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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  February 6, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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live from our exclusive home in super bowl city. this is kpix 5 news. just 1 day away. super bowl 50 the countdown to gold almost over. an inspiring view over levi's stadium where it all happens tomorrow >> more than a million people have already walked the streets of san francisco preparing for what will be a big, big weekend. and we're live overlooking super bowl city. it's empty right now but that's all going to change momentarily.
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super bowl city has been filled to capacity. good morning, everyone. it is saturday, february 6th, 1 day to go before the super bowl. >> can you believe it? hi, everyone. good morning, everybody. >> i'm so excited i'm here with you how often does that happen? annie brought doughnuts so thank you for that. we will be broadcasting live getting ready for guests including some former super bowl players. entertainment you better believe it. all the news and information you need before you head out today. >> our teams are spread out across the area from the fan arrivals to the party preparations already underway and the teams getting fired up. we begin with marina, just outside the hotel where the
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broncos are staying. >> reporter: good morning, guys, this is where the broncos have been staying the entire week and where fans have been trying to get a glimpse of them. they will do their first walk through of levi's stadium. but yesterday they had a good view of a high school football team. they're known as the st. francis high school football team but for 1 day they get to pretend their the teams going to the super bowl. >> i'm playing peyton manning. >> reporter: after an amazing season playing for a state title the head coach found out they helped them out two days before the big game. >> we are going to run offensive and defensive
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rotations that north carolina do. >> escorted by police. chopper five captured the teams as they made their way from higgins field. the broncos mascot even got a practice run too, for st. francis, it's a game they'll never forget because no matter what, both teams walk away with a win today. >> i've been to a lot of cool places in my 18 years, but this definitely tops the list. >> 50 years from now they will say hey, i was at levi's stadium. >> reporter: what a dream come true for that high school football team. by the way, i have not gotten a glimpse of the broncos just yet. they are scheduled to do their walk through just before noon. what a thrill for those kids.
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how about that super bowl. let's go out to glen. >> he has more on the team's final preparations today. vern. >> reporter: absolutely. but before we get to that, gang, i'm down here at the san francisco hilton at the nfl breakfast. i'm going to have my man wilson throw the camera around. we're in the grand ballroom of this thing. names like steve young, brent jones, mike ditka will all be here as they are going to honor thomas davis the recipient of this terrific award. as far as the denver broncos. let's show you a bit of their practice earlier in the week. they are the decided under dog. and everybody knows peyton manning is the key to this one. he might have a shot at this
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one. jumping on the other side quickly to the carolina panthers, it is all about that charlotte north carolina based team. most people are saying that they are just going to come in and steam roll these guys, but hey, frank; as you know, you gotta role the ball out there and let them play. anything can happen in this game, injuries, turn overs, mistakes, but hey, we're going to really get ramped up about 8:00 here at the nfl breakfast. frank. >> all right. let's take a live look down at super bowl city this morning. the sun is just coming up. thousands will pack this place tonight for the big concert aleesia key on the eve of the super bowl. and good news, michelle, it is warming up too. >> it is. it's okay. it is typical february right
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now where you have extremely cold temperatures in the morning and then begin to warm up in the afternoon. we're going to see the rain, but in the until after the super bowl, so that's certainly good news. right now we have pretty clear skies temperatures in the 30s and forms and if you -- 40s. 65-degrees high today. it's 7:06 this is the view of the famed golden gate bridge. if you every wonder what and offshore flow looks like. look at the winds blowing. later today sunny skies, everyone is pushing 70-degrees, we're all into the 60s. full forecast is coming up in a matter of minutes. thank you. we have thousands of people that are going to head out
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later today for super bowl excitement. kay, what can people expect out there today? >> reporter: well, a lot of fun, frank, and michelle. i am really lucky, because i can partake in all the lines and i can show them to you now. it is like a theme park right now for the nfl. the experience gives fans a chance to play like the pros. you also get a chance to meet nfl teams in person and also in reality. it show cases 50 years of big game history. the experience is spread out through the center and tickets are $35 for adults, 25 for kids 12 and younger, but two and younger they are free. so far everyone i've asked say it's worth the price. this is one of the more popular activities right now. this is the quarterback
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challenge for people the test their q.b. skills. this year the nfl is doing something really new with this. it's incorporates lights and l.e.d. board. so here, let's check out to see what my q.b. skills are. i'm not promising anything good, but let's give it a shot right now. look out peyton manning, i'm coming for you. reporting live, kate korgan. right next door at the coliseum there is an electronic music festival expected to draw massive crowd. and there will be multiple
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concerts. aleesia keys will be playing and the red hot chilly peppers. our super -- chili peppers. >> we are live from the news room here. >> reporter: there was a strong earthquake that killed over 200 people in taiwan. it was a mag magnitude, it was a 6.4 magnitude. the numbers could rise as rescues find more people. three students have been infected with bacterial meningitis. the university says more than 3100 students have been vaccinated. there's another 1,000 to go.
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and three days before the first presidential primary candidate from both parties are bombarding new hampshire this weekend. tonight the republican candidate are debating in manchester and the new boston globe pole shows donald trump leading overmarco rubio and john kasich. and bernie sanders has a nine- point lead over hillary clinton. back to you. these guys have been to every game. can you believe it? we're going to introduce you to a very exclusive group to ultimate super fans. >> reporter: live in antioch and coming up in a live report we'll show you how one family will turn this ordinary home into the ultimate super bowl party. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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inside super bowl city, whe thousands and thousands will and welcome back, we are coming to you live from inside super bowl city where thousands and thousands will invade later today. a lot of out-of-towners. >> the broncos and from all over the world now thousands of people are getting their homes red, man caves for the biggest party of the year. >> so we sent done down to a house in antioch. >> reporter: as you know there will be 10s of thousands super bowl parties and as you mentioned there are a lot of preparations underway. i am here at the unofficial super bowl party house. we have robert gray sitting at the bar. robert thanks so much for inviting us in here. how many people do you guys
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expect to see? >> sometimes 75 people. and then we sometimes have a lot more people. >> reporter: you were expecting about 100? >> possibly. last year that's what happened. we had enough locations an everything was good. >> reporter: let's give folks a walk through, you have the sports bar and a menu. >> oh, yeah, we're going to have all kind of drinks. we have a bartender coming in, she's going to take care of all the specific drinks. >> reporter: yeah, with 100 people you got to do a lot of prep work. you have music, a piano right there. how many t.v.s do you have? >> probably about 16 to 17 viewing locations. >> reporter: 16 to 17 viewing locations? that's how many t.v.s you're
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going to have? >> exactly and one screen for the vip area. >> reporter: how big is the biggest t.v. you have here? >> 100-inch. >> reporter: 100-inch? you might make some sports bars feel bad. so this is the living room and how many people can you fit in the living room. >> this is going to be the passage way to some of the other locations? >> reporter: and you have family members flying in from out of town here to help you out? >> yes,. >> reporter: let's look at the kitchen, they are already prepping for the food there. >> there's my cousin dave, cousin scotty, girlfriend nicole, his mother la john. >> reporter: we're going to show you some of the games they have here coming up. i want to be invited to
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that party. >> best buy would be very proud. >> if you are looking for super bowl events with your sports football and much more adorable puppy bowl. we have a preview of that and a special wounded warrior event and a taste of the nfl at the cow palace with lots of fancy eats and some pretty famous guests as well. >> and let's take a look at the bay bridge on this beautiful saturday morning. isn't that gorgeous. i assume the bridge is going to be very busy this morning, right? >> reporter: yes, that's the calm before the storm and with everyone headed into the bay area, the bars are expected to get very busy. especially if you plan to take bar today they are gearing up for record areas. so an edm concert happening
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during the day, then a warriors game at 6:00, then in san francisco we have super bowl parties all day, concerts featuring aleesia keys and even red hot chili peppers. bart will be running extra trains today but they will not be running any late trains so for example if you plan on going into san francisco you want to hop on the train at 1:00. if you don't you're going to have a very expensive cab ride. >> we thank you for that, jenna. even the biggest super bowl fans can't boast about being in one super bowl club. a couple of guys who will be in the stand for every
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single super bowl? >> reporter: super bowls have changed over the years, but there's at least one constant. >> i'll be there. i'll be there too. >> reporter: larry jacobson and done christian son have been in a super bowl commercial, but never seen one live, they have been in the stand. >> i sat there and said to myself i think i'm closer to my car in the parking lot than i am in the end zone. >> $2,500 seats. >> reporter: it's courtesy of the nfl, the first time they haven't had to pay. they met at super bowl in atlanta. they met five fans who were all in. since then two have died an one supposed to be at our interview, but apparently he had had a hard night before. >> this is missing tom.
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>> reporter: is he hung over? >> wouldn't be surprised. >> reporter: these guys are in their mid 70s. done is from a maine, larry from san francisco. don went to the first afl/nfl championship with a buddy with tickets and just decided to keep on going. larry went to impress a date. >> she was neither impressed with the game nor impressed with me. >> reporter: but it's a hobby that has now lasted five decades. >> my wife sees the replays of these things. >> reporter: they have never looked back. >> it's been a fun ride and half of it is about the people that i've been with. >> reporter: the numbers at the end of the super bowls get
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largers but the members in this exclusive club gets smaller. the tickets buy them memories that can't be replaced. still ahead on this special edition of our morning show the crowds so huge the venue gets closed down. why you may want to get there way earlier than you think if you're hoping to see aleesia keys. next, you will meet a 49ers super fan who's ticket is taking him all the way to the super bowl when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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now just a day away. the biggest taking a look this morning at the official count down. hard to believe super bowl 50 just 1 day away. the biggest crowd yet packing super bowl city police actually had to close the gates. san francisco waterfront.
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'band plays l attraction thousands packed to watch fireworks light up the sky above the san francisco waterfront. and the big musical traction last night, one republic, they rocked the stage a little earlier. and police estimate there were about 100,000 people. they shut it down after it reached capacity. that's when grammy winner aleesia keys will take the show tonight. and then she will take the stage tonight at 8:15. there are plenty of die hard football fans that live among us the type of people that live and breathe the football? >> a seconds chance scored him an opportunity of a lifetime.
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>> kpix five reporter indicate gogarin joins us with this lucky story. kate. >> reporter: the lesson here is you can't win them all but in the case of tom brugy losing ask the perks. >> reporter: it's not often that you hear lucky and losing in the same sentence. >> i played scatcher tickets off and on. >> reporter: if you loose the first round you could enter the other ticket into another drawing, so tom went for it. >> i came home that day and my wife had brought in one of those u.p. s. overnight things envelope.
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>> reporter: his winning ticket won him seats to super bowl 50. >> at first i was kind of like, what? >> reporter: this will be his first game in levi's stadium. the bigger question, who to take? that was easy his some thomas. but first he had to convince thomas he won. >> sure, where are we going to watch it at? >> when i start showing him this stuff he was like, are you serious? >> in writing congratulations your the biggest football game winner of the year. >> reporter: football is more than a game for the two. >> it's just something that like between a father and a son that we share. >> reporter: even though their home team isn't playing.
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>> this one will probably be my once in a lifetime to go but to go with my son? >> reporter: they also get an all expenses paid and tickets to a nfl hall of fame lunch. >> if we are lucky we might have mr. montana at our table. >> reporter: the icing on the cakes the tom's son thomas' birthday today. so happy birthday, thomas. he has a lot to celebrate. i'm glad he brought that up. tom has worked for the city of san jose and he told me this is probably the sweetest retirement gift. >> happy retirement to tom. thanks so much. let's bring in roberta.
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you said it might be 63- degrees, so bump it up a few degrees. >> reporter: i don't think anybody is going to complain if i bump it up 10-degrees. i heard this is such an exciting endeavor that all the mayors gathered together and said lets have another super bowl it's so fun. good morning, everyone if you are planning on heading over here to super bowl city we are at the foot of just right off the embarcadero sunshine, 65-degrees. please stop by and say hi, this is our weather camera, look at all that blue sky, northeasterly. 49-degrees in concord.
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49-degrees in clara. some patchy fog. bank on sunny and warm conditions on super bowl sunday. this is one thing you need to know. never turn your back from an angry ocean. this is very important for some of the sneaker waves along the seashore. this is what you can anticipate for super bowl sunday. it's the warmest weather since thanksgiving. you can count on this. 50 today. spring like snowing in tahoe currently. temperatures 60s, beaches, 60s bay side. 60s in fairfield, livermore. hear is your 7 day forecast. nothing but sunshine. 74-degrees on super bowl sunday. let's go ahead and call on that forecast at levi's stadium at kickoff in the low 70s. thanks. so are you nervous about hosting say oh, about a dozen
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fans tomorrow? >> how about hosting 2500? we'll show you what it takes to host for the nfl when we come back. [cheers and applause] we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
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we're broadcasting live from kpix 5's exclusive home, se restaurant, overlook r a gorgeous start to the day in san francisco live from san francisco. it's great to be up early. good morning. i'm michelle griego and i'm frank mallicoat. levi's stadium will be no fly
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zone for every aircraft and there's recordings. but there's so much more. >> we have our maritime units. >> we have homeland security investigations for encountering false merchandise. >> the fbi is leading the super bowl security from this high- tech command center. the facility is at a secured sight and we were allowed inside but agreed not the disclose that locations. hundreds of law enforcement local will receive directives from that sight. terrorism is the number one source. >> we are joined by jeffrey heart. jeffrey in just the last couple of days we have noticed a lot of police on patrol. this is really crunch time, right? >> this is a big event and the
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most important thing is they make sure everybody is safe and has a good time. we have seen a lot of the security but there's a lot of behind the scenes stuff that we don't know about. >> yeah, lots of folks here from all over the country, not just the bay area, and their primary goal is to make sure that the stadium is safe, the super bowl city is safe and pretty much everything around the bay area. >> and security gets even tighter tomorrow? >> it does get tighter. i think the goal is for them not of the such a strong visible presence but behind the scenes there's a lot going on. >> a lot of law enforcement will be at the game, right? >> there is. but typical fbi agent dresses in a sport coat and tie, so they try to blend in as much as
7:34 am
possible. >> kind of like this, huh? >> kind of like this. >> are the security checks going pretty smoothly? >> from what i understand there are some lines. we talked about that last week before things really got ticked off. any time you have metal detector and bag checks it's like going to a giants game, so people need to be patient. >> i was on bart yesterday. there are police on not ever car, but just and every train and you see heavy artillery around the city as well. >> just a show of force is a deterrent so that helps a lot. it's like having a closed circuit t.v. camera. so if it there you know you're being watched. and that's just a deterrent as well. >> and protests and that's really shaking up game week, how has law enforcement responded to that? >> so the bay area is no foreigner to having protests or having people gather in areas,
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so you know, they're doing the best they can for crowd control. i understand last night there was a lot of people out here in super bowl city. we want to allow people to exercise their first amendment rights but the police have got to keep a close eye on it too. >> and there are snipers on top of buildings probably in and around the area as well. >> there probably are. >> can't say, right? >> no. >> what should people bring when they come out maybe their purses or wallets? anything they should know? >> if it was me i probably wouldn't bring a backpack. dress as comfortable as possible. leave everything at home. leave things that are going to slow things down through the metal detectors. your phone is okay, but the longer you're in line the longer it's going to take to
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get in the stadium. >> i'm an illinois grad so orange goes easy with the broncos. >> i take it you are rooting for the broncos. >> thank for coming. thank you. well people attending the super bowl in santa clara will have to walk quite a distance if they use the uber service that's because there's a designated drop off on great america parkway next to santa clara golf and sarah club. some people say it's about 15 minutes walk. >> i think 15 minutes will feel like a quick walk. >> and the air around super bowl city is expected to get more congested. there's a mad scramble in the kitchens this morning in bay area kitchens that are
7:37 am
doing the honors at the nfl ceremony. >> kpix jacque ward on how they are getting ready. >> reporter: putting on high profile events isn't anything new for this women owned catering company from san francisco. they have 35 culinary experts. their background create a sense of calm gives the under taking of a well oiled machine, but still it requires everyone to spring in their a-game and put in a 50 hour work week. behind the football shaped dessert topped with caviar and fresh ras berries. it's a year and a half years
7:38 am
work of preparing. the taste catering and event planning, this is their super bowl. >> critical game time crunch going on. >> reporter: it's a lot of planning organization. and then organizing execution in the kitchen. >> reporter: they have been moving for 50 hours a week as they swirl meringue. finished with that fluffy torched marshmallow. these chefs can handle it 2500 will be the biggest of the week, but in the past they have prepared food for up to almost 8,000. these four people have made 30,000 bites of delicious sweetness, 12,000 alone will be
7:39 am
fiured tonight at the honor dinner. >> reporter: if hand pressing hundreds of artichoke tortellini adding unpredictability from the background checks. getting in and that. >> reporter: they have been through rigorous security checks before and both say to have this type of star-studded award an entertainment is a highlight of their career. but it's the people right here that make it work. >> reporter: they were selected to indicator this dinner in part because of their
7:40 am
status as a certified minority owned business connect program to help make this one of the most fill endrop philenthropic events ever. >> we had lee ann james shows us how the make her special salsa. >> they expect me to bring the heat, so i always bring my super bowl salsa which is my family recipe. >> reporter: well you have the chillis. which one is hotter?
7:41 am
>> generally the jalepenos. what i do is i boil these about 20 minutes usually for 24- 30tomati ios i will add 15sora nos. i always like to add some garlic. when i mix it all up in the blender, yellow onion. >> reporter: we're making salsa. >> i like to add the cilantro at the very end so it is nice fresh and crisp. >> reporter: it is good, it's
7:42 am
good. it's hot but it flavorful. >> it is good. i only like hot salsa. so bring it on roberta. >> good stuff. more from roberta coming up in a moment but now more news headlines. >> reporter: good morning. ride share drivers are claiming foul between a price war between them an uber. they have dropped fairs to less than what they were two years ago and forcing people to work twice as much. they say they are cutting in sleep time. both them and uber turned down our request for an interview. urging people to be more
7:43 am
proactive against potential terrorism events. it has already suspended more than 125,000 accounts on facebook. according to south korea the north has planned to launch rockets, but they says the a band test of ballistic missile technology. back to you. thank for that. ahead on your super saturday next watching the super bowl live is a fan's dream. it may be limited to a lucky two. how virtual reality is changing the game? >> and pricing on stub hub for
7:44 am
super bowl tickets are breaking records. how much money you will have to pay to be in the stand. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and welcome back, everyone. taking you out live a look at the nfl experience. and if michelle was there right now she would jump right on that and be peyton manning for a little bit. >> yeah, that's 16. my face would be very small compared to those pads. >> reporter: in the near future people will be able to watch virtually from any seat in the stadium. how virtual reality is changing game for fans and players. >> reporter: the big game is often meant watching on a big scream, but virtual reality or v.r. aren't just watching on the field, but right in the middle of it. >> virtual reality is making you feel like you are somewhere
7:47 am
where you aren't. >> reporter: as for the experience they gave their first glance of the super bowl in virtual reality. >> it's the ticket that you can't get down there on the field or in the locker room. >> reporter: with special headsets and smart screens when you move your head you can see what and who is around you. >> it's great for the behind the scenes in the huddle or right there in the huddle. >> reporter: they have tested showing and nfl game in lieu virtual reality. >> we look forward to working with c nfl. >> reporter: it's means fans who can't attend the game will be available at a price. virtual reality isn't just for
7:48 am
viewers. several nfl teams including the company work with the place. >> v.r. is a good way to do it. if we put our quarterback in the pocket feeling -- somewhere it's still uncertain when we will be able to watch it but we know some fans are read for it. >> several nfl teams including if 49ers train with v.r. to cut down on injuries. >> the cost of super bowl tickets is the highest of any event in the history. the average price was nearly 5,000 bucks last night. stub hub says one big spender spent $100,000 for four tickets to the game and if you're doing the math at the home, that's 25 grand a ticket.
7:49 am
last year the average super bowl ticket went for about 4200 bucks. >> i told roberta, that for my birthday she should have given me a ticket. >> no, you wanted j.lo. >> i'm a bronco fan. >> i'm a big raider fan. >> yeah, raiders. >> got to get that in there because that's the only way they're getting there this year. >> reporter: we are at super bowl city and if you are going to be headed out stop by and say high. into the mid 60s. right now a little bit of an offshore wind. if you are winding what it looks like look outside. 30s away from the bay and in
7:50 am
santa rosa as well as liver moore. today we are heading towards a warming trend. lots of sunshine. let's get to it. your futurecast have this huge dome of high pressure. if you are not from this area be mindful to never have your back to an angry ocean. we are talking spring like conditions in the greater lake tahoe area at 50-degrees 67- degree at pebble beach. 60s pushing 70 in santa rosa, fremont 67-degrees. san jose at 68. back at santa clara 69 degrees. and for super bowl 50 sunny and warm at kickoff time in the low 70s. >> you like the tailgating forecast.
7:51 am
>> of course, doesn't even like the tailgating? >> and don't forget the salsa. >> yeah, don't forget the salsa. we'll be right back. >> reporter: all right. we are drawing a crowd down here at the hilton at the nfl breakfast. coming up in the next half hour we got a guy that has seen this matchup for both sides. he played for the broncos and the carolina panthers. wait till you see his perspective. >> reporter: all right and we are hey above the bay. we have another two plus hours of super bowl partying going right on here on channel 5. stay right there, everybody. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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taking a live look out at super bowl city we are broadcasts live from sims restaurant. it is beautiful, isn't it?
7:54 am
>> there it is. getting hungry, folks? super bowl breakfast is underway in san francisco. >> and we had a chance to catch up with 149er who played a role in super bowl history. >> reporter: absolutely, yeah, we had a little chat just a while ago with brent jones who is the m.c. of this event. he's a local bay area guy. we'll hear from him in a bit, but as far as the flavor of this thing as you look around there could be a thousand people here in this ballroom as they give the bar star award for leadership to a carolina panthers linebacker thomas davis. speaking of the panthers, we talked to guys who played for the carolina panthers, the denver broncos, how about a guy that's played for both teams with super bowl ties?
7:55 am
here is the story. >> reporter: okay, still looking for that package, so we'll just do a little soft shoot. now they're telling me hey, that package is ready to role. >> get your mind ready and don't wait. >> reporter: sound super bowl advice for both teams from greg kregin. the president product played nine seasons as nose tackle for the broncos and finished his last year in the league with the panthers.
7:56 am
>> i'm in the super bowl and thinking this is what everybody does, you play and go to the super bowl and then you realize how hard it is. never got back there, you realize how hard it is to get there. >> reporter: now a football coach at, lasgados. in super bowl xxiv. >> that was an awful day. you know, the wheels fell off and there's nothing you can do about it other than play. you just keep playing. >> what's happening, man? looking back you know there's a lot of bleeps in there. >> reporter: fast forward to 1995 with the expansion team in carolina. he scored the first touchdown
7:57 am
in carolina's history. >> we started 0-5. but they were just real positive and we ended up having a fun 1st year and then we rolled into the 2nd year and ended up into the championship in the 2nd year. >> cam is having a great year. >> reporter: is he going to be mvp? >> yeah, he's playing really well and i think as long as he's on. i don't see how denver is going to win. >> reporter: all right. now frank, michelle, as we go back to you on the set. you're going to love this one. craig has the distinction of the being the first player to score the first defensive touchdown in the history of the carolina panthers. he's all about the panthers coming up on sunday. take it away. >> okay, we'll have to see if he is right, vern.
7:58 am
thanks so much. a ra bid group of broncos fans are with us talking to us right after the break. ,,,,,,,,
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. a place for families to gather. and where friends can shop and dine. and for dessert, frost cupcake factory, with 22 cupcake flavors offered daily. come see why we're sweet on campbell. ,,
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. live from our exclusive home in super bowl city. this is kpix 5 news. >> and welcome back, everyone. there it is. levis stadium. the place to be if you can get a ticket. the first super bowl in california in 13 years. going to be great weather for that. a live look over super bowl city. as we get ready to rock it on super bowl saturday. opens up at 11:00 today. >> we are live from the exclusive home, over looking super bowl city. we love it.
8:01 am
good morning, everyone. a special standard morning episode of the news. i'm michelle griego. >> we have a team of reporteders covering it all standing by. >> and begin with maria in santa clara. good morning. >>reporter: good morning. this is where the denver broncos have been staying. and fans trying to get a glimpse of their team. some die-hard broncos fans from denver to skairl. -- to santa clara. the security is tight and can hardly get inside. but a lot of photo ops as you walk around outside. and some with the merchandise for the million or so fans
8:02 am
travrling all the -- traveling all the way here to the bay area. we haven't gotten a glimpse of the teams yet if you're wondering. they should be here soon to get the first walk through of the stadium in just hours. >> super bowl 50 is attracting elite football fans from all over the world. they are flying their private jets all week long. >> mark is there with the jetset. >> that's my jet behind me. i wish. a hundred private jets just for the hayward airport just for the game. this is going to be a busy airport. and they're rolling out the red carpet for their guests. expecting to many jets, they
8:03 am
shut down an entire runway so the planes have a place to park. we had a passenger list, but unfortunately that list is under lock and key and the airport officials say they don't know who is coming. but we wauth up with -- caught up with one from canada. >> precious cargo? >> going to be here and i have never been to the bay area. looks nice so far. >> security is pretty tight this morning. two gates open and extra hayward police and security guards here. and a treat for the pilots. they are planning on setting up a tent here. some of the pilots don't have tickets, can always watch the game from inside the tent. >> should have ticketed.
8:04 am
thought they would pony up for that. >> you would think. >> already had some celebrity sightings. >> what's going on here? >> ryan reynolds. >> i didn't understand what you said. >> ryan reynolds is here. dying. this is amazing. >> i think that's my reaction too. he's one of many celebrities there. jamie foxx and cuba gooding jr. . >> and -- thanks for joining ugs. >> absolutely. >> so are what are your impressions? >> the hubbub. >> the center to have universe
8:05 am
right now. the most amazing place in the world to be. been so smooth. it's a shock. and the warriors game is where you want to be. golden state and oklahoma city. jay z and others. >> are you going to be there? >> i'm not. i'm going to get to be a tent. i'm waering -- pearing panther colors. >> and showing off the panther blue. >> that's it. all right. entertainment spotlight right here. with the celebrities in town, who have you seen that stands out. >> i know snoop dogg is making the rounds. and ris hemsworth. and this is the party where joe montana is going.
8:06 am
it's a mansion with a bay area scene. and live seals will be there. and i believe david beckham swell. >> is he your plus-one? >> that's right. david beckham. that's -- >> one republic? >> yeah. and the crowd and band was amazing. the biggest splash, cam newton, waring the versace pants. a big story. >> that was the first thing that caught my eye. >> thought they were yoga pants. >> what i love about this guy, people criticize him because he's so flashy. and he doesn't care.
8:07 am
and charlie rose donned the same passports a couple of days later. >> a fashion show, high fashion show. who in the world would wear these? contaminate. >> those were $850. but they're completely sold out. when he wore them, they sold out. >> what do you think about lady gaga? >> i was shocked. not the classic singer. >> a beautiful voice. >> working with tony bennet. >> and she said she's trying to reinvent herself and instead of what she has to do, this is what she wants to do. >> no meat dress. . >> no. that was a requirement by the nfl. no meat dress. >> you guys are awesome,
8:08 am
fernando and greg. >> i except an invitation. >> oakland born artists, and alicia keys. take a look at the headlines. >> saying good-bye to the old bay bridges. crews are getting ready to lower a truss on to a bafrj. weigh -- bash on to a barge. it's 2500 pounds. once it's on there, going to go to the portd of oakland. and then an unobstructed view of oakland on the bridge on the new spam. swapping out security cameras for the real deal. after a shooting, many of the
8:09 am
cameras are found to be fake. now spending 1.4 million dollars $1.4 million to install real cameras in all of its cars. new precautions to stem the outbreak of the zika virus. men are encouraged to use condoms. linked to severe birth deformities. and 12 cases have been recorded in florida where a health emergency has been declared emergencies. back to you. coming up in a live report, show you how a man is turning his house into the ultimate super bowl party. how big? one of his tvs are bigger than me. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
. welcome back, everybody. one day to go until super sunday on a gorgeous day. taking a look at the bay bridge. >> and love this shot of the bay bridge. from high on top of the trans- america pyramid. what a shot. >> great. and people are getting ready for the parties. >> one has it going on. it's going to be a game changer by sunday. doc? >> michelle and frapg, i'm very -- michelle and fring, i'm very jealous of -- frank, i'm var jealous. and so many tvs. how many? 16 or 17 tvs the biggest being 60 inches.
8:13 am
and i understand you're going to have a hundred people. how are you going to host hn a hundred people? >> good team. got a bunch here. >> and the preparation, games set up for friedns and family members. and -- friends and family. and a pool table in there, a mini-basketball court and a place for kids and adults to have some fun. live in the back yard, we have the chef here. cooking up some links and ribs. how you feeling about this? got a hundred people coming. >> i feel good. ready for it. >> and david and i are going to play a little game here. this board here.
8:14 am
you feel confident about this? about ten yards out into this bucket. see who's going to make it. we're going to test our arm strength here. let's go for it. one more try. one more time before we go. see how this goes. oh, okay. we missed it. dave, what do you think about the game, what do you think about the party, how is it going to be for you guys? >> going to be great. could be a thousand people. could be a hundred. i don't know. a lot of friends and family. looking forward to it. >> the super bowl party is going to be right here in antioch. back to you guys. >> really close on that one, john. and snoop dogg is in the area. that's not all. the man you know, also goes by coast snoop.
8:15 am
founded a youth football league to help inner city league. there's a snooper bowl. going to face off not far from levi stadium. >> this is a beautiful place to do this. all the super bowls that the 49ers won out here, it's a beautiful tribute to football in general. >> not doing that or recording, in other startups. imagine an adding a crush of confuses out of towners in the week. . >> learning a thing or two about transit and getting around. sharing some tips to help the tourists get around. >> cheese. >> want to go over the golden gate bridge. going to ask about it at the
8:16 am
airport. don't stop at the toll. they don't do it. they'll get the bill to you. all in the license plate. don't stop at the toll plaza. >> whatever you do, don't get on 19th avenue. goes the length. and three rights make a left, but otherwise, could go the entire five miles and end up in bailey city. >> market street, running through like a dagger. don't get on it. no left turn. and a lot of times no right turn. more for taxis and trucks. >> california roll. not a piece of sushi. >> if you do it, it's a big ticket. 240 bucks. pedestrians, we have the right-
8:17 am
of-way here. don't count on it. supposed to stop for you, but they don't always. >> two forms on public transportation, there's the bay area rapid transit and the railway, we all like to complain. muni for short. call it the mule. and on the escalators, stand on the right, walk on the left. we're in a hurry. have fun. relax and spend lots of money. >> those are some really good tips. and a live look from san francisco. look at that. all the of the buildings ready for super bowl 50. that's all on the right-hand side of the screen. >> you can hear it. >> wave to them. >> all right. so the weather is pretty nice
8:18 am
outlet here. >> gorgeous out here. the hub of all of the energy and all of the excitement, we're at the foot of famous market street by the embarcadero . at super bowl city. sunny and temperature ins the 60s. the conditions in the bay area. a hint of some fog. 30s and more in stroez as you -- santa rosa. and what you need to know, a little bit of patchy fog and sunshine, bask in warm conditions through the super bowl and all the way into next week. we have a beach statement in effect. this is so important for all of you from out of town. never have your back to the angry ocean. sneaker waves and if you're in the water, why? 54 degrees as far as the water temperature is concerned.
8:19 am
this high pressure is expanding over the area. warmest since thanksgiving. this is what you can expect. in tahoe springs, going to be up to a high of 50. 67 in monterey through pebble beach. through the bay into the area, nearly 70 and in santa clara, the record warmth on monday. string of 70s all the way through thursday and into the end of the workweek. if you're lucky to be going to the stadium for kickoff, sunny and if not, watch it here on cbs 5. >> coming over? >> i'll have the salsa. >> maybe the guy in antioch. a thank you to the friends
8:20 am
at simms restaurant. view isn't bad. >> gorgeous. >> showing us how to whip up a super bowl dish that's sure to be a hit tomorrow. want to be able to play like the pros and how you measure up to a nfl player? we'll take you inside the nfl experience. ,,,, ,,,,
8:21 am
8:22 am
y from chopper 5 . all right. a beautiful start to super bowl weekend. another live look over super bowl city. from chopper 5. gorgeous day. got to hand it to you, roberta. gorgeous. >> that's right. the biggest crowd of the entire week. the gates open to the public at
8:23 am
11. the advice we're hearing is give yourself plenty of time to get through security. >> shut it down early yesterday with the crowd. get here early. >> the nfl experience. >> day got there before the crowds. you have had the run of the place. looks pretty fun. what are you up to now? >> back here at the quarterback challenge, langing out here, getting a look at everything. for those of you at home, this nfl experience is going to open early. and we got here early to show off a few highlights. you can play like the pros, dress like the pros and meet nfl legends in perp. and fun for all ages. games, virtual reality experiences and a place to showcase 50 years of the game's history. >> feeling like they're a part
8:24 am
of the super bowl, even if they don't have tickets to the games, feeling like it's a part of the theme park. immersing themselves in everything to do with football. >> the nfl experience is -- 35 for adults. and 25 for kids 12 and younger. everybody has said it's worth the price. and one of the most popular things, the quarterback challenge. this year, the nfl experience is doing something new. they said they wanted to make the experience as innovative as possible to represent the bay area. so see the enhanced displays with the l.e.d. displays. i tried it earlier. had a lucky shot. see how i mental anguish up. hope your watching. yes. >> what do you think?
8:25 am
>> you've been practicing. you're a ringer. that's what i can say. >> hired. >> two for two. well done. kate, thanks for that. >> i'm not telling. >> chance to practice. the super bowl parties are around to feature some fancy eats in the next couple of days. >> a chef had to wow the foodys out here with the lamb slider. >> what do we have? >> the lamb slider with the brioche and the tatziki. not more complicated than make making nachos. olive oil and chopped garlic and shallot or red onion. and little bit of onions.
8:26 am
and the chopped tomatoes. >> very flavorful. >> yeah. and nutmeg in there. >> if you're in the bay area and have the super bowl, you have to up your game, don't you? >> yeah. and this is going to take about two hours. stirring every 15 minutes. >> so i get to taste it? >> yeah. and make sure you rub it in. >> he doesn't know this, but i'm stealing this. did i get busted? this looks really fancy. pretty good. >> she's very good. he busted me. >> are they good? >> i normally don't eat lamb. but they were excellent. and simplified it so i can even make it. >> there we go. good stuff. >> it was great.
8:27 am
thank you, chef michael. levi's stadium is going to be the most secure place in the world on sunday. we learn more about what goes into such a massive undertaking. >> inside the super bowl city, where police said there were a hundred thousand people walking around. expecting even more tonight. we'll have all the details. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:28 am
8:29 am
. we are just one day away. super bowl 50 is tomorrow at 3:30 right here on kpix 5. >> and the bay area buzzing with all sorts of activity. the chopper buzzing over levi's stadium and super bowl city.
8:30 am
>> welcome to the special edition of news on saturday. looking over super bowl city. >> the breakfast is right now in san francisco. >> glen is there, catching up with one former star that played a big role in 49er history. >> nerves are kicking up. saturday is a long, long day. you want to get into your typical preparation and it feels like it drags. can't help but be a little nervous. that's part of the game. should embrace it. >> how is it? you're a south bay guy. got to mean something. >> very special. being little, would have given
8:31 am
my right arm for this. there's nothing like it in around. i'm proud. they have done a great job, the host committee. been to multiple events. everything has been spectacular. a lot to be proud of. >> can i bug you how this is going to be playing out? >> kind of tired of hearing myself saying that. love to see peyton manning go out on top. and cam newton and the panthers are playing loose and free. reminiscent of the warriors. tough to stop when you're on a roll. . you're in the bay area hall of fame. a couple of niners. are they in tonight? >> could wait terrell. on him.
8:32 am
and eddie -- if he doesn't get in, shouldn't be close. greatest owner ever. five super bowls. other teams built their organizations on the san francisco 49ers in the 80s and 90s. that was all eddie. and now awarding the bart starr award to thomas davis. more on that later. peace and quiet right now in super bowl city. hasn't opened up just yet. >> it has not. far from the case last night. at capacity and police had to shut down the grounds. >> katie is in super bowl city where bigger crowds are expect on this standard. >> good morning. that's hard to believe.
8:33 am
we knew a hundred million people were going to come here for the event. hard to imagine what it looks like. it's mind boggling. thousands turned away for one republic. and some -- at capacity. people piling in. police estimated a hundred thousand people were packed into super bowl city. despite -- the overall sentiment that security was doing a really good job. some disappointed because they couldn't see that. my advice, if you want to get here for the alicia keys concert, get her early and get a spot. police are expecting bigger crowds than a hundred thousand
8:34 am
people. pretty incredible. thanks for that. events going on all over the bay area today. a few of the big ones. a free one, celebrity flag football and much more. >> and an adorable puppy bowl taking place in san francisco and a woundened warrior one -- wounded warrior one in santa clara. >> more on the security as the game draws near, we have jeffrey hart. . >> tell us about the security around the stadium tomorrow. >> one of them is the coordinating piece for the agencies. the federal, state and local partners have been planning this for a year. started the process about a day after the super bowl last year. all of the focus is going to be on levi's stadium
8:35 am
tomorrow. big talk about drones. been outlawed. and aircraft going over the area, a lot of planning going into that, i bet. >> a lot of planning on that. and the drones cause a lot of problems for reason. having them in the air and falling and hitting people is a problem. going to control that. >> and other things being monitored? >> what a terrorist might want to do, something in the waterways, anything to disrupt the activities down there. >> if you're a fan and you're going to the game or tailgating, what should you not bring and what should you bring just to be safe. >> there is a list online of what you can bring and what you can't bring. my advice, little as possible. enough to be comfortable. the weather is going to be comfortable. not going to need a big jacket.
8:36 am
>> are people used to the police presence, you walk a couple of blocks, see them on patrol. >> i don't think they're used to it, but they feel comfortable with it. it's an assurance that things are going to be safe. they appreciate the presence and going to be a safe atmosphere. >> federal and local authorities on the ground and in the air and in the water. that's like -- must be madness trying to get that coordinated. >> it's an unbelievable task. in the fbi, when i was there, start planning for it the day after the previous super bowl. and people from the next super bowl are there to prosecute pair. it's a big event. >> thank you for joinings. >> jeffrey hart, thank you for joining us. here's some news headlines.
8:37 am
. good morning. the death toll in taiwan is climbing. 14 dead and searching for a hundred people still missing. the majority of them in a parnlt building that collapsed. there's an effort to search through the rubble there. . another vaccination clinic. officials scramble to prevent a meningitis outbreak. students have a rare strain not covered by vaccines. there's another thousand students to get the vaccine. presidential candidates from both parties have been bombarding new hampshire tonight. tonight, the republican candidates are going to be holding a debate in manchester. a new poll still shows donald trump leading over marco rubio.
8:38 am
and john kasich in third. on the democrats, bernie sanders has a nine point lead over hillary clinton. the bay area is known for its unique characters. maybe no more so than the seahawks marshawn lynch. how they're celebrating their favorite son. next on cbs, the technology debuting in the super bowl itself. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:39 am
8:40 am
. well, the bay area is some place to be this weekend. chopper 5 above the activity on this busy super bowl saturday. >> and you're looking live from the -- this is chopper 5. that's the shot from the
8:41 am
embarcadero across the bay bridge, the city of oakland. that's where the mayor declared it beast mode day. marshawn lynch with the first store. >> people lining up to meet him. people coming from as far as alaska. caps and hoodies, his cousin, josh johnson of the buffalo bills says it's about staying in the community. >> giving jobs and taking what we have and brick it back to oakland. >> filling out online and getting all the gear that we want and bring it home to seattle and make everyone jealous. >> part of the profits is going to marshawn's fan first foundation. we have some hardware here,
8:42 am
golden helmets, decorated by the cbs affiliates that have a little stake in the game. >> look at the new orleans one. >> that one is cool. >> and this one with joe montana's signature right there. >> and announcing that this helmet, we're donating this helmet, autographs by joe montana to the super bowl 50 hos committee. this will be host committee. going to be auctioned off. >> and denver one. that's pretty neat. >> the skyline of denver. >> bid on that. >> would you? okay. >> charlotte's is nice. the cam newton, superman. >> i don't know. this mardi gras one. pretty neat. >> maybe for my birthday. going to show you a live
8:43 am
look for chopper 5 look at that. and the city of san francisco. and the bridge. some out of towners are looking at this and saying, this is a great place to live. >> and a great place to have the super bowl. and all the owners here, this san francisco is okay. and a nice weather day too. >> i don't know what -- i lived here for 20 years and i'm putting my hands together and clapping. an amazing day here in the bay area. going to be an amazing weekend. by super bowl city, at the foot of market street, centered in the plaza and just off the embarcadero. and look at that. the winds and blue sky, saying winds a north shore flow. and we are banking between 39 in livermor and santa rosa. and on the super bowl, sunday,
8:44 am
kickoff, 71 and plenty of sunshine for all the tailgating. >> and that's a lot of tailgating. . . >> expensive tailgating. that's right. and this is quite a story. for the high schoolers, entering the stadium and stand ins for the denver broncos and carolina panthers. >> and a lot of work going into capturing every angle of the super bowl 50. >> a taste of what's in store for millions of viewers tomorrow. >> when it comes to watching super bowl 50, cbs sports says the best seat in the house will be the one in your living room.
8:45 am
>> our production people are here picking the best shots, picking the best replays. >> production chief is overseeing 550 tv technicians and cameras and the cabled feeding the five production trucks. it's part of what will make this -- >> all right. we had a little issue with that tape. trying to get lynn's piece about the inner workings and 70 cameras -- >> an amazing production. >> pretty incredible. elton john is going to have a car pool karaoke with james cardin in a super bowl edition. >> ♪ don't let the sun go down on me. ♪.
8:46 am
>> ♪ just a little bit of -- >> i would love to be in that back seat there. you can see that on a special late late show with james corden. >> and a special edition with stephen colbert. got tina face and will farrell after super bowl 50. >> not just the game. and wall to wall coverage. post game and the whole shebang. the game is expected to be a huge boost for the city. athletes are going to have to deal with the jock tax. >> and looking at some of the players and the road they took to get to the big stage. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:47 am
8:48 am
. it is a beautiful morning in the bay area. this is a look from chopper 5.
8:49 am
look at that. from a building in san francisco. the flags for the carolina panthers and the denver broncos. >> started at a hundred days. now one. one day from super bowl 50. going to be making a lot of money and forking over a lot of money this week too. >> and not on fancy food. talking taxes. california taxes players, coaches and everyone that comes to the state to play professional sports. the money adds up. collected 229 million dollars $229 million through this so- called jock tax. >> live in an expensive area. the taxes are very high. >> peyton manning is expected to pay a hefty sum if the
8:50 am
broncos win and the 2 million dollar $2 million bonus, going to owe 266 thousand $266,000 in tax. >> if you're macking money and paying taxes, it's not a bad thing. going to be a crazy weekend for traffic. especially trying to get to the game. >> it is. and a ticket to the game? a couple of things you want to keep in mind for super bowl 50 50 if you're driveing earlier, i spoke to chp officer about getting to the game. >> if you're not from san francisco, we ask you to plan ahead. make sure you know where you're going, take the extra time. if you're from the area, you know the delays and the choke points. plan ahead. half hour or 45 minutes extra. and maybe ride sharing or the trip another time.
8:51 am
roads are going to be busy and closed. expecting about a million extra people in the area. keep that in mind. >> and something else, if you're going to the game, going to be special service for public transportation. and -- download that to get the ticket. a special super bowl pass for cal train and you will also have to have a game ticket. only selling 12,000 of them. that's your best bet. and a special super bowl train. providing service for folks going to the game. and capitol corridor is going to have service as well. you have options, but there's going to be a lot of people. >> or you can stay home and watch it on channel 5. some members of the panthers and broncos are coming
8:52 am
back to their bay area stomping grounds for the super bowl. >> we have reporters in two locations. >> famous athletes line this hall including the quarterback coach of the panthers. ken dorsey is the quarterback coach. >> he was quarterback here in the 90s. >> such a student of the game . knew what ha they were going to do. >> went on to play in the nfl. >> really passionate about coaching. and we think that we gave him that spark. >> and just 12 miles away, a spark felt where bronco's safety tj ward played in the
8:53 am
winning streak. >> undersized at first and blossomed in the junior and senior year. >> seen playing basketball and throwing the football. >> hitter now. it's great. seeing him play against carolina in the super bowl. >> they're proud of their former athletes. and you can bet everyone there is going to be watching them and cheering them on. >> a long tradition in the school. and any time there's one of our own out there playing, going to cheer about it. no doubt about it. >> to be a coach and go to the super bowl, that's amazing. isn't that great? he actually speaks -- he and ken dorsey text like once a week. cool that they keep that connection. and in lasalle, three already
8:54 am
in the super bowl now a fourth. one of the best programs in northern california for years. and delasalle may have another one. good programs and cool schools. >> a lot of players come out of that. checking in with kate at the nfl experience and see if she's working on the pass. >> the lombardi trophy is the most coveted thing in the super bowl. but after this, i'll show you something a little shinier. the goodyear bifrp is going to be giving some shots from above. more from the iconic blimp after this. stay right there. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
. live from our exclusive home in super bowl city, this is kpix 5 news. the bay area, the center of the sporting universe. fans will fill levi's stadium for the biggest spectacle of the year. >> parties and concerts and everything. a beautiful shot from chopper 5. we are coming to you live from kpix home in the restaurant looking over the super bowl city. it's empty now, but it's going to change. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm frank. super bowl is tomorrow. this countdown clock, it's
8:58 am
airing tomorrow at 5:30. >> live all over the area. covering every angle from the player arrivals and the preparation already under way. the teams are getting fired up. >> going to go to maria in the south bay. take it away. . >>reporter: we have a special guest. and why not talk to the leader er of if city of santa clara, the mayor. you have to be so proud to see all this happening here. tell me what you're experiencing now. >> i'm exuberant. we are less than 24 hours away. coming together very well. excited to show off the south bay. >> and a big thing in san francisco and a big event going on now.
8:59 am
>> at sclarl yooufrlt, the nfl sweat challenge, a lot of legends there, headlines by huey lewis and the news. >> devin was there hosting that and you got to see that. >> devin was great. talked to him a couple of times. freaked him out. and -- he was a great emcee for us and a mission event and headlined by heart. >> awesome mitch wish i could have seen that. security is tight here, standing at the marriott where the denver broncos are staying and they are turning fans away. letting them in earlier. now turning fans away. how is security going at the stadium now? >> as the game gets closer, it's tighter. support from the federal government and state and local. a wonderful team in place.
9:00 am
safe place to come and watch the games. >> and a lot of fans traveling here to the bay area today for tomorrow. what do you want to say to them? are they behaving so far? >> the fans are wonderful. excited to be here. millions eyes on it and a million people in the area and 77 thousand,000 people at the giem. >> you have a special ticket for everything. what are the highlights. >> been special. talking about santa clara and the relationship with san francisco and the regional bid. what's exciting for me is watching the people get excited important we haven't had a super bowl in 30 years. and now we have this magnificent levi's stadium to show off. >> and the next question is, so exciting to have super bowl 50
9:01 am
here. is it going to come back to santa clara? >> that's our hope. looking to put on the big event and 50 is spectacular and have them come back again and again. >> soonest they can come back? >> five years i believe. so 55. >> so who are you rooting for? >> santa clara and the region and showing off. i'm not much of a football fan, but i absolutely adore the people with the excitement and people being excited. and being able to show off the wonderful weather and everything we have to offer. >> way to stay neutral there. got to love the weather. >> that's the mayor of santa clara. fans are being turned away at the marriott, in case you're looking to get a glimpse.
9:02 am
thought we were seeing the buses, the denver broncos are expected to go through their first walk through. live at the union square hilton for the breakfast. an emotional day for one nfl player in particular on the eve of super bowl 50. . >>reporter: absolutely, michelle. starting to wind down here at the nfl breakfast and the highlight of this was the recipient of the bart starr awart for leadership and for -- award for leadership and character. the recipient is carolina panthers linebacker, thomas davis. boy. when he stepped up and got that heard ware, the -- hardware, the flood gate opened. broke his arm a couple of weeks ago.
9:03 am
said he's going to be in the game. doing everything that he did. but the stature and everything is what led him to winning the bart starr award. i asked him about his emotions. >> you got some hardware. want more. but what are your emotions? >> when you talk about things that are passionate to you and people that mean things to you, makes it emotional. that's what happened to me. the emotions got the best of me, the opportunity that mr. richardson and the organization gave me, could not be more thankful. >> i know you got to get back to your hotel and get your mind on the denver broncos. >> been said, the carolina panthers, brash, arrogant, what do you say.
9:04 am
>> we -- coach says, keep your personality and be who you are. don't want us to be uptight and enjoy the moment. that's what we have been able to do as a team. >> congratulation. >> appreciate it. >> with that, whisked him into the team hotel down in san jose. what a time we have had this morning. i don't get star struck too often. just saw joe namath. and -- someone coming up to me on live tv. and i saw joe namath here. thank you for the kind words. >> got to roll with it. >> live tv. >> can it -- >> can you bea little quieter? >> weather-wise, one word comes to mind.
9:05 am
brilliant. >> that's right. i don't get star struck very easily. i'm in awe of this weather. and we have people already gathering out here in super bowl city. look at the crowds. haven't seen it like that all week. this is the hub of the energy and excitement. having all that -- sliding by, look at all the blue sky, a few wiswispy cloud. there's the embarcadero, there's the scene looking out from our weather camera. a little bit on the fly. the northeast wind, the off shore flow. temperatures already each to the 40s and low 50s 3467 tomorrow, super bowl 50, played at levi's stadium, kimi kickoff -- -- kickoff is at 3:30.
9:06 am
going to be 71. >> beautiful. looking at the super bowl rings of the past. >> only be able to see them in one place, the nfl experience in san francisco. that's where kate is this morning. kate? . >>reporter: they say that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but i think a few super bowl players would have to disagree. the rings here, set up about a half hour ago. if you have one, that's your chance to see them. you can see all 49. and this has a movable magnifying glass. you can get an up-close look. some touch screens, pulling up any ring from any super bowl.
9:07 am
and see details you can only see when they're in your hand. >> a lot of glits and glamour to each one. something special to see. >> this attraction is one of the most popular one. last time, the lines were around the display. and the touch screens, you can -- i brought a denver broncos ring. and you're applauding and -- getting the details. nls you're holding it in your -- unless you're holding it in your hand, you can't see it. so that's also part of the nfl experience. >> so cool. a lot of energy in super bowl city and in the bay area. this is a bird's eye view of super bowl city from the blimp.
9:08 am
>> one of our reporters got a ride in it. >> can't describe it. a two and a half hour journey. roughly about 50 miles and took us two and a half hours. going about 50 miles per hour i should say. and you have to remember, the goodyear blimp made its first appearance in super bowl i. and three women in the world that pilot the blimp and i got to ride with one of them. . >> 1:00 in the afternoon. >> clear skies and a gentle fwreez. and we go up, up -- gentle breeze and we go up, up, up and away. and our destination, super bowl city in san francisco. along the way, i cozied up with the pilot of this air airship.
9:09 am
>> this is it here? >> got the elevator here. and you fly mostly hands free when we're cruising. a lot of space and riding the waves. going up and down. . >> we're sitting in the gond la. -- gondola. seats about 7. seven. attached to the poush with the helium. >> we are hovering at the foot of market street on the embarcadero at her man plaza. sunny, it is clear and it is seasonal. on super bowl sunday, the weather only gets better. >> what a great view. you're not afraid of heights are you? >> i'm not. and the landing was a touchdown.
9:10 am
so in awe of her. original three women in the world pilot the blimp. she's one of them. if you wave, we can wave back. the only problem is that people are looking at the envelope, the silver part. look out the window. we can reach out and wave. people don't understand that. looking up higher. but you can see people in the window. >> good stuff. a lot of work going into something as big as the super bowl. >> more on what's in store for millions of viewers come tomorrow. >> when it comes to watching super bowl 50, cbs sports says the best seat in the house will be the one in your living room. >> our production people are picking the best shots, picking the best replays. >> overseeing 550 technicians, a hundred tv cameras and cables
9:11 am
feeding 12 trucks. that's what will make this the most advanced broadcast every. >> all this technology and one screen going out. >> eye vision 360, a system of gk cameras. freeze the action and spin around it, zooming in with the resolution five times higher than regular high-def. and replays where inches matter. >> if the play is close or on the goal line, having a little transparency pop up. pretty excited about it. >> 16 tiny cameras in the pylon pylons looking across and back. so it's like the field is taking a picture of itself. >> a selfie and looking at the
9:12 am
wide receiver who is pabt to break the plane of the goal line. line. >> cables had to be laid under the levi's stadium turf two weeks ago. bend, but not break. >> we have technicians ready to pounce when the pylons get knocks over and reset the pylon and camera inside. >> love seeing the guy go into the pylon. we're going to have the shot. >> that's the real work telling the stories of super bowl 50. >> and we all get to watch it all at home. going to the headlines today. >> good news on the chp officer who had his throat slashed this
9:13 am
week from a suspect with a knife. he is improving at san francisco general hospital. confronted a man walking on the onramp to i-80 in san francisco. he is in jail on attempted murder of a police officer. not yet entering a plea. saying good-bye to an old part of the bridge. this weighs 250 hundred s 2500 pounts and lowered down to the barge and to oakland for recycling. some ride sharing drivers say they're victims of priegs
9:14 am
gouging -- price gouging between uber and looift. lyft. and taking away sleep time, putting them and their passenger passengers at risk. both iesh and lyft turned down requests for interviews. one of the busiest places believe it or not will be the arment in hayward. -- airport in hayward. >> attracting vips from across the country. coming up, we'll show you how they're getting to the bay area in style.
9:15 am
9:16 am
9:17 am
. welcome back. you're looking at super bowl city. there's the embarcadero. we are one day away from the game. >> just one day. fans will be packing the area in san francisco. >> giving their homes a little super bowl treatment. >> and checking out the party plans in a neighborhood party in antioch. . >> says you want to crash the party. a lot of tv screens and people. >> people and smoke coming in my direction. this is going to be one giant super bowl party. one man going to turn it into the ultimate super bowl party. going to host about a hundred people. scott's got the grill going. going to be ready for a hundred people.
9:18 am
and dpsh getting tired of the game and commercials, going to be a game in the backyard. right in the -- about ten yards away? see how well we do here. okay. i suck. there you go. one last try here? >> got to get it in. >> he's got it. he's got it. okay. aside from this game, he's got a volleyball court. and robert grey, the homeowner got his gazebo in a viewing area. another tv in there. and a shot of the garage, i think three or four large tvs in there. a pool table, a couple of miniature basketball hoops. and then the theater room into a vip suite.
9:19 am
>> this is the vip suite. for the hundred inch screen for all the special customers. and the chairs with the movie theater effect. probably spent around 15 grand for everything. all the sound, the light fixtures. >> and a pretty good menu right there. 16 or 17 tvs in this house. the biggest one being a hundred inches. the living room here, preparing all the food and drinks right now. and closing this out, a little quick -- let's try. see how well i do on this one. okay. i was close. give it a try here, robert. . >> watch out now. >> okay. it's a tough game. we're going to practice. hopefully we'll do better next time around.
9:20 am
live in antioch. >> robert's kickers look like the patriots kicker. >> don't go there. >> the missed extra point. >> right. >> endure the pain. >> all right. a big super bowl party last night in san francisco. the owner of kpix put it on. >> and huey lewis lit it up. >> what's significant about the super bowl, the other events, the ncaa, the live events are the most special thing in the world. people don't look at the super bowl online. don't dvr the super bowl. but for us, this is an extraordinarily important event. >> featuring all kinds of local
9:21 am
businesses. >> we were asleep. missed the parties. and drawing some celebrities from hollywood. . >> mark is at the hayward airport. one of those yours? >> i think it's yours. one of the concerns is the noise level. there's a noise ordinance and a tool to measure the noise the jets are emitting. and even with the super bowl, there's no exception to that ordinance. expecting so many private planes that they shut down an entire run way at hayward executive. a hundred planes have a place to park. the airport folks were tight-
9:22 am
lipped when we tried to get any information about the celebrities coming in. >> any celebrities coming in? >> can't tell you. >> it's that secret. >> it is. and most of the time we don't know who it is until they get off. >> have you been wowed in the past? >> yes, i have. >> a lot of security. hayward police and a guard at every gate, asking for identification. and only two gates will be open throughout the weekend. this airport combined with all the other airplanes, the faa, estimating 1200 jets flying in just for the weekend. always a chance that could change with the weather, but so far, it's looking pretty good. might see a lot of the private jets coming in for the super bowl. mark kelly, kpix 5. >> and monday , all got to
9:23 am
leave. traffic. and few of the bigger events, a free community fest, a celebrity flag football game and much, much more. >> a puppy bowl and wounded warrior event in san mateo. >> going to be busy day. some areas you might want to stay away from coming up. >> checking in with some of the legends of the game. talk with some of the 49ers first championship team. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
9:24 am
9:25 am
. everyone is celebrating football's golden season with the nfl on cbs. >> got it for the touchdown. >> leading up to the most historic event of all time. super bowl 50. sunday. . >> unstoppable. >> only cbs and kpix five. one day until that's filled with some 75,000 football fans. the time is drawing near.
9:26 am
kick off at 3:30. >> remember when that was 250 days? >> i do. >> now one day. going to be business and a lot busier in an hour and a half. san francisco is not the only city drawing large crowds for super bowl festivities. >> you're going to stay busy. >> a lot of things outside of san francisco. and oakland has a big game, the warriors. and a couple of events. everybody is going to be on bart. expecting record ridership. >> a lot of events. not just super bowl festivities that that's drawing large crowds. the warriors hosting the thunder. tipoff at six. sellout crowd is expected. and
9:27 am
an edm festival an at&t park. and super bowl city and the nfl experience today. three major concerts in francisco tonight. alicia keys asks possession of performing in super bowl city. and metallica. and red hot chili peppers. . >> 319,000 people is the record. so they're expecting more today in san francisco and oakland. gear up people. >> and another giants parade. >> that was a weekday. >> not going to get a parking spot. >> pack your patience and plan ahead. we have a special guest. ethan plays for the 49ers in
9:28 am
the 80s and won a super bowl with them in 82. . >> a rising star on the team. talking about your life a little bit. thank you for coming on the show. >> this is a great opportunity. i'm really excited about this whole event in san francisco and all the energy it brought here. >> and you still live in the bay area? >> i do. i live in the bay area and i'm a high school principal where i work with youth, disconnected from the educational path, helping them get back on track and get them to be assets in the families and community. >> the win over detroit and cincinnati. you won super bowl xvi. and a turn of events. >> that was a great event and
9:29 am
journey for the team. nobody expected us to do it that year. we were the cinderella team. and as we took step by step and began to continue to win games, we got stronger and stronger and closer and closer. >> when people think that you can't do it, does that make you work harder? >> absolutely. people saying, they're cinderella. maybe not. we had to show them. that was the inspeculation to do that. >> you got caught up with the celebrity and parties and developed a pretty bad cocaine habit and ended up in jail. how did you deal with that and what happened? >> i was facing 35 to life. a was on ten and a two strike felon.
9:30 am
third term in sacramento. in 1979, bill walsh showed up at my arraignment hearing. he showed up in sacramento and from the back of the courtroom, when they called my name, i heard, judge, may i speak to the court and i recognized that voice. dropped and in orange and cuffs on. finished with life. thought that's bill wam walsh. and -- talked about a man that i didn't know anymore. because i had given up. in his talk, he began to rekindle the man that i had been before. and he showed me inspiration of someone that really cared. and i bowed in that conversation that he was having with the judge before the judge even made a decision that i was
9:31 am
willing to do whatever it took to change my life at that point. and from that point, you know, as the judge called a recess for about 45 minutes, came back and called me to the bench, please approach the bench. and when i approached the bench, he had a stern look on his face. today, the court is inclined to give you a chance. commuting the sentence and looked at my me dead in my face. said, get some help. >> that's what you did. >> absolutely what i did. checked into walton house, took those steps and turned my life around. and i became passionate and --
9:32 am
like people had given up on me and for 15 years, been serving the youth in my community. i have been a high school principal, working with truant youth. >> and bill walsh traded you in the 80s. and he wrote you letters in jail. not only a coach, but a father figure too. >> someone that out of nowhere just showed up. and when he traded me, the day he did, called me to his office and the transaction had been completed. and he said, what's going on. basically, he was offering help. my pride, my false pride got in the way. and i said, i'm good. i'm cool. and i went on my journey. i got beat down, head busted down.
9:33 am
lost almost a pint of blood because i owed him money. shot in the back by the drug dealer because i owed him money. and all these things happened with prison also. and bill walsh still believed that he could help me turn it around. >> you turned it around and you are an inspiration to so many. you turned it around in that courtroom. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >>. 49ers in line for a nfl's top honor. eddie debartolo, going to be in the running for the hall of fame. won the first of the championships for the 49ers.
9:34 am
and anquan bolden is a finalist for the walter payton man of the year award. and they're going to be in the civic auditorium. you can catch that tonight at 9:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
9:35 am
9:36 am
. welcome back, everybody. it is super saturday. and we're at the super bowl experience at the county center. a lot of fans getting a heavy dose of super bowl football. >> and checking out the super bowl rings there. look at that. >> a lot of bling. >> and this is a live look at super bowl city where a lot of people are already starting to show up. and we of course are coming to you live from our locations of the deck of the senz
9:37 am
restaurant. >> food is awesome. been here all week long. >> so you're lucky enough to have a ticket. the question is, how do you get there? >> some tips on how to get to levi's stadium. >> one of the buses, taking the fans from san francisco to levi's stadium. if you want to take uber, prepare and bring your walking shoes. >> if you're going to the super bowl or super bowl city, listen up. it's going to be crowded and we have to play along nicely. that means there's going to be designated drop off and pick up locations. >> traffic is already a major headaches. every since blocks are shut down. >> sunday, uber will geo locate
9:38 am
and -- on the east site, the ferry building and pier three. >> home city. >> uber headquarters are in san francisco, so the pressure is on to get it right. some smaller events, but this is the first time any ride sharing company has done a drop off and pick up for an event this size. >> going to make it faster. >> and the lot is about one mile. yes. one mile from levi's stadium. the lot is on great america parkway next to the stadium and the golf course. 200 spots and you'll get a message where to meet your drivers. they times it out and only about 15-minute walk. >> ain't going to kill you. >> a lot of people getting in and out.
9:39 am
15 minutes is a quick walk. >> after the nachos and beer, maybe not a bad idea. >> all right. back out here live at the santa clara marriott, where the denver broncos have been staying, watching for them. in just a half hour, they're going to do the walk through. if you are a fan and want to get a shot, you can't go through here. security started turning fans away today. . >> clamp it down before the big game. we have been introducing you to people who live for nfl football. one is a santa rosa girl with a big job for super bowl sunday. >> trying to catch up, but had
9:40 am
to move fast. >> can make just about any quarterback look good. >> she can catch. >> as an 11-year-old girl, an impression on teammates by playing tackle football and scoring touchdowns. >> hit you hard? >> yeah. >> and you hit hard back. >> yes. >> watching her execute the game's firsthand off. >> i'm going to get the game ball and hand it to the ref before super bowl 50. >> nervous? >> a little bit. all those people watching. going to get through it. >> not just a great player, but an excellent student. put her smarts and charm to use by coming up with the winning entry in the nfl's play 60 campaign, which encourages young people to have an hour of fl activity every day and
9:41 am
healthy foods. >> i do more than that. and i know the importance of eating healthy. >> wants to make it to the nfl but not as a player. but in the coaching glass ceiling, the two that broke. she wants to be the head coach. >> i love the strategy of it. i love the formations and i would love to teach it to other people when i grow up. people that are still trying to learn football and be a better player. and lead the team to a super bowl and make them better. >> says these she's going to achieve whatever she wants >> someone that is well-spoken and got goals in mind. so we are just really proud of her. >> and proving to herself that at a young age, for o girls and boys, dream big.
9:42 am
>> i can't believe i made it all the way and i can't believe i won. >> might just come true. >> she was a correspond for a news program. already had a big week and about to get bigger. >> what a treat for tomorrow. the super bowl hand off with that game ball. >> we like that. more women in the nfl. look at some of the top local and national headlines. . >> ann is live with more. >> information on the zika virus, ways it might be spread. scientists in south america where the virus is most prevalent, looking at active virus in urine and saliva sample. but don't know if they can be spread through those fluids. 12 cases have been reported in florida.
9:43 am
. students are lining up for vaccines in sclarl university. preventing a meningitis outbreak. a rare form of it that is not covered by the start vaccine. about a thousand yet to go. a conservative group is threatening to sue the city of san francisco over this. this outdoor urinal. a screen and a drain right to the sewer system. one says this violates the privacy rights of the user and those forced to watch. saying it also discriminated to women and the disables and poses a public health risk. that's your news. back to you in super bowl city, frank and michelle? the stage is set for super bowl city.
9:44 am
it's quiet now, but folks are going to be packing in later. >> and an r & b artist from the area is going to open for alicia keys. going to sit down with her after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
9:45 am
9:46 am
now... last night it was anything but.... . all right. welcome back, everybody. to this super saturday. about 15 minutes left. people are waking up. and as you can see, the people are arriving in the super bowl city. >> and the sun is shining. which is great. this is an overhead look at super bowl city. people packing in. and getting it done. >> and by the 50, that's the big calling card. weather-wise, we are looking pretty sweet. >> unbelievable. so pretty.
9:47 am
postcard-perfect. one of those chamber of commerce days. couldn't ask for anything better as we slide into gameday. at the foot of market street in justin herman plaza. in the embarcadero. 50s or 60s. getting to be a little bit breezy. you want a jacket or sweater. temperatures around 40 to 50 degrees towards the ferry building. what you can expect, the temperatures are going up. the front is scrubbing out. sunny and warm on super bowl sunday. let's get to it. these are your highs. mushing 70s. and in san jose, 50s. and only warmer conditions can be expected each and every day through monday. and then the high pressure will
9:48 am
bend and lighten up by midweek. 61 at kickoff. sunny and warm conditions. wow. that's all i can say. wow. >> that's all we can say as well. super bowl city is opening in just a little bit over an hour. some fans are down there already. last night was anything but. >> thousands showing up for the one republic concert. had to shut it down with so many people. >> a bigger crowd is expected today. jackie? . >>reporter: it is hard to believe that even more people than last night are expected to take a look at super bowl city. knew that a lot wanted to see the city. it's one thing to hear the number, but it's another to see it. it's mind boggling.
9:49 am
and you -- so much has happened many last night was an overall success, but wasn't without its glitches. . >> the macy's fireworks show was a little delayed last night. this was the second round. once it started, it didn't disappoint. >> one republic was last night's free concert. the band drew a hundred thousand people, shutting down super bowl city as it reaches maximum capacity. more are expected tonight for alicia keys. and the security is getting rave reviews. . and once again, they'll have their work cut out for them. as more than a hundred thousand people are expected to be here tonight. seeing the concert and the
9:50 am
booths opening up. my advice to anybody at home who is thinking about coming down here to take part in the fun is to get here early. don't want to get blocked out of the event. that would be no fun. >> especially with alicia keys playing tonight. one singer is about to take her career to the next level. >> caught up with her in oakland and opening for alicia keys tonight. >> known for smash hits like closer. she is ready to open for alicia keys. . >> my first reaction when i heard that i was going to open for alicia was just, yes, exclamation, absolutely. >> said if she wasn't opening for her, you would find her in
9:51 am
the audience. lives in new york now, but caught up to her in her hometown. some of the favorite spots. >> oakland or bay area. >> oaklandish is one of them. celebrating things from the area. >> wow. smells great. >> and red day coffee. a roaster on east tenth, about to open a coffee bar and art space. >> you're the first coffee roaster. this is my friend that made this. >> loves to support entrepreneurs, who are building brands from the ground up. >> i feel it's empowering and goes with the bay area spirit. >> always makes time to give back. stopped by the bay area for the arts, giving advice to aspiring artists.
9:52 am
>> who i am as a person is who i am as an artist. >> be there and bundle up. going to be a good time. >> grammy winner alicia keys is going to be there to close it and she's going to open up. the concert is at 8:15 tonight and show up early and expect big crowds. the taste of the nfl, a non- profit organization, providing meals for the homeless in the area. a fundraiser tonight at seven. taste to have the nfl is celebrating its 25th anniversary. raising $25 million over the years to fight hunger in the u.s.. going to step aside, but we have more. the kids will love it. see you in a couple of minutes.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
. and welcome back to your special super bowl 50 kpix 5 weekend edition. looking at live pictures over levi's stadium. one day away from the big game. live by the santa clara marriott where the denver broncos are staying. fans trying to get a glimpse and autographs. security is turning them away. a lost cause if you do that. and the carolina panthers, some able to get some autographs are
9:56 am
lucky to get -- and are lucky to get them. and the broncos are going to go for the walk through in about an hour. that's it for me. check in with kate. . >>reporter: i'm live at the nfl experience, the doors are going to be starting soon. the vip access, the super bowl rings, basically, a super bowl theme park. and you can have the quarterback challenge and meet nfl players and take part in the virtual activities. and one new component is enhanced technology. and wanted to represent the bay area. if you want to come to the nfl experience, it's going to cost you about $35 for adults and 25 per kid.
9:57 am
and this is a tribute to frank. and patriots fans. you can dress like the players too. >> well done, kate. good morning, everybody at the foot of market street at justin herman street. at the embarcadero. super bowl city. sunny and mild. 60s. going to love it. temperatures currently at 50 treegs. couldn't ask for better weather getting to gameday. temperature at 73 at kickoff. and it is beautiful, ro. this is a look at what's on tonight. the could want down to -- countdown to gold thank you for joining us from super bowl city. >> thanks to smimms simms
9:58 am
restaurant for this view. >> i'm going down there. ,, and thank you for joining us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
9:59 am
10:00 am
closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> tonight the san francisco bay area shines as the stars come out to celebrate a season of excellence on the eve of the biggest game ever. super bowl 50. but first, it's an exclusive look ahead to the year's best and brightest. >> somersault for the touchdown. >> cam newton even surprised himself on that play. >> a preview of the biggest awards on both sides of the ball. >> j.j. does it. >> the unveiling of the legends who could receive the call to canton. >> the monumental milestone in a legendary career. >> and a


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