. the commute is in full swing especially at the bay bridge where the metering lights are on so you are seeing some stop- and-go conditions through there. you're backed up into the maze off 580 a little sluggish. our eastshore freeway though commute is not doing too bad actually 22 minutes now from the carquinez bridge to the maze. westbound 84 near the toll plaza accident blocking left lane. slight delays as you approach where that wreck is. past that clear to the peninsula. san mateo bridge some sluggish
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conditions heading towards the bridge. southbound 880 starting to really load up at least from 238 as you work your way south into hayward into union city. east 92 ramp to northbound 880 there's an accident. let's fire up our live hi- def doppler radar. we have a weak cold front blowing through the bay area and at this particular time what do you see on your tv screen? absolutely nothing except see that little cluster of yellow and orange? those are the wind turbines just outside of rio vista. our doppler so spot on it's going to pick those up as well as a couple of different mountain ranges. other than that we have a combination of some clouds and some clear conditions and right now, temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. but i got to tell you it feels colder due to a southeast breeze whipping up to 15 miles per hour. now, today we'll see partial clearing of the skies. temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. 62 in mountain view into
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brisbane. partly cloudy today 60 degrees right here at super bowl city at the foot of market street just outside at justin herman plaza. we are located at sens restaurant. if you come on out, please say hi. thank you. today huge chunk of the old bay bridge is coming down at a snail's pace. here's an animated look at what caltrans is taking on. crews will start lowering the first 504-foot truss span into the water. it's painfully slow. and very precise. it will take crews about two days to finish it. santa clara university students can line up for free vaccinations starting today to prevent an outbreak of a rare meningitis strain. two students tested positive for the deadly disease in the past week. the county health department is helping with the on-campus vaccination clinic planned for today and tomorrow. the clock is ticking for somebody out there to cash in a massive lotto prize. at $63 million, it's the largest unclaimed california
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lotto ticket. and somebody bought it last august at this los angeles 7- eleven. now the mystery buyer has until 5:00 tonight to come forward and one man is suing the california lotto saying he sent in the winning ticket. the lotto says it was too damaged to be processed. the golden state warriors are not playing today but they are going to celebrate their nba championship in grand style. president obama will welcome the team to the east room of the white house. the warriors stayed overnight in washington after beating the wizards yesterday evening. time is 6:08. the super bowl means a homecoming weekend for several bay area natives. on the panthers and the broncos. we are going to hear from some of the coaches who helped turn them into superstars. >> and a big mess involving levi's stadium has nothing to do with the big game. the decision that letting bay area -- that left bay area girl scouts devastated. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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san jose investigators are trying to figure out if this three- alarm fire, was arso good morning. your weather forecast, as we look from the transamerica pyramid looking due east over the beautiful bay bridge, you can see the clouds out there. it is a chilly start to your day in the 40s with the wind up to 50 miles per hour. we have your full forecast coming up in less than 4 minutes. san jose investigators are trying to figure out if this three-alarm fire was arson. crews battled flames at four different residential buildings last night on the 1000 block of alice avenue. it took nearly 2 hours to put it out. two of the buildings were occupied at the time. but there are no reports of injuries. 49ers recovered from a pr fiasco involving the girl
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scouts. they were challenged to sell 600 boxes of cookies each. their reward a slumber party on the 50-yard line at levi's stadium in may. 1200 fulfilled their end of the bargain. but the 49ers canceled the event in favor of a more lucrative concert. >> we are just, like, all disappointed and we felt really bad. >> it kind of made me a little sad. >> i was sad but now i'm really happy that they have it on again. >> i think the 9ers are, too. they came through. they had a bit of a mea culpa and they came good on the sleepover moving the date a week later and they will pay for it. nice move by the 9ers especially during super bowl week. some members of the panthers and the broncos are coming back to the bay area stomping grounds for the super bowl. so this week we have two cool schools with team connections. de la salle in concord and miramonte in orinda. >> reporter: famous athletes lined this wall at miramonte high including the carolina panthers quarterback coach ken dorsey. >> i tell as many kids, you
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know, hey, you know, do you like cam newton? yeah, we really like him. well, ken dorsey is his coach. >> reporter: he coached the offensive line that protected dorsey when he was quarterback here in the late '90s. >> he was such a student of the game, he would know what was going to happen with the defense before it even happened. >> reporter: dorsey went on to play in the nfl. but it's coaching that gave him the most success. >> he really is passionate about coaching. and, um, we probably like to think that at miramonte, we gave him that spark. >> reporter: just 12 miles away a spark was felt at de la salle where broncos safety tj ward played during the school's 151 game winning streak. >> tj was a little undersized as a junior and he really blossomed. >> reporter: he grew up in antioch where he was often seen playing basketball and throwing the football. >> one thing about it. j is a hitter as a youngster, he is a hitter now, one thing about tj. it's going to be great to watch
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him play against carolina in the super bowl. >> reporter: miramonte and de la salle are proud of their former athletes and you can bet everyone there will be watching the super bowl and cheering them on. >> there's a long tradition in the school and i think anytime one of our own are out there playing, at least no doubt about it. >> to be able to circle around and be a coach and go to the super bowl, that's amazing. >> he is still texting ken dorsey every week so hopefully you get to see him. i think he is going to try to go out there for a practice too with the panthers and then on de la salle's side, three other players aside from ward have gone on to the super bowl and won. so de la salle is hoping for four players. >> who is playing for the broncos? >> of course. >> maybe a prediction there. >> miramonte has one of the better high school programs in northern california for years and de la salle has an all world program maybe one of the best high school programs in the country. so -- >> obviously great athletes come from there.
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>> i'm a proud miramonte alum so go ken dorsey. good stuff. what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. traffic toss tra she wasn't in sports but she was in the show choir. [ laughter ] >> she can sing. >> that all led to traffic. >> that's right. so i'm going to sing you the best traffic report ever! >> sing the blues. >> no. well, you might sing the blues a little bit if you are in and out of san francisco for the rest of the week. here's a live look at conditions at the embarcadero. so there are super bowl city closures in effect at least to the 12th of february. so it's going to take some time to tear down all the events they set up. this is southbound embarcadero that's closed around market. northbound though you can still commute in that direction. other closures to keep in mind, howard street between 3rd and 5th at the moscone center. you have the nfl experience happening there a lot of events, media row over there so a lot activity heavily congested throughout the day especially around mission and howard and harrison. so heads up there. to the freeways we go, bay
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bridge live look here metering lights on. you're backed up into the maze. that eastshore freeway though commute is actually still doing good westbound carquinez bridge to the maze only about 23 minutes right now. rest ofyour bay area bridges not seeing any troubles -- rest of our bay area bridges not seeing any troubles. westbound hayward into foster city across the san mateo bridge an accident on that eastbound side of 92 connecting over to 880. so just a heads up there. golden gate bridge has been a nice ride this morning. no delays out of marin county as you work your way into san francisco. we are live at sens restaurant in san francisco. here's roberta with the forecast. >> we are here because of super bowl city just over justin herman plaza. that's where we are lee indicated so if you are -- that's where we're located so if you are heading out here, come by sens restaurant and say howdy to us. partly cloudy today at 60 degrees. meanwhile check this out. we do have currently clear skies over our inland areas partly cloudy skies right there looking out over the bay bridge. currently it's 50 degrees in san francisco but that's very
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misleading. if you factor in the wind it feels like the lo 40s. a warmer start today but the wind adds a chill to the air. partial afternoon clearing today and it will become unseasonably warm just in time for the weekend. okay. see this frontal boundary? as it skirts across the northern half of the state of california it's coming apart. our satellite and radar does indicate that we have a strong ridge of high pressure strengthening over the bay area. as it does so it diverts our frontal boundary well to the north of the bay area. but i got to tell you there's so much power associated with these cold fronts passing through that it is prompting a high surf advisory in effect until tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. some of these swells up to 15 feet. all right. today across the northern half of the state 40 degrees in the greater lake tahoe area. that's after a high yesterday only in the 20s. it is now 21 degrees there. 24 hours ago it was 7 degrees above zero. so you see the difference as high pressure begins to build into the northern half of the
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state of california. sun-up 7:11. by the time it sets at 5:36, we will have realized temperatures into the 50s, pushing low 60s. 62 mountain view and san jose. seven-day forecast gradually warmer conditions, high pressure strengthens resulting in a warming trend and near or record warmth by monday into tuesday. super bowl sunday, 71 degrees at kickoff at 3:30. when was the last time you had a super bowl into the 70s? boy, can't ask for better weather here in the bay area. >> oh, i know. the chamber of commerce is clapping. hopefully we'll get flour one back here in another five years. another san francisco musician in the spotlight on the super bowl city stage. >> matt nathanson played to a packed crowd in the rain. ♪[ music ] >> the song come on get high is a song that helped launch matt's career as a musician. he said he was pumped to perform last night but admits he is not a big sports fan.
6:20 am
>> i'm definitely not a very big football fan only because i'm sort of sports illiterate. i grew up playing guitar in my basement and so sports were, like, just not my -- it's kinds of my brother's thing and i was kind of the musician guy. >> matt lives in bernal heights and often sings about san francisco. in spite of the showers last night he rocked the stage and the crowds. one very talented family gracing the city stage, that's tonight. you can catch the band perry at 7:30 at sue bierman park. tomorrow night one republic playing. on saturday the eve of the super bowl it's alicia keys. best part, every concert is free. the super bowl is being touted as a huge benefit for bay area businesses. but that isn't the case for all of them. we'll have more on the downside of the celebrations. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, joe montana and wife jennifer weigh in on head injuries and the one that led to joe's retirement. plus, steph curry might be looking for a presidential pardon after what he did to the
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wizards in d.c. straight ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everyone. the warriors go to the white house today and it's a no- brainer what the president will be talking about. with his star shot scored 41 points but what's completely overshadowed by steph curry. -- was completely overshadowed by steph curry. he made 13 of his first 14 shots scored 36 in the first half nailed 11 shots from downtown, one off tying the nba record which is shared by kobe and daniel marshall an ex- warrior. he finished with 51 points. warriors win 134-121, their eighth straight. they are 45-4 on the season and there's draymond put the fire out with a cup of water! >> i had an opportunity to walk with joe montana through super bowl city last night. we chatted about the glory days but he also reflected on his
6:25 am
injury history and myself and his wife jennifer asked him about the movie "concussion" the growing problem on brain damage and the nfl's attempt to cover it up. >> i'm afraid to watch it because i don't want to be, you know, swayed one way or the other in thinking that it could be true when it might not be. >> that was really the main reason why you retired there. you thought about it the year before when you had that major concussion and you took four or five months making your decision whether you were going to come back for one more year. >> the last concussion hurt. it was like a lightning bolt went through my head. now, the "concussion" movie was about cte. and surrounding the life of a doctor, who interestingly will be speaking tonight in san francisco about that very topic. i'm dennis o'donnell. we'll see you here tonight. all right. we are going to hoop it up. play of the day we have miami at dallas. keep your eye on the heat's hassan whiteside.
6:26 am
3.........and >> welcome back, bill fella! the man is back! >> whiteside with a baseline circus bucket and they win by 3 and grab the play of the day. the heat is on before tonight's big democratic debate. all leading up to the nation's first presidential primary. coming up, the latest from both sides of the aisle. >> reporter: and i'm cate caugiran live outside of super bowl city. san francisco's homeless determined to get the city's attention. we'll update you on last night's protest and how it could change future big events. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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good morning. we have a beautiful shot high above the transamerica pyramid beaming down on the best view on the planet. it certainly is now. good morning, it's thursday, february 4. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. we are going to check in with gianna for a traffic alert. unfortunately, your morning commute has taken a turn for the worse if you are traveling out of hayward this morning. southbound 880 just under 92 two left lanes are blocked. we are get, word from chp this is a faith -- we are getting word from chp this is a fatal accident with a motorcycle and two vehicles. it happened at 6 a.m. it's been there for a half- hour. what that means for your morning drive is heavy delays at least from 238 to beyond that. connecting to the san mateo bridge will be a struggle. once you get past the delays there for that accident, 17- minute ride between 880 and 101. but again, right now two left
6:31 am
lanes completely shut down southbound 880 just under 92. now, the two right lanes still open. so you can squeeze by there over to the right shoulder. this is due to a fatal accident so it will be out there for quite some time. back to you guys. thank you. a face-off between police and protestors on the edge of super bowl city. 200 people angry over the city's treatment of the homeless, tried to disrupt fan festivities last night but they ran up against a wall of police in riot gear. kpix 5's cate caugiran is live along the embarcadero with more. >> reporter: it was a stark contrast between the celebrations going on at super bowl city and across the street where there were hundreds of protestors. [ yelling ] >> ain't no power like the power of the people! >> reporter: protestors marched around super bowl city chanting and carrying tents. organizers want the $5 million that the city put into the
6:32 am
super bowl to be paid for housing for the homeless and to create new programs for shelter and services. the protestors carried signs that said, no penalty for poverty, and house keys for homeless. in addition to protestors were 80 police officers in riot gear standing by. kpix 5 security analyst jim harp says the beefed up police presence is likely the new normal for big events. >> back over the last couple of super bowls, one of the big differences is we didn't have a shooting in san bernardino prior to it happening. we didn't have an attack in paris. we didn't have isis, you know, committing to the cause as much as they are now. >> reporter: the city's new homeless shelter at pier 80 was supposed to open yesterday. but now we are hearing it's been pushed back to later today or tomorrow. crews say they are still putting the tent together. it has room for up to 150 people. the homeless and advocates say the shelter is a way to keep them out of super bowl city.
6:33 am
reporting live in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. law enforcement keeping the bay area safe during super bowl week are getting some reinforcements including these bomb-sniffing dogs. expect to see them at all the bay area airports on bart, vta and muni. the specially trained k-9s can sniff out over 19,000 types of explosives as well as firearms and ammunition. super bowl traffic is expected to be a mess especially around levi's stadium in santa clara. busy tasman drive in front of the stadium has been closed since last weekend. and some people who live or work near the stadium are upset about all the street closures leading up to stunned's super bowl. neighbors say the blocked streets that force drivers to detour around the area and move on to already congested side streets. many business owners say their customers are steering clear of the area even though they are still open. >> we're waiting on the super bowl and, like, you know, waiting for all the people in the crowd and it's kind of
6:34 am
super dead so it's like the opposite of what we would have thought. >> vta light rail service is still running on tasman. but that will also shut down friday night after the evening commute. and on game day fans will be shuttled into the stadium from the light rail station. >> game day it's going to be about 71 degrees on this thursday. it's what? 48? 45? >> at the waterfront right now the temperature is 47 degrees so you're pretty close. let's talk windchill factor. it's a little wind. it's exciting to be here at super bowl city. we have the forecast for you but right now, wow! just stop what you're doing and take a look at this! official sun-up at7:11. today, partly cloudy. we are in the 40s and 50s but again, the wind makes it feel cooler than it actually is. that wind has been increasing due to a frontal boundary that
6:35 am
continues to sideswipe the bay area. that will toss in a few clouds in and around our bay area today. so let's go with partly cloudy skies. high temperatures pushing the low 60s, 10 to 20 miles per hour rotating out before they end up out of the northeast. we are at sens city overlooking super bowl city at justin herman plaza. partly cloudy at 60 degrees hope to see you here. a woman is beaten and robbed and left in critical condition after an attack at a bay area mall. the 63-year-old woman was able to call 911 after being attacked in the parking lot of the solano towne centre in fairfield about noon yesterday. a 19-year-old suspect was quickly captured. police are holding william david king on attempted murder charges. they say he is also responsible for a similar attack on tuesday. >> you can't be safe at a public mall where there's security, where are you safe at? >> i plan on defending myself absolutely. >> king is also charged with robbery. the woman's belongings were
6:36 am
found in his possession. a breakthrough in a mendocino county cold case. we now know two sets of bones found nearly four decades ago near willits are the remains of two teenaged girls from sonoma county. one of those girls was 14-year- old francine trimble. the other her 15-year-old friend kerry graham. both were last seen alive in forestville in december of 1978. an earring was found with the remains in a concrete vault. it wasn't until this past november that the links were confirmed through dna analysis. it's not clear how the girls died. politics now. candidates running for president are working hard to try to win over the new hampshire voters with town hall meetings leading up to the first of the nation's crucial primaries on tuesday. anne makovec has more from the newsroom. >> reporter: there is a big showdown tonight. the fifth democratic debate. the first time the top two candidates for the democratic nomination will be on stage
6:37 am
together since martin o'malley dropped out. hillary clinton and bernie sanders made their case to voters during a town hall meeting last night. answering questions from the audience they appeared on stage one at a time and traded jabs over progressive values. >> i do not know any progressive hojas a super pac and -- who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street. >> i was amused that senator sanders set himself up to be the gatekeeper on who is a progressive. >> clinton is trailing bernie sanders in new hampshire. just how nasty the candidates are willing to be to each other and which republicans they choose to attack since the big shake-up in iowa earlier this week, things to watch tonight. speaking of the republican side, donald trump and ted cruz locked in a war of words over the results in iowa. trump went on a twitter rant wednesday accusing ted cruz of cheating to win the iowa caucus. cruz says trump is throwing
6:38 am
what he describes as trumper tantrums. an iowa gop spokesman says the caucus results are final. >> this guy ted cruz, ted cruz goes out, you talk about liars! >> donald's insults get more and more hysterical the more and more upset he gets. >> there was an unexpected stop on the campaign trail for trump. his private plane had to make an emergency landing in nashville. the pilot reported engine trouble. it landed safely. trump was late to his rally in little rock, arkansas. now, republicans rand paul and rick santorum both dropped out of the race wednesday. rick santorum immediately endorsed marco rubio. as the republicans drop out it's interesting to see just who might be positioning himself for that vp spot. live in the newsroom, anne makevoc, kpix 5. during super bowl week you never know who you're going to run into some of the all time greats on the gridiron perhaps. >> yeah. raiders legend and hall of famer michael haines will join us to discuss the game and some of the big issues our bay area teams are dealing with.
6:39 am
can't wait. >> hey, thanks for getting up early. >> thanks for having me on this early. >> i'll shake your hands because mine are cold and yours are warm. we'll be right back. ,,
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could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. only at a sleep number store. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. expected earnings in the fo quarter. here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason br. shares of gopro in san mateo are tumbling after lower earnings than expected in the 4th quarter. here's kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the san mateo action camera maker was once a darling on wall street. now it's taking a big spill. the company reported falling sales in the 4th quarter. revenue down over 30% from a year earlier. and it provided a dismal forecast for the year ahead. that's worrying a number of investors who think the action
6:43 am
camera market may be saturated. a lot of hopes for gopro rest on its eventual quad quattro drone which could debut this year. it's a much different story for glue mobile. the san francisco-based social game developer announced it's bringing on taylor swift as its latest celebrity game. it started it all off with kim kardashian and has many other celebrity themed games including nicki minaj. shares are up 25% in early trading. key economic reports out. weekly jobless claims on the rise to about 285,000. worker productivity in the u.s. in the 4th quarter fell three percent a very weak gain for the fifth straight year overall. stocks are coming off a mixed session yesterday. starting out a little lower. let's go to the big board see where we're heading in the early going. dow down 50. nasdaq down 32.
6:44 am
s&p down 10. frank and michelle, back to you. >> all right, jason brooks from kcbs news, thank you. happening today, santa clara university students can line up starting today for free vaccinations in an effort to prevent an outbreak of meningitis. kpix 5's kiet do joins us live from scu with what's behind the urgency to get students vaccinated. >> reporter: good morning. health officials say they do not know if a third student will turn up sick with meningitis. but they are not taking any chances. and so they are urging all students to come down and get vaccinated. starting today the the school will be sponsoring a free vaccinations for all students for meningitis and chances are the students haven't gotten this vaccine because it's new and specifically designed to fight this strain that's sickening two students here on campus. this started on sunday when a student got very sick and went to the hospital. two days later another student got sick. tests confirmed that it was the same bacterial strain of meningitis known as serogroup b. health officials are
6:45 am
searching for anyone who may have had contact with those two students. >> we are focusing intensely for the next several days on ensuring the health and welfare off our students by encouraging them very strongly to get vaccinated. >> the in santa clara we're deeply concerned about the -- >> in santa clara we're deeply concerned about the welfare of our students, faculty and staff. >> reporter: there will be an event here on saturday called the super community celebration. that will go on as scheduled. frank and michelle, party on. live in santa clara, kiet do, kpix 5. >> all right, kiet. thanks. we have a very serious traffic alert. here gianna. >> yes. delays continue as you work your way southbound 880 just under highway 92. we have a motorcycle accident, two left lanes are blocked. this is a fatality so expect closures to last for quite some time for the investigation. now, the two right lanes are open. so you can still squeeze by but very busy conditions south 880 as you work your way just under
6:46 am
92. may cause delays heading towards the san mateo bridge. another trouble spot two left lanes down for the count on the northbound side of 101 right near oyster point boulevard injuries reported in this accident. you can see on our maps 101 is busy in both directions anyway especially northbound as you work your way into san francisco. let's check the rest of the bay area right now. live look at the san mateo bridge. right now we are seeing some extra volume on that westbound side. 880 to 101, that will take you 18 minutes to work your way across the span. taking a look at 880 oakland, northbound as you head into downtown oakland, the nimitz freeway, starting to bog down just a bit. of course, delays heading into the maze this morning especially at the bay bridge. we have metering lights on southbound 880 at least through this portion. not doing too badly near the coliseum. again here's a live look at the bay bridge. you're backed up well into the maze. had reports of some activity on the upper deck near tunnel. looks like some construction work may have been happening there. really backing things up quickly there at the bay bridge so throw there. tasman drive closed near levi's stadium for super bowl 50. busy as you work your way
6:47 am
westbound 237 heading through milpitas. northbound 101 sluggish as well so busy drive as you work your way out of san jose this morning. it is chilly out here this morning. here's roberta. good morning, everybody. you have to take a look at this view. it's from our transamerica pyramid looking due east. official sun-up is at 7:11. and look at that. we have partial clearing of the skies from the area of low pressure that's been brushing up against northern california. numbers right now stacking up in the 40s and 50s. but it is the wind that's blowing up to 15 miles per hour that does add a chill to the air. here's what you can expect today a little breezy with the variable winds also some cloud cover and some peeks of sunshine. we'll say partial afternoon clearing today. and then we are going to set the stage for an unseasonably warm weekend. let's get right down to some business. area of low pressure stacking up against the pacific northwest taking all the precipitation north of the bay bridge washing out over northern california but what it is doing, it is prompting a high surf advisory to remain in effect all the way until 7 a.m.
6:48 am
tomorrow morning. meanwhile, across the state of northern california, we kick off a warming trend. yesterday we were only in the 20s and 30s in the greater lake tahoe area. today 40 degrees. otherwise 58 in fresno. 62 in monterey. hey, your mountain report today, your ski and boarding report squaw valley red dog express my pick run of the day, lots of fresh powder there. it snowed yesterday in kirkwood, 2300 acres, skiable and boarding is a must! have a great time. meanwhile today locally partly cloudy skies, 50s to low 60s, breeze up to 20 miles per hour at times. we are here at super bowl city at the foot of market street, partly cloudy skies today, 60 degrees, come on by, say hi. meanwhile, let's forge ahead to your super bowl 50 forecast on sunday. near or record warmth, 71 degrees at 3:30 at kickoff at levi's stadium and you can't ask for more during an el nino season. right? >> perfect. >> perfect, ro. >> roll the dice and we won. >> bring a little of that heat
6:49 am
right now. we like that even more. super bowl 50 attracting a lot of football's greatest players to the bay area this week. among them, former raider michael haynes. >> yeah. he is a hall of fame quarterback. nine time pro bowler and super bowl xviii champion and the best parted, he is joining us this morning! thank you so much. >> thank you for having plea on this morning. >> yes. and i love your jacket by the way. it's the hall of fame jacket, right? >> yes. there's a couple of hundred of these out there. that's it. >> is it insulated? >> no. [ laughter ] >> i didn't think so. >> the super bowl has to bring back a lot of memories for you, right? >> it does. it's a lot of excitement always during this time of the year and it's always who has the best conference, afc, nfc. a lot of players will be here. now they have a lot of awards ceremonies here too so it's a big week for all of us. it's like a big reunion for us. it used to happen sometimes at pro bowls for me as a player but now it's the super bowl. i go every year. >> you're also -- not only here
6:50 am
to have fun, but you're here as a survivor of prostate cancer here to raise awareness about it. >> i found out at a screening at the hall of fame really about psa, prostate specifi anitgen. it is a test for prostate cancer and the guy gave me a lot of statistics i never heard before that one in five black men would be diagnosed with prostate cancer. one in 7 for all men. i had never heard of prostate cancer. one in eight women will get breast cancer in their lifetimes. more men will get prostate cancer than women breast cancer but i didn't know anything about it. i was scared, got back, called my primary care doctor. we had a conversation about it. i had a biopsy and i had it. i was in the right place at the right time but totally by coincidence and our campaign is to make sure that men are aware and they don't find out like i
6:51 am
did by luck. >> what's the best thing to do? >> know their family history. you know, know their own personal risk. it ran in my family. had no idea. my grandfather died of it. never had a conversation with anyone in my family about it. so that's really it. know your personal history. if it runs in the family have a conversation with your doctor as early as possible. 35, 40, if it doesn't run in your family you can probably wait until your 50s but prostate cancer is curable if caught early. if detected early you can beat it. >> let's talk about an illness that's going around, concussion, kenny stabler. you never played with the snake. you had jim plunkett as a quarterback. he is certainly part of the family. he died of colon cancer and had cte. >> i have donated my brain too so if i go they are going to do the same thing for me to see if i have it and we're not really sure exactly what to do to prevent it. you know, we know how it happens now.
6:52 am
we know how many guys are likely to have it. there's a huge effort to try to figure out what to do if you do have it. and even if you have a concussion, what do you do? the real danger is staying in the game once you have a concussion. that second hit while you're con cussed, that's the real danger. >> a lot of talks about the raiders' future in the bay area. what are your thoughts? >> i do know that mark davis wants to be here. he loves oakland and i have had several conversations with him about it. he doesn't want to leave here but he -- he believes that the raider fans deserve a great venue a great stadium to play the game and if he has to leave, i'm sure he will consider that. >> okay. we are going to put you on the line here. we got panthers, we got broncos. who do you like. well, after playing 14 years in the afc -- [ laughter ] >> -- and -- >> going for it? >> i got to go for the broncos. >> love it! >> who has broncos sweats on right now? >> no one. [ laughter ] >> my coanchor. showing her true color. >> it's cold out here!
6:53 am
>> that's true. >> wouldn't you love to see peyton manning go out with a ring. i would. i would. i mean, he has had a fantastic career. he is a future hall of famer for sure. and believe it or not, i think cam newton is on his way to having a hall of fame career. >> he is a monster on the field. thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> what a pleasure to have you, sir. take care. enjoy the game. >> that high five kind of hurt! [ laughter ] >> i bet. he is a fall of famer! we'll be live from super bowl city until game day and we have a three-hour show on saturday morning starts at 7:00. you don't want to miss it. more when we come back. stay right there. ,,,,,,,,,,
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ face off in their fifth debe tonigh head five things to know at the :55. hillary clinton bernie sanders
6:57 am
facing off in their fifth debate tonight in new hampshire ahead of next week's primary on tuesday. last night the candidates traded jabs over the progressive values during a town hall meeting. meanwhile, donald trump accusing rival ted cruz of cheating to win the iowa caucuses. florida's governor will address the public's concerns about the zika virus today. at least 9 cases of the mosquito-borne virus forced governor rick scott to declare a health emergency in four counties. caltrans plans to bring down a major section of the old bay bridge today. you're look at an animated demo of the process of the crews will lower the first san pablo on to a barge below for removal. the work should be done by the end of tomorrow. protestors are demanding san francisco do more to help the city's homeless. hundreds of people marched outside super bowl city yesterday questioning why the city is spending $5 million to host the celebration when so many people are in need. more protests are planned for this week. and the cbs radio concert
6:58 am
series continues tonight with another free performance at super bowl city. there you go. it's the band perry taking the city stage at 7:30. then tomorrow one republic will perform and it all wraps up on saturday night the eve of the super bowl and the free show from that woman, alicia keys. >> reporter: i'm jackie ward at levi's stadium in dollar is right now where security is already on the ground and they are searching and keeping track of the entire bay area. that includes the southern tip of the san francisco bay because that's where the san tomas aquino creek is and joins the bay the so if you follow it a mile and a half upstream you will end up next to levi's stadium. so that's why the coast guard set up a maritime exclusion zone to block anyone from being in the creek channel. levels are low despite all the rain we have had this winter but still, coast guard will be prepared for anything. >> it's maritime security and helicopter patrols by the coast
6:59 am
guard, on-site intelligence support. >> national guard teams are already monitoring the perimeter, dozens of law enforcement agencies are involved in the overall security effort. and just in the time that we have been here this morning, we have seen k-9 units patrolling the area and actually humvees are escorting food vendors in and around this area. so security is here around the clock making sure everything stays safe for sunday. from levi's stadium, jackie ward, kpix 5. let's head straight to hayward now. we are dealing with big delays southbound 880 just under highway 92. this is a fatal accident involving a motorcycle. two left lanes are blocked. chp has issued a traffic advisory. two right lanes are open but slow approaching the scene of the also pretty big accident northbound 101 near oyster point boulevard causing delays. two left lanes also blocked in the area. >> between this morning's sun- up and sundown we have 10 hours and 24 minutes available sunlight and we are seeing a hint of it right now from the transamerica pyramid looking east. gorgeous! we are in the 40s and 50s. today climbing to the 50s and
7:00 am
low 60s. partly cloudy skies. yes, the seven-day forecast suggests that by super bowl 50, 71 degrees. captions by: caption colorado ♪ good morning to ou viewers in the west. it is thursday, february 4th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump accuses ted cruz of stealing the iowa caucuses. cruz fires back saying his gop rival is throwing a trumper tantrum. new concerns about the zika virus spreading in the u.s. florida declares a health emergency. and stephen colbert is here in the studio today. the late show host on the 2016 race.


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